This happened several years ago back when my friend Tim and I were both Juniors in High School. He had a 20- year-old sister who looked as good or better than most Playboy girls; she had been a cheerleader in High School and the prom Queen and a homecoming Queen for a local college.

She was 5'8" and high-waisted, so she had extremely long, legs. Her golden blonde hair was kind of wavy and reached to her shoulder blades, and she had bright green eyes. Tim once heard her brag to someone on the phone that her measurements were 38-22-32. She also had olive-tinged skin, so she had a sort of permanent tan look.

Maybe you can understand why we would get obsessed with her during the summer when she was usually wearing short shorts, minis, cutoff tops, or her favorite bright yellow monokini and other sexy swimsuits. We would take turns telling each other really mean and nasty fantasies starring her.

You know how often you'll read about the centerfolds, and you read that they're as sweet and wonderful as they look and so unpretentious? Well, Staci was exactly the opposite - stuck-up, cruel, and insulting, and that's why we mistreated her in our fantasies.

She would always put down Tim and make fun of him in front of her friends. Other boys started picking on Tim, because Staci was such a tease, and they wanted to score points with her. And girls mostly ignored him. They wanted to stay on Staci's good side and hang around with her, because that's where so many boys were.

Since I was his only friend, I got treated pretty much the same way by her crowd. But when I'd moved here in sixth grade, I was shy and all alone, and Tim had become my best friend. That was before girls really mattered. But I always had fun with him, and I wasn't going to be a traitor to him now.

The summer after our Junior year was especially bad. Staci was back at home, and two of her friends from college were staying with us all summer. They were cheerleaders at one of the large Florida universities, so they were as popular as Staci and as mean to Tim and me as she was.

The night before everything started, Tim and I had been on a double date with a couple of cute girls a year older than we were. Staci ruined that by having some of her boyfriends start a fight with us and two others leave with our dates.

The next day our Staci fantasies didn't even cheer us up until Tim got the idea. He asked if we could borrow some of my dad's video cameras. My dad was an amateur/semipro photographer who tapes weddings and other special events for people. I knew that he wouldn't mind if we were careful.

Tim said that Staci was at work that afternoon and that her girlfriends had gone down to Galveston for the day and wouldn't be home until dinnertime. I don't know why we never thought of this sooner. We hid two cameras in the bushes outside Staci's room and adjusted the curtains so that they had an unobstructed view. Between the two of them, almost the whole room was covered. We also adjusted the blinds of her bathroom so that there was a little gap at the bottom, and we aimed a third camera through the gap and at the shower.

We were hoping to catch them each nude, and our plan was to make copies to sell. As gorgeous as they were and as much as they teased so many boys, we decided that we could easily take orders for more than 50 tapes and charge $50 or even $100 per tape. Besides, we hoped that having nude videos circulating among all of the boys around would knock them off their pedestals a little.

We were watching TV when Staci got home a little after 6:00. We'd set timers on the cameras to start at 6:00, so we knew it must be a good omen. Staci went into her bedroom. We heard the door lock and the shower start shortly after that. No screams or anything - another very good sign! The shower had been off for about ten minutes when the other two got home.

Tim told them that we were going over to my house for dinner and to stay the night. The idea was that they would be less inhibited if they knew we weren't around. On the way to my house, we were talking about what we would see and wondered if they'd invite some boys over so we could videotape an orgy ... but we didn't really anticipate that.

The tapes were scheduled to run out about midnight, and we kept checking the clock, awaiting that moment all night. About 12:30, we snuck over to retrieve the tapes. The house was dark, and the cameras were still where we'd left them. We were really excited by what we knew must be on them, and we went back to my home and got the tapes set up in dad's workshop.

We were rewarded at the very start as Staci walked into her room. She had on a short blue skirt and a light, transparent blouse. She took off her top and her bra and began playing with her spectacular breasts a little as she walked to the closet. That already guaranteed this tape a spot on the local hot list, and we were comparing her top with some famous playmates. Then she really surprised us; you could see one of her hands disappear and begin groping under her skirt. My heart skipped a beat or two while I tried to remember how to breathe.

