From: Manager of Operations

To: All employees

Copies to: Human Resources, Mailroom, Legal, Archives


Following are the job description and employee guidelines for Terri, my lovely blonde assistant.

1. MISSION. Terri is a slut. Her sole purpose within our organization is to fuck, suck and lick. As employees, one of your fringe benefits is the use and abuse of Terri, with the following conditions:

(a) That Terri is not directly working on something for me, i.e. licking my wet bisexual cunt; selling her sweet ass in a hotel room of my choice; handling official company business (Terri's carnal talents are frequently offered to prospective clients as added incentive to close a deal); or otherwise making a complete degraded slut out of herself for my enjoyment.

(b) You must not permanently scar, disfigure, or otherwise damage our slut. In the case of accidental damage, report this to me at once. Despite what sweet little Terri may try to tell you, a larger than average cock reaming her tight ass, though agonizing, is NOT considered to be permanently damaging.

(c) Use of Terri by more than four people at any one time requires special approval from my office.

(d) Public humiliation of Terri, while welcome and encouraged, must be carefully planned and coordinated. Common sense applies, i.e. putting a collar and leash on dear Terri and making her walk around the office on hands and knees would be a good idea; however doing the same at the local shopping mall probably would not be advisable (though it would be fun to see!)

Terri is required to upkeep herself physically. She is required to work out at a local fitness center. Her workout regimen includes high-impact aerobics, marathon cocksucking, treadmill, getting gang-banged, stairmaster, pussy eating, swimming, high-energy masturbation, jogging, and exercising of her vaginal and sphincter muscles. Her workouts are to be followed with a "protein shake".

Terri also is mandated to attend a tanning salon, where she keeps her entire body a beautiful golden tan, in accordance with the impromptu survey which was taken a few months ago "Ways our Company Slut Can Improve Morale" (unfortunately "cloning", a rather popular written-in response, is not feasible at this time.) During her time in the tanning booth, our big-titted bimbo is required to work out her cunt and ass with her collection of dildos and toys.

Whenever her mouth is not busy sucking on a hard prick or buried in a sweet, juicy cunt, Terri should be chewing at least two pieces of bubble gum. The purpose of this is twofold. First, it helps to enhance the stereotype of Terri as a typical blonde,airheaded, big- titted dumb office bimbo. Second, it serves to keep her jaws loose and worked out. After all, there is no telling what Terri's sweet mouth might be called upon to accommodate and service, from one moment to the next, as employees of this company can certainly attest to!

Terri also needs assistance in keeping and maintaining her smooth, sexy complexion. Her secret is lots of jism, which she rubs all over her face, neck, breasts, belly, bikini, thighs and legs. As her coworkers, it is your responsibility to assist her with this requirement whenever possible.

In addition to upkeeping physically, our community fuck-hole must keep herself mentally able to perform her duties. She is required to spend her free time watching X-rated films, reading adult magazines, and studying adult pictures and stories on the internet so that she can constantly have fresh ideas on how to best carry out her duties here and to provide top notch service to us.

She is also required to regularly review our growing library of videotapes of her past performances, so that she can identify areas of potential improvement. Finally, the Kama Sutra should be considered by our slut to be her bible, and she should know it from cover to cover. Employees are urged to quiz this shameless vixen regularly, rewarding her with a creamy mouthful of sperm for a correct answer, and punishing her by making her go braless, her huge boobs flopping around unrestrained in her dress or blouse, for an incorrect response.

2. GENERAL USE. As your slut, Terri should never refuse to perform any action, provided it does not meet one of the conditions described above in section 1a through 1d. ANY REFUSAL BY TERRI TO PERFORM HER DUTIES SHOULD BE REPORTED TO ME IMMEDIATELY.

I would also welcome any input and assistance as regards to punishment, for the purpose of correcting such problems.

Terri is available for use, subject to the same conditions set forth in this document, during off- hours, weekends, and holidays. With the exception of spontaneous rolls in the hay with this shapely piece of ass, please try to reserve Terri's after-hours services at least 72 hours in advance whenever possible. A calendar is maintained in my office for this express purpose.

