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Mike smiled at the girl on the couch. She returned an inviting smile and he took a seat at her side, touching her from shoulder to thigh. He had always thought that Susan was the prettiest girl in his class, but he had never worked up the courage to tell her. He turned his face sideways and her face was right there, waiting to be kissed. So he did. He kissed her softly at first and then he moved his lips on hers and then he slipped his tongue in her mouth. He slid his hand across her flat tummy and cupped her full, soft breast. Her leg crossed his and nestled in his crotch against his erection. He began to hunch his cock against the hard muscles of her thigh. He didn't know what to concentrate on most, her mouth, her breast or the feel of his dick as it slid along her leg.

Mike awoke with a gasp. He rolled away from the pillow that he had been groping and probing with his aching cock. When he caught his breath, he smiled in the dark of his bedroom. That had been a pleasantly erotic dream. He hadn't thought of Susan in forever. He hadn't seen her since high school and that had been almost twenty years ago.

But the ache in his cock was more than sexual. He had to use the bathroom. He threw back the blankets and sat on the side of his bed. The only light in the room came from the glowing green numbers from a clock-radio. It told him that it was two in the morning. He groped his way to the bedroom door and opened it. The bathroom was just past his daughter's room and he was almost there when the bathroom door swung open and the hallway was bathed in blinding light.

"Uh," said Mike squinting his eyes shut against the light.

"Sorry Dad," said his daughter, Michelle. She slowly slid past him and then popped into her room.

Mike got over the toilet and reached down the front of his pajamas to pull out his cock. It was then that he realized that his fully erect member was already jutting from the opening. He snorted. Michelle had certainly gotten an eyeful. He was blessed in the penis department. By the time he had become her present age of sixteen, he had taken to laying a ruler along the top of his erection. Without any strain at all the tip of his cock would lay past the nine inch mark. The guys at school, who had seen him in the shower, had taken to calling him B.M. which stood for Big-Meat, a nickname that was the source of much pride and embarrassment.

Mike finished urinating and returned to bed. Should he tell his daughter that most guys weren't as well endowed as he was? Boy, he could just imagine that conversation. Or worse, did she already know from experience how big a normal penis was? She went out on dates. She was cute. Hell, she was beautiful when she bothered to dress up. He knew from his own horny teenage years that her dates would have constant erections. He could just see his little girl wrapping her fingers around a bulging cock and milking the cum out of it, or worse, stuffing it into her eager pussy. Mike rolled over and moaned into his pillow. He longed for the days when the biggest worry he had about his daughter was whether or not she was wearing her bike helmet.

Michelle settled into her bed. She had always known that her father was a good looking man. He stayed fit and trim, and her girlfriends were always telling her how sexy they thought he was. She could just imagine what they'd say if they knew that he was hung like a horse. She had seen only one other cock in the flesh and it had belonged to a past boyfriend named Johnny. Johnny and she had progressed quickly from a heavy make-out session on their first date to mutual masturbation on their second. After a few weeks they had moved on to steady sex. Given a generous measurement, Johnny's cock may have been six inches long. Michelle had taken to teasing him by asking, "Is it in yet?" Johnny would just growl and bang her pussy faster and harder. Their sex lives had ended when Johnny's father had taken a job a thousand miles away.

Michelle rolled over and fluffed her pillow into shape. She imagined her father's big cock belonging to Johnny. It would have looked like a third leg hanging from his thin frame. She began to feel a warm heaviness settle into her pussy. It would be nice to feel a cock like that filling and stretching her pussy lips wide and then sliding in, and in, and in even further. She began to dream with a smile on her face. In her dream, she was completely naked as she walked from her bedroom in the city house into the living room of their lakeside cabin. Johnny was there, sitting on the old couch, he was equally naked. A penis a big as his forearm jutted from his crotch.

"Where did you get that?" Michelle asked, nodding at his throbbing erection.

Johnny shrugged. "I'm taking those hormone pills you see on the Internet." He gave her one of his slow, sexy smiles that had won his way into her pants after only a few dates. "Would you like to try it out?"