At the closet, Staci pulled down her skirt, hung it up and then slid her panties down those long, luscious legs and into a laundry basket. Then she faced the mirror and watched as her self-pleasuring intensified. Our cameras had a rear view and kind of a side view, and Staci blocked the mirror, but there was no question what was going on.

Abruptly, she stopped, slipped off her shoes and headed to the shower. That camera captured her heading in, and we fast-forwarded the three tapes to the point where she stepped back out. She did just what we wanted her to - she stood on the small rug outside the shower and toweled off, directly in the path of our camera.

Then, she cocked her head, wrapped the towel around her body, and headed to the other room. She opened the door, and the other two walked in. As Staci began to close the door, Nikki yanked the towel from her body, and Staci's body language screamed, trying to get behind the door. The other two laughed, and we guessed that they were telling Staci that Tim and I had left for the night. (We would find out the next day when we retrieved the recorder and microphone that we'd hid in the room to capture what all they said.)

Nikki and Jennifer each gave Staci's breasts a squeeze, and they pulled their extra-large T-shirts off over their heads. Nikki was standing there in a tiny, pink bikini, and Jennifer had on a floral one, but they both stripped and headed for the shower. Staci returned to the closet.

This was perfect; we had a private, nude tape of three of the most sexy, gorgeous women we'd ever seen (in person or in magazines). It almost made up for how rotten they'd been treating us. But then it got better. Nikki and Jen stepped into the shower together, and Staci got going in front of the mirror again. After just a couple of minutes, she went to the bathroom and slid open the sliding shower door.

Nikki and Jen were kissing passionately. Staci kind of pulled Nikki out and down between her legs, and Jen followed her out and began kissing Staci. Without dwelling on all of the details, they did the kinds of things that girls can do with their tongues and fingers to each other ... right in front of our camera! Then they went to Staci's bed to do it all again.

They never did bother to get dressed. They sat around and talked, caressing each other. They turned on the stereo and danced, too. They eventually left the room. After a couple of hours of tape had passed, Jen came running into the room with Nikki and Staci chasing her. They got her on the bed, and she and Nikki began wrestling and tickling each other while Staci stood off to the side and played with herself. Then Staci joined them on the bed and got them to lick her. (She always had to be in charge!) Finally, Staci got up and turned out the lights.

Tim and I knew that we had a runaway bestseller here! We would merge the tapes into one and combine it with the audio. We argued how much to charge ($500 seemed appropriate to us but probably wouldn't generate enough business), and we speculated what this would do to Staci's Goddess Queen role.

The next morning (okay, afternoon, because we had been up late and slept until past 1:00), we retrieved the audio tape from Staci's bedroom. We were anxious to begin our editing, and we really didn't care that much about the sound, but we wanted to get it before Staci or her friends found it. We played it while we did our editing. Most of it was just dirty talking or moaning, but there were about thirty minutes, when they were lying around in the bedroom talking, which were more important than the video!

During those thirty minutes, the girls ridiculed and insulted all of the men who seemed stuck to them. They laughed so hard that it we couldn't hear all of the comments, but the message was clear: they thought that the men were only good for teasing and using to get dinner and presents and for running errands; they also thought that the only lovers worth anything were other women.

Then they tore into the other girls who were their friends - rating each one of them and identifying each one's flaws, always comparing the others to themselves as the top of the scale for physical perfection. It was Tim who saw the potential in the tape and said that he didn't want to sell it to anyone. I was confused until he explained his plan, and then I was convinced.

We spent nearly a week merging and editing the four tapes, and we ended with a little more than three hours of video. We set our plan to begin on Saturday morning. We knew that Nikki and Jen were going to visit San Antonio for the weekend.

Tim's parents were out of the country all summer, so we were set. We were watching TV at about 10:30 in the morning when Staci came out of her room. She was gorgeous. She had on a T-shirt that ended several inches above the top of her tight blue jeans, and she was barefoot. Like always, I wanted to wrap my arms around her and kiss her, but she made some nasty comment about hating to start her day by seeing garbage like us, and that reinforced my resolve towards our plan.

