I couldn't believe that a class that usually bored me-- "Sociology Of Deviance"--was being anything but boring, for once.

I sat in the lecture hall, as wet between my legs as the rain was making it outside--the lecture subject was incest, and the lecture handout was hotter than a pistol! It included a personal account, a case history involving a brother and sister. The sister's involvement with her brother had begun with pretty much the same thing I'd seen by accident that morning while I was getting ready to leave for school.

My brother Darren's twenty-one, three years older than me, and a senior at the aeronautical institute that's part of the college we both go to here in Nashua, NH. He wants to follow in our Dad's footsteps, flying for the same major airline--and I'm in school to become a psychiatric social worker like Mom. I'd decided to borrow some bucks from him before I took off for school; while I was dressing I heard him talking on the phone in his room. Apparently, because of the weather, his training flights had been cancelled. Since all of his classes that day were training flights, he got to "ditch" school for the day.

He hung up and for awhile I didn't hear anything--so I, thinking he was dressed, walked through the bathroom we shared and into his room. Boy, did I get a surprise!

Darren sat on the edge of his bed, buck naked, with his eyes closed and his legs apart. His cock was in both his fists--a thick, brown, veiny love muscle. The head was shiny with pre-cum that oozed from the tip. My big, cute, muscular brother was bopping his baloney, and just as I walked in, his mouth dropped open and he gasped.

The swollen, reddish-brown head throbbed and spat his cum, five thick jets that splattered onto the floor in front of him. And in less time than it takes to tell it, he opened his eyes and saw his younger sister, mouth open in surprise at seeing him cumming!

"Uh--uh, excuse me!" I blurted, backing out. I didn't give him the time to be mad at me--I just took off without my money!

The girl in the narrative in class had caught her brother masturbating, too--but instead of excusing herself, embarrassed, she'd been turned on. She'd closed and locked the bedroom door, dropped her robe and helped herself! Between scanning the narrative and taking lecture notes, I kept seeing Darren in my mind, his cock buried to the hilt in the tunnel of his fists, two inches sticking out the end, as it spat his jism all over his bedroom floor. He had to have eight thick inches, easily.

I sat there in class, wondering why something "deviant" was making me so hot and bothered, glad I'd worn a baggy sweatshirt to class so no one could see how hard my nipples were. And on my way to my next class, I found it'd been canceled. I had nothing to do but go home, and all the way home in my car I thought about Darren cumming in front of me as I stood in his door- way. I'd interrupted my brother in the middle of the most intimate act a person can perform--I know how I'd have felt if he'd caught me, so I wanted to get home and clear the air, apologize to him.

Then I planned to tear off my clothes in my locked, darkened room--and lie naked in bed, rubbing away the fuck-monster growing in my pussy.

I shut off the engine, coasted down the little incline into our driveway, and let myself in the back door. I heard it the minute I got inside--a woman's moans and cries, coming from upstairs. An odd thing to be hearing, since Dad wasn't home--he was in Atlanta, according to his flight itinerary. I didn't suspect it was Darren--he was between girlfriends, and he almost never brought them home to fuck anyway. It had to be Mom, for sure--and whoever was doing it, she was getting royally fucked!

Her cries got louder as I tiptoed closer up the stairs, wanting to know who it could be--I didn't see a mailbag in the living room, or a parcel van outside. I mentally cursed myself for even thinking Mom could be cheating on Dad as I got to the top of the stairs--maybe he'd gotten home early, anyway. And in the horny, wicked mood I was in, I decided I'd get an eyeful before I sneaked past into my room to play with myself.

"Ohhh, ohhhhh, honey, ohhhh, faster, honey--pound meeeeee!" she cried. And as I peeked through the open door I could see her on the bed, lying on her back with her knees up and legs spread wide, her perm crushed into her pillows. She's petite, like me--and the guy who was on top of her, pumping away, was bigger, lean and muscular too.

Darren nearly hid our little mother with every downstroke!

I was absolutely speechless--and I'd forgotten all about wanting to go finger-fuck myself in my room. I couldn't believe my older brother was sliding it to our Mom, but there it was, right in front of me--the two of them shining with sweat as she thrust her hips up at him, giving back as good as she was getting.

I started wishing it were me getting the goodies, wondering what his thing would feel like thrusting in and out of my suddenly very wet pussy. The two of them pumped and fucked away, eyes closed to me as I watched them.

Mom's pretty incredible--she met Dad while he was in Navy pilot training, dropped out of college at twenty to marry him and had Darren the same year. Eventually she finished her degree, went to work, and had me two years down the road. I always thought of her as a woman who "had it all," but that phrase was never truer than it was as I stood there and watched my brother--her own son--fucking her. I'd seen how big Darren's thing was, and I watched as he buried it to the hilt in Mom on each downstroke.

