My wife, Sylvie, says she is an invalid. She won't go out and claims she has ME, PMT, RSI and many other symptoms. As for sex or any physical activity, forget it, I haven't fucked her for the last two years, she won't let me near her! The rotten thing is that she's a stunner! Any time any of my buddies come round for a beer you can watch the bulge developing in their pants within a few seconds of Sylvie entering the room.

The medication the doctor put her on kept her pretty drowsy most of the time and on a couple of occasions I tried to have sex with her when she was really zonked out. But both times she tensed up, like rigor mortis, and there was no way I could screw her. Afterwards she had hysterics and the next morning she wouldn't talk to me.

A man can only take so much, so one day I made my mind up that I was going to fuck her regardless. One day, before I went home I visited the drug store and made a few purchases.


We ate early and I persuaded Sylvie to have a glass or two of wine. After the meal she said she couldn't keep her eyes open and went to bed. The combination of the extra wine and her tablets was working as I expected. Off she staggered up the stairs. I waited a bit and then followed.

Sylvie was lying on the bed on her back. I pulled the covers down off her and gently rolled her over so that I could push her nightie up over her buttocks. She started to struggle a bit but I held her down without too much difficulty, the extra wine had taken its toll. Even so I wasn't going to risk trying to fuck her yet.

One of the things I had bought at the drug store were sedative suppositories. I eased her buttock cheeks apart so that I could push a couple of the suppositories up her ass hole. I pushed them right up her rectum with my finger and she moaned and groggily struggled a bit more, but I held her down until she drifted off to sleep.

When I was sure she was out of it... well you can guess what I got up to. I suppose that technically it was rape, but I screwed her several times during the night until my prick was sore and her cunt was overflowing with my cum. I even lay on top of her and fucked her boobs, shooting my cum onto her neck and the underside of her chin. I cleaned her up, and douched her out, before I finally went to sleep.

She woke late the next day and I waited for a hysterical outburst but to my amazement she didn't seem to remember anything about what had gone on the night before.


I waited a few days before I tried it again. This time I was more adventurous, I spread her wide and manipulated her into all sorts of positions, I even used her mouth. I picked her up and draped her over a stool so that I could take her 'doggy' fashion. She never stirred, although she did moan and respond once or twice which scared me at first because I thought she might be waking up. But the next day... Nothing!

This set me thinking. I work with a number of guys who are always looking for sex and they're prepared to pay for it. I have already told you that the mere sight of Sylvie gives most men an instant hard-on. If I had been able to screw her all night without her remembering anything, then was there a gold mine between her legs? Was there good money to be earned by letting others do the same? Why shouldn't I organize 'Fuck-Sylvie' parties and get some return for everything I've had to put up with over the years?

I asked two of the guys who always comment to me how hot Sylvie is, Brad and Dwayne. I asked them if they'd like to come round for a beer one night and they both accepted. They are both big guys, six-footers, and Dwayne is black. According to the way they talk they both have a huge sex drive!

The night that Brad and Dwayne were coming round I stopped off on the way home and made some extra purchases again, including wine. When we ate I gave Sylvie some extra wine again to get her drowsy and helped her up to bed.

When she was asleep I stripped her, she had put on a pair of pajamas. I used the suppositories on her as before. Then I went to the bathroom and got the new tube of KY Jelly which I had bought.

I went back to where I had left Sylvie, she hadn't moved. I spread her buttocks again and after inserting another suppository, just to be sure, I massaged liberal amounts of KY around and into her anus. I have never butt fucked my wife but if I was going to charge these guys then all Sylvie's holes would need to be available.

I dressed her in the sheer sexy baby doll nightie and panties outfit which I had bought and arranged her 'artistically' on the bed with her thighs parted and her legs slightly bent!

She looked very sexy. Her boobs pushed up at the sheer top and the shadowy triangle of her pubic hair was just visible through her panties. As an extra touch I put my hand down and fingered her cunt until a damp patch formed in the crotch of the panties. She looked hot and ready! I pulled the bedcover up to just under her chin and spread her hair over the pillow. I left a lamp lit on the dressing table, turned off the main light, and went downstairs.

Brad and Dwayne came round about 9.30pm. I welcomed them and gave them both a beer. We sat around talking for a while and I could see that they were both wondering what they were doing here, and where Sylvie was.

After a bit I put them out of their misery.

"Well," I said, "I guess you want to know what the program is for tonight. I ain't got no fuck movies for you to watch but let's go see Sylvie." and I led them up the stairs to the bedroom. They followed me, still looking puzzled.

