You think about it, don't you ladies? You have a romantic dinner with your husband; go have a few drinks, then come home anticipating sex. Yes, you know the kids will be in bed, because you have a wonderful babysitter. Still, when you have him drive me home, there is that tiny doubt in the back of your mind.

You know he's horny all the time and I am a sexy little vixen who has caught his eye more than once in your presence. So what will happen when I get him alone? You worry, don't you? Check the clock several times as you undress, mentally visualizing how long it should take him to drop me off and get back home.

I laugh as I think of this. I know when he gets home the first thing you will do is kiss him and then suck his cock. Why? Because you need to know that my taste and smell are not on him. You may not even realize you are doing it, but you do. Do you think your husband and I actually do anything in the car? Silly woman, that's an old fantasy story, hubby drives hot sitter home, sitter seduces hubby and they have passionate sex in the car. Bah! Not me, I do him in your bed babe.

What? You are surprised? You seem to be, but deep down you suspected... didn't you? Think about it. Remember last month, when he took the day off from work suddenly? I skipped school that day too. You had that meeting you couldn't miss, and I spent the entire morning in your bed.

Oh please, don't act so surprised. You've known me since I was 10. I always had a crush on your husband. You knew that. You even joked about it when I started watching your kids at age 12. Every time he would drive me home you would say, "Now you two be good." You thought it was cute, but I didn't. I loved him, and as my boobs grew and my legs became longer, he began to give me extra long hugs goodnight. I bet when he came home he fucked you extra hard.

I know you suspected, but until last month you really didn't believe it. I knew you were jealous when you told my mom that my shorts were a "Tad bit short to be worn around the children".

Really, was that necessary? Kids don't notice that. Not when they are that young. But YOU noticed, and so did he. You saw my young breasts blooming, and you saw your husband looking at my legs. Did you notice the bulge in his pants? I bet that made you mad... but wet also.

No, your husband never had sex with me on those nights he drove me home. What DID happen was I told him how sexy I thought he was. Our hugs became harder, and last month he kissed me on the lips. I was in heaven.

But he seduced me and gave me $100 and said to skip school the next day if I wanted more. So I did, and he picked me up 3 blocks from my house, right after you left for work. We went straight to your house and into your bedroom. He slowly removed my t-shirt, lifting it over my head.

He licked and sucked on my breasts, making my little nipples hard and then he unbuttoned my jean shorts and slid them down to my ankles. He then pushed me back onto your bed, and pulled them off. His mouth was on my pussy and he ate me. I came and squirted all over his face. God it was awesome... Then he took that little toy of yours and shoved it inside me. I came almost as soon as it entered me, cause I knew it had been inside of you many, many times.

He fucked me with it, gently at first, then harder and faster. I didn't even know when he pulled it out and jammed his cock into me. I was cumming so hard that I didn't realize it until he came inside me. He came hard, and I could feel his sticky cum inside of me.

Then afterwards, I put on your red Teddy. You know... the one he likes best. Then we fucked for another hour. He even put his cock in my ass; he said you would never let him do that. Well, I did.

I know you're upset, but you're wet too I bet.

Yea, you are. You wanna see your hubby driving his big hard cock into a young tight pussy, don't you?

I made $200 from watching your kids last week. Oh, I know you are pissed. You want to kill him and me too. But the money was just too good for me to resist.

So now you want to divorce him and take his ass to the cleaners. Don't blame ya. Having sex with a 15 year old would put him in jail if you could prove it.

So, let's talk about how I could make $200 this weekend if I happen to have a video of me and him.

No, let's make that $5,000.00. Seems I left the video camera running after he went back to work and I left and you came home with your co-worker for lunch.



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