"Is that cum?"

"What? Where?"

"That drop of clear stuff oozing out."

"No, it leaks out a little, and it's real slippery. Go ahead and touch it and you'll see what I mean."

Lori was afraid to touch the rigid flesh jutting out from his body. She had felt it a few times through his pants in the last few weeks, but this was different. It looked so massive in bare flesh. She pressed her naked torso upon his chest as she kissed him.

Three weeks earlier:

"I never knew you were so good at math, I'll tell my mom you are coming over after school tomorrow to help me." It was a short walk from the bus to Lori's house, Rick was apprehensive about helping her; he was always the shy kid, almost scared of girls. After studying their math, sitting across from each other they began to chat about nothing.

Rick kept his eyes on her tight sweater. Her face was not that pretty, just plain with a few pimples. The tits didn't appear big but looking at them still put his dick in an agonizing position as it filled with blood. That night he visualized the tits as he fell asleep.

Rick didn't seem as uncomfortable today. Talking with Lori came much easier. As he shuffled in his chair, under the table his foot rested against Lori's. As they talked, he noticed that her foot moved against his every time he moved his. Not sure if it was intentional or not, they continued the foot game while studying. It was exciting him and maybe her too. His dick got hard making him squirm, he dreamt of her again while falling asleep. Several days later, they would study again.

Rain came down in buckets as they ran into Lori's house. Rick took off his soaked jacket and mucky sneakers. "Tomorrow is Friday, hope I do OK on the test..." Rick didn't hear all the words, his eyes were locked in on her chest; Lori's shirt was damp, not soaking but enough that it made her tits obvious. It was awkward sitting across from her, his mind kept wandering from the math. Thoughts ran through his head wondering what they look liked. Were they small? big? saggy? To make matters worse their stocking feet were again playing under the table.

"I can't believe I did so well on the test Rick, I cant thank you enough. My mom will be so happy!" Raining again as they walked from the school bus, Lori hesitated then stuttered out "You want to come over, we don't have to study... just... you know... we can... hangout or something."

The little voice in Rick's head asked, 'Did she just ask me over?' "Sure, I'd love too."

Lori got up from the opposite end of the sofa as the record player beat out songs from the Beachboys Petsounds album. When she returned Rick was stunned as Lori handed him a glass then sat down almost next to him.

Gracefully she reached for his hand, intertwining their fingers. "I don't know how to thank you for all the help you gave me this week! My Mom will be so happy when she finds out I passed the test today." Rick knew how she could thank him; he instantly envisioned his hands under her turtleneck squeezing her bare flesh. Rick knew she wasn't that type of girl; she was like him, reserved and quiet. As she patted the grasped hand with her other Lori bent toward him giving him a kiss on the forehead. Rick being caught off guard was amazed; he had never been kissed by a girl before.

They sat with faces inches apart looking solemnly into each others eyes, not quite sure what to do next. Mutually Lori and Rick moved their heads at each other. Eyes closed as their lips pressed onto the others. The sensation of skin upon skin for the first time in their lives was too overwhelming triggering recoil. "I'm sorry."

"No, I'm sorry... I shouldn't have done that."

"No, I should have known better."

Before the dispute could finish they both hesitantly extended an arm around each other as their mouths once again united. Ricks mouth securely fit onto Loris. Without an explanation of what to say, neither wanted the kiss to stop so they kept up the enjoyable encounter. Loris fingers danced lightly across Ricks back as Rick's left hand clutched her lower ribcage.

At last, the kiss came to a halt. Mentally exhausted from their first affectionate kiss they cuddled while sitting silently on the sofa. "Hey, I think you better go soon, my mom will be home shortly." As Rick slipped out the back door they embraced again. By fault of neither, an electrifying jolt hit them when their tongues came together for a fleeting instant.

"Come over Monday and help me again with math?"

"Wouldn't miss it for anything!"

Monday would be different, with Friday fresh on their minds; they immediately went for the sofa forgetting about the math. In minutes, they reached for each other embracing as they kissed. Lips upon lips until instinct made Lori slightly part them. Rick took the proposal splitting his. Restless while smooching, clutching each other firmly while tongues swirled around, hands began to wander. Loris fingers trekked across his back as Rick's hands drifted across her side.

