Hallo, my name is Lisa and I'm already 7 years old. I want to tell you something I've never told anybody, but I want you to hear it.

It all started, when I had a bad dream and I wanted to go to Mommy and Daddy to sleep with them in their bed. I quietly opened the door. The light was still on and they didn't sleep, but they also didn't notice me. They were doing something. I wasn't sure what they did, but it looked like Daddy was eating Mommy's wee-wee. But I realized he was only licking it.

Seeing that made my own wee-wee all itchy. I wondered what that was, but I liked it. I wondered how a wee-wee would taste. I thought Mommy liked it because she made some strange noises. Soon Mommy said that she was coming. I wondered what she meant, because she was already here. I think she meant that she felt something even better, because she made even more noises.

Daddy stopped licking Mommy's wee-wee. I think he liked to lick it because he was smiling, so maybe wee-wees tasted good. Then Daddy lay on his back and his pee-pee was all stiff. This time Mommy took Daddy's pee-pee into her mouth. She licked it and she sucked on it. She also licked the shiny red tip of it like a lollipop. She was always putting Daddy's pee-pee in and out of her mouth and she also grabbed it with her hand and rubbed it. And she took the little bag under daddy's pee-pee into her mouth and sucked on it.

Both of them seemed to like this and Daddy made the same noises Mommy did before. After some time Daddy also said he would come. Mommy raised her head and something came out of Daddy's pee-pee, but it was not pee, it was white and kind of gooey. But Mommy seemed to like it because she let it all go into her mouth and swallowed it. She looked like it tasted very good. After that I went away because I didn't want them to see me watching.

When I was back in my bed I wondered what I had just seen. My wee-wee was still all itchy, I wondered if that was what Mommy felt when daddy was licking hers. I wanted to know if a girl's wee-wee really tasted good. So I opened my wee-wee a little bit and put a finger on it. It was all wet, but I knew I haven't peed. I felt it wasn't pee, it was also gooey. I put some of it on my finger and tasted it. It was really good.

I was happy that something from my wee-wee tasted so good, because I can always have some of it, because it is my own. I wanted to eat more of it and I noticed by touching my wee-wee with my fingers my wee-wee got even more itchy and wet. So I started to rub it and after a few moments I had a really strange feeling. It was a little like sneezing, but not in my nose but in my wee- wee. And it was much nicer. I wondered if that was "to come".

I thought I also wanted to taste how a boy's pee-pee tasted.

But I didn't want to ask Daddy if I could taste his pee-pee.

The boys in school are all silly; I wouldn't ask one of them. But I had an idea. I could try King's pee-pee. King is our dog. He is a Great Dane and I know him since he was a puppy. I really like him and he likes me. I knew he's a boy so he also has a pee-pee. Maybe he would also like to lick my wee-wee as it tasted so good. I decided to try that.

I waited till I was home alone with King next time. Finally the time had come, so I led King into my room. I got naked and rubbed my wee-wee to make it all wet. I stood before him so he could smell my wee-wee. He sniffed on it but he didn't lick it. I told him it was really good and showed him by eating some of it myself but he didn't want to taste it. I had an idea and I went to the kitchen. I ran through the house all naked, that was very funny, hihi.

I fetched a glass of honey. I like honey and King likes it too. I know it because sometimes I give him some of it, when I can not eat up my breakfast because it's too much. I put some on my fingers and ate it myself, because it's so good, hihihi. But then I put it on my wee-wee and showed it to King again. This time he licked it. It felt much better than rubbing it with my finger. It got all itchy again and I had to sit down on my bed, because my knees went so soft. After the honey was gone King didn't stop to lick my wee-wee.

His tongue felt very nice on my wee-wee. He also liked it now. I opened my legs so he could lick it even better. Soon I had the same sneezing-feeling in my wee- wee again and this time it felt even better. King didn't stop licking so the itching also didn't stop and the feeling was coming again. After that, I closed my legs, because it made me tired to come. It was like doing sports at school.

