A rather elegant, hand-addressed invitation was in my mailbox on Tuesday. The ivory bond envelope looked very expensive, and was sealed with wax and ribbon. I opened the invitation and read:

'Peter, as a close and very trusted friend of Sam and Michelle Rogers, you have been invited to a special party on Saturday, June 21. The party will be held in Warehouse 8 at Pier 16 and will begin at 9:00 p.m. We ask that you be on time, that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, and please, do not bring a guest.'

I have known Sam and Michelle for many years. Sam and I went to MIT together and he is my best friend. Sam is an architect, highly imaginative and one of the best in the country. He is a bit of an eccentric genius and lots of fun, not to mention a good, dependable friend.

When my wife, Carol, walked out on me a couple of years ago, Sam and Michelle patiently spent more than one evening listening to my self-pity and outraged ramblings about "That ungrateful, cheating bitch," and watched as I attempted to drown my sorrow in a bottle of vodka.

After two weeks, they had apparently decided I wasn't going to snap out of it, so the two of them appeared at my house one afternoon. While Michelle straightened up my kitchen, Sam threw me into the shower and refused to hand me a towel until I had sobered up somewhat.

For several hours afterwards, my friends quietly reminded me that I was not meant to be embalmed alive, reminisced about the good times we had shared, both with and without Carol. They reminded me that the hopes and dreams we had along the way wasn't guaranteed to be our reality. A lot of conversations followed that one, and their determination to keep me from slowly killing myself earned my respect, gratitude and, pardon the pun, undying loyalty.

Michelle has been the object of countless fantasies and frankly, I've been secretly in love with her for years. Michelle is an extremely intelligent, strawberry blonde with a sexy, rubenesque figure. She is down to earth, fun-loving, and the perfect foil for Sam's sometimes strange sense of humor. She has the most glorious set of tits I've ever seen, not to mention a beautiful, heart-shaped ass.

I've often thought it intentional that she wore her jeans so tight you could see the outline of her pussy. She usually wore a tank top so sheer that you could see her nipples through it. She'd bend down to serve me a drink and her tits would be right there, close enough for me to worship.

I constantly had to fight the urge to reach out and fondle them, and dreamed of wrapping my mouth around them every time I saw her. She was an experienced tease, who must have thrived on the knowledge that I had to shift my jeans whenever she was around.

Reading the invitation again, I mused about the great parties that Sam and Michelle had always thrown. You never really knew what to expect from them; but given their past successes, I made my plans to attend the party.

Saturday night rolled around and I drove to Pier 16. Approaching the pier, I wondered what kind of party required a warehouse. Since Sam was an architect and frequently remodeled warehouses into stylish offices, I assumed this was an open house party. That still didn't explain the request for loose-fitting clothes, but I knew I'd find out soon enough.

I located the warehouse easily. As I walked towards the door, I could see a paper hanging on it. The streetlight on the pier was bright enough to allow me to read:

'You've been chosen to be one of five special guests at our party tonight. You have proven your friendship and loyalty to us over the many years, and this party will require the maximum amount of trust in you. Please come inside and follow the directions you'll find. Once you enter, please do not speak.'

I was now very intrigued. I opened the door slowly, not knowing what to expect on the other side. I found myself in a well-decorated reception area. It was, in fact, one of Sam's remodels, with light gray carpeting and off-white walls. On either side of the room were closed doors. On the door to the left was a sign, which gave the following directions:

'Go through this door and down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, you will find a table with several items on it. Read the directions you find there and remember not to speak.'

I went to the door and walked down the hallway. The hall ended in a candle-lit room. There, to my amazement, I saw Michelle, completely naked, reclining in an antique lounge. She was blindfolded and her hands were bound together over her head by a velvet rope. About three feet from Michelle was the table, upon which various sex toys were laid out in a neat row. A sign above the table read:

'This is The Body. You may use any of these things on The Body, or you may use your hands, mouth, or tongue. You may not use your penis. For the next five minutes, stimulate The Body in any way you choose, bringing it as close to orgasm as possible, but do not let The Body climax! When you hear the chimes, turn right and proceed into the next room.'

