Chapter 1


"I'm not asking you to go to bed with him!"

"Then what are you asking me to do?"

"You are being very cool towards him. I'm just asking that you be nice to him."

"Of course I've been acting cool towards him, and with good reason. You know he has been coming on to me, making advances whenever he has an opportunity."

We were having the same discussion again. It all had to do with Carl, my boss. I knew he was attracted to Karen, and had been making overtures. However, there was a great deal at stake here. There was a major position opening in the company, and it was clear that the position would be filled by either Don or me, and it was going to be very close. Carl indicated that it would be one of us, and he had not made a decision yet.

I was anxious, Don and I were both striving to perform at our highest level, and I knew it was going to be close. I thought his attraction to Karen might make a difference in my favor, and I was hoping that she would be more cordial towards him. I knew he had been making advances to her; this happened at social occasions when we were together, and especially where there was a dancing opportunity. He would hold her too close when they were dancing, and would try to caress her, even suggesting that they should get together. She rebuffed him, and later told me about this, but I would make light of the matter.

After work one day Carl asked me to have a drink with him, and of course I accepted, and we headed for the favorite watering hole. After a couple of drinks he mentioned that he was still considering which one of us would get the new position. Then he skillfully changed the subject to Karen, stating how much he admired her, how beautiful he thought she was, and what a great asset she would be as an executive's wife.

I had a sense of where this was going. Then he said that she didn't seem to like him, and I hastened to reassure him that this wasn't so. He smiled and said he hoped his perception was wrong. He proceeded to subtly hint that he would be favorably disposed to my promotion if Karen would be a bit more social, more engaging. He went on to say that having an open and friendly wife was very important as the partner of a senior executive, especially one of Karen's beauty. When we parted I wondered just how social and friendly he wanted her to be.

I can understand his attraction to Karen-she was tall, with a regal beauty, and she kept herself in shape by regular exercise. Dark hair surrounded a lovely face, and her figure was a magnet for many male gazes. Firm high breasts, a slim waist, and lovely rounded hips flowing into long perfectly formed legs completed the picture-a classic beauty.

Carl had a reputation in the company as a womanizer, and more than one employee had fallen victim to his charms. Also he exercised considerable clout as the owner of our sizeable company. In addition he was attractive and could be quite charming when he wanted to be, so there weren't many women who resisted him. Also the buzz was that he was very well endowed. These things taken together meant that most of his conquests were not difficult.

Karen was aware of his reputation; she had heard the gossip, and she also heard about his sizeable organ. She told me that she wasn't about to be another of his conquests. Outwardly I supported her, but privately I was very ambivalent. The job, with the additional money and the prestige, was something I had long worked for, and it was so close.

I asked myself if I would want Karen to accommodate him. To get this job would I allow her to be taken by him, to have sex with him? The thought was abhorrent to me. She had always been faithful to me, and even though she had many opportunities to stray, she had never done so. In my mind I visualized her lying under him, taking him into her, being used by him, and I cringed at the picture. There had to be another way to get this job without my wife succumbing to him.

Soon there was another social occasion when our appearance was mandatory, a company banquet, and I spent some time pleading with my wife to be nice to him, to be more outgoing and social. Again I mentioned the job, and she finally promised to try to be more cordial.

The banquet went as expected, starting slowly, increasing in volume as the drinks took effect. Dinner with wine was followed by a speech by Carl, exhorting all of us to increase productivity. Don and his wife sat on one side of Carl and his wife, and Karen and I were on the other side. After dinner and more drinks the dancing began.

I danced with my wife, and it wasn't long before Carl asked her to dance. He didn't try to hold her too close, and his hand didn't slide below her waist. But as the evening progressed, and he danced with her again, he became a little bolder, bringing her closer to him, his hand slipping below her waist. At that time she tried to pull back a little, but he was still holding her close as he talked to her. After that dance she wanted to go home and we left.

She again complained about him. "He was pulling me in so close I could feel his erection. And he was sliding his hand down to my butt. I was embarrassed, and I hope that no one else saw what he was doing. You're lucky I didn't slap him."

"I know it wasn't very pleasant for you, but thanks for not offending him."

It wasn't long after that when Carl's wife invited us to dinner. Karen didn't want to go, but I said we absolutely had to go; it was a command performance. Finally she agreed saying "as long as his wife is there I won't have to worry about him pawing me."

