Chapter 1


And a nice crack it was, too.

I had some fun up there myself, in due course -- we all did. But it was Ken who showed us the way.

Ken Moreland is a pretty good teacher, but he's a lousy human being. I can say this because he's a good friend of mine. I mean, he can do the job -- he can get the message across, and he's well up in his subject and all. But he really doesn't give a shit about the kids he teaches, and he's a bit of a bastard when it comes to relationships.

Ken teaches History at a comprehensive school in West London. For reasons which will become obvious, it's best to be vague about exactly where. It's a mixed sex school, and it has a sixth form, so the pupils range in age from eleven to eighteen. Ken teaches all the way through that age range, but sixth form teaching is highly prized because there are so few discipline problems, so he doesn't get very much of it: typically the heads of department make sure they get the lion's share before the rest of the timetabling even gets started.

What Ken does have is a lot of year nine groups -- thirteen to fourteen year olds. And in one of those groups, he has, or had until very recently, a girl named Dawn Clitheroe.

Dawn was a very pretty, very tasty little piece of cunt, just turned fourteen. She was absolutely fucking gorgeous: enormous blue eyes, naturally full lips and blonde hair with a slight curl which she wore halfway down her back. Plus a pair of tits which were normal- sized, which meant they looked colossal on her because she was the size of a button. Ken had noticed her a few times, because even though she didn't have much to say for herself she had a sort of presence -- and she was so cute, it was hard for him not to fantasies about fucking her. Don't get me wrong, he's not a pedophile -- not in any real sense. But he's got this to say on that subject: "you show me a man who doesn't get turned on by pubescent girls -- thirteen, fourteen, fifteen years old -- and I'll show you a queer or a fucking hypocrite."

Anyway, the point of this story is that Dawn stayed behind after a lesson a few weeks ago, and told Ken very shyly that she had something to tell him. Slowly, with a lot of blushing and hesitation, he got it out of her. The little slit had a crush on him.

Why the kid thought telling Ken about it would help, I never did find out. She knew it was crazy, but perhaps she wanted to hear him give the speech about feelings and growing up and how it's a phase that everyone has to go through. And he did say all that, but at the same time he was thinking. And what he was thinking about was getting into Dawn's pants.

After all, he thought, what the fuck? He's in loco parentis, which means he's not supposed to look after the kids and not take advantage of them, but this hot little bitch was practically lying down and spreading for him. And he's a guy, with the same urges as anybody else. So within about the first half-minute after Dawn told him her "news" he'd decided that he was going to fuck her if he possibly could.

So as he talked to her, he began to subtly change his tack. He shook his head, told Dawn that he blamed himself for all this -- because she was probably only picking up on the feelings that he had for her. He'd tried not to show it, but obviously she'd seen him looking at her, and she'd sensed the feelings behind those looks.

By this time, little Dawn was blushing all the way down past her tits. She'd never dreamed that Ken would respond to her like this, and he was turning the charm on so hard that she was swooning. The net result was that when he started kissing her on the lips and stroking her arse she really thought that this was some kind of star-crossed love, that it was meant to be, and a whole load of shit like that.

Ken has a practical turn of mind, even when he's horny, so he asked Dawn what time her parents were expecting her home. She didn't have much leeway -- not enough for him to take her somewhere and do the nasty in her, anyway -- so he kissed her some more, whispered some breathless words in her ear, and proposed a meeting after school the following Wednesday.

The point about Wednesday was that the school sometimes had gym practice on that night that went on for forty five minutes after normal lessons stopped. Dawn was to tell her mum and dad that there was a gym practice for that night -- then she and Ken could have a little quality time to themselves. Dawn was expecting some kisses and cuddles: Ken was fully intending to shag her until she couldn't walk.

It was a slow week for both of them, but Wednesday rolled around at last, and Ken slipped away at the end of the day to the sports block. Dawn was waiting for him in the girls' changing room, and she jumped up as he entered.

"Sir!" she said, smiling and blushing at the same time. "I thought you'd forgotten."

"No way," Ken assured her. "Dawn, I've been living for this moment all week."

He took her into his manly arms and kissed her passionately, until she was breathless and flustered. Then he got a hand up her skirt and started feeling up her cunt. Little Dawn gasped at the first contact, and she was trembling like a leaf as Ken started working her clit through her virginal white knickers.

"Oh Dawn," he murmured in her ear. "I've wanted this for so long. I don't know how I've managed, seeing you in class week after week and wanting to touch you."

