By trade I am a computer engineer. I travel to many houses in my local area fixing peoples computers and generally sorting out their IT problems.

This story is about one of the families I visit regularly, and particularly about their 13 year old daughter.

Let me tell you a bit about the family. The mother, although she must be in her mid 40's, has a good figure, big bust and long blonde hair.

The two daughters, Beatrice, the youngest is 11, and Annie is 13. They both take after the mother in that they have long blonde hair and are both absolutely gorgeous, with cute figures, tight arses and sweet faces.

As I found out, Annie wasn't so sweet and innocent as she at first appeared.

I have been to the house quite a few times and got to know the family quite well.

In fact they often go out when they know I am there and leave the girls in charge of me.

The two girls are always very friendly and talkative. I often had long chats to Annie about school, the things that she liked and disliked, and what she did on the computer. She always seems very relaxed in my company, and I get the impression that the parents are quite strict with both of them.

One day I was at the house fixing several problems on the family computers, they have 4 in all, and I had to go into Annie's bedroom to fix a minor glitch.

It was the typical teenage bedroom, cloths strewn everywhere, drawers hanging open. I looked around and noticed a sexy little blue thong lying by the bed. I could not help but have a closer look, and realized that she must have been wearing them earlier that day, as it had a stain in the crotch. I imagined what Annie would have looked like wearing them and immediately my cock became rock hard. I looked in the open draws and saw that most of her knickers were thongs. I really wished that I could have seen her wearing them.

I got to work and noticed that she had a mouse mat that had the Logo from a well-known West End show, which I had also seen. When she came into the room we got talking about the show, and the group that the show is based on. She said that she really liked the music but couldn't afford the CD of the show, and that her mum had been mean to her and wouldn't buy it for her.

I told her that the CD was very good and that she should save her pocket money and try to buy it. The trouble is that you can only buy it from the shop in the theatre.

I thought no more about it until the next time I was at the house and I asked Annie if she had saved the money yet? She said no, and that there were always too many other things to spend her money on.

She was wearing a short white cotton nightdress, and as it was about 8:30 in the evening I assumed that she was ready for bed. Whilst we were talking she was lying back on her bed with her knees pulled up I could clearly see her little white cotton panties covering her beautifully rounded bum, and where they pulled up into her virginal slit.

I had never thought of Annie sexually until this moment, she was only 13 after all, but seeing her showing herself off to me like that really got me aroused, and within seconds I had an enormous hard on, which I hoped she wouldn't notice.

I was not sure if she was doing it on purpose, or just relaxing in her normal way, but it really had an effect on me. I thought I caught her looking at my cock one time when I was trying to make myself more comfortable, but it may just have been my imagination. When I left the house that evening, after spending an enjoyable 10 minutes chatting to Annie and ogling her panties, I am sure I saw a small wet spot in the crotch. I resolved to make a copy of my CD and give it to her when I saw her next, to let her see what it was like until she could afford her own copy.

About a week later I had a phone call from Annie's mother asking me to move a couple of the computers into different rooms, and set them up again, I went along one evening about 7.30.

When I arrived Annie greeted me at the door in a very mini denim flared skirt and a sleeveless tee shirt. Annie's breasts are beginning to fill out into a nice firm handful and it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra.

Her mother showed me what she wanted done and then said that she was going out with Beatrice, and that Annie would look after me if I needed a drink or anything. She would be back about 9.30 pm, and her husband was away on business.

I proceeded to work on the first computer, which did not take long, and then I had to move Annie's computer from the office back into her bedroom.

All the time I was working Annie was watching me and following me from room to room. I suddenly remembered the CD which I had in my briefcase for her and produced it saying that it would tide her over until she could afford her own.

She yelped with delight and threw her arms around my neck, kissed me on the cheek and said that I was her "best friend in the world".

We chatted all the while I was working at her desk at the end of the bed. I turned to look at her when I had finished and she was sitting on the high wooden end of her bed, with her feet on the back of my chair.

Her perch was at my eye level and she sat there with her knees about 18" apart. Her delightful little pussy was no more than 3 feet from my face covered only by the wispiest white lace thong you could imagine. I was somewhat taken by surprise, but hesitated momentarily before I put my hands on her knees and gently pushed her legs together, saying that she should be more careful how she sat.