Michelle couldn't deny the tingle in her pussy. "Yeah," she answered. She straddled his hips and tried to stuff the huge cock into her pussy. She swayed her hips and twisted and turned and tried to every way to get the thing between her wet lips, but nothing worked. "It's too big," she whined. "And the head's too soft."

"You're just not big enough yet, honey," said a voice much deeper than Johnny's.

Michelle looked up into her father's face. It didn't bother her in the least that he had taken Johnny's place. "Oh daddy," she said. "I was fully grown three years ago." She renewed her attack on the huge cock, but she finally had to settle for hunching her clit against its soft skin.

Michelle's eyes popped open. Her hips continued to sway back and forth, but there was no giant cock there. She had managed to gather the overstuffed comforter of her bed covers between her legs. She stopped moving when she realized that an orgasm wasn't going to show up any time soon.

The next morning Mike's mind was more at ease. He was driving Michelle to her private school before he went to work. The twenty minute drive gave them time to discuss their plans for the day. "I got a call from John Hardwick yesterday," he said. Hardwick was the principal at Michelle's school.

"What did he want?" asked Michelle, suddenly leery about what a principal might tell a parent. She was no angel, but she couldn't remember any deeds that would warrant a call from her principal to her father.

"He asked if I could help chaperone the dance tonight." The school was hosting a fall social event that night.

"Oh, that's cool," she said, relieved.

"You don't mind?"

"No," she said. "We can ride together."

"Don't tell me that you don't have a date?"

Michelle gave him a sly smile. "Well, I kind of told four or five guys that I would meet them there. I hope they don't complain when I just happen to walk in with the best-looking guy there."

"Hey, nice suck-up to the old man there, kid," laughed Mike as he pulled to a stop in front of the school.

"It's the truth," said Michelle. She reached over and squeezed the top of his thigh. "You are a very sexy guy." Before Mike could say anything she was out the door and on her way. Mike could still feel the heat of her hand on his leg. A little sexual tremor ran the length of his cock. Now what the hell was that all about? Late that same afternoon, Mike was pacing the floor at home. He checked his watch for the tenth time in the last five minutes. He was ready to leave for the dance but his daughter was still dressing. "Come on honey," he called. "I know it's a social faux pas, but we have to be there early."

"If you're waiting on me, you're backing up," said Michelle as she swept into the room.

Mike gave his daughter an appreciative look. Like her mother, she was almost six feet tall in her heels. But unlike her mother, who strove to stay stick-thin, Michelle had a much healthier look. Her sleeveless dress of smoky silver silk had thin straps above lacy trim that accented a large amount of cleavage. After hinting at a waist, the dress fell to half way down her thighs where the hem was trimmed in more lace. "That's a pretty slip, Michelle," said Mike. "Now why don't you hurry and put on a dress."

"Oh Daddy," said Michelle. "That's why they call it a slip dress." She took his arm and tucked it hard against her breast as she led him to their car.

Even through the combined layers of the fabric of his blazer, her dress and her bra, Mike could feel the mass of Michelle's breast move against his arm as they walked. I really need a date, he thought. I'm fixated on the feel of my daughter's breast, and I think my dick's half hard. His wife had walked out of his life three years ago and he hadn't had a woman since.

When they arrived at the school, Michelle and Mike were met at the door by Principal Hardwick. "Thanks for coming, Mike," said Hardwick. "And Michelle, you look very pretty in that dress."

"Thank you," she said to the principal, and then her eye was caught by someone's waving arm. "Dad, I see some friends. I'll talk to you later."

"OK, honey," said her father. The two men watched her walk away for a second and then turned to each other.

"They sure grow up fast," said Mike.

Hardwick laughed. "For me, they stay the same age; it's the faces that change." The two men chatted for a few minutes, and then they noticed a pretty, young lady as she approached. Hardwick greeted the woman and introduced her. "Mike, this is Joan Preston. She's been on our faculty since the summer session. I'm going to let her train you in the art and science of being a chaperone at our school."

"Hi," said Joan, giving Mike a friendly smile. She had brilliant, white teeth and short-cut straight blonde hair. She was wearing a narrow skirt cut a couple of inches above the knee and a form fitting red blouse that had a ruffle down the front. "Let me give you a tour," she said as she steered Mike into a room large enough to hold a couple of basketball courts.

