Tears streamed down her face as her rapist shoved a finger into her virgin box. Her fifteen year old body still shone with sweat from her recent workout, and her heart pounded in fear as she felt his finger push against her hymen. She wanted to beg, to cry out, but he had shoved her panties into her mouth, muffling her, and shoved her face into the damp grass.

Her legs were spread wide apart as she balanced on her knees, her young tender ass and cunt exposed to her rapist. Her cheerleading skirt was flipped up over her waist, and her vest ripped open down the front, letting her ample breasts hang free. Her hands were bound together in front of her and laid between her knees, while her soft ebony hair fell in a sphere around her head.

"Hot damn!" she heard her rapist exclaim as he pressed against her hymen with his finger, sending pain shooting through her. "You're a virgin! Been a while since I popped a virgin. Get ready cunt."

She squirmed and grunted as he leaned over her, his cock pressing against her virgin teenaged pussy. With a grunt he entered her, his face only inches from her own as she gasped in pain and agony through her makeshift gag. She trembled in pain and fear as she felt his cock stop against her hymen, then felt him pull back and ram his cock into her.

She screamed as he filled her to the hilt, feeling like she was being torn apart. She never knew there could be such pain. Her whole body jerked and thrashed as she tried to escape the pain he was causing her. She closed her eyes, wishing she were dead, when she felt his teeth against her neck, biting and chewing the tender flesh as he began rodding her cunt out in earnest, sending throbbing agony through her body.

He was rocking her whole body back and forth, and she felt blood slide down the inside of her thigh, matching the tears wetting the ground beneath her face.

The humiliation was worse than the pain. The degradation, the powerlessness, the knowledge that she was helpless, was too much. She sobbed as he continued his rape of her defenseless flesh, fucking her ruthlessly and brutally.

"Cry little girl, cry," she heard him whisper in her ear, licking the side of her face, making her sob louder, her body racked with physical agony.

Burst of air shot from her nostrils as he began to plow her harder, faster, his hands reaching around to maul her breasts. Her slender young body shook with every blow, and her cunt pulsated with pain. She cried out into her gag as his fingers drove brutally into her tender tit flesh and she felt his semen fill her belly.

Done, she thought, he's done. But he didn't let her go. He held her there, his cock still inside her violated pussy, his hands holding her tits, his face against hers, his body against hers, for seconds, then minutes. She felt suffocated, violated. She wanted out. She wanted him off. Please let him leave, she thought, sobs still shaking her body.

When he finally pulled out she choked back her sobs, hoping he would leave her alone, now. She lay there limp as she felt his cock slide along her ass crack and press against her anus. What was he doing, she thought, then began to scream and struggle as he continued to press into her ass.

NO! her mind screamed, her body blazing in pain as his cock, slick with her blood and his cum popped past her tight anal ring into her ass. It felt like her ass was being torn apart as he forced himself into her until his balls rested against her recently violated cunt.

She thrashed about wildly, out of her mind with pain as he began jabbing his cock in and out of her ass, using short, violent strokes, holding her down with his body. She was totally encompassed by his body, held like a shivering rabbit as he took his pleasure from her young body.

She jerked again and close her eyes, her long black eyelashes glistening with her tears against her cheeks, as he reached up under her and jammed his fingers against her clit.

Her cunt still throbbed, and her ass was a firecracker of pain, as he began rubbing her clit brutally while twisting his cock around in her bowels. He was whispering things to her, whispering how tight she was, what a cunt she had, how she loved it, how she wanted more. She bucked her hips back against his, trying to escape his fingers as he sent painful sparks shooting through her body.

Her own breath started to come in rhythmic grunts as he began slowly fucking her ass, all the while ravaging her cunt and clit with his hands. Both of his hands were at her sex now, tearing at her abused flesh, squeezing and pinching and rubbing her clit as it hardened beneath his fingers.

The pain in her ass continued, to be joined by the torture of her genitals. A low, tingling sensation, like when a limb, asleep, begins to slowly awake, joined the agony coming from her crotch. Slowly he continued reaming her, now being gentler with her cunt, sliding two fingers up into her slick hole while rubbing her clit back and forth, back and forth.

Her slender body tensed as she jerked in her bondage, her whole ass and groin feeling like a limb just awakened from numbness. A guttural groan came from deep in her throat as it quickly became unbearable. The pain was gone, replaced by this overwhelming tingling which was spreading to encompass her upper thighs and her stomach.

Each thrust of his cock into her ass caused the tingling to shoot through her body, making her shiver in reaction, her stomach heaving as her hips rocked uncontrollably against her rapist, guttural grunts escaping her gag.

Her tits began to throb in time with his thrusting as he reached down with one hand and began to manhandle them, tweaking and twisting the nipples while he sucked on her neck and continued to plow his fingers into her cunt and against her clit.

Her whole body started shaking and bucking uncontrollably in his grip as he increased his thrusting, sending shearing jolts of sensation through her body. Her fingers curled and her hands tingled, her toes followed as sharp pricks of sensation tickled them, her whole body dancing in the uncontrollable grip of overwhelming passion.

