Sally and her husband, Ned, and their friends, Pete and Mary, are high in the Rockies, tenting over a long weekend. They are down out of the hills now, back to the cars at the trailhead. It is a warm sunny day and the lake sparkles in the sun. It is late in the season but, even so, few of the tourist-types know this location, so they have the place to themselves for five miles in every direction as they load their gear back into the cars for the ride home.

Mary and Ned are both anxious to get to their respective homes; Mary is concerned about the kids and Ned about a presentation early the next morning. Sally suggests they take off with the stuff that is ready to load while she and Pete finish sorting and repacking the gear that is wet from a flash shower the night before. Pete is alone with his best friend's wife and the object of nearly all of his carnal fantasies.

The other two leave and Sally and Pete spread the tents and tarps out. Pete finds a bottle of Pinot Noir that has escaped the weekend carnage -- they open it and drink deeply while they wait for the tents to dry in the early afternoon sun.

Sally is a cheap drunk. Pretty soon she is tipsy and takes off her shoes and starts dancing in the water at the edge of the lake. Pete watches, bemused, sitting on a rock that jetties out into the water. He laughs at her foolishness and she feigns indignity, walking over and swatting his arm. They shadow box, laughing and Pete gives her a little shove that catches her off balance. She tumbles back into the water. She gets up laughing and nonplussed.

"Now I've got to dry off my sweatshirt and jeans, you bastard!" she scolds, "Now don't peek."

Without hesitation she peels off the gray sweatshirt. Only a white tee is underneath and it, too, is soaked through. In years of knowing her, this clear outline of her breasts and the chill-hardened nipples under the nearly transparent, clinging tee is the most he's seen, and it's great. Her tits are medium sized and shaped perfectly, much as he had imagined them in so many fantasies. They look firm and the nipples long on top of small aureoles.

Pete looks away as the sweatshirt pops over her head, so she doesn't catch him ogling. She throws the shirt on the shore and turns away from him to pull down her jeans. The panties haven't soaked through, but her backside is revealed fully as her underwear has run up her crack. Her ass cheeks are well shaped and proportionate to her body, not at all flabby. They touch each other, but don't slop across her crack in an unseemly mass. She turns toward him quickly and catches him looking.

"Naughty boy. I told you no peeking. Now you strip to your underwear, too, so it's fair." He hesitates a minute and figures, "Why not?"

He takes off his tee shirt and unbuckles his jeans. She splashes over to the rock and leans over to get his wine. (her cup is afloat in the lake). He gets a close view of her wet tee shirt stuck to her tits. It's hard to pull his jeans down over the swelling, but he manages, and sits back down on the rock, so he can cross his legs to hide his growing erection.

She offers him a drink, "Want some?" He knows he shouldn't say it, but can't stop himself.

"Some what?" he giggles a little.

She is ready to tease, revenge for the dunking maybe?

"This!" She sticks out her tongue and licks his lower lip -- she leans across him and sticks her tongue in his ear, her hard nipples press into his upper chest. His cock swells rapidly under her lingual ministrations. It jumps hard when he feels her tits press against his chest. She withdraws her tongue from his ear; laughing and stumbles back, flopping onto his lap. Her ass presses against his hard cock.

Sally whispers, "I'm sitting on something" and, rearing up reaches her hand down and grabs his cock. She realizes what she has and giggles embarrassedly. She doesn't let go immediately, though... she gives it another quick feel and whispers, "Jesus." Then she gets up off his lap.

He asks, "What do you mean by that?"

"By what?"

"You said 'Jesus.' How come?"

"Did I? I don't know."

"Come on Sally, what did you mean? A guy is sensitive about this stuff, you know"

"Well," she giggles, "It just seems really thick... I mean, you know, compared to what I'm used to." She claps her hand over her mouth. "Jesus, Pete, don't tell Ned I said that."

"Of course not."

She glances at his crotch. His cock is clearly outlined.

Pete asks, "You want to see it?"

She doesn't answer. He can see that she wants to, but doesn't want to say "yes."

He stands, a step closer to her, and pulls down his shorts.

Sally's gaze is riveted. Pete's cock stands straight up, pulsing a little from time to time. He reaches down and pulls the skin back. "Do you want to touch it again?"

Her mouth moves, but she says nothing. Again, he can tell she doesn't want to be responsible for the initiative. He steps toward her, takes her left wrist and moves her hand to his cock. She squeezes it gently at first then with greater force. She strokes her hand down the glans. Again she whispers, "Jesus."