Rick never intended to push her, put she seemed to almost collapse against the sofas arm, pulling Rick with her, putting her in a slight leaned back position. It was not as if he was on top of her but he realized that his chest was compressed against her tits and if he wanted to his excited dick was able to rub against her leg.

Not wanting to ruin this moment, not wanting to scare her, he let his body slump against hers. His faced nuzzled in her neckline, nibbling, as his left hand ever so gradually moved up her side. Rick took his time playing with her torso, he wanted to feel those tits, but was terrified that she would reject his advances. Bit by bit he moved his hand from her back to Loris front while at the same time creeping upwards towards the boobs. Back and forth, he went, pausing to trace her bra strap through her shirt. The last time when he followed the strap to the front, he didn't pause but made a continuous path until it came beneath her titties. Just as his fingers embarked on the mound Lori nudged him upward.

"It's getting late my mom will be home soon, I don't want her to know you were here" rejected Rick sat up. Lori walked him to the back door kissing him before he slipped out. Rick went immediately for the bathroom when he got home. Undoing his belt then letting his pants fall to his knees he reached inside his BVD briefs and extracted his semi-hard cock.

Working the end of it, it became totally erect. He then grabbed the base of it and forcefully slid his fingers upwards producing a bead of pre-cum that he spread over the end. It took less then a minute for his insides get that familiar odd feeling. Then his knees started to quiver, going weak to point he nearly lost his balance when the first torrent of warm cum flew out of his dick.

"Ohhhh shit! Shit! Shit!"

It hit the upright toilet seat, so did the next one, the rest of the orgasm dripped into the water. The globs of sperm disappeared off the seat onto the clean white porcelain. He cleaned up the mess, flushed and went to his room.

The evening dragged on, his only thoughts were of Lori, not knowing why he was attracted to her. Lori was bewildered about this afternoon. Several times, she was going to talk with her Mom but thought better of it. At times, she couldn't wait until tomorrow even if she was apprehensive.

There was no need to even ask today. They both continued on to Loris house taking up the exact arrangement on the sofa. Rick initiated the first lengthy kiss before making his way to her neck knowing how much pleasure she took from that. Nervous about being refused access to her titties again Rick chose another strategy. Gradually kissing along her neckline, he enlarged the territory until his mouth was now kissing Lori's shoulders then trailing downward into the v-neck of the blouse.

Not wanting to alarm her, he would nudge his dick against her leg dry-humping it. The combination of Rick's warm breath and lips were too gratifying for her to take. His kisses could take him no further unless he got the nerve to unbutton the blouse

Loris mind sprinted with thoughts of lust and desire but nonetheless uneasy with what was happening to her. Without a protest when the first or the second button was unfastened, Ricks lips were in the valley of her bosoms, even if the bra was covering them she felt every sensation when he moved over to the nipples, it became overwhelming. Lori could feel the tingling sensation between her legs, the same one she got at night when she would lay a hand on her mound making circles on it.

Rick wasted no time, taking advantage of her condition, initially sucking on what he believed to be nipples under the padded bra before using his teeth to tug the edging up over her tit. Little by little, his right hand traveled along the line of stitching on the inside of her pants. He approached the top of the v with caution. His in-experienced fingers bumped against her cunt casing Lori to shudder. Rick's continuous pressure on Loris pussy was generating more than heat on his hand, it was starting to feel damp from her juices spreading out across the cloth.

Amazed that it could do this, the nipple was getting larger in is mouth as he sucked it. He had managed to bare the other breast, now both were out in the open. "Mmmm, ooooh," Lori was emitting barely audible sounds in the midst of the heavy breathing that made Rick even more horny. He took a big step searching out for the clasp on her pants.

With no objection, he was able to unfasten the snap and start the zipper downward while reaching inside the slacks at the same time. Every attempt with his fingers to slither inside her panties, Lori would pull them out. "No, no... please don't" The uncertainty in her voice was obvious. Rick was thankful for what he was accomplishing, no need to push it, his hand maneuvered further inside so his finger were able to manipulate her cunt through the thin undies.

