Jenny Reed balanced the small bag of groceries on one arm as she worked the lock to the apartment door with her free hand. The twenty-four year old nurse had gone out two hours earlier to see a movie with a co-worker, only to have her cancel at the last minute. So rather than go alone, she'd stopped at the market for munchies and planned to crash on the couch and watch some old movies on AMC.

"Just as well," Jenny thought as she stepped into the semi-dark apartment and clicked on the closest light, "after three double shifts this week I really wasn't in that much of a mood to go out anyway."

The five foot six brunette dropped the brown bag on the kitchen countertop and sat on one of the tall stools pushed up against it. She took a deep breath and looked around the apartment.

"I really love this place," she reminded herself as she started to unpack the bag. "I was so lucky to see Diane's advertisement."

Diane was Diane Bennett, her roommate and also a nurse. Jenny had seen the posting for a roommate on the hospital's intercity bulletin board and had immediately called about it. It seemed too good to be true and she was ecstatic when she found that it was.

Jenny worked at Saint Clara's over in the Financial District, whereas Diane was at Metro Hospital down by the waterfront. The apartment was almost equidistant from both.

It seemed that Diane had a falling out with her previous roommate and was looking for someone quick to help with the rent, that was already past due. She wasn't so desperate however, she'd said on the phone, to rent out the vacant half of the apartment without meeting Jenny first. They had agreed to have Jenny come over after her shift and see if they hit it off.


Five minutes after Jenny walked through the door, it was as if they'd known each other for years. That they were both in the same profession played a big factor, plus the fact that they were only two years apart in age with Diane being the older. By the time they'd finished the dinner that the blond had scrounged together, they had worked out all of the details except how soon Jenny could move in.

Jenny was curious as to why Diane and her previous roommate had parted company so abruptly, but wasn't about to be so impolite as to ask. It there was something she should know, the short haired brunette figured she'd find out soon enough. After two months of sharing the place, Jenny concluded that the problem must've been with the old roommate because she and Diane were getting along better every day.


"I really shouldn't be eating any of this stuff," the slim girl told herself as she looked over the tasty treasures she'd brought home, "but what the hell, I'll just do another half hour on the treadmill."

She'd just poured herself a tall glass of milk to go with the chocolate chip cookies she'd opened when a sudden noise caught her attention. A noise from the back of the apartment.

Diane had told her she was going out on a date, so Jenny hadn't called out when she came through the door. The noise had come from the direction of Diane's bedroom, giving the brunette a good idea what caused it.

Just in case she was wrong, she reached behind the counter and grabbed the baseball bat they kept there. Jenny had grown up with four older brothers and wasn't the type to run every time something went bump in the night.

Cautiously, she moved across the living room, guiding her way by the streetlight coming in the open windows. When she got to the bedroom door, it was opened just a crack. Holding the bat steady, she pushed it open just enough to look in.

"I was right," Jenny grinned as she brought the bat down. "Looks like they decided on indoor sports instead."

In the dim light, Jenny could just about make out the nude form of her blond haired roommate. She was sure Diane would've said hello if she'd seen her, except that her mouth was filled at the moment by her date's cock. He was equally nude and stretched out across the bed.

From the look of rapture on his face, Jenny figured that Diane was about to make his night. Sure enough, the black bearded young man let out an even louder groan that the one which had first caught Jenny's attention.

A moment later, Diane pulled her mouth from his cock. Quick enough to keep from swallowing his load, but not fast enough to keep it from splashing across her face.

It must've been a while since Diane's date had last climaxed, Jenny thought, because the result of this one was certainly abundant. At least that was her professional opinion.

Quietly backing away from the bedroom door, Jenny decided to head back out and take in that movie after all. No sense in embarrassing Diane by letting her know she had seen her. Things like that happened when you shared an apartment, so why rock the boat if you didn't have to.

So much in a rush to leave, Jenny forgot all about her snack on the countertop until it was too late to do anything about it. When she came home again a few hours later, she found it all cleaned up.


It was a rare Saturday morning when both nurses were off, but the next morning happened to be one of them. Even though she had awakened a half hour before, Jenny waited until she was sure Diane's overnight guest had left before she got out of bed and headed for the kitchen. When she opened the door to her bedroom, the smell of freshly cooked ham and eggs filled the air.

"Good morning," Diane said with a wide smile as Jenny walked into the kitchen. "You're timing is perfect, breakfast is just about ready."