Despite many fantasies involving Michelle, I was stunned. I couldn't believe what I saw and was sure that I had somehow slipped over the edge of sanity. Remembering the time limit, I moved to the table and checked out the extensive array of toys. Seeing nothing that amused me as much as Michelle, I walked over to her. I stood for a moment, looking at this naked, helpless woman.

I focused on the breasts that had taunted me for so long and noticed that her nipples were erect. I reached out and gently touched silky skin, and felt her quiver slightly in response. I leaned in close and flicked her nipple with my tongue. Inhaling deeply, I noticed the faint, musky scent of her body as I wrapped my lips around her nipple, and sucked it into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it and bit lightly.

Michelle softly sighed. After a moment, I moved to the pussy that I had desired for so long. Kneeling at Michelle's side, I spread her legs open. Soft, silky hair parted way and by the glistening I saw, I could tell that she was very wet. Her clit, shining with juice, was beautiful! I pushed her legs open more and drove my tongue deep into that gorgeous pussy.

How many times had I wondered how this woman would taste? Since she was my best friend's wife, I had been quite certain I'd never know. Licking Michelle's clit, she tasted sweet, and I lapped the juices that poured from her. She pressed herself harder against my mouth. Hearing her moan, I licked and sucked her clit until I could tell she was ready to explode.

Remembering the sign, I stopped, but not happily. She moaned and whispered, "Please, don't stop!" I wanted to tell her that I was sorry, but remembered the admonishment about silence. I heard the chimes, so I stood up, stroked her cheek and walked away.

To my right was another door. I walked through it and found myself in a large room. There were candles everywhere, which were the only light source. There were five chairs arranged in a semi-circle, with each chair about three feet from the next. At the far end was a video camera on a tripod.

I was surprised to find two of the chairs already occupied. In the chair closest to the door sat Taylor, whom I had met several times. He was another good friend of Sam and Michelle's. While we had always gotten along well, Taylor and I hadn't managed to get together socially. I nodded at him and looked at the next guy.

Tim was someone I knew quite well. I had met Tim at Sam and Michelle's some years ago. Unlike Taylor, Tim and I had quickly developed a good friendship. We've gone to a few football games and gotten sloppy drunk on more than one occasion. I did some quick math and figured that if Taylor, Tim and I were already here, we must have about ten minutes and two guys to go.

Then I noticed another table, with a sign above it on the wall. Walking over, I read:

'In a short while, you will be witness to an incredible event, one which we are fairly certain you have never seen live. On the table, you will find a black hood. Take the hood, go to your seat and keep the 'no speaking' rule. When the last man comes into the room, please put the hood on.'

I looked at the hood, which looked like a ski mask made of nylon, with holes for eyes, nose and mouth. I turned back to the chairs. A few feet in front of them was a curtain that stretched from one side of the room to other. I was extremely curious as to what was behind the curtain, but resisted the urge to peek. I sat down in the chair next to Tim.

After a couple of minutes, the door opened and another friend walked in, looking slightly flustered. A knowing grin on his face, he nodded hello to us as he walked to read the next sign. I was extremely surprised to see him there, because Russ was Sam's brother! I was dying to talk to him, since I couldn't believe he had been with Michelle. Mindful of the rules though, I kept my mouth shut as he took the chair next to me.

That left one more man. I wondered who it was and what we'd find behind the curtain. I looked at Russ, who was rubbing his cock through his jeans. His eyes were closed and I was willing to bet he was reliving his five minutes with Michelle. I could still smell her pussy and was erect myself.

