Byronee stood up to her full 6 feet and stretched out her arms, naked and flawless under the full moon streaming in through the high arched window of the extensive, gothic bedroom. Letting her natural form assert itself she unfurled the large bat-like wings from her back, slapping them slightly against the air to feel her lengthy, raven black hair blow around her small ivory horns in the breeze. Recomposing herself she absorbed her demonic appendages back into her mortal form.

On the bed the man stirred under the white silk sheet, he too stretching the knots from his muscular frame as he woke; "this is the last night I'll spend with you, Byronee." He looked stern as he pulled himself into a seated position and wrapped his right leg under himself, the silk slipping to his waist, "You agreed."

"Dominic, you know I will not stop you if you wish to leave; but you should know you cannot leave me." Her voice was pure honey made bitter by a trace of belladonna that always left him cold... no not always. He had loved her once; or thought he had.

She said he couldn't leave her but he knew he had the strength... the strength that his newfound love had given him. They had met at dawn just over a month before as he fed the fierce black horses his demonic lover kept in the stable. While his night-time companion had slept they had consummated their passion amongst the hay in the barn, and now she was with child.

When he had told Byronee that he wished to leave he had expected anger, instead she simply asked that he stayed until the next full moon, lest he should want to change his mind... and she had seemed sure that he would. He agreed to give her one last passing of the lunar cycle so that their lovemaking (could he still call it that?) should have its special significance on this most unholy of nights.

Despite his insistence to leave he still felt the desire welling up in him as she crossed to the bed, her crimson lips parting slightly to reveal slowly extending and retracting pure white canines as her breaths quickened, her pure blue eyes like shards of glass and her alabaster skin aglow in the unearthly light of the window.

As she reached the edge of the bed she leaned down to start a slow crawl on all fours; a large cat crossing the huge expanse of white silk towards her lover, unsheathed clawed fingernails catching at the material every so often. As she reached him she pushed herself back onto her haunches and stared into his green eyes. She reached out her hand to his cheek and running it back through his long blonde curls she spoke again "She will not make you happy as I have done... and can continue to do for many years to come. Let her go and I shall see that she will no longer be burdened by child... she will not have any need of you."

Her words sickened his spirit... yet he was still bewitched by her voice and body. He forced himself to speak; "Tonight only."

"As you wish..."

She let her hand run over his shoulder, down his arm to the bed, then under the sheet to where his erection gave his feelings away. "...though your body speaks different words." Her hand wrapped itself around his member as her eyes kept their lock on his, her tongue wetting her lips in anticipation. Her dark nipples stood out against the smooth pale skin of her firm breasts and her skin blushed from her slim throat across her chest, revealing that her state of arousal was easily a match for his. She leaned forward again onto her left elbow while her right hand pulled the foreskin back from the head of his hardened member.

Twitching the sheet away from her prize with her left hand she gently reached out her tongue to coat the bulbous head with her saliva, swirling it around the rim, before slowly sliding her mouth down over him. He felt her tongue continue to rotate around his manhood, then suddenly pressing hard into the sensitive spot where the underside of his head met the shaft, causing his to let out an involuntary moan of pleasure.

As she stated to slide her mouth up and down on his erection, her right hand at its base still holding the foreskin back tight, he felt her begin to suck; softly at first and then as she increased the speed, harder. As her pace quickened her mouth felt as tight around him as any bodily orifice he'd ever experienced, the friction so strong he could barely contain his desire to cum... but not... just... yet.

The suction slackened for a second and then another sensation as she pushed her head all the way down on his erection ... he felt himself slide past the back of her throat and down into the tight channel beyond; and again; and again. He felt her left hand circle his waist and travel under his backside, grasping it tight, pulling him into her as she pushed her head down onto him again and again; At last he could take no more pleasure without his release and pushing his hips up he cried out in orgasm and released his seed into her throat.

The claws on her hand dug into his buttock cheek as she pulled him as deep as he could go into her mouth, her nose pushed into his musky pubic hair, her throat gripping tight at his pulsing member, desiring oxygen yet, due to her nature quite able to survive without it.

