When I first met Trish, she was at a friend's home, playing with her eleven-year-old daughter. They were just standing in the living room talking, but my eyes kept going over Trish's body. She was wearing tight dungaree pants that hugged her legs and ass quite nicely. Her ass wasn't small, like a little child's, but was molded beautifully, I just wanted to kiss it right there. Her blouse was stripped and the shoulders were pulled down to the top of her arms, which left her with a bit of cleavage. Her breasts were not that of a young girl, but those of a young adult.

I also learned that day that Trish was only fourteen years old. I was somewhat stunned at the thought of this young woman. Her curly jet-black hair hung down to her breasts. Her smile was breathtaking.

When I left that day, I did so with the start of an erection, so it was a good thing I left.

On my next visit, Trish was there, as I had hoped she would be. The girls just got back from swimming and Trish was wearing a bikini. They came running to the truck as I arrived and I watched as her breasts bounced with each step she took and thought that this was going to be rough on me today.

I got out of the truck and was hugged by Trish and I could feel her breasts as the touched my ribs. At about four and a half feet in height, the top of her head reached to just under my chin. She backed away a little and asked me if I liked her swimsuit and I looked directly at her breasts and said, "Yes, I do."

She smiled and asked me to light a cigarette from the pack that she pulled from her bra top. I lit it and she slowly slid the pack back between those beautiful tits.

As she walked towards the house, I looked at her ass and was treated to such a wonderful sight. I followed that ass into the house and had to sit quickly because I was getting hard looking at her.

That night when I went to bed, I dreamt of Trish. We were riding in my truck, and she was in the front seat when I asked if she wanted to sit closer to me.

"Okay, I'd like that," she said as she unbuckled her seatbelt and moved next to me.

I put my arm over her neck and down her right arm and just held her close to me. It felt nice to have her there and I felt her hand rest on my right thigh.

"You know I'm a very straight forward kind of guy and I often say what I feel, so if I embarrass you, I'm sorry," I said.

"That's okay with me, I'm kind of the same way myself."

"Good, because I've been looking at your breast all day and I would love to be able to touch them."

With that said, she smiled at me and said, "I'm a little nervous, to tell the truth. I want you to touch them, but I keep thinking of how much older you are."

"I don't think my age should be a factor, I think that if you want to do something, then you should be able to. Also, if you don't want to do something all you have to do is say so."

"In that case, I do want you to touch them. Look how hard my nipples are."

Moving my hand from her arm to her right breast, I felt her nipple. It was hard, like she said. She did a quick intake of air when my hand touched her and then she said, "That feels nice."

"It would feel nicer if I didn't have this blouse to go through."

"You mean, take it off? But I'm not wearing a bra."

"I can tell you're braless by the feel of your breast, and I'd really love to see what your breasts look like."

Trish looked at me and then reached for the bottom of her blouse and brought it up over her head and sat in my front seat naked from the waist up.

The sight of her breasts was something I had not expected, as she was at least a 38B. Her breast's stood out nicely and were tipped with lovely nipples at least a half inch long. My hand was quick to return and engulf that globe and my thumb and forefinger rolled her nipple.

"Kiss me Roger, I want you to kiss me."

I leaned down to her face and kissed her full lips as I continued to massage her breast. Her tongue entered my mouth and her hand held my head to hers. Then I woke up.

I lay on my bed, now wide-awake with the memory of the dream and a raging hard-on. I had to relieve myself, so I masturbated and had a big climax, thinking of Trish's breasts.

That morning around eleven, my phone rang, "Hello."

"Roger, it's Trish, can you come get me?"

"Where are you honey?"

"At school, I'm cutting class for the rest of the day cus I'm sick of this place. Please come pick me up."

"Okay, start walking from the school and I'll find you."

"Thanks, see you in a few minutes."

Hanging the phone up, I grabbed my hat and truck keys and headed out to find Trish.

I only had to drive for a short time, when I saw a girl in a short skirt and a black t-shirt walking on the side of the road. I pulled over and she saw my truck and ran over to the passenger side and hopped into the seat.

Dam she was looking so good, as she leaned over to me and kissed me, then said, "Thanks for picking me up. I thought about you today and just wanted to spend some time with you. I don't have to be home until three, so we have some time."

