Since I was a teenager, I've been known as a kind of a slut. I've never minded that too much, since it meant that I had a lot of guys wanting to take me out and stuff, but I do get asked sometimes how a girl gets to be this way.

I'm not much for the psychological crap, but I guess you could say that my family had a lot to do with it. My mom was always a real hot dresser. She still is, and she's over 50. She loves to wear heels and short skirts and show off her legs, which are still pretty good. And her husband, my stepfather, doesn't mind it a bit. He loves to take her out all dolled up, as he says, and have a lot of guys looking at his wife. I don't know if they fool around with other people, but I bet they do. They just never did around me.

Which doesn't mean they don't do it at home? Hell, they are so damn noisy when they fuck, you couldn't miss it if you wanted to! Especially in that damn trailer where I grew up. Walls there were as thin as paper. Couldn't miss much. My bedroom a tiny one, right next to theirs. I learned to talk dirty early, listening to my mom and dad through the walls. When I was younger, it used to bother me, but after I turned about 12, I started wondering what they were doing, and paying more attention. I could sure tell they liked it.

By this time, I knew the mechanics of it, from sex education in school. But it wasn't till I was 14 that I started to figure out what was so great about it. At that time, my step-brother, Phil, was still living with us. Now, this trailer only had two bedrooms, so Phil had to sleep on the couch in the living room. He didn't like it much, but there wasn't much else to do.

Well, when I was 14, a freshman in high school, I was up late one night, talking on the phone with a girlfriend, when I heard Phil making some noises out in the living room. I guess he thought I was asleep.. I was trying to be real quiet so I wouldn't get in trouble. I got off the phone, and went real quietly to see what was going on. Trailers, if you never lived in one, are pretty squeaky. I did my best to walk slow and to keep the noise down, but I was sure he'd hear me.

He didn't. He was too busy, I saw, when I got to the corner and could see around to the couch. He was lying on the couch, looking at a magazine, and jerking off. He was kinda talking to himself, like he was with a girl, and rubbing his dick real fast. I'd never seen one hard before, so I just kinda stood there, gaping, I guess, and watching. Phil would pull on his cock for a while, then turn a page, and do it some more.

Now, I couldn't see too well from where I was what he was looking at, but I could tell it wasn't just naked women. There were couples in this book, doing stuff, but I didn't know what. Anyway, I was so fascinated by watching Phil that I didn't think much about the book. I stood there, just watching, till he started to groan. He started saying stuff like, "Oh, yeah, oh yeah..." and his hips started bumping up and down.

He only had on some boxer shorts that were pulled way down, so when he came, he shot it all over his stomach. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I had to try real hard just to stay quiet. He kept jerking on himself, and this white goo kept coming out of his cock.

Finally the last little bit oozed out onto his hand. I ducked back when he sat up to get some tissues to clean up, then stayed real still till I thought he was asleep before I snuck back to my room. When I got back, I diddled my own self for a while before I went to sleep. (I didn't have a real orgasm till I was 17.)

The next day, when I got home from school, and Phil was still at football practice, I went looking for that book of his. I wanted to see what made him so excited. I found it, first place I looked, up in the springs under the couch. I started flipping through the pages, looking at all these pictures of people fucking and girls sucking on guys, and guys eating girls, and cum.

Oh, the pictures of guys cumming. I had just watched Phil's cock shooting cum and now there were these huge ones in the book, plopping great big wads of sticky stuff all over the girls, or in there mouths. At that time, I just figured that was what they did not to get pregnant. I didn't realize how much guys get off seeing their cum on a girl.

Anyways, I liked what I saw. It got me all hot, and I went off to my bedroom to play with myself for a while. That night, I waited to see if I could hear Phil doing it again. A while after things got quiet, I did, and I snuck back out to watch him again. His cock wasn't as big as the ones in the magazine, but it looked pretty good to me, and I watched, fascinated as he jerked himself off again.

I watched how his eyes screwed all shut when he was about to come, and his body went all rigid, and it made me all quivery inside. When he was done, I didn't wait quite so long before going back to my room. I couldn't wait to feel my fingers between my legs...

This went on for a couple of months without much change. Sometimes I would sneak a look at Phil's dirty books, and sometimes I would sneak out to watch him. I told some of my girlfriends about the magazines, but I never told them about watching my step-brother. That might have been too much.

