Leon stood at the door of the aging trailer and knocked firmly, but before there was any response, he entered. The door was unlocked, as he knew it would be. The last time Tillie had tried to lock the door against him, Leon had let himself in with the passkey, then he had made her pay dearly. He knew how to show these white bitches who was boss.

Tillie was seated on the couch in the cramped living room area of the trailer, dressed in what Leon mockingly called her "Daisy Dukes" - a pair of cutoff short shorts and a red halter tied beneath her 38DD tits. She knew he liked that outfit. It emphasized her tits and it was easy to get off without him tearing it in his impatience. She smiled at him sexily but there was a look of nervousness and anticipation in her big green eyes. "Hello, Daddy," she said softly and submissively.

Tillie was thirty-five, but her body was still voluptuous and firm, with wide hips, a nice tight ass and of course those great tits. Her chestnut hair tumbled around her beautiful face, remarkably unlined despite her hard life in the trailer park. And she was easily the best fuck there. Leon wondered if her husband knew just what a hot piece of ass he married. He doubted it; else she wouldn't have been so hungry for Leon's twelve-inch black snake.

In the twelve months since he had won this tiny trailer park from that stupid cracker in a poker game, Leon had turned the women in the ten trailers-even the married ones-into his personal harem. He figured some of their dumb white husbands might have figured out what was going on, but none of them made a peep. They knew better. Leon could throw their sorry asses out and their wives would keep coming back for his fucking anyway. But of all of them, few could keep up with him and none as well as Tillie.

He had awakened her desire for black cock and taught her to love sexual pain and abuse. And she had learned her lessons well. He wondered for a moment if he had found the bottom of her submission yet and he chuckled. Tillie looked hopeful. If Leon was in a good mood, she was thinking, maybe it wouldn't be too bad. Then Leon noticed Anna, Tillie's fourteen year old daughter. She was sitting at the kitchen table, doing her homework.

She was getting to be good looking piece herself, Leon reflected. Anna was slim and blonde, with wide, cornflower-blue eyes. Anna met his gaze for a moment, then quickly turned back to her schoolbook. Leon looked her speculatively, then smiled as he turned back to Tillie. Tillie saw the look in his eyes and looked stricken for a moment before pasting that slutty smile back on her face.

She stood up and swayed over to him seductively, licking her lips. As if in afterthought, she looked back at Anna. "Anna, honey," she said. "Go play outside."

Anna bolted like a frightened deer, past Leon and into the tiny yard. Leon watched her go before turning back to Tillie.

"I didn't say she could leave," he said quietly. Tillie's eyes widened with fear. "But Daddy," she said breathily, "I wanted us to be alone, so I could... so I could be as noisy as I like. I like it when you make me holler, an' I know you like it, too. You want me to let you know how much I like it, don't you Daddy?"

Leon snorted derisively. He put one hand down the front of her halter top and began fondling her breasts roughly. "Bullshit," he snarled. "When my big boy gets in you, you'd be hollerin' if the preacher was in the next room. Now, get your fat ass in the bedroom."

Tillie put her head down and stumbled towards the bedroom, undoing her blouse so her tits would be free to his mouth and fingers. He followed her, enjoying the view of her ass in the tight cutoffs. She turned when they reached the back bedroom and stood beside the king-sized waterbed as she opened her blouse.

She slid it off her shoulders and her tits tumbled free, creamy white and topped with large, chocolate brown nipples that were already hardening with desire. He reached out and grasped her tits in his big hands, fondling them roughly before taking a sensitive nipple between the strong thumbs and forefingers of each hand and squeezing brutally.

Tillie's eyes closed and she whimpered with lust, her desire kindled by the rough treatment. He pinched and rolled her nipples hard in his strong fingers. A thin line of sweat broke out on her upper lip as her breathing quickened.

"Put your hands behind your head," Leon ordered, and she obeyed, standing like a surrendering prisoner. The position caused her tits to stick out more prominently and she moaned as he redoubled the pinching and squeezing of her big tits.

"Please," she whispered, "please don't tease me like this..."

He ignored her and continued to stimulate her breasts harshly. "You been waiting for me, aint' you?" He taunted.