"The dance is going to be in here," said Joan. "It's a multi-purpose room that's usually divided up into classrooms and activity areas. You can see that most of the curtains and room-dividers have been pushed to the walls to make way for the dance floor. They make for lots of nooks and crannies that the kids can hide in."

"Now why on earth would they want to hide?" asked Mike in a mock serious voice.

Joan laughed. "About what you'd expect. Some of them want to smoke. Although why they think they won't be noticed is beyond me. And some want to drink - they're pretty hard to catch. But most are couples who want to make out, or worse."

"Or worse?" said Mike.

Joan laughed again, tossing her hair off her pretty face. "Yeah, after several slow dances a lot of the guys and some of the girls are little sexual bombs eager to explode."

"In the old days we never did that sort of thing at school," said Mike.

"No? You were all good little boys and girls?"

Mike laughed. "Not really, we just waited until we were in our cars."

Joan gave him a sexy smile. "I bet you messed up a seat cover or two in your time."

Across the room, Michelle watched as her father and Ms. Preston walked and talked and laughed with one another. Michelle heard a voice from behind say, "Isn't that your father with Ms. Preston?"

She turned and saw that a friend of hers, Tommy Rice, was also looking at the couple. "Yeah, that's him. It looks like they're having fun." She and Tommy had known each other for years. She knew that Tommy had a crush on her that flared up from time to time. Michelle thought he was cute but he had a reputation as a geek, and she was at an age where coolness outweighed friendship by a wide margin.

Tommy turned to her and said, "You know, I've got something you might want to see."


"Come on," said Tommy. "The dance won't really get going for a while." They left the room and went down a hallway as if they were going to the bathrooms, but they went past that point, rounded a corner and entered the school's library. Tommy went to one of the library's computers and switched it on.

"You're not going to show me some porn site, are you?" asked Michelle. "I've seen all I want of women screwing animals, and everything but the kitchen sink stuck in a vagina."

Tommy chuckled as he typed and clicked. "No, it's more interesting than that."

She looked over Tommy's shoulder and saw a list of e- mails scrolling down the screen. "You're hacking somebody's e-mail?"

"Yeah, it's Hardwick's. He had me set up his account to filter out spam, and I left a backdoor so I could take a look."

She slapped him on the shoulder. "You'll get caught and expelled, or jailed."

"You mean old lady Smith will get arrested. That's who I'm signed on as."

Michelle had a mental picture of the obese and very snobby English teacher being led away in handcuffs. She giggled and said, "Can you make sure she gets caught?"

"Here it is," said Tommy. He clicked on one of the e- mails. "Read this."

Michelle peered over his shoulder at the screen. It read:

John, I was looking through a trade magazine this morning and saw that Joan Preston had joined your faculty. No doubt you saw that her last position was as an instructor over here at Harmon Junior College. I don't know what reason she gave you for leaving there, but it was a real scandal. This isn't a rumor; I got the story first hand from some of the people involved. It seems that cute little thing is a real sexual tiger. She was stringing along several of the richer male students. She collected more jewelry than the Queen of England, and there were very few weekends or holidays that she didn't spend in the arms of one stud or another somewhere very expensive.

She got away with it until she dropped one of the students who just happened to have an uncle on the board of directors. The young man ran to his uncle and an investigation ensued. The board fired her and threatened to invalidate her teaching credentials if she made a fuss. Well, Ms Preston knew exactly what she was doing. All the young men that she had 'dated' were adults, and what they had received for their presents and attention certainly didn't have anything to do with school work.

She threatened to take the board to court where she promised to testify in excruciating detail about what she had done with those students. By the time she was through with the board, she had received a year's severance pay and a glowing reference in return for her resignation. I doubt that she would try anything with the boys at your school, but I know there are a lot of wealthy fathers of those students who might think that she would be a pretty little thing to play with. I just wanted to give you a heads-up on Ms Preston. Now about our ongoing golf bet...

Michelle skipped the rest of the e-mail. "How about that? Ms. Preston is a real gold-digger."

