"And then I told him that I couldn't possibly fit that huge thing in my little mouth. It was so big and hard." Looking deep into my eyes with her long, white, delicate fingers wrapped around my rock hard cock, she alternated between telling me a supposedly true experience she had had in college 5 years earlier and oh so skillfully lapping the underside of my cock with her tongue.

Tracy and I had a great fantasy life, and one of her favorite things to do for me was to suck me off as she explained in detail about what an incredible slut she had been before she ever met me. She told me that some of the stories were absolutely true, with no embellishments whatsoever, and some were simply fantasies she thought I might enjoy. As long as I didn't ask which was which I could only assume they were all true. It really added to the excitement of the whole thing to think that Tracy actually had done some of these things.

I've heard countless stories about her getting gang banged, fucked by complete strangers, teasing guys, and her showing her body off in public. You see, Tracy and I have a terrific relationship. Our fantasies coincide with one another perfectly. She's an exhibitionist and I like to watch. She loves to wear low cut tops, short skirts, and always wears high heels. Her legs are incredibly long, and shapely. With 3 to 4 inch spike heels she stands a fairly intimidating 6'3". Being only 5'9" myself we make kind of an unlikely couple, but Tracy is the girl of my dreams, and if she doesn't mind the difference in height I certainly don't.

Although her physical height may be imposing her face is the complete opposite. Her little girl face has pale blue eyes, accompanying exceptionally soft features. She has a rounded, slightly upturned little nose, and none of the angular features you would expect from such a tall girl.

Looking at her with no other frame of reference, and sitting down you would have no idea that she was so tall. Most of her height is in her long legs. Her breasts are also that of a little girl, barely filling out an A cup, but what they lack for in size the make up in sensitivity. Her tiny, but perky little nipples are always sticking straight up, and the only reason she ever wears a bra is to keep them from getting over stimulated while rubbing on her blouse.

Tracy was telling me that night about how she had picked up a stranger at a bar in Madison where she had gone to college and sucked him off in an alley while a couple of his friends watched. It was so hot I could barely contain myself from shooting all over her pretty little face, but Tracy knew precisely how to push my buttons. She could keep me on the edge of an orgasm for 30 minutes or more without actually exploding. Every second that she keeps me teetering on edge is absolute heaven, telling me the most minute details about her sexual adventures.

She could put the best porno novelists to shame with the clarity of her descriptions. She will paint a vivid picture in my mind as she explains how it felt to suck a massive 12 inch cock. How the head of a huge dick feels slipping down the back of her throat, flicking her tongue out to stimulate the scrotum, while a musty whiff of manhood fills her nose as she buries it into wiry pubic hair. I've come several times from her extraordinarily elaborate stories and the mental picture she weaves alone. These are the only times that I still sometimes cum before she intends me to by the way.

After cheerfully swallowing my load Tracy asked how I liked the story. She always does that after we're done. Like she doesn't already know how great I thought it was. "You are such an incredible slut!" I told her as she giggled her sexy little bad girl laugh. "How do you know what is going to get to me every time?"

"Whatever do you mean?" she said feigning innocence.

"I mean, your stories are always perfection, the description of deep throating a complete stranger while watching his friends jack off in the alley was fantastic."

Looking into my eyes from only a couple of inches away she rubbed my chest with her hand and told me that "that time in the alley was one of the best times I had ever had, and that's why I tell it so well. It's an actual experience. I just wish you could've been there."

With that she gave me a great big smile and kissed me on the cheek. We have an agreement about her stories. She tells me they're all true, but before she told me her first story of this type it was understood that sometimes they would not be.

Naturally I was sleepy, so I dozed off within a couple of minutes. As we got up the next morning Tracy reminded me of the Halloween party I had promised to take her to later that day. I was really looking forward to it. I was going to be a doctor and she was going to be a nurse. Of course a doctor outfit is kind of boring and was going to simply consist of some hospital scrubs and a stethoscope, but a nurse outfit definitely had a lot of potential.

Tracy was going to surprise me with her costume, and she guaranteed that I'd like it. Halloween parties we go to have always been a terrific way for her to show herself off, and maybe even more importantly, for me to show her off. I told her I wouldn't miss it for the world, and within minutes we were both off to work.

The party was supposed to start at 8:00, and we weren't planning on getting there until 10, which allowed me to put in a few extra hours at work. I called Christy to let her know that I wouldn't be home for supper and she told me that it would be just fine as long as I got home by 9. After grabbing a quick bite at a local drive through I got home at about quarter to 9.

Christy was taking a shower, and told me she would be out with her Halloween costume in just a few minutes, and that my costume was already laid out on the bed. It took only a couple of minutes to don my lame doctor's outfit, but Christy had been in the bathroom with the shower off for at least 30 minutes. It must be quite an outfit I thought while watching a little ESPN. Finally she came out.