"Yes," she whispered. "I've been wet all day, dreaming of your big cock..."

Her eyes opened and she looked pleadingly at him, her eyes glazed with lust. "All right," she said in her soft southern accent. "You want me to beg, I'll beg. Please. Please give me your cock. I need your big black dick, in my mouth, in my pussy... you can even have my ass if you'll just give it to me. Give it to me long and hard and deep. Fuck me, use me, beat me if you like, but I need your cock now..." she went on, practically sobbing as she humiliated herself.

Leon grinned at her. "Yeah," he whispered. "You about ready now, I think." He unbuckled his jeans and let them drop to the floor. His underwear was next and his thick black cock sprung free, bobbing up almost parallel to the floor. She moaned with desire as he grasped it in one hand. "This what you want, bitch?" he taunted.

"Yessss," she breathed, her eyes riveted to his pulsing hardness. "I need it... please, let me suck it..."

"Your husband have anything like that to stick in you?"

"No," she said, her eyes downcast in shame.

"That's why you need a real man, huh? Well, okay baby. Come get you some good dark meat."

With a groan, Tillie sank to her knees and began eagerly kissing and licking Leon's throbbing prick. Her hand came up to cup his giant dangling balls and she groaned again as she felt them heavy with his cum. She couldn't resist tracing the thick sack with her tongue before taking one of his heavy balls in her mouth and sucking it gently until he too was groaning with pleasure.

"Thass' right, bitch," Leon whispered. "Suck that big dick, suck it. Show me what a nasty whore you are."

She looked up at him, running her tongue along the length of his prick as if it were the world's tastiest lollipop. She pulled way for a moment, maintaining the stimulation of Leon's cock with her hand.

"My husband's working a double shift," she whispered, "I told him we need the extra money, but I wanted to get him out of the house so you can have me all day long if you want..." Then she began taking him into her mouth, looking up at him with her big green eyes to gauge his reactions. She filled her mouth with his pulsing cock-flesh, her lips stretched wide over the massive hardness. Slowly, she worked her way down his prick, moaning with desire as the thick veins surrounding his shaft rubbed against her soft lips.

He leaned back against the wall and relaxed as she took more and more of him into her eager mouth, he tongue working sensuously against the underside. As many times as she had fellated him, Leon was always amazed at how she could take his whole massive prick into her mouth and down her throat. There were few bitches who could deep-throat Leon's massive cock (at least willingly; Leon liked to punish uppity bitches by choking them into unconsciousness with his monster prick after beating them black and blue). Tillie, however, had learned to take him to the root with obvious pleasure.

Finally, she had her nose buried in his wiry pubic hair. She worked her lips sensuously against the base of his prick for a few moments, then she began to slowly fellate him, sucking gently as her head moved back and forth. Leon wrapped his hands in her thick chestnut hair and her groans of pleasure vibrated against his turgid flesh as he began fucking her mouth. Her passion-glazed eyes never left his face and he saw the sluttish pleasure there as he moved in and out of her hot soft lips.

He picked up the pace a little, mouth-fucking her a little more roughly, and she only whimpered with greater desire. He saw that she had one hand buried in the waistband of her cutoffs, massaging her pussy furiously. "Don't you cum without permission, bitch!" he warned and she sobbed as her hand slowed. She was a well-trained sex slave, his perfect little white whore.

He considered coming on her mouth or in her face, but decided he would save that for later. He had all day and most of the night after all. He was a master cocksman and could fuck her to death without cumming if he chose. The thought caused him to pull out of her mouth and yank her to her feet by the hair. She cried out in soft protest as his prick slipped out of her mouth with a wet sucking sound.

Leon forced Tillie to the bed on her back and stripped the shorts from her with one motion. Her panties were next and he laughed as he saw that the crotch was completely soaked through. He took her slim legs in his powerful hands and bent them back almost to her shoulders, presenting the plane of her soaked pussy to him. He held her helpless like that for a minute, like a sacrificial maiden before some savage jungle god, before bringing his prick to her pussy and beginning to force his way in.