I drove back to my house and pulled in the driveway and she went up the stairs ahead of me and waited at the door. Letting her in, she went to the couch and sat.

"Well honey, what do you want to do?"

Well, you talked about wanting some pictures of me. That's why I wore a skirt today, so if you want to do that, it's okay."

I went to my desk and located my digital camera and a blank chip. Inserting the chip, I checked to see how many pictures I could take and it read 296. Closing the camera, I returned to the living room and took a couple of pictures of her just sitting on the couch.

Trish stood and posed for a few standing pictures, not moving too much.

"Go ahead and do some "modeling" poses and I'll take the picture, okay?"

At first, she was pretty coy, and then she started to get into the spirit of the modeling. She raised one foot and set it on the arm of the couch and turned her body to me. I got a nice view of her upper thighs and a hint of black panties.

"Now you're doing it girl, keep going."

Trish raised her skirt on the leg closest to me and stopped just as her panties started to show.

My camera was clicking. "Hold that pose a second," as I got on my knees and took an "up skirt" shot of her panties.

Next Trish raised the front of her skirt and revealed the front of her panties to me. I clicked away.

Next she brought her hands to her breasts and squeezed them as I clicked off pics.

I watched through the lens as she brought her t-shirt up her tummy and then slowly revealed one breast and then the other. My cock way now pounding against my jeans, wanting to escape.

Trish played with her breasts as I snapped pictures and then she started to move her hands to her skirt.

"Don't take your skirt off Trish, leave it on and take your panties off first."

She followed my instructions and I took more pictures as her panties made their way down her legs. When she got one foot out of them, she lifted the other leg up and took them off the rest of the way with her hand, which offered me a nice view of her cunt.

Now, Trish was twirling, bending and posing for all she was worth and at times I was afforded more glances at her shaven pussy.

As she removed the skirt, she moved around and I took pictures of her beautiful ass and her bare pussy as the skirt went to the floor.

I moved in closer to her and got some nice close up pictures of her pussy, breasts and ass.

"Doesn't seem fair that I'm standing here naked and you're still fully dressed."

I set my camera on an end table, walked over to her and said, "Would you like to take my clothes off?"

She started by removing my t-shirt and dropped it on the floor. Then she unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my jean button and lowered my zipper.

Standing there, together, her hand then rubbed my hard cock through my pants and said, "Mmmmmmm, that feels nice." Trish then got on her knees and brought my pants down my legs. She had to remove my boots first and then she slid my pants off completely.

Standing there in my briefs, her face right in front of my cock, she leaned in and took my cock in her mouth through my briefs as her hands kneaded my ass.

I felt her hands start to bring my briefs down and as she did, my cock sprang out and nearly hit her in the face. Her eyes never left my hard rod as she took my briefs off all the way.

Now both naked, I watched as she took my cock in her hand and brought it towards her mouth. Trish licked the head and tasted my pre-cum and then she took it into her mouth as she moved her hand up and down my shaft.

The thought of this fourteen year old sucking my dick was something and I had to be careful that I didn't shoot my load off to quick, so I brought her to her feet and lifted her in my arms, carrying her to my bedroom.

As I stood by the side of the bed, I looked into her face and said, "I'm going to eat your sweet pussy and make you cum all over my face and then I'm going to fuck you."

"Yes! Eat me Roger, make me cum all over you."

I set her on the bed and slid her to the center of it. Climbing on the bed, I went between her legs and moved my face closer to her teen pussy. Her lips were full and I could see that her clit was in an excited state as it pushed out over her outer lips.

I licked from her butt to her clit and she grabbed my head. She didn't put any pressure on me, just held me. I lapped at her juicy pussy tunnel and she was very wet and she tasted very nice. I sucked down her juices and then lapped at her clit for a little while.

Trish started to grab hold of my hair with her fingers and said, "Eat me, Oh God eat me!"

Her pussy moved in unison with my tongue and I could see that she was just about ready to climax, so I inserted a finger into her pussy and then a second one. I pistoned my fingers as I sucked on her clit and she ground herself a lot harder against my mouth.

"Oh fuck Roger, I'm going to cum in your face."

I couldn't say a word as I was occupied eating her.