Well, one night, I heard Phil playing with himself again, and I got out of bed to go watch him. I had come to like the anticipation, watching him, waiting, waiting for the moment when he'd shoot white goo all over his hand and belly. I could sort of tell, now, when it was about to happen. His eyes would start to close, or roll up in his head, and he's start to jerk faster on his prick. When he was doing it, I had started to play with myself, too, while I watched, and my fingers would go faster and faster as I saw him getting close. I never did come, but it sure did feel good.

On this night, though, there would be a change. Looking back, I think that Phil must have known for a while that I was watching, because on this night, when he spoke to me, he didn't seem embarrassed or anything.

I was, though. As I was watching him, and as he was just getting going good, he turned his head toward the corner where I was hiding and said, "You like to watch this?" and smiled. I was busted, I knew, but I ran back to my bedroom anyways. I heard him walking back to my room, and then he opened the door. There he stood, his shorts still pulled down, his hard cock in his hand, smiling.

"Well?" he said. He didn't seem mad at all. In fact, he seemed pretty nice. He'd never had much use for me, especially since I got the bedroom and he didn't, but he seemed pretty cool.

I smiled a little I guess, or tried to, and nodded.

"You want to see up close? Come out here and sit beside me. I'll do it, and you can watch, okay?" I shook my head, staring, I'm sure, at his cock which he was still rubbing with his hand.

"Okay," he said, "but you can come sit by me any time you want..." He turned and went back to finish what he'd started, his big red cock filling his hand.

That night, I didn't go back out to watch him, but a few nights later, I did, just going as far as my normal corner to watch. I could tell now that he knew I was there. I didn't even try to be quiet. He looked over and smiled at me once, and went back to his fantasy, finally covering his stomach with another load of cum.

It went on like this for a while, me watching from a distance, but Phil knowing I was there. He seemed to enjoy knowing I was watching. Every once in a while, he would motion with his hand for me to come and sit on the couch beside him, but I didn't, at least not for a while.

Then, one night, I did. He looked over and smiled and said, "This is silly. What's the difference between being over there and being over here. Wouldn't you like to see better?" I thought for a minute, and decided that there wasn't any harm in it, so I went over and sat on the edge of the couch, trying not to touch him. He said, "Now, isn't that better?" Then grinned and went back to jerking off. I could see the pictures he was looking at, too, and could hardly believe the looks on the peoples' faces as these huge guys stuck their cocks into the girls' pussies and assholes.

I got more and more excited, sitting this close to Phil, as he got closer to cumming. His breathing got quicker and quicker, and my eyes must have been about to jump out of my head. At last he climaxed, and I watched as cum spurted out of the tip of his cock all over his stomach. He asked me to hand him the Kleenex when he was done, which I did, then I went back to bed without saying anything, and played with myself for a long time.

I didn't go back out to watch him for a while, but the next time I did, I just went and sat next to him without waiting to be asked. Phil just smiled and scooted over on the couch to make some room for me. We didn't talk while he was jerking off, which was good. I wouldn't have known what to say, and I guess Phil figured that out, cause he never asked me anything. At least, not for a while.

Then, one night, in the winter of that year, probably December, Phil spoke to me instead of to his magazine while he was jerking off. I had become accustomed to watching him, though not as often as when I was hiding at first, and he seemed to sense my new comfort. I had begun to wonder what the cum felt like, what his cock actually felt like, what it would be like to do it for him, and he must have known. On this cold night, as I stared at the big red head of his cock, he said, "Wouldn't you like to help me? Huh?"

I looked up at him and he smiled. Without asking again, he reached out for my hand and pulled it to his lap. He wrapped my fingers around the rigid, hot shaft of his cock, and then put his hand around mine.

"Yeah, just like that. I'll help you help me... like this..." and he started pushing my hand up and down on his prick. I could hardly believe what I was feeling, not just the feel of the hard cock in my hand, but the feeling between my legs as Phil guided my hand up and down his stiff cock.

"Yeah, that's soooo good, Carla... so nice.... Just like this..." His hand picked up the pace, sliding my hand up and down faster, and moving more over the spongy head of his cock. I loved the way it felt in my hand. I could even feel him getting thicker and harder as he got more excited. I started to squeeze more with my hand and to pump him for myself. Phil's eyes opened and he smiled at me, then took his hand away from mine. "Yes, Carla... just like that... just keep it up, and I'll be done in a minute!

