A sensation began to form in my mind as I progressed through the mundane task of mowing the lawn on a rather warm Sunday afternoon. Ding! It was my bladder calling.

"Man I gotta piss!" I said to myself as I jumped off the mower and headed for the outside bathroom by the pool.

I raced into the pool house and jerked open the door to the bathroom.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed as the sight before me struck home.

"Uncle max!" Shrieked the beautiful blonde fourteen year old girl as she attempted to hide the half-full glass that she was holding just under her pretty pink pussy and cover her budding body at the same time. I forgot that she was visiting us for the weekend.

"Sweet Jesus Cindy are you doing what I think you're doing?" I said with a big grin as I closed the door and locked it behind me.

"I - Uh - I - Oh Uncle max please go away!" The crimson-faced beauty stammered glancing around for a hole to crawl into.

"Oh you precious little beauty, I'm not going away. I don't want to miss this!" Her eyes focused on the horizontal tent in the front of my pants as I adjusted my cock to a more comfortable position.

"Uh, miss what Uncle max?" She said becoming aware that I was amused at her predicament and obviously turned on by the perversion I was witnessing. No longer attempting the lost cause of trying to cover her maturing curvy body. I could see a look of relief wash over her face as she realized that I liked what I saw and wasn't going to go ballistic on her. She sorta stomped her little foot in that cute way she does when she knows she has lost an argument. I liked the way it made her nice little titties jiggle. I noticed her mouthwatering perfect pink nipples standing out like pencil erasers.

I sat on the toilet seat and took her hand and drew her closer to me and looked deep into her pale blue eyes and said with a gentle voice: "Sweetheart, why are you peeing into a glass? Are you learning what your pee tastes like? Honey, that's just fine with me. May I share?"

With those words her eyes sorta glazed over and she took in a quick breath and her jaw fell slack. So that's what she looks like aroused I noted. Her eyes regained their sparkle as she returned my gaze. She spoke in a subdued yet husky voice that I had not heard before from this woman-child.

"Oh Uncle max I know what my pee tastes like, I drink it sometimes for fun. You want to taste it too really?" She said stepping a little closer to me glancing down at my tent and holding the glass out a bit further in my direction.

I reached for the glass and capturing her hand between mine and the glass I brought the glass up in front of my face and sniffed the heady aroma of pretty young girl piss, her hand soft and warm under mine.

"Ummm, that smells so nice!" I said looking deep into her smoldering eyes aware that her tongue moved out and along her lips, licking her lips in anticipation. Tilting the glass to my lips I allowed the golden nectar to flow slowly onto my tongue, her fingers still holding the glass under my direction.

It tasted similar to it's pungent smell, tart and salty but very pleasant and it had a creamy slick texture like maybe some nice young girl pussy juice in it too, she must have been sexually aroused by the act, very interesting.

I swallowed the fluid and grinned broadly as her breathing became a bit erratic, her hand began to tremble ever so slightly under mine.

"You taste so damn good Cindy, I'd bet it would be even more delicious direct from the source" She smiled and licked her lips again, there was that sparkle in her eyes again, what a beauty!

"Your turn pretty girl" I said as I moved the glass towards her mouth and released my grip on her hand and the glass.

"Uncle max, you're so sweet, I can't believe this is happening, I was so scared when you opened the door"

"It's OK Baby, I love it!" I said as I stroked her soft blonde hair and her cheek.

She raised the glass to her lips and tilted it draining it into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out a little as she savored the taste for a while swirling it around with her tongue then gulped it down all the while looking deep into my eyes and attempting a half smile while swallowing and her hand came to rest on my arm.

"Ummm, I love it too Uncle max!" She giggled.

"But Baby, you drank it all" I protested. " I really wanted some more"

"That's OK, I've got more, see" She giggled again as she placed the glass under her downy blonde pink pussy and formed an inverted V with her first and second fingers of her free hand and spread her little pink pussy lips exposing her pee hole and began peeing in the glass. She was good at it too, a nice round straight stream squirted from her unobstructed pee hole and splashed into the glass a few inches away.

When it was half full she stopped and held the glass out to me as she wiped the drops from her pussy lips with her fingers and then proceeded to lick them clean. I just about shot my load in my pants!

"Here you go sweet Uncle max, drink me!"

"Baby, you do something to me, I just about came in my pants when you licked your pee from your fingers, do you know what that means Sweetheart?"

"Oh Uncle max, of course I do, I'm not a virgin, I'm fourteen after all!"