Tim told her that he wanted her to wear a skirt today and to go take off her jeans. It kind of shocked her that Tim would try to give her an order, and she swore at us as she walked off. Tim said to wait, because he had something she should see. We began the VCR; the tape was already forwarded to the scene of the three of them in bed.

I have to admit that Staci is very smart, and she recognized immediately what was going on. She didn't say anything as we played part of that scene and then forwarded to their frank discussion about boys. Staci understood the significance of what this tape would do to her status among her worshipers. Tim asked if she wanted to see the whole three hour show, and she told him no.

Tim ordered her again: "didn't I tell you to take those pants off?" Staci stood up and tried to bargain with us. The transformation was amazing to watch and was so sudden that it could have given us a whiplash. Instead of the cold, nasty Staci, she aimed all of her charm at us.

"I get it. So I apologize for being so mean to you - I didn't know how clever you really were. And I promise to be nice to you from now on. And if I let you order me around for the day, or how about the whole weekend to make it even better, then you'll let me have the tape, right?" Her voice carried the coy, teasing sense of promise that she used to persuade her boyfriends to let her always have her way.

Tim shook his head harshly. "No, you don't understand. You're going to follow all of our orders forever, and you never get the tape, but all of your friends here and at school in Florida will get a copy if you don't do what we say. Now this is my last warning: take off the pants!"

She looked frightened for a moment, and then she slowly undid her pants, peeled them down her legs, and stepped out of them. Her tiny, bright red panties stood out and shined against her tanned legs. We could see some of the lighter area normally covered by her bikini and the top of her pubic hair. "Satisfied?" she asked. Her voice was regaining its natural tone of scorn towards us. She turned around once; the panties did nothing to cover her fine ass, and I wanted to go caress it.

Tim walked over to her. "No, I've changed my mind about you wearing a skirt," and he pulled her panties down to the floor. She kept her attitude of pride and arrogance as she just stepped out of them and put her hands on her hips. "So is this how you've decided to get a date?" she spitted. We didn't answer, but I got up and walked over to her.

Together we took off her top and her bra. Staci's brashness seemed to melt as he clothes disappeared. She was a tease no longer, but now a gorgeous, sexy woman ready to do anything we commanded - make that a gorgeous, sexy, NUDE, woman. Her magnificent breasts mesmerized us, and we began kissing them.

We think that Staci was getting excited; she would say that it was just an act. Either way, I know that we surprised her when we both stopped, and I sat back down in the chair. Tim told her to go lie across my lap. Now I know that Tim and Staci's parents never spanked either of them, but Staci clearly understood our intentions, and I saw a flash of panic on her face.

She dropped to her knees in front of Tim, begging him not to spank her... that she would do anything to avoid it. He reached down without saying anything, took a handful of her hand, and slowly made her stand back up. Then, he turned her around and gave her a little push in my direction.

She was still begging wildly, and her hands had crept around to cover her behind, but she kept walking towards me. When she got to me, she looked into my eyes for help. I put my hands on her waist and lowered her over my knees. I was astonished at how scared she was of a spanking and how all of her defiance had vanished in the face of this threat.

Tim went to his room, and I began moving my hand around and around on Staci's tight cheeks. I marveled at how they fit so nicely into the cup of my hand, at how smooth and soft and tender they were. All the time, Staci was repeating "oh, that feels good, don't stop, please don't hurt me." I was getting hypnotized by her quiet pleas, the desire in her voice, and the feel of her hot, sexy body on my lap and under my hands.

Suddenly, I began spanking her to break the spell. She wailed and rolled off my lap. She sat on the floor in front of me, crying, begging me to stop. I was captivated by the way her breasts jiggled with each of her sobs. Tim had returned from his room, and he took a picture of her there.

"The lap or the tapes," he reminded her. Still whimpering, she slowly climbed back onto my lap. This time, I reached down so I could play with her breasts as I rubbed her bottom a little, and then I resumed her spanking. She kept trying to put her hands behind her to block my blows and to rub away the sting, so Tim held her hands in front of her.