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Dawn yelped like a puppy as Ken's expert fingers stroked her to arousal. He was good at this and of course Dawn had never experienced these particular sensations before, so it wasn't hard for him to get her all hot and bothered.

Then he made his move.

"Dawn," he said, "when a man and a woman love each other very much, they-- they have ways of showing their feelings with their bodies. There are things that they do to say 'I love you' without words."

"I know," Dawn gasped. "And I-- I want to, sir, but-- I'm-- I'm scared, too."

"Of course you are," said Ken, tweaking her love-bud some more and making her gasp and squeal. "But please, Dawn, say that you'll do it for me. That you'll show me how much you love me. I'll go mad, otherwise. I can't live without you! Please..."

"All-- all right!" Dawn whispered huskily.

Whereupon Ken laid her down on the bench and got his cock out. Dawn had never seen one before -- at least, not an adult one, fully erect and sticking out like a flagpole. Ken's is a serious piece of gristle, and the little girl stared at it a bit like a rabbit stares at a snake.

Ken leant over her and went back to stroking her through her pants. He knew that by now she'd be very aroused, and that she'd be very unused to the feelings he was creating in her. Dawn was panting and shuddering, and Ken gradually brought his massive hard- on closer and closer to her face as he worked on her. Eventually his knob-end brushed her lips, and as though it was her idea he said "Oh yes, my love! Please, use your mouth on me!" Then he shoved his glans and about three inches of his turgid shaft into her mouth.

This probably wasn't what Dawn thought her beloved was driving at when he talked about "saying I love you with your body" -- but be that as it may, she now had his penis in her mouth and it was clear that he expected her to do something with it. She licked timidly at the swollen glans, and Ken gave a very sincere moan of delight. Thus encouraged, Dawn did her best to fellate him, even though she had no idea what to do and probably had never even come across the technical term for what she was doing.

The little schoolgirl was clumsy and overly tentative: it was probably quite frightening for her to have a gigantic male member protruding from its owner's flies and into her mouth. Ken was giving her lots of positive feedback, "oh darling! Oh my love, that feels so good," but soon his lust got the better of him and he was shoving his dick into her face with grunts of delight.

Little Dawn probably felt a bit shell-shocked at this point. Her new boyfriend had gone more or less directly from sweet nothings to shagging her mouth. Ken has a very sizeable cock -- about nine and a half inches when fully erect, and very thick -- and it was a lot for a fourteen-year-old girl to cope with. Her eyes were big and wide as Ken relieved his lust on her pretty face.

Ken was in ecstasy. He loves oral sex, and (as mentioned above) he loves young girls: copulating with Dawn's sweet mouth as he juiced up her cunt was the best way of rounding off a working day that he could think of. Admittedly, it was a rather indelicate way of inducting the tender child into the mysteries of adult love -- but the very crudeness of what he was doing was part of the fun. He started wanking off with his knob still in her mouth, grunting and panting in lustful pleasure. "Oh fuck!" he groaned. "Dawn, this is great. Christ, keep on using your tongue. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"

All this while he was still working on her vagina and clitoris, and it's likely that the incredible, unfamiliar sensations between her legs were helping to keep Dawn more or less docile as her face was lewdly fucked. She was moaning around Ken's prong, squirming energetically, and her cunt was now soaking wet.

At no point had Ken penetrated her mouth very deeply -- his cock was quite big enough to choke her, and at this stage that might easily scare her off. But as he got more worked up, it got harder for him to hold back. He wanted to force his entire length into her mouth and down her throat; put his full weight into it and slam- fuck her gullet until he came. But he was sensible enough to realise that this might not be in his long- term interests.

Finally he came around and hauled her knickers off. Then he went down on her for a while, which had her almost sobbing in pleasure. He started in to sweet-talk her again. He loved her dearly, passionately, hopelessly, and he really had to shove his hard-on up her gash or he'd pine away and die. Dawn was a little scared, but she was also ferociously aroused: she put up only a token resistance as Ken spread her legs.

"Oh god, Dawn," he told her, "you've got the loveliest cunthole I've ever seen. It's like--" he groped for a synonym, because he was only coming out with all this shit to keep her off-balance while he fucked her. "-- it's like a little tender mouse," he finished up, and simultaneously he shoved two fingers up her crack.