Pete stretches out his hand and cups her left breast. She doesn't resist so he leans toward her and tongues her ear. She inhales sharply; her hand continues to lightly stroke his cock.

Pete slides his hand down her flat belly and into her underpants. Her legs stay closed for a while -- he figures this is the end of the line -- that would be fine, that she's touched his cock is enough to keep him going all winter, but he'd like to feel her pussy at least. Just when he is about to call it quits before she rebuffs him, she opens her thighs a little and Pete's fingers slip to her labia.

Her lips are damp -- not lake water... more oily. There is hardly any hair on her pussy from what he feels. Pete slides his middle finger between the labia ...it slides easily through that hot, slick trench. He moves his finger upward and strikes a prominent clit, already engorged. Sally sucks in her breath in a gasp as his finger, slick with cunt juice, gently and slowly slides across the slippery, stiffened organ.

Abruptly Sally pulls away. She doesn't let go of Pete's cock, but drags him by it, to the shore. She stops on a bed of pine needles and pulls off her tee shirt and panties. Pete can see the slit, barely covered with sparse hair. She takes his hand and lies down, pulling him toward her. Her legs spread and he falls between them. She reaches down and grabs his cock again, dragging it toward her cunt with her left hand as she opens the labia with her right. She pulls his cockhead toward her clit, Pete adjusting to her direction by sliding forward and balancing with his knees between hers and his hands on the ground beside her tits. She bends his cock toward her cunt, urging him down toward her.

When the tip of Pete's cock touches her clit, Sally inhales sharply -- a drop of his precum drips onto her clit. She pulls up his shaft, her firm grip gently twisting his cock skin on the shaft. Sally reverses her hand position on Pete's cock. She grabs it from underneath with her left hand. Her palm is on the front of his cock, thumb and forefinger grabbing the base of the shaft. Her delicate fingers are not quite able to touch around the biggest cock they have ever gripped.

She pushes the head down between her lips, rubbing it against the dripping hole. Pete tries to push in and can feel the pisshole of his cock nudging into her snug, hot hole. Sally slides on her back, away from the thrust, and moves the cockhead back up her slit, the head rubbing her clit. The entire arse is very wet now. Between her cunt juice, Pete's dripping precum and the savage forbidden cheating pleasure in the great outdoors, her trench and Pete's cock are soaked. She rubs the head against her clit. Pete helps by pumping a little. Her clit sits right in the grove of his cock and provides powerful stimulation...

Every 10 strokes or so she breaks the rhythm by pointing the cock back down between her cunt lips, to pick up more juice. Each time she does this Pete tries to shove his cock forward into her hole. A couple of times he feels the outer muscles begin to grip around his piss slit, but each time she slides away and moves the pulsing member, now thoroughly re-wettened, back to her own turgid organ.

Her clit on his frenum almost sends cum flying from Pete's cock a couple of times -- but, at the last crucial second, before Pete gets relief, she changes her grip or the position of his cock and quenches the stimulation (Deliberately? God, don't let her be cock- teasing now!). Sometimes she repositions him so that the back of his cockhead is sliding on the bottom of her clit.

Pete finds stimulation of that side of his glans almost painful, but it seems to be doing a lot for Sally. In fact, it is in this position that she starts moaning and thrusting her hips hard against Pete's cock. Her breath turns to panting and she lets out a long shudder and moans, her hips arched hard so that Pete can feel the end of her hard clit trying to slide into his pisshole.

Sally screams "Oh shit, Oh Jesus," over and over, shuddering and thrusting her clit against Pete's cock, which she holds in a death grip. It is kind of painful for Pete, but he endures it. It's not long before her frantic clit frigging with his dick slows and stops. She relaxes her arched back, stops shuddering and moaning. Pete sees the space between her tits flushed red, her nipples hard and her left hand wet and still gripping Pete's painfully distended member.

Sally lays flat on her back, completely spent. Her hand goes slack and releases Pete's cock. She is still breathing heavily, and smiles, completely satisfied. Now Pete needs help... badly. His cock is ready to burst from watching this beautiful, never-accessible woman cum, from seeing her perfect tits, and from feeling his cock against her dripping cunt hole and spasming clit.

