What was I doing? Why was I taking him up to my apartment? Everything with him was happening so fast, so out of control, so exciting. As I pushed the elevator button for my floor, I felt him press up behind me, felt the erection in his pants hard against my ass.

The elevator started moving up. It was late, after midnight. It would be OK. My daughter would be sound asleep. We wouldn't wake her. It would be OK. I'd just have to remember to stay quiet, not let him make me erupt like last time. I had to remember to stay quiet. It would be OK.

The elevator doors opened and I moved away from that hard cock in his pants and headed down the hall towards my door. The hall was quiet, everyone was asleep. As I reached my door I unlocked it and pushed it open. He grabbed my arm, however, and prevented me from going in. Then he swung me around so that I was in the hall with my back to the wall. I looked at him and saw that smile come across his face. That smile that led to mischief.

Right there in the hall he reached up and grabbed my breast. He started massaging it, playing with it, pinching my nipple. God, it was exciting. Right across the hall was the door to the Anderson's apartment. If one of them was looking out their door's peep hole, they would see me getting rubbed up in the hall. I was getting hot.

He sensed my growing excitement and said "Raise up your skirt. Show me your snatch." He didn't whisper it, though. If anything, he was unnecessarily loud. As I raised up my skirt he continue to play with my breast. I thrust my hips forward, offering my sex to him. Down came his hand, down to my cunt. As he rubbed his full hand on my mound, he said, "Unbutton your shirt, show me your tits." Again, he was unnecessarily loud.

Was he trying to get people to look into the hall? Was he trying to humiliate me in front of my neighbors? My door was open; did he want my daughter to hear, to wake up, to find her mom in the hall with his hand on her cunt as she was unbuttoning her shirt?

I started unbuttoning my shirt. What the hell else was I going to do? This was only my second evening with him, but he had already led me into unimagined territory. I had done things, felt things that I couldn't believe I was capable of. This was the most exciting sexual creature I had ever met, heard about, read about, imagined. My shirt fell to the hall floor and I stuck my breasts out for him -- and whoever else was watching -- to look at. "Keep going," he said again, loudly. "Show me everything."


Our first evening was just last Saturday night when we met at a bar. We talked, laughed, drank, danced, flirted. It was a good night that I wanted to last until dawn, but I had to get back to my daughter before it got too late. When I told him I had to leave, he suggested we go someplace private to have a memorable first kiss. "The first kiss should always be memorable," he assured me.

We walked back to the restrooms area and found a large utility closet unlocked. Once we were inside, he turned on the lights and looked at me. His eyes slowly moved all over my body. I felt the energy of his stare as he took in the full length of my body. When he looked deeply into my eyes, I became anxious for that first kiss and started to lean into him.

"Not so fast," he said. "We're going to make this really memorable." With that, he unzipped his pants, reached in, and with some difficulty, pulled out his erect dick. He pointed it right at me and started stroking it slowly, stroking its entire length. My eyes feasted on this beautiful cock. I couldn't believe he was showing it to me, masturbating it right in front of me. We hadn't even kissed yet but he already had me hot for his beautiful cock. I looked at the precum forming on his tip. I felt my tongue licking my lips.

"I suggest we do the following to make this first kiss memorable," he said, as if taking his cock out in front of me hadn't already done so. "At the instant we kiss, we should both be cumming. Agreed?"

I couldn't take my eyes off his cock, but my head must have nodded a yes because he was then instructing me to open up my blouse and start playing with my tits. Like a fuck puppet, I did what I was told. I undid the three buttons on my blouse and pulled it open, showing him my flat tan tummy and my small breasts in my black bra. Then I pulled the bra down a little so that my nipples stuck up above the bra.

I wanted him to see my pert little tits. My hands came up and started playing with my nipples. He started stroking his cock a little faster. The precum was starting to drip from his tip. His hand caught it and used it to lubricate his masturbating. Next he was telling me to hike up my skirt, to start playing with my pussy. The fuck puppet complied.