I started jerking him off by myself, staring sometimes at Phil's face, which was all screwed up with pleasure, and at the cock in my hand, which seemed about to shoot. It wasn't long before he started to mutter, "Oh yeah, oh yeah... just a little more.. Yes! Oh! Oh! He grunted and groaned, and his hips started to pitch.. His body went all tight and then I felt it. I felt his cock start to pulsate in my hand, and I almost yelled out myself. I could feel the pumping action, from the base of his cock to the tip, and then the cum as it shot toward the tip of his prick.

When he came, I had his cock pointed straight up, not up toward his chest, so the cum went up, then down right onto my hand. I did give a little, "Oh! as I felt the hot goo landing on my fingers and thumb, and as he continued to come, it just poured out of him like sticky cream, all over my hand. It made his cock slipperier, and my hand started sliding up and down on the head of his cock as he came, which got a surprised look from him.

"Oh, God, yes... right there! he groaned at me, his eyes wide. And I did, pump him, right there, till he was exhausted. Then I milked the last of the cum from his cock as I'd seen him do a zillion times, sliding a slippery thumb up the underside of his prick, pushing the last little bit of cum out of him.

"Oh, Jesus, that was good! he moaned as I handed him the tissues and took two for myself. "Did you like it?"

I was too embarrassed to admit just how much I'd liked it, so I just nodded silently and smiled. I went off to play with myself alone (I was a long way from being ready to be seen doing that!) and dreamed of the sensations I'd just experienced all night.

It was another week or so before I ventured out to join Phil again on the couch. This time though, I didn't wait to be invited to "help." I sat down next to him and took his prick into my hand and went to work. Phil just closed his eyes and relaxed, muttering things like, "Oh, yeah, baby..." and stuff while I jerked him off. The game of anticipation had become much, much more exciting, now that I was doing the work.

I could feel the changes in his prick, in his body, and suddenly I could hardly wait to see feel the cum as it poured out of him. I gave more attention to the head of his cock this time, as it seemed that he liked that more, and he did. He started gasping and cursing softly as I slid my fingers back and forth across the soft head of his hard cock, and soon he was about to come again.

This time, I pointed his cock up onto his belly, so that only a little got on my hand. I had thought that I didn't want to get so messy as the last time, but I found that it was much less exciting when I didn't feel Phil's juices running over my fingers. From that time forward, I made sure that I got as much of his cum on my hands as I could.

It was Spring, and Phil and I were getting pretty regular. I wasn't allowed to date yet, so he was the only boy contact I had except for school. Phil had taught me some more things that felt good to him, and though I knew he had girlfriends, I knew he enjoyed his time with me.


One night, when we were together, I was spitting on the end of his cock, to make it slippery for my hands. As the spit dribbled out of my mouth onto the tip, Phil asked, "Wouldn't you like to kiss it? Like in the books?" I looked up at him as I rubbed the shiny liquid over the head of his cock. Actually, I'd been thinking about it for a long time, wondering what it would be like, so when he asked, I wasn't surprised or embarrassed. I just nodded.

Then I went down on him for the first time. First I just kissed the end of his cock, then I licked it, and I tasted something new, the first bit of his precum, salty and faintly bitter. "Mmmm, yesssss," he hissed as I ran my tongue back and forth across the tip of his cock. I took a little more of his cock into my virgin mouth, and sucked gently on the head while I pumped his cock with my spit-slicked hand.

"Oh, god! he groaned. "That is soooooo good... just do that, just like that! So I did. I didn't try to gobble his whole cock, like some of the girls in the books, I just sucked the end, softly at first, then harder later, while I stroked his prick with my hand. Phil started to push his hips up in little thrusts, moving his cock slightly in and out of my mouth, so I started moving my head up and down a little, too, while I sucked on him.

I doubt it was any skill of mine that did it, but it hardly took any time for me to begin to feel Phil's climax coming. I continued to suck on him, waiting anxiously for his cock to pour out it's cum again. I could taste the precum flowing out of him better now, and wasn't too scared about gagging when he came (one of my girlfriends had said she always did when her boyfriend came in her mouth...) so I worked his cock even harder to get him off.

When Phil came, he started wriggling all over the couch. His cum started spurting into my mouth as I sucked and stroked, and I did nearly gag, it was so thick and heavy, and tasted so weird, but as soon as that had passed, I was sucking for all I was worth, allowing the juices to run out of my mouth and down over my fist.