"Ohhhh, honey, pound meeee!" she cried, gritting her teeth and wiggling underneath him, looking like a girl half her age as Darren cried out too, pumping wildly, literally pounding into Mom as she dug her nails into his back. She was coming, and Darren buried himself inside her and cried out again. His butt muscles flexed and squeezed, and I knew he was going off inside Mom, just the way he'd done into the air that morning.

Then he was pulling his half-hard cock out of Mom, getting up as she rubbed her pussy, rubbing it, sighing the sigh of a well-fucked female. Darren got up on a knee, pulling off his cum-filled rubber. And Mom opened her eyes, smiling--until she saw me there in the hallway. Darren turned around at the same time and both their mouths fell open as wide as mine had been that morning!

Darren jumped up from the bed, trying to cover himself- -but his cock, still half-hard and shiny with his cum, wouldn't fit under his two cupped hands. Finally Mom broke the silence.

"Chill out, honey," Mom giggled, "we're caught." And then the two of them started explaining themselves.

"You remember the night after I graduated from high school, don't you, Shelly?" he said. "Mom wanted to take the two of us to dinner down in Boston....but you wanted to go to a slumber party instead. So Mom and I went by ourselves."

"I drove us down and we ate at the Top Of The Hub--you know, on top of the Prudential Tower." Mom continued. "They had live jazz that night, so after dinner I had Darren do what I make your daddy do when he's home and we're out--we danced awhile."

I visualized Darren and Mom on a dance floor--and was pretty sure that folks were too busy partying themselves to notice they were mother and son.

"I held him close," Mom said, "and I felt him getting hard! Believe it or not, I started thinking about what he might be like in bed....wondering if he took after your daddy. He kept trying to hold his poor swollen thing away from me but I knew what was happening -- and by the time we were ready to go home I was planning how I was gonna get some of it!"

"When we got home, I went into my room and shucked my suit -- you know how I hate to dress up," Darren said. Anyway, I was getting out of my T-shirt and shorts when Mom called me into her and Dad's bedroom to unzip her dress. I put my robe on and went in and unzipped her, and she still smelled like Magie Noire--you know, that perfume she likes to wear. That started me thinking about dancing with her all over again, and I wanted to get out of there before I was all-the-way hard."

Mom just giggled at that. "I was as turned-on as you were, honey."

"Mom called me, and when I turned around, she stood looking up at me and smiling. Her dress was puddled around her ankles and all she wore was nylons, a garter belt and the wettest panties I'd ever seen. I saw Mom's tits and I couldn't help it--my dick just popped out of my robe and, like, pointed at her."

"I was about to say something clever," Mom said, "but then I saw that thing, looking like your daddy's the first time I saw it. And that was it, you know what I mean?"

"So while I was off messing around with my girlfriends, you and Darren were doing the nasty!" I giggled.

"And been doing it, girl," Mom continued, "right under everybody's noses, ever since." Meaning Dad, the neighbors, our friends, and me--until now.

"Remember what you said that first night, Mom?" Darren asked her, his cock growing long and thick again. And Mom said it, and blew me away!

"I told him it would have been a shame to create his beautiful body, and not get to fuck him myself!" Mom said. Darren's cock was all the way hard again--and pointing at me.

"You want some now, don't you, honey?" Mom teased.

I didn't answer her--I just stripped off my sweatshirt and my jeans, and Mom and Darren could see my nipples making little hard bumps in the stretch material, my titties swollen and fighting to get out of my bra. And they could see my wet panties, too. Darren walked up to me without a word, pulled me into his arms and kissed me, and I could feel his hands unhook my bra and pull my panties down and away as his cock pushed its way between my legs.

I felt other, softer hands run up and down my body, Mom's hands on my titties, teasing my hard nipples, rubbing playfully up and down in the crack of my ass, teasing my back hole. It wasn't just another girl touching me at a slumber party, this time....the fact that it was my Mom made it so much sweeter.

"He's nice n'big, isn't he, honey?" Mom cooed into my ear. "I taught him some things....he's good, you'll see."

She squeezed his cock and my pussy, and let my brother have me. He bent me over the edge of the bed, pushing me onto it on all fours, and Mom scooted farther back, lying against the pillows, so she could watch. Darren was taking me doggie-style--almost as if he knew it was my favorite position.

"Fuck her good, honey," Mom said, "just like you do for your mama!" Then I felt the head of his cock push into my wet little jelly spot, spread the lips apart. All of a sudden I was packed with my brother's hot meat, and he was sliding it to me really good.

I thought again of the brother and sister I'd read about in school, and something the sister'd said about not being a bit ashamed to be with the best lover she'd ever had. And decided, as my brother fucked me faster, that it applied to me too!

