You could say I was a late bloomer because I'd never had an orgasm before I'd turned 12, but on the other hand I had been masturbated by a girl at 12 which I guess put me at the young end of the spectrum for sexual contact with the opposite sex.

The family was on summer vacation when this all took place. We... my mom and dad and sister Allison and I always took a month during summer and went to mom's folk's cabin in the mountains just outside of Denver. It was a small community called Georgetown along side the freeway as you leave Denver heading west.

We had been going there every summer for as far back as I can remember and I enjoyed roaming over the hills and fields as a kid. But my sister who was in her teens then hated being pulled away from her friends and "exiled" in the backwaters, as she put it.

Maybe the fact that Allison was board, or maybe because she was 15 and I was 12; maybe that's why we seemed to fight all the time that summer. If I said something was white she'd say it was black and then we'd go at it until mom or dad finally broke us up.

So it is even more mystifying that what happened, happened.

I was hiking around up the hill from our cabin poking around in one of the old ruined gold mines that were all over the place back then, when I heard a noise. I didn't think anyone should be there because it was on our property and trespassing didn't usually happen up here.

I cautiously crept up to the corner of one of the old timber buildings and peeked around the corner. You can imagine my feelings when I saw my sister lying on a blanket frigging herself and pinching her exposed nipples moaning softly all the while.

It was the moaning that I'd heard. But it was the sight of my near naked sister that held me there. I was caught in a haze of confusion, fear and excitement. Up until that moment I'd never seen my sister's naked body before and it was really something to behold.

As I said before Allison is 15, but what I didn't tell you was that she's very popular at school, one of those girls that all the boys want to date. I knew that of course and if the truth be told I though she was really pretty too, but she was my sister and I'd never lusted after her like the older boys a school did.

As I stood there trembling it happened. I guess I moved or something because all of a sudden Alison looked my way and she jumped up gave a screech when she saw me spying on her.

It all happened so quickly that I'm not sure I even remember exactly what happened to this day years later. But my sister started screaming at me, calling me a little perv and threatening me if I ever said anything to anyone about what I'd seen.

I guess she was so mad at me that she forgot that she was still half naked. She had taken off her Levis and her shirt was still shoved up over her tits and I could see everything. Everything that a little boy might dream about but had no real idea what it was all about.

Then Allison lunged toward me and the last thing I remember before I turned and ran down the hill at top speed was my sister's breasts wobbling and the patch of pubic hair between her legs.


That night at dinner there was a palpable tension at the table. Allison wouldn't look at me and I was afraid to make eye contact with her. I mean, I'd seen her playing with herself. I might not have done it myself, but I did have a vague idea how it all worked and I knew what she was doing to herself.

It was just too embarrassing. I wished for the hundredth time that I'd left when I first stumbled upon her. But even as I wished it, I knew that I couldn't have, even if I'd wanted to. Watching Allison masturbating was something I'd remember for the rest of my life and I couldn't have cut and run even if I'd really wanted to.

But we had a problem. I guess you could say that I was "one up on" Allison, I'd seen her doing the naughty and she didn't have anything on me quite as bad. I would have promised never to say anything, but she didn't ask me to keep quiet, she just kept giving me the cold shoulder for the next few days.

Then about a week later when we'd pretty much gotten back to normal and were talking to each other between fights, she came up to me with sort of a proposition.

I was up by the old cemetery where no one ever went, just walking around and reading the old grave stones. This land was public land but the cemetery was really old and overgrown. I don't think anyone had been buried there for almost 100 years.

When I turned to head back home I stopped short. There was Allison standing there with her arms folded staring at me. She asked me why I'd spied on her the week before and I answered honestly that I hadn't meant to. I told her that I'd heard a noise and had gone to investigate.

Allison seemed to believe me. But we both knew that I had something on her, and when she said, "Tommy, you have to make us even again, I can't have you holding this over me for the rest of my life." I knew then that I'd have to do something humiliating so she'd have something on me.

For some strange reason the fact that I knew it was inevitable, aroused me. I didn't know that I was aroused then, I just knew that I had this excited feeling in the pit of my stomach, and in my crotch. It was a fuzzy defused tension that intensified my awareness of my surroundings.

I mumbled that I wouldn't tell anyone, I promised, but Allison wouldn't accept that. Finally I asked her what I could do to make it okay again. I was tired of all this tension and the strangeness between us. All I wanted was to have everything go back to the way it had been before.

My mouth opened in surprise and shock when my sister said, "The only way to make us even is for you to jack off while I watch you."

I couldn't believe that she'd said it. (I mean, how would you feel if your sister was standing in front of you seriously insisting that you masturbate in front of her?)

I didn't know what to say, all I could do was mumble, "I can't."

But Allison wasn't going to let me keep my edge over her, she kept saying that it was "only fair" that I do it to make us even. I finally admitted that I was too scared and that I didn't think I could do it.

Looking back from an adult's perspective I am suspicious of Alison's intentions. With time as my filter I now believe that she might have hatched this plan of hers to get even, but also to have the opportunity to see a boy's equipment up close.

Since those days I've known a lot of women and I think they were just as curios about boys as boys were about girls at that age. And this "set up" was ideal for Allison to learn something about boys without putting herself in a compromising position.

