The day opened as it normally would. So of course, I didn't imagine it would take such an odd turn as it did when I got home. My name's Heather. My sister Hannah and I live together with our parents in a simple two story house in the suburbs. My sister and I are only a year apart in age, so we've always been pretty close. We have a similar appearance and most people mistake us for twins all the time. We both have long auburn hair, hazel eyes and pretty smiles. We've been working out a lot lately and it was really beginning to show. Our 130lb bodies were well shaped, complimented by C cup breasts.

Like I said, the day started normally enough. We both went to our college classes, and came home afterward. Mom and Dad were out of town for the week, so we ordered Chinese and went to bed around 12. Things didn't get bizarre until we both woke up, at exactly the same time. There was a strange noise downstairs and we had both heard it. It was 2:00am, and we came out of our bedroom doors within seconds of each other.

"Did you hear that?" I asked Hannah.

"Yeah," she answered, and despite our fear, we felt drawn to go and investigate what it was. We were both wearing only t-shirts and panties, our usual sleep wear. There was another sound as we got to the foot of the stairs. It sounded like a woman's sigh. Hannah and I exchanged glances, and walked into the living room. Lying on the couch, leaning back against several pillows, was a naked woman. She had black hair, and a gorgeous figure. And her breasts were huge. They must have been double D's. We both stared at her, puzzled. She opened her eyes and beckoned us to come closer.

We didn't move. Then she reached up and squeezed both the nipples of her huge breasts. A milky fluid drained out of them, trickling down the underside of her breasts. Before I could think, we were both walking over to her. We climbed up onto the couch next to her, and began suckling on her breasts. The delicious, semi- sweet taste of her milk reached my mouth, and I couldn't get enough. I sucked and sucked, swallowing more and more of the yummy fluid.

I opened my eyes, peeking over at Hannah. She was doing the same, but I noticed something else as well. My belly was beginning to feel somewhat tight, and as I looked down I saw that it was growing! Already I looked like a woman who was 5 months pregnant. Hannah's belly was growing too. I watched it, and I could slowly see it expanding as she drank more and more. I reached out and touched her belly, running my hand briefly across it. It felt so warm!

Mine was the same, and it was getting larger. I looked up at the woman. She was leaning back, her eyes closed. She reached out and softly stroked our hair, sighing in pleasure. Finally she pulled us away, and we moved so she could get off of the couch. I ran my hands over my distended abdomen. I definitely looked 9, maybe 10 months pregnant. Hannah was staring at my belly. She looked down at hers, but both of us were speechless.

"Now," the woman spoke. "You're pregnant with my children. The two of you should give birth soon," she smiles softly.

"Why?" I could finally say. "What's going on?"

"We usually don't explain ourselves and our situation, but I will allow you that privilege. I am one of the last of a dying race, alien to your planet. As our society has advanced, we have produced fewer and fewer females capable of reproduction. The physiology of your Earth women is perfectly conducive to our young. You will be impregnated, and the eggs will be collected after their birth to be sent back to our planet. Between the two of you, you will be expected to produce at least 10,000 eggs. I will return for the first eggs tomorrow." And before I could ask her another thing. She was gone. Hannah and I exchanged glances again.

"This is surreal. This can't be happening," she said, looking down at our huge bellies.

"We've gotta get help or something. Anything," I said, as I began waddling towards the kitchen, to the phone. No sooner had I got down the hallway when I heard Hannah call my name. I waddled back to her, and I gasped watching her and she quickly pulled off her panties.

"It's happening," she said. Her breath was coming in quick pants. I watched as she squatted where she stood, as fluids began to drip from her pussy. He mouth opened, and she gasped as a single egg fell from her pussy, followed by more fluid. The egg was shaped like a chicken egg, but it was larger, and tinted slightly blue. Hannah sat on the floor, leaning back and spreading her legs wide just in time for another egg to slide out. Then another, and another. Her legs quivered some as they kept pushing out of her cunt. I watched in disbelief.

As I stared at her, I felt a gush of fluid soak my panties and drain down my leg as an odd feeling began to grow in my belly. I pulled off my panties and got to the floor on my knees. Fluid rushed down my legs and I felt something moving inside me. Then my opening was stretched slightly as an egg dropped to the floor. I got into the same position as Hannah as another egg, then two more pushed out. They felt strange as they moved inside me, and the feeling of them sliding through my pussy was almost pleasurable. If I had been able to rub my clit, I would have came in no time.

