I was raised in a small upstate New York town. I remember this as though it happened only yesterday, even though it was almost 40 years ago! But it's a sexual secret that I was sworn to keep, and have until now.

At the time I was 13 and almost turned 14 years old. I had the normal young boy hormones and quite often relieved the pressure with masturbation. The closest I had come to real sex was in my dreams. In those days there were no panty hose. Women worn stockings and garter belts.

Whenever I accidentally spotted the tops of a woman's stockings attached to her garter belt or as some wore a girdle, it was sure to cause an erection. I don't know why, but I always found that and still do, as very sexy. Of course it was even sexier when the sighting was accidental and the woman didn't know you were looking.

The skirts back then were not very short and to see such a sight was a treat, and didn't happen that often. Women also wore stockings that had seams down the backs of them. I also found that very sexy, especially when a woman was very neat and had the seams exceptionally straight. Of course it was every woman's goal to keep them straight. That often afforded a view of a woman adjusting them.

At school, I was in what was called the "Safety Patrol." We would get out of class early enough to get our yellow belts and helmets on and be assigned to a street crossing to stop traffic for the intermediate school children as they got out of school.

There were quite a few posts where we were assigned. But my favorite was at the upper end of the school near the bus parking garage. The house right at the cross walk there belonged to the minister of our church. He lived there with his wife. She wasn't a playboy model or anything like that; in fact she was rather plain looking. But she had the most beautiful pair of legs I had ever seen!

In fact, now and then I would be treated to a shot of her legs as she drove up to her drive and got out of her car. She always waved to me and on more than one occasion came over and asked me about how my family was doing. When it was hot she often brought me a glass of lemonade and hot chocolate in the wintertime.

She always wore a dress or a skirt with high heels and nylons seamed down the back. The seams were as straight as an arrow, and her high heels sure displayed here muscular calves at their best. She also smelled so sexy with a light hint of perfume.

Needless to say I sported many an erection, even as we spoke. I always tried to stand sideways to hide my condition, but as I found out later, she knew it all along. She was also one of my many jerk off fantasies. I relieved myself of many a load of cream while picturing her gorgeous legs.

Then came the spring of the year and it was a very warm and pleasant spring. I was at my favorite station, when she pulled up into her driveway. I watched out of the corner of my eyes as she opened her door and swing her leg out. My Cock literally lurched in my pants as I saw her skirt raised to above her stocking tops. I saw the creamy white thighs above the stocking tops with the garter belt snaps.

By the time she had gotten out and smiled and waved in my direction, I was hard as a rock. I watched as she went into the house, wanting to grab my hard cock right then and there. After many agonizing minutes, it finally went down.

It wasn't long and she came out of the house. She had changed into a lighthouse dress and flat shoes, but she still had on her nylons. In front of her porch was a small flower garden. I watched in between stopping traffic for the kids crossing as she squatted and pulled some weeds from the garden.

She was always turned sideways so I wasn't able to see up her dress. I found myself wishing she would turn my way just once! Then just as it was time for me to leave the post, it happened! There was no one around but me and her. She turned her body towards me, affording me a clear view up her dress. I couldn't believe my eyes and nearly passed out, as my heart pounded rapidly in my chest.

There not 20 feet from me, I was looking up her dress! I saw her stocking tops and their snaps as plain as day. Then I did a double take as my eyes came to rest at the V of her crotch. HAIR! Beautiful Brown pussy hair with a pink slit barely open to my eyes! She had no NO Panties. I was staring at my first live vagina! I felt dizzy and like I would shoot off in my pants any second. I stared at the gorgeous sight for what seemed like several minutes. Painfully aware of my cock being harder than I can ever remember it being.

As my eyes finally tore themselves away from the sexy site, and came in contact with her eyes, I saw that she was looking straight at the bulge in my pants. Now at age 14 I wasn't any John Holmes in the cock Department, but an accurate measure of 6 «" Hard was my Legacy. I was also not circumcised. The foreskin was plenty loose enough to be pulled completely off of the head, without any problem. I could feel the pre-cum sticking the tip of my cock to my underwear.

Mrs. Turney (Her Name) Susan was her first name, Stood and started walking across the grass towards me. Just as she got to where I was standing, the school bell rang, indicating that we could go home for the day. She stood in front of me and made small talk about my family and how school was going. I had no way to hide my tenting pants and occasionally she would glance down at them.

She asked me if I had to be right home after school, and if I didn't there was a few things she wanted me to help her move in the house. I accepted apprehensively since my cock was still about to burst my zipper. I took off my safety patrol belt and helmet and followed her into the house.

