The raid started at the first light of dawn on the unsuspecting village. The first two victims, after the long boats landed on the beach, where a young boy and his dog, who were out tending sheep at the top of the cliffs. The Scandinavian warriors butchered them both with their long swords before they could run off to warn the villagers of the raid.

The thirty or so warriors silently encircled the small village hamlet without alerting the locals to their presence. At a signal from their leader, the warriors moved into the village from all directions. Because of the early hour, only a few of the locals were up, most of these were women starting to prepare the morning meals for their families.

As soon as they were spotted the warriors broke into a running charge, making as much noise as possible and flaying their axes and long swords around their heads in a terrifying show of brute strength and power. Most of the women darted back into their huts at the sight of these fierce fighters bearing down on them, screaming for their men to protect them. A couple who were too slow to move, were savagely cut down by the flaying weapons, being nearly cut in half by the sheer savagery of the attack and the weapons keen edges.

Half awake men started to emerge from the huts with hand weapons or farming implements to stem off the attack and protect their families. The farmers had no chance, and were savagely cut down by the Vikings as they emerged into the open. Sometimes a woman came outside as well, brandishing a weapon in a vain attempt to help her man, or protect her children inside. She would always end up in a mutilated pool of blood and guts on the ground, as she was savagely hacked to death by the attacking warriors.

The carnage started to die down as all the village men were killed off. Finally only the whimpering and screaming of women and children could be heard coming from the interior of the huts. Systematically the warriors went from hut to hut slaughtering and butchering any men, old women and boy children that they found inside. The rest of the women and female children were herded into one of the largest huts, which was closely guarded by the warriors.

Once the female prisoners were secured and the rest of the villagers massacred, the warriors started to ransack the village for anything that could be of use for them or their own village. Anything that they found of use was piled up in the centre of the village. The bodies of the dead villagers were placed in some of the now vacated huts, which were torched and burnt to the ground.

As the village burned, the men started to sort through the captive women and children, all were bound and they were separated into groups. The pretty younger girls and small children made up one group, while the older teenage girls and attractive women made up another group. A third group was made up of the older women; these were any females over about thirty and those obviously beyond childbearing age.

The group of older teenagers and young women were led out of the hut into the centre of the village. They numbered about fifteen in all, varying in age from about seventeen to twenty-eight. They all had their arms bound behind their backs and their feet hobbled together with short ropes. The Vikings stripped off all their garments before laying them down, face upwards in a long line on the ground about six feet apart.

They tied the two women's feet at the each end of the line to a stake driven into the ground, then lashed each of the women's feet to the foot of the woman next to her, so that all the women were secured with their legs spread wide apart. Leaving a couple of guards on the large hut with the captives inside, the Vikings started to rape the women.

As they rammed their swollen penises into the women's cunts, the married ones started to whimper at their humiliation and rape, while the younger virgins started to scream out at the rough violation and pain to their tender unused sex organs. As men finished with the women they would relieve the guards, who would then take their place between the legs of some poor defenceless woman and start rutting into her cunt.

Each of the men raped at least two of the women; some of the more energetic virile ones had more before the rape was over for the women. The younger prettier girls had the worse of it as they were chosen over and over by the men as the target for their pent up lust and sexual relief. The men left the women tied up as they were in this obscene spread-eagled fashion, while they turned their attention on the older group of women inside the hut.

There were only eight women in the group of older women, as the Vikings had already slaughtered the older hags during the round up. These eight were brought out of the hut, one or two of them tried to run away on their hobbled feet, when they saw the naked women spread-eagled on the ground, they had no chance of getting away and were punched and slapped into line by the warriors. They were led over to a wooden framed used to dry washing and for tanning hides. These were a series of posts, five feet high and with their bases buried in the ground, other wooden posts ran across the tops of the uprights.

The women were tied to the posts with their wrists lashed to the top of two posts, while their ankles were lashed to the bottom of the same posts. Once secured the women were spread-eagled in an upright position in a line. The men then stripped off all the women's garments to leave them suspended completely nude. Most of these women had seen better days and their bodies all showed signs of previous childbirth. Their breasts were sagging; their bellies showed signs of creases, some of them were largely over weight, and although a couple of them still had faces that could be referred to as pretty, most were showing the effects of years of hard work and hardship.

