They were just playing pretend - it wasn't supposed to happen

Julia had just turned 15 and her mom was once again inter-state on business and had even forgotten to phone on her birthday. Daddy on the other hand had taken her to the mall and allowed her to buy the most expensive new outfit she could find. He had then allowed her to have the best ever birthday party by booking out a local restaurant with about 30 of her friends and had hired a live band. She had such a good time. That was yesterday and last night.

Now it was a glorious Saturday morning and mom wasn't due home till Sunday night. Julia's older brother & sister were away at college. Julia had walked into her daddy's bedroom to find him sitting up in bed reading, but he looked sad. She bounced into the bedroom in her little semi-transparent pink nightie and slid into bed beside him to give him a cuddle. "Hi pumpkin," he said as he smiled broadly at her and returned her cuddle.

Julia felt her daddy's strong arms around her as she rested her head on his shoulder and looked at his powerful chest. As it was almost summer he had gone to bed in just his pyjama trousers. "What's up daddy?" she asked, "you seem sad." "Oh its nothing sweetie" he replied as he cuddled her tight and she melted into his warm embrace.

Julia knew her parents marriage was over and that they were together only for her sake. "You lonely daddy?" she asked.

"A little bit sweetie," he admitted.

"I'm a little lonely too daddy," she said, "but not when I've got you daddy."

"Oh Princess, I'm not lonely either when you're around."

It was then that Julia felt it. She had manoeuvred herself so that she was lying on her daddy's chest with her left leg slung over his thighs.

She felt her daddy's hard erect cock throbbing through the thin cotton of his pyjama pants, pulsing against her upper inner thigh just inches from her pussy. Julia felt tingles almost immediately in the realisation that she, her daddy's 15 year old daughter was the cause of her own father's sexual arousal. In an instant she made a decision and had spoken the words before she could stop herself.

"Daddy, would you do me a big favour and not get mad at me?"

Her father stroked her hair with the same rhythm as his cock was pulsing and looking down at his cute little daughter with a smile he said, "Sweetie why would I get mad at you, you can always ask me anything." He looked at this little angel beside him with pride and an unfatherly sexual longing.

Julia had developed into a very attractive young woman over the past 3 years. She had long wavy hair the colour of golden wheat, her body showed the athleticism you would expect of her as the high school ice-skating champion, shapely legs and the tightest shapely arse. Her breasts had filled out to womanly proportions and so much spilled out of her 10C bras that it seemed obvious she should really be opting for a D cup. Now he was looking down the neck of her loose nightie and had a full view of the nipple and areola of her right breast, which sent another surge of blood into his engorged, aroused "daddy-cock".

"Promise you won't be shocked or get mad at me daddy, promise!" she implored.

"Oh darling, just tell me, I won't get mad or be shocked."

Julia looked up at her daddy and eased herself up so that she could whisper in his ear. In the process of this her thigh had moved his pyjama pants so that his huge hard cock was able to spring out through the open loose fly of his pyjamas. She felt its softness and warmth throbbing against her thigh as she whispered;

"Daddy, I want you to show me how to make love. I'm a lonely young woman now daddy and I want to learn how to kiss and make love to a man. I want you to be my teacher."

For a few seconds her father was speechless, but soon he recovered and his cock began to take over from his brain. "Oh baby, I'm very flattered, but I'm your daddy, we can't do that, you know that."

Julia was not so easy deterred. She reached down and grasped her father's fat throbbing cock in her soft young hand. "This seems to be telling me a different story daddy."

He made no attempt to take his daughter's hand off his raging hard-on.

Julia went on, now speaking softly in his ear and not looking at her father. "Oh daddy, I know you and mommy are not getting on and I know you are not getting any from her. You must be so frustrated daddy, just like I am. I don't want you to go inside me daddy, just touch me, slide your lovely cock along my wet slit daddy, but don't go inside. Make me cum daddy and show me how to make you cum. I need to be taught to love as a woman daddy and I don't want any other man or boy to show me the first time, I want you to be my *first* daddy."

He lay therefore a few seconds breathing heavily and not responding. He knew what he should do and say, but the lust and sensations now aroused in him were over- riding his judgement and sense of fatherly protection.

"Oh baby, baby, we shouldn't," he groaned as he pulled his daughter's face to his and placed his lips on hers. Julia melted into her father's kiss and he tasted the divine scent and freshness of her 15 year old mouth and full lips. Julia reached down and pulled the bowknot on his pyjamas undone and helped her daddy get them off. She lifted her nightie high to her waist and climbed on top of him.