What a knock out! She looked a lot more like a prostitute than a nurse! She had her long, straight, blonde hair pulled up in a bun with a cute little nurse's hat on top of her head. She also had on a pair of old fashioned cat eye glasses with no lenses in them. Everything from the neck up was very conservative, a cross between Lisa Loeb, and Nurse Ratchet. Below the neck was a completely different story. Her tiny white dress had short sleeves, a plunging neckline, and a hemline so high it could barely be called a dress at all. You could easily see the white tops of her stockings, and it was tight enough that you could see the outline of her garter belt.

As she whirled around for me I could see that the back of her dress barely covered her taut little ass. The tops of the stockings weren't all you could see from behind, with the soft, silky, white skin just below her ass peaking out ever so slightly. Her seamed stockings were hospital white and her incredible legs seemed to go on forever. Her 5 inch, white spike heels elevated her to the point where she could look eye to eye with many NBA players. What a woman!

I've never seen her go out in public looking this slutty. This had to be by far her best Halloween costume of all time, and she definitely knew it. She flashed me her mischievous, little girl smile and asked me how I liked it. "You're definitely going to turn some heads tonight," I told her. "You look as hot as anything I've ever seen in my life baby."

"Well I feel very sexy tonight. I hope all the guys at the party appreciate all the trouble I've gone through on my outfit tonight. What do you think my chances are of winning for best costume tonight?"

"If they have one for sluttiest I don't see how you could possibly lose."

With that we headed on out to the party which was about an hour drive away at a very large dance club. It was perfect because it was far enough away that we didn't have to worry about running across anybody we knew. We could be completely anonymous and not have to worry about running into someone we knew.

After driving for a while, I noticed that Tracy was acting a little different, like she was trying to tell me something. I told her to just come right out and tell me what she had on her mind. I looked over to her sitting in the passenger's seat. She looked so incredible with the hem of her white nurse's dress riding up past the tops of her stockings and her white, stockinged clad knees connected loosely together.

She had leaned her seat slightly back and I could get a terrific 3 second view of her outrageous outfit as we passed each amber streetlight. She told me that she was about to break one of our rules right now, but she wanted me to know something. She continued to tell me that the story she had told last night definitely happened to her. "Actually, only about 6 months ago! Are you angry?"

This caught me a little by surprise because Tracy had always told me she wasn't interested in fucking anybody else since we met about 2 years ago. As a matter of fact I had encouraged her to fool around many times, but I think she took it as strictly a fantasy type of thing, rather than taking me serious. I guess this was a test to see if I really had meant it.

"That had to be one of the hottest blow jobs I've ever had in my life and if it takes you really acting like a slut I don't see how I could possibly complain." She leaned over and with an incredibly sexy voice whispered in my ear "So you really don't care if I fuck other guys huh?"

I replied "As long as I'm either involved, watching, approve it, or joining in there's nothing I would love more. Hell, I don't even mind if you do something on the spur of the moment. As long as I eventually get every dirty detail."

She lit up like a Christmas tree after my last reply, giving me big kiss on the cheek and leaning back on her seat. "I'm so relieved. You don't know how guilty I felt after that night. You REALLY don't mind having a complete slut for a girlfriend do you? Well, I can tell you one thing for sure. You've certainly got the right girl" She giggled at her last remark as we pulled into the club's parking lot.

Walking into the club, Christy's outfit was as popular as she had hoped.

Every head turned as she walked by, men's women's, it didn't matter. She was an absolute goddess. After we had picked out a table and gotten a drink we set out to dance. Tracy knows I'm not much of a dancer, and after the first dance she asked me if she could tease a few guys by asking them to dance. She often does this and it is very amusing to watch as her "victims" just drool over her. Walking the perimeter of the dance floor to find an appropriate victim she disappeared from my sight.

After sipping on my drink alone for a couple of songs Tracy came back with her cheeks flushed, and very agitated. I asked her what was wrong. "That bastard offered me $200 to fuck him! I slapped his goddamn face and left! The nerve of that guy! He actually thought I was a prostitute!" I smiled at her and asked her if she had looked at herself in the mirror before we left the house.

She smiled a little and said that she just wanted to look good for me and to have a little fun teasing her dance partners, not to have people think she was a whore. I also reminded her that one of her fantasies was to be a hooker for one night. We had once actually done a little role playing on this particular fantasy where I picked her up on a city street dressed in her sluttiest hooker outfit she could muster, but that's another story completely. She looked at me like she was a little hurt that I wasn't defending her honor.

"What was the guy like?" I asked. "You may not know this honey, but one my fantasies is to be a pimp, and this might be the perfect situation." She started to settle down and slowly her perception of the entire situation was beginning to turn around in her mind.

"You would collect the money and set it all up? Where would we go? Would you want me to do the guy I already slapped?" I told her that she could have the entire thing go down however she wanted, and that I would arrange everything as her "old man". I offered to go out and talk to her formerly offensive dance partner if that's what she wanted me to do.