The bathrobe clad brunette looked down at the table to see coffee and orange juice already waiting for her. She was also glad to see there were only two place settings.

"You didn't have to go to all this trouble," Jenny said as she pulled up a stool. "All I really wanted was some cereal and toast."

"Toast will be up in another minute," the pajama clad blond smiled. "It's the least I can do after chasing you out of the apartment last night. I found the snack you made and Jason thought he saw someone look in on us for a second, even if I didn't notice."

"Well you were a little occupied at the time," Jenny smiled as she took a sip of her juice.

"Nevertheless, breakfast is the least I could do," Diane said as she emptied the contents of the frying pan into each of their plates. "And it'll give us a chance to have a little talk. One that maybe we should've had when you first moved in."

"Okay," Jenny replied as she tasted the eggs. "These are delicious by the way."

"Thank you," Diane said as she sat down opposite Jenny. "There's no way to ask this other than straight out, so I'll just ask. I hope you're not considering moving out after last night."

"What?" Jenny asked, putting her fork with an uneaten piece of egg back on her plate. "What would give you a silly idea like that?"

"Well it's just that we never really discussed how we were going to handle each other's sex life. Overnight guests and such." Diane said, a small look of worry evident on her face. "I was a little afraid that it might've bothered you."

"Why would you think that?" Jenny asked. "It's not like either one of us imagined the other was living a life of celibacy."

"Hardly that," Diane laughed, "but to be honest, that was the reason my last roommate packed up and left."

The older girl could tell that statement surprised Jenny.

"Maybe I should explain that a little more before you imagine I was having wild orgies in the living room," Diane said as she paused to sip her coffee.

Jenny popped the egg on her folk into her mouth, figuring that continuing to eat was the best way to show she wasn't upset with Diane.

"At first, when she moved in a little over a year ago, Lisa Marie and I got along really great. Almost as well as you and I." she began with a broad smile. "Lisa was a librarian over at Saint Matthew's College and about six weeks before you moved in, she began to get really involved with this conservative Christian group. Now I'm not the most liberal person in the world on some things and I like to think that I get along with most religions, but these people made Pat Robinson look like Bill Clinton."

Jenny continued to listen silently, sipping her coffee.

"The next thing I know, Lisa is lecturing me about my lifestyle, calling me a whore and telling me that I was going to burn in hell," Diane continued. "Finally I couldn't take it anymore and told her to mind her own goddamn business. The next morning she packed her bags and stormed out."

"Well," Jenny smiled, "You won't have to worry about me trying to invoke the wrath of the prophets down on you. I'm a firm believer in everyone living their own life however they want."

"You don't know how happy I am to hear that," Diane said with obvious relief. "I'd hate to loose you as a roomie or a friend. I thought when you saw Jason and I ..."

"Well to be honest," Jenny interrupted, "that wasn't the first time I walked in on you and someone."

Diane's expression turned to curiosity.

"It was, I think, maybe the second week after I moved in," Jenny explained. "I stopped by to pick up a change of uniform because I was going to work an extra shift. When I opened the door, I saw you and a rather muscular black man somewhat occupied on the couch. I wouldn't have ever even mentioned it except to show that neither that or last night bothered me."

Diane actually blushed at the thought that Jenny had seen her with Martin Rogers, one of the new interns at Metro. He'd given her a lift home after a long day and she'd invited him up for coffee. One thing led to another and they found themselves doing the nasty on the living room couch.

"We definitely should work out a system for this," Diane said as her color returned to normal.

"Simple solutions are usually the best," Jenny suggested. "I think if we just keep it confined to our own rooms it'll work out just fine."

"Sounds like a good idea," Diane replied.

"Then I guess we should finish eating this before it gets too cold," Jenny said, "unless there's something else you want to talk about."

Jenny was sure Diane was going to say something for a moment, the blond had that sort of look on her face. Instead she suddenly turned her head at the sound of the toast popping up in the toaster.

"I'll get that," she said instead.

Thinking the discussion now over, Jenny went back to her breakfast, glad that they had worked everything out.


Three times over the next month, Diane had overnight guests. True to their agreement, she made sure all her more boisterous activities were confined to the bedroom. Jenny even had her own boyfriend over one night, just to show Diane that she wasn't being judgmental in not having had him over before.

Normally, if she was going to sleep with Mark Kelly, she preferred it to be at his apartment. They had a pretty casual relationship and they both liked it that way. Neither was looking for anything more than occasional company. Just someone to go out with once now and then and keep overly helpful relatives from constantly trying to fix them up.