As his final spasm abated she withdrew her claws (not even a little embarrassed by the blood seeping onto the white sheets from his shallow cuts) and slowly pulled her head up the length of his still strong erection, her tongue running it's way up the underside, until it reached the top where it dipped lightly at semen left around the now sensitive tip, before drawing it back contentedly into her mouth and swallowing these final drops.

"If this is your last night I intend to make it one you'll never forget... as long as you live..." Her words came out with the cut grass scent of his semen, combining with her powerful sexual odour before it reached him.

Without a word he bent forward to her breast, cupping the left with his hand and letting his tongue run a trail of saliva down her right, circling the erect, blood suffused nipple until he let his teeth gently close upon the protruding flesh. As his left hand squeezed and the fingers and thumb pinched at the nipple he let his teeth grind a little harder on her right as he placed his right arm behind her back and around her slim waist to support her as she relaxed her upper torso in expectation of his actions. "Harder!" she breathed between her now clenched teeth. "Harder!"

He let his left forefinger and thumb roll her nipple between his nails as he gripped her right between his teeth and, as he sucked, chewed with every increasing intensity on the bud between his lips. His left arm pulled his body to his face as he manipulated her tender areola with his teeth sometimes releasing then nipping at the erect flesh as hard as he dared "Harder!"

He moved his left hand to grasp as much of her free breast as he could and pushed and twisted it into her chest as his teeth clamped down on her right. A short gasp of pain mixed with pleasure escaped her parted lips as she threw back her head in ecstasy, the nerves stimulated in her breasts sending signals of desire down to the moist flesh between her legs causing her to instinctively slide her right hand down over her pubic bone, extending her middle finger over her clitoris and into her damp opening while her left pressed into the bed behind her to support her weight.

Biting harder than he'd ever dared before suddenly he switched to her left breast, still squeezed by his free hand. The shock caused her to jump slightly, a small sound escaping the back of her throat as his jaw clamped down on the unprepared skin. She pushed her finger hard into her moist vagina letting her hand rub hard against the bud of her clitoris as she did so, reveling as the sensations of discomfort turned to those of almost unbearable pleasure. She started to feel her own orgasm build up around and inside her pubis, sensations of pain mingling with lustful ecstasy.

Jabbing her finger into herself again, she added a second digit, and used her thumb to roll her sensitive clitoris back and forth under its hood. As he engulfed as much of her left breast as he could manage into his mouth, sucking as hard as he could manage and pushing his tongue against and around her now sore nipple she felt the wave of her orgasm overtake her and jammed her fingers deep into her vagina.

Her body shuddered as the sensations pulsed through her, claws extended and retracted, small horns pushed up through her black hair as she lost control and her juices seeped down over her fingers and hand, matting the thick black hair where she drew them out and jammed them back into herself. As she recovered her composure she reasserted her fully mortal form, and let her fingers slide from within her.

Slowly she drew them up to the flushed face of her lover and watched as he delicately reached out his tongue to taste her orgasmic fluid, then placed each finger in turn between her own lips and sucked off the sweet tasting liquid, finishing off by licking at the back of her hand like a cat cleaning its paw. Viewing her lover's lustful eyes she reached out with her still sticky fingers and placed her hand round the back of his neck, pushing him gently down between her legs as she lay back and spread herself wide for him, exposing the fluid that had seeped from her soaking wet passage onto her blood suffused outer lips and the inside of her pale thighs.

As his head was pulled towards her lower abdomen he reached out with his tongue and ran it across her stomach, still damp with sweat from her exertions, leaving a narrow trail of saliva along her skin. He pressed it teasingly into her navel and enjoyed her squirming at the sensation, and in anticipation off his inevitable goal. Twisting his tongue a final time in the small recess is her pale flesh, he started to move his head downwards towards her crotch, her hand guiding him, pulling more intently now as she longed to feel his lips and tongue pleasure her as she knew they could.