Hannah made a soft moan as another egg slipped from between her pussy lips. There was no need to push. The eggs easily came out by themselves. I lost track of time as the sensations began to intensify inside my pussy. Then when I was finally so close to cumming, a large amount of fluid rushed out of me, soaking into the carpet. I looked down. My belly had returned to normal size, but around me on the floor were at least a hundred or a hundred and fifty eggs. "That was weird," Hannah said, standing up. She too was surrounded by eggs, and we both had the bluish fluid draining down our inner thighs.

"We've gotta tell someone what's going on. Some one can help us, right?"

"Tell them what? An alien woman came and made us pregnant with her babies? Who's gonna believe us Hannah?" she knew I was right. My bra was beginning to feel tight. I pulled up my t-shirt and looked at my chest. My already large breasts were now straining against my bra. I reached back and unclasped it, freeing them. They were at least a cup size larger. I squeezed one of my nipples, and milk drained out and onto my fingers.

"Oh my gosh, Hannah look." She was already staring at my breasts. Her hand reached out and grasped one. A thrill ran through my body, and I found myself wishing my beautiful sister would suck on my breasts. My wish soon came true as I saw Hannah lean down, and take one of my swollen nipples into her mouth. A moan escaped my lips as she sucked. I heard her sigh and she began sucking harder.

"Wait," I told her, and I sat down on the couch. She got next to me, and just as before, with the other woman, she sucked and sucked on my breast. The milk seemed to flow endlessly, and it felt so good to have someone drain my full breasts. I closed my eyes, and my hand wandered down to my still sopping wet pussy. I began rubbing my clit, and soon I was moaning softly.

Hannah moved to my other breast, and began her sucking all over again. I pressed my fingers into my sensitive clit, arching my back as I came. It was just then Hannah stopped and sat up. I opened my eyes and looked down. Hannah's belly had swelled to pregnant size again, and her breasts, like mine, were straining at her bra. I felt a little guilty. I had been so caught up in how good it felt, I had forgotten what my milk might do to Hannah.

"Here Hannah, sit on the floor," I helped my sister to sit on the carpet, away from all the other eggs. We waited, and after five minutes, Hannah gasped and spread her legs wide and juice began to flow out of her cunt. I reached over and felt her belly, there was a movement inside it. Then Hannah moaned as she began laying eggs again.

"You OK Hannah?" I asked. "Hannah?" I waved my hand in front of Hannah's eyes. It was as though she was in a trance. She just stared straight ahead, sometimes closing her eyes or moaning, as more and more eggs slid out of her wet pussy. I pulled up my sister's shirt, and then lifted up her bra, and Hannah's full breasts were revealed to me. They were so round and I knew they were full of milk.

My head was swimming, and I was caught with the desire to suck on my sister's breasts. I leaned down and took one of her warm nipples into my mouth. Then I began to suck gently, and it yielded a strong flow of semi-sweet milk. I sucked for a few moments, listening to Hannah's occasional sounds as she continued to lay her eggs. But as soon as I felt my belly begin to grow, I forced myself to pull away. I didn't want to be pregnant with the eggs again. Finally Hannah sighed, and after a large gush of fluid, the eggs stopped.

"I didn't know we could get each other pregnant." she said, looking down at her bare breasts. "Were you sucking on mine?" she asked, looking up at me.

"Uh... yeah. I couldn't resist," I said, embarrassed.

"It's okay. It felt good to have someone suck on them. They were starting to feel tight." She looks down at all the eggs she's produced. The floor is nearly covered in bluish eggs now.

"Well, well. It looks like my breeders here have done well," a voice says. The two girls immediately look over, and the woman who began all this earlier is standing by the doorway. It was then I realized what time it was. Hannah and I had been up most of the night. The women walked around looking at all the eggs we'd laid. Then she pulled out some strange device. She typed something into it, then she aimed it at the ground. A beam of light washed over the eggs, and in an instant, they were gone. She walked over next to us, and did the same to the eggs close to Hannah and I.

"OK, that's..." she looked at the display on the device she was holding. "375 eggs. You two still have a lot of work to do." Heather and I looked at each other. "But don't worry. I have a friend that's coming with me, and she'll make things go a little quicker." No sooner had she spoke, did a tall woman, similar in appearance to her, appeared next to her.

"Hello Mara," the woman said, with a smile. "Are these the ones were using?"

