I was a compulsive gambler, and it was ruining my life.

I loved gambling, and it was becoming my whole life. I had done well in my business, but all the profits were being eaten up by my losses. I had won big, and I had lost big, but the losses were outstripping my winnings. High stakes poker was my game, and I made frequent trips to places where I could play at this level, which was often in back rooms in Las Vegas; but the best games and the highest stakes games were in a private establishment in Vegas.

The gambling was creating a major problem in my marriage. Most of my fights with Jan were centered around my gambling, and these fights were often bitter, ending with my promises to stop when I was losing, but that wasn't good enough for her. She wanted me to quit entirely, something I found impossible to do.

It was threatening my marriage, and the last thing I wanted was a divorce. Not only was she very beautiful, but she had inherited a good deal of money, which I was steadily working through. So I would plead, promise to reform, anything to get the heat off.

Lately, she insisted on accompanying me whenever I flew off to some city to gamble. She would also insist on being present at the poker games, thinking she would pull me out when it was apparent that I was losing heavily. Sometimes this worked, and sometimes it didn't, but often she modified my losses some, and when I was well ahead, she would also pull me out, and we would celebrate with champagne, and a great dinner.

Her insistence at being present at the poker games was somewhat of a problem, because even though she stood well back, she presented a distraction to the players. There were a couple of women present at our very private games, but their job was to serve food and drinks.

My wife was just standing there, dressed in her usual expensive clothes that hugged her beautiful figure, and causing the players to frequently glance at her. However, I think they balanced off the distraction factor against the opportunity to view a gorgeous women, with a figure and legs that were equal to any seen on the chorus line at the shows. It was clear from the covetous looks at her, that more than one would welcome her into their beds.

My wife tolerated their appraising glances, coolly returning them-not interested at all; and she was not the least bit upset, confiding to me one time that she hoped she was a sufficient distraction to interfere with the quality of their play. But these veteran gamblers knew what they were doing, and weren't about to be thrown off their game by the presence of a beautiful women.

Another consequence of my gambling was a decrease in interest in sex, and my wife was becoming bitter about this, more than once commenting that I was more interested in gambling than I was in her. But gambling provided my high, and there wasn't much room in my life for anything else, but I did find time now and then to become the loving husband I was supposed to be, but these times were infrequent and brief.

But to go on with my story. She was with me once again at the very private high stakes game in Vegas. The rules were simple; it was always draw poker, and it was cash-no cheques, no promissory notes, no promises to pay later. If you went broke you were out of the game, so I always made sure that I had plenty of cash when I went to these games.

On this particular night, there were six of us, and a lot of money was changing hands. I started the game with ten thousand cash, and I was bouncing up and down; at one point I was twenty thousand ahead, but then my luck was changing, and I was losing more than I was winning. I ignored my wife's pleas to leave the game, motioning her to be quiet.

I was down to my last three thousand when I was dealt four hearts king high, and a club. The betting was getting serious, but I stayed. Two dropped out, so four of us were still in when the last cards were dealt. I asked for one card, and it was another heart, so I had a flush, king high. I tried to show no emotion as I looked at my hand. One more dropped out as the betting began again. Of the other players, one asked for one card, and the other asked for two.

The betting was still serious, with each of us raising hundreds at a time, till finally I wasn't able to cover the last raise. I knew the rules, but I was sure that I had the winning hand. However, all promises to pay the next day, to write a cheque etc. fell on deaf ears.

Leaving my hand face down on the table, I went to Jan, pleading for any money, telling her I had a sure winner that I couldn't lose. She had only a few dollars.

Back at the table I offered my expensive watch, even my wedding ring, but was turned down by the players. Finally Carl, who was still in the game, looked at Jan, then at me and said, "There is one thing you could put in the pot. It's against my better principles, but you can stay in if you put your wife in the pot, that is if it's agreeable with Joe," the other player who was still in. Joe smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

"What do you mean?" But I knew what he meant; he meant that if I lost my wife would have to have sex with the winner.

Carl spelled it out so there was no misunderstanding. "The winner gets to service your wife-that's exactly what I mean."