After her bottom was totally red and my hand was getting sore, Tim sat and told her to lie across his lap. He was waving a hard plastic ruler. That's when she broke down and abandoned any remaining remnant of her superiority attitude. She knew that she wasn't a Queen or a Goddess anymore but just a naughty girl who was getting twenty years of punishment in a single sitting. She realized that she couldn't bargain or tease or beg her way out of anything; that tape made her into a slave.

She got on Tim's lap without any more orders or threats, but she couldn't stop the flow of tears. Every whack from the ruler was met by a fresh scream, and she began kicking her legs. I kneeled down, got a hold of each of her legs and clamped each of her knees on a shoulder - with my head between her thighs. I was very satisfied with my view!

When Tim finished, he had Staci stand up so he could take pictures of her from the front and back. She didn't bother to argue; her attitude and her dignity were gone. We ordered her to stop bawling and to do the oral sex thing on each of us. I didn't have anything to compare it with at the time, but I was certain that she was giving us everything she had to satisfy us so we would stop punishing us.

We had her take a shower (while we watched), and we let her put on her makeup and jewelry but not any of her clothes. For the rest of the day, we had her clean around the house and get things for us. That night, I had sex with her - Tim didn't want to go that far with his own sister. This was quickly making up for the years of mistreatment that we'd had.

We kept Staci nude again Sunday morning, until we decided to use one of my recurring fantasies of playing doll with her. She was the doll. Boys were always giving her sexy lingerie as presents, hoping that she would wear it for them (in their dreams!), but Staci kept it and had drawers full of it. We got it all out and had a fashion show.

Tim and I would dress her in an outfit, and she would walk around and model it for us. I had just removed her transparent body suit (Tim got to dress her, I got to undress her), and she was standing there nude, waiting for the next item.

Tim chose the next item from the pile - some emerald green, crotchless panties, and he put them on her. He paused, then asked her to show us how she plays with herself so that we could learn to do it the way she likes it. This really embarrassed Staci, but she was now in the habit of obeying our demands. She started slowly, and then her free hand began pinching her nipples as she got going. Tim and I took over after a little while, and I believe she was having as much fun as we were.

After that, Staci and I got in the Jacuzzi together, and I soaped her all over, washed her off, and then had her suck on me again. We spent the rest of the day on the couch kissing and me fondling her. I had her put on a denim miniskirt so that she could cover her bruises when her friends got home, but I kept it bunched up at her waist until then.

Tim had gone off to the craft store to get some things to prepare for tonight, but now he was just watching us. He was enjoying seeing his sister having to act slutty instead of arrogant and condescending. Besides, he knew that his fun would be arriving later.

When Nikki and Jen got home, they knew immediately that something strange had happened while they were away; Staci was making out and showing off with the two most contemptible boys on her list. We'd given Staci the plan for the night, and she told Nikki and Jen to sit down, because we had something that they needed to see. We restarted the tape at the same place as the day before.

Nikki screamed as soon she saw their three luscious bodies frolicking on the bed, and she stood up like she was going to attack one of us, but Staci shouted for her to sit down and watch. We played the same scenes as before.

These two weren't as sharp as Staci and didn't get it right away.

They were furious at us for taping them and demanded the tape. Nikki was swearing at us, and Jen started to stomp out of the room. It was Staci who got them to calm down and see the predicament that they were in. We told them to undress. Jen started right away with some comment about how everyone's always after her body but that she never had imagined that she'd be showing it to a couple of nerds. (She still didn't perceive what they were in for.)

In the time it took for Jen to completely strip, Nikki had just gotten her shirt off. I went over to help her with her bra, and she jerked away from me and continued on her own, glaring at me the whole time. Tim was kissing Jen and rubbing her body, and Nikki was down to her high-cut, turquoise, mesh panties. I started playing with her breasts, and we kissed. As I rolled her panties down below her bottom, she grabbed me tighter and French-kissed me. They thought that they knew our plans and that this would satisfy us and earn them the tape.

Tim and I drew back and said that they had to wait, that there would be time for this after they were punished for being so rotten here so far. They looked confused until Staci pulled down her skirt to stand naked and show them her marks. That worried them. We told them that they didn't deserve as much punishment as Staci and that we wouldn't hurt them (but Tim and I had agreed that we needed to do something to give them the same slave attitude that Staci had now).

