Keeping one's sanity raising four children was a challenge. Trish the oldest lorded it over her younger brothers. She never let them get ahead of her. She was the oldest and smartest and made sure they kept their place.

Teen years are tough and when your 12, 14, and 15, 18 is along way off. That's where Trish held the throne. 18, just graduated from high school, had her own car and, was "momma's girl."

One afternoon she was showing her mom the new front closure bra she was wearing. "Trish!" Mom shouted, "The boys can see, pull your sweater down."

"They can't see anything." Trish replied pulling her sweater down. "Besides, they're watching TV."

Ah! But the boy's did notice. Feminine apparel and what it covered was of great interest to them. As in most cases, older sisters are of interest to younger brothers, and in most cases is the first source of an intimate encounter. After all, they wouldn't tell?

Michael grabbed a Victoriana secrets catalog and hid it in his room. All three studied the models posing in the catalog. They compared Trish with the models in panties and bras. Unlike the models, Trish was tall about 5-3, full breasted with nice wide hips.

They had experience feeling girls up. They discussed the possibility of feeling Trish up however fucking was more appealing. Thus, they needed to find or make a way to rape her. They had no idea how it would feel to bury their dick in a cunt. Often, their solution was their hand. 24/7 they watched and wait looking for an opportunity.

They also discovered while lying on the floor watching TV they could get a quick but brief view up her skirt. Out of curiosity they would lie on the floor and pretend to watch TV while patiently waiting, hoping for Trish to move or part her legs so they could see up her skirt. Trish never suspected a thing.

Two months after the bra incident Trish found a Hustler magazine hidden in the bathroom she picked it up and took it to Mom and Dad. That put some heat on the boy's from Mom, Dad didn't say too much. However, the boys felt it was time for revenge.

The next incident occurred one night when Trish was getting ready for bed. She found Mike hiding under her bed.

Trish screamed! Mom and Dad rushed to her room to find Trish holding Mike by his ear.

"He was hiding under my bed," she explained angrily.

"Ok," Dad said, "let me take care of him."

An hour later, he asked Mike. "What were you doing under Trish's bed?"

"I just wanted to see her get undressed! I saw her in her bra, and she told mom I didn't notice anything, and then she took our magazines. Dad knew now, this was about the boy's natural sexual curiosity.

"From now on, don't let me catch you in Trish's room," he ordered.

Mom and Dad were away a few weeks later. Trish was walking through the family room. The boys were watching TV. Michael was laying on the floor watching. Somehow as she stepped around Michael she tripped. She fell, legs flailing and her skirt flying up to her waist.

Before she could recover, the boys had a great view of her plump panty covered mound.

Trish came off the floor mad as hell; she jumped on Michael wildly hitting at him. Michael was laughing at her. She was so mad she was unaware he had a good clear view up her skirt at her panty coved mound.

This wasn't the first time she jumped one of them, but today her aggressive act would cause an action that would have a profound effect on the dynamics between them. Trish's panty-covered snatch was right above him. He contemplated grabbing a handful. He saw an opportunity and grabbed.

For a second Trish didn't move. She was startled by the intimate contact, her face was bright red, and she was breathing rapidly. He kept a firm grip on her pussy.

Mike and Rob saw it. "Get her!" Mike shouted. Pushing her off Michael he shouted, "Grab her!" Michael slipped his arm under her elbow reached across her back and grabbed her other arm securing her arms behind her back.

Many times, they talked about when they would get a dick in her, never believing it would happen. Suddenly today without any preparing her actions presented an opportunity. The mission, strip her and dick her.

Trish knew instantly she was in trouble, She was frantic imagining what they might do to her. Suddenly finding herself on the receiving end, she tried unsuccessfully to scoot away. They had her pinned she was completely helpless, Michael held her arms, Mike was sitting on her. There was nothing she could do to stop them from grabbing, squeezing and exploring.

Mike looked at her. Watching for her reactions he put both hands on her breasts and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. A shudder passed through her body. She looked up at Mike as he slid her shirt and bra from her breasts. Looking down she saw her nipples sticking straight out from her naked breasts.

"Man! Look at those mammies!" Mike said with gleeful satisfaction.

Michael reached around her with his free hand, palmed her breast exploring its fullness his palm experiencing the unmistakable feel of her hardened aroused nipple.

