It was at an antique car show that I met Lynn and I found myself liking her right away. Not only because she liked old cars, but because she was bright, witty, and fun to be with. This, of course, leaves out the fact that Lynn is a redhead, which was something that attracted me to her right away.

We'd met admiring a Packard (yes, a PACKARD!), who's hood was open to expose the massive straight-eight, gleaming in it's factory fresh paint scheme. We talked about the Packards, and just naturally moved over to bask alongside a 1941 Lincoln convertible, one of only about 300 made before the war stopped all auto production.

I suggested we sit in the shade near a concession stand and to my surprise, Lynn agreed. She walked over to get a table while I ordered some munchies for us. "Nachos sound just right." Lynn had said, so I stood in line watching her walk over a table. She wore acid-washed jeans that looked painted on, and she had a fine shape, one that any man would look at with admiration. Her hair, carrot colored, sparkled in the sun, radiant against the pale green of her blouse.

We talked about old cars, old movies, old furniture, and old houses. I had guessed her to be about 26 but was surprised when she told me her age.

"Seems strange doesn't it?" she asked. I asked her what seemed strange. "I'm only 21 and I'm infatuated with old movies, cars, houses and stuff."

Her age took me by surprise. She looked and acted much older. "Not really." I said, covering my surprise. "Some of us just appreciate things that were made to last. We're romantics I guess."

She smiled, her blue eyes looking at me intently. "I guess so. I do get kind of mushy over some movies."

This talk went on for a while and then we looked at more cars. After about an hour or so, I asked her if she was busy tonight.

"What'd you have in mind?" Lynn asked, leaning close to me.

"Dinner, some place quiet." I said. "And getting to know you better."

"Hmmm." Lynn started, giving me a wry look. "The old wine-and-dine her ploy, huh?" She gave me a stern look, then laughed. "Sure. Italian?"

"Great!" I said, happy that she agreed. "I do happen to know a nice Italian place across town from here."

"Sounds good." She said. "When do you want to go?"

We left about thirty minutes later, since I'd just walked past an old Studebaker Avanti R2, with the supercharged engine. Lynn liked it too, until she found out how much it was worth. I laughed at her reaction, and she told me that she'd never thought a 1960's car could be so valuable. As we walked towards the parking lot, my arm slipped around her back, and hers seemed to naturally slide around my waist. It felt fabulous.

Dinner was pleasant, and we both talked for over two hours. At one point Lynn said she had to make a phone call, and I kidded her about sneaking off to break another date. She laughed, then told me she was just calling her sister to let her know where she was. When she came back I jokingly said "There's another one like you at home?" Much to my surprise, Lynn said "Yes, my little twin sister." It turned out that her sister was a redhead too, and they looked a lot alike.

We had driven separate cars to the restaurant, and now I followed her home. We had found ourselves attracted to each other, casually friendly, yet there was a nervous electricity between us, as if we were both afraid to say what we both wanted. I pulled into the parking lot of her apartment building and met her by her car. Thinking I might end it all right here, I pulled her to me and kissed her, just as softly and romantically as I could.

Lynn responded quickly, melting into my arms and opening her mouth for my tongue. In seconds both of us felt the heated passions that had burned beneath that nervous electricity, the lusty desires for each other. When we parted, we looked into each other's eyes, knowing that this would be good. Very good.

We rode up the elevator, to the fifth floor. Walking down the hall, Lynn stopped short of her apartment and turned to me. She looked at me with a slight worried look, as if she needed to tell me something.

"What?" I asked, my hand sliding around her waist.

"I have to warn you about my sister." She said.

"Does she bite?" I replied.

"No." Lynn laughed, releasing the tension. "But she's not what you're thinking."

"How do you know what I'm thinking?" I asked.

"Well, she..." Lynn looked into my eyes. "Never mind. I want to see your reaction."

Lynn opened the door, inviting me in. Inside I could hear the music of a popular TV show playing, and the sound of ice in a glass. As we entered the apartment, another redhead came around the corner, wearing a pair of scruffy cutoffs and an overly large T-shirt with a "New Kids" logo on the front.

Lynn introduced me to Leslie, her little sister. I caught myself, and smiled, gracefully saying hello while trying to figure this out. For Leslie wasn't more than a month past her sixteenth birthday. Yet, for all her youth, she was just as sexy, alluring, and just as beautiful as her older sister. The resemblance was pronounced, right down to a similar freckle pattern on their cheeks.

"Well, you didn't seem too surprised." Lynn said.