"Oh no! No way that is going to happen! I am not going to make my body part of this game!" She was flushed and angry at the suggestion.

Everyone, even the two women who were serving drinks and food, were caught up in this turn of events-all were interested.

Carl said, "We're giving you a break, you can take it or get out of the game."

I said, "I have to talk to Jan," and again I placed my cards face down on the table and went to her, turned so I could watch that the other two players didn't try anything. In a hushed tone I said to her, "I don't want to put you in this position, but I've got a sure winner. You're not going to be taken by these men, not with the hand I've got. I would never ask you to do this if there was any other way."

"But you would be willing to bet your own wife; what if you're wrong; what if one of them has a better hand. Are you willing to risk it? Are you willing to wager your own wife, and if you lose I will be forced to have sex with one of them?"

"I wouldn't ask you if I wasn't sure that I had the best hand." She was tearful, and certainly a bit angry.

Then Joe said, "What's it to be?"

Carl added, "We are not going to wait all night for your decision!"

I pleaded with her. "There's almost ten thousand dollars in the pot, and I know I have a sure winner."

After some deliberation she said, "OK, but you better be right! I can't believe you would bet your own wife, and take a chance that I might have to have sex with one of those men."

I went back to the table and said that she agreed. Carl said, "OK, but I want her panties in the pot; then I'll know that she has done this voluntarily."

My wife refused, saying "I'm not going to take my panties off in front of all of you, and put them on the table. You're not going to humiliate me."

Carl said, "Alright, but something has to go in the pot as a gesture of good faith."

Joe said, "Let her put her wedding ring in the pot-we can go with that. That will mean that she agrees, and she will get the ring back after the hand is played."

Reluctantly my wife agreed, and placed her ring on the table with all the money.

Carl said it's show time, and I placed my cards on the table. Joe disgustedly threw his hand in, and then with a smile Carl laid his hand down-a full house. I couldn't believe it. I was shocked; but not as much as my wife.

Her mouth fell open, her eyes widening as she looked at the cards. "Oh no. I'm not going to do it!" She made a move towards the door, but Carl said, "Girls, hold her!" And they each grabbed an arm, preventing her escape. I moved to help, but I was prevented by a large, muscular black man who was always at our games; his job was to maintain order.

"No one is going to welch on a bet at our games." Carl was getting angry.

Now Jan was crying, pleading with them. "I will get the money for you when we get home." But her pleading fell on deaf ears. The two women holding her were thrilled, knowing that this haughty bitch was going to be thoroughly fucked by Carl, and maybe by some of the others. They were eagerly looking forward to her humiliation at the hands of these men, and they were eager to play a part.

Carl warned both of us not to resist, or some others would be involved. We both ignored his threat, each of us struggling to free ourselves, to get out of this place. Carl said, "It looks like neither of you are going to cooperate, and that's too bad, we don't want to force her, but we will if necessary. And also you are going to watch the scene since you are making a problem. And it will serve you right since you were willing to bet your own wife." Looking at the women holding my wife, he said "take her to the large bedroom."

Looking at Greg, the black man holding me, he said, "And take him also, and rope him in the armchair."

My wife was no match for these women, who pulled my struggling wife into the bedroom. I was also taken unceremoniously into the bedroom where Greg proceeded to rope me in the armchair, effectively immobilizing me. The men crowded in, with Carl leading the way.

Looking at the two women holding my wife, Carl said, "Show us a little leg." The women were only too happy to comply, but as one started to lift her skirt Jan struggled harder. The woman gripped her neck muscle and twisted, causing my wife to scream in pain. She started to raise my wife's skirt again, and once more she struggled, and once more the women twisted her muscle, another scream from my wife.

Carl said, "We can make this easy for you, or we can give you a lot of pain, the decision is yours, but be assured, the results will be the same."

Sobbing, my wife stopped struggling, and now the women were enjoying themselves, as they slowly started raising her skirt and lacy slip, exposing her thighs, then the tops of her stockings which were held by garter straps, lifting her clothes higher, her naked thighs exposed, finally her sheer white panties coming into view. Her face was red with embarrassment as the men were enjoying her humiliation, being slowly exposed, looking incredibly erotic as the women raised her skirt and slip fully, her body exposed now as far as her waist.

