Anita was her name; I got to know her in one of those seedy karaoke clubs, when I was assigned to work in Guangzhou by my company as the project manager for the extension of our plant there.

After looking at the new plant's building drawings for about a week or so, my mind went blank and I had a hard time concentrating on work any further because I could not have my normal sexual relief like I used to get from my girlfriends at least twice a week back home in New York. I am well hung, 9 inches when fully erected, and I serve good sex to my girls.

I have come to recognize, after 20 years of hardcore sex life, that a big stiff cock can turn bitches into lambs. Thus, I had a good flock around me and as the shepherd I look after them pretty well. My girls all know that I am not the marrying type and I was only good to have sex with because I cannot be satisfied with one single partner in bed and in life. Some of my girls actually got to know each other pretty well through my introduction and on odd occasions they would join me in bed in pairs.

Like all good shepherds, I look after my body well and keep my body and prick in tip-top shape. I don't smoke, drink (except water and pussy juice) nor do drugs, but I love fucking after a good long day's work and I insist that I never pay for sex.

It's not that I had not tried prostitutes before but my logic is whoever goes to bed with me, I ensure that she will receives my best attention, concentration, ejaculation and relaxation, with these four 'tions' I keep them in good health body and soul, I don't see why I should be paying for sex. The above, sums up my personality, my lifestyle and hobby - a nice hard working, hard fucking healthy man in his late 30's.

Now, you will understand why a week without sex becomes really unbearable for a guy like me, so when my co- workers suggested that we went to a karaoke bar for a night out, I was more than enthusiastic to agree to such proposal to see if I could add another lamb to my flock. I sat there drinking water singing with a bunch of karaoke girls and my colleagues.

These girls looked gorgeous with their tight night gowns on, which either emphasized their boobs, their smooth white thighs or whichever sexy parts of their slim petite bodies that they think best attracted attention of their clients. I was told that they were from other poor inland provinces of China and that they were not pay well for singing with clients. Their main income came from having sex with their clients, who wants to take them out after closing time. I came to realize that this was against my rules as I always insisted that I never paid for sex.

After a few rather incoherent English pop songs sung by everyone in turns, the lights in the private room are tuned down by the head-waitress and Tomi, the girl assigned to be my singing partner for the night started to act cuddly liked a tame cat lying on my chest and to further arouse my sex appetite for taking her out later on, her hands started to roam up and down my chest and thighs, giving me small messages here and there.

Eventually, she got rather worked up as well, as she started to breathe heavier her breasts started to heave up and down as if they would finally burst over the top rim of her tight gown. For a girl of her size, only about 5'2", she had a rather nice set of equipment, 34-D, and I could feel one of her hardened nipple starting to poke into my side. Her right hand started to rest on top of my dick rubbing it length up and down casually, but when it grew to its full size.

She sat up, covered her mouth and stared at my crotch in amazement, and then she started to tell the other guys and girls in the same room about my size in Chinese, a language which I know nothing except a few greeting words. They all burst into laughter, my girl left me to go to the washroom giggling and as my eyes started to get irritated by cigarette smoke, I went out to the dancing floor for some fresh air.

This was my first encounter with my China doll, Anita. She was singing and dancing vigorously on stage. She was only 5'1", but with her high heels on, her legs looked endless in hot white hot pants. On top, she had on a pink tube top and her bouncing tits were delightful to look at. Her long straight dark hair went all the way down to her waist like a smooth waterfall.

Her eyes were bright and dreamy, small delicate pouting mouth and a small cute straight nose. I stood there in awe watching this perfect dream girl perform, she was singing some kind of Chinese rock and roll song and holding the wireless microphone with both her hands as if she was licking and sucking a penis instead of singing at it.

My dick began to harden as she went on and I began to imagine it was my penis she was holding instead of the microphone. As it was a rather small dance floor, she quickly noticed a 6'3" man standing there staring at her intensely savoring all her nice round curves and stripping her with my eyes.

She glanced at me discreetly from time to time and on certain fleeting moments winked and nodded at me. I return her attention raising my left eyebrow and a smile. The next song and her last song for the night was Celine Dion's "My heart will go on" and I knew she picked the song for me. Her accent was not accurate, but from her facial expression one could tell that she was deeply emotional and her mind was far from the madding crowd off-stage.

When she finished her song, she came straight to me and asked, "How was my last song? Does it make sense to you?"