"Yes. They've already produced almost 400 eggs." the two women nodded, then crouched down toward us.

The woman called Mara crouched down to Hannah and kissed her softly on the lips. I watched as her hand slid down between my sister's legs. But I didn't have long to think about what they were doing before the other woman that had just appeared moved next to me.

"I've always enjoyed human females," she said with a soft smile. "They're much more susceptible to stimulation than Kendar females are." Mara nodded. She was kissing and licking my sister's breasts. A glance at Hannah's face said she was enjoying it. Her eyes were closed and she was leaning back on her hands. The one next to me moved very close and kissed me on the lips. I felt her long tongue caress my own. To my surprise I kissed her back, eagerly, and her hand moved down and squeezed one of my nipples. I felt a trickle of milk run down my skin.

Her head fell down and I sighed in pleasure as her warm mouth closed around my breast. She sucked for only a minute or so, before she crossed her arms over the deep blue shirt she was wearing and pulled it off, over her head. Her large breasts hung heavy with milk before my eyes. Without thinking I nestled up next to her and began sucking her milk. I sighed in pleasure as the sweet taste touched my tongue.

I heard my sister moan softly, but I was far too lost in drinking to care about what else was going on. I gasped, when a moment later I felt her fingers slip between my pussy lips and begin massaging my clit. My pussy flinched and I spread my legs a little wider for her. Already I could feel my stomach beginning to swell. She continued to rub me, until I was making soft moaning sounds around her breast. Gently she pushed me away, but her hand was still buried between my legs. Briefly I opened my eyes, looking down at my now huge belly. But I closed my eyes again, she was rapidly bringing me close to cumming. I sighed and moaned as her fingers worked.

My pussy was getting wetter and wetter, juice dripping from my cunt. I felt the odd movement deep in my belly, and I realized what all the juice really was. I looked down, but all I could see over my swollen belly was blue fluid draining into the carpet. I sighed and shuddered, arching my back as I came so hard! I was moaning as blue fluid flowed out of my cunt and as she pulled her fingers away, an egg slipped out behind them. Then another, again and again.

I leaned back opening my legs wide and allowing them passage. I made a soft sound as my pussy clenched again, and several more eggs came out. I could hear Hannah moaning. I zoned out like before, my mind wandering, only experiencing the pleasurable feeling laying eggs. I began thinking about everything that had happened, and I wondered how much further this would all go. Then I felt the blue liquid that signaled the end. I opened my eyes and looked around. Hannah was lying on her back with her legs spread wide. Her belly was almost flat and she was surrounded by pale blue eggs. Mara was using her device again.

"How many?" the other woman asked.

"Just a minute, Aris," Mara said. "394. That's close to last time. They're doing better,"

"Good. But they should sleep. They will produce even better once they've rested," she said. Mara agreed. She turned to Hannah.

"Sleep," she said softly. I watched as Hannah blinked sleepily, closed her eyes and turned over. Aris did the same for me, and before I could think, I was asleep on the carpet.

I'm not at all sure how long we slept, but it was nighttime again when we woke. We began to stir at the same time, then we sat up, and looked cautiously around.

"They're gone," Hannah said. Both the women, and the eggs had disappeared. I stretched and stood up.

"Feels like it was a dream," I said. But I knew it wasn't. I pulled my t-shirt back on. Hannah did the same. We were starving, so we both went to the kitchen and ate. Then we went up to our rooms. And just when we were almost sure it was all over, it began all over again.

We were in our respective rooms, when Mara appeared before me.

"I trust you rested well," she said, as she sat beside me and kissed my lips. "I hope you enjoy our breeding together Heather. I do, greatly. Breeding with my women of my own race is nowhere near as pleasurable as this," she whispered as she continued kissing me. She laid me back on the floor, and began licking at my pussy, kissing my folds. I sighed in pleasure.

I remember wondering what had come over me. Only days before the idea of lesbian sex hadn't seemed very stimulating, but now I loved the way Mara was pleasuring me. But what was really on my mind was my sister. I kept thinking about her full lips beautiful breasts, and gently curving hips. Mara continued, and I felt my pussy getting so wet. After a moment she stopped and sat up.

"Now Heather. Its time for you to give birth for me again, but I'm going to do it differently this time," she said, and from nowhere she produced a small black object. It was a tube, about two inches in diameter, and around a foot long. I sat up.

"What is that?" I asked.