Panties now drenched with precious honey his middle finger slid along the span of Lori's crack. Rick had no idea what it was but found it fascinating whenever he bumped her magic button, Lori's legs would jiggle. The fascination quickly turned to fear the instant Lori's body started to twist. First, her legs started to tremble then shake as her upper body quivered, as he continued gliding his digit over her cunt lips her ass seemed to be coming off the cushion in rapid succession.

"Rick, R..i..c..k... ooooh, I-I... please... no... no... wait, please..." She could not get the words out as her body trembled from the orgasm. Having never experienced such pleasure before it scared not only her but Rick also. Slowly as she descended from her high, she came to realize that it was getting late.

"You've gotta go before Mom gets home." Comforted with those words Rick sat up on the sofa as Lori adjusted her bra then her pants before showing Rick out the back door, just in time as her mom was pulling into the driveway.

The next afternoon they sat across from each other on the bus ride home from school occasionally making eye contact, grinning each time. Somewhat embarrassed of it, they did not want to let their friends in on their romance, but others knew something was up; especially Tommy who made several comments, as they once again fell behind the small crowd on the walk home. Neither could wait to get inside the red front door of the house. Throwing their backpacks in the corner first, and then heading into the living room. Not bothering to even be seated before they grasped each other, holding tight against the other as they slumped to the sofa.

It never accrued to Rick to go slow today, while salvia was being exchanged his hand worked its way up her sweater gently squeezing her tits. Expanding the length of her face the featherlike kisses on her neck made Lori crave more. Reaching around her back Rick awkwardly attempted but failed to unsnap the bra before Lori finished it for him.

As he felt her flesh, the sweater crept up her body. Hesitantly she pulled the sweater up and over her head while letting the bra fall off her tempting young body. Rick was on cloud nine sucking her bare tits. It wasn't until the third time he put her hand on his swollen cock that she left it there.

Tracing the outline of it through his khakis made Lori wonder what it look liked.

"So this is thing that makes babies?"

"Uh, yeah I guess so, if it was to... you know..."

"No what, I don't know."

"Ahh... if I was to put it inside you."

"No way, sorry Rick I'm not going to third base, not today, not ever."

Managing to hold back several times, Rick thought he would cream his pants from her pleasing strokes. "No Lori I didn't mean that I was going to, only that if I was to that it could make babies."

"Oh, OK, and besides it wouldn't fit in me, it's way too big to go inside a girl." That made Rick's day, too big? His ego went into overdrive.

Rick knew how fortunate he was today even before he attempted to go for her pussy. Starting at knee, gradually he pushed up under her plaid skirt. Unable to go any further he clutched the upper most part of her thighs. The forest green tights were the only thing protecting her pussy. Ever so easy, he rubbed her thigh and crotch without a complaint as her hand traced the bulge in his pants.

Lori didn't take the hint after Rick unbuckled the belt and fastener to his pants. Nervously she pulled her hand away when he would place it into the open trousers. When he attempted to tug her tights down Lori wrapped her hand forcefully around his tool through his pants to the point that it almost hurt. "Hey easy... not too hard, it's kinda tender!"

"You can't take them down if your pants are down, that's the rule I'm going to stick with."

Content with the decision they mutually masturbated each other through their clothes until it was almost time for him to leave. Just as Lori was to announce it was time for him to go, the hand that clenched his dick made him reach the point of no return. Lori knew something was happening to him, his body went stiff, his feet pressing hard against the sofas arm and even through his cotton underpants she felt the shaft pulsating every second or two.

From deep inside his loins, he could feel the jism pumping up his swollen vein exiting inside his underwear. Rick let out several sighs and groans of approval as his spunk slowed its outpouring. Ashamed of the act, he reached down to re-zipper his fly as Lori's eyes stared on it unsure of what happened. She rushed him out the door afraid of her mother catching them fooling around.