She's relaxed in ecstasy, so he proceeds. He grabs his cock and drags it down her slit, positioning the now massive head at the tiny cunt hole. The hole is nearly swollen shut and dripping wet. He starts to slide in slowly, savoring and drawing out the moment of penetration. She is snug, but easy to pierce as she has girl cum still oozing from her vagina. Pete has slowly slipped the entire head into her when Sally abruptly opens her eyes with a startled look.

She slides her ass along the pine needles, and Pete's cock pops out of her steamy nest. Sally exclaims, "No, stop!"

Pete cannot believe it. She has already cum and now she CAN'T be planning to deny him -- that would be too much. This pisses him off a little. "Oh, no... no way, It's my turn! I'm ready to explode." He walks forward on his knees toward her, his rigid cock swaying in front.

Sally looks at his dick and slides further away, crossing her legs at the knees. "I'm sorry, but you can't. Ned and I are trying to get pregnant and I'm just starting a fertile stage you understand, don't you... I know it doesn't seem fair, but wasn't this fun for you, too?

Pete looks at her tits and his dick throbs again. He won't be denied. "Oh come on, Sally! I'm in pain here, I need help, badly and it's only fair."

She sort of whines back at him, "Well, can't you take care of it yourself, you've done that before, I'm sure." She chuckles, not intending to be derisive, but it stings him, nevertheless.

Pete is a little pissed off again. He takes a firm voice. "No, we've gone this far, It's only fair I get to fuck you."

"No, I told you, you'll knock me up, no way!"

"Alright, then, how about you use your mouth?"

Sally makes a face at this suggestion (uh oh... she's one of "those") "No way, I hate that, besides I can't even get my hand around that thing, much less my mouth," (again, the stinging laugh)

Pete crawls toward her, thrusting his hard cock toward her right hand, "Well, at least jerk me off."

"No, please, the mood is wrong now, besides can't you do that yourself? It won't be any different than me doing it. I'll go wait behind the car."

She starts to get up, but he's had enough, he thinks "damn it, at least a hand job, she owes me that." And without thinking much, he grabs her by the arm as she tries to stand up and pulls her hand toward his cock, coaxing, "Come on, Sally."

But she's firm now. "No," she practically spits the word, and stands up, bending to reach for her underpants.

Pete jumps up and slides his hand up between her legs, touching the dripping slot.

She jumps away, "I said "no" now leave me alone!"

Pete is in a fever now. He jumps forward and runs, bumps straight into her as she bends and puts her left leg into the panties. He throws her onto her back, laughing; pretending it's still playful.

She falls back, thighs open, and he flops onto her, between her legs, he slips up her body until his chest is pressed nearly on her face, her tits against his belly, mashed into him her nipples digging into his stomach. His cock, still soaked, slides against her dripping cunt, it skitters down her clit, and lower, through the trench of her labia, landing with a nudge at her cunt hole.

When she feels the cock starting to press, she screams, "NO! I told you, you'll get me pregnant, now don't be a jerk, you're crossing the line here, Pete!"

At this point, though, he won't be denied, he's helped her get off, he's swollen to the point of pain and her resistance is more stimulating than it is "off putting."

He ignores her and pushes forward, his cock is as thick and as hard as it has ever been and is trying to stretch her cunt muscles, which are very wet and hot, but still swollen and engorged from her orgasm. Just the opening of his cock is in her now -- if he were to cum this second the tight seal of her cunt over his cock tip would hold in every squirt, but even as excited as he is, he'll need a little more of her cunt before he'll cum, so he keeps pushing.

Now the frenum is starting to receive pleasant friction from the outer membranes of her cunt as the lower part of his cock's flanged head begins to slip into her tight, cum-slick cunt. He doesn't even have the whole of his cockhead in her yet, only the tip of his glans, but it slides in with the perfect amount of friction to coax the cum from his balls in no time flat. "Christ, I don't want to blow my load before I even get the head in!" he thinks.

Sally feels him gaining ground and starts to struggle and grunts, "You bastard, take it out!" And she puts her hand on his shoulders and tries to push him away. "Stop, Pete, you can't cum in me, I told you that." She wiggles her hips to try to slide out from under him.

That only makes her cunt twist around the half of his swollen knob that has sunk into her vulva and drives him to shove harder so that he doesn't slip out. Sally feels his renewed thrusting and the incredible stretching as Pete's shiny, rock hard glans pops all the way into her cunt. Now she's frantic, and, out of instinct, she bites his shoulder.