There we were in the utility closet, masturbating. As more precum dripped from his cock, he kept stroking himself, working the precum into a lather all over his cock. Both my hands were now working my cunt. I reached up only once to pull my bra down even farther so that he could see all of my tits. As we masturbated towards climax, he moved closer to me. The fact that his precum started dripping onto my clothes only excited me more. I felt his breath on my face as I buried my fingers into my cunt and rubbed hard at my clit.

I felt his cock against my bare stomach and felt his pumping hand bang rhythmically into me. He was about to cum, about to cum all over me and my clothes. I felt my own orgasm start as his lips finally met mine. As his tongue came into my mouth, his first load came all over my stomach. I started to cum, cum hard.

I sensed his cum dripping down my tummy when I felt the next load hit, up higher, on my tits. I kept cumming. His hand kept banging against me now. I heard someone screaming "Shit, oh shit." I was still cumming when his third load splashed against my hands, cunt and thighs. Jeeze, how much cum did this guy have?

Finally the screaming stopped and my orgasm let me free. It took a few moments to pass and my knees felt a bit wobbly. Eventually I realized we weren't kissing anymore. Apparently my orgasm had torn me away from his mouth. Apparently I was the one who had been screaming. Apparently I had just erupted with the most exciting orgasm of my life.

As I regained my strength, I looked at him. He was standing there, his dick in his hand, all lathered up, dripping cum onto my skirt. Instead of either of us backing up a step to stop the staining, we just leaned into each other for another kiss. Then he started scooping up his cum on my tummy and fed it to my mouth. I opened wide and sucked at his fingers. His cum tasted so good. Then his hand scooped up the cum on my tits. I opened my mouth again, hungry for more. But instead he fed that batch to his own mouth.

I had never been with a guy who swallowed his own cum before. I was fascinated. When he scooped up the cum on my hands, cunt and thighs, he politely offered it up to both of us by holding his fingers between our mouths. We both licked at the cum, the fingers, eventually our lips. Clean, his hand came down and our lips met in a final first kiss. It lasted and lasted as we explored each other's mouths and delighted in the aftertaste of his cum.

Fortunately, the utility room had a sink and towels so that I was able to wash the cum off my clothes. His cum was everywhere. The water stains from my cleaning effort were huge and obvious. "Just tell people the waitress dropped her tray of food on you," he advised. Then he suggested we meet again soon at a different bar he liked.


That second meeting was earlier tonight. Now, in the hall of my apartment building, I was heading hard towards an orgasm for the second time this evening. Earlier I had been teased right to the brink only to be held back, denied the flood of release. That flood was still pent up in me, hours later. But now I thought he might finish me off, right there in the hall, in the hall where the neighbors might see us, where my daughter might see us. My shirt, bra and skirt were on the hall floor. His hand was in my panties, fingering my cunt.

Then he started walking into my apartment, pulling me behind him by his finger in my cunt. Once in, he shut the door, leaving my shirt, bra and skirt on the hall floor. It didn't matter to me -- I just wanted him to finish me off.

With his other hand he grabbed at my panties and just tore them off me. His finger never left my cunt. I was so excited. I prepared myself for a shattering orgasm. My hands reached around back to my butt checks and pulled them apart, offering my cunt up even more to his probing finger. As he started finger fucking my cunt faster and harder, I felt my own fingers teasing my asshole. He was going to give me an incredible orgasm!

Instead, however, he pulled his finger out and stuck it into my mouth. As I tasted my cunt on his finger, I realized he was leaving me on the brink for the second time tonight. He just smiled at me, reached around behind me and pulled my finger out of my asshole. The fuck puppet was under his control. The flood remained pent up, more so than ever.


A few hours earlier I had gone to meet him at the bar he had suggested. He wasn't there at first, so I took a seat in an empty booth and ordered a drink. Once I started looking around, I realized this wasn't a typical bar. There were mostly women it in, and many of them were paired up. He was meeting me in a lesbian bar.