Once up on the porch where no one could see, I quickly reached into my pants and slid my cock down and trapped it between my legs. It made me walk kind of funny but it didn't show. The act of rubbing between my thighs as I walked behind Susan into the house sure didn't help make it go down any.

I found out during our conversation that the Minister (her husband) was away at a seminar and wouldn't be back until the weekend. The things she had to have help moving around certainly could have been handled by her without my help. It was just a couch and a chair in the living room. Afterwards we sat at her kitchen table drinking a coke and talking.

She started asking me about any girlfriends, and slowly the conversation turned kind of sexually in nature. Then she sprung the surprise on me that floored me to being temporarily speechless.

"I saw that you had an erection while you were standing out there" "Does that happen often?"

"You can talk to me about those things, you know me well enough" She smiled and reached out and covered my hand on the table with hers. I admitted to having frequent erections.

She told me that it was normal for a boy of my age and I should not be ashamed of it. The tone of her voice and the friendly smiles did away with my embarrassment. So when she asked the next question it wasn't such a shock. "What do you do when you get an erection? Do you play with it? Do you masturbate?"

I admitted that I did, to which she seemed to moan slightly as she kept asking. "When you do it long enough do you ejaculate?"

I didn't understand the word and gave her a puzzled look. "Does white liquid squirt out of your Penis?" I only nodded as I felt my cock begin to stir in my pants.

My mouth was so dry; I had to take a sip of my coke as I heard her next question. "How often do you do it? A lot?" I answered yes. "Have you done it today?" As I shook my head no, I could feel my pre-cum oozing out of the head into my underwear.

Susan stood and moved her chair out away from the table and moved it a little closer to me. As she sat back down, she crossed her legs and leaned back in the chair. Her dress had ridden high enough to allow both of her stocking tops to show.

Ordinarily a woman would re-adjust her dress after crossing her legs, but she did not. I stared at the gorgeous site, feeling my cock twitch. This was like a dream, a beautiful jerk off dream, only it was real!

"You like my legs?" I nodded as I stared directly at her thighs encased in her nylons. "Have you seen a grown woman naked?" I nodded yes and she wanted to know who. When I told her I had seen my mother a few times, she smiled and said "Did you play with your penis after seeing her?"

I blushed as I answered her that I had. She moaned as she stood, and then slowly raised her dress to her waist! Not 3 feet away from me was her pussy framed by her garter belt. The soft brown hairs around it had moisture drops clinging from them. I could see her pink slit which was partially open. The lips glistened from wetness.

"Is this what made you hard, outside, when you looked up my dress and saw my vagina?" I could only nod, as my eyes wouldn't leave the site before me. Then to my disappointment she sat back down, but she didn't lower her skirt, nor did she cross her legs. In fact she spread her knees, allowing me full view of her pussy.

"I want you to stand up a minute," she again repeated it before I could tare my eyes away from her pussy and understood what she was saying. I slowly stood up in front of her. My cock tenting my zipper. Her eyes were fixed on my bulge as she said, "Take down your pants, I want to see your penis, Its only fair, you've seen my vagina."

The thought of exposing my hard cock to this beautiful woman, made my cock launch more pre-come as I unbuckled my belt and lowered my pants. There was a huge wet spot in my shorts. In a hoarse whisper she said, "Oh my! You are so excited, pull down your shorts for me." As I dropped my shorts, my cock sprang up and slapped my belly.

Susan Moaned, as she waved me forward to her with her hand. When I was just a foot away, she reached out and cupped my balls tenderly with her hand. She cradled my nut sack in her warm hand and said, "Mmmm, you have such a nice penis for your age, and your testicles feel so full of sperm."

She pulled back her hand and leaned back as she unbuttoned the top of her dress. Then she slid it off of her shoulders. I could see the creamy white tops of her breasts in her bra. Her nipples seemed huge as they poked into the bra fabric. "Do you want to see my Breasts?" She whispered hoarsely.

"Yes Oh Yes Please," I answered.

As she slid the cups of the bra forward and off of her breasts, my cock contracted and squeezed out more pre-cum, which dropped down on the floor. Her tits were something to behold. I had never in any magazine such a fine pair! They weren't huge, but nicely proportioned to her body. They were grapefruit sized in circumference. But what was noteworthy was the nipples. The Aureoles as big around as a coke can. The nipples were as thicker than my little finger, and they were at least _ or maybe even an inch long.

As she cupped them in her hands and took the nipples between her fingers, she let out a loud moan and whispered, "Show me how you play with your Penis Pleeeease."

