I guess you would say I'm a pretty successful woman. Well not "pretty," although I've kept a nice figure and my tits have always drawn stares. I am an executive with a high tech firm with lots of cashed options that by now have made me fairly wealthy.. But nothing about my looks or my affluence could have landed me David. David is intelligent, sensitive, and movie-star handsome: tall, square jaw, trim but muscular. Think of Hugh Grant.

David was a virgin when we met in college and very shy. He hated the way women constantly pestered him for sex. I lusted for David as much as any of the other girls, but I could see that the direct approach would not work with David. I feigned disinterest in sex and pretended to be interested only in being buddies, helping him pass a required math course, lulling him into a false sense of security. Then one night when we (he) had been drinking we started making out and "accidentally" went all the way. He was so mortified he immediately agreed when I asked him to marry me.


I loved being married to David; the envious stares from other women when we were out in public were gratifying. As my career progressed -- I was the youngest VP in my firm, ever -- he was also a big asset at my business functions, drawing stares from the other women executives. David, on the other hand, was a writer who had had not yet had much success so he stayed at home and took care of the house. Outwardly, we were the perfect couple, a rich successful wife and a handsome, artistic husband, but in private ... well David remained shy. He loved me, I know, but I could not get him to initiate sex. I did, of course, but it was not very satisfying.

He was also prudish, insisting that we turn the lights out and never wanting to do it in any position but "missionary." Other kinds of sex were out of the question. He pulled away if I tried to give him blow jobs and would not let me draw his hand down to finger me. I didn't even dare suggest he go down on me; it would have freaked him completely!

And although he will attend prim and proper business events with me, he would not let me dress him in tight hot clothes and take him dancing and clubbing. After his "accident" that night before we married, he is very cautious about how much he drinks, so seducing him over wine and candle-light dinners is out. Like too many men, he just does not crave nasty, frequent sex the way we women do. Still, little by little, I've come to suspect something else about his apparent low sex drive: he's afraid to "let go" lest I get him to make me pregnant. Yes, he knows I want a five or six kids, maybe more, and he is afraid of the responsibility and loss of his independence. He is afraid -- and he's not far wrong -- that if he looses control, I could get him to fuck me unprotected when I'm fertile.

I guess the memory of his own childhood has made him cautious. David's father was also promising artist, but after marrying David mother when she tricked him into getting her pregnant, he could never find time away from taking care of one baby after another, ten in all. I didn't mind David's wanting a career as a writer -- I set him up with a studio in our home -- but I wanted babies and I needed David to be a father and a daddy for them. David, however, was just as determined not to make me pregnant and avoiding making love to me anywhere near my fertile period (he was a tampon snoop) and always insisted on using a condom when he did.

I had girlfriends who had initially reluctant husbands, but they had no trouble getting their guys so horny they got fucked pregnant over and over. While my friends were having two and three, and even four babies, I had none. David just had too much self control and I wasn't getting the sex I needed, much less the babies I wanted.

Naturally in my sexual frustration I turned to porn. Surfing the Internet, I found stories about sexy women who trick, or seduce, or drug, or hypnotize men, making them so horny they can't keep from filling the pussies of the dominant women. Stories like "Judith and Me" or "Principles" by Homer Vargas drove me crazy with desire to get my sexy husband to make me pregnant. But it just wasn't happening.

Gradually I drifted into darker areas or on-line erotica, where, from the number of stories and websites, I discovered that mine is a common problem. I read stories and letters from hundreds of horny women fantasizing about seeing their husbands or boyfriends get turned on enough even to fuck other women. I found myself strangely aroused by these stories of domineering women, often uneducated or crude, who sexually enslave gentle; intelligent men, mistreating and abusing them. It turned me on to imagine David that way, in the sexual thrall of a woman totally beneath his class, making him do things for her he never would for me. Interestingly, most of the stories featured handsome white husbands and powerful black women.

This was crazy. Why would I, why would any woman, want the man she loved to be "taken" by another woman? I could only rationalize this as a projection of the anger a horny women felt for their too-cool spouses. 'Won't fuck rich, loving, cultured me? Well see what might happen to you!' But even if I understood the power of these stories, it didn't make me less obsessive about them. Even more surprising, I found there are women -- black women -- who claim to be able to fuck prudish white men and turn them into ever-horny fucktoys.

Shocked at first, I gradually started to get turned on by the idea of having another woman, especially a black woman, fuck my husband. Lying awake at night horny and frustrated beside my handsome, unavailable husband I fell asleep orgasming to the thought of David's degradation, lying helpless beneath a large black dominatrix fucking him silly.

