It was a nice sunny day and the school bus schedule was almost complete. As usual, the 4 boys were the last to get off and they were fooling around in the rear. Today it was louder and rougher than normal and as hard as Lori tried, it was too much to ignore. Pulling the bus over into an approach along the road, she proceeded to the back where the boys were roughhousing.

"That's enough" she told them sternly and grabbed Tom's arm to get him off Ron. All the boys were about 13 to 15 and already possessed much more strength than Lori. Easily, Tom swung his arm back, which tossed her on top of Gord who was watching from the next seat.

Unknown to Lori, the boys had every move well planned and were determined to have their way with a beautiful, sexy woman. Yes, she always kept herself in perfect physical shape and could hold her own with any of the younger women around. For years now, the boys had fantasized about making love to such a sexy bus driver and the leader of the pack.

Jim, had gone over the plan with the others until they had it imprinted in their young minds. Each already had a raging hard-on, which was the result of imagining what was about to happen. Jim had assured all the others, if they followed the plan perfectly, Lori would not be able to report them to any authority. In fact, she would be under their power for as long as they wanted.

Lori normally dressed very conservatively because of the young students that rode the bus and today was no different. Wearing a pair of tight jeans that did show off her shapely, womanly curves, she also wore a button up western style shirt that was buttoned all the way up.

The plan was for Tom to get the better of Ron and pretend to beat him up more than usual. When Lori grabbed him to stop the beating, he was to push her back into Gord who would quickly reach around her body. He would grab the front of her shirt tightly in each fist, pulling with all his might to rip the shirt open and off her chest.

It worked to perfection and in a matter of seconds, Lori looked with wide eyes as her breasts were bared to the whole world to see. Gord had succeeded beyond expectations as he had also grabbed one cup of the bra and it was ripped to the side along with the shirt. In reaching around her body, he had also pinned her arms down to the sides and held her firmly above his muscular body.

Time seemed to stand still as the young boys devoured Lori's nakedness and their eyes held on the beautiful sight of two large, firm tits. The cold air striking the responsive nipples quickly made them stand up proudly for all to admire.

Then the boys began the next phase. Tom and Ron each grabbed an arm and helped Gord pin Lori down so that she was unable to do anything to hid the nakedness. Gord shifted his body back and allowed Lori's body to sink down to the hard leather seat.

She began to yell at Jim who had moved to her legs and spread them enough to move between them. In horror, she watched as his fingers undid the button, then the zipper of her jeans. Speechless, she struggled with all her might but he rolled the waistband down.

Removing the thick denim off her rounded hips, Lori was shocked to see her silk panties follow her pants and she kicked to get free which only assisted his efforts. Jim allowed her legs to kick and come together, which enabled him to slip her pants down further. Her soft, white flesh became visible and he continued removing the pants until they were tossed aside to the floor of the bus.

Jim's eyes held steady on the beautifully trimmed bush and then the area directly below. Spreading Lori's legs again, he could see the outline of her labia and the pink nectar between the pussy lips became slightly exposed. She began pleading with Jim and she screamed for them to stop this at once. Crying, the tears now ran down her flushed cheeks.

The pleas became more insistent as Jim started to undo his pants, then sliding them down his muscular legs to rest on the floor at his feet. Up sprang his manhood and Lori's eyes shot open in fright. In a matter of mere seconds, they had exposed her feminine body and were now lusting over its beautiful treasures. He was determined to fulfill his fantasy and his plan was working to perfection. Her naked body was even more gorgeous than he had dreamt.

Moving down to position his ramrod near his target, Lori screamed as loud as she could. Pleading and begging them to stop had absolutely no affect. Suddenly a hungry mouth closed over a bare breast and sucked her right nipple hard. Another boy grabbed the free nipple and began twisting it between his fingers. There was no tenderness, only rough boyish caresses.

Jim was focused solely on the neatly trimmed playground and brought the tip of his long cock to the pink lips. Pushing slightly, he managed to split the dry lips and push the tip into the vulnerable pussy. Lori was unable to move her body as the three boys held her firmly which allowed Jim to take any liberty he desired.

Her begging became more insistent as she saw the biggest cock of her life assault her most private domain. Then he pushed harder and slipped a couple inches of his long cock into the tight vagina. Another scream escaped Lori's mouth as the pain rocketed through her tender loins.