"And your father's the mine she's picking at tonight," said Tommy. He hit a couple of keys and the printer next to the computer hummed into life. A few seconds later, he handed a printed copy of the e-mail to Michelle.

She took the paper, glanced at it, and then folded it neatly and put it away in her clutch. "Thanks," she said, "but come on, my father wouldn't be interested, she's not all that pretty."

"Are you kidding? She's the cause of half the hard-ons in school. Have you ever been in one of her classes?" Michelle shook her head. Tommy stood up and perched on the edge of the computer desk. "She starts out like this. She sits on a stool in front of the class. And she crosses her legs, like this."

Tommy gave his impression of a woman smoothing down her skirt and crossing her legs as she sat. "She starts to lecture, and then she really gets into what she's talking about and she switches legs and crosses them the other way." Tommy did so. "But like I said, she's really into it, so she forgets to pull down her skirt. Then guys start asking questions and she's squirming around on that stool. Pretty soon, the bottom of one of those short skirts she wears is practically in her lap, and oh-my-God does she have great legs."

Michelle felt a twinge of jealousy. Tommy was supposed to have a crush on her, not some old teacher who was pushing thirty. She stepped between his legs and trailed the tips of her fingers along his thighs. "Well thanks for the warning," she said as she tilted her head and lifted her face in invitation to a kiss.

The last time Tommy had kissed her he had smashed his lips on hers so hard she was afraid that he might loosen a tooth. But tonight he lightly pressed his lips on hers and only when she didn't pull away did he kiss more firmly.

Wow, who's been teaching him?, thought Michelle. It felt very natural when his tongue slipped into her mouth. She responded, and in a few seconds his hands were on her ass, pulling her closer. Their tongues played for a long minute as her hands moved around on his lap until she found something long and thick with a pounding pulse. "Still thinking about Ms Preston?" she asked as she began to pull away.

"Ms who?" he said with a wicked grin. He put his hand on hers and pressed it onto his rigid cock. "But how can I go back to the dance with this big bulge in my pants."

"Probably the same way you walk out of Ms. Preston's class with one," she said dryly.

"Oh, come on Michelle," pleaded Tommy. He slid her hand back and forth on his still-hidden cock.

Michelle measured the length of Tommy's cock as she allowed him to use her hand like some jerk-off toy. Wow, she thought, he's big. I wonder if he's as big as my father? Of course there was an easy way to find out. She used her free hand to unzip his pants.

"Oh, yeah," said Tommy. He eagerly helped her pull his rigid cock from the confines of his pants. In a second it was jutting obscenely from his fly. Maybe not quiet as big as Dad's, thought Michelle with some pride. She wrapped her fingers around his dick and started to jack him off with practiced ease. He certainly wasn't the first guy that she'd done this to. Her fingers bumped over the head of his thick member with a steady rhythm. Tommy pushed himself off the desk and spread his legs. He thrust out his hips to give Michelle plenty of room. In a couple of minutes he hissed. "I'm going to cum."

Michelle adroitly slid to one side as she quickened her hand job. She could feel his cock swell in her hand. Tommy grunted, and three health streams of milky white cum erupted from the tip of his cock to land on the library rug. Unfortunately, one last string of cum oozed over both Michelle's fingers and the head of Tommy's cock. The two teens froze in place, not wanting to soil their clothing. Their eyes met and they started laughing. "Now what do we do?" she asked.

Tommy reached inside his blazer, and with a flourish, he pulled a handkerchief from an inner pocket. "My stepmother always said to be prepared."

Michelle took the proffered cloth and cleaned the warm, slimy stuff from her fingers and Tommy's slightly wilted cock. "I don't think this is what your mom had in mind," she said as she carefully folded the handkerchief and handed it back to Tommy.

"You'd be surprised," he said, putting the handkerchief away.

Michelle started to ask him what that was supposed to mean when a sudden blare of music sounded in the distance and the two teens headed to the dance.

For almost two hours, Mike circumambulated the hall. He had faithfully checked behind drapes and partitions, but so far there were no misbehaving students to be found. He stepped behind yet another set of heavy curtains bunched near an outside wall. There was an open space there, but it was pretty much filled with stacks of chairs. He was about to move on when he heard a giggle from beyond a far set of curtains. He quietly sidestepped the chairs and pulled aside the curtains just enough to see what was going on.