I walked into the bedroom and went straight up to the bed and pulled back the covers. Brad and Dwayne gasped! I leant over the bed and massaged Sylvie's nipples to get them really hard then I moved out of the way and motioned Brad and Dwayne to come closer.

"OK, one hundred bucks each and its 'open house', no holes barred, what do you say?"

You never saw two guys go for their billfolds out so fast!

Having handed over his money Brad wasted no time in unzipping his pants and stripping off. As I expected his dick was nearly vertical.

I pulled the nightie off over Sylvie's head and motioned for Dwayne to feel her tits. The contrast of his huge black hands against the firm white skin of Sylvie's tits as he gently fondled them was extremely exciting! His huge hands almost completely covered her medium-sized tits when he cupped them.

He gently took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it slightly. Sylvie didn't stir

Meanwhile, Brad had moved round and was now rubbing his big hairy erect cock directly over Sylvie's face, just inches from her lips.

He looked at me nervously, "You did say 'no holes barred, didn't ya?"

"Sure," I said. "You've paid your money. I doubt she'll suck though, you'll have to do the work."

He squeezed out some precum, letting it ooze out of the head of his dick and drip slowly down, coming to rest directly on her lips. At first, she didn't move as the precum lay glistening on her lower lip, but then a reflex caused her to lick it off with her tongue.

Brad licked his own lips and slowly eased his erect penis between Sylvie's lips and into her mouth. He held her head firmly and began to push his tool in and out.

Seeing this, Dwayne stood up and unzipped his pants. As he pulled his pants and underwear down, one of the largest, blackest dicks I have ever seen on a man sprang free from its moorings. It must have been at least twelve inches long, about three to three and a half inches in diameter at the thickest point right behind the head. The tip of his uncircumcised dick was peeking out from the foreskin, and the shaft was slightly curved upward from its dark, hairy base.

The thought of this massive black instrument plunging into Sylvie's sopping wet pussy thrilled me, but at the same time scared me. I knew if he ever got it inside her, it would stretch her to her limit if not tear her in half. I hoped that she was doped up enough to keep sleeping.

He looked at me before moving to the foot of the bed and looking down at Sylvie, his monster prick waving obscenely in the air. Dwayne reached down and began to stroke her smooth white legs, working his way upwards toward her crotch while all the time stroking himself to retain his erection.

This got Brad's attention, and he turned his head to watch but continued to force his dick in and out of Sylvie's mouth.

Dwayne's caresses finally reached the top of Sylvie's thigh. He took hold of her panties and ripped them off.

He gently rubbed his fingers across her pussy and began to move his fingers up and down along her slit. He took her clit between his thumb and index finger and lightly rolled it between them.

Dwayne eased three of his fingers into Sylvie's pussy. He paused briefly to let her juices drain onto his fingers before thrusting them right up inside her cunt. He began to finger-fuck Sylvie, fast and deep with all three fingers until her juices streamed out.

Quickly, I stripped off and began wanking, standing between Dwayne and Brad as they worked on Sylvie.

Suddenly, Brad came and stood next to Dwayne, glancing down I saw that his penis was now flaccid. I looked over at Sylvie, cum was oozing out of the corners of her mouth and dripping down onto the floor besides the bed.

Dwayne withdrew his fingers and grasped his cock, directing it into Sylvie's open cunt. He rubbed his prick around the entrance in her juices to lubricate it and then stepped back.

I had been looking forward to seeing Dwayne fucking Sylvie with his enormous dick, but suddenly realized that he wasn't wearing a condom and it hadn't occurred to me to have some handy, and, anyway, for 100 bucks he would expect to go bareback. The thought of this black stud shooting his cum deep into my wife's unprotected pussy triggered was exciting, I wanted to see him dump his load deep in her cunt.

I helped Brad to pull Sylvie to the edge of the bed. We lifted Sylvie's legs and spread them apart, and draped the back of her knees over Dwayne's shoulders.

After coating the head of his black dick with her juices, Dwayne placed it right at the entrance of Sylvie's tight young cunt... and pushed. Slowly, the huge black head began to disappear between her pussy lips, her tightness resisting its probing.

Dwayne was fairly gentle in his initial violation of her hot cunt. He moved back and forth in short quick strokes, stretching her twat little by little and plunging slightly deeper with each thrust.