Pete starts at the pain and pulls away, in the process his cock head, which her cunt was trying to squeeze out already, slips back out of her. Sally takes the moment to get free and to slide out from under him, scrambling to turn and run. Pete moves quickly, though, and as she gets to her feet, his left hand shoots forward and grabs her panties, still dangling from her left ankle. She falls forward and he scrambles onto her back.

He holds her legs tightly and crawls his way up her body. He grabs her left ass; it's full in his hand, but firm as she exerts to escape. He pulls himself onto her back, until his cock comes flush with her cunt. His cock bumps against the juncture of her thighs and ass. It is dripping with her cunt juices and his leaking lubricants. It is painfully swollen and he needs relief badly and he intends to take that relief from her somehow. This erection will not be satisfied with his hand.

He grabs her wrists before she can think to keep them out of his reach. He twists them down, under her body, and locking them under her tits. He can feel her nipples, still swollen from her orgasm, against the backs of his hands as she squirms and struggles to escape his grip and the weight of his body on her back. It's hopeless though; she's so much smaller, it is not hard for him to hold her down.

She feels his cock sliding between her thighs and presses her legs tightly together, instinctively protecting her cunt from the penetration he wants so badly. His cock is wet and slick, the glans nestled in the juncture of her thighs and ass. He pushes his cock forward and down -- seeking reentry to her swollen cunt. She feels this and screams an incoherent, angry grunt, pinching her ass cheeks and thighs together more tightly.

Pete can only get his cock far enough to feel the base of her labia and a little cunt hair. She maintains the pressure; her thighs squeeze his cock. She is in good shape and her legs are so strong that he cannot get his cock to move between the tops of her thighs, it stays wedged at the wet entrance of her cunt. He pulls back a little (in the age-old, instinctive withdraw and thrust) and pushes again -- his cock pulls loose and skitters forward, scraping the back of her thigh tops, sliding between the lower parts of her butt cheeks.

Her ass is well muscled and strong and flexed, but there is a soft, snug space between them that his cock finds. There is little space between the cheeks for his cock to slide and to create the friction he desperately needs to relieve the massive load that has gathered in his groin. He feels the friction of the buttocks on the sides of his cock and slides the head in and out; his fluent precum and her juices making it slick enough for the friction to be pleasurable.

It's not quite enough to get him over the top, though; he needs that critical pressure on the underside of his glans. Her asscheeks aren't big enough to envelop his cock, especially in its current, bloated state. There isn't enough flesh to cover the head of his dick before he bumps hard against the wall of flesh between her ass cheeks. At least it's something, though, and he keeps up the thrusting and withdrawing, feeling the sparse but soft, warm ass cheeks on the sides of his glans and the bump of his piss slit against her ass crack.

Through all this, Sally is still struggling, even though he's nowhere near her cunt anymore. She can't keep her body rigid forever, though. She seems to be getting tired, or maybe just realizes that he can't get to her cunt like this and is convinced he has quieted down enough not to rape her and impregnate her.

Pete keeps rocking his cockhead against her ass, desperately looking for a culminating friction. The cum load is painful at the base of his cock, his balls feel five sizes too big and ache with heat and pressure. He keeps slamming futilely between her cheeks, each time bumping a little harder against the seam of her ass crack.

Sally's cunt juice which covered his cock, is smeared into her crack, supplemented with copious emissions of his lube, which are continually oozing from the tip of his grotesquely distended cock, it's hot, it's slippery and it feels okay, but he wants to feel that hot, wet cunt again.

Sally is still half heartedly moaning, protesting, calling him a bastard as she squeezes her thighs together to keep him from her cunt. Pete has gotten used to her protests and, in fact, they kind of excite him all the more so he's a little disappointed she's not still screaming at him. But that changes in a flash when she suddenly stops her protestations and tension as he presses his cock forward and it slips to a new position. She is silent for just a second though, then she screams near the top of her lungs, "NO! NO! NO! DON'T YOU DARE, YOU FUCKER!" and doubly renews her thrashing and screaming.

Now for a guy who knows his way around the assorted female orifices and enjoys one as much as another, it's amazing that Pete isn't immediately aware of what has riled her up again. He continues his instinctive thrust and withdraw motion, his cock doing his thinking for him and all it knows is that shift in position a moment before has provided the beginnings of the much-needed culminating sensation. He slides out a little and rams forward again and Sally screams, "I SAID NO! NOBODY'S DONE THAT TO ME AND YOU'RE NOT GOING TO START NOW!"