She struggled yelling, "Stop it! Get your hands off me."

Just then, Mike's hand found her plump crotch. His mind focused on tantalizing images of sticking his dick in her plump pussy and depositing a load in her. Trish gasped realizing how openly exposed she was.

Man! Did she look good?

Despite her resistance, Rob pushed her skirt up. Her elusive pussy was right before his eyes. He took his time looking, enjoying the intimate view of her panty covered crotch. She let out a shocked Yippee! and thrashed around as he slowly traced his finger along her panty crease. He began rubbing her pussy through her panties.

Trish pleaded, "Stop it! Don't do that! Let go of me!"

The spectacle of seeing Trish being sexually abused inflamed their passion making her pleads more exciting. "Let's have some fun with her," Mike said, slipping his finger under the leg of her panties, and stroking her plump pussy lips.

"Noooo!" she screamed at the intimate contact.

Despite her sobbing pleas, his probing fingers pulled her panty crotch aside to gain full access. He probed her pussy flesh with his roaming fingers. Soon he was probing the opening to her vagina.

She violently thrashed about screaming, "Nooooo!" His finger obviously found and penetrated what it was looking for. Trish turned her head aside in denial of the crude things Mike was doing to her.

"It's good and tight," he said.

"Pull her panties down!" Michael urged. "Let's see her pussy."

To her horror, Rob pushed her skirt up, and slowly pulled her panties down. Trish was horrified at having her pussy exposed. She screamed knowing she was no match for the boys. She put up a valiant struggle but her panties still came off. At one point, she raised her legs to push Mike away. Mike quickly took advantage of her vulnerability and pushed his body between her knees. She tried to sit up a look of panic on her face.

Mike pulled her legs apart exposing the pink inner flesh of her pussy.

Displayed before them in all its glory was the often imagined cunt of their sister. She looked so hot laying there no man could pass up the opportunity to stick it to her.

She cringed in shame, her face was red as Mike and Rob examining her exposed womanhood she knew they could do whatever they wanted and she couldn't stop them. Unable to do anything she finally lay still. Her eyes were closed, she was breathing loudly, as Mike removed her skirt leaving her naked from the waist down.

In an instant an opportunity for lustful indulgence presented itself, what a moment ago had been casual conversation, was now lustful reality. The boys were to amped up to think rationally. They knew they could get in trouble but were beyond caring.

Without a struggle, they finished removing her shirt and bra. Now they had her naked, for the first time they were feasting their eyes on a lovely naked female. Of course, her nakedness had an obvious effect on their hard cocks.

Rob was using Dads video camera to record her nudity. Her legs were parted offering a good view of her neatly trimmed beefy mound. Rob zoomed in on her glistening slit then out to capture her full hips and narrow waist before focusing on her full breasts.

Mike lay down beside her. Looking up at the camera, he smiled broadly and grasped her nipples between thumb and index finger and tweaked them to erection. Next, he placed his mouth over the full globes, tonguing and nibbling her hard nipples. Rob captured it on video.

He placed his free hand high on her smooth inner thigh close to her full pussy lips. Trish shivered involuntarily at the intimate contact. This was not how she envisioned losing her virginity.

Rob continued to video the escalating violation of her body.

Mike caressed her inner thigh, his fingers brushing teasingly against her pussy lips. Slowly unconsciously, her legs parted.

Undeterred Mike slid his middle finger between her full pussy lips. He rubbed his finger along her wet slit. He asked. "How's that feel, huh?" "Is this what you want, huh?"

"No! Stop it!" She pleaded. "I'll tell Mom."

"What can mom do? We'll all tell Mom you started it. She'll blame you."

She hesitated for a moment.

Mike knew he should stop but didn't, he was lost in lust knowing his dick was going to experience the thrill of penetration. He pushed his middle finger into her snug cunt.

He watched her grimacing and gritting her teeth as he worked his finger in and out of her snug hole, gingerly teasing her protruding clit with his thumb.

Unfastening his pants, he said, "Momma's girl is going to give up some pussy."

"Stop it Mike!" "Please stop," she pleaded.

"What are you doing?" Michael asked.

"I'm not passing up an opportunity to fuck. I'm fucking that." Mike replied.

"You'll get in trouble."

"Oh will I! Just watch."

Mike dropped his pants freeing his hard cock. Trish's debasement was the beginning to the end of her innocence.