She still wasn't quite ready to buy the entire plan. It just seemed so "spur of the moment" she said. "I think I need a little more time to think it all over, but it would be fun if everything went smoothly" she said with a wicked little grin. I told her that whatever she decided would be fine by me. "We'll just stick with our original plan to have a good time at the party. I'm having a great time without being a pimp tonight." I said with a warm smile and a reassuring squeeze of her arm.

"What if the guys are assholes?" She obviously was intrigued by the whole idea, and wasn't quite ready to drop it. I told her that I had a gun out in the car, and I could be very persuasive if I wanted to be. "You would collect all of the money for me then?" she asked with a very nervous look on her face. "Just thinking about this is making my knees go weak, and giving me a severe case of butterflies in my belly. I'm completely terrified, but at the same time I really want to do it," she said.

Before I could reply she added with a very serious face "What if I end up in jail for god's sake? I don't know if I could handle that. I would absolutely die of embarrassment." I told her that if she let me act as her pimp for the night I would guarantee that she wouldn't end up in jail.

"How can you guarantee I don't end up in jail?" she replied.

"I know plenty of cops in town here, and I'll just make a call to one of them. I think he'll be more than happy if I give him a couple hundred dollars for keeping us safe."

"You can't really do that!" she said with a very skeptical smile.

"Can you?"

"Of course I can. You know my friend Randy that you hate so much? Well, he's a cop, and he told me he does that type of thing all the time. I'm sure he would be pretty surprised to hear what I want him to do for me, but I'm sure it would be no problem."

This was all a very elaborate lie. My friend Randy wasn't even a cop. I was getting by on pure bullshit, but I did have a very good plan to keep Tracy out of trouble for the night though. If she agreed to be a hooker for the night I was going to go through all of the formalities of being her pimp without collecting any money from her John's at all!

The only thing I would ask of them is to be very nice to her. I figured that would be pretty much killing 2 birds with one stone so to speak, and Tracy wouldn't know any difference. What a perfect plan I thought to myself. I even had $1,000 cash in my pocket because I was planning on buying a little weed the following day, so I could even flash her a wad of dough that she had supposedly earned.

"Well, it sounds as if you've got about everything covered then" she said with more than a little uncertainty in her voice. "I'm still not sure though. You sound like you've had this planned for a long time. It's kind of freaking me out." I assured her that all of this had just come to me within the last few minutes, and it really had. There was no planning or pretense, and I told her that I would rather she didn't do it at all now.

"You're right it's just too dangerous" I told her sincerely. With that she agreed and we went out for another dance. Like I said, I was having a good time just being at the party with the most gorgeous woman in the place, and Tracy was certainly having a good time showing off and dancing. She even had the best costume contest to look forward to, but I could tell the hooker thing hadn't completely left her mind.

After the song, Tracy again decided to pick up her cock-teasing a bit more by asking a few more drooling men to dance, as she proceeded to flirt mercilessly with them. After a few songs she came back to our table with a pretty average looking fellow and asked him to sit down with us.

"Jim here wants a date for tonight honey. I told him that you're the guy to talk to about arranging it. I'm going to go dancing a little more and leave you gentlemen to attend to business matters" With that Tracy left me with Jim. You could tell she was very nervous, but apparently she wanted to really go through with this!

I immediately asked Jim what exactly he thought was going on here. He smiled nervously and told me that Tracy had asked if he had wanted a date and assumed she was a hooker. A very nice looking hooker! A little aggravated, I told him she was anything but. Quite confused, he tried to get up to leave immediately. I stopped him by telling him that if he would stay I would be happy to explain, and I was positive that he would love my explanation. His curiosity aroused, he sat back down.

"The girl's name is Betty, and one of her fantasies is to be a hooker for one night. I think a lot of girls have that fantasy at one time or another. Don't you think?" I said to Jim. He simply nodded his agreement. "Well, Betty wants to go one step beyond her fantasy and turn it into reality tonight. Do you think you would be interested in helping her out?" Jim smiled and said he sure would.

"What Betty doesn't know, and by the way I don't want her to ever find out, is that as her pimp, who I am posing as tonight, will be charging exactly zero dollars for her services. What do you think of that?" His smile got even bigger as he blurted out, "Fucking A!"

"I thought you'd like that. The only thing I ask from you is that you treat her very nicely. Attend to her needs as well as your own. Be polite, and do exactly as she asks. If she says to stop, I want you to stop. If she says leave, I want you to leave. Treat her a little like a hooker, but nicer, if you know what I mean. I want her to think she's really a hooker for the night, but I want her experience to be as pleasurable as possible. She thinks you're paying $250, and I don't want you to let her know otherwise. I trust that you will be a perfect gentleman, but I want you to know that I will make you sorry you ever stepped foot in this club tonight if you harm that girl in any way. Do you understand?"

Jim nodded.

"I want you to know that I haven't got a room yet, or even picked out a hotel for that matter. Betty just got ahead of the game a little bringing you over here when she did. She is very nervous. You can help to make this an incredibly exciting night for her if you behave yourself. Do you mind doing it in your car?"

"Not at all! As a matter of fact that would be perfect." He said.