He gently licked her vaginal fluid from her inner thighs and then started to work up towards the junction of her legs, her hand pulling him impatiently towards her sex. Switching tactics he suddenly thrust his tongue between her labia and squirmed it into her waiting channel, enjoying the taste of her sexual liquid.

Byronee threw back her head and let forth a low moan of pleasure as his mouth shifted to allow him to lick tantalisingly at her clitoris, letting the tip of his tongue flick over the ultra-sensitive bundle of nerves, setting her body on the way towards another orgasm. He continued in this fashion for a while as her delicate clitoris became used to the sensations and the slow build up to her impending orgasmic release built up within her. As he began to swirl his tongue around her pleasure centre her body stiffened and her breathing became ragged, the small white fangs unconsciously extending inside her mouth.

"Make me cum..." her voice a hoarse whisper between rapid breaths.

He pushed his tongue directly into her clitoris then closed his lips over the flesh around her pubis, feeling the coarseness of her dark neatly trimmed mound, then gently he started to suck the delicate flesh into his mouth. The suction was as close to the border of ultimate pleasure and a sensation impossible to bear as Byronee could stand but at that moment her body released her and orgasmed in wave after wave of rapture, quivering uncontrollably as she pulled her lover's head hard into her crotch and letting forth small screams of ecstasy with each rapid breath.

As her physical euphoria gradually abated she eased Dominic up from between her legs and gently pushed him onto his back. Swiftly she straddled his body and grabbed his erection in her right hand. Pointing it directly into her vagina she threw her body down onto his and felt she thick shaft penetrate her, stretching her tight moist channel, filling her up completely. She clamped her vaginal muscles onto his staff causing him to twist underneath her in pleasure. He reached out his hands to grasp her hips as she pulled up almost his whole length and drove her body down onto him again.

Again she lifted herself and this time Dominic's strong arms on her hips forced her down even harder onto his rigid cock, now pulling her hips off him and hard down again, and again, and again. The friction started to have an effect on both of them as her tightly clamped muscles rode his shaft and Byronee leaned back to change the angle of penetration so Dominic's erection would press harder against the sensitive front wall of her vaginal passage.

Dominic's hands left her hips and reached round to her firm buttocks. Slipping his right hand all the way around between her legs he could feel his own shaft entering his lover's well lubricated vagina and the creamy fluid that leaked down over his fingers. Moving his hand up between her cheeks he rubbed his slippery finger around her anus. As she came down again on his hard shaft he slid the tip of his finger inside in time with his thrust.

Byronee leaned back further to force more of the digit into her backside as she rose up to push herself back down onto her lover's still undiminished erection. Obligingly as she pushed down he let the finger enter her up to the knuckle and rotated it gently inside her rectum.

Suddenly Byronee lifted off him and spun herself so she was facing his feet. Quickly grabbing his slippery shaft she directed it back into her vagina and bent forwards to give him easier access to her firm rear. As she pushed back towards him up the length of his cock he re-inserted his finger into her anus and mimicked his penetration of her womb with a secondary intrusion into her rectum.

As Byronee began to lose control of her human form her wings began to emerge from her back and Dominic reached up his free hand to stroke the leathery membrane just where it joined her body. She leaned back to allow him easier access to the sexually sensitive spot between her shoulder blades, still rocking back and forth onto his dual penetration of her vagina and anus.

Reaching down between her legs she put her hand around his shaft and lifted herself clear of his dual ministrations, realigning him and pushing back so that his slippery member entered her anus to replace his finger. As the head stretched her anal ring and entered her she felt the sharp pain that rides so close to pleasure and continued up into her bowels as she forced herself onto him.

The intensity of the feeling was almost unbearable as his shaft slipped into her tight opening and he resisted the urge to ejaculate immediately as she rocked forwards and back again all the way onto him until his tight scrotum touched against her buttocks. Her wings had reached full extension as she lost any semblance of control and her claws, fangs and horns were fully realised... Dominic's left hand now clawing hard on the base of her wing sending shivers of pleasure down her spine between her buttocks and underneath into her vagina.