Now he realizes what she is talking about. He was certain he was in between her cunt and the other hole, just taking whatever her asscheeks could deliver for friction. Apparently, her holes are spaced a little differently then he is used to. He thinks, "Can it be?" And he shoves forward a little more to test the situation, yielding immediate shrieks from Sally, "NO NO NOOOOOO!"

As she screams at the new thrust, he realizes he can now feel, distinctively, a pinch on the very front of his cock -- right around the tiny hole. He pushes again, a little harder, and the pinching moves further down his cockhead, and Sally wails. "YOU'RE TOO FUCKING BIG TO FIT IN THERE. NOW STOP! I MEAN IT! IT REALLY HURTS!"

Once more, he shoves his dripping cockhead. Sally screams. No words this time, just the cry of an animal dying in pain and outrage, as he feels the hot, rubber- band-squeeze of her anus, stretching open to envelope the first half inch of his glans. He can just begin to feel the heat of her inner body on his pisshole. The realization makes his cock throb, swelling the already distended head and stretching Sally's untried anus a little more, she breathlessly screams "TAKE IT OUT, YOU BASTARD, YOU'RE HURTING ME! YOU'RE FUCKING KILLING ME!"

He unclenches his PC muscles and, as the head shrinks slightly, he shoves again, gaining another quarter inch or so, pushing Sally to cry out in agony as the widening glans stretches her virgin asshole even more. She is sure that she is ripping apart and can't begin to believe that the diameter of his cock will double if he keeps shoving. She's already stretched to agonizing proportions.

She renews her violent thrashing, trying to push his cock out and to crawl away from him. Pete has no problem holding her down, but it's a fight to keep the pressure of his cock in her ass. The breathlessly tight squeeze of her sphincter on the slick cockhead is trying to force him out as it is -- only a continual forward pressure allows him to stay in, much less to gain ground. Fortunately, (for Pete, but definitely not for Sally), she inadvertently helps the situation on several fronts.

First, her screaming is exciting him even more. Second, the precum is pouring out of him, into her hole, slicking the way. Finally and even better, she tries to pivot her hips downward in an attempt to swivel her asshole toward the ground and away from his cock. To do so she opens her thighs a little, giving her the play to move her hips but also giving Pete the room to move with her.

He slides forward and lifts her at the wrists. She is a short woman and his leverage picks her off the ground. She crashes back down, flopping forward onto her tits. As she does, her hips swivel back toward Pete and drives her ass hard onto his cock. In a flash he goes from three quarters of an inch in her ass to the entire distended head of his cock planted in her fundament. He feels the muscle ring snap behind the flange of his dick and feels the tight heat of her asshole on his cock hole.

The excruciating pain takes a half second to go from her ass to her brain to her mouth, but at that span, Sally is shrieking in agony as the widest part of his cock, just behind the head, is now stretching her asshole beyond anything she could have imagined. She screams, "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! OH JESUS! FUCK NO! YOU'RE RIPPING ME APART, YOU PRICK!" She is weeping now, tears on his forearms as he holds her wrists tightly and presses his dick further, bound to shoot his load deep into her body.


Her screaming is exciting, Pete responds with another push. The shaft is a little narrower after the first two inches, but this is no consolation to Sally. Her asshole may not be stretching any more, but every thrust fills her untrained colon with more hard, unyielding cock. It may not be wider, but it's deeper and more of her torso is packed with hot, fat dick. Pete can feel the tremendous heat and the soft squeeze of her inner colon. The anus still tight, almost painful around each succeeding centimeter of his prick shaft, but the cockhead and the ultra-sensitive frenum are in loose, hot bowel. He's determined to take the rest of her ass, but hits a snag.

He's halfway in now, and finding further penetration difficult, even a little painful. He realizes that the back half of his cock is dry and her tight ass ring is no longer slippery enough to allow easy passage. He pushes and can feel the tight anus press inward, but it does not move along his cock.

Sally is still shrieking and crying, "JESUS, NO! OH MY GOD, NOT THIS! OOOOWWWWW, NO, IT HURTS, IT HURTS! PLEASE TAKE IT OUT! IT'S TOO FUCKING BIG TO FIT IN THERE! NOOOOOOO!!" she has fallen face down, flat on the ground and is crying loudly, her thighs are spread. Pete can tell that her ass and his cock aren't wet enough to go any further, so he takes the opportunity, while she is limp and her thighs are open, to wet his cock again.