As though in a trance, with my concentration now on her tits, my hand wrapped around my cock and pulled the foreskin back fully, exposing the head to her gaze. Her eyes were fixed on it as she moaned and said, "Ohhhhhh my, look at the head its all purple and so swollen."

I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched her hands leave her tits and extend towards my cock. Her left hand cradled my nut sack and her right replaced mine around my shaft!

The feeling to this day I can still feel if I think about it. The very first strange hands on my cock felt so good it was unbelievable. It was also too much for my sexually inexperienced system. As she slid my foreskin forward and then back again, I went off like a volcano.

My first spurt hit her in the throat and neck! She let out a screech and then I let out a loud scream at the next feeling in my cock! She had thrust her head forward and had my cock in her mouth, receiving my next spurt of sperm. Her hand kept my foreskin retracted and her tongue swirled around and around the bare head.

I reached down and had to place my hands on her shoulders to keep from collapsing. I had never before felt anything so delightful. Nor can I ever remember shooting so much sperm as I did then. Spurt after spurt launched from my cock into her mouth. It seemed like I would never stop shooting it. As I moaned and moaned with each spurt, so did she. I heard with each spurt a loud "MMmmmm," from her.

Then as the spurts started to subside, she went forward and took my entire cock in her mouth! Her hand under my balls stuffed them into her mouth also! This renewed several more strong spurts, which I didn't even know were left to give. As I looked down I could see her hand at her pussy, she had 3 fingers in herself and her thumb was massaging the top of her slit.

Suddenly she blew strong burst of air out around the sides of my cock and disengaged and leaned back, her eyes rolling back into their sockets as she moaned and moaned. Her hips thrusting forward on the chair violently. I was a little scared at her reaction, but found out later that she had climaxed while swallowing my cream.

Then she was totally still except for her thighs, which were twitching and trembling like crazy. Her breath was coming in sharp gasps. Her fingers still, but remained deep into herself. My cock was still dribbling long strands of my cum as it twitched, still feeling the effects of her mouth on it. Susan leaned forward and once again took me into her mouth. I had slowly begun to soften, but immediately my cock went rigid in her mouth.

She stopped and leaned back, "Did you like what I did to you with my mouth? Did it feel good?" Did it!!!! Wow, it was wonderful I told her. "Then would you like to make me feel good too?" I nodded as she instructed me to kneel between her legs. This brought me eye level with her hairy slit. The hairs around her pussy lips were glistening wet. The scent that came from between her legs was intoxicating; causing my cock to stiffen even more if that was possible. With her coaxing and instructions, I ate my first pussy.

She had me do it for quite some time and I loved it! Then as I captured her little button in my mouth and sucked like she told me to, her hips began to thrust. Her hands held my head close and her thighs closed around my face. She moaned and her breath once again began gasping as she continually thrust her pussy into my face. I continued sucking her until she pushed me away from her. My face was totally covered with her juices. I was hooked!! I loved eating every inch of her beautiful pussy.

She smiled at me, then reached down and wrapped her soft hand around my hard cock. "Oh my, he needs to be emptied again doesn't he?" She got up and we went into her bedroom with me following. She took her dress off while she had me strip naked and lay on the bed. She was so beautiful standing there at the side of the bed dressed in only her stockings and garter belt. She leaned over and took my cock into her mouth, and sucked it for a short time, before she got on the bed and straddled my hips. "Now you're going to feel a woman's vagina for the first time."

She held my cock tilted up to her hole as she slowly lowered herself down onto me. The feeling was incredible to say the least. Then I felt her muscles inside begin to massage my cock. Then she began to slowly pump up and down on me as she leaned forward and told me to suck her nipples. It didn't take long before I was ready to cum again. She must have sensed it also, because she quickened the pace and began moaning. "Yes, shoot inside of me sweetie, filled me up with your seed." That I did, as stream after stream jetted into her cavern. She moaned as I came in her but didn't get as excited as before. Then as I was still oozing into her I felt her finger massaging the "button" That she had me lick earlier, and shortly her pussy was doing all kind of contractions around my cock, keeping it hard. Then she screamed and her hips forced down on me hard as she climaxed around my cock.

She laid there on me for a minute or so then slowly slid off. She immediately took my soft cock into her mouth and began sucking it. In no time at all I was shooting another bunch of cream into her mouth at her urging. All in all it was an unbelievable day. But the best was yet to come.

Before she let me leave, she made me promise not to masturbate for the next few days. Her husband had called and was on the way home, so we would have to wait a few days to get together again. But she wanted me to have a "Full Load Of Sperm" for when we did do it again. It was very difficult, but I managed it. It was especially tough on That Sunday at church.

