Kelli was doing her ironing and taking care of the usual garbage housework Monday morning, decked out in her sweatshirt and loose jeans with her hair still damp from the shower. Maury Povich was on the TV talking about women married to serial rapists, and the house was just starting to warm up after the last night's freeze when the doorbell rang.

Kelli looked through the peephole and saw a professionally dressed woman carrying a sample case. She opened the door and asked what the woman was selling. "My name's Martha Howard, and I'm with 'My Special Wardrobe'," the woman began. "I'd like to show you this year's catalog of fine affordable hosiery and lingerie for the woman without time to shop for herself." The woman reached into her inside jacket pocket to hand Kelli her business card, and flashed her a view of a color catalog.

Kelli opened the door and ushered the saleswoman into her living room. "You'll have to excuse me, I've been working..." she started.

"Don't feel any need to apologize," Martha responded, "if you had time to keep a meticulous house you wouldn't need our services."

With that, Martha pulled out a catalog and laid it on the coffee table, then opened her sample case and pulled out a lined nightgown. "You're about a nine, right?" she asked.

Kelli blushed and allowed as how she was closer to a ten.

The saleswoman grinned, saying "Well, these cover a range of sizes. Let me show you this one." To Kelli's surprise, the woman stood up to take off her jacket and blouse, revealing a black lacy bra and tap pants, and pulled the nightgown over her head. "Feel the material," she continued with no break, "it's a new development that combines the feel of silk with the wearing properties of a nylon blend." Kelli took the hem of the nightgown between her fingers and rubbed it, agreeing that it did feel nice.

Martha started to take off the nightgown, her voice somewhat muffled through the material as she said, "Go ahead and try this one on - we do have them in a wide variety of colors to suit your preference."

Kelli was a little embarrassed, but since the saleswoman was so nonchalant about changing in front of her, she decided it must be part of her normal routine. So Kelli tugged the bottom of her sweatshirt out of her pants and pulled it over her head to remove it.

At that point, Martha palmed Kelli's breasts through her bra. Kelli shrieked as the woman's knowing fingers found her sensitive nipples, but her voice was muffled by the heavy sweatshirt. Before she could uncover her head, Martha had turned her around and bound her arms behind her back. Then, as Kelli started cursing her out, she tugged the sweatshirt away from Kelli's face - only long enough to put something rubbery into Kelli's mouth.

The device was an inflatable plug, and Kelli could hear the woman squeezing the bulb as the infernal thing filled her mouth with the acrid taste of rubber, stretching her jaws wide to hold it in place. That done, the woman released the sweatshirt, once again muffling the helpless housewife's curses. She removed Kelli's bra and wrapped a different one around her, one with cutouts where Kelli's nipples were.

Kelli felt the draft from the air conditioner playing over them, and the saleswoman nodded knowingly as they perked up like two ripe raspberries. She ran a feather over them, and Kelli moaned around her gag as she felt her legs grow weak.

Martha piped up as she watched Kelli squirm, "Let's see what we've got under those jeans!" Kelli tried to kick, but the saleswoman was stronger and she soon had Kelli's faded denims sliding down her legs, revealing her drab panties.

As the woman tugged the jeans around Kelli's ankles, the squirming woman sent a vicious knee in the direction of her tormentor's face. But she wasn't quite on target, and Martha's voice turned cold in response.

"You're not being a very good model, my dear - perhaps you need a little... motivation." She took a spreader bar from her sample case and locked it between Kelli's knees, holding them open and vulnerable.

Kelli felt the cold steel of a knife touch her thighs, and she willed herself into total stillness. She heard more than felt her panties ripped open, and as the air washed over her bared pussy her wet thatch of hair testified to her arousal.

"I think you need to try our special accessories," Martha continued, and she probed Kelli's pussy with a long finger. She removed her finger and replaced it with a thin dildo, warm and slick, pushing it deep inside Kelli as the girl squirmed on the couch, wanting to repel the invader but unable to keep it out.

