Joan's Story


Joan Preston checked her watch as she entered the library at Harmon Junior College. She had an hour before teaching her next class. She wanted some peace and quiet, so she headed to the second floor of the library and one of the solitary study desks that were scattered among the stacks. She slipped a "Vogue" magazine from her bag and settled down to a quiet hour of reading.

"Hey babe," came a whisper from behind her shoulder.

Startled, Joan snapped her head around to see Mason Rouge, one of her former students, standing a few feet away. "Hello, Mason," she said, her voice was flat and emotionless. She turned back to her magazine and noisily snapped through several pages.

She felt a hand sliding from her shoulder to her forearm and Mason's breath on her ear. "I thought I'd find you here," he said softly. Joan suppressed a shiver. Mason had been one of her past lovers. Harmon Junior College was a jumping-off point for the well-to- do young men of the area who needed their education tweaked before they went on to more prestigious colleges. She took full advantage of her teaching position to meet and seduce the good looking ones who had money to burn. She provided ball-bursting sex, and they couldn't spend money on her fast enough.

Breaking off the relationships usually wasn't a problem. The studs moved on due to graduation, or due to the fact that Joan could be one cold bitch if she needed to be. But Mason had been the exception. He was devastatingly handsome as well as very rich. Plus, he knew how to fuck like a tireless machine. The problem was that he could cling like a suffocating vine. When he had begun to propose marriage, she had tried to be rid of him, but he wouldn't take loud, emphatic rejections for an answer.

"Have you resorted to stalking me, Mason?" she asked.

"I just wanted you to know that I'm graduating," he said.

"Oh really, did your uncle finally fix enough grades for you?" Mason wasn't much of a student, and she couldn't resist the barb. Mason's uncle, Talbot, was on the school's board of directors. The man was a fat lecher who had to depend on Mason's side of the family for his money.

Mason shrugged. "I'm not above using my family ties." He moved his hand to gently cup her breast and snuggled his mouth to her ear so that it tickled her when he said, "How about one last fuck for old time's sake."

Joan writhed in his grasp. She looked around to see if anyone was watching. "We broke off, Mason, let's just let it go at that."

His hand went to her knee and then slipped its way under her Donna Karen skirt. "Right here, right now," he said, "you know you like it when it's dangerous."

Joan felt a spasm in her pussy as she clasped her thighs around his hand. He knew how to push her buttons, but this was not the time or place, even if she were so inclined. "I'm not going to screw you in the middle of the library," she hissed.

"In the rare books section then, you can get us in." He ran the tip of his tongue along the line of her jaw.

Joan felt herself weakening. Her current boyfriend knew how to shower her with gifts, but he was a dud in bed. Mason, on the other hand, had a good-sized cock and he knew how to use it. "OK," she said, licking her lips, "one last time, and then we're out."

Mason followed Joan to the third floor of the library. Over the years, various alumni had donated hundreds of irreplaceable books, and they were kept in an area with limited access. Few people ever used the room. Any teacher had access, but only a few of the students could enter without authorization. Joan ran her school identification card through the reader of the electronic lock. There was a click, and then she and Mason were in the room. Mason took the lead and in a second they were out of sight amongst the shelves of old tomes.

Mason kissed her hungrily. He ran his hands all over her body and undid the one button that kept the top of her dress closed. He kissed down her neck and nuzzled her cleavage. He skillfully lifted one of her firm breasts from her demi-bra and ran his tongue over her erect nipple.

Joan clasped Mason's head to her sensitive tit. She steadied herself with her free hand while she lifted her foot to rest on one of the book shelves. Mason took the hint and lifted her skirt. His hand zeroed in on her pussy. He pushed and rubbed at the crotch of her panties until they were slick with her juices.

"You ready, baby?" panted Mason. "My dick's about to break off in my pants."

Joan didn't say anything. She just caressed Mason's back and shoulders as he frantically fumbled at his zipper. He pulled out his cock so that it thrust obscenely from his fly. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and gave it a couple of strokes. Clear precum oozed from the slit and dripped down his engorged dick. With a well-practiced move he sheathed his cock in an extra-large condom, and then he fervently threw up the hem of Joan's skirt.

