She took Mommy's place.

David's wife had left him years ago when she ran off with an 18 year old neighbor's son. David's daughter Julia, then 9, had elected to stay with her father as her mother had been a very absent mother anyway and Julia's main bond was with her daddy.

Julia was a very cute well behaved girl. Soon after her tenth birthday little Julia started to fill out into a little woman. Her hips became shapely and her little tits became acorns that had grew to pointy little peaches by the time she turned 11. Her lips were red and full, an inheritance from her Italian mother, as were her ripening tits and long thick mane of dark brunette hair.

David had focused on his business & looking after Julia the past 3 years and had gone without a relationship. Hand relief was his sole pleasure, but it was getting to the point where he needed the warmth and affection of a female and her body.

Julia's periods began before she turned 11 and now, just a month before her 12th birthday; she was in possession of the voluptuous body of a grown woman. Although only a size 6 to 8, she had to wear C cup bras. Her little pussy had very prominent pudenda that jutted out proudly and enticingly whenever he caught site of her in her panties, which was most nights.

Most nights David and Julia would snuggle up on the couch and watch TV for an hour before he sent her off to bed, by 8.30 on school-nights and up to 10.00pm on weekends. In recent weeks his sexual longing had become urgent. Most nights he would be just wearing a robe after his shower and Julia would be wearing a thin semi-transparent soft cotton nightie.

Often his cock would be hard and erect and slip out between his robe to nestle hard and throbbing between the cheeks of Julia's arse, the thin material of her nightie the only barrier between the flesh of his cock and her pussy lips. He was in total denial about Julia noticing his throbbing cock.

A week ago he had come across her white satin & lace used panties on the top of the laundry basket after she had come home from school and was in the shower. He had taken them to his bedroom, pulled out his huge fat cock and masturbated in a frenzy with his pre-teen daughter's panties wrapped around his erect cock.

He ejaculated the biggest load of cream in years into her soft panties and put them back into the laundry basket before she finished her shower. Every day since he had been masturbating into her panties in the afternoons after her return from school.

That first day a week ago Julia had come out of the shower and decided she would retrieve those panties from the laundry and wash them to wear again tomorrow as they were so comfortable (and sexy). She had been shocked to find her panties all warm and wet. She unfolded them and found the huge puddle of her daddy's creamy sperm, which he had spurted just minutes before.

Julia was smart, precocious and worldly for her age as she hung out with girls 2 years older than her, age range 13-14, in general. She knew instantly what the white cream was in her panties (her daddy's spunk) and she knew what her daddy must have been fantasying about, (her).

Julia had been masturbating daily since she was 10. She borrowed a dildo from one of her friend's older sisters 6 months ago and broke her own cherry in an avid masturbation session months ago. Now, every day, she would plough that 5" dildo into her eager 11 year old pussy. She loved feeling her daddy's cock throbbing against her arse most nights. She now knew that he wanted her as much as she did him.

It was a Friday night and Julia decided to stay home rather than go to her girlfriends place. She and David (daddy) had a nice pasta meal and a lovely lemon sorbet desert. But it was another desert she wanted. They were now snuggled up on the lounge watching a 'chick flick' which was making little Julia all the more randy. She had taken the step tonight of wearing and old nightie that was a size too small and had worn very thin.

When she entered the lounge from the bedroom 20 minutes ago to watch TV with daddy, David had looked up and was tantalised by what he saw. With the light shining through her thin nightie he saw that his little girl was naked under the nightie. He was able to see her large pink areolas, huge erect nipples and a thick thatch of pubic hair at the juncture of her thighs, hiding her cunt lips.

His 8 inch cock became erect within half a minute and Julia settled down on the lounge pushing her arse back into his cock. Because her nightie was so small it rode up her thighs and he was greeted to a view of a good portion of her massively hairy pussy. As they shifted on the lounge his cock slipped out of his robe. Instead of the thin material of Julia's nightie, his cock found itself nestling against the flesh of her firm rounded arse. Her nightie has crept up beyond her waist.

They stayed liked that for 15 or 20 minutes, each shifting around a fraction as they watched the TV. Neither pretended to notice that David's hard throbbing cock, "Daddy's Cock", was slowly making its way deeper and deeper between the cheeks of Julia's delectable smooth firm pre-teen arse. Eventually David could stand it no more. He slightly withdrew his cock and started to tickle Julia.