By not having him stay over her own apartment, Jenny felt she had greater control over their relationship. She explained this to Diane after his first, and so far only, sleepover. She said she understood, but Jenny didn't think she really did.


The days turned to weeks and the two of them went on with their lives. Jenny was home alone one afternoon cleaning the apartment and decided to reorganize the hall closet to try and squeeze a little more out of a rapidly shrinking storage space.

Pulling a shoebox from the back of the top shelf, Jenny lost her grip on it and dropped it to the floor. The box had been full of cards and letters, as well as a ripped envelope of photographs. A few of the pictures tumbled out and as Jenny picked them up, she could see they were of a tropical island.

Months before, contrary to what she had originally told Diane, Jenny had been very concerned after she had walked in on Diane and Martin Rogers. Concerned enough to call a close friend who also worked at Metro and ask her to lunch with the intention of finding out more about her new roommate.

Cynthia McKay had known Jenny since Nursing School and was more than happy to answer her questions. She assured her that Diane was a really good person and she had nothing to worry about.

"That's good to hear," Jenny had said, relieved that she wouldn't have to move out of that great apartment. "I was afraid for a moment that I had moved in with some kind of wild woman."

"If I didn't know the whole story, I might've thought the same thing," Cynthia replied. "Maybe I should fill you in."

Jenny leaned forward, now even more curious about her new roommate.

"Evidently, Diane met someone last year. Someone she fell head over heels for. No one ever met the guy, but it was obvious to anyone who knew her that she was deeply in love. They even went away together to some romantic resort down in the Caribbean."

Jenny was greatly surprised to learn that Diane ever had a serious relationship. From what she'd seen and heard so far, she would've guessed that the length of her average relationship could've been measured in days if not hours.

"Something happened during that vacation," Cynthia continued. "I can only assume they had a break up and from the way Diane acted when she came back to work, I'd have to say it was a bad one."

"Poor Diane," Jenny said, feeling genuinely sorry for her.

"After that, she just started having a lot of purely physical relationships, never letting anyone get too close," Cynthia concluded.


Holding the box in her hands, Jenny knew all of these were from that broken relationship. Of course there was no question of her looking at any of the cards or letters. That would be too much of an invasion of Diane's privacy. The pictures, on the other hand, were something else. The envelope was already torn open and most of them were loose.

It was a small ethical dilemma and Jenny was so curious about what Mr. Wrong looked like that her moral compass failed. It would take more will power that she possessed at that moment to put the pictures back without at least taking a little peak.

Giving in to the curiosity that was consuming her, Jenny took the envelope and moved to the living room couch. Sitting down, she took three dozen photos from it and began to flip through them.

"It certainly was a beautiful island," Jenny said to herself as she went through the first few images.

They were the type of pictures people normally took on vacations. The ocean view, buildings in the resort, various other guests. From what she could see, it was the kind of place Jenny wished she could afford to go to.

More pics showed Diane at the beach and to Jenny's surprise, it was a nude beach. Like all the other people in the picture, Diane was totally naked.

"I wish I had the nerve to do that," Jenny thought as she looked at a close up of Diane. "Then again, if I had a body as good as hers, the nerve would probably come a lot easier.

In truth, it was a flimsy excuse. Jenny might've had a few unwanted pounds, but she was far from having a body that would look awkward on a beach, nude or otherwise.

"Hmm, no pictures of Mr. Wrong so far," the brunette noted. "I guess he was too bashful to be photographed in the buff. But he made sure he got plenty of pictures of Diane."

So intent on finding a picture of Diane's boyfriend, Jenny hadn't noticed that there hadn't been any men in any of the photographs. The reason for that suddenly became apparent.

"Oh my God!" Jenny exclaimed when she turned to the next picture.

In it, a still nude Diane was in the arms of a tall, equally nude brunette. Their lips were locked together in a kiss that Jenny was sure any guy would've died for. The passion of their embrace was evident even in the two-dimensional photo. Sorting back through the previous dozen images, Jenny realized that the woman was also in most of them as well.

Standing with Diane at the airport. Seated next to her at dinner or at the bar. Further in the pile was another photograph of the two in very revealing evening dresses. Diane was standing behind the brunette with her arms wrapped around her. The joy on her face lit up the picture. This picture had a few lines written on the back. Allison - San Cristobal - Scarlett's Cove.

"Her boyfriend was a girlfriend!" Jenny said, stating aloud what was obvious from the photographs.