"How did you learn all these things? I didn't when I was fourteen."

"The Internet Uncle max, it's a wonderful thing!"

"Oh yeah, I know Sweetheart, I know all about the Internet." I said as I tipped the glass to my lips once again savoring the sweet taste of this beautiful and wise little girl.

"That's great, but I would like to take it directly from your sweet pussy"

"I think I would like you to, no one knows what I do and I don't think they would understand that I like pee so much, not like you do my sweet Uncle max."

I gave the glass to her and she quickly drank it right down and set the glass aside.

"Please Uncle max do you really want to, I really wanted someone to do that for me someday, it turns me on so to think about it!" She said practically panting as she stepped close to me and placed her hands on both sides of my face looking into my eyes for the response she desired.

I grinned back at her and placed my hands on her sweet little ass and drew her to me until she was standing against me between my legs.

You've got to realize that here in my hands is a beautiful fourteen year old blue-eyed blonde girl completely naked, developing nice sized breasts and nice erect pink nipples just inches away from my face, her ass is firm and round, her pussy is pink and covered with a barely noticeable blonde fuzz, I'll bet her little ass hole is just as sweet.

Just so ya know, I'm not really her Uncle max, step Uncle max to be exact and I'm not that old at 34, just a quirk of fate when I remarried, and I'm in pretty good shape too.

She bent down and kissed me on the lips and I drew her closer. I could feel her tongue press into my lips and then inside as I parted my lips to allow it hoping she could taste the lingering effects of her piss in my mouth as did in hers. She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. She drew back and looked into my eyes smiling.

"Uncle max, I love doing this with you. I've been wanting to find someone to be with this way for so long, please teach me." How long could a fourteen year old be wanting this I asked myself, but what the hell, if I'm going to Hell what better way to qualify. I'm gonna take this as far as I can and still be safe for her sake as well as mine.

That pesky knawing agony was surfacing again, I had to pee and what a great time to go I thought to myself.

"Uh, Sweetheart, I came in here so fast because I had to pee really bad, do you mind?" I said as I stood up and began to unzip.

"Really?" She gasped, her eyes getting big as she stared at the front of my pants. "Oh please, can I watch you pee Uncle max, please?"

"Oh yeah, Sweetie, you sure can." I replied as I pried my erect cock out of my pants and aimed it at the toilet. "This may take a while 'cause it's sometimes hard to piss when a guy has a hard-on." I chuckled. "You really made me hard Cindy, see."

"Oh wow Uncle max, it's so big, I've never seen one before, at least this close."

"Sweetheart then how did you lose your virginity?" I asked.

"My Mom's vibrator, I saw her using it and when I was home alone I tried it and just love it, I sneak into her room and do it whenever I can."

After trying to concentrate I finally was able to begin and a stream began to splash into the toilet.

"Oh that is so neat Uncle max." Cindy squealed as she stood closer to get a closer look.

"Let me aim it Uncle max, please?" She said quietly as she tentatively reached out to touch my cock.

"Oh yes Cindy, sweetheart, please help me aim." I almost whispered, not believing what was happening as her warm fingers encircled my squirting member and I withdrew my hand.

She giggled as she waved it around a little directing the stream around the toilet. Then to my pleasure she slowly slid her hand downward until her finger was in the stream, then two fingers and then she reached out with her other hand and placed it into the stream and her fingers became wet and then almost trance-like she put her fingers in her mouth and moaned at the taste of my piss.

"Wait Uncle max, stop!" She said excitedly as she dropped to her knees beside the toilet and held her cupped hands together under the stream as I tried to shut it off. She lifted the puddled piss in her hands to her face and lapped at it with her tongue and then slurped it up like hot soup, some dribbled on her chest and she rubbed it on her tits with her wet hands lifting her titties up and squashing them around while pinching her delectable nipples.

"Ohhh, I love this, please may I have some more?" She whispered and reached to take hold of my cock and point it at her chest. "Please?" I let a spurt out that landed on her left tit and she rubbed it in. A stream was directed to her other tit and then she looked up at me with her sparkling eyes and stuck her tongue into the stream and then directed the stream into her mouth moaning the whole time. Her mouth filled up and it was running down her neck and over her tits where her other hand was busily rubbing it around. She closed her mouth to swallow and opened again to engulf the head of my pissing cock to catch the last of my dwindling stream of hot piss.

"Don't swallow it all Cindy." I croaked so overwhelmed at what my eyes were beholding.

I reached down and placed my hands on her head and pulled her to her feet and her face to mine.