They ended up having a little tickle and wrestle session. David flipped Julia over onto her back and slipped over on top of her, wedging his thighs between her thighs. As they both laughed and giggled David's hard throbbing cock eventually touched the thick soft thatch of Julia's "protective" pubic hair. After a little bit more wrestling, David worked his pre-cum leaking cock through Julia's thick forest of sexuality and his shaft rested itself, throbbing, along her very wet slit.

Julia could feel daddy's cock throbbing with pent up lust as it slid along her aroused and receptive slit. She made no attempt to withdraw. Nothing was said, not a word. They stopped giggling and all that could be heard was their heavy breathing as David now purposely slid his cock back and forth along the deep wet cleft of his daughter's sex. She ever-so-slightly pushed her cunt up to meet the gentle sliding caress of her father's cock.

They looked each other in the eye and then David lowered his lips to the perfect pink mouth of this woman-child. Immediately they were both enveloped in waves of pleasure as they lips blended. His tongue probed her lips and she opened her mouth to receive it. Within a minute their tongues were enveloped in passionate caress, tongues in each other's mouths and saliva being shared.

David ripped her nightie at the neck to reveal her ripe breasts. He was greeted to the unbelievable sight of the two most gorgeous tits he had ever seen. Julia's breasts were fair and full, a full D cup now and still a month shy of her 12th birthday.

Her areolas were a full 3 inches across and her nipples were as big as the last joint of his thumb, a full jutting 3 centimetres of rampant pre-teen arousal. He lowered his lips to those beautiful twin cones of sensuality and pleasure and sucked and fondled them in a frenzy of lust. Julia arched her chest, attempting to help her daddy get more of her titties into his hungry mouth.

By now his fat hard cock was sliding up & down her slit with an urgency not to be denied. They still had not said a word, the room being filled with the sounds of sexual longing in the form of their laboured breath and lustful grunting. David raised himself on his elbows and looked at Julia with love and lust. She returned his look and spoke for the first time; "Fuck me daddy. Fuck your cock into me. Fuck it into me now."

David said nothing and gave a powerful thrust. The huge 8 inches of his sex plunged into his 11 year old daughter's canal of pleasure and joy.

"Oh oooohhh daddy, daddy! It is so nice. Fuck me forever daddy! Fuck me forever with your big daddy cock!"

David remained silent as he was lost in a haze of lust and longing, thrusting his huge fat cock into the incestuous delights of his 11 year old daughter's cunt.

"I want to be your wife daddy, I want to be your wife. Breed in me now daddy. Plant your seed in my cunt daddy and I'll make us a baby now."

At last David found words again; "Oh yes! Yes baby! Daddy is fucking you! Daddy will fuck you forever baby and I'll plant my seed in you now. Ooohh, arrghh! OH FUCK! FUCK! Fuck! Here it comes baby! Here comes Daddy's creamy sperm! Aaahhh, ooohhh! GOD FORGIVE ME! I'm giving my little girl my incestuous sperm."

His cock swelled another half inch and was now over 8 inches long and nearly 3 inches in diameter. He felt his balls retract and harden and the tidal wave of pleasure burst forth as a huge torrent of sperm laden cream surged from his seminal vesicles and balls.

Julia felt her father's cock grow bigger but she took it all with ease, for she had the cunt of a mature woman, as her hairy thatch indicated. She wrapped her soft hands around her father's smooth and powerfully thrusting buttocks as he spurted into her, spurted his incestuous flood of baby making seed.

"Oh yes Daddy, I'm your wife now, I'm your wife! I will share your bed from now on Daddy! I will give you your carnal wifely pleasures from now on Daddy. Fuck me daddy. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK YOUR LOVELY BIG DADDY COCK INTO YOUR LITTLE GIRL'S PUSSY DADDY! Make a baby in me daddy, make a baby! I will make lots of milk for our baby and for your daddy, I will feed you from my milky titties soon daddy!"


Nine months later Julia gave birth to the first of their 4 healthy children in their new home in Europe. Julia's breasts grew to EE and provided 4 litres of milk every day, 1 litre for baby and 3 litres for daddy. She loved her daddy feeding on her huge breasts as he fucked copious loads of fresh sperm into her.



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