Jenny sat there in silence after that, looking at the photos over and over. Looking at a close up of Diane's former lover, Jenny suddenly realized that there was a more than superficial resemblance between the girl and herself. Both had the same hair color although Jenny had cut hers short after high school and never let it grow back. Their builds were also pretty close, yet she didn't seem to be bothered by those extra pounds that Jenny always seemed to be so aware of.

Moving on to a photo of the two of them topless, Jenny thought that even their breasts were similar, even though the woman in the photograph had much larger nipples.


"Did the fact that I look like Allison have anything to do with Diane being so eager for me to move in?" the young twenty-four year old asked herself as she remembered how enthusiastic Diane had been about her moving in when they first met.

At the time, Diane had given the reason as the already overdue rent. Now, with these pictures in front of her, Jenny was beginning to wonder.

Mentally she rehashed the last few months, searching for some sign that Diane had any intent in her other than someone to share the rent. Coming up with none, she finally decided she was just being foolish.

The chimes of the clock reminded her that the subject of her musings was due home in less than half an hour. She carefully put the photographs back as she found them and put the box and all it's contents back in the closet. Then, as quick as she could, she moved everything she had taken out of the closet back as well.


"Jenny, I'm home!" Diane called out as she usually did when she walked in the door twenty minutes later, a large bag of Chinese take out in her hands.

Jenny had just made it back to the couch as she heard the door being opened. Grabbing a magazine off the coffee table, she tried to act relaxed as Diane backed into the room.

"Is something wrong?" Diane asked as she took note of the strange look on her roommate's face.

"What could be wrong?" Jenny said.

"Nothing I guess," Diane replied. "Well anyway, I hope you're hungry cause I have a ton of food." she added as she dropped two large bags on the coffee table. "I stopped by Madame Cheng's and she kept piling different dishes into the bag. Half the stuff I didn't even order, but she kept telling me I'd love it."

Ever since Madame Cheng had spent some time at Metro Hospital under Diane's care, the older woman had practically adopted the young nurse. It was now impossible for Diane to order the simplest of meals and not walk out with at least a half dozen entrees.

"I'll get the plates," Jenny said as she jumped off the sofa and stepped into the kitchen, leaving Diane to unpack the collection of small white containers.

"Let's eat at the coffee table," Diane said. "I just want to stretch out and watch a movie. It's been one of those days."

"Any channel in particular?" Jenny asked since she was the closest to the remote as she laid out two settings on the table.

"No, just turn on any movie station, something should be coming on in the next ten minutes," Diane replied, knowing that most of them started a new movie at the top of the hour. If it's not something we like then we'll just surf them all."

One of the benefits of Diane's rather relaxed sexual mores was that while they only paid for basic cable, their box carried every station available. It was amazing how grateful the young technician who had done the installation had been when Diane had given him a quick blowjob.


The two girls curled up on opposite ends of the couch and began to feast on various Chinese delicacies and soda. They watched the last minutes of the movie that was just ending, then an ad for the next film appeared on the screen.

"Oh, I love this one," Diane said as she took a bite of shrimp, covered in lobster sauce. "I haven't seen it in a long time."

Jenny had never seen the film but knew what it was about. It had created a small stir when it had originally appeared in the theatres. It was the first film by a major studio to deal with the subject of lesbianism and bisexuality in professional women's sports. The basic storyline was about a young runner who drifts into an affair with an older athlete.

Any other time, Jenny wouldn't have cared what film they watched. God knows she had picked some real winners that Diane never complained about. But right now, a film about bisexuality was the last thing she needed. Still, she couldn't exactly tell Diane to pick another film without explaining why.


As the film went on, Jenny found herself studying her roommate more than what was on the television screen. She kept recalling the pictures of Diane and her ex- girlfriend, finding it impossible to get them out of her mind. More so when the two main characters in the movie began to become intimate. In her mind's eye, Jenny replaced the two actresses with Diane and Allison. A visualization of all the things the photographs didn't show.


A few days later, Jenny was working a noon to eight shift at Saint Clara's when she noticed the nurse?s station was low on a few non-medical supplies. Since it was a slow evening and there were two others at the station, she decided to stretch her legs and go to the supply closet herself. The normal practice was to send one of the junior nurses.

The supply closet itself was something of a misleading description as it was actually a large L shaped room at the far end of the floor. The supplies the nurse?s station needed were in the back of the room and Jenny had to use the small stepladder kept there to reach them. Since they were scattered on different shelves, it took a few minutes to gather them all.