I was dressed to kill, thinking he and I would pick up where we left off in the utility closet. In this bar, however, I looked like a hot girl looking for some hot girl action. I had never even kissed a girl before, but being here was exciting. Especially since I was alone, I looked like a great pickup. Thus I let myself look interested, look available. I wondered what I would do if one of these sexy dykes started to hit on me. Just being here was a turn on.

It wasn't long before a pretty blonde came up to me and offered to buy a drink. I chickened out and told her that I was waiting for someone, but she sat down anyway and ordered a round.

She was very attractive and quite young, probably still in college. But she sure knew how to handle me. As time went on, I found her conversation to be very disarming. She was funny and delightful. And I found myself looking at her low cut dress -- she had very sexy small breasts. As she moved closer to me, I didn't move away.

Soon we were next to each other and I felt the heat of her body. She started with little touches, just stroking my arm or flicking my hair. Then she asked me to dance. It was a slow song, and I imagined how bizarre it would look if I danced with her. It would be so obvious, so public, that I was interested in girls, interested in sex with girls.

But like the fuck puppet I am, I said "Sure" and followed her to the center of the dance floor. We were the only people dancing. Me and a hot young girl, dancing slow. I felt myself getting wet. She held my hand in hers and kept it close to our bodies. Eventually I felt her thumb stroking across my breast. God, it felt good.

When she took my nipple between her thumb and finger and started squeezing it, I let out a loud sigh. At that point she knew she had me, could do whatever she wanted with me, do it in front of anybody, in front of everybody. Suddenly her hand, was cupping my tit, cupping it so that everyone could see. I tried to hide what her hand was doing to my tit by covering it up with my hand.

Despite my embarrassment, I knew that I was in heaven. This beautiful young girl was seducing me in a public bar, seducing me in front of a bunch of strangers.

I looked at her pretty face and realized she was about to kiss me, kiss me deep, kiss me sweet -- right in front of everyone. I continued to try to cover up her massaging hand on by tit with my own hand, but when her tongue came into my mouth, my hand just dropped limp to my side. Everyone could see her feeling me up as she kissed me.

I inhaled her kiss and nibbled back at her. Her fuck puppet was wet with lesbian desires and she knew it. This was a young girl who had seduced men, women, boys, girls, couples -- she could seduce anyone and she knew. She danced me around the floor as she kissed me and played with my breast while my arm just dangled at my side.

When the music stopped, she stood back a step and just kept playing with my tit. Then her other hand came up and she started playing with both my tits. I was on fire as I just stood there, getting my tits rubbed up by this young lesbian in front of everyone.

Suddenly, he was at my side, laughing. "I see you got started without me," is all he said to me. Then he turned to my new lesbian friend and said, "Take her back to the booth and make-out with her. Get her super hot before we leave, but don't let her cum." The young dyke just smiled, took my hand and led me back to the booth. He sat across from us and just watched.

She started kissing me deeply again, very forcefully. I was so hot I kissed her back just as forcefully. Her hand was unbuttoning my shirt and moving inside it. She went under my bra and scooped my tit. When the waitress came over and asked about another round, the dyke broke off her kiss with me but kept her hand inside my shirt, massaging my tits right in front of the waitress.

As the waitress left to get the next round, the sexy dyke finished unbuttoning my shirt and opened it up, exposing my tits in my bra. When the waitress returned with the drinks, the dyke pulled down my bra and showed my little tits to her. Quite a tip, I thought.

But then the dyke, with my tits exposed, moved her hand under my skirt. She drove at my cunt and forced two fingers in. I was so close to orgasm that I knew she would finish me off within minutes. That's when he said "Remember, right to the brink, but don't let her cum."

At that point I wondered if he knew this hot young lesbian. Had he arranged the whole thing? Had he been watching all the while? Who was this guy? Why was he super charging my sex life beyond belief?