"Oh, God," she cried out. "Give it to me. Give it to me hard." Her hair whipped back and forth in mindless ecstasy on the bed as Leon forced more and more of his giant prick into her tight slit. He could feel her pussy lips stretching painfully around the hugeness of his shaft and marveled at how tight she still was after all his fucking.

"Ohhhh," she groaned. "Ohhh, it's so fucking big!!" She began thrusting her hips up greedily, begging for more and more of his cock. Finally, he reared back and, with one brutal lunge, buried himself to the balls in her tight cunt. "Aaaaaunnnnhhhhh!" she cried out with the joy of being penetrated to the hilt as the head of his prick slammed into her cervix.

He began fucking her hard and fast, sawing in and out of her tight cunt with long brutal strokes. She screamed and groaned, thrashing wildly beneath him as he fucked her. He released her pinned legs and she wrapped them tightly around his powerful thighs, trying to pull him deeper into her.

She raised her head for a moment and traced the muscles of his powerful chest with her tongue before dropping her head back onto the bed and begging him to fuck her harder. "Good, it's so good!!" she screamed with joy.

He felt her body tensing with oncoming orgasm and cruelly slowed his pace to keep her on the edge. She groaned in frustration. "Please," she whimpered. "Tell me what you want, I'll do anything... just let me come... I'll suck you again... I'll rim out your asshole, I know you like that... you can take me in the ass... anything, just let me come..."

Suddenly, Leon saw Anna. She was standing in the doorway, her blue eyes wide. Leon noticed a thin sheen of sweat on her upper lip and that she was trembling slightly. Leon noticed that one hand was almost absentmindedly rubbing one of her small firm breasts. He turned his attention back to the nakedly thrashing woman beneath him. She was so absorbed in his fucking she didn't notice Anna watching.

"Anything I want, huh, slut?" Leon spat down at her.

"Yes! I'm your slut, your cunt, do anything you want..."

"Okay, bitch," he said. "Now you can come." He began fucking her even harder and more brutally. Her body tensed as he pushed her higher towards the brink and her screams of raw lust filled the room. "God! God! God!" she cried out and her eyes rolled back in her head as her first climax consumed her. She writhed and sobbed with joy, her hips working frantically as he fucked her without mercy.

He maintained his control over her, pushing her through climax after climax as she thrashed her head back and forth, grunting like an animal with her powerful climaxes and begging for more. Finally, she lay limply beneath him, her body covered with sweat. One arm was thrown across her eyes. "You didn't come yet," she murmured.

"But I will, don't worry about that!" Leon promised. He looked at Anna. "Come here, bitch, " he ordered. He pulled out of Tillie and advanced on the cowering girl.

Tillie's eyes snapped open in alarm. "No, Daddy, not that!" she shrieked. "Me! Take me, do anything you want, but not my baby..." Leon almost casually reached back and backhanded the older woman across the mouth. She fell back across the bed, wailing and sobbing, but made no further move towards him. Anna turned as if to run but he grabbed her arm in one of his powerful hands and pulled her to him.

He crushed her slim body against him with one hand while using the other to slowly unbutton Anna's skimpy summer blouse. "Mama, Mama', she cried. "Help me!" Tillie just wailed louder, curled up in a huddled ball on the bed.

Finally, Leon had Anna's blouse off and he began roughly caressing her immature breasts. Her nipples were small and pink, but they hardened like tiny pebbles beneath his fingers. He bent his head to her breast and began working the sensitive nipple between his teeth, feeling it pop to even greater hardness. He left her breasts long enough to push Anna's short skirt up above her hips.

With a rough jerk, he tore her white cotton panties from her. He thrust Anna to the bed, face down, and pulled her slim hips back against his cock. Anna screamed as he parted the folds of her virgin cunt with his massive shaft. Her skimpy blonde pubic hair tickled the ridges of his cock and he thrust forward, hard. Anna's head came up and her back arched in agony as his cock spread the tender lips of her virgin cunt unbearably.

He pushed and pushed again, feeling more of her resistance give way with each jackhammer stroke of his powerful hips. Her screams sounded effortful enough to tear her throat, blending cacophonously with Tillie's broken wails. Suddenly, he felt the soft membrane of her hymen give way and Anna's scream rose in pitch to a wail that broke off to a strangled croak. Her resistance loosened somewhat and Leon's prick surged into her to the hilt. She was so tight, Leon thought she might strip the skin from his prick. He began fucking her brutally, plundering her innocent body with savage glee.