As she got off the ladder, Jenny heard voices from the front of the supply room. It was pretty unusual to have more than one person in the locked room on the day shift, and almost unheard of at night. Then she remembered rumors about the empty room sometimes being used as a place for nocturnal trysts. Her curiosity piqued, Jenny quietly moved down to where the L shaped room bent. A set of shelves extended a few feet beyond that so she could see who it was and what they might be doing, and at the same time stay hidden from their view.

Jenny felt a little disappointment when she saw that the new arrivals were Doris Blake, the nursing supervisor on the day shift and Kathy Young, a recent addition to the staff. It was pretty obvious to Jenny that Kathy was about to get one of Doris's legendary lectures. Talks that the shift supervisor preferred to give in private. Having twice been on the receiving end of those lectures when she had first started at Saint Clara's, Jenny certainly didn't envy the younger girl.

Still, she was curious as to what exactly the twenty- one year old had done to merit a lecture and moved a little closer to hear what Doris was saying. It turned out to be nothing like Jenny could ever have imagined.

" ... you actually fucked him," Jenny heard the forty- one year old redhead say, unable to believe the words coming out of the senior nurse's mouth.

"You knew I had something going with Doctor Richards and you still took him to your bed," Doris went on, her voice filled with a touch of anger.

Thomas Richards was a senior member of the hospital staff. A good looking man in his early fifties, Jenny remembered, with a nice sense of humor, Then she also remembered that he was quite married as well. Evidently he didn't take that seriously either.

"It didn't take much to get him there," Kathy was now saying, "so maybe you should be rethinking your relationship with him. From what I've heard, I'm not the first one either."

Jenny was shocked to discover that both women were sleeping with the good doctor. They were such different women, she thought as she compared the both of them. Obviously, Dr. Richards was one of those men who tried to screw anything in a skirt.

Aside from the difference in their ages, Doris was a slightly heavyset woman. Her most noticeable feature, as Jenny heard a few of the men on the floor comment many times, were a pair of 38DD breasts. Kathy on the other hand, was a tall, slim, small-breasted black girl with light coffee skin.

"I trusted you," Doris was saying, leading the eavesdropping Jenny to wonder why the older woman would share such a secret with a girl half her age. "I can't believe I trusted you..."

Kathy remained silent, letting Doris continue.

"... and I can't believe that I went to bed with you too. That I even licked your pussy. I must've been drunk out of my mind."

"What did she say?" Jenny asked herself, sure that she'd heard it wrong.

"Oh you weren't that drunk," Kathy said with a knowing smile, "and you didn't seem to have a complaint while you were doing it. In fact, you seemed to pretty much enjoy it ."

Now it was Doris's turn to stand silent as she didn't seem to be able to contest Kathy's claim. Something that Kathy already knew. A very close friend from school had spent time on Doris's floor a year before. She had given her a first hand account of both the older woman's insatiable preference for cunnilingus and the way she always acted if it had been her first time afterwards.

"Tell you what," Kathy said as she moved even closer to Doris. "Why don't you just forget about Doctor Richards. After spending a night with him, I can honestly say you wouldn't be missing much. Since our shift is almost over, what say we go back to my apartment and I'll give you a nice all over massage. In fact, this time I'll even go down on you. I'm sure you'd like that."

Doris seemed to be seriously considering the proposition as Kathy leaned over and, wrapping her arms around the older woman, kissed her on the lips. At the same time the younger woman cupped one of Doris's large breasts and massaged her nipple through the stiff starched material of her nurse's uniform.

From her vantage point and since they were standing right under one of the overhead lights, Jenny could see the dark skinned girl's tongue slide right into the Supervisor's mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Kathy took Doris's lack of protest as consent and told her she'd meet her in the parking lot in ten minutes. Doris paused for a breath then agreed. Finally the two exited the supply closet, leaving Jenny alone, still unable to believe what she had just witnessed.

"Unbelievable?" Jenny said to the empty room. "Doris and Kathy, who'd have ever believed it?"

What she left unsaid, even to herself, was the fact that just the brief exchange had left her as excited as she'd been in a long time. She waited a few minutes to be sure they had gone on their way, then followed them out the door.


Back at the nurse?s station, Jenny happened to be glancing out the window that overlooked the parking lot when Doris exited the building. She watched as the older woman, who she knew normally took the bus home, walked instead to an old red sedan and got it. The driver of the car wasn't visible, but she knew it was Kathy. To anyone else, it was just one co-worker giving another a lift home.

