It was close to closing time at the swim club, so I began collecting towels and straightening the chairs around the pool. The only other employee there was Cindy, who was leading a water aerobics class of around a dozen women. The women in the class sometimes brought their kids with them, and this time there were three little girls running around the club, two maybe ten years old, the other around twelve. While their mothers exercised, they swam around, practiced diving, sat on the grass talking and giggling.

Every so often I would go over to them and chat and joke around with them. They were real cuties, the best with long sparkling blond hair, tan, long skinny arms and legs, and a flat little chest that hadn't really begun to develop yet.

Another looked Hispanic, with dark brown hair and beautiful light brown skin, her little body not quite developed yet, like her friend.

The third was a year or two older, maybe eleven or twelve. She had just begun to develop tits, little bumps showing through the spandex of her bathing suit, but the rest nice and skinny like her two friends. I guessed she hadn't begun to grow any pubic hair yet, imaging a nice, smooth, neat little cunt under her swimsuit.

When I talked with them they all looked at me in that friendly, flirty way young girls do with older guys. They were such fuckable little things I always had a hard on around them, and I always hoped they would notice it, rubbing it briefly or pulling my shorts tightly across the front to make it stand out, but they never seemed to notice it.

As I cleaned up I watched the three girls wandering around, my dick throbbing. They walked by the building that contained the changing rooms, and was surprised to see them go around the left side. The only thing on that side was the entrance to the men's locker room. The women in the pool were all facing the other way, so I went over and looked around the corner, and saw that the girls must have gone into the men's changing room.

I figured they must have gone in just to snoop around, probably daring each other to, and after thinking a second, my heart started pounding -- this would be a perfect chance to show the little girls my dick. There were no other guys at the club, so I would have them in there all to myself.

The door to the changing room wasn't visible from the pool, so as I went around the corner I pulled off my tee shirt then slipped off my shorts, my stiff dick springing out. I stood outside the door for a second, standing there naked and stroking the length of my hard-on, thinking how great this was. The girls couldn't go to their mommies and tell them that a guy stuck his thing out at them, considering they were snooping around in the men's changing room.

With my dick absolutely rock hard and pounding in anticipation, I took a deep breath and walked in. The girls had been about to leave, maybe five feet from the door when I walked in on them. The three stopped suddenly with a jump and a gasp, and I watched their faces carefully as each one caught sight of my big hard dick, their eyes widening in surprise, going from my dick, up to my face, then back down to my dick.

"What are you guys doing in here?" I said.

Still in shock, the three little girls not able to tear their gazes from my big stiff hard-on, the oldest one managed to squeak out, "Um... we... we were just looking around."

To get them relaxed a little I laughed like it was no big deal. "You were just snooping around? That's cool, I won't tell anyone." That seemed to calm them down a little. They didn't seem so afraid, and the oldest, with her little twelve year old tits, managed a nervous giggle as she looked at me, but the other two, skinny little ten year olds, were staring, completely mesmerized by the sight of my long, thick erection, which was as big and hard as it's ever been, with the veins really bulging out.

I was standing in the doorway to keep the girls from leaving, and I suddenly got an idea to keep them there a little longer. "Hang on -- I'll check outside to make sure it's OK for you to leave." I turned to the side to look out the door, giving the three little preteen girls a good look at the length of my dick.

They looked on in wide eyed amazement, like they couldn't believe the size of it. (Okay, it's just over six inches long, but to these girls, I had the hugest one in the whole world) I said, "The gardener is trimming the hedges right outside. You'd better wait till he's gone. It should just be a few minutes."

Now I had them. I walked over to my locker and tossed my tee shirt and shorts in, and took out my towel. With the three little cuties standing there, each taking a long look at my hard-on, peeking up at my face, then looking back down, I casually tossed the towel over my shoulder, acting like it was no big deal, like I showed my dick off to preteen girls every day. "So, where do you girls go to school?"

Again, the oldest of the three was the one to speak up. "Um, I... I go to San Vincente jr. high, and they, um, they go to Baker elementary."

"You have fun there?"

"It's okay, I guess," she said with a shy nervous little laugh, taking a peek at my dick then looking shyly away. The other two weren't even paying attention to the conversation, absolutely entranced by the sight of the big stiff rod sticking out.