"I want you to know I will be keeping an eye on you, so don't be too shocked if you see me out there in the parking lot. OK?"

"Sure, no problem" he said.

"What I want you to do right now is go back to where Betty found you and wait for her there. She should be along very soon to pick you up. Where are you parked?" Jim told me exactly where he was parked, along with the make, model and year of car he drove. I even had him tell me his license plate number just to be sure.

Finally Jim went off to his original table somewhere in the club, and Tracy, who had been apprehensively waiting near the girl's bathroom, came back to the table and asked immediately how it went with her potential customer. I smiled and told her that everything was just fine. "The first thing I need to do right now is call a hotel and get a room, and then I'm going to have to get a hold of Randy." She looked at me nervously again and asked me if this was really something I wanted to do.

"You really don't mind me being a whore for the night?" "Not if you don't mind me being a pimp." I said with a laugh. I assured her again that I had everything under control. She looked at me kind of sheepishly "How much did he give you?" I told her $250 and her eyes just lit up. "Well I better give him a good fuck hadn't I? Wow! I would've fucked him just for fun!"

She was starting to loosen up a little. I told her that after 2 more songs she was supposed to go get Jim at the same place she had originally found him, and they would go out to his car to consummate the transaction.

"I told him he had 30 minutes to do whatever he wanted as long as it won't hurt you, and that I'll be watching from a few cars down." "What do you mean you'll be watching, and what is the hotel room for if we're going to be doing it in his car?" Tracy asked.

"I just want to make sure he doesn't take off and bring you somewhere, and I'm assuming you will want to turn more than one trick tonight. By the way, your hooker name is Betty."

She looked at me and smiled, "Are you sure you haven't planned this whole thing out ahead of time." We both laughed, and I kissed her, excusing myself to make the phone calls. As I left I couldn't help but notice how awesome Tracy looked sitting there with her white, stockinged clad legs crossed at the knee, dress hiked slightly above her stocking tops, her tiny breasts, and wonder bra enhanced cleavage.

She was looking around the dance floor in search of potential clients and nervously twirling a loose section of hair that had separated from her hair bun and nurse's hat with her finger. She also was unconsciously tilting one of her 5 inch white pumps up and down repeatedly as she contemplated how the rest of the night might go down. All I could think was how lucky I was to have her, and how I was going to make sure her night exceeded her wildest fantasy. My god! What an incredible woman!

Getting a room was absolutely no trouble at all, and I was off the phone within 5 minutes. Returning to our table I was a little surprised to see Tracy gone so quickly, but apparently she was eager to get underway. As soon as I saw she was gone I immediately headed out to the car. As luck would have it I found another parking spot within 20 feet of where Jim had parked, and had a clear view of what would be happening. It was in a fairly well lit corner of the parking lot, but far away from the entrance. A perfect spot I thought to myself. Nobody will be likely to interrupt them.

Now, with all of this preparation, and reassuring I had been responsible for during the last half hour or so I was finally able to slow down and come to grips with what was surely about to happen. Tracy was about to fuck a perfect stranger in his car while I watched, I was acting as her pimp, and she was convinced that she was a prostitute for the evening.

Suddenly it was my turn to get butterflies and week knees. Sitting there in the semi-darkness I suddenly was not quite so sure I was doing the right thing. It was too late now though. If she wanted to go through with this I wasn't going to stop her. I mean, I encouraged her to do it! After all it really had always been my greatest fantasy to watch Tracy fuck someone else while I watched. This was much higher on my wish list than being a whore for one night was on Tracy's, yet my heart was pounding and I was paralyzed with anticipation.

It seemed forever, but Tracy and her John eventually arrived at the car. Neither of them gave any indication that they knew I was there as they began to kiss passionately. Jim was leaning back on the passenger door. Tracy was really being aggressive. She reached down to caress the bulge in his pants as Jim lifted up her dress to her waist, exposing her beautiful, tiny white ass.

She had panties on, but her little white g-string left nothing to the imagination. With one hand he kneaded a bare ass cheek, and with the other he tried to get the key in the door to unlock it. She certainly wasn't making this easy on the poor fellow, continuing to rub his hard cock over his jeans and giving him a passionately uninhibited tongue kissing.

When Tracy finally bent down to unzip Jim's pants he finally got the door unlocked, but not before she had released his rigid member from his fly. Just before they both fell into the passenger's seat Tracy looked directly at me and gave me a huge, playful smile just before mouthing the words "I love you". With that she disappeared from my sight.

The last I could really see of her she had her dress hiked up to her waist, had a big handful of Jim's hard cock in her hand and was letting me know that she knew I had been watching. Well, if my heart hadn't been pounding before. It was damn near out of control right then. It looked a lot like she was really getting into it too. Their windows took almost no time at all to fog up either, so I really could see absolutely nothing from that point on. After 10 or 15 minutes the car began to really rock, so I knew they must be doing some hard fucking.