When I'd said that I couldn't do it for the third time Allison told me that she'd help me do it. She kept saying that it was only fair that I do it in front of her like she'd done in front of me.

Well, there I was standing in the middle of an old disused graveyard with my sister insisting that I jack off in front of her. I know it's hard to believe but I'll say it again, this is the absolute truth!

Finally Alison walked up to me and pulled my pants down. She just reached out and yanked them down to my ankles. Then she told my to sit on an overturned grave marker and when I did she lifted my feet and pulled my pants all the way off. Then Allison gestured to my underwear, "Take it off Tommy, c'mon, it's only fair!"

I didn't know what else to do, I felt so strange, really weird. I was finding it hard to breathe when I hooked my underpants with my thumbs and pulled them down my legs.

To have my boyhood open to the air and my sister scoping it out made me want to faint. I swear I could have fainted then and there from fright but luckily Allison had made me sit down before disrobing for her.

I had been getting boners on a pretty regular basis for some time now, probably for more than a year. I just hadn't put two and two together yet and even though I had a clue how everything worked I didn't really know for sure.

So when Alison said, "Well, what are you waiting for? Start jacking off Tommy!" I didn't move. I looked at my sister standing there and then down to my soft little weenie, no life there. I said in a small frightened voice, "I can't."

Allison looked exasperated and came over and knelt in front of me. "All you have to do is wrap your fingers around it and pump. You can do that can't you?"

I looked up at my sister and I felt like crying. Why was she making me do this? Then I almost jumped out of my skin when she grabbed my limp dick with her hand and began to massage it.

Unable to speak I just looked at my sister's hand as it manipulated my dick. The massage she was giving me was bringing it to life. Along with the rush of blood to my brain I guess blood was running to my dick too because almost instantly I was hard as a little pole!

I just sat there and watched as Allison began to jack me off. Even though I've had many sexual experiences since that time; those moments remain with me as the most exciting and wonderfully erotic I've ever experienced. (Keep in mind that I'd never had a real orgasm before, I'd never blown my load. The closest I'd experienced was a couple of wet dreams over the past year and other than the mess I'd pretty much missed the actual experience.)

As I sat there with my sister's hand pumping my erect dick, not knowing what to expect I was finding it hard to sit up. I wanted to lie down and it was about all I could do to sit there and let her that to me.

I have no idea how long this went on. I vaguely remember that Allison seemed to really be into what she was doing to me. When she'd first brought up the whole subject she seemed slightly disgusted with my private parts. She made me pull my underwear down because it appeared that she didn't want to touch me.

But moments beginning to jack me off she was bent down close, looking at my dick and how the shin moved under her fingers and how the swollen head grew bigger on the down thrust. At one point I noticed her looking down the little slit in my penis where the pee comes out. When she pulled down hard on me it would open like a little mouth and she'd giggle when that happened.

Again I say that I have no real recollection of how long this went on, but what I do remember like it was yesterday was the moment of my first climax.

The first sensation I remember was a roaring in my ears and my body sort of jerked like a fish on the end of a line. I didn't know what was happening to me and a mixture of fear and lust rushed through my every fiber.

I cried out to my sister to stop. I was frightened that I was dieing, that she'd done something to me that was killing me. Just as Allison let go of my dick the first gush of cum jetted up and out of me. I'm not sure but it looked like it went over my sister's shoulder.

The next few jets of cum splattered on her shirt and she scrambled back squealing in disgust. I, all the while leaned back on my hands and gasped as I watched my dick shooting fluids like a tiny fire hose. That feeling deep down inside me was so glorious, that all other processes in by body stopped, only those involuntary functions like breathing were still being performed.

I still remember how numb I felt afterwards. My dick was still jerking, but my head was a block of sponge and my breathing was the perfect imitation of a freight train. I did notice my sister's eyes were wide in surprise as she sat on the dirt looking at me. My cum looked like silly string on her shirt.

I think Allison helped me dress, I'm not sure because I was still in shock. I do know that she helped me stand up and walked with me part way home. The one thing I do remember clearly was what she said as we left the graveyard.

She said, "Wow Tommy! That was some show! I never imagined that a boy's sperm would shoot that far."

I didn't respond, I couldn't think of what to say.


After that afternoon we stopped fighting all the time. We also never talking about what we'd done. Well, at least not for many years. It did come up about 20 years later during a family reunion when Allison and I had polished off a few too many beers.

Allison had been through two husbands and had two kids by then and I guess she was drunker than me because sometime before we went up to bed the subject of our childhood came up. We were sitting in Mom's basement den all by ourselves and being a little toasted Allison was complaining about her past spouses and detailing their shortcomings.

Then she said, "I still remember that time in the graveyard. Boy did you shoot off. None of the men I have ever been with could do what you did that day. It was really something."

I looked over at my sister ands said, "Yeah, including me. I don't think I've ever cum so hard again in my life. Well, except a few times when I'm making love and I think about that time, it was wild." There I'd said it. I'd voiced what I'd been thinking for most of my adult life.

Allison sat up a little and looked into my eyes. She smiled and then she heaved herself up from the couch and said, "Time to hit the sack little brother. See you in the morning."

I watched my still, quite lovely sister climb the stairs and I relived that moment in the graveyard again, for the thousandth time.



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