They would not get together again for almost a week. It seemed like eternity. Lori knew that on Fridays her Mom was late getting home from work, which made her uncertain of asking Rick over. One hour was the perfect amount of time, they could fool around a little bit, not go too far, and then he had to leave before mom got home. Nevertheless, that extra time was kinda scary. But then on the other hand her mind came to a decision that Rick didn't know that her mom would late, she would just usher him out after the hour was up!

Friday finally came. They broke off from their friends while walking to her house. Ricks best friend Tommy followed them for a moment. Very inquisitive he kept asking them what the excitement was at her house, and worse was if he could join in. If only Tommy knew how much fun it would be to join in on their after school games. "Not today, maybe next week you can come over" As soon as they entered the house Lori ran up the stairs to the bathroom having to pee badly. Rick vaulted up right behind her but not before she could slam the door.

Rick poked around waiting for her to finish, ending up in her bedroom. The walls had posters of the Beachboys, Beatles, and The Monkees; the bed was covered with stuffed animal toys. Rick kicked off his shoes, turned on the radio, and then lay down on the dark burgundy bedspread propping his head up on the pillows.

Lori wasted no time joining him. As she lay down beside him, she made a mental note of the time on the alarm clock. They instantaneously were at each other, kissing, hugging when the fondling began. Rick made it to second base quickly; Lori unsnapped the bra saving him the agony. Rick once again had a hard time getting her to lay a hand on his swollen cock, but with some persistent coaching after he unzipped his fly, she did mess around with it.

After a few minutes, Lori pulled the pants wide open while peeking at the lump in his BVDs. She stroked the length of it a few times. Rick's nonstop licking of her nipples had caused them to stand up like little pebbles. Puzzled and with curiosity getting the best of her, Lori reached inside his briefs. Sensations he never knew ran up his spine as his body twisted in excitement from someone other than himself holding onto his manhood.

Gradually she eased the white cotton briefs over the swelling giving her the first view of stiff dick. Without a lot of room to inspect the dick, Rick raised his ass off the bed as she tugged both the pants and briefs down onto his thighs. Lori hadn't noticed his ball bag drooping at the shafts base. As soon as her fingers ran across it, she expressed her marvel, "Oooo... what is this, it's so squishy and these lumps, are these your balls? They feel so big."

Knowing she was fascinated and not wanting to ruin the mood he wiggled his pants to his ankles allowing him to spread his legs permitting Lori to totally grip his overfilled bag.

"Is that cum?"

"What? Where?"

"That drop of clear stuff oozing out."

"No, it leaks out a little, and it's real slippery. Go ahead and touch it and you'll see what I mean." Lori was afraid to touch the rigid flesh jutting out from his body. She had felt it a few times through his pants in the last two weeks, but this was different. It looked so massive in bare flesh. She pressed her naked torso upon his chest as she kissed him.

Rick's hands were all over her young body, going from her tits to her stomach around to her back as they rolled and turned across the bed with each other. Rick was able to kick the pants off his ankles making him naked from the waist down. Hoping to break her golden rule, he went for broke, he first felt Loris kneecap then preceded up her thigh.

Lori again had the plaid skirt on today and luck was on his side, no tights today, she had worn green knee socks. Not noticing his fingers inching their way up her leg it was too late for her to protest as he slipped a finger into the hem of the pink flowered panties.

Ricks finger was met with wetness, feeling like warm oil his finger moved along the edge of Loris pussy. Lori made a halfhearted attempt to stop him that caused the two too whirl around again. When they paused, Rick was lodged between her open legs. From all the thrashing, Lori's skirt had ridden effortlessly up to her waist. Lori felt his heated dick sliding alongside her inner thigh.

Instinct made her push her mound against it as he began to dry hump her. He knew that the chances of fucking her will slim, not today at least but he knew some day he would. Every attempt to pull her undies down was met with a struggle. Giving up the idea he rolled onto his back pulling Lori with him, she ended up straddling him in a sitting pose. When he forced his hips up her pussy united with his cock. Looking down at him, she could see the pleasure he took from it. Wanting to please him Lori gyrated back and forth, sliding against the shaft.