He was not quiet surprised to find yet another hiding spot. This one was formed where the heavy wooden panels of a sliding partition were folded against the outer wall. A young man was standing in front of those panels. He had his head thrown back, his eyes were closed and a smile played on his lips. Mike's eyes moved downward and there he saw the young man's date. She was calmly sitting in a chair with her lips wrapped around his cock. Her head was moving back and forth in a steady rhythm. The boy had his hands on his hips, which twitched whenever the girl hit a particularly sensitive spot.

Mike felt his cock swell like a balloon. He knew that he ought to break up their little tryst, but they were going about things in such a very matter-of-fact manner that he hesitated. Clearly, the girl wasn't being forced. If anything, she looked downright enthusiastic. The boy suddenly took a deep breath and grimaced in ecstasy. "Oh, yeah," he sighed as he released his breath and jutted his hips forward.

The girl pumped her head a few more times, then took a long final pull on his cock. She sat back and his still-stiff member popped out of her mouth and waved in the air. It looked moist, but not messy. Clearly, the girl had taken care of his cum. She stood and Mike gave a silent snort of amazement. In her heels, the girl was more than a head taller than the boy. Not only that, she was drop-dead gorgeous. Why in the world was she sucking off this ordinary little shrimp of a guy, he wondered.

Mike stepped back and grabbed at his crotch. He rearranged his aching cock and gave it a couple of strokes through his pants. I sure could use a pair of soft lips like those stretched around my dick about now, he thought.

"Eddy, you've danced with every girl here but me," said the girl's petulant voice from the other side of the curtain.

"Yeah, Beth, but you're the one I'm going home with," said the boy. He sounded totally sure of himself. "Or I could get you off right here."

Oh wow, thought Mike. He's going to eat her pussy, or maybe the little stud is still hard and he's going to fuck her. Mike took a step back toward the crack in the curtains, but he froze when his foot struck a chair and sent it screeching across the floor. By the time he was able to take another peek, the young couple had fled. He turned to rejoin the dance when suddenly, the lights dimmed and the music took on a slower beat. It was so dark in the little alcove that he had to feel his way back to the dance floor.

Mike watched the couples slow dancing. The organizers had certainly poured on the atmosphere. The lights had been turned down low, except for a couple of spotlights that reflected off a mirrored ball that hung in the center of the room. He wondered about the couple he'd been watching just a minute ago. He found them a few minutes later. They were at a far edge of the dance floor. Mike wandered closer to the couple. Beth and Eddy they had called themselves, he remembered.

Mike moved slowly until he could see the young couple against a background of other dancers. They were the picture of awkward teen love. The taller girl had her tan arms around his neck. His face was nestled into her bare shoulder. The innocent picture changed as Mike's gaze lowered. He grinned and shook his head. Eddy's hand had lifted the front of Beth's short skirt and dived into her panties. Mike watched the muscles of her long legs ripple as the boy's finger swirled in her pussy.

Mike's cock had fallen to half-mast, but now he felt a fresh surge of hot blood. These kids are going to have me running to the restroom to jerk off, he admitted to himself. He had taken a step forward to break up the horny couple before they ended up fornicating on the dance floor, when Joan appeared at his side.

Mike glanced at Joan and said, "Look at that." He nodded at the young couple.

Joan sniggered. "We've been looking for horny kids in the nooks and crannies, and here they are, doing it on the dance floor." She squinted her eyes to get a better look at the couple, then Joan gasped and put her hand on Mike's arm. "I know those kids, they're cousins," she said in a scandalized voice.

"You're kidding, I better go break them up," said Mike. But before he had gone two steps, the girl seemed to stumble. She hugged the boy fiercely, and then just that quick, his hand was out of her panties and they were walking off the dance floor, hand in hand.

Mike turned back to Joan. She had her hand over her mouth and her eyes were crinkled in laughter. "I think you were too late," she said as Mike drew near.

Mike shrugged and shook his head. He smiled and said, "I think you're right."

Joan checked an expensive-looking gold watch on her wrist. "The dance is almost over. What say we two diligent chaperones take a turn around the dance floor?" she asked.