I lost my concentration, however, as I felt myself about to cum. Suddenly her fingers were out of me. She just stared at me while she fed her fingers to my mouth. I tasted her sexy fingers coated with my cunt juices. Then she laughed and wished us a good night. She gave him a wet kiss as she slid past him in the booth. He just looked at me and said, "Let's go to your place." Without thinking, the fuck puppet got up and followed him to his car.


And so here we were, at my place. My sex had been brought to the brink twice already tonight -- I needed an orgasm and I needed one bad. I was already naked, thanks to his aggressive sexual tactics. It was time we finally fucked.

As I started walking towards my bedroom, I said "Remember, we need to be really quiet."

"Because your daughter is asleep in her bedroom," he remembered.

"Yes," I said.

"How old did you say she was?"

"She just turned fourteen," I replied.

"Really? Show her to me."

A chill came down my back when he said that. But at the same time, I felt my sex on fire. I was, after all, his fuck puppet. If he wanted me to show him my sleeping fourteen year old daughter, I would do it.

"I don't have any clothes on," I said. "I'll get a robe."

"No need for a robe," he assured me. "She's asleep."

And so, naked, I led him into my young daughter's bedroom. I was frightened but also very excited. I wasn't sure where this was going, but I knew wherever it went, I was going along.

The light from the living room filled her bedroom enough so that we could see her laying in her bed. She was on her back, half covered by a sheet. She was so beautiful.

We moved over to the side of her bed, stood close and looked down at her youthful beauty, her youthful sexuality. He stood behind me and whispered, "Show her to me."

I was naked, excited and willing. I watched my hand reach down to the sheet and carefully pull it off her. She never used pajamas, but rather slept in panties and loose tops. As I uncovered her for him, I saw for the first time how incredibly sexy she was.

Her young body was gorgeous, tan, slender and oh-so- fuckable, incredibly fuckable. Her tan legs were open a bit, showing the smooth skin of her inner thighs. Her loose top was bunch up around her young little tits, exposing part of her incredibly sexy tan tummy. Oh-so- fuckable. She was oh-so-fuckable.

I heard him removing his clothes behind me. I heard his clothes drop to the floor. Then I felt that beautiful cock hard up against my ass again. I felt his hands come down to my legs and spread them as I stood naked in front of my young daughter. I felt him carefully place the tip of his cock up against my cunt lips as he again said, "Show her to me."

As I bent over to carefully grasp her loose fitting t- shirt, I felt his cock fuck itself into me. I reminded myself to stay quiet, and then he fucked it even deeper into me.

What a scene. Here I was naked, bent over to expose my fourteen year old daughter's body to him while he fucked me from behind. I could tell from the way he slid in and out of me that I was wetter than I had ever been before.

I carefully lifted her shirt and started to pull it up, exposing all of her tummy. Her flat tummy looked so sexy in the dim light. I kept lifting the shirt higher and higher until finally her left and then her right tits were exposed. I felt him fuck me with a new energy. These beautiful fourteen year old tits were an incredible turn on for him. They were an incredible turn on for us both.

I stared at them as he fucked me harder, deeper, faster. I kept quiet, and I accepted his fucking as I stared at my daughter's young tits. Just slightly formed, they stuck up like small fruit with really pretty nipples. The sight of my daughter's tits excited me beyond belief. I felt my hips rocking in a fucking motion as I stared at them.

With each thrust I came to realize how much I lusted after my daughter. A mom isn't supposed to lust after her daughter, but looking at her little tits, her flat tummy, her tan legs and sweet face as he fucked me from behind, made me realize how much I wanted to fuck her, taste her, kiss her, make her cum. As he fucked me deeper and deeper, I fell deeper and deeper in love with my daughter.

I started once again towards an orgasm. He must have sensed it because he suddenly pulled that beautiful cock out me. I felt empty, betrayed again, needing. When would he allow his fuck puppet to cum? When?