Please keep in mind that Terri moonlights as a call girl four times a week, and is off-limits during these times, which are indicated on the calendar. An exception would be if you wish to purchase this sexpot's professional services during this time. (In which case you would be a complete moron, since Terri's services are otherwise completely free, as an employee benefit. But, hey, everyone with the exception of Terri is free to choose what makes them happy!!)

Terri can be used to further the company's interests as well. Account managers seeking to add new clientele to our company might want to consider using this delectable saucy blonde as a deal-closer. An afternoon or evening of fucking the daylights out of this petite bombshell can quickly put the cap on an otherwise frustrating, dead-ended negotiation. Simply contact my office if you require these services, with as much of an advance notice as possible, and Terri can then be properly prepared to use her heavenly body to ensure a winning outcome for all involved.

Married employees who feel guilty about boning this cum-craving little treat can feel free to leave their wedding bands and jewelry at my office, where they will be secured in my safe. After filling our slut's mouth, twat or asshole with your jism, please remember to retrieve them IMMEDIATELY after she finishes cleaning you off with her mouth and tongue. I cannot be held responsible for you getting home for dinner and then suddenly realizing that your wedding ring is still in my office. Of course, Terri could be subject to disciplinary action for failing to remind you.

Eating Terri's cunt is not allowed. Besides the fact that one of your coworkers might have just filled her snatch with a load of sperm, Terri's purpose is to provide pleasure, not to receive it. Employees should take steps to ensure that Terri herself does not derive pleasure from anything which gets done to her.

3. PROTEIN. For increased company morale, as well as ensuring that our slut is meeting the FDA's Recommended Daily Allowances, the 'protein rule' has been established. Terri the company whore is required to give two blowjobs a day to employees of the company. These should be completely voluntary acts on this bimbo's part, and slut acts by Terri in compliance with sections 1 and 2 above do not count toward this obligation. Our cock-slut should swallow every drop of this precious jism. If she fails to do so, she should be made to suck you off again as soon as she can get you hard again.

4. DRESS CODE. In simple terms, Terri is required at all times to dress like the cheap whore that she is. This includes non-working hours.

Lacy underthings should be worn by our slut at all times, unless she has been directed to go braless or pantyless. Such direction will usually occur as punishment, or to facilitate quick, unhindered access to her steamy cunt or tight ass. Suggested garments include demi bras, corsets and crotchless thong panties.

Dresses should be tight and revealing, and Terri's delectable 36-triple-D cleavage should be plainly visible and in danger of falling out when she bends over (whether this be to serve coffee, for a request to present her ass for pinching or spanking, or to get fucked from behind). Similarly, skirts and dress hemlines should be short enough to ensure that Terri's lovely tanned ass cheeks are revealed when our little whore bends over to retrieve dropped items.

It is considered acceptable to purposefully drop office supplies and order Terri to retrieve them, to ensure that she is in keeping with the dress code. In fact, it is our duty as Terri's coworkers. If this delicious treat's revealing attire invokes a physical response, it is acceptable to ask her to get on her knees and satisfy your needs for you.

Garters and hose, when worn, should be slutty in appearance. Runs in pantyhose are unacceptable and may result in loss of undergarment privileges or other punishment.

Footwear should also be slutty in nature. High heels should be a minimum of 4 inches. Leather boots and platform shoes are typically considered to be acceptable. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if Terri's footwear would look good thrown over your shoulders while your stiff rod is being buried deep inside her cunt. Another practical test is to have Terri kneel under your desk clad only in her footwear while orally servicing you, and note whether or not her shoes make her look sexier.

Makeup should be applied heavily. Lipstick should be reapplied by our little blonde whore after sucking cock/eating pussy. (Special caution should be exercised by married male employees; you are strongly urged to have Terri thoroughly clean your cock after using her mouth.

The company will not be liable for your room and board, legal fees, or any other expenses incurred when your spouse notices traces of our dumb blonde office bimbo's lipstick in your underwear.)

Eye makeup should also be applied generously by our walking cum depository, and should be reapplied as necessary (for instance, when Terri is in the midst of a completely degrading, demeaning task, she will often be humiliated to tears, thus causing her eye makeup to run.) Our slut's fake nails should always be freshly painted. Again, sluttiness is the rule here.