Anna was weeping brokenly, sobbing her shame into the pillow under her head. Gradually, as she quieted, Leon began to feel the change come over Anna's body. Her head lifted slightly and her sobs became jerky, incomplete. Then, ever so slightly, Leon felt Anna's hips begin to move in the gentle helping twist. She was fucking him back! Her obvious response nearly shattered Leon's mind. He reached under to maul her breasts in his cruel fingers and was delighted to hear her respond. "Unnnnhhh," Anna moaned submissively. "oohhhhhh..."

"Oh, my God," Tillie whispered. She crept over to where Leon and Anna were locked together and watched with strange fascination as her black cocksman fucked her daughter. There was no mistaking it now. Anna was moving her hips back against Leon's deep thrusts, awkwardly at first but more and more smoothly as she found the rhythm. She writhed and twisted, all her senses filled by the rape that was no longer a rape. "Aaaaaah," Anna groaned. "Mmmmmmmmm..."

Leon still held back his come, waiting to see if her immature body was capable of climax. Suddenly he wanted to do more than just fuck the little vixen. He wanted to possess every facet of her erupting sexuality. He felt her passion rising, smelled the dampness of her sweat mingled with her pungent juices, which coated her inner thighs.

Suddenly, her back arched again and she screamed a guttural scream of pleasure as she climaxed. The convulsions of her tight cunt clasping and milking at Leon's huge prick nearly sent him over the edge, but still he held back, to test if she could come again. "Please, please, Daddy, she's done," Tillie begged. "Come and be done with her!"

But her pleas were drowned out by the gut-wrenching slavering groans of Anna's second climax, which was even more prolonged and noisy than the first. Leon could stand no more. He began climaxing, pumping jet after jet of white-hot sperm into Anna's clutching tight pussy.

The feel of the hot semen pumping into her sent Anna into her third writhing, twisting, groaning orgasm. She pounded the bed with her fists and tears ran down her face as she came and came. Finally, Anna gave one last shattered scream and collapsed. Leon fucked into her a few more times, but it was obvious she had passed out. He pulled out, his half-hard prick still coated with a mixture of sperm, blood, and Anna's flowing juices mingled with Tillie's.

He motioned Tillie to his giant cock. "What are you waitin' for, bitch?" he snarled. "Clean me up!" Tillie sobbed with shame, but she had long ago passed the point of being able to deny Leon anything. She began licking and sucking Leon's monster prick, gagging at the mingled odors. When she felt him begin to grow hard again, she was horrified to find her own arousal growing for the man who had just raped her daughter. But the hot ache in her belly couldn't be denied.

Leon grabbed her hair and began fucking her mouth brutally again. 'Do it, bitch," he snarled. "Show little Anna here how I like it, so she'll know what to do... next time." Tillie saw out of the corner of her eye that Anna had revived and was watching with strange fascination as she Tillie worked her lips up and down Leon's prick.

Fresh tears spilled down Tillie's beautiful face as she sucked, knowing that she was not only enslaved herself, she was participating in her daughter's slut training. But as the huge organ grew harder and harder in her mouth, Tillie's mind became more and more consumed with the pure sensation of her black master's hard prick filling her mouth. She sucked slavishly, lost in the ecstasy of submission.

Leon's strong hands in her thick hair guided her fast, then slow, then fast again, and Tillie groaned with the feeling of his total control over her. It went on and on, but Tillie had lost all track of time. She knew that, having just climaxed, Leon could fuck her hot eager mouth for a long time, and Tillie worked her tongue and lips sensuously, striving to make every moment pleasurable for him.

Finally, he was pounding his prick savagely in and out of her mouth, his heavy balls slapping against her chin. He grunted with pleasure as he began to come again, pumping spurt after spurt of jism down Tillie's working, welcoming throat. When he was done, he thrust her limp body away like a rag doll. She lay there mutely watching him get dressed. "Tell your husband to work another day shift tomorrow," he ordered. He patted Anna on the rump. "I got me some plans for this little bitch."