"Did you see his eyes though?" Leslie giggled, a sound like music.

"I expected all sorts of flustering." Lynn smirked. "Care for a drink? I've got beer in the fridge."

"Beer's fine." I said. Leslie waved her hand and invited me to sit in the living room. The apartment was small, but neat and well done. Lynn came out and handed me the beer, then slipped into my lap, curling up and snuggling into me. Again, it felt great.

Lynn told Leslie about the car show, saying it was a shame Leslie had to work most of the day. Over the next hour or so, I found out that their parents had died two years ago, and that left Lynn to raise her sister. From appearances, she was doing a very good job of it. Leslie seemed to be much older, much more sophisticated than her years.

Leslie excused herself politely, leaving us alone for a few minutes. Lynn kissed me, a long passionate kiss that got my blood pounding, before she whispered into my ear.

"Would you like to stay the night?" Lynn breathed in my ear warmly.

"Yes." I said.

"Kiss me." Lynn said, and I did. As intensely and passionately as I could. Our tongues danced and my hands roamed, exploring her softly, doing things that would arouse her. We stopped when we heard the door open in the hallway. Leslie came back, flopping down on the sofa. It was Lynn's turn, and her departure left me feeling chilled without her warm body in my lap. I watched her walk down the hall and disappear. When I turned back towards Leslie, I could see that her eyes were firmly gazing at the bulge in my crotch. She glanced up and away quickly.

I asked Leslie if she was a New Kids fan, and she said she liked them but she also liked lots of other types of music. She asked me about groups like The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, and Chicago. We talked about Chicago's brassy horns with Leslie getting very animated about them. Lynn came back and joined us, adding to the conversation.

Finally, about ten o'clock, she told Leslie to get ready for bed. Over some mild protests Leslie left. As soon as she was in the bedroom, Lynn pulled me to her and kissed me. This kiss was one of passion too long restrained. Her tongue shot into my mouth and her hand caressed my chest urgently. Lynn was sitting on the arm of the chair, kissing me and rubbing my cock with desire, my right hand cupping one of her full breasts and squeezing it. We did this until my cock was ready to burst the seams of my jeans. Both of us were breathing heavily.

Leslie came out, almost catching us, to say goodnight. She wore a long, gray T-shirt with "Jamaica" on the front. The shirt hung down to mid thigh, showing off her fair, shapely legs. Her breasts were still small, but large enough to push the shirt away from her body. Lynn kissed her sister goodnight, a brief kiss. Leslie looked a little awkward for a moment, standing near me. "G'night." she said softly. "G'night." I said, giving her a wink. Leslie bent over and kissed me quickly, on the lips, and then strode off. As she went, she had glanced at her sister, and I'd seen her starting to blush. I was a bit surprised, a fact not lost on Lynn.

"She likes you." Lynn said. "She doesn't kiss just anybody." She added.

"I like her too." I said. "And her big sister."

"Just Like!?" Lynn protested. "Is that all I get?"

I laughed and pulled her into my lap, kissing her passionately. Our hands became wanderers over each other's bodies. My desire for her was increasing each second. Lynn had plenty of lusty passion, and she liked to enjoy what I gave her.

"Let's use the bedroom." I said softly. Lynn laughed.

"It's a one bedroom place." She said. "Unless you want Leslie to join us in bed."

The way she said it, the idea sounded as if she wouldn't mind it. I kissed her again, this time sliding my hand under her shirt to touch the soft, warm flesh of her breast.

"I love my tits sucked." Lynn said. "Suck them for me."

I wasted no time at all. Her tits were lovely pale half spheres, the size of cantaloupes. Nice and firm, with lovely pink nipples. I sucked each of her nipples, licking around them with my tongue. Lynn moaned softly, pulling my head against her breasts. It wasn't long before I had her blouse and bra on the floor, and was kissing my way down her stomach as she sprawled in my lap. I started to unbutton her pants, pulling the zipper down, getting excited anticipating the sight of her orangish bush.

Lynn slid off my lap, pulling off my shoes and then undoing my pants. She knelt topless, her tits rubbing the coarse denim of my jeans as she opened my pants and reached for my cock. Since I wear boxers she reached in easily, her hand finding my thick, hot shaft. Lynn let out a long, slow, breathy sigh when her hand couldn't wrap all the way around it. Once she pulled it out, she seemed utterly ecstatic.

"Ohhhh, God! You're so big and harrrrd!" she moaned softly.