Perfume is not worn by the company fuck-machine, because of the obvious domestic problems this could cause for the married personnel who make use of her at the office. I realize that the faint odor of jism constantly surrounds Terri, but when someone makes her living by having cum splattered on her face, hair, mouth, breasts, stomach, cunt, ass, and back, this unfortunately cannot be helped.

Jewelry, like everything else on Terri's delectable body, should serve to make her look like the shameless tramp whom we all know her to be. Male employees who are feeling grateful and charitable, should feel free to express this to Terri, by treating her to a "pearl necklace".

As with any corporate dress code, it is the cooperation and good judgment of the employees which make it work. Take it upon yourselves to constantly inspect Terri's manner of dress. Feel free to take her into a supply closet and have her show off her underthings, so that you can determine whether or not she is complying with this code. If you feel that Terri's manner of dress is not cheap or slutty enough, again, initiative is the rule.

It is completely acceptable to drag Terri to the mall during lunch hour, and to choose more appropriate attire from Victoria's or Frederick's for her to put on her husband's charge card. If you have to go to this length of trouble, ensure that our wayward bimbo thanks you profusely at a no-tell motel of your choice (Terri should know the location of several), which should also be charged on her old man's credit card.

Note: common professionalism applies -- if you are going to be gone for more than an hour and a half sampling Terri's delights, please clear this with your supervisor or manager, in accordance with your department's policy on time off. You might want to employ a bit of teamwork -- have a coworker cover for you while you are gone, then do the same for him when it is his turn to boff the sweet piece of flesh.

5. SAFETY AND PREVENTING INJURY. Many of the job safety considerations in your own Employee Handbooks do not apply to Terri, since her sole purpose within our organization is to serve as a fucktoy for our employees, employees' families, and clientele.

Current safety guidelines dictate that when stooping to pick something up, we should bend at the knees as opposed to bending over at the midsection and risking back injury. This does not apply to Terri. One look at our shapely blonde slut's deliciously round, firm asscheeks will make the reasoning for this readily apparent.

For morale purposes, anything which goes in filing cabinets in our office will go in the BOTTOM DRAWERS ONLY. Everything which goes in these drawers should be put there by Terri, maintained and upkept by Terri, and retrieved from there by Terri. She should bend over in a manner designed to give everyone watching a clear, awesome view of her tight little ass, and her panties (if she has been allowed to wear them for that day) should be visible.

Slapping and pinching our treat's ass is encouraged, as this can be a terrific morale builder for everyone but Terri. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD TERRI EVER BEND OVER FOR LESS THAN TEN SECONDS. REPORT ANY VIOLATIONS TO MY OFFICE AT ONCE.

Our slut's chest size is 36-DDD. Since receiving her breast implants, she has had some difficulty in carrying these mammoth jugs around and she has complained of back pain. To alleviate some of the pressure, Terri has been directed to spend more time lying on her back, preferably with a stiff prick pistoning out of her cunt and/or ass, and with her mouth filled with either a throbbing cock or a juicy pussy.

There may also be some soreness in our pet's boobs, resultant from her recent breast enlargement. This can be alleviated by making her hold her delectable mounds together and straddling her chest, fucking her ample cleavage with your stiff throbbing rod, until you shoot your jism all over her chest, and she can then use her hands to work your seed into her tits, like a soothing salve.

Please do not fuck our slut's snatch after cornholing her. This is requested out of simple courtesy for the next of your coworkers who will be making use of Terri's hot wet pussy. If you feel that you must fuck her cunt after reaming her ass, be sure she first thoroughly cleans you up with her slut mouth.

During intensive intercourse/bondage/rape sessions with our company whore, she may experience excruciating agony. This is completely acceptable, and is one of the joys of having a beautiful siren as an office slave who will do everything she is told.

From time to time, Terri may lose consciousness due to a particularly intense session. If this occurs, use a little common sense and WAIT FOR HER TO REGAIN CONSCIOUSNESS before continuing. The entire idea of using and abusing Terri is to hammer home to her the complete hopelessness and humility of her situation (which she has brought entirely upon herself) as well as subjecting her to extremely uncomfortable and/or agonizing physical suffering, and this cannot be fully experienced unless she is conscious and aware.