After a few minutes of this another couple came strolling by on the way to their car, and began to snicker about what surely was going on in that fogged up car. I had the windows on my car rolled down and I could hear Tracy giving her typical orgasmic shrieks as the rocking became even more pronounced. I'd heard that sound at least 100 times.

When Tracy cums she unleashes a series of about 25 short, high pitch, and very loud shrieks, punctuated by a final guttural one that lasts at least 15 seconds. After that she's pretty much done, but I could hear her repeating her final groan over and over, at least 5 times. She was really cumming hard. All I could do was hear faintly what was going on, but it was getting me so excited I just had to pull out my cock. Before she finished her last groan I had cum all over myself. The car stopped rocking, but they remained there for another 15 minutes.

Finally emerging from the fogged up car Tracy looked as if she had just finished freshening up. Her hair was put back into another bun, and her hat was placed perfectly on top. Her dress was again concealing her gorgeous butt, her lipstick was impeccable, and even the seams on her white stockings were perfectly straight.

I really don't know how she did that one inside of a relatively small car. As she got out Jim immediately started his car and turned on his headlights. Tracy leaned into the passenger's window and stayed there for at least 30 seconds. I'm not sure what she was doing. I assume she must have been thanking him for his business or something.

When she got her head out of his car window she made a beeline for our car which was only a few short steps way. As she got into our car she flashed an incredibly huge grin and began thanking me profusely for helping to make her fantasy a reality, and what a wonderful guy I was for understanding. "How did it make you feel to see me just a few feet away?" she asked. I told her that it was maybe the most exciting, tension filled moment of my entire life watching her, from the moment they both arrived at the car to the moment I heard her last moan from behind the fogged up windows.

"Oh I didn't notice that" she said with slight giggle, pointing out a fairly large quantity of semen that had remained on the dash board. Apparently I hadn't gotten all of it cleaned up before Tracy got into the car. "Is that what I think it is?" she said. I unashamedly confirmed that I was so excited I couldn't resist.

Tracy nuzzled up to my ear and told me "there's a lot more where that came from big boy. I believe that we have a hotel room reserved for the night, and I'm just getting started."

"You really like this don't you?"

"Aren't you?" she said with a slight bit of apprehension.

"Oh yeah. I love watching my slutty bitch in action." She sat back in her seat and asked enthusiastically what I had planned next.

"I have some ideas, but what would you like to see happen next?"

"Well, I was hoping I could go back to dancing with a few more guys, and do everything kind of the same way. What do you think?" Tracy asked.

I told her that since we would be doing business out of the hotel that she should pick out her potential customers from a group of guys she might want to bring back to the hotel.

"You could get 1 of them jazzed about fucking you, and he could then tell all of his friends, and they could tell all of their friends etc... That should keep you going for the rest of the night I figure."

"I want to leave everything up to you. You're the boss tonight baby. I'm so excited, I can hardly wait. That car trick was just a warm up."

So we headed back to the party. Tracy had put her cute cat eye glasses back on, and you would've never guess that she'd been fucked so hard only 20 minutes earlier. Our original table had been taken, and the place was packed, so we were forced to stake out a small section of the back wall. After getting a couple of drinks and scoping out the situation in front of us Tracy selected her next potential customer, and immediately went after him for a dance.

While enticing her dance partner the DJ announced that the best Halloween costume winners were to be announced in about 15 minutes. I had completely forgotten about the contest with all of the excitement of Tracy and I playing whore and pimp for the night. Tracy had really wanted to win, and the real reason she spent so much time on her nurse's outfit was for the contest, not so she could advertise her pussy for money. I think Tracy had probably forgotten as well, but before the announcement she was back at my side awaiting the results anxiously.

The entire dance floor was cleared for the ceremonies. They announced that there would be 4 categories. The first was the funniest, the second was the sexiest, and the third was the scariest. Each winner would receive $100 in cash, and once chosen, the 3 winners would be put on stage and the grand prize winner would be chosen by the crowd's applause as recorded on their applause meter. The grand prize winner would receive a $500 cash prize. Now that she was getting $250 per trick, I don't think that the prize money was all that important to Tracy. The real reason she had always wanted to win was to have a stage to really show off. As a hooker, looking for customers it would be even more valuable to be able to get in front of the entire club and prance around for a while.

There were plenty of very sexy women in the club that night. From what I could tell, the prize for sexiest costume was going to probably come down to Tracy and a tiny little brunette that had been dressed as a devil, with red, fishnet panty hose, a red, lycra bodysuit, with a thong back, complete with red tail, and a little set of horns. I have to admit she was very hot, but there was no doubt in my mind that Tracy was even hotter.

Wasting no time they announced all three winners in quick succession, calling out "the slutty amazon, Nurse Ratchet" as the sexiest costume. Tracy was just giddy with joy as she rushed up to the stage with the other 2 winners. The entire club was now ready to cheer for who they thought had the best costume. All 3 of the winners had colored spotlights on them as they awaited their turn to be cheered for. It was really quite a production, with a red spotlight on Tracy.