We had cocktails, dinner with wine, and our host made sure our glasses were filled, so we were quite mellow by the time dinner was over. I was helping Linda in the kitchen when I heard Karen's audible whisper "please Carl, please." Linda paid little attention to the voices in the other room. I made an entry to the living room to find my flushed wife on the sofa with Carl; she was tugging her skirt down and moving away from him. I said only that it was time to go, and Karen agreed, so we said our good-nights, thanking them both and started home.

She complained all the way there about him coming onto her when they were alone in the living room. (I had purposely left them together when I went into the kitchen to help Linda.) And obviously he took advantage of his brief time alone with her. She said he surprised her with a quick kiss, and very soon he slipped his hand under her skirt, and it was then that I heard her complaining. She was quite upset and wondered why his wife hadn't intervened. She thought he wouldn't try anything as long as his wife was there. I also wondered why she tolerated his behavior.

A few days later Carl asked me to have a drink with him after work, and I wondered what this was about, and of course I accepted. I think I knew why, and after the second drink I found out that I had guessed right. He brought up the subject of my wife again, and this time he was more intense.

He stated again that he found her very attractive, very beautiful. I was silent as he continued. He said that I was a very strong candidate for the new position, and he hoped my wife understood how important it was for her to help. He hinted that Don and I were neck and neck for the job, and that Karen might swing the balance in my favor. Without actually saying it, it was plain that if my wife was co-operative the job would be mine. I was quite sure that by co-operation he meant sex with Karen. I was taken aback, as he was now making clear his expectations. He was no longer ambiguous.

The ball was certainly in my court. I hated the thought of him having sex with her, even in the unlikely event that she agreed. I pictured her naked, lying under him, my boss having his way with her. I didn't know if I could live with that event. I was torn; the job meant a great deal to me, but did it mean so much to me that I would be willing to sacrifice my own wife to this man? Agonizingly, I decided yes, the job meant that much to me, but I very much doubted that Karen would go along.

Carl had been watching me as I considered what he wanted. Finally I said that I might agree to this, but the big stumbling block would be Karen. He smiled, sensing a partial victory. He said "talk to her, tell her how important the job is to you. Convince her to be co-operative."

"Alright, I'll try, but I don't think she will go along. She has always been faithful to me."

"You talk to her, and then we can set up a situation where I can be alone with her."

"I will talk to her but I can't promise anything, but how would we arrange for you to be alone with her."

He was silent for a few moments, and then he said, "You could have me over to dinner when my wife is visiting her sister. After dinner I could ask you to go to the office and retrieve some important papers for me, papers that I would need for a conference out of town the next day, and I would not be going to the office before leaving for the airport." He looked at me as if that was the perfect solution.

I had to admit it was ingenious. But the big stumbling block would be my wile. I said as much to him, and he said, "Use your power of persuasion."

We settled on a date for him to come to dinner. When I got home my wife asked me why I was so late, and I explained that I had some drinks with Carl. She wasn't pleased. I went on to say that I had invited him to dinner when his wife was gone to visit her sister, that it was only courteous to have him for a meal.

She said, "You want to provide him with another opportunity to grope me?"

I said, "You could be a lot nicer to him; you know how important it is to get the promotion."

"How nice do you want me to be? Maybe let him kiss me, maybe even stroke me, get his hands on my breasts, or my ass? Or do you want me to go all the way with him? Let him do it to me? Tell me what you want me to do to help you get this big promotion?"

She was really challenging me. I said "I just want you to be nice to him; it wouldn't hurt if he kissed you, or even stroked you a little; I don't mean for you to have sex with him."

"You know I want to help you, and I would love it if you got the promotion, but I hope it doesn't mean that you want him to fuck me. I said "is that so awful? You said in the past that he was very good looking."

"You mean it would be alright with you if I had sex with him so you could get the job? Do you know what that would make me if I let him fuck me so you could the promotion? It would make me a prostitute! Is that what you want?"

She was getting angry, and I said, "Of course not. It's just that he admires you, and it wouldn't hurt my chances if you were nice to him."

She wasn't placated, but we didn't discuss it further.


Finally Saturday approached. My wife was resigned to having him over, and we planned a very good meal, steaks on the grill, some good wines I purchased. I asked her to look her best, but she outdid herself.

After her shower, she put on some very sheer and lacy white lingerie, followed by sheer nylons which she attached to a garter belt, then a lacy half slip, and a gorgeous clinging white dress that hugged her beautiful figure. After making up her face she said "does this look good enough to influence your boss?"

I said "you look beautiful," and she did.

