Maranda knew that it was wrong, that her sister's boyfriend was off limits to her, but when all was said and done she had the hots for him and let her body do the talking. Her sister Caroline was working late again and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Sean's nice hard- body. Maranda had been looking at that body for months now thinking how nice it would be to use it for her own pleasure. She'd been unbelievably horny lately.

She lay there in Sean's bed for a few more minutes enjoying the smell of his sheets. She leisurely rubbed her sister's skin lotion into her flesh; it heightened her arousal to feel her fingers massaging the lotion on to her breasts, arms and legs. Yes, it would be fine to fuck Sean, she thought. And even finer to do it behind Caroline's back. Forbidden fruit was always the sweetest.

Maranda heard him first. The front door closing and his car keys as they hit the brass bowl that sat on a table just inside the door. She heard him walking through the apartment and quickly spread-eagled her naked body on top of the rumpled sheets.

The door to the bedroom opened and there he was, the object of her most recent obsession. Sean's eyes widened as he saw his girlfriend's younger sister lying in his bed. He realized immediately what was happening. Caroline's little sister was asking to be fucked and he knew that he'd be doing it within moments. He'd been eyeing that tight little body of hers for some time now and had known that she was turned on by their flirting sessions over the past few weeks.

Sean looked around furtively as if he were worried that Caroline might be around somewhere. Then without saying a word he began to strip his clothes off while Maranda watched.

Maranda couldn't believe it; it was finally happening. She watched, eyes glued to Sean's body as he shed his cloths piece by piece. When he shoved his under shorts down his well-muscled thighs Maranda gasped as his strong think manhood popped into view. Then she sighed with pleasure as Sean climbed into bed with her; his naked body pressed firmly against hers.

Within seconds Sean was kissing Maranda at the same time fingering her cunt. It took only moments before she was fully lubricated and shivering in ecstatic pleasure. He was such a stud, she's hoped for so long that he'd be attracted to her one day, and here they were on the verge of doing IT and she was sooo ready it was almost hard to breath.

Maranda wanted to taste him, wanted to make Sean hers. She pushed his hand away and rolled him over and in one smooth motion took his big beautiful cock as far into her mouth as possible. Sean was in instant heaven as he felt her lips encircle his hot flesh. It was something he'd done with Caroline many times, but this was different. Maybe it was the illicit nature of the act, the fact that he was cheating with his girlfriend's little sister, but he was definitely enjoying this head job more than any that had come before.

Maranda's pretty head bobbed up and down taking Sean's manhood in as deeply as possible, then pulling back up to his cockhead, then she would lick the flange just under the head, suck it hard then sink down onto his man-shaft again moaning as he shoved into the opening of her throat.

Sean backed up against the wall with Maranda following eagerly -- sucking him to the edge of orgasm. Within moments he lost his control and spurt hot come into his new lover's mouth. Maranda sucked and sucked as he shot his load. She felt wonderfully in control, and wanted more from him, much more from her sister's man.

Finally as Sean's body quieted, Maranda began to french him, rolling him over on top of her. She began to manipulate his semi hard cock with one small hand, while massaging his balls with the other. Maranda wanted to be fucked, she needed to feel him let loose inside her, she wanted to make him hers and the best way to achieve that feeling was a royal fucking.

It didn't take long to get Sean fully hard again and he soon realized what was expected of him and was more than happy to comply. Fucking this hot little body was just the thing, he'd be glad to pound away in her if that's what she wanted.

Sean pulled Maranda over onto her back and climbed between her legs and positioned himself for the plunge. Within seconds they were fucking away like bunnies. Sean groaned as he thrust into his girlfriend's little sister for the first time. The feeling of her tight little cunt adjusting to his swollen manhood was incredible. She was so lubricated that he just slipped in to the hilt without effort. But the feeling of her tight little twat wrapped around his member was making him crazy with lust and he pounded away with out a thought in his head but the glorious release that would come with completion.

But Maranda had a different idea; she hadn't actually had an orgasm and wanted one more than life itself at that moment. Making her body rigid, she pulled Sean's humping body over so that she was now on top, then to his groan of disappointment she pulled herself off him, but quickly sat down again impaling herself on his shiny cock, ready to take full advantage of her new position to give herself the pleasure she needed.

It was now Sean's turn to watch as Maranda used his body for her pleasure. He watched her tight little body bounce up and down on his wanker, watched her muscles flex as she raised and lowered herself in the pursuit of sexual pleasure. It was an incredible sight. A sight that began to make his come rise from deep inside his body with a slow bubbling lust like he'd never experienced before. Maranda was such a sexy little slut that Sean knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

Within seconds Maranda moaned and shoved Sean's pulsing cock as deep as possible into her dripping pussy and ground down to make the most of the pleasurable pulses that surged through her body in mind numbing waves.

To Sean's surprise he didn't come just then, maybe he was so into watching Maranda's orgasm over take her that he sort of forgot his own needs for a moment. Whatever the reason as soon as Maranda fell over to nestle beside him, Sean quickly remembered his own need and snuggled up next to Maranda and discretely slipped himself back into her from behind as the lay side by side.

Within seconds they were doing it again just like they had moments before, both lost in their separate lusts.

Unbeknownst to either Sean of Maranda, Caroline had come home early that day and had innocently walked down the hall to change from her nurse uniform in preparation for making dinner that evening. When she was about ten feet away from her bedroom door she stopped stock-still and listened.

What met her ears were the sounds of sex, the sounds of lovemaking -- and they were coming from her and Sean's bedroom. Instantly Caroline was furious, in that instant she knew that Sean was cheating on her, but what she couldn't quite understand was why. Their love life was fantastic, just the night before they'd fucked for almost two hours after a prelude of oral sex all around. Why would he do such a thing?