The first contestant up had won for the scariest costume, and the DJ gave about a 30 second commentary that was pretty funny, and then asked the crowd for their applause. It was really loud, and the entire crowd was really getting into it. They had a giant screen TV that they usually show videos on while playing music, but right then it was displaying a noise meter and how the crowd's cheering was affecting it. That response was going to be hard to beat I thought to myself. The next contestant winner was there for the funniest costume and the DJ was just hilarious, commenting on the costume and leading the crowd into a rousing applause at the end of it. To my surprise, the needle went even higher for the funny contestant.

When it came time for Tracy to finally get up there for her roasting, the spotlight flashed from red to white as she came strutting up. Walking like a slightly exaggerated runway model Tracy twirled a couple of times as the DJ made a few crude but very funny comments about what Tracy would be like if she was his nurse. She was absolutely eating the attention up. As the DJ asked for applause Tracy turned around and lifted up the back of her little white dress to show off her perfectly tight, round, milky white little ass. The crowd went wild as the applause meter was suddenly pegged and Tracy was declared the winner on the spot.

She started jumping up and down excitedly like a little girl, clapping her hands, and beaming a huge smile to the rest of the club. The DJ asked her to come up and accept her prize money, as the spotlight followed her up to his booth. You could see him counting out the 5 $100 bills and handing them to her. As Tracy turned around the spotlight was still on her so she blew the crowd a kiss, gave them another quick peek of her ass and stepped out of the spotlight on her way back to me. The speakers suddenly erupted with another great dance tune and the spotlight disappeared. The crowd broke into another dance, and it was if nothing had ever interrupted the dancing in the first place.

I had lost track of where Tracy was, but within a minute she was hugging me and telling me that she was having the time of her life. "I can't believe I did that up there!" she said. I told her I was the luckiest guy in the world to have her, and that maybe we should slow down a little for the rest of the night. "No way I'm slowing down right now! Let's get this show on the road!" I thought she was going to wear herself out with all of the excitement, but Tracy was pretty much supercharged right then, and I was not going to stand in her way.

She turned around to continue what she had started before the award presentation started. Within just a couple of minutes Tracy had brought over not 1 or 2 guys, but 4 guys for me to process. She was no longer acting nervous at all either, giving them kisses on the neck, telling them how much she wanted to suck their cocks, and generally getting them incredibly hot and bothered. I asked Tracy to come back in a few minutes and I began explaining the same ground rules I had given Jim, except that I wanted them to meet us at the hotel, and bring their friends. By the time Tracy had come back the guys had all scattered.

She greeted me with a very deep french kiss and a hug. With her arms wrapped around my neck she told me that she wasn't so sure about this whole thing at first but that right now she couldn't wait to get to the hotel room and fuck as many guys as I can throw at her.

"My pussy is just on fire baby. I mean, I don't know if I'm going to be able to wait until we get to the hotel to have one of those rock hard cocks in me."

"If you like we could bring one of them along for the ride. How would you like that?" I said. Apparently that is exactly what she had in mind and she squealed with delight.

"I'll go get him OK?"

Within 5 minutes she had another guy for me to process, and we all headed out to our car together. I told her I had already collected the money and that once we got in the car she should start giving the guy his money's worth.

Well, as I got into the driver's seat, Tracy and her friend climbed into the back seat and we were off. Tracy immediately went down on the guy as I positioned my rear view mirror to get a good view. She was insatiable, working the head of his dick smoothly from her tip of her lips to the back of her throat, bobbing up and down while twisting her head back and forth all in one very graceful motion.

Every once in a while I noticed her grinding her nose into her customer's pubic hair with his cock buried deep into the back of her throat. She was really showing off, keeping him all the way inside of her face, flicking her tongue, and twisting her head for as long as she could hold her breath! I could hear her coming up for air every now and then with short, quick gasps for oxygen. While catching her breath she continued to lick the underside of his shaft before engulfing it again.

At a particularly well lit stoplight I could see exceptionally well. Noticing this, Tracy looked me in the eyes via the mirror and proceeded to take the long hard cock she had been working, slowly from her lips to deep within her mouth until her john's cock completely disappeared from my site. She did all this without losing eye contact and continued by taking it out even slower than it went in. She smiled as she completed her little show and let out a wicked giggle. She turned her attention back to her customer.

Looking up at him, she asked her John if he liked how she was sucking his cock. I could tell that he was pretty close to spewing all over her face from the difficulty he had answering her. Instead of letting him come already, she quickly took his cock back into her mouth and began biting the base with her bare teeth.

This is a technique that had always been a very successful with me in the past if she wanted to prolong her blow jobs, and it seemed to be working on her customer. She also proceeded to really rough his dick up with her hands, bending it and squeezing it with all of her might, she told him that she wasn't going to let him cum until she had a chance to ride him.

As soon as she decided that she had delayed him from squirting his jizz, she got up off her knees, lifted her dress up to her waist, and leaned her head over the front seat, less than an inch from my right ear. Positioning her bare ass over the guy's lap she turned her head around and cheerfully asked him to undo the snap on her g-string. I heard the unsnapping sound, and Tracy began to slide back onto his piece of man meat.