Susan was in the choir, and always wore a dress and high heels under her robe. There was enough leg showing to expose a good portion of her beautiful calves. I sat there with a hard-on most of the service, knowing what we had done. She on the other hand never once acknowledged my presence.

On Monday afternoon, I once again manned the street crossing in front of her house. Her car was gone from the driveway. Just before I was done for the day, the minister pulled into the drive, but Susan was not with him. I was disappointed to say the least.

On Tuesday it was the same thing only nobody was home. That night though I got a call from Susan. She asked me if I was alone and could talk. I was and told her so. She asked me if I had kept my word so far and not masturbated. I told her that I had and she seemed to moan over the phone. She told me that, the next day when I was done at the street crossing to come into her house through the back door.

I had a nearly constant hard-on during school, and while I stood at the crossing. Her car was in the driveway. When the bell finally rang, I walked up the drive to her back door and went into the kitchen. I heard her calling from the bedroom for me to come in there.

As I walked in I groaned out loud! She was laying on the bed totally naked with her beautiful legs spread and fingering herself for me. At her request I got undressed in record time.

"You kept your promise?"

"Yes," I told her as my hard cock bobbed in front of me.

"Come over here then."

I walked over to the side of the bed and she leaned forward and took me into her mouth as she fingered herself. It felt so good after not touching my cock in so many days that my staying power was short lived, and I shot stream after stream of my spunk into her sucking mouth. She climaxed as she drank it down and kept sucking.

I stayed hard as a rock, and began to get the feeling that I was going to squirt again soon. But she stopped before that point and told me to get on the bed with her.

She had me get between her legs and suck and lick her delicious pussy slit until her thighs trapped my head and almost suffocated me as she climaxed in my face. Once rested she slowly stroked my cock to hardness as we kissed and I sucked her long nipples. Then she reached for the nightstand drawer and retrieved a large jar of Vaseline from it.

She got between my legs and licked and sucked me hard. Then she pulled my foreskin down and smeared Vaseline on my cock. Then she wrapped her hand around the head and slowly slid her hand down to the base. GOD! What a feeling.

She did this a few times, and then turned around on her hands and knees with her beautiful ass towards me. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart. "Get behind me on your knees, I want you to put it in my anus."

I scooted up behind her and she reached down between her thighs and grabbed my cock and guided it to her brown hole. I felt the tip contact her there and then she pushed back as she told me to push. Pop! In went the head of my cock! It felt so hot and tight in her ass hole. It was a whole different feeling than in her mouth or pussy.

Once in we kept pushing until I was fully inside of her. Then I began thrusting in and out of her tight hole. She began moaning louder and louder, the closer I came to shooting off. Her hand was under her fingering at her pussy while I pumped into her ass. Then suddenly it hit me and I began to squirt like crazy inside of her.

She let out a scream and tightened her ass cheeks up and fell forward, taking me with her and causing me to nearly drive my nut sack into her ass hole. Penetrating her even deeper than I had been, caused another huge spurt from my cock.

It was Fantastic to say the least. I lay on top of her with my cock oozing into her as her whole body shook and trembled for at least 2 or 3 minutes.

Finally she relaxed and I was able to pull my softening cock out of her hole. We went into the bathroom and she washed my cock off with warm water, then sat on the toilet and while she pissed she sucked my cock until I shot another smaller load into her mouth. My whole summer was revolved around Susan. I was in love with her that was for sure.

During the times we could not meet, and if I was alone, she would call me and we would get each other off over the phone. On more than one occasion we would run into each other in a store, and she would take me out to a remote area and suck me off or let me fuck her.

Even our church picnic wasn't sacred. It was always held down by the lake. Seeing Susan in a bathing suit had me hard as hell most of the time. Once I was out floating on an inter tube, when she swam up to me. We were out away from every body else. She told me to flip over onto my stomach on the tube. She ducked under the tube and came up inside, where she could breath.

There floating on my stomach in full view of the church crowd, I received a wonderful blowjob to completion in her warm mouth. After which she swam away underwater and came up many yards from me with no one the wiser.

My love affair with Susan went on for over 2 years until I was nearly 17. By that time my cock had grown considerably and she loved it even more. To my knowledge nobody ever knew.

Then came the day in church when the minister announced that it was to be his last sermon. They had received and accepted another ministry, which was to send him and his wife as missionaries to a foreign country. I was heart broken terribly.

The night before they were to leave she called me and told me to meet her in a wooded section of town where we often met. There she let me have her mouth, pussy and ass hole for the final time. I still miss her today. God bless her wherever she may be, if she is still alive. We wrote to each other now and then, but lost track of each other when I graduate and went on to college.


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