Caroline crept up to the bedroom door with the intention of throwing it open and giving both Sean and his fucking slut a piece of her mind, prior to throwing them both out of the house. What she hadn't expected was that the "fucking slut" would be her own little sister.

As she opened the door just enough to see into the brightly lit room Caroline's breath caught in her throat as she realized that her little sister was fucking her boyfriend with abandon. She was shocked, but the first emotion she felt was excitement, not anger. Caroline shook her head in bewilderment at the feelings of lust that surged through her mind and body as she watched her sister using her boyfriend like a gigolo. She couldn't pull her eyes away from the sight of Sean's body thrusting up at her sister's tight little body, watching his enormous cock sinking into and pulling back out of Maranda's slime coated cunt-hole.

Caroline and Maranda had always been close. When Caroline had reached puberty at 12 she had taken some of her new sexual frustrations out on her little sister. They'd found themselves in her bed some nights and Caroline quickly made a willing pleasure partner of her younger sister. She'd introduced Maranda to her first manual orgasm and Maranda had in turn paid her back many times for that introduction.

But once Caroline had found out about boys, she'd pretty much pulled away from Maranda sexually. But now that she watched her boyfriend fucking her little sister like that it brought back old memories of their mutual lovemaking and turned her on so incredibly.

In a flash Caroline made up her mind, she thought to herself, 'what the hell, she's my little sister and I lover her, and I love Sean too, so where's the harm.' She quickly stripped to the buff in the hallway just outside the door to her bedroom. Just before entering she thought about the wonderful strap-on dildo she'd bought only the other day. She hadn't really thought about why she'd bought such an item, but now she was glad that she'd acted on impulse. Maybe she'd teach her little sister another lesson.

Caroline strapped on the dildo to her naked body, and cinching down the straps tightly to her fanny. This was an unusual toy because it came with a squeeze bulb and a vinyl tube that allowed the wearer to squirt hot water and any other substance into the recipient. In other words it was an interactive cock that would "come" on command. That thought made Caroline shiver in anticipation as she slowly pushed open the door and stood in the entrance watching Sean lazily fucking her little sister as they lay side by side.

Within moments Caroline was standing beside her sister and boyfriend looking down on them. Maranda noticed the shadow passing before the light source in the room and opened her eyes to see her sister standing next to the bed. She took in the fact that Caroline was naked and that she was wearing a dildo that was standing at attention.

Sean hadn't been as quick to notice what was going on. But he did stop his thrusts as soon as he felt the shift in the bed as Caroline climbed onto the bed to kneel before her sister taking her into an intimate embrace, kissing her deeply. Sean almost went limp still plugged into his lover's cunt. The shock of being caught screwing his girlfriend's sister was quickly replaced by amazement, then renewed arousal as he watched with his mouth hanging open as the two sexy sisters began to lock lips like lesbian lovers. Sean was instantly and painfully hard again -- and still buried in Maranda's juicy cunt.

It was almost by mutual unspoken consent that all three of them became lovers. Sean couldn't believe his luck, to have his girlfriend fall into a threesome with her little sister was almost beyond his imagination. But he was going to take full advantage of the situation.

As the two sisters kissed Sean quietly positioned Caroline on her hands and knees above her sister. Maranda quickly understood what he had in mind and snuggled onto her stomach whispering to her sister to, "Fuck me Caroline, fuck me with your big cock."

Without hesitation Caroline positioned herself from behind to do just that. She was eager to see what it felt like to fuck like a man, this was such a turn on that she didn't even realize that Sean was doing the same thing to her. He'd moved up behind her and was positioning his real-life "dildo" to do its job with the same eagerness that she was doing to her little sister.

Sean sank into Caroline and Caroline sank into her sister Maranda. All three groaned in lustful delight at the new sensations that this never imagined threesome was creating. They could all feel each thrust, each murmur, each grunt and groan. It was like three bodies had become one.

Maranda kept moaning, "Fuck me Caroline, fuck me," and Sean kept up with Caroline's thrusts. This went on for a few moments until Maranda began to scream muffled screams of ecstasy into her pillow. Caroline kept up the pace and even reached underneath her sister to rub her slick little clit to bring her sister off even harder.

Finally Maranda couldn't take any more and begged her sister to stop. Sean pulled Caroline over into his lap and began to fuck her from beneath. It was a strange sight to see. Maranda who was recovering from her own intense orgasm watched as the couple in the bed with her fucked. Caroline sitting on top of Sean's thrusting cock with her erect "dildo-cock" thrusting out into the air.

For some strange reason that Maranda didn't fully understand she reached out and brought her sister's rigid "dildo-cock" to her lips and began to bob her head over Caroline's crotch. Maranda could smell the heated sex that was going on only inches from her face. She could feel her sister's "cock" thrusting between her lips as she sucked it. Then a moment later she knew that Sean had come because everything went still for a moment. Not the kind of stillness of sated lust, but the tense stillness of a man filling a woman with his seed.

Everyone held their breath in unison. Sean hadn't been able to hold out any longer when he'd seen Maranda giving her sister a "blowjob" it was so incredibly erotic to watch that he's lost it and flooded his girlfriend's pussy with his hot come.

Maranda watched as Sean jetted into her sister. As his come pulsed out around the seal made by her sister's pussy lips, it was so sexy to see that Maranda experienced her own little orgasms as she watched her sister being fill with Sean's come.

Sometime later that night the three young people did it all again. They'd agreed that that night had been the best sex they'd ever had. Caroline admitted that she liked sharing Sean with Maranda, and Maranda agreed.

Sean certainly wasn't going to argue with the arrangement.


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