As she was doing this, she whispered in my ear how good it felt to be full of hard cock, and how great her new friend was at fucking. Although she was whispering, Tracy was making an effort to make sure her lover could hear everything. She wanted him to know how much she loved this, and to make sure he got everything he had paid for.

Tracy turned her head around again and asked him to just relax, sit back, and she would do all of the work. I could tell each time she filled her pussy with cock because she let out a little moan into my ear. She started very slowly, and smoothly, but I could tell she was beginning to start to lose control as she gradually picked up the pace. Eventually I could hear her ass, wet from her own juices, slapping loudly onto her lovers lap.

She was really starting to pound her pussy over his cock and grabbed onto both front seat headrests in order to get better leverage, and control. Our car was bouncing up and down as we pulled into the hotel parking lot. Tracy was starting her typical series of high pitch, and very loud cumming shrieks. I parked in the most remote part of the hotel lot so they could finish their fucking with less chance of being noticed. After about a half dozen of Tracy's shrieks, the guy took over and roughly grabbed Tracy by the hips, violently pistoning his rod in and out of her wet cunt.

Before she could finish her cumming shrieks I grabbed her by the face and tongue kissed her. She tried to reciprocate with her own tongue but simply could not do a very good job. Her face was distorted from cumming as I separated my face from hers. Holding her head tightly in my hands to stop it from flailing as wildly as the rest of her body, I studied her face as she came with a deep, loud moan, her unfocused eyes completely glazed over.

Seeing her face so closely as she came while being filled with the hard cock of a complete stranger had me on the verge of cumming myself. She was completely unaware of her surroundings, and would've been completely incapable of doing anything for at least 30 seconds. Her orgasms are incredible and really make a guy feel like he's done quite a great job fucking her.

As the guy put his clothes back on, you could see that he was very pleased with himself. Tracy was attempting to regain her composure as I stroked her beautiful face. Where only seconds ago Tracy's face seemed as if it were wracked in pain, it was now a very contented, and happy, if just a little drained. I kissed her again. She turned around and made her john feel even better by kissing him on the cheek and telling him how great he had been. He smiled and rubbed her smooth round ass, as she hadn't begun to get herself back together yet.

I asked the guy that had just fucked Tracy if he would need a ride home or not, and he told us that there were plenty of his friends that were on their way to the motel for a little of what he just had. Getting a ride home would be no problem at all he told us. With that, he opened the car door, gave Tracy another kiss on her cheek and told us he thought he already saw one of his buddies pull up a little closer to the room. Holy shit! I thought. This night is just beginning. We haven't even checked into the room yet!

After checking in and getting Tracy from the car into our room, she decided that the first thing she needed to do was to take a shower. This gave me a chance to round up all of the guys that had gathered in the parking lot. There was obviously something going down at this hotel, and it would simply be a matter of time before someone complained and the cops would show up.

Even though we were doing absolutely nothing illegal, I didn't want to have to explain what was going on to a policeman. After all, it does sound pretty strange, they probably wouldn't believe me, and there WOULD be a good chance we would end up in jail. Anyway, I had everybody there follow me to a half empty restaurant parking lot about a half mile away.

When it finally looked like everybody had shown up I got out of the car and told them that they would have to come either 1 at a time or in small groups of 3 or less. I took an old, unused to do list out of the glove compartment so I could write in the names of the guys that wanted to have their crack at Tracy. The list had times in increments of 15 minutes, which I figured was just perfect for my purpose.

15 minutes for each guy to fuck Tracy would be just about right. If it took longer than that, the guy would just have to share her with the next guy. I explained this, and everybody nodded in agreement. I also told them that the only way I could schedule more time with her would be if 2 or 3 guys would be willing to team up to fuck her.

This could give them as much as 45 minutes, and I would be willing to have the groups go first. Most of the guys still opted for their 15 minutes, but 2 groups of 3 and 1 group of 2 signed up. I gave first dibs to the youngest group of 3, and I continued to hand out times that they were to have their chance at my new whore- nurse until each and every guy out there was accounted for. I believe there were about 17 in all.

They were told to be very discrete. I asked them to walk from a parking lot that was about a block away, and to come up from the back of the hotel rather than by the front desk. If they followed all of the rules I had laid out, they would be allowed in for their allotted time. If not, I would send them away, and the entire thing would be in danger of being called off for everybody.

I told them that I would stay in my car at the corner of the lot, and they were to check in with me before they went to the room. They were also to understand that I would randomly check to see how Tracy was doing, at least every half hour, and that I reserved the right to stay if I decided to for any reason. Everybody readily agreed, and the way I had it scheduled Tracy would be fucking and sucking for the next 4 and a half hours straight. She had seen just how many guys had been out there at the parking lot and she didn't bat an eye, saying simply "Bring em all on."