That relieved them but confused them more. I led all five of us into Staci's bedroom. Tim got the twine he'd bought and told them to lie down, face up and side-by- side, on Staci's queen-size bed. Tim tied all four of their wrists to the headboard, and I tied their outer legs to the bed's legs. I tied their two inner legs together at the ankles.

It was beautiful to see those two ravishing young bodies lying there helpless and nude. Each of them was a breathtaking knockout worthy of endless dreams and fantasies, but I also still felt that neither of them could enchant me the way that Staci's hard body, lush curves, and sensual nature could.

We took lotion and rubbed it all over their bodies. They were starting to twitch in uncomfortable delight, and I suspect that they thought that they were going to enjoy this punishment. We concluded by rubbing them the way that Staci had taught us to play with her earlier that day.

We could see how excited they were getting, and that's when we stopped. They both cried out for us to finish. I took some pictures of them like that while Tim left the room and returned with his purchase from the craft store: three long feathers. Tim and I took the feathers and began tickling the defenseless girls. We tickled them under the chin and underarms, along the ribs, up and down their legs and thighs, and especially all of their most intimate and sensitive spots.

They laughed so hard that they were crying, and we stopped several times so that they could catch their breath. They kept pleading with us to let them go, apologizing for acting cruel, promising to let us treat them any way we wanted - just like Staci. We warned them that they had to do anything we told them to do, without question or delay, or that they'd get a worse punishment next time. They agreed, and we untied their wrists.

As Tim untied Jen and I released Nikki, they each hugged us tightly and kissed us passionately. Nikki leaned back, pushed my mouth to her breasts with one hand and, with her other hand, led my fingers back between her thighs. I saw Tim free Jen's ankles and go off with her to his room. Nikki and I had sex there on Staci's bed, and I spied her spread in front of her closet mirror and playing with herself.

Later, I sent Nikki over to Tim's room so she could demonstrate all of her gratitude to him. I had my own wonderfully erotic and desirable slave whose breasts I wanted to taste again before I fell asleep. I called Staci, and she climbed into bed with me and cuddled me while I petted her. We continued our kissing that had been interrupted when Jen and Nikki had come home. This day had been more phenomenal than even my most glorious dreams. I remember falling asleep with a hand cupping her lovely bottom while has soft breasts rested against me and a long leg curled around me.


The rest of the summer was spent with these girls fulfilling our desires and fantasies, and I'll just repeat some of the more remarkable events that we had together.

On the Tuesday after the first weekend, Tim and I had spent much of the day at a comic book convention and then playing on my computer; his tape was missing, and so were the girls. We had made 5 copies of the tape. 1 for him, 1 for me, and three that we put into a safety deposit box with the originals.

I brought my tape over and we started it in the VCR. We could hear the girls laughing as they approached the door about an hour later; they'd been out drinking. They came in and were calling for us, asking if we'd lost anything, insulting us - until they got to the living room and saw what we were watching. They sobered up very quickly! Nikki swore. I said, "You know what you have to do, don't you?"

Staci began stripping as fast as she could; Jen took the cue and did the same, but Nikki scowled at me and said sarcastically "no, why don't you tell us, Master." I walked up to her and stared in her eyes. "They're doing fine, but don't you even think about moving until I tell you to." I reached up her mini-skirt, grabbed her panties, and pulled them halfway down her thighs.

Staci and Jen were standing nude, off to the side. Tim was playing with their breasts and telling them to be patient. (We had planned their punishment while waiting for them, but this was an unexpected wrinkle.) I told Nikki, "I've noticed that you're always the last one to get undressed. Maybe these clothes aren't any good," and I cut up the panties and tossed them into a corner.

She was wearing a thin, pink blouse; I pulled it out from the skirt and cut it up the front and back into two parts and stripped it from her body.

I slipped one blade of the scissors under the bra and held it still so both of her breasts could press against the cold metal. I saw a shiver run through her body. I snipped the elastic, and her breasts burst out. Then I cut through the elastic on her shoulders and threw away the bra, too.

"See, it should be easy for you to get undressed. I like this skirt too much to cut it, so hold it up for me as high as you can. You have such a cute body that I hate it to be covered."