Now I wanted to know how a boy's pee-pee tasted like and also that gooey stuff that came out of Daddy's pee- pee. I wondered if only Daddies were squirting it or if doggies' pee-pees would also squirt such a stuff.

When I saw under King's belly I could see his pee-pee. I've never seen it; it was always inside that furry bag. I've watched him pee on some walks but I couldn't see his pee-pee. I think he's peeing out of that bag. So he makes himself all dirty when he's peeing. But he can reach his pee-pee with his mouth. Daddy says he cleans himself with his tongue, so he's licking pee from his pee-pee. I wonder if he likes it.

I think I wouldn't lick my own pee if I were a dog. But I would be happy, if I could lick my wee-wee to eat all the nice juice from it and to make me come. His pee-pee was all red and glistening. I touched it. It was warm. I started to stroke it like Mommy stroked Daddy's pee- pee and it began to come out of its bag even more. It went all stiff like Daddy's so I just put it in my mouth to try how it tastes. I liked the taste so I licked it like it was a lollipop, just like Mommy. King's pee-pee also felt very nice and warm in my mouth. My wee-wee got all itchy again.

King seemed to like it, he tried to push it more into my mouth and I let him do it. Like Mommy I also put my hand on the pee-pee. It still went bigger and suddenly something came out of the pee-pee-bag. King's pee-pee was very thick on a certain spot. It looked kind of funny, like a ball was in it. I had to giggle at the thought, that a ball was inside his pee-pee. I don't think it hurt King, because he didn't whine like he does when something's wrong. So I touched the ball, it was very hard. King didn't mind, he kept putting his pee-pee in and out of my mouth.

Then I thought he was peeing into my mouth and I put his pee-pee out and spat the pee out. But then I thought he wasn't peeing, it looked different. I thought perhaps this was the same stuff, that came out of Daddy's pee-pee. But it looked different. It wasn't so white, it was more like water and it wasn't as gooey as Daddy's, also more like water. And it tasted good when he first squirted it into my mouth.

I thought, perhaps doggie's stuff is a little different from Daddy's stuff, but I thought it was the same. But King had much more of that stuff than Daddy inside his pee-pee, he didn't stop squirting. When I put his pee- pee back into my mouth to eat his stuff like Mommy ate Daddy's, he had squirted all over my face and chest. After he stopped squirting he put his pee-pee out of my mouth and it went all soft again. The ball was also gone.

I tried to put the stuff he had squirted on my face and chest into my mouth with my fingers, because it was really good. Then I had to clean myself in the bathroom and get my clothes on before Mommy and Daddy would come home from shopping. After that I always licked King's pee-pee and ate his stuff, when Mommy and Daddy weren't at home. I even tried to be home alone more often to do it. I also tried to put his dangling bag under his belly into my mouth like Mommy did with Daddy's bag, but my mouth is too small to get it in. It doesn't taste as good as the pee-pee but I like to lick it and to touch it because it feels nice and King likes it.

But I wanted to know, what else Mommies and Daddies can do in bed when they are alone, so I can do it with King. Some night I heard Mommy doing that noise again and so I sneaked to Mommy's and Daddy's bedroom. I opened the door and I saw Mommy had Daddy's pee-pee in her mouth again. But this time the white stuff didn't come out of Daddy's pee-pee when Mommy raised her head. Mommy lay down on her bed. I was disappointed, because I thought she was going to sleep, but she wasn't. Daddy's pee-pee was still all stiff.

He got up and Mommy put her legs apart, then Daddy laid on Mommy so his pee-pee was on Mommy's wee-wee. Then, when Daddy began to move, I saw he was putting his pee- pee into Mommy's wee-wee. So that was what the other hole in my wee-wee was for. To put a boy's pee-pee in. Daddy made the same moves King did to my mouth. He put his pee-pee in and out of Mommy's wee-wee.

They both seemed to like it. I thought Daddy would perhaps squirt his gooey stuff inside Mommy but I think he didn't. Instead of that he took his pee-pee out of Mommy's wee-wee and Mommy got on her knees and hands. I could see the hole in Mommy's wee-wee. Daddy got behind her and put his pee-pee back inside Mommy's wee-wee. It was all open and glistening.