The realization suddenly hit Lori that his cock was much longer, even thicker than she could imagine and she cried out. "Please don't, please not like this. Please, you're hurting me," Lori pleaded with Jim as she watched his cock disappear before her eyes. Her breath ceased as he pushed more of his man-sized cock into her passion pit.

The heat of her volcano had an immediate effect on him and his temp rose right away. It felt like he was ripping her apart as his big pecker kept pushing deeper. Mesmerized by the erotic sight of Lori arching her back and moaning from the intense pain from the inflamed cock, the other three boys locked their eyes on the two crotches. The cries of agony were mistaken for that of joy and each had a raging hard-on in anticipation of being able to fuck such a sexy woman.

Before long, Lori's body reacted to the invasion and began to coat the walls of her narrow channel. This enabled Jim to move much easier and he began a slow in and out pumping. It took several pushes before he could pump his meat all the way inside the small cunt. Lori felt relieve wash over her body as the muscles stretched and the pain subsided.

Then Jim began to pump with determination, all the way in, and then out till only the head was buried in the fire. He had planned for this and had jerked off before getting on the bus, which enabled him to retain some stamina. Soon Lori's pussy became well lubricated and he quickened the pace.

Oh no, Lori thought, as one of the boys reached between the heated bodies and slipped his fingers onto the top reaches of her vulva. Then he pushed his finger between the now soaked lips and instantly found the most sensitive clitoris. Somehow his boyish mind knew what was the most sensitive spot on a woman and he attacked it with a furor. He began rolling the swollen clit around in the juices and Lori twisted and turned her hips franticly in an attempt to get away from the assault.

Jim began pounding in and out as fast and as hard as he could. He was experiencing a deep desire far beyond his dreams and he screwed his first mature woman without holding anything back.

This was the roughest and hardest anyone had fucked Lori in her life and she was suddenly filled with deep- rooted shame as a powerful spasm shot through her deepest reaches. The caresses on her clit had turned the sensitive nub into a throbbing control button, which was taking a toll on her resistance. If only he would stop rubbing her clit, Lori's repeated over and over in her mind and she now started to plead with him to stop. Again and again she repeated, stop, stop, stop and for some unexplained reason, she knew the assault would not be halted.

Moans and groans were coming from Jim as his stamina diminished and his impending orgasm was fast approaching. Lori felt his thrusts begin to jerk, becoming sporadic and she knew he was about to fill her with semen. The hot lave shot deep into her cunt and washed over the virgin territory, as no cock had ever been this deep.

Burst after burst filled her and without warning her loins thrust up powerfully to meet the young stud. Unable to resist any longer, her unexpected orgasm expelled womanly juices to meet his fiery cum. Violently, Lori's hips thrust up to meet his and her breathe caught as the most powerful climax consumed every facet of her being.

Guilt and shame filled her but her body jerked from the spasms, as she was unable to stop the flow. On and on the two lovers climaxed until both were totally exhausted. Slowly, his hips subsided and eventually came to rest with his cock still deep inside her burning inferno.

The final few spasms rocked Lori's lithe body and then she too came to a rest. The heat and fullness of his cock felt wonderful inside her cunt and she wanted to hang onto the joyous moment. The stillness and sudden quietness after such a violent climax filled Lori with a truly loving feeling.

Lori suddenly awakened to the fact these boys had used and abused her but for some unknown reason her mind felt obliged to obey them. Their power and strength made her feel like a slave and unable to resist their advances. Their superior power was substantiation for giving in to them and made her feel better.

Obediently, she remained still as Jim finally removed his body from between her legs. She knew that they were not finished with her and that she would be used by all of them before the afternoon was done. With her eyes partly closed, she felt the next boy take his place.

She kept her legs spread wide so he could have easy access to her private area. With her arms being held captive, she reasoned that there was no choice but to give into these teenagers. Flinching slightly, Lori felt Ron's hot pecker slip easily between the wet lips. In one hard thrust, his cock was buried to the hilt. Not as big as Jim, he still filled her beyond any of her past lovers.

Immediately, he began to pump hard. In and out rapidly as the intense heat from her channel took it's toll very fast on his stamina. After witnessing the other erotic session, he was already close to an orgasm and after just a few thrusts, the spasms started. Lori's hips pushed up to meet this boys demands and he shot his hot lava deep.