Joan felt Mason pull aside the crotch of her panties with his finger. He looked awkward as he bent his knees, arched his back and thrust his hips forward, but then she felt the head of his cock on her pussy lips. With a masterful lunge, Mason shoved his cock upward into her sweet vagina and shoved his tongue down her throat.

Joan was overwhelmed. She couldn't catch her breath and she had to wrap her arms around Mason's shoulders to keep from falling. He lifted her entire body into the air with each thrust of his cock. Her clit was being thoroughly massaged, and she felt her orgasm surging upward.

Mason broke off their kiss and buried his face on her shoulder. His hot breath blew across her exposed breast. Joan felt the first hot, swell of her orgasm roll through her pussy. A few seconds later came the next pulse, stronger than the first. The surges through her cunt came faster and harder. Joan knew that sometimes the quick orgasms could be the sharpest and keenest. The next rush of sexual tension heaved her over the edge into a pussy-cramping cum. High pitched gasps escaped Joan's lips that were drawn back in a rictus of bliss. Seconds later, Mason shivered in her arms as he came.

"Let's go," said Mason as he looked at his watch. He had put away his shrunken cock and now he was almost dancing from one foot to the other with impatience.

Joan ran a finger under her bra strap to settle it into place. "Go on if you want," she told him, "I think I can find my way to the door." Mason stuck his hands in his pockets and flared his nostrils. Then he took a deep breath and sighed in the way that men do when they're forced to wait on a woman.

Joan smoothed her hair into place, and then motioned to Mason to lead the way. They were almost out of the rare books room when she heard the muffled thud of a book hitting a carpeted floor. She let the door swing shut, locking Mason on the outside as she turned back into the room. She heard his low voice and a tap on the door, but she ignored the sounds. She walked softly down the rows of books until she was just past the place where she and Mason had been fucking moments before. A large fat man was there. He was putting a book back on a shelf with one hand while holding what looked like a video camera in the other.

"Hello Talbot," said Joan. Her voice was calm and flat. Everything clicked into place for Joan. Mason's seduction had played out just as he had wanted it to. Now she had to find out what Mason and his uncle intended to do with the tape he'd just made.

"Hello Joan," said Talbot. He tucked the camera under his arm as if he were a football player about to charge through the line.

The stiletto heels of Joan's Jimmy Choos thudded into the carpet as she strode toward Talbot's fat figure. "What are you up to?" she asked, hands balled defiantly on her hips.

"Well," said Talbot, drawing out the word, "since you're here, you might as well know. Mason is desperately in love with you. He asked me for help in getting you back together again. I thought that some direct action in the form of blackmail would do the trick."


"Yes," said Talbot. "he's quite infatuated with you, although he thinks it's love."

"And I'm supposed to agree to some sort of relationship under this duress?" asked Joan in a scathing tone.

"It's either that, or I go to the board of directors with this tape," said Talbot.

Joan drew a long, thoughtful breath. "Well, I think that it was actually Mason who came up with this situation-comedy scheme, and you went along with it to keep whatever scraps his family throws your way. I guess he thinks that I'll run crying to him so that he can manfully handle the matter to my everlasting gratitude."

"No, no," said Talbot quickly, "it was all my doing."

Joan looked down for a second and then turned her attention back to Talbot. She said, "I see that you must have enjoyed our little show. There're cum stains on your pants. You should be more careful when you play the voyeur."

Talbot craned his head forward and down in a vain effort to see his pants over his enormous belly. What he did see was a flicker of movement just before Joan's open palm slammed into the side of his face. Through tear clouded eyes, he watched as Joan massaged her hand. "Tell that cowardly weasel that you call a nephew, that I'll rip his dick out by the roots if he ever comes near me again," she said. She turned and headed for the door.

"I'll break you," Talbot hissed through his aching jaw.

"Do your damnedest, you lecherous old asshole," she threw over her shoulder as she marched away.


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