I could not have imagined how good it would feel to have his cum surging into my mouth like that. I just kept at it till Phil told me to quit... He was done. I looked at him with some disappointment, I guess, cause he said, "Hey, there's always tomorrow! and smiled.

This time I wasn't too embarrassed to answer. "There sure is, and if I don't get to do this again tomorrow, I'm gonna kick your ass!

Phil laughed as I cleaned myself up and went off to bed. There were lots more nights like that one in my freshman year, before Phil went off to the community college. He got me to swallow, which was another cool experience, and made a lot less mess. Somehow it didn't bother me to miss having cum on my hands if I could feel it sliding down my throat!

Now, that is sort of the way this slut got started. See, by the time Mom let me start dating the next year, I was way ahead of the boys. Phil was gone, so I was pretty horny. I didn't jump the guy the first date I ever had, but the first time one of them put his hand around my shoulders in the movie to grab my tit, my hand went right into his lap.

That was almost the end of my sophomore year, of course, but it didn't take long for us to go from playing touchy feely in the movie to me jerking him off, and later, sucking him off. He was a junior, and had his own beat up car, but it was enough for us. He would feel me up, sticking his fingers inside me and getting me all wet, while I sucked him off. He wanted to fuck, but I was still afraid of getting pregnant, so I wouldn't.

He must've told some other guys I was pretty easy, though, 'cause suddenly I had a lot of juniors and seniors asking me for dates. Mom didn't like it too much, but she didn't say a lot, probably 'cause she did about the same thing. Anyhow, I started dating a lot, and got a rep as an easy blow job.

About half way through my junior year my girlfriend told me how to get the pill without telling my parents, and that was it. I've been sucking and fucking ever since. Had my first real orgasm that year, too, first time I ever had a cock inside me. It was so amazing I asked him if we could do it again the next night. Needless to say, he said yes...

I've tried a lot since then, and enjoy talking dirty, like my Mom and her husband, and now that I live away, I do a lot more. My latest thing has been fucking black guys. Just learned how hot that was recently. Actually, I saw some pics on AOL a couple years ago of black guys fucking white girls, and it made me so hot I decided I had to try it. It was great...

So there you have it, how I came to be the cum loving slut that I am. Hope it hasn't bored you... sure didn't bore me remembering!

Ricky was due any minute as I struggled with the zipper on my tight, fake-leather mini. It fit nice and tight, but the zipper was kinda crummy, so it stuck sometimes. When I'd gotten it zipped, I pulled a little black midi tank top over my head. Without a bra, it was real sexy, cause it just came down below my tits by a little bit. I brushed my hair for the third time in half an hour, putting back in place the few strands that had been mussed by the pulling on of my top.

I put on my lipstick, looking out the bathroom window for Ricky's truck over and over. When I was done, I slipped into my matching black heels and checked myself in the full length mirror in the hall. I liked what I saw... lots of skin, from my bare legs to my bare midriff, and everything I wore yelled, "Fuck me!

Since Ricky was taking me to a drive in over in Wadesville, I didn't think I needed to suggest too much, but what the hell. I loved the way he and other guys looked at me when I dressed sexy. The Midway drive in was the last one in the county, and it showed year- old movies.

I think that it's only reason for being was what happened in most of the cars there. It was widely known to be the best make-out spot in the area. You could do anything, and the sheriff's guys wouldn't bother you, unlike a lot of the popular parking spots down by the river.

So I knew, since that was where we were going, what Ricky had in mind. Of course, that was no surprise anyway. We hadn't been out before, but I knew what my reputation was at school. It didn't bother me, and it got me a lot of dates. I always had my pick of a few guys any Friday night. It always gave me a charge, knowing what all those Barbie-doll cheerleader types thought about me, to know that their boyfriends were asking me out, that they'd be sitting home while I was out giving their guys a good time.

So, I was dressed and ready by the time I saw Ricky's black pickup riding through the trailer park toward my mom's place. I waited till he got there, though, and honked, before I stepped out on the little concrete stoop to greet him. I wanted to be sure he would be close enough for me to see his eyes when he saw me the first time, and it was worth it. His eyes got big, and his lips drew up in a silent whistle...

