I was bored. I'd been sitting in the bar for two hours already and all the nice-looking women were either with someone or didn't want anything to do with someone like me. I smiled to myself, too bad for them.

I leaned back on my barstool and stretched, my eyes roaming the patrons one last time before leaving. There she was. A stunning dark-haired girl looking right at me, a faint smile on her perfect lips. I held her eyes for a moment, to see if she was serious, but her gaze never wavered.

I left some money on the bar and stood. Slowly, seemingly with no specific destination, I wandered in her direction. Every now and then I caught sight of her through the crowd, sitting there, smiling gently and looked down into her glass.

I paused at her table. "Pardon me, is anyone sitting here?"

She smiled up at me. Her voice was deep, melodic. "No. And I'm not either." My heart sank as she stood up and collected her things.

"I'm going somewhere quieter." She stared straight into my eyes.

"Care to join me?"

Before I could answer, she took my hand and was leading me to the door. My heart was pounding as I followed along.

Outside, I started to ask her where we were going. "Shh, be quiet. Don't worry about it. I know a place we won't be disturbed." This was getting to be as unnerving as it was exciting.

For several blocks, she held my hand tightly as we walked along the cracked pavement. Stopping in front of a small furniture store, she paused.

"In here", she whispered. To my amazement, a key appeared in her hand, and before I knew it, we were in the furniture store with her locking the door behind us.

She led me through the darkness with a certainty that made me realize she had done this many, many times before. That sort of upset me, that I was just another conquest for her, until it hit me that that's all she would have been to me. Another conquest.

We paused in front of a display of bedding.

"Strip," she said.

Now my face was flushed. This was a bit too weird for me. Doing it in a furniture store, in the darkness, on a display bed. "Wait a minute; it's kind of creepy in here. Can't we go somewhere else?"

"You can. I'm staying here." And she lay down on the bed, stretching her body invitingly. I stood there uncertainly.

"I asked you to strip," she said.

Slowly, I undressed. It was so strange, standing there in the dark, nude, surrounded by new furniture, with a woman waiting for me. It was rather exciting, in fact.

"Lie down." I did. My body was covered with goosebumps. I'd never been into kinky things, but I was quite turned on by this time.

To my dismay, she stood up. "Stay there." I watched as she undressed in the darkness, her body silhouetted by the faint light from the front window. I could see her large breasts; I could even see her erect nipples.

She moved to one side, my eyes following her. She bent over, and I heard a rustling sound. Then she stood again, and leaned over the bed.

I felt something close around my wrist. I blinked, and my wrist was tied to the bed frame. I tried to protest, to say something, but she jumped on the bed and wrapped another rope around my other wrist. Quickly, she fastened it to the bed frame. I lay there in shock as she tied my ankles as well. No longer was I excited. I was scared.

"What are you doing?" I asked weakly. I couldn't see, but I could sense her smile in the darkness.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Untie these damn ropes."

She laughed. "I don't think so. You're the one who started this. YOU came to ME. You can't back out now."

I lay there, miserable. She was right; I had gotten myself into this.

Now all I had to do was figure out a way out of it.

Her voice dropped to a whisper, but instead of finding it alluring, it sounded threatening.

"Here, maybe this will make things easier."

She was beside me. I tried to move away, but I was bound too tight.

Something went around my head, over my eyes. I was blindfolded. She laughed.

"There. Much better." Not as far as I was concerned. I was terrified.

I felt her on the bed with me, and cringed. I cried out as I felt her mouth close over my left nipple. Her hand was on my mound, and my entire body shuddered. She spoke softly.

"There, there, everything will be all right. You just relax. We aren't going anywhere for quite a while, so just relax and enjoy yourself."

Her finger slid into my pussy, and I cried out again. Her mouth went from breast to breast, sucking, licking, nibbling at them. Her finger rubbed my clit frantically, and before I knew what was happening, I was moaning in ecstasy as a tremendous orgasm rushed through me.

She stopped. I just lay there panting.

"See? It's not so bad, is it?" I didn't answer. "IS IT?" she said more sharply. Frightened again, I shook my head rapidly.

I felt her moving, and found myself inhaling the scent of an aroused woman. She knelt above me, her crotch in my face.

"Lick me, honey." No sooner had she said that when I felt her tongue probing me. I gasped at the sudden pleasure, and lay still, whimpering.


I did. This woman knew how to please, I had to admit. As I tongued her fragrant pussy, she was quickly bringing me to yet another climax. I paused, panting.


Startled, I resumed my activity, and was soon rewarded by hearing her sigh even as she kept right on licking me. She was rocking back and forth above me, and I strained to maintain my contact as we both came again and again.

She moved quickly, twisting around and kissing me on the mouth. The taste of my own juices, the scent of my own arousal, made me want to go along with whatever she wanted. I was so hot.

She untied my ankles. Then my wrists. Gratefully, I massaged my wrists, but she grabbed me and turned me over. My wrists were bound together behind my back, my ankles bound again to the bed. In spite of myself, I was still aroused. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all.

Her voice was husky.

"Shame on you, going to singles bars, looking for women."

And she spanked me. I yelped and tried to twist away. No luck.

"Shame on you, making love in a public place."

She spanked me again. My bottom was burning.

"Shame on you, thinking you could have your way with me."

Another spank.

I lay there gasping, and suddenly felt her slide her fingers into my still-drenched pussy. My ass was on fire, and the sudden pleasure was too much. I came instantly. And I came hard.

She didn't stop. She spanked me, played with me, spanked me, and played with me. I was so sore, so aroused.

I felt her untying my ankles. My wrists next. She rolled me over and ripped the blindfold off. She knelt above me, staring at me in the dim light.

I looked up at her in wonder. And fear. And longing.

"Make me cum," she whispered.

As I reached for her, delirious with desire, I realized I didn't even know her name.



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