She did not look at all worried and with a slight smirk asked me if I had not enjoyed what I had seen.

I told her that she was a beautiful young lady, and yes it was an enjoyable sight, but that I was old enough to be her father, and that it was not very ladylike to sit like that.

By this time I had released the pressure on her knees, but left my hands resting on her delicate young skin.

She slowly opened her legs again, even wider this time, and told me in a small hushed voice that she knew what she was doing, and that she wanted to reward me for giving her the CD. I said that she did not have to do this, but she said that she wanted to.

I slowly moved my hands down the inside of her thighs and lightly caressed her delicate skin, almost reaching her panties but just stopping short. I ran my fingertips up and down her legs for several minutes, whilst she moaned softly, obviously enjoying the sensation.

Eventually when I thought she was sufficiently lost in the sensation I moved my thumbs up and gently rubbed her clit through silky soft white material.

She began to moan even louder and was getting very aroused. My prick was so hard I could hardly stand it, and I resolved to take this one step further.

I stopped rubbing her clit and moved my hand round onto her bum. At the same time I put my lips to hers and lightly kissed her. Immediately she started probing between my lips with her tongue and I responded by doing the same. Soon we were lip-locked and kissing passionately. I picked her up gently and lifted her onto her bed with her legs either side of me. As I lowered her I lost my balance and fell on top of her between her legs.

We continued kissing and I slowly moved my hand down to the hem of her tee shirt and slipped it underneath until I grasped her firm little breast in the palm of my hand. I pushed the tee shirt up over her body to expose her breasts, and to my surprise she lifted her arms above her head so that I could remove it completely. I took each of her nipples in turn between my lips and sucked and licked them, making her groan in ecstasy.

Whilst working on her nipples I started to fondle her pussy through her now very damp thong. Annie started to push her cunt up onto my hand, urging me to rub her clit harder. Before I knew what was happening she had lifted her arse off of the bed and slipped her little thong down her legs and kicked it on to the floor.

What more of an invitation could I ask for; I had never before experienced anything like this. Here was a thirteen year old, going on 30, when it came to knowing what she wanted sexually. My cock was so hard it almost hurt. When I saw her sliding her thong off I nearly came in my pants, it was such an incredibly sexy sight.

I stopped sucking her tits and sat up to look at her. Annie was an amazing sight, almost completely naked with her little denim skirt pushed up around her waist. Her cunt had just a light covering of soft blonde down which was matted with her cunt juices, where she had been getting so turned on.

Annie was lying across her bed with her legs wide apart, she made no attempt to close them or cover herself up, as I gazed at her beautiful adolescent body.

I slowly kissed, licked and sucked my way down from her mouth to her delicious tasting, juicy cunt. As I lightly licked across her cunt lips for the first time she jumped, and when I pushed my tongue inside those delicious lips she moaned in pleasure.

During all of this she had not said a word, but it was obvious from her actions and responses that she was really enjoying what was happening. As my tongue entered her cunt and began licking her clit she said "Oh, that feels wonderful please don't stop!" I worked some more on her clit and then concentrated on tongue fucking her. By now she was twisting and writhing on the bed in ecstasy, I returned to licking her clit, and within a few seconds she let out a sort of strangled scream, and I new that she had had her first orgasm.

I laid my head on her stomach and waited for her to regain both her breath and her composure. Eventually she told me that was the most amazing sensation that she had ever experienced, and she hoped it wouldn't be the last.

I told her that when she had a proper boyfriend, and they made love that I was sure she would experience many more orgasms just like that one.

We lay there for a while cuddling and kissing, and occasionally I would lightly run my hand over her nipples and her cunt lips.

She asked me why I had not had an orgasm when she did. I told her that I had been concentrating on ensuring her pleasure, but that I would like to come with her sometime but not today as it was getting late and her mother may be home soon.

See asked if we really could do this another day, as she had enjoyed it so much and that she wanted to watch me come.

I promised that we would, and as soon as it happens I will write and tell you all about it.



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