We stopped on the way to Wadesville at a barbecue place out on the bypass. Walking in with Ricky was a rush... There were stares, and even a couple audible whistles as I walked to one of the Formica covered tables with Ricky. He grinned like crazy, knowing how the guys there were envying him.

Waiting for the sun to set, we both got combo plates with barbecue (the real, North Carolina kind!) and chicken. We talked about school, and about the baseball team, which was doing well, and about college. I was going to start in the community college next fall, but Ricky was going off to State.

I took the time to begin to play, some... When my fingers got good and sticky from the fried chicken, I did what my momma always said you should never do in public, I licked them off. Actually, I kinda sucked the grease off my fingers, staring all the time right into Ricky's eyes, to be sure he knew what I was thinking. He actually blushed, and I smiled at him, sliding one of my fingers in and out of my mouth.


As the sun was setting, we rode the 27 miles to Wadesville. I slid across the bench seat next to Ricky, and he put his arm around me. I let my hand fall on his leg, but didn't do much... just wanted to be close.

The first movie (it was a double feature) was the fairly recent one, an action-adventure thing certain to be loud enough to drown out any activity in the cars in the parking lot. As Ricky and I watched the first few minutes, I sat waiting for him to initiate something. He was pretty slow.

Finally, the hand around my shoulders pulled me close, turning me. He kissed me, opening his mouth to mine, pushing his tongue deep. I kissed him back, entwining my tongue with his. My hands wrapped around his torso as he pulled me to him, and I draped one of my legs across his lap.

I moaned as his tongue wriggled in my mouth, and I began to suck on it, pulling on it as though it were another part of his anatomy. He held me closer, and one of his hands passed between us, pressing against my bare abdomen.

I wriggled happily, letting him know how welcome his touch was, and he took the hint. His fingers slipped up, under the stretchy fabric of my top, and began toying with my nipples, back and forth between them.

As the speaker in the window gave us an audio indication of explosive action on the screen, I groaned, and my hand slid down from Ricky's back to a place between his thighs... as his hand began to massage and squeeze my tits, my hand found the lump of flesh beneath the fly of his jeans. I rubbed it firmly as his hands pushed my top up, exposing both my tits... I paused just long enough to take it the rest of the way off before I went back to my manual attentions to his crotch.

He groaned loudly and his lips slid down my throat to my breasts. While he sucked at them, awkwardly, bending down in the seat, working around the steering wheel, I started tugging at the waist of his jeans, trying to get the top snap undone. They were new, though, and the snap was a pain. Finally, Ricky just reached down and helped me... I laughed as he grabbed my hand and guided it anxiously to his open pants.

"We got plenty of time, Ricky..." I said. "take your time! I put my hand into his pants and realized why he was so anxious. His cock was already hard as a rock. At first I just rubbed it through his jockey shorts. He groaned again, his mouth full of one of my tits, as I slipped my hand under the elastic band of his shorts and started rubbing his rigid prick...

I felt my mouth watering and a strong tingling between my legs as I held his overheated cock between my fingers. I spread my legs slightly as his hand pushed between them. His jeans fit to tightly to get to his cock much, so I tugged at them some more, and he lifted his hips up to help me.

When I'd pushed them down enough, I bent toward his prick, standing proud and red and stiff, and took it into my mouth. He sighed loudly as my lips and tongue started dancing around the head of his prick. I stroked it gently as I sucked it, feeling his fingers exploring the mound beneath my panties. I wriggled again, letting him know I enjoyed his touch, and went back to work on his prick.

His fingers pushed aside the crotch of my panties and slipped between the halves of my mound. He pushed between the wet lips of my pussy and entered me with his finger as I sucked with more purpose on his cock.

Maybe it was his youth, or the fact that he'd been looking forward to getting his turn at my infamous mouth all week, but it didn't take him long to cum the first time. I felt his cock starting to spasm in anticipation of his orgasm before I'd even gotten going good. I started pumping him harder and sucking on the head. His fingers forgot what they were doing, his hands clenching in fists as he sensed that he was about to cum.

As the speaker in the window gave and earth shattering crash, he shouted, "Oh, damn! and his cock exploded, spewing hot cum into my mouth which I rapidly swallowed. He came and came, making me think that he hadn't jerked of in a long time. When at last he stopped twitching and pumping cum into my mouth, I looked up at him and smiled. "That was nice," I said, grinning.

