I am in the Army reserve and was visiting one of my Army buddies, staying with him for the duration of my duty weekend at his military base.

We were sitting around Saturday night after relaxing, watching TV and talking, when he got a phone call from his wife. She had some kind of problem, and he had to go help her out right away. He asked me if I'd mind being alone for a couple of hours, and I "Hell no, it'd be great to have some quiet for a while.

About ten minutes after he left, I heard a car pull up outside. Then a quick knock on the door, and a car leaving fast.

"What the hell?" I said, and I went to the door to check it out.

It was my buddy's thirteen year-old daughter, and she was drunk as a skunk, lying there on the front porch! I'd known she was going out, but I also knew that she wasn't supposed to be doing that kind of stuff. In fact, she wasn't even supposed to be with those kind of kids. Her "friends" had dropped her off and run.

She was a sweet kid and I had always liked her, so I decided to protect her from her father's wrath. I picked her up off the doorstep and carried her up to her room.

I'd just tell my buddy that his daughter had come back and gone to bed because she wasn't feeling good and was tired.

I put her down on her bed, and pulled off her shoes and socks, stripped off her denim pants, and turned to her closet to hang them up. When I turned, she was sitting up and was in the process of taking off her shirt.

I watched her fumble with it, and after she got it off I hung it up in her closet too. To my surprise she began struggling with her bra.

After a considerable struggle she finally got it loose, and dropped it on the floor. Her breasts were con- siderably larger than I had realized.

She wasn't flat chested at all. I picked up her bra and put it in her bathroom hamper. The odor of girl clung to it, and I was surprised at how sweet the smell was.

She fell back on her bed and struggled for a while trying to get her panties off, but was so un- coordinated that she was having trouble.

I watched with great amusement. Eventually I had to laugh. She finally realized I was there and watching. She looked at me with those unfocused but lovely blue eyes. She hesitated for a moment, and then let out a couple of slurred, frustrated words and tried once more. Her panties finally slid off her hips. She kicked them down her legs and off, then lay there naked, watching me with a look in her eyes I'd never seen before.

She showed no embarrassment at all, and not only made no attempt to cover up, she let her legs loll open a bit. I looked at her for a bit and decided that if she wasn't going to tuck herself in, I should.

I leaned over, put my hands on her shoulders to roll her over. The heat from her young body surprised me. I pulled her covers down and rolled her back to the middle of the bed. I started to pull the covers back up, but found myself hesitating. I sat down beside her and looked at the naked young girl for a few moments. I'd noticed before that she was a really lovely girl. She was as dark of hair and white of skin as Snow White herself. And twice as lovely. Her clear skin and beauty was even more apparent with all her clothes off. She was truly a young beauty!

Her small but firm breasts hardly moved at all, they were so firm. Her nipples were medium sized, in the center of small areolas, and were standing up firmly. She was carrying a tiny bit of baby fat, but on her, it looked damn good. Her waist tapered down to a slimness that only a young girl can know, and then flared out to womanly hips that belonged on a woman much older and more mature than she was. The bush between her legs was as dark as her head, but was sparse. To my surprise, as I looked, she opened her legs more and I was able to see her sweet looking pussy. It was smallish, very pretty and it was gaping open a bit. Her insides were hot pink and beginning to glisten.

To my shock I could tell that young Kristen had just had sex with one of the boy's she'd been out with. I could actually see sperm oozing out of her slightly stretched vaginal opening.

I looked into her eyes, and they were looking directly into mine with a growing intensity that I began to find uncomfortable. She not only didn't mind me admiring her body, she liked it. The smell of sexual arousal sore from her firm young body, and I found myself realizing that her exposure to my gaze was turning her on. What's worse, I was beginning to get turned on too.

Then She was grabbing at me, trying to pull me down to her. Caught by surprise, I let her pull me down and kiss me. When she slipped me some tongue, I tried to gently disengage, but she held on so strongly that I decided to just enjoy the situation, and kissed her back. After a few minutes of sampling her flavors, I wasn't so anxious to let go of her as I should have been.