"Share with me Cindy" I whispered as my lips brushed hers. She moaned loudly and fiercely pressed her mouth to mine. I covered her mouth with mine and she parted her lips and the hot fluid poured into my mouth followed by her swirling tongue. Our tongues danced and caressed savoring the pungent saltiness of my piss, both of us moaning. We then swallowed and continued to kiss for a while. She was still holding my hard-on with one hand and her other arm was tightly around my neck. I couldn't resist. I had to feel that sweet young pussy and ass and she was purring like a kitten in no time under my caresses.

"Oh Baby, you are so sweet, are you sure you want to be with me this way?"

"I've always liked you Uncle max, you are so handsome, and when I visit and see you working with out your shirt it turns me on, I think about you when I use Mom's vibrator."

She was pressing against me and her hand was stroking my hard-on slowly..

"Sweet Cindy, you are so beautiful, seeing you is always a bright point in my life and I have to admit that I am turned on by you too but I didn't want to spoil your life by being selfish and telling you so."

"That's OK Uncle max, I..."

"Cindy, please." I interrupted. "Call me by my first name when we are alone OK?, I'm not that old and Uncle max doesn't seem to fit anymore."

"Uh, OK, - Max?"

"Max is OK."

"Max, I want to be with you in all the ways I've seen and read about on the Internet, lets do all the things that those people are doing, I want to do it with you so bad, I won't tell anyone I promise! Please teach me how"

"Oh Baby, will we have some fun!" I said grinning so wide it hurt.

"Goody!" She squealed, slightly jumping up and down.

"I love your titties Cindy, may I kiss them?" I said breathlessly as they jiggled up and down in front of my face.

"Please Max, touch me, touch me every where you like, may I touch you?"

"Oh yeah Sweetheart, I'm all yours!" I said as my lips tentatively brushed against her left nipple, my tongue pressing into her soft breast just under it, stroking up and flicking it and then sucking it into my mouth. The feel and taste of her erect pink nipple as it became surrounded by my lips and tongue was pure heaven. I sucked her tit into my mouth, a little more then a mouth full, so soft and warm. My hands grasped her firm tiny round ass as I massaged her butt working my way down to the tops of her legs and between her cheeks where my finger tips gently found her little rosebud.

"Ohhh, Max that feels so nice, I love what you're doing to me."

My fingers of one hand continued on to her pussy and as I gently stroked the outer lips I asked her spread her legs a little and she complied.

"Ohhh, Oh, Oh." She sighed at the contact of my fingers to her lips just above her little clit. I gently began massaging her already opening pussy lips, my finger slipped easily in between due to the wetness I found there, she was lubricating heavily. I continued to worship her breasts and nipples with my mouth as I gently stroked her anus and massaged deeper into her pussy eventually making direct contact with her well pronounced clit eventually massaging it vigorously.

"Oh My Gosh, Wow, Ummm, that feels sooooo good Max!" She gasped into my ear, her head now resting on my shoulder. Her little hands falling to my lap. I felt her fingers grasp my cock and I jerked a little.

"Is that OK Max?"

"Yes Baby, it's OK, please do what you want, take hold of my cock." Her hand was hot against my cock as her fingers encircled it once again and she slowly stroked it.

"Oh Man!, that's it Cindy, yes!"

Suddenly her body spasmed and she stiffened and gripped my cock tight.

"OH Max! I'm cumming! Oh my God! Unngggghh!" She threw her arms around my neck and hung on tight as I slowly decreased my manipulations. I felt a warm wet rush over my hand.

"Oh Max, I peed on you, I'm sorry, sorry!" She gasped realizing what had happened.

"I don't know why I did that" She mumbled burying her face against my neck.

"Shhh, it's OK, don't worry about it, it's nice." I consoled her.

"You must have to pee huh?" I asked.

"I guess so, yes."

"Hold that thought." I grinned at her.

I gently held her away from me and stood up, moved around her and began removing my clothes. I realized that she stood just below my chin, around five feet tall I guessed.

She was watching as I removed my shoes and socks, her eyes glowed a bit and she smiled when I removed my shirt.

You should have seen her face when I dropped my pants and shorts in one fell swoop and she saw me without clothes for the first time. Don't know if it was her first sighting or not but she seemed impressed.

She absolutely beamed, she has one of those double smiles, you know, a regular toothy smile then a bigger smile that wrinkles her nose. Her nose was definitely wrinkled and her eyes were wide and sparkly.

She stepped over to me and put both hands around my cock and lightly stroked it, sorta petted it.

