He had drugged her lightly with a mild sedative added to her cup of tea that night, so he had to be careful not to wake her. This was a bold plan for a boy so young, but his hormones were a raging torrent in his healthy powerful young body. They had overcome his will and conscience and he just had to have her. He had oiled the hinges on her bedroom door during the day, so it opened without a sound as he gently turned the handle and entered her room.

The full moon shone strongly through the transparent curtains bathing her bedroom in a soft light that gave him a clear vision of her sleeping form. It was a warm early summer night so she had tossed off the duvet and was draped just by the sheet. He looked at her lovingly, for he loved her deeply, but his over-riding emotion was a passionate longing to quell his young lust.

She was on her back with legs parted, one leg bent at the knee and arms resting on her chest and stomach outside of the sheet. She appeared to be in a deep sleep, breathing slowly and evenly. He sighed in adoration as he looked at her hidden voluptuous form, her beautiful face framed by her lustrous long thick hair.

He tiptoed to the edge of her bed with the strips of strong but soft towelling in his hand. Very carefully he tied each of the 4 cloth strips to each corner of her bed. He realized he was tense and holding his breath so he told himself to relax and breathe normally. He took a few deep calming breaths and steadied his anxiety.

Ever so carefully he took her right arm and extended it so that it was resting back behind her head to the side of her pillow and tied it securely but not too tightly with the towelling strip. He did the same with her left arm. At that point she looked so luscious and vulnerable that he had exercise all his willpower not to throw himself upon her and ravish those large breasts that rose & fell so temptingly with each breath.

He moved to the foot of her bed and gently freed the tucked sheet from under the mattress. This allowed him to securely tie each of her ankles. He was very afraid she would wake as her straightened her right leg from its bent position. She now lay on her back with her arms stretched behind her and her legs splayed out lewdly ready for his obscene assault on her sleeping form.

He gently lifted the sheet and eased it off her until it slid to the carpeted floor. She unknowingly revealed her nakedness to him in the soft moonlight to his sigh of awe and lust. The virile young boys hungry gaze traced down her body, taking in; her beautiful face with its full lips, her heaving full firm DD breasts with their large areola and thick nipples, her soft mature woman's stomach with its ever so sexy and womanly slight paunch, down to her sex, her womanhood.

His gaze was fixed and entranced at the juncture of her firm athletic thighs, now splayed out in unstoppable invitation. There lay heaven for his hard young virgin cock and it was even more beautiful than he had imagined. A thick pubic bush, of soft dark brown curls, discreetly hid her lips of pleasure and the entrance to her cavern of joy. An involuntary groan left his lips as he drank in this vision of unbelievable loveliness that his virgin body was about to ravage.

He untied the cord on his pyjama pants and they fell to the floor. His huge uncircumcised boy cock was freed and stuck out proudly, hard and erect crowning his massive young ball-sack now full of his virile virgin cream. He eased himself onto the bed between her thighs and lent over her sleeping form realising he was about to commit the sinful act that he had so hungered for since puberty started a year ago.

He supported himself on his arms and elbows as he lent down and gently placed his full soft young lips on hers, but this time, for the first time ever, his lips lingered on her mouth. His lips and mouth parted and his tongue found its way in and around her sweet tasting lips. Her mouth was slightly apart and he was able to slide his tongue inside and taste her.

She emitted a slight sigh but did not awake, however her mouth opened in an apparently involuntary response and his sweet mouth and tongue explored her in a ravaging oral exploration. His huge boy prick was now as hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum on her thick bush. "Oh, how I love her mouth and her taste" he thought.

Down he moved and gazed at her generous breasts, those big orbs of temptation that he had been looking at longingly with forbidden thoughts this past year. His hands moved to her right breast and felt its erotic softness for the first time. His skin was now on hers in a way that society forbids. A warm current of pleasure flowed up his hands, through his body and to his cock and balls, which twitched in pleasure.

The nipple on her right breast had now become rigid and stood out a full 2 centimetres, crying for attention, like a little cock itself. He lent over and took it into his soft wet mouth. His young hands fondled the firm mound of flesh that this lovely large nipple proudly crowned. He's temporarily lost in a frenzy of lust as his hungry mouth went back & forth from right breast and nipple to left breast and nipple, fondling, squeezing, stopping briefly every now and then to gaze with unquenchable lust at her lovely tits.