This made Dawn cry out in shock, and perhaps a little pain, but she didn't try to stop him as he went on to finger-fuck her vigorously. He wanted to break her hymen this way, so that when he shoved his cock up her it would be less of a strain. He was soon rewarded by a sharp yelp from Dawn, and a slick of blood on his fingers: her cherry was busted, and there was nothing to stop him from humping her. Without preamble he climbed on top of her, told her that he loved her again, and shoved his stupendously erect cock up her vaginal slit.

Dawn would have screamed at the sudden pain and shock, but Ken had his wits about him and gagged her with his hand. "It's all right, it's all right!" he panted meaninglessly as he shagged away at her snatch. Dawn was shuddering and jerking, her eyes rolling back in her head. The sensations coming from between her legs were unlike anything she'd ever experienced in her fourteen years, and she was close to passing out as her virgin twat was brutally pounded by Ken's massive prong.

Again, this was a very cruel way to deflower a fourteen-year-old girl, but that was sort of the point. Ken was assuming that this was the only time he'd ever get to enjoy Dawn, so he was going to have as much fun as he could. Taking his hand off her mouth he replaced it with his own lips and kissed her hard as he slam- fucked her gash. Dawn was making little incoherent noises from the corners of her mouth: she seemed to be past the point of screaming now, but Ken was taking no chances.

He could feel his orgasm approaching. This was the tightest cunt he'd ever been in, and he was having the time of his life. He didn't try to hold back: he just groaned and shot his wad up the little girl's glory hole -- coming with such intensity that it was almost painful.

Then he climbed off her, thanking her effusively for showing him her love, for taking pity on him, for being so perfect and so womanly, and all this sort of bullshit.

Dawn didn't make much response, but that was probably because she was in a sort of mild shock. Her virgin pussy had just hosted a monster hard-on, and spunk mixed with blood was oozing out of her abused orifice as she lay gasping and trembling on the bench.

At this point, Ken did some emergency psychic surgery. He kissed Dawn some more -- a lot more -- and he told her again how much he loved her. "It's never been like that for me, Dawn," he told her. "Not with any woman, however old or experienced. You're a goddess. My goddess of love."

When he thought she was more or les recovered, he wiped her somewhat swollen genitals with a tissue and got her dressed. He wanted to get her out of there, and make sure she was home before anyone could start asking questions about where she was. To his alarm, though, she was walking with a definite limp. It wasn't surprising, after the punishment her gash had just taken, but it was a dead give-away. He made her walk around the changing room a little and practise a more natural gait, but it was clear she was in some discomfort. He'd just have to hope that her parents would put it down to her straining herself at games practice.

It was getting late. He swore undying love for her again, and embraced her gently but fervently. Little Dawn still seemed not to know what had hit her, but she responded to his loving caresses, and hugged him back with clumsy enthusiasm. Probably okay, he decided. Probably she would define this as an act of love rather than a rape, and wouldn't feel the need to tell anyone. Anyway, he'd just have to wait and see.

He drove her home, all the while talking and talking about how he loved her and needed her. She didn't say much in reply, and she squirmed in the seat quite a lot: her cunt must be really hurting now. He kissed her one last time and dropped her off: then he came round to my place to establish an alibi in case she blew the whistle on him when the shock wore off.

When Ken told me what he'd been up to, my response was unequivocal. "You dirty bastard!" I said, grinning broadly as I tossed him a beer.

"Yeah, it was a great fuck," he admitted, opening the can and modestly acknowledging my jealousy. "I might end up paying for it, though. If she tells her parents- - or if they ask her why she's limping--"

"You think she might be up for it again?" I asked, preferring to dwell on happy thoughts.

Ken shrugged. "Christ, I think not. I really fucked the shit out of her. If I don't lose my job, that'll be good enough for me."

He went into school the next day with some trepidation. Dawn was off sick, which was an ominous sign: if she'd woken up too stiff and sore to get out of bed, questions were going to be asked, and Dawn couldn't be relied on to lie convincingly.

On Friday he was meant to have that third year class for the last period of the day. He went into the lesson not knowing what to expect -- he wouldn't have been too surprised if there's been a couple of special branch officers sitting in the front row. But no, everything was as it should be: and there was dawn, sitting quietly at the back and blushing every time she made eye contact with him.

Ken got through the lesson somehow, and he held Dawn back on the pretext of going over some homework with her. As soon as the rest of the kids were out of the door, he went across and locked it and then came back to sweep Dawn into his arms and kiss her long and deep.