"Oh wow!" "Look at you" she beamed up at me. "I'm gonna have fun with this I bet!" She exclaimed.

"Oh Cindy" I said grinning as I cupped her face in my hand. "We're both gonna have fun with mister pecker!"

"But for now, I'm very thirsty, I really need a drink." I said as I opened the shower door and stepped inside guiding her in after me. I sat down and leaned back against the wall and scooted down a bit.

"OK Cindy, bring that sweet pussy of yours over here so I can taste it" I said as I guided her to place her legs on both sides of my head and positioned myself so her pussy was right at my mouth.

"Cindy, I want to make you cum with my tongue, people do it all the time when they make love and believe me sweet girl, this IS making love to you. When you need to pee just go ahead when ever you want, I want you to pee in my mouth."

"Oh God!" She exclaimed. "This is so hot! How could I be so lucky!"

"I think we both are pretty lucky Sweetheart" I grinned up at her looking up her smooth flat tummy and up farther between her jiggling breasts into her very excited face.

I reached up and placed my hands on her ass and pulled her sweet young pussy to my mouth. Her pussy was drenched, so pink and red and swollen, her clit was sticking out from it's hood big enough to suck on. My tongue touched her opening and slid up into her, she tasted so sweet, so fresh, she smelled of pussy juice and tangy piss, so wet, so sweet.

I licked her pussy up and down and as deep as I could, when I sucked her clit into my mouth she shuddered and moaned. I flicked at her clit with my tongue and she would jerk slightly with each contact. She was moaning constantly now and began humping my face slowly, I could feel her ass muscles contracting as she humped forward against my sucking mouth and invading, teasing tongue, my nose would bump her clit.

I gently worked my fingers of both hands into her ass crack and found her puckered pink rosebud. I massaged it deliberately with one finger tip. I then slid a couple of fingers up into her dripping pussy causing her to moan louder. After a while of fingering her pussy I placed her lubricating juices on her anus and slowly massaged and worked the tip of my little finger just barely into her ass. She began humping in both directions now, her pussy into my mouth and her ass onto my finger. When she finally relaxed and my pinkie slipped into her she gasped and moaned even louder.

I worked on her clit and her anus and she began humping faster and faster and becoming more vocal.

"Oh Max, I've never felt anything as wonderful as this, it feels so FUCKIN' GOOD!" She squealed.

I was a little surprised at the language but understood.

"Not too loud Sweetheart" I cautioned.

She began almost bucking against my face and I felt her ass muscles get rock-hard and she let out a big grunt and said: "I'm gonna cum!, I'm gonna cum! Here it is Ohhhh Shitttt!! Max I love this, Oh God I love this so much, I love you Max, I love you for doing this to me, I'm cumming!" Her hands were around my head pulling me into her.

Her little pussy was plastered against my mouth and I had her clit sucked into my mouth like a shop vac and flicking it with my tongue and biting it gently, my finger was doing a dance in her ass when she suddenly went rigid and hissed through clenched teeth. "Ohhhh YESSSSSSS! Ohhhh, Oh, Oh." She began to relax a bit and she began trembling slightly. I slowly eased my finger out of her ass and began slowly massaging her ass cheeks.

"Oh Max that felt so darned good! Thank you so very much!" She exclaimed.

"Like that huh?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, you can do that to me any time you like!"

"Great" I replied. "I'd like that too, but I'm still thirsty."

"Don't worry Lover, I didn't forget." She giggled

Bright girl I thought.

She seemed to squat down a little and thrust her hips forward positioning her pussy into my open mouth. The fluid began as a trickle then gushed into my mouth. At first I noticed the warmth then the taste, like before from the glass but sweeter, next I noticed the volume and began to gulp it down. Unable to contain it all it spilled from my mouth and splashed down my chest running down around the base of my cock and around my balls. Soon the flow subsided and I was able to gulp down the remainder. I withdrew from her pussy and began licking her clean.

"That was so nasty Max, God I loved it!" She gasped. "You really got off on that didn't you sweet man?" Not really a question more like a statement.

"As a matter of fact, I did. You are so nasty and you taste so damn good! I loved every drop!" I said grinning a wet grin up at between her tits. I had an idea...

"Sweetheart turn around and bend over, I got something to show you"

"What Max?" She asked repositioning herself as I asked.

"This" I said as I spread her ass cheeks. "Bend way over" As she did my tongue found her pussy and I licked her up and past to her ass hole. My tongue found her little pink, yes it is pink, pucker and I licked it firmly.