Brad had moved back up to Sylvie's head again, playing with her tits with one hand and jacking himself off with the other over her face. All at once he bent over and once more pushed the head of his dick into her mouth. I heard him moan, as slurping sounds escaped between his dick and her lips as he pushed it in and out.

I returned my gaze to Dwayne's ministrations on Sylvie's tight cunt. He now had about three good inches inside her pussy, the thickest part of his dick was now almost inside her. Suddenly, as if a barrier had been broken, the thick bulge of his dick slipped past the tight entrance of her hot hole and he began pumping away inside her.

He hunched up against her, grunting as his dick thrust forward another two inches deeper all at once. He now had at least ten inches inside her, and with each thrust he forced more in.

Now that he was deep inside her he took her legs from around his neck and pushed them well away from him, up over her body. This really exposed her pussy and opened up her cunt lips as he spread her legs wider than they had ever been spread before.

He began to push his prick into her with ever increasing force. The sound of the front of his thighs slapping against her buttocks, coupled with the squelching as he rammed his tool in and out of her cunt was horrendous.

I began stroking myself even harder as I saw Dwayne finally shove his dick completely inside Sylvie, her pussy lips completely disappearing as his huge dick carried them along with it.

Each time he withdrew his dick, her juices glistened heavily on his shaft as her pussy seemed to be pulled inside out, clinging to the sides of his dick slightly like the fingers of a glove as it's being pulled off inverted. In and out, in and out Dwayne pummeled away, faster, harder, faster!

Quite suddenly and unexpectedly Sylvie began to orgasm! Brad's erect dick sprang out of her mouth as her whole body spasmed and tensed up as wave after wave of her orgasm swept over her.

Her thigh muscles spasmed as her vagina grasped Dwayne's tool and pulsated around his huge dick. A low animal groan was heard deep from within him as he thrust forward violently and began to cum deep inside Sylvie's unprotected pussy.

Huge gobs of cum dripped down the crack of Sylvie's ass as Dwayne began to withdraw his huge cock from her now sloppy pussy. His cock was still lurching and fired gobs of cum into the air as he pulled out.

Looking at Sylvie lying on her back, with her legs spread and a gaping, dripping, cunt I licked my lips and moved towards the bed but Brad beat me to it.

He rushed over and got between her legs, rubbing his dick up and down her sloppy wet pussy lips, and then slipping easily into her overstretched twat.

After just a couple of strokes, he withdrew, and lifted her buttocks up to expose her virgin asshole. I had never fucked her in the ass and I wondered if Brad would succeed even with the lubrication I had given her asshole earlier. He placed his prick at her anus and lubricated the tight hole some more with the remnants of Dwayne's cum which was congealing on her buttock cheeks and in her ass slit.

There was little resistance and Brad's dick disappeared between the soft folds of flesh surrounding her asshole. His dick plunged in almost halfway on the first stroke, but then as her sphincter muscle relaxed he was able to force his cock all the way inside her ass.

Dwayne moved around to her head and pushed his dick covered with cum and pussy juice into her mouth. He began to clean the sticky mixture off of his flaccid dick onto her tongue, occasionally pushing his member into her mouth as far as he could. Even though Dwayne's dick was now soft, it was still about eight inches long, but he managed to get about six inches of it into her mouth as Brad pounded away at her tight virgin ass.

Brad's grunts began to get louder as he ass fucked Sylvie. I climbed onto the bed and straddled Sylvie's chest, squeezing her firm tits around my throbbing dick. As I began to fuck them Dwayne took his prick out of Sylvie's mouth and raised her head so that the tip of my cock brushed against her lips as I worked away between her boobs. I was just about to dump my own load all over Sylvie's chest and face when I heard Brad's grunts change to loud moans as he emptied his balls deep within my wife's virgin ass. This was all it took for me as I too began to shoot the first hot thick streams of cum between her tightly squeezed tits.

Dwayne pushed Sylvie's head forwards and I plunged my dick into her open mouth, forcing her to swallow the rest of my pent up seed instinctively. As my erection subsided I pulled out of her mouth and turned my head around in time to see Brad withdraw his dick from her ass.

By this time Dwayne had recovered and his manhood was standing firm and erect once more. The sight of a sleeping compliant cum covered partner had obviously speeded up the development of another erection.

He went and pulled the stool out from under the dressing table and put it in the middle of the room. He then picked Sylvie up off the bed, he's a big man, but even so he made her look weightless. He put her over his shoulder and sat on the stool with his erection pointing skywards. He held her thighs firmly and carefully lowered down so that her cunt swallowed up his tool. He then began lifting her up and down, it was unbelievable.