Remembering the effect when he touched her clit last week Rick began a delicate pressure through the panties, Lori responded increasing the sliding rhythm. Taking his free hand, he pulled down the waistband of her panties revealing the top of her thin blonde pubic hair. If her hips hadn't widened out around his body he might have been able to get then off her.

Lori was having difficulty containing her sexual yearnings while never being concerned about Ricks other finger. His index finger played with her clit as his middle finger pulled aside her panties. Soon she was sliding her naked vulnerable cunt along the extent of his bareback dick.

With her young pussy leaking and his teenage dick dribbling out a surplus of pre-cum made it very satisfying for both of them. Lori extended her body slightly more each time before moving back. Alarm struck as the head of his prick was sandwiched between her cunt lips, abruptly turning her head towards the clock, hoping it was time to send him home, but no, they had only been on the bed for thirty minutes.

Frightened that his dick may actually slip into her virgin cavity, worse that she was getting turned on by this Lori rolled over onto her back. Rick quickly went for broke; with his hand stretching out the front of the panties it took no effort to get them off her hips. Lori helped him fully strip them off. Taking them off her ankles he propped himself up onto his knees. She looked so innocent, naive and pure. At some point, she had loosened the fastener on the plaid skirt as it was partially open revealing her golden bush.

Still on his knees, Rick scooted amid her legs, as he lay his body down on top of hers Lori moved the skirt to one side permitting their nude bodies to be in full contact with each other. Feeling the texture of the green knee socks chaffing on his own legs he thought he was in heaven. He kept struggling to arrange his rod so it might slip up her pussy. "No Rick, no we can't do this, it's not right."

The little voice in his head agreed with her but his dick was saying something different "Why? Why can't we?"

"Because I'll get pregnant."

"Please Lori."

"No we might get caught."

Starting again to urge his stiffy into her body he pleaded: "How about if I put it in just a little bit... come on please can I?"

Almost crying Lori begged him not to, "No Rick, don't do it."

His boy meat rested on the outer folds of her cunt lips. With all the lubricant, it took no force to creep its way into the very edge of the outer fringes of her crease.

"Rick, come on... don't put it in..."

"Just a little. I promise... only the tip of it." At the same time Lori was complaining her lovely long legs extended upwards, bending them at the knee joint so her feet were flat on the crumpled bedspread willing accepting his body.

Each upwards thrust against her clitty with his enlarged penis was sending pleasure waves through her body. Lori started a muffled moan into his ear; she was on the verge of an orgasm, Loris legs went wider. "Rick... Rick it feels so wonderful when it rubs me down there, keep doing it... please be careful it doesn't go in."

Encouraged and wanting to please her as well as himself he continued on sliding his prick over the surface of her pussy lips hopeful of achieving his ultimate goal of getting his young dick into her virgin nook.

Rick could take no more his teenaged body was staring to need release of some sort. Not sure how he could, and not wanting to upset her, he was desperately hungry to fuck her.

"Lori I think I'm in love with you."

"Do you really love me Rick?"

"I've never felt this way before about someone; I get this weird feeling when we're together."

After whispering in her ear he returned to her lips passionately kissing her again, at the same time his dick was making another attempt to gain entry to her twat. Not having the courage to make one hefty push into her waiting cunt, on one of his backward motions Rick let the rigid dick linger around the bottom of her hole before slightly nudging it forward into the wet spongy area of her pussy lips, letting her become comfortable with the feeling before he attempted to move it any further.

"No Rick, I can feel your dicky searching for my cunny... you can't, please don't... don't make me beg."

Rick raised his upper body off her chest, looking at the frightened expression on her face. Rick didn't want her to beg for him to stop, what he wanted was her to beg him to fuck her, but even knowing it wasn't going to happen it was still awesome going this far with her. Rick, not wanting to surrender kept shifting his hips permitting his firm prick to edge in and out of the outer surfaces her fleshy folds. His was content and felt lucky just to have the tip on her wet crease.