"Oh, god, it was better than nice! he crowed. I got the feeling that this was his first blow job. He was so damned pleased with himself. I sat up next to him and snuggled close, pulling his arm around my shoulder. His hand settled onto my right breast, which he held gently as my hand settled into his lap and played with his waning erection.

We watched some of the movie for a while, but it hardly held our attention. I loved the feel of Ricky's dick as it softened in my hand. I have always liked the way a limp cock flopped in my hand, amazed at the way it would change size and grew hard at my touch.

After a few minutes I bent again to put my face into Ricky's lap. This time I took a soft, wrinkled prick between my lips and just sucked contentedly at it. It still tasted of his cum, which excited me. Ricky's fingers began toying with my pussy again, this time trying, I thought, to find my clit. With one hand I guided his finger to my tender little love button. I rubbed it gently back and forth across it a few times, showing him what I liked as I felt his cock beginning to respond to my play.

"Mmmm... Carla... that feels sooooooo good..." he groaned as my head started to bob up and down on his half hard cock. The fingers of one hand were full of my hair as I sucked him. The other hand diddled without much expertise, but I didn't care much. I'd get off, one way or another.

This time, Ricky took longer to cum. This time I got him good and hard, and spent a nice long time bobbing on him before he took charge. The first movie had nearly ended before he drew his hand away from my twat and with both hands held my head in his lap. I grunted happily as he held it still and started lifting his hips, shoving his cock deeper into my mouth. Saliva slid down his cock and over my hand as he fucked my mouth faster and harder.

"Uh, uh, uh..." he grunted himself as his head rocked back and he lost himself in his pleasure.

I just held my head still and sucked the best I could at his pitching prick till I could tell he was about to cum again.

At that point, his hips started grinding faster, in a jerky kind of way. I knew what that change meant, and I wrapped my hand firmly around his rigid cock again, pumping as my tongue and mouth worked the spongy head of his cock.

"Oh god, yes.. Oh, god! he groaned, and again his cock started twitching in my hand.

The truck rocked crazily as he thrust his hips up and down. Cum came pouring out of him again. Less than the first time, but just as rewarding. I sucked it down, too, swallowing a couple times before his prick quit oozing the salty jizz.

Again, I lifted my face to look into Ricky's eyes when he had quit cumming. This time, though, he didn't look back down at me. In fact, he was grinning at the passenger window of the truck, which we'd rolled down to get more air.

I looked around to see what he was looking at. There, in the window, were two other guys, watching. I was a little startled, but tried to keep my cool. The realization that they had just seen me performing my magic on Ricky's wand made me excited.

I think it made them excited too, 'cause they looked a little flushed. "Hey, Carla! said Jimmy, from my English class. "That was worth the price of admission! I looked up at Ricky.

"Don't look at me! I didn't tell them anything!

I didn't believe him, but it didn't much matter.

"Wish there was room for us in there, too! grinned the other guy. I recognized him from school, but didn't know his name.

"Gee... too bad! I smiled back, sitting up. As I did I realized that I was still without my top. Their eyes fastened right on my bare tits, like they had magnets in them or something. "Oh, you like these?" I grinned, lifting them a little with my hands... They responded with some kind of crazy compliments, and just kept staring as I sat there, not willing to give in to the urge to cover myself.

"You boys look like you need to find a girl of your own..." I chuckled as they stood there. "We got no extra room in here! I slid over next to Ricky. "Well, maybe for one," I joked.

Both sets of eyes got wider, and I realized they thought I meant it. Jimmy pulled the door open and started to jump in, but the other guy grabbed him and pulled him back out, and tried to get in himself. I could only laugh like an idiot as they both tried to fill the seat on my right, fighting like kids. "Oh, boys, boys! No need to fight," I laughed through my tears, "We could always use the truck bed!

They stopped like somebody had just turned them off. I guess they could hardly believe that I was saying that. But I thought, what the hell. Maybe I fuck them here, maybe another day, but why not now? I slid across the seat toward the open door. I looked back at Ricky as I got out, still bare-chested, and scrambled to the rear of the truck. He was looking at me like I was crazy. I guess I was.

I climbed in the back, still in my fuck-me heels and miniskirt, and got low in the bed of the truck. There was a big canvass tarpaulin in the back, and the two boys unrolled it for me, leaving it real thick. When they had finished, I lay on my back and looked up at them.