For the rest of her shift, she couldn't get the knowledge of what they were doing at that very moment from her mind. The nurses had a locker room and shower that she'd shared many times with both women. So it wasn't hard to form realistic images of them doing what Kathy had suggested.

By the time she was ready to go home, even she had to admit that her body was in a state of arousal. She refused to consider, however, that it was possibly due to the thought of the two women, or even her earlier discovery about Diane. No, it all had to be due, she told herself, to the fact that it had been too long since she'd taken care of her own sexual needs.

A problem that would be solved in a few hours anyway since Mark was meeting her for a late dinner. As wound up as she was, tonight was definitely going to be Mark's lucky night.

"Harder," Diane cried out as Mark drove his cock into her once more, "Fuck me harder!"

It was the second time they'd fucked in an hour and still Jenny didn't feel satisfied. They'd rushed through dinner and breaking her normal rules, she took him back to her apartment since it was closer than his.

"Faster," Jenny added to her encouragement as she rode Mark's cock up and down in a female superior position, her unrestrained mounds bouncing in every direction.

"I'm going to come," Mark warned as she dropped her body down once more.

"Not yet!" Jenny responded as she added to her gyrations, trying to catch up.

For some reason, despite both their considerable efforts, Jenny had been unable to reach a climax during their first attempt. Now it looked like her lover was going to finish without her a second time.

"Wait!" she cried out futilely, rolling her body off his in an attempt to forestall his orgasm.

But it was too late, Mark was too far gone. Even without her attentions, his now freed cock jerked in the throes of orgasm, splashing drops of whiteness across his prone body.

"Fuck!" Jenny said in anger as she looked into Mark's smiling face as he dropped his head back and closed his eyes in satisfaction.

She knew that there was no way, despite what he might brag to his friends, that he was going to be able to go at it a third try any time soon. The best she could now hope for was to finish herself off with her hand. She knew that , if experience was any indication, Mark would be asleep in minutes.

"Just fucking wonderful," Jenny said as she dropped down alongside the already sleeping Mark. "If I wanted to get myself off I'd have done it already.


Twenty minutes later, Jenny was still wide-awake when she heard the sound of running water in the bathroom. Looking at the clock, she realized Diane would've gotten home from her late shift a half hour ago. For a change, she had been the one too involved to hear the other come in.

Then Jenny remembered that in her haste to get to the bedroom, she had forgotten to turn on the red nightlight in the living room. It was the signal they had agreed on to let the other know they had an overnight guest. Just so they didn't run into him while half dressed in the middle of the night. In Diane's case it was a distinct possibility as she usually slept either nude or pretty close to it.

"Guess I'd better warn her," Jenny thought, figuring that she really should wash herself off as well. Normally, she would've done that already but was so mad at the world that she hadn't.


Draped in only a T-shirt, Jenny stood at the bathroom door and was about to knock when it opened from within. Standing there in the doorway was Diane, totally nude but for a pair of small red panties.

"Jenny," Diane said in surprise, "is there something wrong?"

The short haired brunette didn't seem to hear the words. The sight of Diane's nude body took her breath away in a way she couldn't explain. Logically it made no sense, after all she's seen her roommate in various stages of dress and undress uncounted dozens of times. Not to mention all the women whose bodies she had seen in a professional capacity. It wouldn't come to her until later that this was the first time she had looked at another woman in the way she looked at a man.

"Jenny, is something wrong?" Diane repeated, sure that the frozen face and strange look in her eyes signified that there was.

"Wrong?" Jenny repeated, her eyes never leaving the valley of Diane's breasts. "No, nothings wrong," she quickly said as she regained her composure. "I just wanted to tell you that I forgot to leave the nightlight on and that Mark is staying over. I didn't want you to bump into him in the middle of the night if the two of you got up at the same time. I mean the way you sleep and ..."

Diane cut Jenny off with a wave of her hand, saying not to worry about it. It was the first time since she had met her, she thought, to see Jenny go so flustered or talk so excitedly. She had to wonder why her roommate, who up to now seemed totally normal, was now staring at her so strangely. "Jenny, is there something else you're not telling me?" Diane asked, having the feeling that there was.

"No, I mean yes," Jenny replied in the same excited voice.

"Honey, whatever it is, it's okay," the older blond insisted.

"I looked at your pictures," Jenny blurted out.

"What pictures?" Diane asked.