When Carl arrived his eyes opened wide when she saw her, and he said, "You look gorgeous!" That was an understatement. We had cocktails, followed by a great dinner, served with our very good wines. By the time desert arrived we were all feeling mellow. I made sure to keep Karen's glass filled.

After desert we had after dinner drinks in our spacious family room. Karen was flushed from the drinks, and I could see she was just a little tipsy-I had made her drinks strong enough.

Finally Carl exclaimed, "Damn! I forgot the papers for the conference, and I was going directly to the airport tomorrow, but I have to have them."

I said, "I'll get them."

"No, it's my fault, I'll get them."

Again I said I would do it and he finally agreed. My wife looked daggers at me, but I ignored her. It would take me at least an hour to make the round trip, and of course I had the papers in my car.

After I went out the door I put my plan into operation. I drove my car to a nearby street, and then went back to the house. I had purposely left the back door open, and I went silently into the kitchen, and then the darkened hallway, where I could observe them. There was some music playing, and soon he moved to sit beside her on the sofa.

It didn't take long before he made a move on her. He had an arm resting on the back of the sofa behind her, and he pulled her towards him, quickly kissing her. She was taken aback by the suddenness of his move-she was startled, and before she could move or say anything he kissed her again, Karen finally breaking the kiss and saying, "Please don't!" She was flushed by this turn of events, and she tried to move away from him, but he held her firmly, again kissing her, holding her in a long kiss before she broke away.

"Please! I can't let you do anything! Please don't try to do any more!"

"I just want to kiss and hold you a little bit." I was quite sure that he wanted to do more than hold and kiss her.

He said, "I apologize; I don't want to do anything against your will. You are so beautiful, and I know you would be a great asset to the company as the wife of my most senior executive." A thinly veiled suggestion that she should co-operate with him. My wife got the message alright, but I was sure that she would be resolute, that she would repulse him. But he wasn't done yet.

He began drawing her against him, soon holding her in a long kiss as his hand slipped down to her breasts, stroking them through her dress and bra. She was resisting again, trying to pull away, but he continued his caresses, holding her. She began pleading with him saying, "P-please don't do any more. I can let you have me; I can't let you make love to me. I love my husband and I can't do this to him."

That was the opening he needed. "If you love your husband and want him to succeed, then you wouldn't mind if I held you and caressed you." Now the gloves were off, and she knew where she stood.

"I do love my husband, and I want him to do well, and you are attractive but I can't let you make love to me." She didn't sound convincing, and the drinks she had consumed seem to have loosened her inhibitions, but she wasn't losing control. However, Carl was persistent.

He reached behind her neck, gripped the zipper on her dress and quickly pulled it down to her waist, her dress falling open. She gasped, opening her mouth to protest, but he covered her mouth with his, cutting off her protests. He wasn't letting up; next pulling the dress to her waist, cupping her breast with his hand. "Don't! I can't do this, please. Please, you mustn't!"

Again he brought her mouth to his, unsnapping her bra, exposing her lovely breasts. Giving her no time to recover, he pulled her bra free, and moved his mouth to her nipples. He held her firmly, working on her breasts till she was gasping, kissing her again. Afraid of losing control she abruptly stood up, her dress falling to her ankles. Trying to move away she tripped on her dress. Carl caught her, lifting her, the dress falling off as he laid her on the sofa.

She was becoming alarmed. He was holding her shoulders down, kissing her again. When she tried to sit up her knees lifted, her lacy slip sliding up, exposing her naked thighs above her stocking tops, the straps to her garter belt stretched tightly. When she felt his hand on her thighs, pushing her slip up further till her sheer panties were exposed, "Please, please don't do any more! I can't let you do it to me." She pleaded with him, but he ignored her protests.

Again he covered her mouth with his, continuing his caresses till she was trembling, her body flushed. As I moved closer I could see that she was aroused, unable to control her emotions, even as she continued to protest. He was tugging her slip up higher, completely exposing her lacy panties, and I know he could see the dark hair around her vagina. She resisted his attempts to remove her panties saying "I've never done this before; I never cheated on my husband." At this point I thought it was all over, and I had mixed feelings.

Carl said, "What would your husband want you to do?"

That startled her, and for a moment she was speechless. "He probably wouldn't mind if I had sex with you, let you have your way with me. Maybe he would want me to do it with you if he thought that would give him the promotion." She looked incredibly erotic, laying there, her breasts exposed, her slip bunched at her waist, her sheer panties through which you could see her garter belt, the straps going to her sheer nylons stockings, encasing her lovely long legs.