For several minutes all they did was immerse themselves in a wondrous soft sensuous loving wet kiss. Each felt an incredible love for the other. They broke the kiss and looked at each other, not saying anything.

It was too much for him, he grabbed the front of Julia's nightie at the neck and tore it apart with one powerful ripple of his strong arms to fully reveal his daughters virgin breasts and aroused nipples to his lustful gaze. His big hands, both soft and powerful at the same time then covered her breasts and he began to fondle her magnificent sensitive globes with unabashed lust. He rolled her over and wedged his powerful thighs between his daughter's perfect firm thighs.

Raising himself on his arms he watched as he thrust his cock through Julia's very thick pubic thatch to rest the huge helmet head of his cock on her wet engorged cunt lips. Up and down, up and own, his huge throbbing daddy-cock slid in urgent ecstasy between the wet outer labia of his 15 year old daughter.

All Julia could say was; "Oh, daddy, daddy, that's so nice, that's so nice... please don't go inside me though daddy will you... don't go inside!"

He responded reassuringly; "Don't worry baby, daddy will not go inside you... unless you want me too."

Julia didn't respond and they resumed their incestuous exploration, just to the sounds of heavy breathing, gasps and the wet sounds of a cock slipping and sliding along wet aroused 15 year old cunt lips.

"Oh daddy, daddy I love you, I love you so much, and I never want to leave you."

He responded by kissing and sucking her luscious tits and then her lips and mouth, he couldn't seem to get enough of her. He knew it was so wrong; "I love you too baby and I will be here for you, always."


He sensed a serious question and stilled his lustful lovemaking; "Yes honey, what is it?"

Julia looked her daddy square in the eye; "Daddy, I know you and mom will split up. Daddy... I want to be your wife... I want to live with you for the rest of my life. I want to have babies with you... I want to be your daughter-wife daddy."

He was shocked and speechless, but then the realisation hit him. Ever since she had been born he and Julia had experienced a special relationship. They were almost telepathic and seem to sense each other's moods and thoughts in the way some identical twins do.

He knew then, he finally realised, he and Julia were indeed meant for each other. Although she was only 15 she had a maturity way beyond her years, she had very much been the "little woman" since she was 12 years old, (when, if he was totally honest, he had gotten his first erection just watching her perfect little arse and gorgeous athletic thighs wiggle past him in her sports outfit).

"Oh baby, yes, yes Julia my darling, I want to be your daddy-husband, I will honour you, obey you and respect you as my gorgeous beautiful wife for the rest of my life."

Julia looked at her daddy as he said this and knew then that he truly loved her, loved her more than as a daughter, he loved her as a woman and he loved her as his equal.

She addressed him by his first name; "Oh David, fuck me then, shove your gorgeous daddy cock into me and mark me as your woman David, make me yours, now, make me yours."

He groaned and let out a roar like a lion taking his mate as he thrust his huge pre-cum oozing 8-inch cock into his 15 year old daughter-wife, Julia, his beloved Julia. They were both on the cusp of their orgasms and within just 2 minutes of possessing her, 2 minutes of glorious hard wet thrusting he felt his cum erupting from his balls. "Oh baby, oh Julia, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, are you sure, are you sure you want it?"

"Oh yes, yes, please David, please daddy, fill me with your sperm! Make a baby in me now! Spill your seed into me! Spurt it! Spurt it!"

He did, with a roar he came, spurt after thick hot creamy white spunk, spunk containing millions of his "daddy sperm" came spilling into Julia's very fertile daughter cunt. Julia felt the first huge surge of her father's hot cream as it shot along her love tunnel and into her fertile 15 year old pussy.

"Oh, oh, oh, daddy... my daddy is fucking a baby into me... my lovely daddy is fucking a baby into his 15 year old daughter-wife." She opened her eyes as he opened his, he continued to spurt thick ropes of incestuous cream into her as her father rooted hard between her widespread thighs; "Fuck me David, fuck your daughter, fuck me full of incest sperm, now and forever."

A month later David left the family home and Julia went with him. They moved to the other side of the country and changed their names. A very healthy baby girl was born exactly 9 months later and they had 2 more children over the next 4 years.

That was 20 years ago.

"It is the most perfect marriage and family you will ever see," say the locals when asked about Julia and David (her daddy-husband) in the small community they have continued to live in.



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    My 13 year old sister and I love reading incest stories. It started 3 months ago. Well we got so caught up in them ,that my sister is now pregnant.
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