The Vikings then released the feet of every second woman from posts and retied their ankles to the top of the posts, next to their wrists. This presented the cunt and arse of these women to the men in an obscene, wide-open, and totally defenceless way. Some of the men started to grope these women's displayed cunts and anuses, probing them with fingers and inserting their fists into the women's pussies, enjoying the shrieks of the defenceless females as they twisted their bodies to try to escape the brutal rough probing.

Other men started to grope at the tits of the upright females, twisting and painfully squeezing at the exposed flesh and nipples, the women's screams were totally ignored by the men in their enjoyment of their endeavours. Some of the men went behind the upright women and started to sodomise them, ramming their cocks deep into the unprotected arseholes while their mates groped their breasts as painfully as possible.

Burning sticks were retrieved from the blazing buildings by the men, these were used to roast the buttocks and thighs of the women with their legs up in the air, most of whom squealed like stuck pigs as their skin was burnt raw. As they ran out of fresh skin to burn the men started to push the hot, smouldering wood into the women's anuses and cunts. These women screamed enough to wake the dead as their gapping sex organs were cooked in the searing heat. While this was going on the other four women continued to get buggered up their arses by the warrior studs.

Once the four burnt women had passed out from the pain of their injuries, the men turned the attention of their burning sticks to the other four women's breasts. While their anuses were pumped full of Viking seed, their tits and nipples felt the heat of burning agony. Their screams and convulsions seemed to bring new delights to the men, pumping away at their posteriors. Finally the buggery was over and the couple of women that still remained conscious from the torture of their breasts were just whimpering mindless shells of their former selves.

As the women started to come around, with the assistance of thrown cold water from the village well, the men prepared sharpened stakes from a large pile of long fencing posts that the villagers had stored up for future use. Twenty-three holes were prepared in the ground to receive the base of these stakes. The stakes were about four inches in diameter and six feet long; the tips were sharpened into a very sharp point.

One of the girl's who were spread-eagled on the ground was approached at a time; the sharp point of a stake was placed against the raped entrance to her cunt and slowly screwed into her. The girl would scream out as the enormous dildo was forced into her pussy, stretching the opening wide and impaling her by about eighteen inches. The post was then left like this sticking out of between the girl's legs while the next girl's cunt was impaled, until all fifteen of the females had suffered the same fate.

The Vikings then cut the ropes binding the girl's feet, and one at a time they hauled them up in the air and inserted the post into a prepared hole. As they let go of supporting the pole and the girl, she would slide further down the pole as it impaled itself deeper into her cunt and belly. As blood flowed down between her legs, lubricating the pole, her own weight would slowly force the pole higher and higher up her cunt. Eventually all fifteen of the girls were displayed grotesquely, impaled on poles. They were all doomed, but would take a long time to die an agonising death.

Another eight poles were prepared for the older women, starting with the four women with their legs in the air, first one, and then another had a pointed stake inserted into her rectum, as the point was forced in, her anus would split open at the size of the thick stake. Once inserted deeply into her bowels, the ropes securing her hands and feet were cut and she would be carried over to a posthole, and left to slowly impale herself further as her weight forced her body painfully downwards.

The four remaining women were also impaled through their anuses, this time the men would cut the ropes securing their ankles to the posts, and while a couple of men pulled each leg backwards and outwards, as wide as possible, a stake point was forced into her Sodomised rectum. Once they were well and truly impaled, the ropes on their hands were cut and they were also planted into a posthole to suffer a long torturous death.

Leaving the wretched dying women to suffer alone in the centre of the village, some of the Vikings picked up the treasures that they had piled up as spoils from the raid, and headed off back to the beach where their longboat was waiting. Other warriors herded the young female children and teenagers out of the large hut and towards the beach after the others. These females would be carried back to their own village to be used as slaves.

The very youngest girls might be integrated into their community to help improve the breeding stock in future years. The poor teenagers who were just on the verge of reaching young womanhood, would provide the men with a lot more entertainment and sport over the coming long winter months. Their fate would be similar to their mothers, only they would probably have to endure torture and sexual violation for a lot, lot longer. After all the men won't be trying to rush off to catch the tide, back to their loving families during the long dark cold months ahead.

The End


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