I said, "Listen, I'll take a quick shower, then I'll check to see if it's okay for you to leave. Be right back." I went around the corner into the showers and let out a groan, thinking how fantastic this was. I turned on the water and let it run over me, lightly stroking my dick. It was so hard, visibly throbbing up and down, I was afraid I would come if I stroked it too hard. I imagined myself walking out to the girls and ordering each on to jerk my dick off, each of them taking turns with their soft little hands till I came, spurting jet after jet of cum over all three of the girls. Now my dick was so hard I was afraid I was going to start coming even without touching it.

Turning off the shower, I peeked around the corner. The girls had all sat down on the wooden bench that ran the length of the changing room, their faces close to each other, whispering excitedly. I came around the corner, drying myself off, like there was nothing unusual about ten and twelve year old girls being alone with a guy who had a hard on sticking out. "After I dry myself off I'll check to see if it's okay for you to leave.

The girls seemed a little more relaxed, so I decided to push things a little further. Turning in profile to the girls, I held onto the base and wagged my dick up and down for the girls. "You guys ever see anything like that before?" The three exploded in giggles, looking at one another, then back at me, their eyes wide in wonder.

"It gets really big and sticks out straight like this when a guy's looking at pretty girls, especially if they're not wearing much, like your moms out there in the swimming pool. Have you ever heard of a guy getting a hard on?" They all nodded. "Well, that's what it looks like. What do you guys think -- pretty big, huh?" They all exploded in giggles again, a little more relaxed about staring at it.

I couldn't fucking stand it any longer. I had to jerk off right now. Going over to the door, I peeked out. "Okay, girls, all clear. You can get out now." They all got up and trotted quickly out, each taking a long last look at my dick as they went past me.

I quickly grabbed my pounding hard on and began jerking. I walked over to where the girls had been sitting, picturing the three little preteens, imagining each taking turns sucking my dick, the lips of their delicate little mouths stretched around the thick shaft. Pounding away, it wasn't more than a couple of minutes before I let out a groan and shot a huge spurt of cum against the opposite wall. With another groan I lay down on the bench, thinking about what an incredible experience that had just been.

Finally, I got up and got dressed. I went out and saw the three girls waiting for their moms by the door of the women's changing room. I walked over to them and said, "Have fun at the club today?" They all exploded in giggles, looking at me in a shy but expectant way. Just then their mothers came out, and seeing the way the girls were gazing at me, giggling, one said to me, "You certainly seem to have a fan club." She had no idea.


My favorite time around the swim club was Saturday mornings. The nearby Catholic school didn't have a pool of it's own, so the girls swim team would come over before the club opened to practice, and one of our employees, Jenny, would coach them. Even though I didn't need to show up so early, I always made sure to be there when the girls were practicing. They were all little beauties, eight, ten, twelve years old. I saw them walking to and from school in their blue plaid skirts and white blouses, but seeing them here in tight little one-piece bathing suits was really something.

Some skinny, some with a little baby fat still on them, I would mill around admiring their young bodies, checking out the ones that were developing little titties, thinking how soft their skin would be as I imagined running my hand over their naked bodies.

On this Saturday, as I sat under a tree pretending to read the paper while watching the girls out of the corner of my eye, I saw one girl get out of the pool and sit an a bench, looking a little dejected. Around ten with shoulder length brown hair, I had noticed she swam kind of awkwardly, and wasn't very athletic. I went over to her and knelt down next to her.

"Hey, how's it going?"

"Not very well," she shrugged. "I'm the slowest one here."

I asked her name, and she said it was Sara. "You were working harder than anyone out there, Sara. Keep trying like that and you'll get better and better. Maybe you'll even be the fastest."

She looked up at me hopefully. "You really think so?"

"Sure. You're just beginning to learn. In a few years you'll be great." She looked at me with a big grin as I gave her a pat on the back. Of course, as I was giving her friendly encouragement, I was imagining the cute ten year old jerking my dick off with her little hand, teaching her how to really suck it good, then squeezing it into her tiny little pussy, pumping into it and filling it full of cum. Giving her another pat on the back, Sara ran back to the pool and dove in, and swam as hard as she could.

One of the cutest girls there, who I found was named Kirsten, was resting by the side of the pool. Skinny as anything, with long gangly arms and legs and sparkling blond hair, she looked like the best swimmer of the group, really fast and graceful in the water. She was maybe eleven or twelve and had nice little pair of just developing tits that were shown off nicely beneath the tight spandex of her bathing suit.