In one quick motion yanks his cock out of her ass with a "pop." He twists his hips downward, shoving his cock forward into her open cunt. He hears a "squish" as his dick slaps into her sodden pussy lips and shoves halfway into her sopping pussy in one quick thrust. Sally gasps at the change and cries in dismay as his turgid dick, straight from her asshole, rams halfway up her tight, unexpecting cunt. He pushes again and more of the dick penetrates toward her fertile womb.

She is relieved that his cock is out of her ass, though, and is willing to compromise. She gasps: "Okay, okay. You can fuck me. Just don't cum in me, please," in an afterthought she pleads, "and please don't hurt me anymore, please!"

Pete shoves again and his pubic mound slaps against her tender asshole as his balls swing forward and slam into her cunt hairs. He is finally all the way up her cunt. It's snugger than her ass on the inside, but nothing's as tight as that little asshole of hers and her cunt doesn't seem to be as hot. Nevertheless, he savors her wet pussy; soaking up the juices. He misses her pleading and whispers into her ear.

"What do you mean, 'don't hurt you anymore?'" he asks as he slides his pulsing dick slowly out of her cunt, so that only the dripping hole remains.

"What?" She doesn't get what he's asking. She is still feeling the throbbing of her asshole as it reverts to its normal tightness. She is placated by that and by the promising withdrawal of his wide dick from her cunt.

"What do you mean, 'Don't hurt me anymore'? What don't you want me to do?" He thrusts forward, causing her to grunt and gasp as his cock slams into her cervix, pushing into the tender uterus at the very depths of her cunt. Whoa! He's got to go slow... he's so hot and she's so fucking tight and swollen inside, he'll shoot if he even moves.

"I mean don't put it in there again. Please?"

"In where?" He slides out, very slowly, afraid a quick move will start what feels like a gallon of cum shooting out of his painfully swollen balls. "Don't put it in where?"

"In my other hole," she sobs this out.

He shoves in hard and stops as his cock hole bumps her cervix "What other hole? Say it, you cocktease!"

"My ass. My asshole." she whimpers

He holds still... he's on the verge of cumming in her cunt as she says the words.

"What about your asshole?" he taunts, "What don't you want me to do with your asshole?"

"I don't want you to fuck my asshole. Please!" Suddenly, she realizes he is getting off on this and it fills her with rage, she screams at him, "I DON'T WANT YOU TO FUCK MY ASSHOLE! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT ME TO SAY, YOU SHITHEAD? DON'T FUCK MY ASSHOLE WITH YOUR HARD COCK? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR?" Then she breaks down and cries again. "Please don't." She intended to enrage or embarrass him, but her words just make him hotter. "Okay," he says, "then I guess I'll cum in your cunt," and he starts to pull back his dick, restarting the fucking process.

"No" she chokes, 'Don't! Please -- you'll get me pregnant... don't. God, no!"

"Then I'll cum in your ass. Which is it? I guarantee you, it'll be one or the other." He shoves his cock deeply into her cunt, the stimulation excruciatingly close to putting him over the top.

"NOOOOOO!!!!" She starts to struggle again. She twists and struggles, her cunt twisting on his overly stimulated dick. He feels the throbbing start at the base of his dick as her cunt twists exquisitely on his sensitive glans.

"SALLY, STOP! RIGHT NOW, I'M WARNING YOU!" He tightens his hands on her wrists and yells, "lie absolutely still"

Something about his voice tells her to listen, "why should I?" she asks.

"Because, I'm ready to shoot my jizz up your cunt. My cock is halfway up your uterus. Feel that?" He flexes his cock, which is pressed into the entrance to her womb. She gasps.

"If you wiggle, even a little, I'll shoot before I'm ready and before I can get it out of your cunt. My cum will go straight up your cunt, and believe me, in the condition I'm in, it'll fill up whole cunt, all the way to the back."

She cries some more, scared he'll cum, scared she'll have to explain to Ned why the baby they've waited for isn't his.

"I promise I won't cum in your cunt, if you just lie still. Okay?"

Sobbing, "Okay, okay, please don't"

She lay perfectly still, scared by the logic of his request and the feeling of his cockhead deep in her cunt. By now his cock has started to relax a little, the immediate crisis had passed, but he is still rock hard, ready to shoot with the slightest stimulation, and, more importantly, very wet again, from the tip of his cockhead to the top of his balls. He knows exactly where to find the entrance to her ass now and he knows that the first couple of inches inside her rectum is already slippery with her cum and his cock lube. His whole cock is now dripping wet, he is ready to cum. But he'll keep his promise. He won't cum in her cunt, as much fun as that would be.