I was hard, very hard. Seven inches of desire throbbed in her delicate hand. Lynn opened her mouth and went down, sucking me into her mouth, opening wide to get me in. Lynn's mouth was wet, warm, and soft, like velvet. She bobbed her head a few times, then licked the underside of my cock with her whole tongue. Her eyes were closed and she kept pressing me against her mouth, moaning softly the whole time.

She slipped off my jeans and shorts, then started unbuttoning my shirt. She stood, allowing me to wiggle her jeans down over her hips. Her panties, small and light blue, slid down too, revealing her neatly trimmed but still full, orange bush. Her pussy was beautiful and I told her so. Then I slid down onto my knees, kissing her navel while I helped her out of her clothes. She lifted each leg, bracing on my shoulder, and while she did, I held her calf and licked up the inside of her thighs towards her succulent pussy, stopping at the edge of her bush.

Now both of us naked, I pushed her onto her back and spread her legs wide, bending down towards her beautiful muff. Lynn's pink lips parted, her steamy fragrance filled my nostrils, and my head with lusty thoughts. As my tongue found her slit, she hissed and arched up, offering her cunt to me.

I teased her. Licking around her pussy, parting her lips with my tongue, stopping just shy of her clit. Licking the insides of her firm thighs, down to her knees and back. My hands squeezed the flair of her hips, kneading her soft, warm flesh and making her rock her pelvis up again.

"Oh! Where did you learn how to tease?" She said lustily. "Eat me, baby. Make me cum, please?"

Lynn gasped when I lifted her legs high, spreading her wide open, then dove into her cunt tongue-first. My tongue slithered in her sopping slit, then found her clit, buzzing around it quickly, teasing, flicking, sucking. Her hips rocked in a jerking motion, and I sensed her being close. I pushed two fingers into her slit, making her arch up and gasp. Her hips rocked in hard, thrusting motions, and I looked up over her heaving belly, watching her clench her tits tightly.

"Oh! Oh! Ohh! OHHH! OHHHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHnnnnmmmmmmmm!" she cried out, clamping her legs around my ears, shoving her dripping cunt into my face. I held her as she kept rocking her hips, her cunt muscles making her soft, wet slit pulse against my chin. Lynn moaned softly as she began to float in that warm, cloudy haze, jerking whenever my lips moved around her now very sensitive clit.

"Oh, thank you!" She sighed. "So goood! Ohhh!"

I caressed her gently, letting her float along, watching her caress her nipples and breasts. When I sat up, my chin felt cool from her creamy wetness and I wiped it off, winking at her as I licked it off my fingers. Lynn's juice is sweet, and so wonderfully tasty.

My cock was still rock hard, something not lost on her. It was her turn now, and she made me lay on the floor, while she slipped between my legs. Lynn looked up at me while she sucked the head into her mouth, her lips forming a sexy point as they stretched around my shaft. I watched my cock glisten as she came up, and felt her tongue flick back and forth underneath the head. She smiled and rolled her tongue back, drawing a line up the sensitive underside and coaxing my sperm up my cock.

Lynn knew how to use her tongue around the area where I'd been circumcised at birth, knew that it would be sensitive. Up and down, around and around, licking, sucking, taking more than half of me into her mouth, her saliva drooling down and wetting my balls. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensations she gave me.

Lynn moaned softly around my cock, her hot breath brought me close. She started licking faster, moving up and down quickly, fucking her mouth with my cock. She was really into it, getting up on her knees, ass in the air, mouth filled and sucking for my cum.

I was getting real close just thinking of how hot she was getting from sucking me off. I was on the edge, my hips rocking in time with her, her slick mouth begging for my jism. So, so close. I could hear her moaning in short, sharp moans, as if she were about to cum with me. That did it, and I felt a long string being pulled up my cock.

"I'mgonnacum!" I panted. "GonnaCummmmm!"

Lynn moaned, getting cut off as my sperm rushed up my cock and gushed into her mouth. She moaned between the spurts, forcing her head down until she gagged slightly, feeling my sperm splash against the back of her throat. I could feel each thick surge build up, then stream into her mouth, and the warm, wet sensation of her mouth filling with jism. Lynn seemed determined to cram my cock down her throat. I felt like I'd shot a gallon of thick white cum into her mouth.

Lynn was even hotter now, sucking my cock to get every drop. I lay on my back, legs wide, letting her make me twitch as she tightened her lips and sucked me one last time. She moaned loud, her mouth still filled with cum, then arched up, sitting upright, tossing her head back. I looked and saw her clutch her tits, her mouth open. She moaned slightly, causing a thick trickle of sperm to leak down both sides of her mouth. She paused and gulped down my wad of cum, then gasped. I looked down at her cunt, and I know my cock jerked back to hardness in record time.