One night when we were, at last, about to do it, I brought up the idea of fucking a black woman. He blushed and said he was disgusted by the idea, but I noticed his prick jump. Taking a chance I dropped into a make-believe role of a "hot black Momma." I talked to him about sucking my big black tits and loosing his little white cock in my big hairy pussy. He came like never before.

From then on, our hottest sex (still too tame by my standards, but improving) is when I pretended to be a black woman who was seducing him. In that role I was able to get David into bed more frequently and even to let me fuck him from on top, although still with the damn condom. Over the weeks I started hinting that maybe he should do it for real. He was reluctant, but after weeks of persuasion by me in my "black Momma" role, he gave in.

I began to search the Internet in earnest. I discarded the ones who claimed to use hypnosis and other hookey ads. Finally I made makes contact with a woman Madam Monique who said she could turn any white husband into a pussy slave within weeks. I got in touch with her and she said she was booked for months in advance, but after seeing David's picture, agreed to meet us in a bar in about a week. It took another long session of me as David's Black Momma to get him to agree.

I was very nervous and excited the night of our arranged meeting. David had let me get him into a sexy outfit: tight black pants, a toreador silk shirt and dancing boots with a bit of heel. He was so sexy I would have raped him if I could. The bar was in a respectable part of town, but from the moment I walked in I could see it was a rendezvous spot for black women meeting white men on the sly. Fortunately David was na�ve enough not to realize what kind of dive we were in.

Normally David does not drink, as I said, but I guess he was feeling nervous, too, and allowed me to get several drinks down him before the appointed hour. I spotted her when she walked in and my blood ran cold. Monique was tall, yet very curvy. Her hair was curled and lightened and she wore a smirk. She surveyed the club like a lioness surveying the savanna for her next meal.

Suddenly I was feeling inadequate, comparing my own pale skin to Monique's smooth ebony, my puny C cup breasts to Monique's EEs, my own modest skirt, top, and flats to Monique's elegant short, tight miniskirt, see-through blouse, and 5" heels. Even in the dim light I saw her painted lips, large loopy earrings, bangles on her sleeveless arms and a gold chain dropping into her spectacular cleavage. She oozed confident femininity. I gulped my drink to steady my nerves.

It did not take Monique long to spot David who was easily the hottest guy in the club, even if he did not know it. She slinked over. "You must be David," she breathed in a Jamaican or Caribbean accent, licking her lips hungrily. David looked up to see her for the first time. I could see his jaw drop. He had clearly never laid eyes on a woman so powerfully feminine. He gazed up at Monique's magnificent breasts as if hypnotized. "I think we'll dance," Monique informed me, seeing that David has no ability to refuse her.

I was surprised at her finesse. She did not immediately begin grinding her pussy him or crush his face into her tits, although it looked like she could have. David was in another world. Rather she glided around the floor with him, letting him relax. Only later as the music picked up did she begin spinning and bumping against him, flashing him her dark glistening pussy. Finally when slower music returned she melted into him pressing that superb body against him and pulling him close. I was amazed to see David's hands on her ass; he had never touched me that way when we danced, which was never. David's eyes were close and his head was resting against her boobs. Suspiciously, one of Monique's hands was invisible in the vicinity of David's crotch.

When Monique brought David back to our booth, I hardly recognized my husband. He had a mindless grin on he face and glazed eyes. Monique's hand did not leave his crotch and I could see a huge bulge in his pants, a bulge I had never been able to put there. "You've got one sexy man here," Monique chuckled. "I think I'm going to have some fun with him tonight! Now be a good girl and fetch us some drinks." I was reluctant to leave David alone with her, but she glared at me in a way that sent me scurrying off.

When I returned some ten or so minutes later, I was shocked. David's pants were open and he was lying back eyes closed and almost unconscious with pleasure as Monique was fondling her naked cock. David had never allowed my such liberties and here he was letting a woman had never met before tonight give him a hand job in public. I felt a gush of arousal from my pussy as I stared at the erotic sight. Suddenly David started to moan an buck as he did when he was about to come. I thought she was going to humiliate him by letting him spurt cum all over himself, but just as quickly Monique thrust her head down and took David's cock into her mouth. Almost instantly I saw my husband's penis swell and overflow into the warm sucking mouth of this beautiful black woman who swallowed every drop of his jism. I may have cum from the sight and the intense envy that SHE was enjoying the taste of my husband's sperm that he had denied me!