The candlelight, the smell of pussy, and the excitement of the whole event was more than I had dared to dream would occur in my lifetime. An avid porn collector, I had read and watched videos of some pretty erotic stuff. Now I was going actually experience it! I felt like I was dreaming, as it finally dawned on me that each of us had had a small 'taste' of Michelle.

Remembering the toys, I wondered who used what. I also thought about five men bringing Michelle to the very brink of climax and pulling her back. How frustrated she must be!

The door opened and in walked Mark. Mark has always been a puzzle to me. Another of Sam and Michelle's friends, he never quite seemed to fit in with the rest of their friends. He looked and acted like a 'biker,' but I knew him to be quiet and contemplative. He was an avid photographer and his works were always serene. He read the sign, took his hood, and moved to the chair by the video camera. Watching as Mark put on his hood, I realized it was time to don mine. The hood was snug, but fit well.

By this time, the atmosphere in the room was electric. We all knew that the "incredible event" was about to begin, and there was considerable fidgeting among us. I could hear soft, rustling noises behind the curtain, and tried to guess what they were.

Before I could give it too much thought, the curtain quietly opened, apparently by remote control. There was a platform that was raised about a foot from the ground. On the platform was a well-padded table about a foot tall and eight feet long. The table was spotlighted by a soft light. Next to the platform was the table of toys that I last saw in Michelle's room.

Standing next to the table was one of the most incredible blondes I've ever seen. This girl was absolutely built for fucking! She had long, well-built legs, tits which were firm and high, and her ass was perfect. She was wearing 5" black heels and a black corset. She had on a black garter belt, which secured sheer black stockings. Her hair reached her waist and was almost snow white. Her face was incredibly, unbelievably beautiful.

The girl stood with her hands on her hips. The look on her face was confident--she obviously knew she was hot. The door we had come through opened again, and Sam, wearing only a robe, walked in, leading Michelle by a slim gold chain. The chain ended at rings, which appeared to pierce Michelle's nipples. She was still blindfolded and her hands were tied in front of her by the velvet rope.

My hands were gripping the edge of my chair and I was breathing fast. Completely excited by what was coming, I watched Sam lead Michelle to the platform and gently help her to the table. He leaned over and kissed her deeply. Turning, he left the platform, and motioned to Mark, then to the video camera, silently asking him to film. Mark stood and adjusted the camera to his eye. Sam then took Mark's seat.

The blond, whose name I later found out was Ashley, took the rope that tied Michelle's hands. From under the upper edge of the table, Ashley pulled out a ring, to which she attached the rope. Michelle was now tied to the table, her hands over her head. Ashley took Michelle's legs and laid each one down, and slightly over the edge of the table. From under the end, on each side, she pulled out another velvet rope and tied Michelle's legs so that she was in a spread-eagled position.

Breathless, my heart beating hard, I watched Ashley move to the far side of the table so that she was facing us. She slightly leaned over and twisted Michelle's nipple with her fingertips. Michelle's face contorted and she squirmed. I could see her chest rise and tighten with anticipation.

I had always dreamed of watching two women together, and God knows I've seen enough videos of it, but this was happening before my very eyes! Not only that, it was a woman I had adored and been sexually wanting for years. My cock was hard as a rock and demanding satisfaction! I mentally instructed it to be patient, since it was obvious that the show was just beginning.

I watched as Ashley kissed Michelle on the mouth. I could Michelle straining to accept it and watch as her tongue flicked in and out of her mouth, twisting and dancing with Ashley's. While they kissed, Ashley outlined Michelle's nipple with her fingernail. Ashley moved her mouth to Michelle's nipple and bit it. Michelle jumped, but leaned more into Ashley.

Ashley twirled her tongue around Michelle's nipple, gently sucking it. Occasionally, she would pull back and blow softly. Michelle by this time was breathing very hard, and moaning softly. Ashley ran her tongue down Michelle's body, dipping into her naval, and licking her stomach. Michelle's head moved back and forth, her lips slightly apart, and her moaning was incredibly erotic. She looked beautiful!