For years he's wanted her, has dreamt of the feeling of his cock in her mouth, in her cunt, in her ass. In his dreams he's had her every possible way. She's taunted him from his subconscious. Now he'll have her whether she likes it or not. He's promised not to cum in her cunt, but has made no such pledge for her asshole. Her cunt is great, but her ass is great, too, and her ass makes her scream and struggle in pain. It is the tightest hole he's ever been in and he's always wanted to rape a woman. That it is Sally, is even better, two long time fantasies for the price of one. He's sprayed a gallon of jizz thinking of her over the years. Now he's sure he'll spray that much again up her tight ass.

He whispers to her, "I'm going to slide out now, but you can't move. I'm very excited and afraid that I might shoot." He starts back, slowly, his cock swelling under the friction of her hot, wet cunt. He lets go of her left wrist and reaches for his cock, telling her, "Lie still, I'm squeezing it so it doesn't drip cum in your cunt." In fact he is squeezing it so that the head will swell to the largest size possible and so that he can aim accurately for what he is about to do.

He continues to slide out of her cunt until he can feel the muscle at her entrance start to snag at the flange of his cockhead, now huge and purple from his grip at the cock's base. He knows he'll have to move fast because she won't like this one bit.

In one motion he slides back so that his cock pops out of her vulva and immediately aims the head up and slides forward, the tip skitters up her ass crack and catches the ring of her sphincter. Her asshole has sealed back up since his first onslaught, it will be a tight squeeze again. He shoves with all his might. The entire head and two inches of the shaft slide past her steel-tight asshole in one thrust. Establishing a beachhead in her butt he swiftly grabs her wrist again as she begins a loud, extended wail that echoes across the lake.


Pete withdraws about an inch and Sally starts jerking like a fish on hook, almost throwing him out of her ass. Now that the whole head is in her super-tight sphincter works against her, holding firm behind the flange of his glans. He pushes again... The shaft, slicked with her cunt juices, slides in another three inches. Now there is only an inch left. He takes that last bit with one hard thrust. His pubic bone buries itself between her butt cheeks. He is in to the bottom, the very tip of his dick exploring virgin ass.


He listens to her screams as his cock throbs deep in her ass. The muscle pinched the base of his dick acts like a cock ring, causing the head to swell. His glans is in deep, gently squeezing part of her bowels. It is very hot around the head of his cock. Pete flexes his dick so that the head swells in her distended rectum.


"Okay, Sally. I'll take it out in a minute" He draws back his cock, so that only the head is in her ass She sighs in the relief, assuming he is withdrawing, but he goes on. "Sure I'll take it out... AS SOON AS I DUMP A HUGE LOAD OF CUM UP YOUR ASS!"

With these words, he rams it back in as hard as he can and she shrieks and half faints from the pain. Pete can feel the quick thrust drag her ass ring into her rectum before it starts sliding along his shaft and tightens its grip on the base of his cock.

Slowly, he slides back out again. She is still and whimpering, so he slides back until the flange snags on her sphincter. Slowly he pushes back in again enjoying the feel of her anus sliding down his cock, like a too- small condom being rolled down the shaft.

Sally is moaning now and whimpering, not fighting much, crying and moaning, "It hurts, it hurts so much."

Although Pete would like this to last forever, he's been ready to fire off for a half hour and has fantasized about cumming in Sally for far too long to hold back. It's getting downright painful, so he picks up the pace and starts thrusting all the way in and all the way back out, just the head remaining in her ass. As he picks up speed, the redoubled pain sparks Sally to fight some more, she struggles and screams.

"It hurts, you motherfucker, Pete. I'll cut off your balls, you bastard" Pete slams into her particularly quickly and her diatribe degrades to a scream, "OWWWWW!"

Pete holds her down tightly as he feels the cum starting to boil. He is thrusting at full length, now. Not even the head stays completely in her ass. On some withdrawal strokes his cock is sliding all the way out of her ass, popping free of Sally's abused sphincter. There's a lot of muscle left in her asshole and when he withdraws all the way the anus snaps shut, back to a tight seal. Each shove back in takes a little extra push to pry the hole back open, to drive the tip through the seal and widen the resilient hole back to the enormous width of his shining, purple cockhead.