Carl said, "Turn her around, slowly." And they turned my now compliant wife half way around, her buttocks visible through the sheer panties. Taking their time, they unbuttoned her skirt, pulling the zipper down and sliding her skirt to her ankles. Her blouse was next, as they unbuttoned and removed it. She was standing there in her lacy bra and her sheer slip through which you could see the outline of her lovely legs and thighs. Tears were on her face, her body trembling as the men gazed at her, enjoying her plight.

The women looked at Carl for permission to go ahead, and he nodded. They undid her bra and removed it, exposing her beautiful breasts. Jan gasped as her breasts were exposed, instinctively covering them with her hands, but the girls pulled her hands away, pushing them to her sides. Carl nodded again, and the women pulled her lacy slip down and off. They slowly lowered her panties, her garter belt coming into view, my wife whimpering as they pushed her panties to her thighs, her vagina exposed, framed by bushy brown hair.

She looked incredibly erotic, standing there, her beautiful body on view to these men, as her lacy panties were pushed to her ankles, and removed. The women were thoroughly enjoying themselves, slowly stripping my lovely wife, enjoying her humiliation, displaying her lovely body to their gaze. They released her hair, letting it fall about her face, presenting her to Carl.

Standing there in her sheer stockings and garter belt, she looked more erotic than if she was totally naked. Voluptuous was an understatement; she was gorgeous. Carl began stripping, and he was soon naked, and sporting a very hard and very thick erection, which stood straight out from his body, the head huge and purple. My wife gasped when she saw it, and said, "Oh God! No! I can't take that! Please, I'm begging you! Don't do it to me!"

Carl just smiled, gazing at her beautiful body, her firm breasts, her lovely rounded hips and ass, and her long shapely legs: there was no mercy there. Pleading with him was useless; she was going to pay in full for her husbands losses.

"Put her on the bed." My wife began to struggle again, as the women, each holding an arm, pulled her on the bed, holding her down. She was no match for the women as they easily held her down, her legs kicking out as she was held on her back. She sobbed, realizing she was helpless; she stopped struggling but held her legs and thighs tight together.

Carl moved towards her, and said, "Get her legs open." Each woman grabbed a leg and began pulling her legs apart, keeping up a steady pressure till her muscles gave way, and with another sob her legs and thighs were pulled fully open, exposing the lips of her vagina, framed by her lush pubic hair.

The audience was delighted at the scene, my naked wife on her back with her beautiful legs wide open, as the women pulled her knees up, presenting her to Carl. He who took his time, enjoying the view of my helpless wife, so erotically exposed, her nylon clad thighs lifted and open for him, her cunt tilted up.

She was whimpering now, tears on her face as Carl moved over her, covering her, mounting her. One of the women took his cock in her hand and moved it against the red lips of her cunt; he began pushing into her. She was groaning now as she felt the intense pressure of his invading cock, beginning to stretch the entrance, increasing the pressure, her lips opening more, now pushing even more firmly till her muscles gave way, and he entered her, my wife crying out.

Moving back and forth, he gradually began filling her, his cock slowly disappearing into her vagina. Finally, with a strong push he fully impaled her on his cock, my wife again crying out, her body jerking as she was filled. He waited, holding his cock fully into her, then began a long slow thrusting.

She was moaning continuously now, as he fucked her slowly and powerfully, her body moving to his thrusts. The audience was thrilled. One of the women said, "He is really giving it to her. How does it feel honey? I bet you have never been this filled before. And your husband is getting an eye-full. I hope he appreciates your sacrifice."

One of the men said, "He is really servicing her; she's not going to forget this night." I could clearly see his cock moving back and forth is her, her vagina stretched tightly around his thrusting cock. Her moans became louder, and she was beginning to respond to him, her body flushed.