Like a perfect slut, she tightened her cunt around the throbbing cock and milked every ounce of hot cum from his loins. Her small cunt could not hold all the lava and some escaped the tight seal, running down her crack onto the leather seat cushion.

More guilt entered Lori as she felt new electric spasms begin deep within. Nothing this passionate had ever possessed her sole like today and she was overtaken with the need to be taken by these teenagers. Her hips started to thrust upward just as Ron's climax waned and she was left in midair as he withdrew his dwindling weapon.

Tom was anxious for his turn and he prodded Ron to get out of the way. Rolling the exhausted body from overtop of Lori's, Tom immediately slipped between the womanly thighs. With the skill of a veteran, he guided his thick cock to the soaked pussy lips. One powerful thrust and he was fully engulfed by the heavenly cunt. The intense heat quickly consumed his young body and he began pumping with dire need.

Strong fingers caressed Lori's body without love and tenderness like she was accustomed. They were rough and demanding which had the reverse effect on her as she lost all control. Degrading as it was, she succumbed to the lust and her body demanded to be fucked. Without reason or sanity, her hips thrust madly up and down to rob Tom of any remaining stamina.

Another gigantic orgasm exploded within her slender frame and she rocketed towards the peak. Her juices rushed forward to meet the cock and her cunt convulsed over the wide shaft. Unable to hold back and wait for his impeding climax, she went over the apex like a young, inexperienced schoolgirl.

Tom felt her orgasm roll over the top and slowly start to subside just as he let loose with a powerful blast. With short, rapid pumps he released his venom within his fantasy lover and his first teenage orgasm with a woman washed over his entire body. Lori felt his young loins shudder out of control and she pulled him tighter into her body.

Guilt filled her mind, not from being ravaged by this boy, but from experiencing out of control orgasm long before he climaxed. As she held him with all her strength, she shuddered as new spasms electrified her vagina. No, she thought, this just can't be happening so soon after such a violent climax.

He pumped his young hips long after fulfillment, as he was reluctant to leave the sanctuary of her hot pit. Soon Lori felt her hips begin to thrust anew. Rolling her head side to side, she didn't believe what was happening. She knew Tom was finished and would soon depart, leaving a deep yearning inside her pussy.

Many years she had fantasized about being raped by young boys but realized it was something a woman would not willingly allow. Now that it was happening and it was beyond her power to stop it, she felt a fulfillment deep inside.

Suddenly she felt a hard cock pushing against her back and remembered Gord was still behind her. He had held her captive all this time and he was more than ready for his action. Watching his three friends ravish the beautiful, sexy body had made his cock so hard it pained. Now he pushed Lori forward and forced Tom to fall backwards into the far seat. Still clutching Lori in his arms, she came forward with him to lie on top of his prone body.

Gord quickly seized the opportunity and his eyes widened as he saw Lori's swollen pussy slit. It was the most beautiful sight and he saw her lips spread apart slightly to allow some thick cum to seep out. The bull's eye was right in front of him and his arrow was more than ready.

Lori sensed what was about to happen and held her breath in anticipation. She felt vulnerable and totally helpless, and her body shivered with the realization she wanted it to happen. She held perfectly still and waited for the teenager to fuck her hard.

Reaching for her firm thighs, Gord spread them enough to allow him entry to the treasure pit. With his fist around the swollen cock shaft, he aimed it directly at the wet target.

When his big cock split her pussy wide, Lori let out a deep sigh of contentment. Within seconds, he was pumping his iron with the passion of a man on his last mission. In and out as fast as he could, he built up steam for the orgasm he had put off for so long. Sensing his urgent need, Lori pushed her hips back hard to meet his strong thrusts.

Without warning, an orgasm erupted from within and Lori began another accent to the pinnacle of humiliating lust. She arched her back and welcomed the fucking teenage cock and knew she had lost all sanity to the mind-blowing passion. When the burning lava struck her deepest reaches and covered her cervix, she released her love juices. Swallowing the big cock with her tiny cunt, she sucked him until he was empty of any cum.

The boys had never witnessed such an erotic scene and they were speechless as it unfolded. When the two sweaty bodies finally collapsed from complete exhaustion, the other three boys could hardly wait for their next turn. Yes, they had the regeneration of any young male and each had a rock, hard cock standing out in front of their loins. Resigned to the fact that these boys were the masters, Lori allowed herself to be positioned, as they desired.