Each time it pops out Sally goes "oh" in relief and then shrieks in agony as the hole is ripped open by the inevitable in-thrust. Pete is ready to shoot a huge load. He makes little thrusts now, his cock almost completely out of her taut body. He is enjoying the exquisitely tight friction of her anus directly on the head and the ultra-sensitive frenum of his cock. As the head pops into and out of her ass Sally screams loudly, her asshole is stretched repeatedly by his swelling cock just after it valiantly tries to slam shut behind his withdrawing glans. At this moment Pete would swear his cock is twice its normal size.

Sally's shrieking has turned to a steady, loud wail as Pete feels himself cross that point of no return. Now his cock will shoot jizz even if he pulls out and lets it dangle in the air. He is three thrusts away from the first wad shooting from his dick. Each of these three thrusts are full. Each time his cock pops out of her asshole then rams back in to the root.

In the middle of the second thrust, he let's go of her wrists and moves his left hand to her cunt, his right to her stomach. The right hand pulls her ass back against him, flattening the ass-cheeks and gaining still more territory in her colon for his swollen glans. The fingers of his left hand slide into her pussy. Four of them, all at once.

Immediately he feels the back of her cunt with his fingers and can feel his cock sliding on the other side of the thin wall to her ass. His knuckle adds extra stimulation to his frenum, like he needs it. His cock feels the fingers wiggle in her cunt. The heel of his hand presses on her clit, which is still hard.

She is screaming in time to his thrusts by now. "Fucker, fucker, fucker."

On the third thrust he starts to cum. His gland slides past the knuckles of his left hand as he withdraws completely out of her asshole. He squeezes her cunt flesh and plunges his cock back into her ass. The rim of her anus pries apart and he feels the rubber band tautness caress and milk the length of his cock. The frenum rubs across his knuckles as the first shot of sperm begins the trip up his cock.

It's a huge wad of cock juice... it almost hurts as it squeezes, like a rocket from his balls, to the slit on the end of his cock. He can actually feel the jizm wad pulse past the fingers of the hand in Sally's cunt. That first massive spurt gains speed and rockets toward her insides. Pete's right hand is pressing hard on Sally's belly, pulling her ass to him, spreading wide and mashing the cheeks hard against his groin. His cock is swelling in its orgasm and he'd swear he's so deep, his piss slit is just under her tits when the wad of cum swells the glans and spurts into her bowels.

Sally is screaming from new pain -- his cock in deeper than ever, he's pulling her ass to his cock... his cock is swelling to an even larger size, she can feel it clearly. On top of this, half his hand is up her cunt and is rubbing her clit. She bellows in pain as enough cum to fill a shot glass blasts out of the tiny hole at the end of Pete's dick and squirts deep into her hot, torn ass. It fills her colon with fluid and seems to extend the distension of her ass even more, as though Pete's cock had just gotten an inch deeper into her body.

Pete holds his shooting dick deep in her ass as shot after shot of hot cum squirts through his cock. There is so much jizm it is almost painful. Wad after wad fires deep into Sally's guts. The cockhead swells and shrinks as each blast of the slimy juice injects her colon. Pete has beat off to thoughts of Sally a dozen times, but all those loads together can't come close to the river of cum he is dumping up her ass now.

Fifteen shots of cum, in all... the last still vigorous and large...ten more throbs after that, dry, but pleasurable, as his cock begins to soften. As the cock shrinks, his cum flows back down her ass, bathing his shaft taking up the space the receding cock leaves behind.

He pulls away slowly, his hand out of her cunt and his cock from her ass. Her butt squeezes his softening member as he slides it out, wringing the last drops of jizm out of his cock-tube. The head snags on her asshole as he tries to withdraw. Despite its violent distention just moments before, her asshole is still incredibly snug and tugs his rapidly softening cock, stretching it a little before the head finally slides out, the suction dragging a blob of cum along with it. He looks down and sees the drop of jizm on her ass, knowing there's another pint still sloshing in her ass.

Sally is crying softly.

Pete's not sure what to do next when she says, "Please don't tell anybody about this."

She's begging him. It's perfect. She rolls over, her nipples are hard. Tears streak her face, "Promise?"

"Okay. But can we make a deal? Can I fuck your cunt once you're past this "pregnancy" thing?"

"Okay, just don't say anything to Ned, okay?"

"It's a deal. Now should we go?"

"Yes, since it's a "fertile" night, we have to fuck. Somehow it just won't seem the same."



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