"Well, I can't be sitting straight up back here, now can I?" I said, still laughing. They saw as how I couldn't, and jumped in on either side of me. "You know, my mouth is a little tired of sucking, boys... suppose we could find another way to help you out?" I asked, pulling my knees up and spreading them suggestively.

"Oh, shit yeah! said the other guy. I pulled my skirt up higher, bunching it at my waist as he unfastened his pants. Kneeling in the back of the truck, he pulled them down and his nice hard cock sprang up, bouncing in front of him. "Well, come around here, now," I said. "No, you don't have to get them all the way off... You'll do, just like that..."

He had been trying to pull his tight jeans off, but I always kinda liked screwing with clothes on. Sexy somehow. So with his pants down around his thighs he got between my legs. My pussy was already wet, so all I did was pull my panties to the side and spread my legs real wide as he leaned over me.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah..." I groaned as his hot cock slid between my pussy lips and started to slide down my wet tunnel. I lifted my legs up, my feet in the air behind him as he bent over more and pushed himself deeper and deeper. "Yeah... yeah..." I moaned. He started fucking me with about half his cock, in and out real fast, then started pushing deeper with each stroke till his cock was buried deep inside me.

"Oh, baby! chuckled Jimmy as his friend started to fuck me harder. "Mmmmf, mmmf, mmmf, I grunted as he did. The ridges in the bed of the truck weren't all that comfortable, but it felt so good, having a stiff cock fucking my pussy at last. "Yeah, yeah..."

Once again I was with a boy who was to hot for my own good. He'd probably been rubbing himself while he watched me sucking Ricky, so it didn't take long before these guys whose name I still didn't know was pumping his cum deep into my pussy. I had been close to cumming myself, but he came a little too fast, so when he was done, I rushed him off of me. He started to collapse on me, but I pushed him up. "No, baby... Jimmy's turn... Jimmy, you gotta get this girl off!

He pulled out and rolled to the side, banging his ass on the wheel well. He yelped a little, but I didn't pay attention, as Jimmy had his pants pulled down now, and was ready to enter me. He bent over, kneeling between my legs, and pushed the big head of his cock into the cummy opening of my cunt.

"Fuck me hard, baby... make me cum..." I begged him as he shoved his cock deep into my sloppy hole. He just grinned and started driving that big hard cock into me with long, even thrusts. I started moaning right away, picking up almost where I had left off, and I soon felt my only orgasm of the night on it's way. (Not that I count. One good one a day is more than enough...) "Yeah, Jimmy, yeah, baby... like that... now harder.. harder baby..."

Jimmy bent down over me and I wrapped my arms and legs around him, my spiked heels hooked behind his butt, pulling him into me faster and faster. His hands went down, under my ass and grabbed hold, his weight all on my torso as he humped harder and harder, holding my ass as he slapped himself against me.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh! I started chanting as I felt myself about to cum. I forgot I was outside as my pleasure built to the breaking point, at last screaming, "Oh, yeah, Jimmy, fuck me! fuck me! I'm cumming! I held him hard, pulling him into me as my cunt clamped down on his cock. With my ankles, I held him deep inside me as spasm after spasm of ecstasy poured through me. He worked himself around inside me as best he could, me clinging to him so tightly.

At last my orgasm started to pass, and I let him loose a little. He was crazy by this time, almost ready to cum himself, and he jammed his cock into my sloppy pussy like a madman, banging my backside against the hard bed of the truck. I groaned in pain as one of the ridges caught my tail bone, and just as I did, I felt Jimmy bust loose.

"Grrrrrr" He growled as his cock started to spew hot cum into me. He made more guttural kinds of noises as he jammed himself deep and held his spasming cock there, pumping more and more of his jizz into me. Still as he was I could feel each spasm of his cock with the walls of my pussy. It was amazing. Then, finally, he started fucking in and out a little bit, just to get the last out of his climax and the last bit of cum into my cunt. "Oh, baby! he grinned as he rolled aside.

I just lay there for a while. I looked up through the back window of Ricky's truck, and saw his smiling face. I smiled back as I pulled my soaked panties over my pussy and sat up. Jimmy tossed me my top, and I pulled it over my head.

Though the second movie was barely half over, Ricky took me home. Word spread through the school pretty fast about the events at the drive in, I think.

I got a lot more invitations to movies after that, but I didn't accept them all... Girl's gotta have SOME standards, right?



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