"I think we need to continue this somewhere a little more private. Let's go to your house," Monique suggested in a tone that allowed for no dissent. I was in a nervous wreck as Monique helped David pull up his pants and followed them toward our car, Monique constantly whispering to David and playing with his bulge. Slipping into the backseat with David, Monique grinned at me. "Keep your mind on your driving and your hands on the wheel. And keep your prying eyes on the road ahead."

I was scarcely able to do any of those things. David's grunts and moans as Monique continued to fondle him were soon joined by a slurping sound and Monique's mews of pleasure. Risking an accident, I glanced back to see Monique had opened her flimsy blouse and had pulled David's face to her breasts where he was kissing and sucking her amazing jugs with crazy enthusiasm. "Yeah Baby! Suck those titties. Make Momma feel gooood! Ahhhh!" I could hardly believe Monique had come just from my sexy husband working those bazookas with his lips and tongue.

As soon as we arrived at our house, Monique peremptorily ordered me to prepare drinks and snacks for us. As was not the pattern, I quickly obeyed, leaving David staring in awe at this sex goddess. I rationalized that this was what I had agreed with Monique to do. As I went to the kitchen Monique was kissing David and telling him what a pretty white boy he was and how he was going to enjoy fucking him. I don't think David was in any condition to understand what she was saying.

It did not take long, but when I returned I got the biggest shock of my life! There was David on his knees in front of the couch. Monique had hiked that silly excuse for a skirt and had David's face firmly into her furry snatch. I had never seen such a huge hairy pussy in all my life and it was hard to tell if David was eating it or it was eating him! Renewed pangs of jealousy ripped my heart and moistened my pussy to see this woman achieve in minutes what I had been trying to get David to do for years!

"Considering his lack of experience, your man has great potential as a cuntlicker," Monique smirked between grunts. "Oh, yes! Baby, yes! Make Momma cum and she'll give you something real nice to drink. "Ahhhhiiii!" Monique bucked as my husband's tongue and lips in her horny pussy made her come, but she held David's head close between her ample thighs, forcing him to continue as she dame down from the orgasm. Se grinned at me weakly and then grimaced again as David brought her to another climax. Amazingly, she didn't let him stop until she had given my husband two more mouthfuls of pussy juice. When she let him come up for air as she regained her breath, David's face glistened and he was clearly lust-drunk from Monique's copious flow. His eyes were open, but I doubted he could see anything.

"Did you enjoy that? I guess you did!" Monique smirked. Only then did I realize that I had been playing with my pussy; my had was still in my panties as she spoke. "So, do you still want me to fuck your husband? You want him to know what it like to get laid by a real woman?" This was nothing like what I had expected. Monique seemed to be enjoying it far too much and David wasn't just getting "loosened up," he was totally under the spell of this black witch. But I couldn't object. She was so sexy, so totally in control. Compared to her I felt like a little girl. Suddenly I realized that my had was still in my pussy and that I was coming harder than I'd ever come in my life!

When I came to my senses a few seconds later, Monique was leading my sex-tranced husband to our bedroom. Reluctantly I followed, peering in from the doorway. "You can watch, but keep quiet. I've got some serious husband-sexing to do," Monique admonished. Slowly before David's barely seeing eyes she stripped, displaying her firm, voluptuous body. David was frozen by the sight. Then, methodically, she began to disrobe my passive husband: shoes, shirt, pants underwear socks. I was transfixed by fear and arousal.

"Let's get you into bed, sweetie," she cooed, stroking David's rampant cock. Just lie back and Monique will take good care of this!"

Even aroused and he was, out of habit David opened the drawer by the bed and removed a condom. A felt a wave of relief. May David was still David. Gently Monique removed it from his hand. "Oh no, big boy! I don't fuck men with condoms. Nothing "comes" between Monique and a cock!" she laughed at her little joke, though David was to confused to understand. Transfixes in horror I watched Monique knee walk up straddling David's hips and slowly ease her pussy over my husband's unprotected penis!

David gasped! Monique must have grasped his penis with her pussy muscles. "Like that honey? Like the way Monique fucks you?" David's crossing and uncrossing eyes were affirmative enough. "You like the way Monique's tight hot pussy hold you, Honey? You like the way I fuck you"

Why did he have to regain his voice just then? Why did I have to hear him? "Oh, yes! Yes! fuck me, fuck me Monique! I love your pussy! Uhhhhh, yes!"