As I walked by her, I said, "Wow, you're quite a swimmer. Will I be seeing you at the Olympics soon?"

She giggled and looked down shyly. "I don't know. I"m not quite that good yet. I did come in second in the state championship, though."

"Really? Keep working and I'll see you getting a gold medal some day." Kirsten seemed very mature for her age, probably a very responsible little Catholic schoolgirl. I loved the idea of shocking her by showing her my big hard dick, but I doubted I would get the chance.

It was about ten minutes till the club opened, and the girls workout was winding down. One by one the girls climbed out of the pool to rest up on the grass before heading to the showers, and Jenny went toward the office to work on the morning paperwork. Eight little preteen girls around the club -- there just had to be some way of showing them my dick that wouldn't get me in trouble. Not just preteen girls, but Catholic schoolgirls, making them that much more innocent, and that much more of a thrill for me.

I had an idea -- there was a fire door at the back of the men's changing room opening out onto a passageway behind the locker rooms where the garbage cans were kept. I could prop open the fire door, drag the garbage can right in front of it, then if I could get a couple of the girls to go around back to throw something away, I could make sure I was in the changing room, in full view of them, naked with my hard-on sticking out.

I saw the girls were all drinking sodas, which gave me an opportunity to get them to go around back to throw the cans away. Walking by the girls, I said, "When you're done with the sodas you can toss the cans out behind the dressing rooms."

As I strolled toward the men's locker room I saw two of the girls finish up their drinks and get up to throw them away. Both with thin, delicate little bodies, not quite yet developing, they were both the freshest, most innocent little things you could imagine. They were both around nine or ten, one with blond hair, the other with sparkling light brown hair, with beautiful, clear, soft looking skin.

I had to hurry to get there ahead of them. When I was around the corner from the pool I quickly pulled off my tee shirt and shorts, my dick springing out, hard as a rock, and ran into the men's changing room. Tossing my clothes on the bench, I ran to the back and opened the fire door, stuck a towel under it to hold it open, then went out to drag the garbage can right outside the door. Hurrying back in before the girls got there, I got myself set. I positioned myself about ten feet from the door, standing in profile, pretending to dry my back off with a towel and thrusting my hips forward to make my big hard-on really stick out.

I waited for the girls, with my heart thumping. I love the nervous anticipation you get, knowing a little girl is going to be checking out your dick. Finally I heard them coming, and out of the corner of my eye saw the two of them outside the door, toss the empty cans in, and just as they were turning to go back caught sight of me, both of them stopping with a little jump and freezing in place.

Pretending not to notice them, I watched the amazed expressions on their faces, the look of stunned surprise. One of them leaned over and whispered something to her friend, then went back to staring. The eyes of the two preteens were locked on my dick, completely transfixed, for fifteen or twenty seconds, till one of them snapped out of it, taking the other girls arm and pulling her away. The sight of my long, thick hard-on must have been quite a sight for these two innocent little Catholic schoolgirls, one I'm sure they would never forget.

Hoping Jenny was still in the office, I crept outside and peeked around the corner of the changing rooms to where the girls were sitting on the grass. I watched as the two who had just checked me out ran back to their teammates. They knelt down, whispering excitedly, pointing to the walkway behind the locker rooms.

As the girls listened, some covered their mouths and giggled, others looked on in stunned surprise. And to my surprise, one of the girls stood up and tugged on another girls arm, encouraging her to go around back and take a look with her. I figured, what the hell, if two more of the little preteens wanted to check out my dick, I could keep it up for them.

The girls were just nine or ten like the others, way too young to see a big hard dick sticking out, which made it that much more fun. I went back into the locker room and took my position about ten feet from the back door, pretending to dry my back off so I could thrust my hips forward and make my dick look as big as possible, really giving the girls something to remember. Waiting, with my dick really huge and pounding, I finally saw the two Catholic schoolgirls peek around the corner at me. The amazed stare on their faces was great, getting a long look at my big dick, then looking at each other, then back to my dick. When they had both had a good look they ran back to their friends and again I crept out of the locker room to peek around the corner and watch my group of admirers.

Giggling into their hands, eyes still wide, they ran back to the rest of the swim team on the grass, excitedly reporting back. The first two who had checked me out seemed to be encouraging another couple of the girls to go take a look. One who got up to take a look was an older one, around twelve with just developing little titties, and the other was Kirsten, who I had been speaking with a little while ago.