Trish's pussy gushed with a warm climax lathering up my face as I sucked in the fluids she was giving to me.

When Trish settled down a little, I crawled up her body and sucked on each nipple before moving up to her face and kissing her.

As I kissed her, my cock was sitting right at her pussy entrance, so I moved my hips forward and my mushroomed head entered her slick pussy.

She was tight, very tight and my hard cock felt so nice as it moved in deeper into her love canal, until my balls were slapping at her ass cheeks.

I nibbled on her neck as my hips moved my cock in and out of her.

"Dam Roger, you fill my pussy with that cock of yours."

As one, we slammed ourselves together and the heat of the day was making us both sweat quite a bit. I moved my mouth to her tits and suckled those hard long nipples into my mouth.

My hands held each globe, as my elbows kept my weight off of her. With each thrust into her flowing pussy, I felt myself getting closer and closer to shooting my cum into her.

""Can I cum in your pussy Trish?"

"Oh God YES, don't pull out, I'm on birth control. I want to feel it shoot in my cunt."

With that settled, I continued pumping my cock in and out of Trish and my scrotum was full and ready to let loose.

"Get ready Trish, I'm going to cum any second now."

"Fill my pussy with your cum Roger, fill me up."

My cock fired off a large load of cum into Trish's juicy pussy and I also felt her cum too."

"OH, OH, I'm cumming too."

We both released out fluids and I felt the warmth of her orgasm as it flowed over my shaft as it mixed with mine. Trish hugged me tightly as she climaxed and as we settled down, I was able to roll to her side.

We lie there trying hard to breath regularly and I saw a glow on Trish's face.

I felt her hand move to my flaccid cock and hold onto it. She made me hard again and then she slid down my body. He face went to my midsection and she took me into her mouth once again.

I know she could taste both of us on my shaft and it thrilled me that it didn't seem to bother her in the least. I watched her as her hand moved along my shaft and her head bobbing on my cock.

The feel of this fourteen year old sucking my cock was fantastic. She was absolutely beautiful and to think that she wanted to be with a man almost forty years her senior.

I watched as my shaft disappeared and reappeared from her mouth and wanted to cum right down her throat. As my shaft swelled just a little, indicating that I was about to cum, Trish just worked me harder.

Without a word, I let myself cum into her mouth. I thought that Trish would pull off, but she shoved my cock into her mouth and sucked down all of my cum.

My cock softened once again, this time in her mouth. She released me and came up and kissed me. I could taste myself on her lips and I saw the big grin on her face as she lay by my side.

After a short rest period, Trish said, "Can we look at the pictures you took?"

"Sure honey, don't see why not."

We got off the bed and walked into the living room where my computer was. Still naked, I got the camera and sat in my chair. Trish sat between my legs on my left thigh. Fixing the chip, I set it up where Trish could use the mouse to run through the 185 pictures I had taken.

While she looked at the pictures, I played with her nipples and got them hard again. Then I moved my hand down her stomach and between her legs and inserted a finger into her still dripping pussy.

My finger was pumping her pussy and I tried to suck her nipple, but she moved my head to see the pictures. I continued finger fucking her and I could see her breathing get harder.

"You keep that finger in me and I'm going to cum all over you leg."

"Go ahead Trish, I like seeing your face when you cum."

She acted like she was paying more attention to seeing the pictures then my finger in her pussy, but it was short lived as she climaxed all over my finger.

She kissed me and said, "I think April wants to be fucked by you too."

"Why do you say that?"

"Maybe because she told me how wet she is when you drive her home at night."

"I haven't done anything to her, other then tell her how I'd like to see her naked."

"Well, she told me she masturbates every night you bring her home, or she couldn't go to sleep. Would you like to fuck her?"

"Yeah, I would."

"You're a perverted old man, you know that."

"This pervert made you cum enough this afternoon, didn't I?"

"Yes, you did, didn't you?"

We both looked at the clock and saw that we had enough time to take a shower and for me to get her to where the bus dropped her off after school.

I pulled to her bus stop just five minutes before her bus arrived. I waited down the street and saw her walking away with some of her friends towards her home.

As I drove back to my place, I said to myself, "April, now there's one cute little fifteen year old redhead."



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