Trish was shocked that her brothers wanted to use her body for their first sexual experience. She struggled valiantly as Mike guided his cock to her pussy lips. He pressed his cock against her tight opening, his dick ready to enter her. He pushed but the tip of his dick slid up her pussy lips striking her clit.

"Please Mike, Trish uttered, please stop, this is rape!"

After several attempts despite her tears, he again pressed his cock head against her slit. Her pussy was anything but dry. To his surprise, the head of his six inch dick popped inside her tight opening.

"Mikeeeee!" She shrieked sobbing loudly.

She froze as his cock head penetrated her. Mike didn't say a word he just shoved his cock deeper into her. He slowly pushed forward and forced another inch of his hard cock into her tight hole. His cock was pressed against the thin membrane covering the entrance to her vagina.

"Mike, please." Trish begged. "Don't, its incest," she pleaded.

Mike nudged the head of his cock forward probing the restriction. Pain shot through her as his probing cock pushed against the spongy membrane.

"Ouch, ah! Mike you're hurting me, take it out its too big. Stop! I'm a virgin. Ohhhh!" She felt discomfort as her cunt stretched to accommodate his probing penis head. She could feel his penis throb in her clutching hole.

"Mike! Looks like your dicks in her!" Michael shouted excitedly.

"I just got the head in." Mike excitedly replied.

"Please." Trish begged sobbing loudly. "Don't rape me!"

"Man! Put it to her," Michael urged. "Pop her cherry!"

Trish felt Mike's dick pull back. He flexed his hips and gave her tightly stretched pussy a few soft thrusts. Trish felt her hymen stretching to adjust to the uncomfortable intrusion. Mike's forward thrust forced his cock deeper, popping her cherry. Unrestrained his hard cock slid into the depths of his sister's virgin cunt. He was in her.

She screamed jerked her head up. For the first time she was feeling the unmistakable movement of hard cock inside her cunt. Finally, every inch of his cock was in. He was balls deep in her warm pussy.

She went limp as her brother's cock forced its way up her virgin cunt.

Without further ado, he began to fuck Trish's tight cunt with the old in/out, in/out fucking her with slow full length strokes. He humped away, as she lay unmoving, letting him have his way with her body. This wasn't a romantic coupling. This was about fucking.

"Fuck man, ahhh, she's tight," he said.

Watching the rape Michael asked, "Is it good?"

"Yeah--ah," was the strained reply, "I'm not complaining."

"Yeah--ah, her pussy--ah, is real good."

Her pussy was so good he pulled her legs around his waist grasped her hips and soundly fucked her tight cunt.

She moaned and her tits shook with every in out stroke.

Her cunt tightened around his cock, he wanted it to last, but it was no use. When that tight cunt wraps around your dick for the first time, first fuck urgency takes control. His balls tightened he pressed into her, "I'm going to cum soon," he shouted.

"Please don't do it she pleaded. I'm not on the pill."

He didn't care. He was going to cum inside her. He wanted her to feel his cum shooting into her. A few more strokes and his dick erupted. Trish gasped deep inside her she felt three warm bursts as his dick emptied its load in her.

He looked down at Trish, his eyes taking in her nakedness. He suddenly realized what he had done. He just came in his sister. He took her cherry. He had fucked his sister. When she tripped who would have believed within 15 minutes he would be slipping the meat to her. However, he did and there sure is something to be said for getting your first piece from an older sister.

"You did it!" Michael shouted. "You fucked her!"

Mike looked up at Michael. "It's all good, man. She's pussy. Want some?"

"Yeah, I got a woody watching you guys."

Trish was lying on the floor out of it, her legs splayed open. She just got fucked for the first time. She lost her virginity and received her first load from her brother.

As Mike backed away, Michael pushed her legs apart and proceeded to push his cock between her pussy lips.

She whimpered, "Michaaeel! What are you doing? Noooooo!"

Having watched Mike fuck her, he was ready. He pushed his cock into her. He humped her rapidly, his hips pounding her. She spread her legs wider he fucked her wildly for thirty seconds before grunting and thrusting into her, flooding her with his seed.

Before Trish could tell what was happening Michael backed away and Rob pushed his thin four inch cock into her and pounded away. Within seconds, it was over. In little less then ten minutes her brothers had managed to fuck her and fill her with their warm seed.