My titties shook and bounced with each thrust as Darren held my hips in his hands, pumping and rotating his own as he fucked into me. When he did that it felt like he was touching places inside me that no other guy ever had. Mom stared at my titties as she fingered her own tits and pussy. And then, licking her lips, she crawled toward me on all fours. As Darren fucked me closer and closer to a climax, she turned onto her back, slid toward me until my nipple brushed her lips.

Then she trapped it in her mouth, teasing with her tongue and reaching for my other titty--she squeezed it, played with the nipple. Her free hand rubbed up and down between her open legs.

My girlfriends and I never got that inventive at our slumber parties--between Mom's sucking and Darren's fucking, I was just about ready to go off like a rocket! Darren beat me to it by a few seconds, grunting like an animal as he slammed all the way up into me and held himself there. He moaned and I felt his rhythmic throbbing, the heat of his cum inside me.

"Darren," I cried, "Mom!" And then it happened--I was coming so hard, spasming around his cock so hard, that the pleasure almost hurt! Mom came last, jacking her hips up against her rubbing hand as she moaned around my nipple in her mouth.

I spent quite a lot of that coming weekend learning things from Mom and Darren. And Dad came home from Atlanta the first of that next week--as usual, he brought us all something. By that time, Mom and I had planned between us how I was going to get a little something from him.

She let him fuck her silly the first night home--late the second night, he was on the living-room couch, watching Arsenio, and it was my turn. Mom decided to "have a headache"--and as she "slept" in their room, I made my moves. I wore nothing under my bathrobe as I sat down right next to him on the couch, smelling just like Mom.

"Who's on Arsenio tonight, Dad?" I asked him, leaning across his lap to grab the TV Guide. My robe came open, accidentally-on-purpose, and he got a nose full of Magie Noire and a nice long look at my titties, all at the same time. It did just what I wanted it to, too--I saw the crotch of his robe crawling like a snake was underneath, as I straightened up.

"You shouldn't mess around with an old man that way, sweetheart," Dad joked. He crossed his legs to hide his hard-on and even started to cover his crotch with part of a newspaper. And then I told him just exactly why I was out there.

"Mom and Darren fuck, Daddy," I whispered, looking him right in the eye. He dropped the newspaper and his eyebrows arched up. So did something else--the newspaper moved in his lap, no-hands. I took it away and his cock behaved exactly like Darren's--pointed straight up out of his robe, wanting attention!

Daddy's cock was thick, delicious-looking--Darren'd definitely taken after him. As I opened my mouth to suck him I wondered if he'd shoot as hard--or as much. I suctioned my lips and pumped my mouth up and down, tasting the fluid that oozed from him.

I stopped long enough to say, "Touch me too, Dad....play with my titties. I want you to!" As I sucked him, he played with my titties, rubbed my nipples.

"Ohhhh, honey," he sighed, stroking my hair, "that's good. So good." Then he wasn't talking anymore....just moaning.

I sucked him off good, wondering if Mom did it for Darren as I heard him breathe faster. He's gonna do it, I thought, Daddy's going to come in my mouth, and then the head swelled and spat his hot juice again and again, all over my tongue. I sucked until there was no more cum for me--and he was still hard when I took my mouth off him.

"Now let's fuck, daddy," I whispered. "Mom wants you to....she says it'll even things up."

"Yes, sweetheart," Daddy sighed, "yes."

"I wanna ride you like a horsie, Daddy!" I cooed, climbing over him, grabbing his cock and fitting the head just inside my hole. Then I slid down him until I could feel him all the way up inside me....and started bouncing up and down in his lap.

I wiggled my boobs in Daddy's face and he sucked and licked my nipples as I drove my hips up and down on him. I still don't know why, but it excited me more to be fucked by the cock that created me than it did to get fucked by Darren.

"Sweet, tight pussy!" Daddy moaned, and I felt him flexing and swelling inside me. I moved faster and faster, feeling myself getting closer to the edge--my pussy was just about to go totally out of control and I cried out, "Daddy! Daddy, I'm gonna come!" Then it was happening, uncontrollable bolts of pleasure shooting through me like high voltage -- my pussy clamped around him and spasmed, it felt like I was going to come myself to death!

Daddy grabbed my hips, pulled me all the way down onto him and blasted off up my pussy--I felt the liquid heat all the way up inside me, and it added to my own come, joined with it. We clung to each other and I felt him spasm again and again inside me, long after he stopped shooting.

"God, Daddy...." I sighed, relaxing into his arms as he lay back on the couch. Then we heard Darren and Mom softly snickering behind me--they stood in the doorway of the living room. They'd been watching Daddy and I, and now they joined us....all night.

The next day--Wednesday--was a "ditch" day for Darren and me, because between Darren fucking Mom, Dad fucking me and the two of us fucking with each other, neither of us was in any shape for flying or college work. And we've "ditched" regularly ever since, with or without Daddy around, since Darren's got plenty of jam for both Mom and me!

"Sociology Of Deviance?" I got an "A."


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