"Hay, you speak very good English!" I answered, surprised by her question in English, but mostly because of her direct approach.

"I am Anita... first time I see you here. Are you here on business?" She asked smilingly.

"Well, yes... I am here on business. You can call me Alan." I introduced myself as my eyes began to wander from her eyes to her breasts, which was still heaving up and down from the vigorous performance on stage.

"If you like what you see... come here more often... I am here every night, but I must dash now to my next stage. See you around!" She said, noticing where my eyes had landed.

I like the innuendo and as she turned to leave, I grabbed her by her arm and asked, "How can I contact you?"

"Give me your mobile number, I will call you instead." She said.

I gave her my number, she waved goodbye to me and left. I looked longingly at her nice tight ass as she walked away and wondered what treasure I might find beneath those hot pants.

It turned out to be quite an uneventful night. As I returned back to our private room, my girl had left and had obviously found another target customer for the night in another room. My colleagues told me jokingly that Tomi was afraid that my prick was too big for her and it was not worth splitting her ass for accommodating a monster like mine. So, my size, which I always thought was an advantage, had turned against me. To release my sexual tension, I resorted to masturbate myself to sleep that night and every night of next week, thinking of those lovely curves of Anita's, imagining that she had a right size cunt to fit my prick.

Two weeks had passed without a single call from Anita, and my cunt starved prick was driving me mad. I became very edgy and would lose my temper over relatively minor matters. My co-workers started to avoid me unless it was absolutely necessary. I became rather homesick and I wished that some disaster would stop the project, so that I could go back to my flock. Still the days toil on, until one Saturday morning when Anita rang me.

"Hi, handsome, I am Anita, remember me? The singer at the club." She said. I was overjoyed to hear her voice and I can feel that my prick is listening to the phone call as well as it started to rise up in my pants.

"Of course, how can one forget a pretty face like yours." I answered, holding my mobile phone in one hand and playing with my cock with the other.

"I haven't seen you in the club since the night we met. What's up? I thought you like what you see." She said. So, the lamb liked my grass, it was stupid to assume that all Chinese women had vaginas of the same size.

"I don't know how to get to the club since I can't talk in Chinese, further we have been very busy on the project. Saturday is our day off, are you free today? Do you have to work tonight?" I asked, hoping to date her.

"That's why I am calling you. Would you like to take a trip to Zhuhai with me? It is a seaside city and there are quite a few tourist attractions, which might interest you." She said.

I accepted the invitation with greed and we had a really enjoyable day there. Anita took me to quite a few tourist sites; I took a lot of photographs of her with my digital camera, as her one piece purple skin tight skirt showed off all her assets. We had a long stroll along the beach and as it was quite a breezy day she held on to my arm tightly as we walked along enjoying the view and the fresh air. She was bright and witty, we chatted about our different home town, the difference in culture etc.

By the time, we decided to return to Guangzhou after wining and dinning, it was almost nine in the evening. We took a half full coach back taking the last back row seats so that Anita could have a nap in my lap. She was relax and so sweet in her dreams, I was pretty tired myself after such a blissful day and I dozed off quickly soothing Anita's long dark hair.

I would have slept all the way back to Guangzhou but for the nibbling I could feel on my penis. I rubbed my eyes and to my surprise there was Anita kneeling between my thighs with my half erected prick in her hands licking it like a cat drinking milk. My trousers were unbuttoned and my loose boxers were moved down exposing my apple size balls. I always wore boxers since I had rather big equipment between my thighs and boxers would not prevent blood circulation.

Holding my shaft, she started to hit my prick on to her soft wet tongue. The stimulation woke me up completely as my shaft grew to its full 8" size. Her half opened, moist, red pouting lips started to slide up and down my full length from head to base and back up continuously. Then she started to suck on my pumped up cock head.

My cock head was at least 6" in circumference and with a small mouth liked her, I did not know how she managed it to keep one third of my shaft in her mouth. Her mouth was air tight on my shaft and there were not even a single slurp to be heard. I guessed she was keeping herself so quiet that no other passengers would notice I was being sucked off. Her head started to bob up and down faster as the momentum built up and she was breathing heavier.

By now, she knew that I had to be fully awakened and she looked up longingly at me with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. I lifted her head up and kissed her passionately as her tongue entered mine for the first time and I gently sucked her tongue, while her smooth soft hand grabbed my cock jacking it at a steady pace.