"Is it better than hers? Do I fuck you better than your wife?"

"Oh fuck YESSS! I love your pussy. It's so much tighter and slicker than hers! Oh fuck me!"

"And does fucking Monique make you want to come? Do you want to shoot your whiteboy jizz into my hot black pussy? You want to come in me?" She had slowed down maddeningly, not letting David orgasm, holding him on the edge. "So you want me to fuck you and make you come in my pussy? Come in my fertile pussy? You want to make a baby with Monique?"

"What? NOOO!" David's eyes were suddenly wife open in terror! "No, I can't make you pregnant!"

"Oh but you can! If we keep fucking you'll shoot your babymaking semen in to me and I'll be knocked up. Don't you want to make my black belly swell with your baby, David? Wouldn't you like to see my big tits full of milk to feed the baby you put in my tummy? Do you want me to stop fucking you? Stop before you loose control and make me pregnant with your light brown baby? Are you sure?"

Monique was fucking him very slowly now and David was in anguish. "Yes! YESS! Fuck me Monique. Take my baby! Let me give you my babyyyyyy!" David's body spasmed. His hips rose from the bed and thrust up into Monique as he screamed in climax"

Feeling David's hot seed flood her womb Monique also came as well. "Yes, a baby! I want your baby, baby baby baby," she chanted deliriously. I felt the three fingers deep in my own pussy soaked with my spend as I came as well.

Drained, emotionally and physically I allowed Monique to motion me out of the room. "This man and I have some serious baby making to do. All night long I could hear David's screams of ecstasy as he came in Monique over and over.

Nasty ending:

That was several years ago. After the first pregnancy was confirmed Monique moved into our house, essentially displacing me as David's wife. Seeing that magnificent woman strutting around the house, her belly growing under the flimsy lingerie and maternity dresses she wore, it just seemed natural to yield to her in everything. I knew if I did not, she would take David from me; he was little more than her sex slave, continuing to fuck her several times daily as she demanded. I opened a joint account with David and her so she could have him spend money on flashy clothes and jewelry for his pregnant lover.

I no longer work, my money being sufficient for our needs. But Monique does not let us hire help. She thinks it's more appropriate if I do the cleaning and cooking that David used to do. This leaves David and Monique time to go out shopping or just showing off her beautiful sexy pregnant body before they come home and she has him fuck her again. Lately she had taken pity on me and has begun to allow me to clean her pussy after David has filled her again.

Right now I'm home alone. David and Monique have gone out dancing. Monique's four children are asleep or playing in their rooms, so I have time to write this tale. But things are just going to get more hectic. I recognized the glint in Monique's eye as she and David left and I can guess she plans to have happen that night when she gets David home. In about nine months I will have another baby to take care of.

Nice ending. That was several years ago. After the first pregnancy was confirmed Monique moved into our house. We quickly became fast friends. Things have worked out wonderfully. Although it's still a little painful to see that Monique is David's number one woman, I can't complain Monique has David's libido so rev-ed up that although he fucks Monique several times a day, I'm still getting more sex -- hot and nasty the way I like it -- than ever before. Then too, Monique absolutely forbade David to use condoms and I was never on the pill, so soon after Monique arrived, I missed my period, too.

It was great fun to be pregnant together, to know the same man we both love has given both of us his babies. We did everything together shopping, movies, going out showing off our growing, sexy bellies. Of course with the pregnancy, both of us were hornier than a flock of ewes and David, well, he has great stamina, but he was just a man and not nearly able keep up with the raging libidos of two pregnant women. Fortunately Monique had a solution for that too. I was reluctant at first, but Monique pointed out that David loved eating her pussy, why wouldn't I. And do I ever cum buckets when Monique gets her tongue in me! By the time Monique was about seven months we discovered I could drink milk from those amazing tits of hers and a few weeks later she started doing the same for me. Some days we didn't get out of bed, just lying there making love and suckling at each other's engorged breasts.

Monique had a beautiful brown little boy Jamal, and not long after I delivered a darling little blond girl, Dorene. David of course was just crazy about them both, burping and bathing and changing them when they were not drinking from our more than adequate breasts. Sometimes we switched, but the babies didn't care. We decided, however, that the next two shouldn't come so close together; it was just too hard on David. So although Monique went right back to having bareback sex with David as soon as she could, we decided David would have to use condoms when we have sex until Monique was well along with number two.

Right now Monique and I are tied with four babies, two boys and two girls, each, but we think she may be pregnant again. I hope so. I hate condoms!



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