"OK," agreed Mike. He held out his hands in the conventional manner, and was surprised when Joan put both of hands on his shoulders and snuggled close. He put his hands on her waist and began to sway to the music. His erection throbbed against her rocking hips and never had a chance to fade away.

When the music stopped, Joan stepped back with a playful look in her eyes. "Thank you, that was very nice," she said.

"I enjoyed it too," agreed Mike.

"I know you did," she said with a laugh. Before Mike could respond, she continued, "Why don't you check out that area next to the storage closets for the divider panels?" She casually pointed in that direction with a finger under her chin.

"But I just came from..." Mike started to say, and then his voice trailed off when he saw the look in her eyes.

Across the dance floor Michelle watched as her father and Joan danced. Tommy, hands in his pockets, came to her side and nudged her with an elbow. "See?" he said. "She's moving in."

Michelle sounded annoyed when she said, "I guess you're right." She saw Joan point and then she watched as her father nodded his head in agreement, and then disappeared into one of the room's make-out spots. Michelle grabbed Tommy by the shoulder and said, "Go dance with Ms. Preston."

"What?" he said in surprise.

"I know you've got a thing for her. Go ask her to dance, and don't take no for an answer." She shoved him in the direction of the sexy blonde.

Mike could hardly see a thing. He found the chair that the girl had used to suck off her date earlier, and took a seat. He wiped his sweaty palms on his pant legs and took a deep breath. He felt as if he were fifteen and waiting on his first date. At least he thought that he had read Joan's meaning correctly. She was going to join him, wasn't she?

The curtains parted and Mike saw the faint outline of a feminine form before the curtains shut and all that he could see was a shadow moving in the gloom. He felt fingers on his shoulder and then a soft caress of his cheek. "Listen, I..." he started to say, but then he felt a finger across his lips.

Mike saw a dark shape before his face, and then he felt a pair of soft lips on his. The kiss was long and tender. He groped in the dark for the feminine body he knew was attached to those sensuous lips, but a hand stayed his arm. "Let me," said the faintest whisper of a voice.

Mike relaxed as much as he could in the bare, plastic chair. Hands worked at his zipper and in a second his cock was free. He felt fiery fingers wrap about his erection and begin a firm stroke. Her hair tickled his face, and its fragrance was somehow warm and comforting. He couldn't stay still. He was a second from crushing her body to his, when all the pent-up sexuality of the evening erupted from the tip of his cock. It felt as if he were practically pissing cum. She pressed his cock against his groin, and Mike felt his lap grow warm. Suddenly the curtains opened, closed, and then he was alone.

Aw shit, thought Mike, as he put away his cum-covered cock, she could have taken care of this load. He felt in his coat pocket for a handkerchief, but there was none to be found. He sighed; how was going to clean up his pants? A thought occurred to him. He pulled out his shirttails -- his shirt had a generous cut -- and cleaned up his pants as best he could. Mike buttoned his coat over the dark spot on his pants and made his way back to the dance floor. He decided that he could explain away any stains to spilled punch, and he would just have to ignore the squishy feelings in his pants.

Michelle appeared at his side as he returned to the dance floor. She put her arm through his and pulled herself close. "Can we go home, Dad?" she asked. "The dance is over and I don't feel good."

"What's the matter?" asked Mike as he patted her hand absently. He looked around for Joan, wondering where she could have gone. He finally found her. She was dancing with a student. Mike caught her eye as her partner turned her about. She turned the hand that rested on the boy's shoulder palm up, in a sort of shrugging gesture. Then she curled a finger about and pointed at the boy.

Mike frowned in confusion. What was all that hand waving supposed to signify? He felt a tug at his arm and Michelle said, "I think I'm going to be sick." Although she sounded more disgusted than weak and ill. Mike did his own version of sign language for Joan, gesturing first at Michelle and then the door. He could always get together with Joan later.

"I'm sorry, honey," said Mike. He began to lead them toward the door to the parking lot. "How was the dance, other than being sick?"

"Enlightening," she said warmly, as she snuggled her breast against his arm. "We'll have lots to talk about later."


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