I was surprised to see Kirsten get up to take a peek -- she seemed like a very responsible, mature girl, but if she wanted to check my dick out, I couldn't hold myself back from obliging her. I watched the two skinny little preteens start back, looking at those little bodies under the tight spandex swimsuits, then ran back to my position.

After half a minute , I saw the girls peek around. Their mouths dropped open at the same time. They might have seen a little baby's dick before, but a man's full size erection must have come as quite a shock to them. After ten seconds or so Kirsten pulled the other girl away, probably realizing what they were doing was wrong. By now my dick was bigger and harder than I could believe, absolutely pounding, and I was dying to jerk off, but there were two more girls left, and I didn't want to disappoint them.

Outside, I peeked around the corner. Kirsten didn't seem to be saying anything to the group, but the other was saying something to the rest, excitedly. I imagined her telling them, "His thing is so big! I didn't know they could get that huge!" I loved it, knowing they went to Catholic school, learning to be good, moral girls, and here they were giggling over the sight of a guys dick.

The last two went, Sara, the one I had given some encouragement to, and another, an extremely skinny freckle face with curly red hair. It seemed like a couple of the other girls were kind of pushing them into it. I don't know if they really wanted to or not, but the perverted thrill was too much.

Dick sticking stiffly outward, I watched as the two peeked slowly around the doorway. Enjoying the utter amazement, I found myself wondering if I could squeeze my dick into the bony little red haired girls pussy. It would probably be tight as fuck and would take a while to stretch out. I figured I would probably begin coming in half a minute anyway, before I could work much in.

With the two looking on I gave my dick a quick stroke and wagged it up and down for the girls. They would remember this for the rest of their lives. When they finally tore themselves away I was about to grab my dick and begin jerking, but I stopped myself, wanting to take thing a little further.

I pulled on my shorts, my hard-on straining against them, and put on my tee shirt, then went out to where the girls were sitting. Strolling over, enjoying the sight of the girls all looking at me with wide eyes after having checked out my huge hard dick, I said, "You girls had a great workout today. Why don't you all hit the showers now."

The all obeyed, jumping up and trotting off to the changing room, some grinning and peeking at me out of the corner of their eye, some looking shyly away.

Once they were all inside, I figured, what the fuck. The club wouldn't be open for around five minutes and Jenny probably wouldn't come out of the office till then, so I pulled the front of my shorts down and began whacking off right there in the open, right outside the women's changing room door.

The thought of all those little girls, by now all naked in the shower and giggling about having seen my dick, was too fucking much. They were right on the other side of the wall, all nude. I could just walk right through the door, pulling off my shorts and shirt, my pounding hard on sticking out, and walk in on the naked little preteen girls in the shower.

Luckily, before I acted on the impulse, I felt my orgasm coming and, giving my dick a squeeze, shot a thick streak of cum on the wall right next to the door, then another, and another, till there were four long lines of cum clinging to the wall.

I went back to the men's changing room and collapsed on the bench, exhausted from the experience. I suddenly thought of the streaks of cum I had left outside the girl's changing room, thinking the girls might run to Jenny and tell her some guy had been jacking off outside the door, but then I realized these were innocent little Catholic schoolgirls. What would they know about stuff like that?


On my break at the swim club, I sat on the sofa in the office, going over the last couple days in my mind. How many little girls had seen a big hard dick, my big hard dick, for the first time -- ten, twelve? I had lost count. I imagined the girls lying in bed that night, thinking of my long, thick hard-on, maybe letting their hand slip inside their panties and rubbing their little cunt thinking about it. I felt my dick growing and growing, and figured I'd go to the locker room to jerk off when I was surprised by a girl's voice at the door to the office.

"Um, could I talk to you for a second?" I looked over and saw Kirsten, one of the Catholic schoolgirls from the swim team.

"Oh, hi Kirsten. What's up?" I tried to sound casual, but I was afraid I was about to get busted.

She walked slowly into the office with her head down and hands folded in front of her. "I felt kind of bad -- you've been so nice to us-Sara was about to quit the swim team till you talked to her-anyway, um, after swim practice yesterday, we all went around back behind the changing rooms and peeked in at you when you were, you know, when you were naked. I feel really bad." She looked down and sniffled.