"Please," Tillie begged. "She's just a baby.."

Leon laughed cruelly. "She fucks like her Mama, but with a tighter pussy." Tillie could hear him laughing as he walked out.


Tillie sat in shock trying to contemplate what had just happened. Her daughter had been brutally raped, and Tillie had eagerly sucked the rapist off afterwards. She thought of her husband's pistol in the bedside table and briefly contemplated blowing Leon's head off. But she was too far enslaved for that. Her reverie was interrupted by the sound of Anna's weeping. She slid over on the bed and cradled her daughter's head against her breast, murmuring soft words of comfort.

"Mama," Anna sobbed. "He put... he made..."

"Hush, baby," Tillie said softly. "Did he hurt you too bad?"

"It hurt a lot at first," Anna said. "But, then...Mama, what happened to me?

I was all wet and I couldn't stop moving my hips and...and I didn't want him to stop doing it to me."

"I know, baby," Tillie said. "I know."

"Mama... Daddy's thing isn't as big as Leon's, is it?"

Tillie looked at her with such a look of shock that Anna giggled. "Come on, Mama, I know what goes on in this trailer. You don't yell and say nasty things to Daddy like you do to Leon. It's because of Leon's big thing, isn't it?"

"Yes, honey and because being a woman sometimes means being hurt and learning to like it."

"I guess it hurts because I'm small... down there." Anna's hand went to her own sparse blonde bush, a contrast to Tillie's thick red curls. Suddenly Tillie had a strange feeling. In a choked voice, she said 'Honey, I need to check and see...if you're okay, down there." She slowly moved her hand down Anna's slim body, raising her head to look at Anna's crotch.

As if in a dream, she moved her head lower and lower-to get a better view, she said to herself-until she was kneeling between Anna's slim legs. Anna's no-longer- virgin pussy was red and swollen, with a thin trickle of Leon's copious sperm still leaking out. Tillie felt lightheaded.

"Poor baby..." she said. "Let me... poor thing, does it hurt..." she was babbling, she knew it, but she felt herself moving nearer and nearer until suddenly she was kissing the tender lips of Anna's cunt. She heard Anna's gasp of surprise. "Ohhh.. Mama..."

Tillie couldn't stop herself. She extended her tongue slightly and gave the tender slit a gentle lick. "Ooooh....Mammma..." Anna said again, but this time it was a wanton groan of pleasure. Anna's legs spread out even wider and her hands tangled in Tillie's hair. Tillie gave a confused moan of her own.

What was happening to her? She couldn't believe she was licking her own daughter's poor abused cunt this way. But she couldn't stop. She licked and kissed the rapidly moistening slit tenderly and lovingly, her own arousal fueled by Anna's whimpers and moans of pleasure.

"Oh, Mama...Oh...Mama.."

Anna groaned over and over. Suddenly, Tillie's tongue moved up slightly, searching for Anna's tiny clitoris. She found it, wet and erect like a little pearl in her Anna's soaking slit, and gently sucked the quivering nerve bud between her teeth, teasing it gently with her tongue.

"AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUNNNNHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Anna screamed as she climaxed instantly.

She continued to cry out in abandoned ecstasy as Tillie ate her pussy relentlessly. She licked and sucked like a starving woman, reaching her hands beneath Anna's slim hips to lift her firm buttocks off the bed, the better to reach every inch of her daughter's spasming cunt.

Anna grabbed the headboard of the bed in a death grip, her hips moving against Tillie's face in deep, rolling motions as she came and came. "Ahhhhh... Ahhhh... Ahhhh!!!" she screamed hoarsely. Finally, with a last joyful cry, she jackknifed almost double on the bed, then collapsed in a satiated, sweaty, mass of girl flesh.

Tillie suddenly realized what she had done. She recoiled in horror at her perverted act. "Oh, God," she wailed to her unconscious daughter. "Baby, what have I done?" She took Anna in her arms again and sobbed brokenheartedly as she realized the depths of her perversion and degradation.

As Anna slowly came back to awareness, she heard her mother's sobs. "It's all right, Mama," she murmured sleepily. "It was nice. It felt good to be treated nice, after all that..."