"The pictures from Scarlett's Cove," Jenny went on. "The ones with you and Allison. I was cleaning the closet and the box fell and I ..."

"... and you were curious and looked at them," Diane finished her sentence. "It's okay, I would probably have done the same thing."

When her words of assurance didn't change the funny look on Jenny's face, Diane's old fear returned. The contents of the photos might've been enough to change Jenny's mind about rooming together.

"Jenny, did those pictures upset you?" she asked. "That fact that I had a girlfriend?"

"They did upset me," Jenny answered, causing the worried look on Diane's face to grow more intense, "but not the way you think."

"I don't understand," Diane replied.

"They made me realize that..." Jenny said. "I mean at first I didn't understand, I didn't want to understand, but ..."

"Jenny, you have to slow down," Diane said. "You're not making sense."

Jenny paused for a heartbeat, then decided that she just didn't have the words to say what she wanted to say. So she did the next best thing.

Grabbing Diane's shoulders, Jenny unexpectedly pulled the other girl close and kissed her. A kiss that contained all the passion she was capable of.

Diane was totally stunned by the unexpected turn of events and the press of Jenny's lips against her own. Yet her disorientation lasted but a moment as she responded to the kiss in a like manner.

Both of them stood speechless for a few seconds after they broke the kiss. Until Diane broke the silence.

"Was that it?" Diane asked, thinking that seeing the photographs of her and Allison had awakened some curiosity in Jenny. "Or is there something else we need to talk about?"

"I'm in love with you," Jenny responded, her voice now strong and self assured.

"You sound very sure," Diane commented, noting the change in her tone.

"I am," was her simple reply.

"Then we definitely need to talk," Diane replied. "But before we do, I think you should be doing something else first."

"Something else?"

"Don't you think you should send Mark home?" Diane suggested.

"Oh my God," Jenny said, raising her hand to her mouth. "I forgot all about Mark."

"I kind of thought you had," A smiling Diane said as Jenny turned and raced back to her room to do just that.


Five minutes later, after a still sleepy and hastily dressed Mark had been shown the door, Jenny joined Diane on the couch. The two woman just stared at each other for a few seconds, neither really sure how to start. Then, Diane broke the impasse.

"Have you ever been in love with another girl before?" she asked.

"Yes," Jenny admitted, "back in high school. Her name was Nancy and she was my best friend."

"Did you and her ever ..." Diane started to ask, then rephrased her question. "Did you ever tell her?"

"Not for a long time," Jenny replied, "and then when I finally did, it was a disaster. She freaked out, telling me that it was sick to think like that. She stopped being my friend after I told her."

"I hope she didn't tell anyone else why you stopped being friends," Diane commented.

"Oh God, that would've been terrible," Jenny said as if she was only now considering that possibility. "We lived in such a small town. Practically everyone knew everyone else. We went away to different colleges after that so we really didn't see each other again. I heard she's married now with three kids already."

"No one after that?" Diane asked.

"No, I really tried to block it all out of my mind after that," Jenny answered. "I didn't want anyone to think I was some kind of freak or anything."

"Allison was the first girl I ever fell in love with," Diane offered, "and to be honest, my first reaction wasn't that much different than your friend's. I thought there was something really wrong with me. I'd been with men before, after all, I was hardly a virgin. Yet Allison and I connected on a level that I never felt before. I finally realized that it was the person I had fallen in love with, not her gender and that made it easier to accept."

"That's how I felt about Nancy," Jenny said, surprised that they had come to the same conclusion independently.

"I think a lot of women come to that conclusion," Diane said, "but more just try to bury it within themselves and conform to what society considers normal."

"Some do that with a vengeance," Jenny added.

"Yes, I do seem to have gone a little overboard," Diane grinned, "haven't I?"

"Maybe just a little," Jenny smiled back.


Another awkward pause filled the air for a few long seconds, only to be broken this time by Jenny. She asked the question she had been thinking since she had confessed to Diane that she was in love with her.

"Do you think you could ever fall in love with me?"

Diane bust out laughing, a laugh both involuntary and loud.

"No, I didn't mean that the way it came out," Diane said as she got her laughter back under control. "I just didn't expect that question, that's all."

"And you found the question funny?" Jenny asked, already regretting having asked it.

"Not the question," Diane said as she took Jenny's hand in hers and kissed it, "the situation."

"I don't understand," a now confused Jenny said.