"Ohhhh! You nasty man, I love it!" She squealed and wiggled her ass back against my overworked tongue. I continued to clean her pussy and anus until she said stop she couldn't take any more, today.

She stood up and turned around and looked down at my piss wet chest and cock and asked what are we going to do about that pointing at mister pecker.

"What would you like to do about it?" I asked.

"It's not much bigger then Mom's vibrator, I want it in me."

I crouched down a little and she sorta climbed up on me and lowered her sweet young pussy to my cock. I cupped her delicious ass cheeks and held her up and slowed her descent.

"Easy now Cindy, let me guide it into you slowly. Just enjoy, I sure will!"

"Oh Max, this is so cool, I want you to fuck me soooo bad!"

"I'm going to fuck you now Sweet Baby, I love this so much too!"

As I felt her hot pussy lips began to spread over the head of my cock as I lowered her down. Then the titghtness of her wet cunt slipped slowly down my shaft. She let out a very throaty low moan as I penetrated her deeper.

"Oh God Max, that feels so amazing, you're filling me up!"

She slid further down until she had completely smothered my raging hard-on with her so sweet, hot young dripping pussy.

"You are so tight, Cindy, it feels so good to me, I have never seen or felt a pussy as sweet and wonderful as yours, you are so perfect!" I moaned as the realization and sensations of what we were doing sunk home.

She began to move up and down with my help and soon we were thrusting faster and harder into each other, both moaning and groaning like mad fools. My entire eight inches more or less was buried to the hilt into her when she slid down and I thrust up. We were both in heaven, lovin' every inch of it.

My orgasm wasn't far away and I sure wasn't gonna shoot in her, "Hope she cums quick" I thought.

"Sweet Jesus you feel so good Sweetheart Cindy, I don't know how long I can hold off cumming. I won't cum in you. But please cum soon for me!"

"Oh Max, I'm gonna cum real soon, I love this, I love fucking you! I LOVE YOU!"


Her little ass became hard in my hands and her legs squeezed tightly around my waist, her arms tight around my neck as she stiffened and trembled and buried her face in my neck moaning a low growling moan.

"Ohhhhh! Max that was awesome, soooo gooood! So darned good!" I love you for doing this to me.

My time had come and I jerked my hips back and my cock out of her and let her down. She put her legs down and tried to stand but just collapsed cross legged against the shower wall.

"I'm gonna cum Sweet Girl, do you wanta help or watch?"

She sorta struggled upright a little and grabbed my cock and began pumping it like crazy. Oh ya gotta love this exuberant youth and her insatiable sexual desire.

"Oh YEAH, That's it Girl, You got the touch, you are a natural. I'm gonna shoot Sweetheart, do you know what that means?" "Oh Max, gimmie a break, the Internet remember?" She sat up a little more so her chest was even with my cock and kept on stroking, allowing her soft hand to slide over the head and back down.

"I wanna taste it and rub it into my tits, cum for me my Sweet Lover, cum on me now!"

"OH SHIIIIT!" I moaned as I felt the pangs of my orgasm begin.


Her eyes grew wide as the first spurt hit her tit forcefully, she maneuvered her other tit in place and collected another gob of white cream directly on her nipple.

"Ohhh Max" She moaned and dove her sucking mouth over my cock as I unloaded the rest into her. "Ummm!" "UMMM!" She cooed as she tasted her first cum.

I was spent and sagged to the floor. "That was the best, you are sooo GOOD"! I exclaimed as I drew her to me. She crawled on my lap and put an arm around my neck and said as she swallowed: "That was awesome Max, I love the taste of your cum." She then proceeded to hug me tightly, her breasts mashed against my chest as she kissed me passionately and I tasted my cum on her tongue. She then broke the kiss, I'm still trying to regain my senses.

"Max, I love you, I want to be with you like this forever."

"Me too Cindy, Sweetheart, me too. It's gonna be tough and it may take some time, but we'll make it happen, we are so well suited and should be together."

"Max?" "Yes Darlin' Girl" "Remember what you did to my asshole?" "Yes" "I loved that and I've seen women take a cock up the ass on the Internet, would you try that with me sometime?"

I know I've died and gone to Heaven, if I'm gonna fall into Hell this sweet angel will put me there and I'd be willing to go after knowing her.

Postscript: We did finally get together, through the divorce, the family shunning, through the marriage and now seventeen years later our two daughters and son are the results of a long and blissful life that will continue until the grave. I guess that Sweet Angel kept me out of Hell after all.



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