I said, "Listen, Kirsten, it's really no big deal. Young girls are curious about things like that, and if you wanted to take a peek at me, there's really nothing wrong with that." I smiled and laughed a little. "I was curious when I was your age too." She looked at me shyly, making sure I wasn't mad at her and giving a relieved smile when she saw I wasn't. I patted the sofa, and the skinny little eleven year old sat down right next to me. She had a nice fresh smell, and her skin and sparkly blond hair looked so soft it took all my strength not to reach over and start feeling her up.

"You're really not mad?" she asked expectantly.

I smiled. "Girls are a little self conscious about letting people see them naked, but guys really don't mind so much. Still friends?" I asked, holding out my hand.

She gave a shy little laugh, then took my hand and shook it. Her tiny, delicate hand was incredibly soft, and I imagined how good it would look wrapped around my dick, which was by now hard as a rock, straining inside my shorts. Kirsten was wearing a tee shirt with no training bra, and the little bumps of her tits were poking through the thin cotton fabric. Her arms and legs were a beautiful golden tan. Innocently, she had no idea how much I wanted her.

My heart thumping, I said, "When I was in the locker room yesterday, I kind of remember that I might have had an erection. When you peeked in, did I have one?" She looked up at me with her clear blue eyes, looking confused and curious. I guess they don't teach the kids about sex at those Catholic schools, so I figured it was up to me to teach the girls. "An erection, that's when the man's penis gets really big and sticks straight out. It's when he's thinking about girls, things like that. Was it that way when you guys peeked in?"

Nervously, she said, "Um, I don't know, I mean, I never really saw one before, but I guess it was, you know, sticking out straight."

"It looked really big and hard?"

"Um, yeah."

"And it was around ten or twelve inches long?"

"Um, yeah, I guess so," she said, looking at me, absolutely fascinated. Okay, it's just six inches, but little Kirsten was probably so shocked by the sight of it, her young eyes thought it was twice as big as it was.

"I guess I did have one when you girls peeked in. Maybe be you could go to the younger girls and talk to them about it. They might have been a little freaked out by the sight of it, since it was so big, so you could explain to them about a man having an erection, how his penis grows in size and gets stiff and sticks out straight."

"Okay, when we get together for our next swim practice I'll talk to them, and see if they have any questions." For a little eleven year old, Kirsten had a very mature manner to her. I figured her parents and teachers had raised her to be a very moral and responsible young girl, but hadn't planned on her seeing a gigantic hard- on at her age. "Thanks for not being mad," she said, smiling up at me.

"Don't worry about it, Kirsten. So how are things going at school?"

"Pretty good. I think I'll get A's in all my classes, and the music teacher chose me to give a violin recital at the next school assembly. And also there's going to be an awards ceremony at school next week, and my teacher told me I'm going to get an award for the work I do at the church preschool."

"Sounds like things are going great, Kirsten." I gave her another pat on the shoulder and as I pulled my hand away, I let it brush against her fine blond hair. It was soft as silk, and I wished I could just run my hands through it, get naked and run it along my chest, my stomach, and brush it up and down my hard dick.

She looked up at me and said, "You could come to the awards ceremony if you'd like. It'll be next Friday."

"That sounds like fun. I'll make sure to be there." Thinking about it, it sounded fucking great, seeing her there in a nice dress, a shiny pair of shoes, her hair all nicely done with a ribbon in it, going up on the stage to get her award, shyly shaking hands with the presenter. I could sit back in my seat, knowing all the time this innocent little girl had stared for a good ten seconds at my big hard dick. I remembered back to those wide eyes running up and down the length of it, her little mouth open in surprise.

"I better get going now," she said. "Thanks for not being mad."

"Forget about it, honey. I'll see you at the next swim practice." And maybe they'd be seeing my dick again if I could work it out. Maybe offer to show it to them if they did well at their next swim meet.

By now my dick was absolutely aching, and as soon as Kirsten left, I stood up and pulled down the front of my shorts, grabbing my pounding hard on. I positioned myself so my dick was right where little Kirsten's face had been, imagining putting my hand on the back of her head and coaxing her to suck it. Jerking away, just about to come, I heard the door open. It was Kirsten.

"I just wanted to tell you... Oh! Sorry!" She had walked back into the room, her eyes bulging out at the sight of my hard on. She froze for a second, then ran back out of the room closing the door behind her.

I laughed to myself. At this rate, that little girl was going to know my hard dick better than the back of her hand. With a few more strokes of my dick I began spewing cum all over the couch, right were Kirsten had been sitting, imagining her getting drenched in the slimy white fluid.

The End


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