"I starting falling in love with you the day you showed up on my doorstep," her blond haired roommate said. "At first, I told myself that it was because you look enough like Allison to almost be her sister. Then, the more we got to know each other, I began to realize that my feelings for you are even stronger than those I had for Allison. Yet at the same time, I was afraid to say anything because I didn't think those feelings would be reciprocal. I kept trying to bury those feelings by sleeping with almost any guy I knew."

Back in school, Jenny had heard the condition described as Don Juanism. Gay men denying their attraction to other men by dating multitudes of women. Try as she could, the brunette couldn't remember if there was a similar term for women in the same situation.

"So where do we go from here?" Jenny finally asked.

"You, I think, go to the shower," Diane said, drawing attention to the fact that Jenny still carried the after scent of her earlier lovemaking with Mark, "but if you ask real nicely, I think I might be talked into washing your back for you. Maybe even a few more parts of your body too."


Jenny tilted back her head as she let the warm waters wash over her body. Her arms held the two small metal rails on the opposite ends of the shower. The tenant who had the apartment prior to Diane had been an elderly man and had the supports installed to help him keep his balance. The twenty-four year old was sure he never envisioned the use they were now being put to.

The brunette closed her eyes as Diane pressed her body tight against hers, running her hands up and down Jenny's soapy body. The blond kissed her neck as she also squeezed her breasts, playing with the nipples until they became hard and erect.

Diane's hands continued to slide down along her roommate's slippery flesh, across her stomach and to her hips. Jenny responded by spreading her legs wide, giving Diane easy access to the light brown patch between them.

Access Diane was quick to take advantage of as her fingers stroked the wet mound, a touch that Jenny felt to the core of her being. A second hand glided across the brunette's ass, drawing soapy circles across the smooth flesh.

"Oh Diane," Jenny moaned as the older girl tilted her head back and softly kissed her on the lips.

Letting go of the supports, Jenny turned around and threw her arms around Diane. She kissed her hard this time, her tongue pressing deep inside her mouth. A second and third kiss followed as she rubbed her breasts against Diane's, their hard nipples colliding with an electric touch.

An attraction that drew Jenny's attention as she closed her mouth over Diane's dark areola and began to massage it with her tongue. A rush of excitement filled her, a preview of what was to come as she moved on to the second of the large mounds.

Diane ran her hands through Jenny's wet hair and then down her back, wiping away some of the soapy residue. She reached up to the plastic hand held showerhead and removed it from its brace. Resting one hand on one of the supports, she washed the last of the soap off of both their bodies.

Showerhead still in hand, Diane lowered it to a point where the massaging jets of water were aimed right between Jenny's legs. The pulsating bursts danced across her most sensitive spots, acting like a dozen tiny fingers.

"Oh yeah," Jenny said loudly as she enjoyed the wet touch, opening her mouth to reluctantly abandon Diane's breasts.

"I thought you'd like that," Diane laughed as she raised the aim of the jets so that they played across Jenny's breasts as well.

The two nurses continued to play with each other, covering their bodies with soft and hard touches as well as a multitude of wet kisses. Jenny raised one leg to the small shelf that ran the length of the shower as Diane dropped down to her knees. The blond reached down with one hand and stroked her own mound as her other hand parted the soft folds of Jenny's sex. An opening that was quickly filled by her tongue.

In all the times she had fantasized about it, Jenny had never imagined that having a woman fuck her with her tongue would feel so good. Men had made her feel good in this way, but nothing like this.

Faster and faster, Diane's tongue moved up and down Jenny's pussy, adding to the exhilarating touch of her fingers against her clit. Blazing embers of passion raged across her body, starting a fire that would soon become a conflagration.

The water from the overhead shower had begun to cool, but the heat radiating from Jenny's flesh was such that she barely noticed it. Her whole world had quickly contracted to the point where it only included Diane's magic tongue and the delights it was capable of producing.

"Oh God, oh God, Oh my God!" Jenny gasped as her body suddenly exploded in a plenitude of Sapphic induced raptures.

Her body quaked and her legs grew week. Only a firm grip on the support bars helped keep her standing. It was an orgasm of memorable proportions, one she would remember always.


"I love you, Diane," Jenny said as her roommate stood back up and the brunette wrapped her arms around her. "No one has ever made me feel that way."

"I love you too, Jen," Diane said as she lightly kissed her and then reached behind the other girl to shut off the now cold water. "But let's move this to someplace a little warmer."

"No problem," Jenny said, full of an eagerness to make Diane feel as good as she did right now. "Your bed or mine?"



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