Lynn's creamy white legs were spread wide, against my ankles, and between her legs I could see her younger sister's hair, her nose firmly buried in Lynn's bush! Leslie was sucking her sister's cunt, her hands reaching around and spreading her sister's cuntlips wide open. Wet, squishing noises came from Leslie's mouth and Lynn's cunt, and Lynn's hips moved lewdly as she came and came and came.

Finally, Lynn lifted up, her bush sopping wet with her cum and Leslie's saliva. Lynn sprawled out on top of me, sweating and panting as she laid her head on my chest. I was a surprised of course, and very hard. Leslie sat up, still wearing her long t-shirt, and caressed her sister's ass and back.

Without much warning, and without a word, Leslie moved her sister's ass over me, then grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down Lynn's slit. Lynn responded by arching her back, rotating her hips so I could enter her. Lynn moved down slowly, and I could feel Leslie's tongue licking the underside of my cock, even trying to shove her tongue up Lynn's cunt with my cock! Feeling hot, lusty, and incredibly wanton, I shoved my cock deep into Lynn, making her gasp.

"Oh, yeah!" Lynn said in a harsh voice. "Fuck me! Fuck my hot cunt."

I rammed her again, and this time Lynn slammed her ass down.

"Yes! Shove it up my cunt! Cram me full of cock. Hump me! Fuck me!"

We began moving in a hard, fast rhythm, and I could feel Leslie's hands all over both of us. I opened my eyes to see these sisters kissing each other, and Leslie licking my cum from Lynn's face. I reached over, sliding my hand between Leslie's legs and sliding two fingers into her small, tight, sopping snatch.

"Unnggh, yes!" Leslie hissed. "Fuck her. Cum in her cunt. Make her cunt drip with cum!"

"Fill me with your jism!" Lynn hissed. "I love your hot jizzzum!"

Leslie stripped off her long t-shirt, revealing her completely naked body to me, rocking her tight cunt on my probing fingers, cupping her small, firm tits, and breathing heavily.

I came again, a second time in ten minutes. These girls were incredibly hot. My cum rocketed into Lynn's twat, and I could feel her soft, slippy lips milking me, see her tongue over her upper teeth, her nipples standing like pencil erasers.

Leslie grabbed my cock and pulled me out of her sister's snatch, and I could hear her moaning as she sucked my hot cum out of Lynn's dripping twat. She licked my cock too, then shoved her smallish tits into her sister's slit, rubbing our juices all over her chest.

We all kissed each other, and I fingered Leslie into a nice orgasm, watching her lithe body undulate like a snake as she came. Lynn took us into the bedroom where we all climbed into bed together.

Leslie mounted my cock as soon as it was hard, and I knew that I was the biggest she'd ever had, even before she told me. We went slowly, so she could get used to it. Once she'd managed to rock up and down a few times, Leslie began a lusty fucking, her tight cunt even tighter than my own fist. Lynn straddled my face, and I licked and sucked her off, then watched as she crawled around and parted Leslie's ass cheeks, licking her little sister's asshole and cock-filled slit.

Leslie leaned down and kissed me, tasting her sister's fresh cunt-juices, and writhing against me wildly. Lynn licked my balls, then to make it even hotter for me, she crawled up and knelt behind her sister. Lynn's hips pressed against Leslie's ass, slowing her down, and she reached around, cupping her sister's little tits, licking Leslie's neck.

"Cum in her cunt." Lynn said. "Cum in my sister's tight, wet little cunt. Fill her slit full of your juicy cum."

Leslie and I both moaned. "FUCK my SLUT sister!" Lynn hissed. "Fuck this hot, bi whore. Drench her in sperm. Rub my cum all over her too!"

Leslie and I came, almost precisely at the same time. She shoved her cunt down as I thrust up. She yelped, then spasmed with my spurting cock. She gasped and cooed, shuddering as I splattered the insides of her young twat with my gushing sperm.

"YES! Oh baby!" Lynn cooed. "Cum on him! Feel his jism spurting in your snatch! You beautiful naked little bitch. Spread your legs for his cum! Cream his cum- filled cock!"

Lynn sprawled out next to us while we both floated along, holding each other tightly. Lynn's hands roamed over us both, caressing, soft, gentle. I looked at her and she smiled broadly.

"Yeah, now I know she likes you!" Lynn smiled. "So do I!"



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