As my prick began to twitch and shudder, she knew that my crisis was pretty near, she loosen her grip and she went down to my balls and started to message them with her mouth and tongue, she would suck half my ball in and tantalized it with her tongue and she made sure that both my nuts received the same amount of attention and service.

I arched back and grunted my satisfaction, but no one seemed to notice me since almost everyone were either asleep or snoring softly. I exploded like a volcano, rope after rope of cum, which must have penned up in my testicles for weeks came rushing out of my steel bar.

My first rope shot straight on to Anita's face, but she captured and swallowed all the rest in her mouth without a drop wasted. She only let go when my throbbing died down completely, resting her head sideway on my lap staring at my straight pointing pole.

"Now, my other mouth had to be fed. I want you to return my favor now! I am all wet and juicy down there." She whispered.

"Just how do you think we can do that now? Am I not to big for you?" I whispered back hoping not to draw anyone's attention to our situation.

"You just sit still, I have it all figured out. I haven't seen one so big as your, but when there is a wish there is a way. Do as you are told, I will call the shots here and you just have to concentrate on fucking and filling up my cunt with care." I was surprised and aroused by her use of dirty words and my cock sprung back to life knowing that it still had a duty to perform.

Anita took her damp panties off and stuffed it in my trousers' pocket. There was a whiff musky cunt juicy fragrance. Her sexy odor made me thirty and I longed to tongue fuck her wet to savor her nectar, but in my present position all I could do was to swallow my saliva as it welled up from my side of my tongue. She turned round and rode on my cock with her back lying flat on my chest. Her wet hot cunt was sitting right on the base of my pole so that it was bended forward pointing at the back of the seat in front of us. She was kneeling with her ass on my abdomen and knees right beside my thighs, with her hands gripping the headrest of the empty seat in front, she started to slide her cunt along the length of my shaft which would rather be pointing at the roof of the coach.

"Now, get you hands on my boobs and squeeze them hard for me, love, as I prepare my cunt to cook your big fat cock... Ahhhhh, your are getting me so wet... " She murmured as she kept sliding back and forth.

I took the order and my hands found my way to her globes underneath her hiked up one piece spandex skirt without any hassle. She was wearing a bra that opened at the front and as I unclipped the clasp, her boobs sprung into freedom into my two palms. They were not voluptuous but were quite a handful.

Her nipples were at least three quarters of an inch long and begging for attention. I squeezed and messaged them hard and with my thumbs and middle fingers I pinched and twisted her nipples until she moaned quietly and sat back momentarily letting me kiss her neck, which was one of her erogenous spot, as she came for the first shuddering and her lower lips making small kisses on my shaft. She secreted so much that my long hard pole was cloaked in her juice and dripping down on to the carpet from the tip of my cock.

She straightened up kneeling on the seat, grabbed my slippery cock and guided it to her entrance and my god; it was tight as I saw my cock head slowly disappearing into her dripping hot cunt. My hands were now squeezing her nice round ass, and my deep message somehow served to loosen up her ass muscle and she slowly inched down on my prick. Six inches of my meaty prick had gone in and I could feel it had reached the hilt. She leaned back turning her head in search of my kisses. I stuck out my tongue and she sucked on it as if she had a second cock in her mouth.

"You are so brave, baby!" I encouraged her.

"I am your private Chinese doll... you like my juicy cunt, don't you? I am so full with your cock... frig my clit... Oh! It is so fucking big, but I have to conquer this stallion." She started to ride slowly up and down like a small girl on a carousel as I rubbed her clitoris to her next climax. She came quietly but intensively as I brought some of her own cunt juice into her mouth with my fingers.

She sucked and literally bit my fingers to stop her from crying out loud when she reached her second ecstasy of joy. Her whole body trembled, cunt convulsing and she was breathing like an athlete after a hundred meter dash. I erupted into her tight cunt and after it subsided I rested my head on her ass as I showered kisses on her ass cheeks.

She stood up in front of me spreading her legs wide letting my flaccid cock slid out of her warm cunt and my cum came dripping in big blobs over my pubic hair right above my prick. She cleaned and licked my prick dry and put it back into my boxer. We were both so exhausted that we slept all the way back to Guangzhou holding to each other like two lovers.

My China doll called me every time she had her day off and she could not have enough of me. She secretly told me that I had stretched her cunt to a size that nothing smaller would be able to satisfy her appetite anymore. As we could not live without one another, we got married and she is now carrying my child.



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