Tillie became aware of her daughter's hands moving slowly, caressingly over Tillie's voluptuous body. "No, baby," she begged. "Don't..." but soon she found herself unable to resist the gentle caress. It was just like Anna said, Tillie thought.

After an afternoon of brutality, however pleasurable, it was glorious to feel the gentleness of a woman's touch, a woman who loved her, cared for her needs...and Anna WAS a woman now, Tillie finally admitted. There was no sense in pretending otherwise. So Tillie gave in.

She taught Anna all of the secret ways she liked to be touched, taught the teenager to suck and tease her breasts with her teeth, showed her how to caress Tillie's hungry cunt. Before long, the two women were locked in a sixty-nine position, stimulating each other's cunts to one leisurely orgasm after another. They were locked in a circle of mutual pleasure, driving each other to new heights of joy. It went on and on until just after dark.


The morning of the next day, Anna watched the clock, knowing Leon would be there at his usual time of 10 AM, Tillie, too, tried to busy herself with housework, but her attention was on the cheap clock on the wall. Finally, at 9:30, Tillie straightened up and took a deep breath. "Anna," she said. "You need to come in the bedroom and take off your shorts." Anna stood up, her heart quickening. "Are we going to do it again, Mama, before Leon gets here?" she asked innocently. Tillie's face flushed with shame, but she kept her voice steady. "No, baby," she said. "We need to...do a couple of things to get you ready."

Anna was puzzled, but she followed Tillie into the bedroom, pausing only to shuck out of her cut-off jeans and white cotton panties, leaving her naked from the waist down. hen she got to the bedroom, she noticed that Tillie had taken out a plastic tube of some substance that she was spreading over her fingers.

"Sit down on the bed, baby," she said softly. "This should keep him from....tearing you up too badly." Tillie sat down next to Anna on the bed, her right hand covered with the sticky goo. "Spread your legs a little," she said.

Anna complied, and Tillie reached down between her legs. She began massaging the slippery liquid into Anna's cunt. It felt cold and strange at first, but as Tillie gently continued, the lubricant warmed up and Anna began to feel all tingly between her legs. Her breathing quickened and she bit her lip to stifle a moan. She drew her legs up slightly to give better access and Tillie's middle finger sank into her all the way.

Soon the finger was joined by another, moving in and out of her slowly, pausing occasionally as Tillie spread more lubricant on her fingers. Anna closed her eyes, concentrating on the rapidly growing pleasure in her teenaged cunt. She opened them briefly to see the flush on Tillie's face and the same look she had seen before Tillie had begun pleasuring her yesterday.

When Tillie began using three lubed fingers, Anna could no longer resist the temptation to groan aloud. Her hips began to move back and forth as her mother finger- fucked her gently. Tillie sobbed aloud at that point and withdrew her fingers. Anna whimpered in confusion and frustration. "Easy, baby," Tillie said in a shaky voice. "We have one more thing to do..."

With that, she took another scoop of the slippery substance and moved her fingers lower, seeking out Anna's tiny asshole. She found the tight little rosebud and began slowly working her slick finger in.

"Unnnh..." Anna moaned. "Mama...what are you doing?"

"He'll want to put it in there, baby," Tillie sobbed, a tear ran down her face. "He likes that." She put in a second finger, and Anna gasped, "Do you, mmmmh... do you like it, Mama?"

"Yes," Tillie whispered. "It hurts, but I like it. But you're a lot smaller than me, and I don't want him to tear you up."

"Please, Mama," Anna begged. "Keep doing that, I like it," Anna's hips were moving more frantically now as she moved toward climax from the stimulation of her mother's fingers moving in and out of her well- lubed asshole. She pulled Tillie's face to her, kissing her frantically. "Oh, Oh, Oh," she chanted as she climbed the peak of sensation. But suddenly, the pleasure giving fingers were withdrawn, and Anna's eyes flew wide open with shock.

"Please Mama, please," she whimpered. "I was almost there..."

"No, baby," Tillie said, tears running freely down her face. "It'll be easier for you if you're... excited when he starts. It's almost time, anyway..."



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