She screamed as she came, feeling his seed spill into her guts, her body exploding with earth-shattering pleasure, her slender form jerking and twisting and spasming on the end of his cock.

***** He had been watching her for a few days, watching her from afar as she practiced her cheerleading routines with the other cheerleaders. She was one of the younger ones, freshman or sophomore. Hot, he thought as he watched her, very hot. She had to be half Japanese to give her that hair, long and black and silky. And that skin, smooth, hairless, lightly olive.

Her face was smooth too, with slightly Asian eyes and nose. Her legs and tits, though, were what he liked the most. He didn't know what it was about the young ones, but they had the greatest legs, and she was no exception--firm, muscular, the skin tight and seeming to shine with health. The tits too were full of life, large for her age, pressed together inside her skimpy vest as she practiced her cheers. God, he was going to love breaking this one.

He waited between two of the buildings they all passed by. He knew she always waited, was always the last one to leave, so he waited, and she did not disappoint. It took only a second to grab her, his hand covering her mouth, and barely more than another minute (with the help of his trusty knife) until he had her on the ground in his favorite position, her hands tied together with a piece of rope he always carried, her face pressed into the ground, her ass (such a nice round ass) up in the air, ready and waiting for him, and her panties shoved in her mouth to keep the noise down.

He felt her jerk as he pressed his fingers into her cunt. He leaned over her, close to her, as he pressed into her farther. Let the little bitch squeal, he thought, his fingers stopped by an unexpected obstruction.

"Hot damn!" he exclaimed as he pressed against her hymen with his finger, feeling a shiver wrack her body. "You're a virgin! Been a while since I popped a virgin. Get ready cunt." It had been a while since he'd fucked a virgin. Almost two years ago, when he was 25, and she had been only 12. He remembered her as he lowered his pants and pressed his cock against his current prize's cunt. He usually didn't go for cunts that young, preferring to stick to ages 15 to 25, but she had been special.

He leaned his face close to hers as he pressed his cock into her dry hole. He felt like he breathed in her soul when he felt his cockhead press past her labia and inside her--hearing her muffled groans, seeing the tears roll down her cheeks, feeling her body tremble in his encompassing grasp, knowing that he was taking something more than her virginity from her.

He almost came when he crashed through her hymen, her trembling, jerking, thrashing body, her muffled scream, sending him flying on a euphoric high as her cunt clamped down on his cock, squeezing it almost unbearably, sending shivers down his spine. He bit down on her neck, holding his cock deep within her, and barely held back when he felt her shudder in disgust.

God, he never felt so alive as when he was raping some hot piece of flesh like this one. Having gained control of himself, he began rodding her cunt out in earnest, making her slender young body rock back and forth as he gnawed at her neck. He felt his balls grow tight as his little girl began to sob, and he whispered in her ear "Cry little girl, cry," licking her face.

He pounded into her harder, grabbing her generous tit mounds and brutally squeezing them, making her teenaged body jerk in agony. He heard her cry out as he came, his cock pulsing with pleasure, each moan, each shiver, from her only prolonging his ecstasy.

He finally stopped pounding into her and just held her. He loved this part most of all. They always thought that he was done with them; as if any man would be finished with hot flesh like this after one time. He liked to just hold them, prolong the suspense, make them think he might be done, and then to show them how wrong they were.

As he slipped his cock out of her raped hole, he gained a better grip on her, knowing from experience that she would fight him, knowing that it made fucking them in the ass all the sweeter. And he knew this little Asian bitch would have a sweet, cherry ass.

He felt her begin to squirm around like a fish in his grip when she realized what he was doing, and smiled inwardly, jamming his cock against her tiny sphincter, counting on the coating of blood and semen on his cock to allow him entrance.

There! He grimaced at the tightness of it as he plowed deep into her bowels, feeling his balls slap against her ravaged cunt. He began working himself into her with short, brutal jabs, totally dominating her as he took his pleasure.

It wasn't enough; it never was, he knew, as he reached down and jammed his fingers against her cunt, slamming them into her violated hole and tearing at the tender flesh. When he was like this he wanted to own them, to eat them, to completely consume them, body and soul. To take everything they had and make it his--to use everything up.

He found her clit and began rubbing it harshly, whispering to the cunt what a whore she was, how much she wanted it, all the while working his cock around in her oh so tight ass. He began pile driving into her, his cheek against hers, as she jerked her hips back against his, trying to escape his probing fingers.

He felt her shiver through her wracking sobs and continued to violate her cunt and clit as he used one hand to reach down and pinch and rub her titties. Hot piece of ass, he thought as he felt his come begin to build in the pit of his stomach -- it was always more painful, and better, the second time.

Her grunting began to match his and he felt her stomach and ass heaving back against him. The little Asian whore was giving him one of the best rides of his life as she began to buck and thrash beneath him, her breath coming in short gasps.

He drove his fingers brutally into her clit and her tit as he came, feeling her going wild beneath him, cumming her brains out.

When he left, he took his rope with him and left her laying on the ground in a pool of blood and cum. He usually made it a rule never to come back for a second round, but this one, this one might be worth the risk.



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