I watched Ashley stroke Michelle's body while she licked her. She used the very tips of her nails and gently ran them over Michelle's chest and stomach. Ashley's eyes were glazed and you could see the intense, hungry look she sometimes gave Michelle, like a lion about to devour her prey. Ashley moved to that soft spot just above Michelle's thigh and licked it softly. Michelle jumped, moving her position slightly. Ashley slapped Michelle hard on the thigh and Michelle immediately quit moving.

Finally, Ashley's mouth hovered just above Michelle's clit. Michelle tensed, breathing faster. I've done that to a woman before, and know the anticipation it causes- -your mouth is warm and close to her pussy. She knows that it's coming, but she's not sure exactly when. Just as I thought Ashley was moving to lick Michelle's clit, she pulled away and stood up. I heard Michelle softly cry out "Please!" Ashley was an expert tease, and refused Michelle's plea.

Ashley walked to the table with the toys on it. After a moment, she selected a dildo shaped like a 7" cock. She walked back to Michelle and began stroking her face with the dildo. Michelle's face turned towards the dildo and she began licking it with her tongue. My cock strained against my zipper, extremely eager to volunteer for this duty! Michelle was giving that dildo the blow job that I wanted from her! Checking to be sure that everyone else was engrossed, I unzipped my jeans and began stroking my cock in an attempt to ease some of the pressure.

Ashley removed the cock from Michelle's mouth, and slowly ran it down her body. She started rubbing Michelle's clit with the dildo as Michelle whimpered, her pussy straining hard to meet it. Ashley easily slid the dildo into Michelle's pussy, and Michelle moved to take it. She was allowed to fuck the dildo for a few strokes, and then Ashley abruptly pulled it out and slapped Michelle on the thigh with it. Michelle was whimpering, begging to be fucked, but Ashley apparently had other ideas.

Ashley moved to the head of the table. Climbing onto it, she straddled Michelle's face, and lowered her own pussy to Michelle's mouth. As Michele's tongue flickered around Ashley's pussy and over her clit, Ashley threw her head back, body arched, while Michelle probed. Ashley began breathing faster and she was moaning. She lowered her mouth to Michelle's pussy, and began eating her.

It was wonderful to watch these two lovely women together. A glimpse around the room showed me the other guys were stroking their cocks, and Russ was cumming. I looked back at the women, who were obviously enjoying themselves. Ashley had stopped eating Michelle and was fingering her pussy, while Michelle continued eating Ashley.

Before long, Ashley raised herself up on her hands and screamed her orgasm. While Michelle was downing Ashley's juices, Ashley pulled away. Michelle, who had not been allowed to climax, was sobbing and fighting the restraints, but she had been tied well and could not free herself.

Sam, who had been standing to the side watching the women, walked over to the table. He kissed Michelle, and then kissed Ashley. Taking Ashley by the hand, he led her out of the room and quickly returned.

Standing in front of the table facing us, Sam quietly said, "For years, I have watched as my beautiful wife taunted each of you, and saw the want on your face. She has fantasized about each of you and shared those fantasies with me. But she had one fantasy that we discussed many, many times. She has desired it so badly, and for so long, that I decided to make it a reality for her, which is why you are here. She is yours for this evening. You may do anything you want with her. Of course, you must not hurt her, but beyond that, she is yours. Her mouth, her pussy, and her ass are all yours."

With that, he untied Michelle's legs and hands, and removed her blindfold.

Removing his robe, Sam knelt down and began licking Michelle's pussy. She had obviously been teased long enough, because in seconds, she began screaming, "I'm cumming! Oh god, Sam, I'm cumming!" Sam stood and walked to the back of the room.

Unbelievable as it all seemed, I decided that I wasn't going to miss this opportunity to have this woman, and quickly undressed. I walked to the head of the table, and stroked Michelle's cheek with my cock. She rolled over, moving to her knees, and hungrily took my cock into her mouth. While I received the most incredible blow job, I watched as a naked Taylor moved onto the platform and began rimming Michelle.