In his naivety (and lustful urgency) he had not blindfolded her, thinking that the 2 glasses of wine combined with one sleeping pill, would be enough to keep her sedated whilst he ravished her. Unknown to him she had decided against drinking her drugged tea before bed and had tipped it down the sink without him knowing. So, all she had was 2 glasses of wine. She had been awoken by his first kiss on the lips; hence her "involuntary" opening of her mouth as his tongue sought entry.

Ironically, she had been having an erotic dream and so the real kiss on the lips had proved a seamless and erotic arousal from her dream. As she responded to her young lover's kiss she at first thought she was still dreaming. By the time she was fully awake she realised it was not a dream. She had opened her eyes and immediately recognized who it was. It was her son, her adorable 13 year old son was kissing her and she was wet and sexually aroused from her erotic dream.

"Oh my God, this is wrong!?" she thought, but when she tried to move her arms and legs she realised she was securely tied.

At first she was in both a panic and a quandary. Her son, who would not turn 13 until next month, had tied her up and was sexually assaulting her. That was wrong for all sorts of reasons of cause, his age, incest, his uninvited violation of her etc., but on the other hand she now found herself in a state of high sexual arousal.

She had not had a lover for 3 years, ever since her husband left her for another woman, and she had been extremely randy in recent weeks, longing for the touch of another person on her skin. But now, here was her "little boy", her young son, molesting her in what most people would consider the most abhorrent way, but she could not escape the feelings of pleasure and sexual satisfaction that were flooding her body due to her son's touch and incestuous ministrations. Just as she was about to speak and voice her objection her son broke the kiss. She closed her eyes so he would not see that she was awake and he moved down to her breasts.

She opened her eyes again and watched shocked but entranced as he satiated his lust on her tits, tits that he last suckled 12 years ago. With his first fondling and suck a veritable flood of pleasure exploded from her breast and washed over her whole body and into her cunt.

She was unable to stop the gasp of pleasure that escaped her lips, but luckily her son was so enamoured and lost in his incestuous fondling of her breast that he did not notice her sigh. Nor did she notice that she had flexed her thighs rigid and opened them further, an involuntary action that she was unaware of until that first pleasure burst has receded and it was too late to draw them back closer together for fear she would alert him that she was awake. Conflicting emotions were rampant with her.

"This is so wrong, so very wrong, I must stop him but... oh god, it feels so lovely. My cunt, my tits, they're telling me not to stop him. They have had a drought and now they are being rained with pleasure." She did not know what to do.

She rationalised things; "I will let him have his pleasure on my breasts, I'm sure that's all he wants anyway, and then I'll stop him."

So she lay back, closed her eyes and wallowed in the waves of pleasure coursing through her breasts, over her body and into her cunt as her underage son fulfilled his incestuous longing. So long had it been and so great was her hunger for sex with another that her sexual sensitivity was at its peak.

She felt that if her son continued to fondle her delicious DD orbs of pleasure much longer she would possibly orgasm. She had not felt this sexually aroused since her teens, 25 years ago. As she floated amongst the waves of pleasure she was slow to notice that he had left her tits and had slid between her splayed thighs.

He left off suckling and fondling her delicious melons of desire reluctantly and quickly slid down between his mother's outstretched thighs, her gorgeous firm, athletic, powerful and sensual thighs, to gaze in adoration at her furry treasure. He moved his hands to her thick thatch and wove his fingers through her soft fur and parted it. Her wet fully engorged cunt lips came into his view for the first time in his life.

He could not stop himself speaking aloud; "Oh mother, oh mommy, mommy, so beautiful, it's so beautiful," he whispered in adoration.

Her eyes flicked open wide and she looked down with strong mixed feelings of horror and lustful hunger as her "little man" paid homage at the place where he had emerged into the world 13 years ago. He was totally entranced by her furry wet womanhood. "This cannot happen" she resolved in opposition to the powerful lust that was in danger of overcoming her, "I must stop it now!" she thought.

Just as she was about to cry out in protest and put a stop to this ultimate consummation of forbidden incestuous lust, he fell down upon her sex and fasten the full lips of his innocent virgin his mouth to the wet engorged lips of her pulsing sex.