Her body betrayed her; she was becoming more and more aroused, unable to prevent the involuntary movements of her body. She was groaning now as he thrust faster and more powerfully into her, finally a shrill cry as her body began jerking, her legs folding over his thighs, gripping him as she was caught up in a shuddering climax. Carl gripped her ass with both hands; groaning, he erupted into her, holding her as he spurted, emptying his cock in her.

It was sometime before he pulled his softened cock from my ravished wife, leaving her spread-eagled, his semen leaking from her wet and reddened cunt, the lips gaping. As my wife was thoroughly fucked, there was no need for the women to hold her legs open anymore, as she surrendered to this stud, her body responding to him. Now she lay there, flushed and trembling, sobbing anew, tears on her cheeks, humiliated at the way she had responded to him.

Seeing her finally surrendering to this stud, serviced by him, responding against her will as he had his way with her; was unbelievably erotic. The audience was mesmerized.

One of the other men who had been in the game said, "What about us?"

Carl said "OK, you can share in my winnings, especially since they tried to welch on our bet. Go ahead."

My wife said, "Ooh no! No more!" Her eyes were wide and she was weeping, struggling again, to no avail, as the women moved in and held her firmly, delighted that this classy bitch was going to be thoroughly fucked again. They were grinning as they held her open for the next man, who moved into position between her legs.

Again my wife cried out as she was entered once more, this man thrusting into her till he too ejaculated into her. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as the next one entered her. The women didn't have to hold her legs any longer; she was weak, and they just stayed open, till he finally finished, adding his semen to the others. She was resigned, and just lay there as the next one mounted her, easily pushing into her stretched and open vagina, moving in her, and grunting, he soon added his sperm. Two more took their turn with my wife.

She lay open, spread-eagled, sobbing as the last one finished. My wife had surrendered, and been ravished by these men, and I had been forced to witness the whole thing. The women took special pleasure, holding her for these men, their eyes shining with excitement at the scene.

When they didn't have to hold my wife any more, they began tormenting me. They came over to me and began undoing my belt, pulling my zipper down, and between the two of them tugging away, they pulled down my pants and shorts till I was naked from the waist down. They were grinning as they began caressing my genitals.

One said, "How do you like seeing your wife thoroughly fucked by these studs. Looks like she got into it a little bit; that was quite a climax she had. Maybe this will cure you of gambling; this will teach you not to wager your wife." They continued there expert caresses trying to get me to respond as we watched my wife being serviced, and to my embarrassment, I was beginning to respond. The women were thrilled at this, and they redoubled their efforts, soon bringing me to a full erection.

One said, "It looks like you are enjoying your wife's seduction." They ignored my pleas and continued to work on me.

At this point, the last one had finished, and when he got up my wife got her panties and started to pull them on, thinking they were done with her. But then Greg said, "What about me? How about me getting a turn?" No one had thought about him, and now Carl said "why not."

Jan said, "Ooh no! No more! And not with any black man. Please, don't do any more. I can't take any more! Please let me go-I'm begging you!"

Suddenly everyone was interested at this turn of events, especially the women, who clearly would like to see her serviced by this black stud- to see her humbled further.

Carl smiled, saying, "Yes, I think Greg deserves a turn also. Get her ready!"

The girls went to my wife, who had pulled her panties on, and once again held my struggling, pleading wife. Greg said, "I'd like her on her hands and knees." The girls did just that, rolling her on her stomach, and pulling her up on her hands and knees. They pulled her panties down to her knees, and pulling her thighs apart, they presented her open cunt to Greg. He had stripped and now the audience was looking at a very large, very thick, and very hard cock.

My wife looked over her shoulder, glimpsing his erect cock which was now pointed at her, and she cried out again, saying "please, please don't. I can't take that!" But we all knew she was going to take it; Greg would certainly see to that. She was sobbing as he approached her, touching the large swollen and purplish head at the entrance of her vagina, my wife flinching as she felt his touch. He just held it at the entrance of her cunt, relishing her helplessness, letting her feel him as he pushed just a little, beginning to stretch her some.