The building in which our office is located has a lighted, secure parking garage, for the safety and protection of our employees. In Terri's case, however, we do not want to prevent her from being raped or assaulted--in fact, it is encouraged. (Actually, given Terri's instructions that she is forbidden to refuse sexual favors to anyone, there is effectively no such thing as rape where Terri is concerned.)

Therefore, Terri is required to park in the parking complex located across the street, which is poorly lighted, unguarded and has been the scene of many sexual assaults.

6. PUNISHMENT/DISCIPLINARY ACTION. If you observe our slut disobeying any of these rules, or just generally not living up to the bimbo reputation which has been assigned to her (i.e. acting like a slutty bitch in heat), disciplinary action may be necessary.

This punishment could range from a few swats on the ass or losing her right to wear underwear, to more serious actions such as an intense gang ass-fucking or a public humiliation. Punishment will largely be left to the discretion of the employees of this company. For serious violations of these rules, please notify my office and these issues will be dealt with.

7. RECREATION. Terri is a fringe benefit of our fine company. With many privileges, the rule is usually "if you abuse it, you lose it". That's not true with regard to Terri! I can personally assure that our little jumbo-breasted blonde vixen is going to be fucking and sucking the employees of this company for years to come! In fact, abuse of Terri is encouraged, as long as it is in keeping with the rules set forth in this document. This section is dedicated to making the most out of your relationship with the company sex slave.

There are a wide selection of accessories available which can help you ensure that Terri keeps in line. Among these are handcuffs, dildos, and whips. When used properly, these devices can be used to inflict extreme pain and/or discomfort, while leaving little or no trace. For more information about borrowing these types of accessories, or for info concerning how to best use them, please contact Angela Timmons at X4-2429.

Each session with our company's savory well-endowed slut is a memorable experience. Employees are urged to preserve these moments for posterity, through use of cameras and audio and video recording equipment. If you do not own such equipment, check with my office about borrowing some of the equipment which is kept specifically for this purpose. Married persons who are concerned about being videotaped with Terri, need not be. It is extremely easy to position cameras and edit tapes, so that only Terri's identity can be ascertained from them.

We also have a growing Terri archive, consisting of both photographs and videotapes. The most recent additions to this library include our slut's Tit- Warming Party, where thirty of the male employees helped Little Miss Terri commemmorate her new breast implants with a bang, if you'll pardon the pun. These as well are available to be loaned out through my office.

Finally, many female employees have expressed their desire to screw Terri's husband Steven, while he sleeps in their bed, and while poor little innocent housewife Terri watches from the doorway teary-eyed as her husband gets fucked by a real woman. Unfortunately this service is only available on a limited basis for obvious reasons, and there is a rather lengthy waiting list.

Also it is not certain whether or not this service will be continuing, as Steven now seems to be becoming romantically involved with another one of the women who have previously enjoyed his unknowing "stud service". If this service discontinues, all we can do is wish Steven well, and express our happiness that he has finally found a real woman who is more than a walking, big-titted doormat for men. Women who do not wish to wait for this service are reminded that Terri the company slut is extremely skilled with both her tongue and a strap-on dildo.

All in all, Terri is YOUR slut, and your property, and is yet another fine benefit which comes from working for one of the top firms in this city. The possibilities for her use are limited only by your own imagination.

Thanks, and enjoy your slut!

NOTE: Any mistakes or misspellings in this document should be brought to my attention immediately. I will then punish Terri for them, because she typed this as I dictated it. I must also apologize for not getting this document published on time; Terri typed it using one hand while using the other to frig her juicy cunt. The girl also kept breaking down into little crying jags, during which not much typing got done.

It's a good thing Terri is a good little cum-swallowing pussy-licking whore, because she makes a rather lousy secretary. Another reason for the delay is because there were also numerous "inspiration breaks" between typing, courtesy of Terri's talented, hungry tongue.

Suggestions and comments regarding these policies are welcome. Please address them to me at X4-2405, or feel free to drop into my office. Keep in mind that if the door is closed, and a lacy 36-DDD bra is hanging from the doorknob, this should be interpreted as a "do not disturb" sign.

Thanks, Danielle


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