His mother's cunt was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen he thought. "I have to have it, I have to taste it mommy, it is so lovely," and with that he was fell upon her sex in feeding frenzy of unabated lust. With his head wedged deep between her open thighs he failed to hear his mother protest in a barely audible whisper.

"Oh no, no, please baby, don't, don't do this to mommy, you must stop now."

His young mouth feasted on her sex in a combination of loving adoration and unbridled forbidden lust and it was too much for her.

"Oh God, please forgive me, I need it so bad, please forgive me," and with that she abandoned herself to the torrent of incestuous sexual pleasuring being administered to her pussy by her underage son. Little was he aware that his mother had splayed her thighs as far apart as was comfortable and they were now totally rigid, the muscles of her powerful thighs having locked into their pre-orgasmic state as she felt her first orgasm approaching like an express train down the tunnel of her wet pulsing cunt.

Then it came; a tidal wave of sex juice spurt from her cunt lips into the thirsty mouth of her son as her orgasm broke through the walls of her pussy.


It all happened simultaneously, he instantly realised that his mother was awake and was a totally conscious participant in (until then *his* but now *their*) the forbidden sexual coupling. He was a virgin and so he had no idea that his mother's ejaculation of her juices in orgasm was not normal for most women. She was now screaming out so it was fortunate that they lived 10 kilometres out of town and outside of earshot of their nearest neighbours 3 kilometres away.


Another delicious spurt of her cunt nectar sprayed into his eager mouth. He loved its taste and wanted to feast on her juicy mother-cum forever. She forced herself to open her eyes and look down as her last orgasmic contraction washed her with pleasure. She was able to see her beautiful son, his mouth and most of his face hidden in her hairy cunt bush.

She wanted to watch him suckling on her big erect clit and cunt lips as he gulped down the last spurts of her thick, almost viscous, pussy juice from this first orgasm. At this point she could not remember ever being so sexually aroused in her life. He ceased to drink from her sex, broke his mouth away from her and looked up. She saw that his face was wet and covered with her juice.

"I love you mommy," was all her said as he raised himself into a kneeling position between her thighs.

She saw his cock, his erect cock, for the first time in over 2 years. "Oh my God, it's huge baby," was all she could say. His father had been well endowed, but nothing like this. Her "little boy", strong and athletic like his father, still had the physique of a boy emerging into youth and manhood. But he was definitely not a little boy between his thighs.

She guessed his gorgeous virgin boy-cock to be a good 7 inches and thick, very thick around. Its huge mushroom head was half emerged from his foreskin and a thick strand of pre-cum about 6 inches long swung obscenely and alluringly from the eye of his gorgeous olive/pink cock.

Nestled underneath this powerful display of precocious manhood, for indeed his sex organs would be the envy of any man, was the largest ball-sack she had ever seen, and she had seen a lot prior to her marriage in her late twenties. "My God, he could breed a whole town on his own," she thought. To cap it off, although still a month short of 13 his pubic thatch was a luscious thick thatch of dark brown pubic hair like hers.

She reached out and grabbed his throbbing sperm shaft; Come to mommy baby, come to mommy and cum in her."

His cock was too thick for her fingers to enclose, with a diameter of at least 2 inches and a circumference of almost 8 inches. Better than any cucumber she had used over the past 3 years. Nice and warm, hard and throbbing. She could not wait to get that virgin monster pounding away inside of her cunt. She guided that fat cock-head between her pussy lips and lined it up.

"Thrust into me baby, thrust slowly into your mommy's cunt."

There were no words he had to describe the feelings of ecstasy as his throbbing "manhood" slid into its wet warm velvety sheath, the tunnel he had last travelled down 13 years ago. He was going home. His cock was going home and he felt like he was going back to where he belonged, to where he desired to be, inside his gorgeous mother's warm wet cunt.

"Yes baby, fuck mommy! Fuck your mommy like you've been wanting to for the past year or two. Fuck me real hard baby and let all that creamy sperm out. Your balls are full and need to be emptied."

She thought that there was no way she was going to let any other woman or young girl enjoy taking the virginity of her beautiful son with his gorgeous cock. She determined then and there that she was going to enjoy letting her son and this gorgeous huge fat cock root her for as long as he wanted to. At that point she realised that she had been off the pill for 3 years and that she was currently at the peak of her ovulation cycle.