Everyone was mesmerized at the scene: watching this black stud with this huge cock beginning to push into my helpless and whimpering wife. Her efforts to move away from him were ineffectual, as he gripped her hips, holding her against his cock, taking this beautiful white women on her hands and knees. He continued a steady pressure, stretching her entrance more, delighting at this slow insertion, gradually stretching her, enjoying her whimpering and sobbing. Pushing more powerfully he opened her fully, entering her, a shrill cry from my wife.

The girls didn't need to hold her now, as Greg controlled her, her beautiful rounded ass in the air, beginning to slowly fill her. They turned their attention to me again, once more expertly stroking me, arousing me till I was fully erect, delighting in forcing me to respond. "It seems that you are enjoying watching this stud have his way with your wife. How do you like being a cuckold? Serves you right, and he is servicing her pretty good."

It couldn't be a more erotic scene. I couldn't believe that I was aroused watching my own wife getting serviced by this stud. He was taking plenty of time with her, prolonging his pleasure, stroking into her with long slow thrusts, his cock wet and shiny with her juices. Each time he pulled almost fully out before pushing into her again, impaling her each time. Her moans changed to groans as he began increasing his thrusting, her breasts swaying, her body moving to his punishing cock, her cunt stretched fully.

Her groans and cries continued, increasing in volume as she began to respond to him, her body flushed. I couldn't believe she was responding to this stud, but she was. Everyone was thrilled as they watched my wife, hearing her shriek as her body stiffened, shuddering in the throes of her climax, Greg holding his cock fully into her. At that moment, they increased their stroking of my cock, and I came, spurting into the air, to the amusement of everyone. I couldn't have been more embarrassed, coming, as I watched my wife being ravished be this stud.

Finally her spasms subsided, and Greg began slowly moving his cock again. He was excited, making my wife come; he had perfect control. My wife said, "P-please, no more; I can't take any more!" He was heedless, enjoying himself, holding her hips firmly as he stroked powerfully into her, again taking a lot of time with her. His thrusts increased, to the cries and groans from my wife.

It was clear that Greg was nearing his orgasm, as his cock appeared to swell even more, fucking her so thoroughly and so deeply. He pulled her fully onto his cock as he shuddered, groaning as he came, spurting deep into her. Feeling his cock swelling in her, shooting into her, pulsating, she cried out and climaxed again. It was unbelievably erotic. Finally, he released her ravished body, my wife collapsing on the bed. It was over.

My wife lay there weeping, sobbing at how she had been taken, her body betraying her, being raped repeatedly, and responding, climaxing again and again as she was used, serviced be these men, her body responding against her will.

I was released and went to help my tearful wife dress, but she pushed me away, and slowly dressed herself. There was semen all over her pubic hair, matting it, semen running down her thighs and over her stocking tops. When she was finished dressing we were allowed to leave, but not before a lot of lewd remarks.

On the way to our hotel the recriminations began. She was still tearful, and between sobs she said, "Y-you bastard. Because of you I was fucked by these men. You had the winning hand, didn't you? And it wasn't the winning hand, and I let you talk me into it. Wagering my body. Well, I hope you're satisfied, watching your own wife getting fucked; getting used by those men, taken on my hands and knees by that black stud. Did you enjoy seeing those cocks going in and out of me, filling me with their semen. And they really stretched me out-I've never been this sore.

"Well, from what I saw, you enjoyed it. I heard a lot of moaning and groaning, and saw you bouncing around a lot, and you certainly came a few times."

"I couldn't help myself! I couldn't believe that I was taken like that, and responding to those men. Yes, I did come, but I noticed that you came also with those women working on you. So you must have enjoyed watching your wife getting serviced like that; watching those studs have their way with me. Yes, they really fucked me good, and you enjoyed it. How do you like being a cuckold? They really planted some horns on your head. If you had been taking care of me as you should have, instead of gambling, maybe I wouldn't have responded like that. And another thing, since it's a long time since you made love to me, I don't take birth control pills, so maybe those men got me pregnant."

"I couldn't control myself; it was so erotic watching them taking you. It was exciting, it was like watching another women, and then with those women working on me, I couldn't help myself either."

She was still tearful, and said, "We learned something about ourselves tonight. It will be a long time before either of us forget this night."



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