"You'll see," she said, and I watched her as she began to slide the tube in to my pussy, slowly, inch by inch. When it was around halfway in, she sat very close in front of me, reclining back on her elbows. Then she slid her body down, holding the tube with her fingers and pushing herself down onto it until I could feel her warm pussy lips making contact with mine.

Then Mara began slowly rubbing herself against me. She pushed her body up on her hands, and our wet pussies began sliding together. Her body kept pressing on my clit, winning a soft moan from me every time. She started to go faster and faster, grinding herself on my pussy. Her hand flew down and she began vigorously rubbing her clit, working herself into a powerful orgasm. Then she shuddered, her cries growing louder. Instantly I felt a warm flow of fluid shooting out of the tube and directly into my womb. I gasped and watched as my belly began to expand to its maximum size.

I closed my eyes. I felt so big, and much fuller than all the times before. This was going to be different. She stayed connected with me for several more minutes, then she pulled the tube away from us. It was covered in pussy juices. Mara leaned down next to me and stroked my huge belly for a moment.

"Good," she said, talking more to herself. "I will return later." And with that she disappeared. I sat up and looked down at my belly. It was definitely larger than before. I ran my hands over it. I suddenly wondered how Hannah was doing. I waddled down the hallway to her room and opened her door. She was sitting on the edge of her bed and she looked up at me as I came in. Aris had already been here. Hannah's belly was full of eggs. She looks so sexy that way, I thought.

"Yours looks bigger too," she said, staring at my belly. I nodded, explaining how Mara had impregnated me this time.

"Heather... I don't know how to say this. I know a lot has been going on lately, but..." she stops and stands up, walking close to me.

"It's alright. I've sort of been feeling the same way," I knew what she was thinking. I stepped closer to her, our round bellies touching. She reached out and stroked her hand over my belly, looking up at me. Wordlessly, we both sank to the floor. We began kissing passionately, our hands exploring each other's bodies. I squeezed Hannah's breasts, licking away the warm milk that ran down. Her fingers reached down, finding my pussy and I moaned as her fingers plunged inside.

"Oh, Heather..." she moaned softly and a gush of fluid drained out of her. I sat right next my sister and held her hand as she closed her eyes and began laying eggs. I moaned as well as my eggs started. We both laid back on the carpet and eggs and fluid covered the floor. I kept thinking about what I wanted to do with Hannah once this was finished. It lasted longer this time, and it seemed like the eggs would never stop coming.

When I could finally open my eyes and sit up, the floor in Hannah's room was covered in hundreds of eggs; way more than we had produced before. Hannah was looking at my pussy. Like hers, it was covered in blue fluid. I drew a breath as she leaned down between my spread legs and began licking away all the juices that were covering me.

"That's good..." I said. She thrust her tongue in and out of me, and I could tell the sounds I was making were driving her on. Then I was writhing as she teased my sensitive clit with her tongue. Her lips closed around it, sucking it in and out of her mouth. I arched my back and my hands clenched into fists as I orgasmed. I looked down at her, and our eyes met. Suddenly Mara appeared behind us.

"582. Very, very good. You two have been excellent breeders. The best pair I've had for some time. So good in fact, my superiors and I have discussed taking you to the ship," she said, typing things into the device she always brought with her.

"What?" Hannah said, in disbelief. A ship? She was going to take us away?

"You will be well cared for and your sole responsibilities will be to produce eggs for our empire."

"You can't. We..."

"It is not open for debate," she said plainly. And in the next instant, Hannah and I were no longer in her room. We were in a pale blue room with metallic walls, and a large bed. But we weren't afraid, and we didn't want to leave. We looked around, but the room was completely blank. No doors, no windows. But the walls changed colors, shifting from shade to shade, creating a soothing atmosphere. After awhile, we sat down on the bed. It was supremely soft.

"Heather...my breasts are hurting again. Could you?" I didn't need any more prompting.

So began our long stay on the Kendar vessel. As Mara had said, we were taken care of. We were brought delicious food several times a day and we had freedom to do whatever we wished. So long as we produced eggs, which we did, and often. But it wasn't a burden or a stress. Hannah and I loved being with each other. We explored each others bodies and spent long hours having sex in different positions. And nearly everyday we got each other pregnant with Kendar eggs. And I always thought Hannah never looked as sexy, as when she was stretched out on our bed with blue eggs pouring out from her round belly.



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    Wow, it's weird to see my work reposted on other sites. But you kept my credit line, which I appreciate. Carry on!
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    Good story!