As her son was in rapturous enjoyment sliding his cock in and out of her equally willing and rapturous cunt she put her hand on his chest and stopped him. "Baby, tell mommy. When you play with yourself and it feels real good at the end, does anything come out of your cock?"

He looked at his mother with adoring eyes, "Yes mom, when I first used to do it when I was 8 nothing came out, then 2 years ago this clear liquid started to come out."

Thank God she thought, he's not potent yet.

But then he went on, "But then a few months ago all this creamy stuff started to come out every time I do it."

"Oh dear, he is potent!" She looked at her loving son and felt overwhelmed with both love and lust for him.

He looked at her and said, "I love you mom, I never want to leave you, I want to be your husband and for us to have babies."

She was shocked, despite her high sexual arousal. In an instant she decided. She had always wanted to have another 2 children. She was only 42 and in very good health and physical condition, (the wolf whistles from teenage boys every time she went into town was testimony to that). There was no man she had met who attracted her or had the superior physical, intellectual and emotional traits of her loving son.

"This is my sperm donor," she realized. "He loves me and I love him. If he gives me 2 children and then leaves me for someone his age later it doesn't matter. I will have the additional children I want and I know he will always love me anyway, whether he is living with me or not."

She lay back on the pillow and spread her legs wide again, "Then keep on fucking me darling. You're about to give your mommy a baby and make a brother or sister for yourself."

He looked at his mother for a few seconds before the full realisation set in, his mother wanted him to fuck her and she wanted him to give her a baby. They were about to make a baby, a son-brother or daughter-sister for him and a son-grandson or daughter-granddaughter for his mother.

With a cry of lustful joy he lunged back into his mother, rooting her like a newly emerged young stud male in the jungle. Despite his youth he was surprisingly strong as he gripped her hands and suckled with wanton desire on her generous tits.

As he plunged his hard throbbing shaft into her with forceful thrusts she realise that even if she wanted to she could not stop him now. He & his cock were now possessed of that inner strength that is programmed into every male to spread his seed. She lay back and met his grinding thrusts, felt his shaft pounding into her with its breading intensity and relished the pleasure flowing from her tits as he hungrily suckled her.

With his mouth full of her tit she heard his muffled cry, "GONNA CUM MOMMY!! GONNA CUM NOW!!"

This was it, he was about to spill his seed in her she realised. Their furry sexes were now a mesh of sexual frenzy grinding into each other. "Come baby, FILL MOMMY, FILL UP MOMY'S CUNT WITH YOUR LOVELY HOT SPUNK! GIVE IT TO ME!! GIVE IT TO ME!"

His mouth left her tit as he lifted his head and cried out in ecstasy, "OOOOHHH OH OOOHHHH MOM! OH MOM! I'M CUMMING MOMMY! I'M GONNA CUM IN YOUR CUNT MOMMY. I'M MAKING US A BABY MOMMY!"

And with that he lurched forward in one long extended powerful thrust, as if trying to get all his cock balls and whole body into her lovely mommy-pussy. She had her hands on his arse and she felt his powerful muscular young buttocks go rock hard as his orgasm hit and his spunk spurted.

His spurts were so powerful and thick that she felt each strong spray of sperm laden cream spray into her, her boy's virgin cock was spurting his clean pure virile virgin cream into her, his mother. They were mating, they were breeding, mother and son were fucking each other and making a baby.


She spurted again, more than her first cum, their juices, mommy cunt juice and son spunk cream mixing together in a white sex foam that engulfed their crotches in a lather of incestuous nectar and soaked into their thick pubic forests that was now one writhing thrusting mass of fur, sex and juices.

Finally their seemingly insatiable lust subsided and, still attached at their throbbing pulsing sexes, they looked deeply into each other's eyes and spoke words of love.

He was true to his word. He stayed with his beautiful mother and was never tempted by another woman. They changed their names by deed poll, had an unregistered marriage ceremony and went on to have another 3 children after their move 3,000 kilometres to the other side of the country.

No one ever knew and once people got to know them, their obvious love and devotion to each other overcame people's first surprise at the obvious age difference. As he got older his sexual craving for his mother seemed to strengthen.



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