We could see his massive cock sliding in and out of her pussy as he used her cunt to work himself off, you couldn't really say he was fucking her; he was using her to masturbate as others might use their own hands!

Her head lolled up and down as he increased the speed of his lifts. finally with a roar he jerked her up and down very fast and the pulled her right down onto his lap, heaved his own hips up, and obviously shot a considerable load right up her vagina.

He then lifted her up, off his cock, and she tumbled slowly off his lap onto the floor, cum oozing out of her pussy. She lay there looking like one of these inflatable dolls!

I looked at her lying there on the floor and felt my own tool gaining strength. I made my mind up; as I said I had never ass fucked Sylvie and this was obviously the best chance I was going to get.

I rolled her over onto her tummy and asked Brad to give me the pillows off the bed. I placed these under her thighs so that her ass was raised up in the air. I pulled her thighs apart and bent her legs at the knees to give maximum access to her butt, there was no need to be gentle she was sleeping like a babe.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart and pushed my forefinger in her hole. It slipped in easily and I realized that the KY, her own juices and Brad's cum were all the lubricant which was needed.

I pointed my erection down at her hole, positioned it at the entrance and then, with one firm shove, rammed myself right up her asshole. I felt the sphincter give as my tool went in to the hilt.

It was sensational; her hole was really tight despite Brad's previous ass fuck. I rammed down on her repeatedly until I felt my sperm rising and I shot my load right up her rectum. I pulled out of her and, unlike when Brad withdrew, her sphincter didn't immediately plop shut. This was probably just as well.

Before I could do anything Dwayne pulled me off her and taking my place thrust his enormous prick straight into her open rectum. When he felt he was cumming he pulled out and shot his load up over her ass cheeks and into the small of her back. As he withdrew from her asshole some specks of blood oozed out, his tool had obviously torn her slightly because it was so large.

By this time Brad was ready for another go. He wanted to take her doggy fashion. I suggested just lying her over the edge of the bed, as I had done privately before, but Dwayne came up with a better idea.

He sat on the stool and draped Sylvie over his knees. Brad knelt behind her and spread her thighs well apart to give himself access to her cunt. I went to the other side of the stool, facing Brad, lifted up Sylvie's head and put my tool into her mouth although it was soft. After a few seconds I felt an erection developing and I was able to give her a good mouth fuck whilst Brad, opposite me, pounded away in her cunt.

Dwayne pushed his fingers down into her asshole and massaged her back passage to increase the stimulation for Brad.

I watched Brad speeding up his thrusts until he finally convulsed several times and came deep up her cunt. I pulled out of her mouth before I came and directed my cum onto her forehead from where it trickled down her nose and into her eyebrows.

Dwayne laid Sylvie back down on the floor and we all knelt round her whilst he crouched over her working off the erection he had developed whilst he had been watching Brad and I fucking her. He came all over her boobs, six or seven spurts of thick white jism, and we spread the cum over her, massaging her tits at the same time.

She was a picture, cum on her face, boobs, and stomach and seeping out of her cunt. We turned her over and she had a cum streaked back and her cum stained asshole looked swollen and raw with flecks of blood seeping out.

By this time we were all three fucked out! I got Dwayne to pick her up and lay her down on the bed, on her back. I spread her legs wide to expose her cunt and pushed her head over to the side of the bed, turned on its side with her mouth open facing the edge. I didn't bother covering her up.

"Lets go downstairs and get a beer," I said. "She's not going anywhere so you know where to find her when you want her again!"

We sat and chatted and sank a few beers, all stark naked. Both Dwayne and Brad excused themselves occasionally, when their erections became too obtrusive and went upstairs to relieve themselves. I guess Sylvie was getting well used. One time they went out together, both with enormous erections, and my mind ran riot as I considered the options available to them.

I sneaked upstairs and looked round the door. They had laid Sylvie across the bed. Dwayne was on one side of the bed fucking her mouth whilst on the other side Brad was bent over her, holding her buttock cheeks apart and working hard in her backdoor.

I didn't bother going up myself. I could wait until they had both gone home although I admit that after seeing their double-entry I did relieve myself in the bathroom.

They had finally had enough, got dressed and went around 2am.

I locked the door and climbed the stairs.

Sylvie was lying on the bed, legs akimbo, cum covered from head to toe. There was a slimy pool of cum between her legs and at the side of the bed where it had overflowed from her mouth. I turned her over and her asshole was still open with cum all over her ass cheeks. Dwayne and Brad had made good use of all three holes on their visits.