He came and stood next to me. Then he whispered once again, "Show her to me."

I didn't need persuasion to want to see her cunt. But I was worried about waking her. I couldn't imagine what she would think if she awakened to find herself being molested in her sleep by her naked mom and some naked guy with a huge, beautiful cock sticking out rock hard.

Nonetheless, I reached down to her panties. As I pulled at them, she sleepily shifted her position slightly. Suddenly the panties were free to be brought down a bit, exposing that young cunt of hers. As I carefully released her panties so as not to wake her, we could both see her exquisite cunt lips, her little clit, her pubic hair -- the way her legs melted into her cunt. Oh- so-fuckable.

He and I just stood there, looking at my beautiful young daughter, wanting to fuck her. Then he reached over to my hand and brought it down to my cunt. He moved it over my mound for a few seconds until I started to masturbate on my own.

Then he took my other hand and put it around his cock and started it stroking. Jeeze... here we were naked, with me masturbating both myself and him, as we stared at my fourteen year old daughter lying in bed with her tits and cunt exposed.

What can I say? The fuck puppet swung hard into action and started masturbating us both to a frenzy. I was going to cum fast because of all the action I had already had with the dyke, in the hall and now in front of my near-naked daughter that I, for the first time in my life, realized that I wanted to fuck. Oh-so- fuckable... Oh-so-fuckable... Oh-so-fuckable...

As he came close to cumming, I felt his hand come down to his balls and start playing with them as I beat him off. I felt his other hand come around my ass to my asshole. It teased my asshole for a minute and then started up inside me.

He was going to cum soon, I knew, but where he spurted was up to my stroking hand. I felt myself starting to aim his cock. First I pointed it at my daughter's face, then her tits, then her cunt. I even aimed it down her legs at her feet, wondering what they would look like coated with his cum.

I remembered just how much cum this guy unloaded and realized he could coat lots of my daughter. I felt him tensing up and knew he was about to explode. Me, too, but I wanted to wait until his cum was in the air, splashing on my young daughter, dripping down her fourteen year old tits, dripping down her pretty face, streaking her sexy cunt hair. His finger started seriously fucking my asshole.

I pointed his first load at her tits. He came. Yikes -- the first blast was so hard and big that it coated one little tit entirely. As the cum dripped off her nipple, I aimed the next spurt at her cunt. Sploosh! This load was even bigger, hitting her cunt lips, thighs and all over her light pubic hair.

I knew he wasn't finished, so I aimed that cock at her face. He knew what I was doing and took a step closer to her face. As he did, he forced his finger all the way up my ass. His finger in my ass, in combination with my hand working my clit, finally sent me over the brink as his third load hit my daughter first in the chin, then the mouth and finally her cheek.

I was deep in my orgasm as she awoke. My knees were buckling from the intense pleasure as I heard her gasp. I had to put one knee on her bed so that I wouldn't fall from the orgasm. This put my cunt, with my fingers still working it hard, right in front of her.

I watched her wake up, watched her start to wonder what was happening, wonder what was all this stuff that was on her. As she looked around, she saw his cock right in front of her, with someone's hand masturbating it. She stared at the lathered up cock, at the cum dripping from its tip. Her eyes watched the hand continue to stroke it, continue to point it right at her. Spurt!

She was surprised by a final blast from his cock. It wasn't that much, but it hit her right on her other tit. She looked down to see her panties lowered, cunt exposed, cum all over it. Then she saw her shirt bunched up under her arms, young little tits exposed, covered in dripping cum.

Her eyes went back to the stroking hand that had aimed all this cum over her face and body. She followed the hand and then its arm until she looked up and saw me. She looked into my eyes with a frightened question. Then she saw that I was naked. Then she saw that I was still masturbating my cunt just inches from her face. Then she saw that I was in the middle of an all- consuming orgasm.

As my orgasm finally started to subside, I heard her ask, "Mom?"



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