Jim was eager to fulfill his next fantasy. No woman had sucked his cock at his young age and he had dreamed about Lori doing it. Pulling and twisting her lithe body, he soon had Lori on her knees between his wide spread thighs. He was seated in a rear seat and guided his slave to his waiting ramrod.

Lori opened her eyes wide as she saw what his intensions were and she focused on the flared head. She had sucked cock before but not one such as this. It was overpowering in size and she felt faint as he pulled her body into his crotch. Unable to stop her hand, it closed over the long shaft and held it firmly within inches of her face.

Jim gave another pull to indicate what was expected and she obliged without question. Dutifully, her mouth slowly went to the tip, and then engulfed the beautiful head. She almost passed out from the intense heat, which radiated from the hard cock.

Holding perfectly still for a few seconds, Jim relished the hot mouth surrounding his manhood. Suddenly, he began to thrust his cock forward and forced more into Lori's sweet cavity. He was already well on the way towards a major blow but wanted to hold off as long as possible.

More of his long cock forced its way down Lori's throat and she allowed this boy to experience newfound territory. She had sucked her husband's cock but only the very tip and head. Never had she allowed a cock to penetrate her throat but she felt powerless to resist Jim's demands. Soon she deep throated his cock almost like in the blue movies she had seen over the years.

Without warning, she felt the hot lava flow down her throat and she swallowed desperately in an attempt to keep breathing. Blast after blast shot deep into her as his hips thrust madly. Now with both dainty hands around the throbbing shaft, she milked cum from his balls and he let out a loud moan of contentment. Satisfaction washed over Lori, realizing she had given Jim a mind-blowing orgasm and he had filled her with his virile seed.

Like an obedient slave, Lori allowed herself to be positioned in a similar manner with each of the other three boys. They had just witnessed a long awaited fantasy and it was now time to fulfill their own dreams. Each boy filled Lori with semen and see sucked their cocks like she had been doing it for many years. The degrading acts made her feel deep-rooted shame but she never hesitated, as she succumbed to the enormous lust.

For some unexplained reason, Lori felt her loins burning with desire and there was a new need, which she feared. Gord was the last boy to receive his first blowjob from the gorgeous, womanly lips and he experienced the same immense joy as the others when he blew his load inside Lori's hot mouth.

All the boys were completely spent and each lay motionless admiring the glorious beauty of Lori's body as it glistened in the dimming light. Realizing they were now going to leave her alone, Lori moved to regain her discarded clothes. In a trance like state, she fumbled with the crumpled clothing as she could regain some dignity once she was dressed.

The boys watched intently and actually felt a touch of sadness as her treasures were covered once again. The shear, cotton shirt clung to her like a second skin and showed every curve of her breasts. Hard nipples pressed out proudly and the large buds drew the attention of every eye. There was no time for the bra and she grabbed for her remaining garments. Lori shivered as she pulled on her panties, which grazed the tip of her tender clit, and she realized that her loins were still enflamed.

Glancing at her watch, Lori saw that she was over a hour late and wondered what would be said by the parents. Then she realized that all the parents worked and even at this hour, the boys would be home before any parent.

She just could not think of a way to report what had happened without shifting a major portion of the blame to herself. Yes, many adults would believe she had seduced the teenagers and that would prevent her from telling anyone what had happened on this afternoon. She realized the doom of being controlled and even blackmailed by these boys. Her shoulders shrugged with defeat as she moved to the driver's area and started the engine. Slowly the boys got dressed and waited their turn to depart the yellow, love chariot.

Jim's was the last stop and as he departed, he told Lori how beautiful she was. He also confirmed the fact that each boy loved her very much and they would not tell anyone. As he turned to leave, he said, "Lori, I enjoyed what you did today and I am looking forward to making love to you again."

The words shook her tired body with fright and she knew that this young man would be able to fuck her any time he wanted. She felt entirely helpless and shuddered as the images of his big, enraged cock flickered in her mind. Lori knew she had totally given in to the lust and the entire afternoon was one of a fantasy becoming reality.

With strong determination and will power, Lori refused to tell him what was on her mind. Yes, she wanted to say, "Thank you for giving me the best fuck of my life and for filling my cunt with your gorgeous cock." She just gave a little smile and slowly closed the bus door. She knew that in a matter of a few minutes, her fingers would be dipping to her soaked pussy and relieving the pent up lust.



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