When I got back to the room Tracy was peaking out the curtains. She had gotten her entire nurse's outfit back on and was looking and smelling terrific. Her make up was heavy but very nice, her outfit looked just as great as it did after she had gotten out of the shower at our house earlier that night, and she had pretty much doused herself in her favorite perfume. Her hair was back in the tight bun it was originally in, and of course her cute little nurse's hat was again perched perfectly on top.

I told her everything that I had gone over with the guys at the restaurant parking lot. I told her about the number of guys coming over and that I had them scheduled to take no more than 15 minutes each. "If you get done quicker that's fine, and if it takes longer that will be fine too. You'll just have another guy to join in if he lasts past the 15 minutes."

"All of this sounds so hurried," she said. "But you're the boss." She especially liked the idea of sending groups of guys in. I think that fucking groups of guys had always been one of her very favorite things to do before we met based on the number of very elaborate blow job stories she had told in the past. She always relished telling me how it feels to have a hard cock pounding in her pussy while she struggles to keep an equally hard cock in her mouth. Well now was her big chance.

It wasn't 5 minutes since I had finished explaining to her exactly how I arranged the events of the evening to go down when there came a knock on the door. Sure enough, and right on time, it was the 3 young guys that I had scheduled first. I greeted them at the door and apologized for not being at the car as I had originally told them I would be.

I was about to introduce Tracy when she grabbed the guy closest to her and immediately started rubbing against him, feeling for the bulge in his jeans, and fumbling for his zipper. One of the other guys slid in behind her, lifted up her tight little dress, and began kneading her beautiful ass. Tracy wasn't wearing any panties this time and the guy feeling her ass up wasted no time in slipping his finger into her already wet pussy.

I desperately wanted to join in on the fun and maul my girlfriend, but I was bound and determined to play the pimp and I think Tracy may have thought something was up if I began fucking her right then and there. No, this night was for Tracy much more than it was for me, and I left as one of the guys slipped his dick into her from behind, one had his tool in her hand and another was engulfed by her mouth. What a sight! The best part was that she had the presence of mind to give me a wink and wave goodbye to me with her free hand! I don't think I'll ever be able to forget that mental snapshot.

Most of the rest of the night was spent in the car, but checking in periodically I saw my Tracy with as many as 3 cocks in her at a time. I kept looking for her to give up on the whole thing but she was bound and determined to fuck all 17 guys. Actually there were 15, after 2 failed to show, but who's counting. By the time the last guy left at 4 in the morning Tracy was a total wreck.

Her hair was stringy with sweat, and cum. There was no trace that she'd ever had her hair in a bun and her hat was nowhere to be found. Her dress was thrown in one of the corners of the room, and only one of her stockings remained, although she did still have her garter belt on. Her bra was thrown in an opposite corner and her pussy was leaking much of the many loads of cum she had received over the course of the night. I actually got to watch much of her and her last customer and I can honestly say that Tracy gave even him a fantastic fuck.

I could've sworn that she came as he pounded her missionary style and remained a wildcat to the very end, kicking and scratching, yelping and moaning. I don't think it was an act either, but after her last customer Tracy pretty much passed out. I could see her breathing gently, so I wasn't really too worried about her health. I just let her sleep, and tried to clean her, and the place up a little. I was awoken that morning at daybreak with Tracy sucking my morning hard on for all she was worth.

When she saw that I was no longer sleeping she began thanking me for the greatest night of her entire life while continuing to lick and suck my cock. I came very quickly, and with an unexpected force. Tracy decided to let me shoot my load on the side of her face rather than swallowing it like she almost always did. To her surprise a tremendous stream of cum erupted halfway across the room, landing on one of the lamp shades.

After 3 or 4 truly massive squirts Tracy decided I must certainly be finished as she gobbled my schlong down her throat again. The problem was that I was still far from finished. She tried keeping up with it by swallowing but gobs of goopy white jizz began leaking out of the corners of her mouth.

When I was finally finished shooting my load into her sumptuous mouth she began to giggle incredulously as she wiped her face off with the bed sheet. "You must have been storing that one up all night. My god, I've never seen anybody shoot that much cum in my life. You poor thing. I was having all the fun and you were just building up this incredible volcano all night weren't you?" I told her that I wasn't quite sure if that's how it worked, but it certainly does make sense considering the circumstances.

After a quick peck on the cheek Tracy was back in the shower. Of course she had nothing to wear. Her cum soaked, nurse outfit was completely unwearable, so we left the hotel with Tracy wearing only a white hotel towel that barely covered both her boobs and ass at the same time, while carrying her white 5 inch heels.

At 10:00 AM she definitely got her fair share of strange looks as she snuck out to our car at the far edge of the lot. Tracy called in sick the next day and told me she wanted to spend the rest of the day in bed. Her pussy was so sore from all of the abuse it had taken the night before that even the simple act of walking had become very difficult.

I decided to take the day off as well so I could attend to her needs. We probably slept until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and when I finally got up I served her chicken soup and crackers in bed. It took her a full 2 days to recover, but she told me she wouldn't have traded that night for anything in the world, and either would I.



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