Athletically spinning again, this time without separation from his erection, she faced her enraptured lover as he enjoyed the sensation of her rotating anus. Her blue eyes glowed with unearthly light as her throat let forth low, guttural grunts and moans of pure sexual ecstasy. She resumed her rocking motion, quickening the pace to increase the sexual sensations that ran through her magnificent body... Dominic's rock-hard erection penetrating deep into her bowels again and again, rubbing her raw despite the natural lubrication of her vaginal fluids on his member, her pleasure increased by the satisfying discomfort.

She sensed her lover could barely hold back any longer and rocked back hard on her heels letting him penetrate deep into her, squeezing him with the muscles of her rectum. With a loud groan of pleasure he ejaculated into her, the pulsing of his cock buried in her rectum causing a reciprocal orgasm in Byronee. Her back arched as she screamed in pleasure, her body convulsing in uncontrolled sexual fulfillment. The hard nipples stood out on her breasts as they were pulled taught against her body as leaned backwards, wings snapping and thrashing wildly at the air.

As she fell forward her full carmine lips framed her perfect white fangs before she bit deep into the shoulder of her lover, her clawed fingers now scratching hard into his back. He turned his head away to give her easier access to his exposed flesh and reveled in the flow of sexual energy that flooded into him through the small wound. Slowly the feelings subsided within their bodies and her mortal form reasserted itself except for the small fangs she let remain.

She rolled away to one side freeing his spent member from her backside. As she watched a small trickle of blood seeped from his fresh wound across his shoulder onto his arm and she leaned forward to delicately lap up the liquid then kiss him deeply letting his tongue explore her sanguine mouth and graze itself against her incisors. The small gashes in his back seeped blood onto the white sheets but neither of them noticed or cared; soon they drifted off into a restful slumber, exhausted by their exertions of the last hours.

She woke late the following day, the only sign of her lover a few dry bloodstains on the sheets and her sore but fulfilled body. She stood and walked to the table... not even a note. A small blood red tear formed in her eye and escaped onto her cheek, running down across the ivory skin onto her breast, down to the nipple where it became lost against the red hued flesh. Why didn't he understand; why didn't any of them understand?


As the day drew to a close, in an inn 25 miles away Dominic and Emily, his bride to be, kissed passionately, tasting each other deeply and letting their tongues wrestle for possession of the other's mouth. As they settled down to a whole night's sleep together for the first time since they had met Dominic was still restless... would Byronee really let him go that easily... he'd been with her for... he couldn't quite remember how long.

"Shhhh, she can't hurt us now. We'll be at a new town by midday tomorrow... a new life... with a new child to bring into the world." She let her hand slide lovingly across her still flat stomach. "Rest now; get a good night's sleep. We have to set off just after dawn."

"Well that's certainly different," Dominic thought ruefully, but she was right. He curled his strong right arm around her, letting his hand cup under her left breast, and pressed his chest up against her back. His eyelids shut almost immediately and they were both soon in a restful sleep.

Dawn's first rays cut a path between the ragged curtains at the East facing window of the inn and Emily moved her hand to cover her night-sensitive eyes. "Time to move my love" she murmured softly, still with her eyes closed against the glare. Dominic didn't stir at her gentle words. She turned and reached to shake him awake suddenly recoiling in horror as she touched the cold almost skeletal form in the bed beside her.

Screaming she leaped from the bed and grabbed the sheet around her, cowering on the far side of the room. Dominic's body lay on the bed, empty eye sockets staring back at her. Her eyes welled with tears despite her fear and the horror she felt... what could she do? She reached down unthinking to her stomach... no new life burned within her, his seed aging and dying as he had. She sank slowly to her haunches, shaking, staring into her lover's eyeless sockets and wept. She was alone...


Byronee pulled back the cover of the large book and began to search the list of those buried in the local graveyards again... maybe this time she would choose one who would stay... this time.



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