"I was so worried about you," he said, when their lips finally parted. "When you were away yesterday. I thought I might have hurt you when we made love. I know I got carried away--"

"It did hurt," said Dawn, flushing crimson. "Quite-- quite a lot. And it still does, but not so much now. I- - I didn't know that was what it was like. But you do love me, sir, don't you? You're not just--"

He didn't let her finish. "Dawn, I love you so much my head is spinning. I've had relationships before, but never like this. You're the only one for me."

As he was telling her this, he was measuring how long it was until the following Wednesday. Too long. If this stupid cunt was coming back for more after the way he'd abused her, it would be a sin not to get take advantage of what was being offered.

He half-coaxed, half-dragged her into the stationery cupboard and started groping her up. Then with many words of love he shoved her to her knees in front of her and got out his cock. Dawn knew this time what was expected of her, but she was a little taken aback by how forcefully and brusquely Ken stuffed his cock between her lips.

"Suck me, my angel," he murmured. "Suck me off."

Dawn was soon lapping and slurping at Ken's mighty prong, and getting better at it under his expert tutelage. He instructed her how to bob her head on the shaft, and how to use her tongue on the underside of his glans to stimulate him more. It felt fantastic to have this little whore orally worshipping his hard-on, and soon he was giving it to her in the face.

Dawn was a little dazed, but she didn't protest as Ken started to fuck her mouth, even though he was doing it with considerable force. Remembering his role, he panted "My darling! My love!" as he humped away at Dawn's pretty face.

I told you Ken was a bit of a bastard. With each thrust, now, he pushed more of his cock into Dawn's mouth. Soon he was choke-fucking her, pushing his knob past her tonsils into her gullet and making her gag and choke. He'd always wanted to do this to a woman, and the docile Dawn was the perfect partner for such a one- sided sex game. Though she panicked and tried to pull away, he held her head firmly between his hands and continued to force as much of his meat into her face as would go.

There was no way he was going to hold back. He had to cum in her mouth -- it was even a kindness, he told himself, given how sore her cunt must still be.

"Dawn," he panted, pumping and humping deep into her throat. "I love you so much I'm -- I'm going to give you my seed, in your mouth. It's what a man does when he really loves a woman. Okay?"

Dawn tried to answer, but since Ken was still fucking her hard in the face her words were muffled and inaudible. Anyway, it didn't matter what she said because he could feel the cum churning in his balls.

"Oh fuck, drink it!" Ken yelled, and he hosed Dawn's tonsils with his sperm. Jet after jet of spunk pumped from his knob onto the little girl's tongue. The salty, bitter taste of it startled her, and for a moment she didn't know how to react. But as the thick cum started to fill her mouth she reflexively swallowed, then immediately started to cough as it went down her crowded gullet the wrong way.

The cough wasn't a great success, because Ken's colossal hard-on was still very effectively blocking Dawn's mouth. Her face went purple, and she gurgled and spluttered on the huge shaft as she fought to swallow the errant semen and draw a breath. Still in the heights of ecstasy, and even quite enjoying her discomfort, Ken held her mercilessly onto his cock.

When he finally let her go she slithered weakly to the floor, coughing up spunk. More of the stuff drooled down her chin, because Ken had ejaculated very copiously and some of it had forced its way between her lips and his thrusting pole.

She looked as pretty as a picture, and with great presence of mind he took one. The cameras for the media studies lessons were kept in the stationery cupboard, and they were usually kept with film in. Stunned and half-choked, trying to get her breath back, Dawn didn't even notice the click of the shutter.

The little girl took a few minutes to fully recover from the oral rape, but it was a lot easier to clean her up this time. Ken told her again and again how special it had been for him -- how she was the first woman he'd ever done that to, and how he'd keep the precious memories forever. Then he made her come, very quickly but very skillfully, with his fingers and his tongue.

"Wednesday," he said to her as he unlocked the classroom door. "Come to me Wednesday, my sweetheart. I'll count the days."

Dawn walked unsteadily away down the corridor, and Ken very happily zipped up his flies. Then he took the camera down to the school darkroom...

"This is fucking incredible!" I exclaimed, staring at the photo. It was a perfectly framed close-up of Dawn's face, with her face slack and dazed, her eyes only half-open, and Ken's semen drooling down her chin.

"You're not wrong," he agreed. "Jesus, Mike, I actually choke-fucked the little bitch. I had my balls on her chin. It was the best ever."

But it was going to get better. A lot better.


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