I have seen King doing this on another dog. So he was putting his pee-pee inside a doggy-girl's wee-wee. Daddy was putting King away from that other dog. I wonder why he did that, I think King was enjoying it.

This time it seemed Daddy squirted his stuff inside her, because when his pee-pee came out of Mommy's hole it was all soft again and I thought I could see some of the white stuff coming back out of Mommy's wee-wee. I went away again before they would see me.

The next time I was alone with king I just made his pee-pee all stiff. I wouldn't let him squirt his stuff out now. I went to my bed and sat on it with my legs opened. I told King to come over. He sniffed on my wee- wee and licked it. When he now licks my wee-wee, his pee-pee always comes out of its bag very quickly. When it was stiff I pulled his front legs onto my bed and over me. His pee-pee was now next to my wee-wee and I think he knew what I wanted because he tried to put his pee-pee into my wee-wee. But he wasn't able to do it, so I grabbed it with my hands and put it to the hole of my wee-wee.

Now he could put it in. As he put his pee-pee all in I felt some pain and I wanted to get it out again, but the pain went away quickly and then it was very, very, very nice. Like he did with my mouth, he put his pee- pee in and out of it. He did this much faster than Daddy did it in Mommy's wee-wee.

The ball on his pee-pee always pounded at my wee-wee. That felt very nice, too. I think he started to squirt his stuff into my wee-wee very soon. I could feel it. It was warm an nice. Then I had this come-feeling again. That was the best come-feeling I ever had. I pushed him away from me and his pee-pee went out of my wee-wee. His stuff was still coming out of his pee-pee, so I put it into my mouth to eat some of it. But I wanted to try what Mommy and Daddy also did, so I put his pee-pee out of my mouth. He was still squirting out the stuff.

I got on my knees on the floor, but I was too small for King. He couldn't reach my wee-wee with his pee-pee. I had to lift my bum-bum. Again he wanted to put his pee- pee into my wee-wee. This time I couldn't help him because I couldn't reach his pee-pee with my hands. Because he was still squirting he made my bum-bum all wet. Hihi, That was funny. He even almost put his pee- pee into my bum-bum-hole, but I wouldn't let him.

Finally he found my wee-wee-hole and put his pee-pee in. It was very, very, very nice again and I had the come-feeling again very fast. King put his pee-pee out of my wee-wee and licked on it. I helped him clean it. Then I saw his stuff was running out of my wee-wee because he squirted so much in it. I licked it from the floor like I also was a dog; I had to giggle again, hihi. That was also funny. Then I wiped the floor with a tissue and went to the bathroom to clean myself. From then on I let King put his pee-pee into my wee-wee very often. I like it so much; I wouldn't stop it if you would give me a whole room full of candy and toys.

Once, when King was licking my wee-wee, when I had the coming-feeling I peed by accident. I peed into King's face and I was very sorry for that. I couldn't stop peeing but King didn't seem to mind. He licked it all up from my wee-wee. He even licked the pee that has gone to the floor. I was very surprised that he liked to drink pee, but I didn't think about it after that until I saw something. It was when I had gone to watch Mommy and Daddy again.

This time there was something on their bed. It was some kind of plastic or rubber cover. I wondered what it was for. Daddy was licking Mommy's wee-wee again, but this time Daddy was lying on his back and Mommy sat on his face. Suddenly Mommy lifted herself a little and then I saw something that amazed me. Mommy peed on Daddy's face. Daddy even opened his mouth and drank it.

Then Mommy peed all over Daddy's body and then she grabbed Daddy's pee-pee and Daddy started to pee. First Mommy holds Daddy's pee-pee so the pee went all over her breasts and then into her face and she also drank it. Then they kissed each other. I thought about King drinking my pee again and my wee-wee got itchy again.