On his elbows, staring deeply into her eyes his cock started to pry open the entrance to her pussy lips. At the same time as he prodded her Rick was surprised to see tears welling up in her eyes. Drawing back then pressing scarcely into her again, he felt her sock covered calves progressively slide up across his legs before hooking them around his legs. Loris arms left his shoulders drifting to his butt. Terrified, nervous and scared she placed a hand on each check persistently pulling them towards her.

The head of Rick's hard-on had not quite fully slipped within the moist crease when he felt firm flesh encircle the head of his boyish dick, struggling to gain further entry he scarcely pulled out then depressed forward once more, then yet again stretching her cunt as he went. Fixed onto her eyes as he slipped past the internal membrane he watched in sadness as the tears began to run across her checks.

"Rick it wont fit, it's too big to go in... it really hurts, I think we better stop."

Entirely surrounded by the soft tissue of her budding pussy he relaxed his body while wiping away her tears of pain. After a long minute of not moving Lori began to rearrange her ass. Now accustomed to his invasion the ache was fading. She began to like the sensation of being stuffed with Rick's penis. Not wanting to hurt her in any way Rick retreated ever so slightly several times, and then instinct took over pulling almost all the way out before gently slipping back into the well- lubricated hole.

The passion between them mounted as they continued to fuck on the rumpled bed. It had not been more then more than a few minutes before Rick's dick became relentless on it's pursuit of relief, thrusting harder into her causing it to become even more rigid as Lori met each plunge. Her legs were thrashing in the air then gripping his legs tightly. He was on the verge of orgasm, another few seconds and he would be spilling his seed.

Lori recognized the look on his face from last week, knowing what was about to happen she whispered in his ear "Not inside me, pull it out... OK? Do it on my stomach" "OK, just a few more times and I'll pull it out" Her cunt was just too tight for the inexperienced teen to last any longer, the warm fluid was building up pressure deep inside him, he could not keep going any longer. Just as he felt the surge start to boil from deep inside Lori for a second time instructed him,

"Pull it out! Take it out Rick, don't let any go inside me, you can do it on my tummy, let me watch it."

However, at the same time the words left her mouth her long spindly legs came up hooking her ankles forcefully around Rick's thighs jerking him securely against her body while her arms extending around his back holding him a death like grip as she shivered.

Lori's teenage cunt was designed to be tight, so it would pleasure a boy into depositing his sperm deep inside it. Panic struck Rick as he wrestled to free himself from Loris grip. As the first wave of spunk effortlessly splattered out of his cock hitting the back of her womb again she moaned, "No, no pull it out, please not inside me." But her grip tightened even more from her legs, arms and her cunt.

Confused, he made another effort to withdraw but for a second time he spurted a glob of cum inside her twat before he was able to remove his dick. The rest of his climax erupted as he was exiting her pussy depositing his cum everywhere except on Lori's stomach.

His orgasm was massive, as his dick slid head first into the warm flow of cum draining from her tattered crack it crept back into Lori's fragile cunt until it was once again entirely engulfed with the warmth of his own spunk. Lori in the midst of her orgasm had not realized what had happened until her own peak eased.

It was then shock overcame her, "Why didn't you pull out? I asked you to, now I'm full of sperm... what happens if I get pregnant?"

"You wouldn't let me. Your legs, they went around mine trapping me. I tried Lori, please believe me I tried to get out of you but I couldn't."

They lay almost motionless in the bed taking pleasure in the feelings of their earlier orgasms. Grasping her around the waist Rick faintly shifted his weight forward causing his cock to keep on stirring within her. After a few minutes, Rick's once unbendable dick faded into history finally slipping from the inner depths of Lori's squishy cunt.

Rick rolled off Lori as he brought his lips to hers once again, slowly pressing them upon hers, they kissed passionately ending only after they heard Lori's moms car door closing. A puddle of lukewarm sperm was staining the bedspread while fear set in as they lay on the messed up bed. The fear soon turned to fright when they heard Lori's mom call up the stairs to Lori that Tommy was here to see her. Tommy was already half way up the stairs before they even thought about what to do. There was a feeble knock on the door before the knob turned and the door opened...



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