Her momentary hesitation gave him the opportunity to slide her panties from under her, pulling them down her legs, taking them off. Her vagina now fully exposed, surrounded be bushy dark hair. She gasped, pleading with him again.

"Please, I can't let you do any more," but she was vulnerable, naked except for her garter belt and stockings. He was kissing her, stroking her breasts, caressing her naked thighs above her stockings, pushing her thighs open, gasping again as his fingers found the lips of her vagina, lightly touching her there.

He continued his stroking till the lips were pink and moist; she gave a little cry as he found her clitoris, circling and lifting the delicate bud, spreading her legs more. She gasped as he slid a finger into her, moaning as he continued his assault on her vagina, his thumb rolling her clitoris.

I thought it was all over for my wife, that she would soon be laying under him with her legs spread, taking his cock into her. Now I was having second thoughts-did I want that to happen? Was the promotion that important that I would let my own wife be fucked by him? Yes, the promotion was that important, and I was also incredibly aroused by the erotic scene. I was disembodied, as if I was watching another person, not my own wife being seduced.

Thinking that she had lost control, and was so aroused that she was his for the plucking, he quickly stripped. His assessment wasn't accurate as seeing his very large erection galvanized her. "No! No! Please!" She started to sit up, but he pressed her down again, holding her as he stroked her. She had closed her legs, but he soon had them separated again. She was too weak from her arousal to put up effective resistance.

He kissed, caressed, stroked her till she was whimpering, all resistance gone, surrendering to him as he pressed her thighs fully open. My heart was pounding, realizing that I was going to see her fucked by this man.

There were tears on her face as he mounted her, moving his very large and very hard cock towards her wet and open cunt. She flinched, gasping as she felt his penis touching her. He moved it up and down against her vulva, moistening his cock; pressing forward, beginning to enter her.

She groaned as she felt the pressure of his cock against her, groaning again as he stretched her, giving a cry as her muscles gave way and he entered her. He began pushing into her, gradually penetrating her further till he impaled her fully, a shrill cry from my wife as she was filled with his cock. Watching his cock disappearing into her I didn't think she could take it all, but she did.

Her stocking clad legs were splayed wide as he began slowly stroking into her, long slow strokes, gradually thrusting faster, her hips jerking to his thrusts. At this point she said, "P-please don't cum in me."

He didn't reply but began steadily fucking her, Karen moaning almost continually, responding to him. He was now thrusting powerfully, nearing his climax. She was totally out of control, her legs lifting and folding over him, her trembling body flushed as she cried out, overcome by an overwhelming orgasm, her body shaking. She cried, "PULL OUT!!"

But Carl gripped her ass, holding his cock fully into her, groaning as he ejaculated, spurting into her, draining his cock. She cried out again as she felt him swelling and cumming in her.

It was over, but he took some time before he lifted off her, finally removing his shrinking cock, rolling over, lying next to her. She began sobbing now, sobbing at having been taken like that, and responding to him, used by him. Still tearful she said, "I asked you not to cum in me. I could get pregnant."

He didn't say anything. I don't think he had any intention of pulling out in time. Flooding another man's wife with his cum, possibly getting her pregnant, was part of the conquest.

"Hurry! He will be home any minute."

My boss knew better, but they began dressing as I slipped away, returning to my car. After parking in my garage, I walked in with the "papers." He got up, thanking me, taking the papers and saying good-night. After he left I looked at my wife. Her lipstick was smeared, eye shadow streaked from her tears, her hair loose, her dress rumpled.

She looked at me, "Y-yes, he did it to me! I let him screw me! He fucked me and now I hope you're happy. And he fucked me pretty good, and even though I asked him to pull out he came in me, and he came a lot. After what he did to me I hope you get the job. Was it worth it? Was it worth letting your wife fuck another man so you could get a promotion? And maybe getting pregnant by him? And now, for the first time, you are a cuckold. I did what you really wanted me to do, and I enjoyed it. I never thought I could cum like that."

We went to bed. After she undressed she sat on the side of the bed, opened her legs and said, "Look!" I could see the matted pubic hair, the puffy lips, and her moist thighs. She said "too bad you weren't there to see what I went through."

Of course I couldn't tell that I was there and did see what happened. I never let her know that she had been set up. But the image of her lying under him, her legs spread, watching his cock entering her and filling her, thrusting into her till her legs lifted and folded over him as she came, and as he filled her with his semen; that image was with me for a long time.

Shortly after this event Carl called me in and smiled as he announced that the job was mine, the job that Karen had paid for with her body.



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    wife was smart and knew she would do it but made him think he was in control, good for all