Trish got up, flush from her neck up. She was furious semen ran down her inner thighs. She grabbed her clothes and ran to her room naked, screaming that they were "perverts!"

The three were also flush from the excitement. This wasn't planned it just happened. They enjoyed watching her quivering ass as she ran to her room naked. That ass just gave them the best, and most exciting first fuck of their lives. The sight of her shapely ass made his soft dick harden.

Mike looked over at Michael their eyes met. The look said, "Yeah! Let's hit it again." In a flash, they went after her.

Trish sprawled face down across her bed too shocked and stunned by what happened to be consciously aware of her nudity.

The sight of her lying naked on her bed with her legs slightly splayed presented them the most splendid view of hot pussy. Forget about Hustler magazine, nothing could compare to actually seeing a naked woman in a provocative pose.

Trish slowly turned her head she could see them out of the corner of her eye. Michael grabbed her arms wrapped his fingers tightly around her wrists and pulled them over her head.

Mike looked down at Trish lying naked on the bed. A new feeling of confidence washed over him. He knew he was in control now. He hesitated, and then said, "Get on your knees. I'm still horny."

"No! Oh no, you're not putting your dick in me again." Trish said trying to push her body into the mattress.

"You don't have a say in it, from now on I'm going to fuck you anytime I want." Mike grabbed a handful of her hair, "Now! Do it!" Mike commanded.

Trish tried to get away. She twisted back and forth, but was unable to break free. Slowly in a trance like state, she complied. Her body moved of its own accord, and pushed her onto her knees.

Mike took this opportunity to push his index and middle finger deep into her wet cunt. Trish gasped, shocked at the invasion.

Mike never experienced anything as exciting as watching his fingers disappear in her wet cunt. Never did he see a girl naked or finger fuck one before today. He pushed his fingers deeply into her. He began to move them in and out. He marveled at her firm heart shaped ass. Today, he was becoming a man.

Michael and Rob were highly excited watching their sister get finger fucked. The bitch was finally on the receiving end. "Fuck her Mike! Fuck her now!" Michael urged. Mike guided his hard cock to her opening.

"Mike!" She pleaded. "Please don't do thisssssss!"

Sliding his cock deep into her wet cunt Mike nailed her.

This time her pussy was even sweeter then the first time. He thrust into her enjoying the snug depths of her cunt. He grabbed her hips and pounded her harder amazed at the extreme sense of pleasure he gleamed from knowing he was fucking his sister. She was tight pussy he pumped in and out of her previous lubed cunt.

This was good, all good!

He felt his balls tighten. It felt so good pumping his dick in and out of her slick cunt he didn't want it to ever end.

"Michael, put your cock in her mouth." He ordered.

Michael put his hand on her head. He gently encouraged her to take his cock into her mouth. He finally yanked her hair and pulled her face to his groin. Reluctantly she took the head of his dick into her mouth.

She gagged from the lack of experience as his cock filled her mouth. She learned to swallow to keep from gagging as he forced his cock into her throat. Powerless to stop them Trish could do little but endured the awkward pounding.

Mike and Michael soon discovered the pleasure of thrusting in and out in unison. Each time Mike thrust into her, Michael's cock was pushed deep into her throat.

Rob was enthralled he took close up video of spittle dripping down her chin, her jaws stretched wide to accommodate Michael's cock. Her hanging breasts swayed back and forth with each thrust. Ass, tits, and plunging cocks what could be more invigorating!

None of them ever thought they would have the opportunity to put a dick in their older sister. Today, they had Mom's girl in her own bed, naked. Each of them took their turn on top of her grunting and groaning fucking her front and back. They were insatiable, repeatedly pounding the hell out of her pussy.

It was good because they did not expect it, it just occurred. There had been talk among them about fucking her but that was all it was, talk. They finally fucked a girl, not just a girl they fucked Trish!

Trish had concerns about the video and pregnancy. How could she tell Mom and Dad? She couldn't! She decided to put this episode behind her, avoid her brothers and act as if it never happened.

How wrong she was. This was just the beginning. The boy's had other plans for Trish and had confidence in their ability to convince her to comply.

Each time they watched the video, the excitement of that moment returned making their hearts pound again. They talked about all the ways they should have taken her. Thank goodness, there would be other times.



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