Just as Kelli couldn't keep Martha's fingers off her nipples, or hide her response as the woman plucked at them and made them hard, deep red and sensitive. Kelli moaned as the woman moved the dildo in and out until she came, breaking into a cold sweat and slumping back onto the sofa.

While she was out of action, Martha removed the spreader bar long enough to slide a g-string up Kelli's legs. She re-attached the bar and cinched the g- string tight over the base of the dildo, then untied Kelli's arms and pulled the sweatshirt completely off her. She took out the mouth plug, but before Kelli could enjoy the relief from the strain it was replaced by a bridle and bit which the woman squeezed savagely between Kelli's jaws.

"Let's play horsey!" she said, tugging Kelli off the sofa and sitting on her back.

The housewife struggled to carry the saleswoman, who kept reaching down to alternately pinch her tits and slap her ass. Because of the spreader bar, Kelli could only move in small jerky paces, while the dildo rubbed her maddeningly inside every time she moved.

By the time they got into the kitchen she was a mass of quivering flesh and rubber muscles. When her tormentor got up to get a drink from the refrigerator, Kelli found enough strength to stumble to her feet and do a full body slam, knocking the woman's head against the refrigerator hard enough to knock her out.

Kelli caught her breath shakily, then went to the closet and found some strapping tape. She tied Martha's arms tightly together behind her back, and started to rip the woman's bra off but changed her mind. She looked for the gag the woman had used on her, coated it with hot mustard from the refrigerator, and set it aside while she figured out how to get the spreader bar off her legs.

That done, she started to take out the dildo, but as she tugged the thick object out of her vagina, the sensations were so intense that she had to close her eyes and thrust it back in and out, rubbing her clit until she came again.

When Kelli was able to catch her breath, she pulled the slimy object out of her with a quick shuddering gasp and set it aside. Martha was starting to come around, so Kelli pushed the mustard-coated gag into her mouth and sealed it with some of the strapping tape. She smiled coldly as a thought occurred to her.

"Don't go away now," she muttered to the dazed woman. Kelli rummaged in the bathroom until she found what she was looking for - an old tube of Ben-Gay. She squeezed some of the heating ointment onto her fingers and then slipped her hands into the saleswoman's bra cups, squeezing the woman's tits to and fro as she worked the stuff in. She stood back and watched as the ointment took effect.

Martha began writhing on the floor, muffled curses and moans coming from behind the gag. Kelli watched the sweat pop out on the woman's forehead and reached out with one foot to rub Martha's tits, making her squirm more. "Is this enough motivation for you?" Kelli snarled. Kelli tugged her G-string off, and squatted over Martha. "Do something nice for me, and maybe I'll cool off those tits of yours," she said. She reached down and peeled the strapping tape off of the saleswoman's mouth, the gag coming with it.

"Guuhhgg..." was Martha's unintelligible reply.

"I'll take that as a yes," said Kelli, and settled down over the woman's nose and mouth. Quickly she felt a tongue probing around between her legs, searching her private places until it found its way to her vagina and clit.

"Gee, seems like you've done this before," the young woman commented as she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. She rocked back and forth as the probing tongue brought her around to a shivering orgasm, then got up and went back to the refrigerator. She came back with a jar of honey, and took off the woman's bra. Her breasts were large with bright red, raw-looking nipples. Kelli rubbed the cold honey all over the breasts, pushing the nipples in with her thumbs as Martha shuddered and moaned beneath her. Kelli slapped them experimentally, enjoying the way they looked when they quivered.

"Your arms must be hurting, lying on them like that," she said. So she rolled Martha over onto her stomach, then after another thought found the spreader bar and fastened it between Martha's legs. The saleswoman started to complain, but subsided quickly when Kelli waved the gag in front of her.

Kelli helped Martha up, wobbling a little on her feet, and half-walked, half-pushed her toward the clothes closet in the living room. She took some twine from the closet floor, and fastened Martha's arms to the closet bar, then stuffed the gag back into her mouth and shut the door.

Kelli went over to the phone and started to dial her neighbor's number. "Peggy," she said when the call was answered, "do you have time to come over for a while? I've got a saleswoman here who has the most 'interesting' things to show..."



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