Daddy's pee-pee got all stiff again and Mommy sat on it to put it into her wee-wee. I went away then. First I went to my bed. But I couldn't sleep. I thought about if pee tastes as good as my wee-wee and King's pee-pee. I wanted to know so I went to the bathroom and peed over my fingers and tasted it. I was surprised because it was so good. I wouldn't have thought that. I wanted to have more but I was finished peeing. So I went to bed but I still couldn't sleep because my wee-wee was so itchy. So I rubbed it because the coming-feeling makes me tired so I could sleep.

Next day when I went to have a bath I didn't go to toilet before going into the tub. I put just a little warm water in it because without it the tub was so cold. I wanted to try if I can pee into my own mouth so I laid into the tub and lifted my body and legs and put them on the back wall of the bathroom. Now my wee-wee was directly above my face. I had to pee very urgently and I just let it go. First it ran along my belly and I couldn't drink it, but then as I peed harder it went into my face. I had to close my eyes but I opened my mouth and drank it. It was so nice and warm. I liked it very much.

After that I did that very often. Sometimes after brushing my teeth in the evening I secretly pee into my toothbrush tumbler and drink it, hihihi. And sometime I give King some of mine by peeing on the floor and let him lick it up. I even pee into his water bowl sometimes. Of course now I also like to pee in his mouth while he's licking my wee-wee. But I always clean everything up so Mommy and Daddy wouldn't notice.

Later I thought if a boy's pee tasted different so I thought about tasting King's pee. Sometimes I'm allowed to go for a walk with him alone so I asked Daddy if I can. He let me so I took King and went into the park with him. He often stops and lifts his leg to pee. I walked with him a little and looked around if anybody was near. When we were alone I waited until he was going to lift his leg next time. When he did I hold my hand into the pee. It was very hot. I licked on my hand. A boy's pee tasted different from mine; perhaps it was because King is a doggy-boy, too. The taste was much stronger than mine but I also liked it.

Next time he lifted his leg I cupped my hands to get more of it. But it wasn't so much. I wanted to eat his stuff to then so I watched again if anybody was there. Nobody was there so I stroked his pee-pee bag. I had found out that his pee-pee would come out when I do this. I also had found out that I could bend his pee- pee through his legs and it was not hurting him. I wonder if it would also work with Daddy's pee-pee.

So when it was all stiff and the ball was out I bent it through his legs so I didn't have to lay under him. At home I like more to get under him. Then I sucked his pee-pee until his stuff came out of it. I ate all of it because it is so good and because I didn't want it to wet my clothes. I hoped that he would perhaps pee, when I am alone with him at home sometimes. So one time when I was alone with him I gave him very much to drink and I didn't go out with him although Daddy had said I should.

I went to the bathroom with him this time because the bathroom floor was easier to clean. First I let him lick my wee-wee and put his pee-pee in it. After I had the coming-feeling I put out his pee-pee. It was already squirting the stuff and I ate it. His pee-pee went all soft again but he wasn't peeing. I remembered that when I push my belly a little with my fingers when I have to pee, I have to pee even more. So I tried to do that with King's belly. His pee-pee was gone back into its back so I stroked it a little so it would come out again because I wanted to see the pee coming out of it.

King was starting to whine a little. I didn't want to hurt him so I stopped because I thought he had pain. But then he stopped whining and some pee came out of his pee-pee. It went to the floor. But I wanted to have it in my mouth so I started to push his belly again. He didn't start to whine again but he started to pee. He peed very much.

I tried to drink very much of it but after he was finished the floor was all wet. I licked some of it from the floor. After that I had to clean it all up. I had to use many tissues because the floor was still so wet. But I will do it again anyway because King's pee was so good.

Actually now I would like to know, how Daddy's pee-pee and Mommy's wee-wee taste. And how Daddy's pee-pee feels in my wee-wee. And how Daddy's stuff tastes. I think its taste is different from King's, because it looks different. And I also want to know how Daddy's and Mommy's pee tastes. Perhaps I'll ask them if I could also play with them when they are in bed. Maybe three is even more fun. Or even four with King.

The End


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