I rolled her onto her back and lifted her legs and bent them back over her shoulders. Both her asshole and cunt were exposed. I slipped my tool into her cunt and began to fuck her but her vagina was too slack and sloppy. I took my prick out raised her buttocks slightly and pushed my member into her asshole. It was tighter but had also been well used. As I worked myself off in her rectum I absent mindedly finger-fucked her cunt. I finally came and filled her ass to overflowing.

I was exhausted so I just pulled the bedclothes back over her and climbed into bed. I was too tired to clean her up.

When she woke up, late the next day, With all the dried cum on her and the state of her cunt and asshole Sylvie realized that she had been fucked many times, she could hardly be in any doubts about it even though she didn't remember a thing.

I explained to her that I had drugged her and that we had had a 'Fuck-Sylvie' party. She had hysterics and I had to call the Doc to come over and give her a shot of valium.

She tried to tell him all about it but I had cleaned her up by then, and put her in a clean nightie and he reckoned she was delirious and hallucinating. He prescribed a higher strength tablet for her which suited my purposes absolutely.

When the Doc had gone and Sylvie was quiet and sedated I gave her a blow by blow description of the previous night's activities. I explained to her that we had all had a great time, she had a great cunt, ass and mouth, and that the guys wanted more, and she was going to give it to them whether she liked it or not. I told her that I was prepared to drug her beforehand, and would make sure that she was well unconscious, but why didn't she try and co-operate and enjoy the screwing.

That just brought on another attack of hysterics and I had to get the Doc back. He left me some valium ampoules this time for emergency use.

We have had quite a few sessions since then, and introduced several other guys to the action. Brad and Dwayne spread the word. The fee has gone up to $500, I have to keep buying sexy nightwear for her... the wrapping paper always gets torn when the guys get to work.

I have cut the Doc in on the act now, I felt it was better to as I didn't know what the long term effect of the drugs would be on Sylvie. He was initially very surprised to discover that she hadn't been hallucinating after all!

The tablets she has to take keep her pretty well sedated and it is no problem for the Doc to come over and give her a shot of valium early in the evening on party nights. She gets a bit hysterical when he prepare the injection since she knows what that means and struggles a bit and I have to restrain her when he gives her the shot. Now that she knows what goes on I enjoy it more, I'm not forced to act in an underhand way anymore.

When she collapses I carry her upstairs and strip her naked. I got a diaphragm for her and I put spermicidal on it and push it into place in her cunt. Sometimes she is just drowsy when I carry her up but she is so doped up that it is no problem to undress her and hold her down whilst I put the diaphragm in.

Doc gives her another IV just before the party starts to keep her under for the duration. I lubricate her ass with KY and we dress her in a sexy nighty and arrange her artistically on the bed to show off her cunt and ass so that the action won't be delayed too much when the guests arrive. I must admit that sometimes we do fuck her in advance of the party when we have got her on the bed, the temptation is always very strong. If we don't then the Doc or I just give her a finger fuck to pre-lube her pussy, rather than using the KY.

This pre-party activity has the advantage of lubricating her holes a bit so that the first screws of the evening aren't too difficult. Later there is so much cum flying about that lubrication isn't a problem.

I shower and douche her after the parties, and clean up her diaphragm as well as getting the cum out of her mouth and anus, and off her boobs, I often have to wash her hair as well. The Doc gives her regular check ups but so far she is keeping clean.

Doc and I are gradually adjusting the dose of the drugs which we give her. We are trying to get her into a twilight zone so that she can react a bit and cooperate rather than just being dead meat.

At some of our private parties, when there is just Doc and me, we just give her enough medication to put her out long enough for me to strip her, and prepare her.

With luck she comes round in the middle of the action. The fighting and struggling she puts up, particularly if we ass fuck her, has really been a great stimulus and given the Doc and me some sensational orgasms. If she was to come round one night, in the middle of a party with all three holes filled and react the same way, it would be a riot. We could probably ask for $1000!

The Doc is negotiating with the local hospital to buy a second hand obs/gyn table from them. You know the kind of thing I mean, it adjusts all ways and has stirrups to put the feet in. We could strap Sylvie on and raise and part her legs to expose both her cunt and asshole at 'walk-in' height. We would only need to drug her long enough to get her positioned and strapped down, then the Doc and I could really enjoy her.

If the Doc does manage to get it I'm sure that will give me plenty of material for another story!



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