After a couple of minutes, he slid his cock into her pussy. In a matter of minutes, I was cumming and with glazed eyes, watched Michelle swallow every drop. Taylor was fucking Michelle hard, and he soon threw his head back, and came himself, as Michelle again voiced her climax.

I stumbled back to my seat, as did Taylor. Russ quickly moved to the platform and flipped Michelle to her back. Kissing her, he slid his cock into her pussy. She raised her long, lovely legs into the air, and wrapped them around Russ' hips. I could hear her softly speaking to Russ, saying, "Fuck me, come on baby, fuck me hard!"

Russ raised her ass higher and slammed his cock deep into her. Michelle encouraged him, whispering "Come on, slam your cock into me," until finally, Russ pulled his cock out of her and shot his load on her stomach.

Mark, who had apparently decided to bypass the activities, remained at the camera, eye glued to the lens. But he was wearing the biggest smile I had ever seen on the man.

Tim moved slowly towards Michelle, as if unsure what to do. He knelt at Michelle's side, and softly stroked her body with his fingertips. Michelle was lying on her side, obviously exhausted, but as Tim stroked her, she stretched out and smiled. He lay on the table next to her and began kissing her. Michelle moved her body tight against his, and with a quick move, had Tim on his back and was squatted over him. She lowered her pussy to Tim's cock and positioning it, slid it into her. She leaned over and kissed him, raising that beautiful ass invitingly into the air.

I had never shared a woman with another man before, but as I wondered what it would feel like to have both of us penetrating her, my cock immediately got hard again. I walked over to the table, and put my hand on Michelle's back. She and Tim stopped moving and waited while I straddle both Tim's and Michelle's legs, and began gently sliding a finger into her ass. Occasionally, I reached around Tim's cock and stroked her clit for lubrication. When she felt ready, I slowly began to work my cock into her ass. It was slow going since Tim was already deep in her pussy. She was obviously willing though, and before long, my cock sank into her ass, all the way to my balls.

Tim mumbled, "We gotta do this together," as he began to pull out, waiting until he started to move back in, I slowly pulled my cock back, just to the head. Michelle was moaning, enjoying the sensation. I could feel Tim's cock next to mine as we moved Michelle between us. The feeling was extremely erotic and we soon picked up the pace.

We would move in or out together or a few strokes, and then switch to the 'I'm in/he's out' movements for a while. It didn't take very long before Michelle began crying, "Fuck me, oh... yes... it feels so good!" Both her pussy and her sphincter tightened around us, and we could feel them pulsing as she came. That sent me over the edge and I was cumming harder than I ever had, with Tim right behind me.

I'm sitting here with a raging hard-on, as I remember that evening. Ashley returned, and we all fucked, sucked, and licked the night away, until Michelle finally said, "I can't take anymore! My pussy and mouth are tired, and I'm exhausted!" Ashley immediately moved behind Michelle and wrapped like spoons, both quickly fell asleep right there on the table.

Sam sat down next to Michelle, stroking her hair and looking at her with the love and respect he had always shown his wife. Quietly, he said, "Thank you so much for taking part in this, and making her fantasy come true. It was something I couldn't do without you."

Picking our clothes up from the various locations they had been flung, we quietly got dressed. Without speaking, the men began leaving, not quite sure how to react, or what to say to each other at the moment. I paused, and stood looking at Michelle, my heart swelling with love for her. She was an extraordinary woman. I knew I would never have her again, but was grateful to her for giving me the most fantastic night of my life.

We would all eventually run into each other again, either at Sam and Michelle's house, or elsewhere. There seemed, however, to be an unspoken agreement between us to protect Michelle, because no one ever mentioned the evening in any way. She never mentioned it either, but it always seemed to me that her hugs were a little longer and the kisses a lot friendlier after that night.



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