To my surprise, she tasted sweetly of some kind of cherry flavor. A residue of the cherry liquor she had been drinking, combined with the naturally sweet flavor of a young woman was so tasty as to be irresis- tible. As soon as she realized she didn't need to hold me to her, she let go of my neck. But she found my hands and placed them on her firm little breasts.

As I caressed her firm round young globes, her nipples began to harden and extend even more than they had been. Her breasts were even more pleasing to touch than they were to look at. The heat from her rolled over me, and I began to sweat.

I felt her hands exploring my pants and began to try to disengage again. She moved up swiftly and threw her arms around me and I overbalanced and fell back to the bed, partly on top of her. She let out an "OOF!" but immediately slid one hand into my pants, and was working as quickly on the buckle with the other one. Before I could get organized she had my pants open and her small hands wrapped around my cock.

I let her roll toward me, expecting her to say some- thing, but she placed her lips on mine again, and in a few moments, we were again kissing deeply. I hesi- tated, but began stroking and caressing her body and breasts again. She pulled up my tee shirt. Her breasts and nipples rubbed on my chest. Her hands were very busy. She was very awkward at it, but more than adequate.

She was soon stroking my erect cock with as much enthusiasm as she was kissing me. Then Kristen released me and I thought I was going to get another chance to disengage. Wrong. She was twisting around so that she could put those sweet cherry lips on my cock. I found her gaping little pussy right before my eyes.

I watched it pulsate for a moment, oozing more male cum and then began to lick at her sweet cum soaked thing with my tongue. She hadn't expected that, and forgot what she was doing for a moment. As I licked her hard little clit, she cried out in pleasure. I licked her opening inside and out, licked her till she came. Which didn't take long, she was so aroused. She moaned and collapsed on me for a moment. It was strange to taste teenage cum along with teenage girl, but by then I just didn't care anymore.

She still did not want to let me go. By this time I wasn't about to leave anyway. I was past the point of no return. Thirteen or not, I didn't care. I turned back around, and slipped my erect cock between her legs and began to push and poke around. I moved the head of it up and down her slit, teasing and tickling her clit with it. She let me play there for a couple of minutes, but soon became impatient. She reached down with her little hands, took possession of my erection, and aimed it's head into her depths. Her little pussy nibbled at it. I pushed it in slowly as she pressed back against it with her own body.

We watched as she guided my erection slowly between her lips and into her opening. It slowly slid in. I knew what I was doing was wrong and I knew that she didn't have any protection. But what the hell, the little slut had just done it with at least one other male. I wasn't the only one to plug pretty little Kristen.

I lay on top of the teenager with my cock buried deeply inside of her, enjoying the feeling of her incredible tight little cunt. She also lay still for a couple of minutes, enjoying the sensations. But she soon began to holler and cry out in pleasure. She began to roll her hips and thrust back at me. In no time at all she had wrapped her beautiful young legs around me and found the rhythm -- and we were fucking like we had done it a hundred times before.

I have to say that I enjoyed fucking young Kristen more than I had enjoyed sex in a long, a very long time. It had been a long time since I had been turned on as much as she had gotten me. In fact, I think I enjoyed fucking her nearly as much as she enjoyed my fucking her.

I did my best, pushing and thrusting over and over again. I used my age and experience to advantage, trying different angles and varying speeds, positions and motions, trying to be sure that she would enjoy what we were doing very much. She did. A lot!

She came again, and despite any good intentions I might have had, I pushed in deep and hard and shot my load deep inside her young belly. I was enjoying myself too much to hold back. I just held deep inside of her and let her milk me until I had juiced all I could. Then I held her close, caressed and kissed her until she fell asleep.

I dressed, pulled up her covers, tucked her in, tidied up her room a little, opened the window a bit to let out the odors of sex, closed the door and went down stairs.

When her dad got home an hour later, I told him that she was home, and asleep. He wanted to know if she had had a good time. "Oh yeah. I suspect so," was all I said.

The next morning, I took her a cup of coffee when I heard her moving about. She was hung over, and not feeling too good. But she thanked me for the coffee. Then she smiled a little and thanked me for the "great fuck" I had given her the night before. I'd thought that she might not remember. Any worry I might have developed went away when she asked me if we could do it again later when she was sober.

We could and we did. Many times.


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