She followed my orders, and I separated her legs so that I could caress up and down her thighs. Then I walked slightly behind her and started squeezing her ass so she wouldn't anticipate what was about to happen.

I took the ruler and smacked her as hard as I could. She gasped, let go of the skirt, and whirled around in one move. "Turn around and get that skirt back up," I demanded. "There's a penalty for being last and being uncooperative."

I thought that she was going to argue, but I could see her trying to hold back the tears; all of her fight had left her. She did what I said, and I smacked her other cheek hard, too.

She shook but wasn't crying. "All right, go stand with the others."

"Do you want me to take my skirt off?" she asked.

"You have to always do what you think we want you to do. Otherwise, you keep getting punished."

She pulled her skirt off and went to stand next to Jen and Staci.

I could tell that she'd finally given in.

Tim started telling them that what made us upset was that they had thought that we were so stupid that we would only have one copy of the tape and that we would leave it lying around where they could get it. He got to where he was shouting at them, waving his arms and asking if that's what they really thought of us. Of course, the girls weren't going to say anything. They just kind of cringed, unsure of what punishment to expect.

I stepped towards them. "We think that only the guilty one of you should be punished. Tell us whose idea it was, who was in charge." They all just kind of looked down at the floor. "Fine, we'll just have to help you remember." I went up to Nikki and asked her "Nikki, who stole the tape."

She didn't answer, so I told her to bend over, to grab her ankles, and to spread her legs a little. Her breathing sped up a little, but she did it. I whacked her five times, hard. By then, she had lost her battle to keep back the tears.

I moved on to Jen. "Your turn, Jen, who did it?" I pressed the ruler against her bottom and started pushing on her back to bend her over. She cried "It was Staci! She did it! Please don't paddle me!"

"You little liar!" Staci shouted.

I told Jen that since they couldn't agree, we would have to continue working on their memories. I pushed on her back again, and she was getting slightly hysterical, begging us to believe her and to let her do anything else for us but not to spank her, because she'd never been spanked in her life.

I was firm and told her to bend over, because she was going to get her five swats, but we would only count the ones while she was bent over. She got in the position but kept screaming "I hate you Staci! I hate you!" between her sobs. I tried to take it a little easier on her.

Then it was Staci's turn. "Come on, Staci, who did it?" She just stood there and shivered. I gave the ruler to Tim, and he gave her the spanking.

I went back to Nikki and asked her if she was remembering anything, and I patted her bottom. She swore at Staci and told her to admit it; Staci was crying but didn't answer, so I gave Nikki five more. I was enjoying making her squirm.

Jen was on her knees when I came up to her. "We can keep doing this all night until you agree on who's guilty, and then we'll start the real punishment." Jen let out a deep sob and leaned back until she was lying on her back, her knees sticking up in the air. "Please, no more," she implored us. "Can't you do something else?"

I looked over at Staci. "Come on, Staci, do you like torturing your friends like this? Tell us the truth." She kind of sank to her knees and curled up. Faintly, we heard her say "it was me." I told Jen and Nikki to get up, and we ordered them to punish Staci for us. We warned them, though, that if they didn't do a good enough job, we would have to punish Staci and them, too.

They descended upon Staci with such fury that I don't think we even needed to add that last warning. They were much more savage than Tim and I would have been: spanking her, yanking hair, pinching, pulling and twisting her breasts, and more. I left the room. After they left Staci tied up in the shower, Jen came and spent the night with me.


I got up early the next morning to release Staci. I got in the shower with her and helped to clean her off. Sure, we wanted her compliant, but I didn't want her to lose the mystique that made her more special that anyone else. She didn't want to let go of me, and she kissed me all over my body. That morning is what I remember as the best sex of the summer. After awhile, we dried off and moved to her bed. She still kept holding on to me; she kept her body tightly against mine, and I felt her finally relax while I kept caressing her back and her ass.

For the rest of that day, we had Jen and Nikki make up to Staci. We didn't want any lingering hostilities (and it was fun to watch the three of them in bed). By the end of that day, everything seemed forgiven among them again.

The girls had only been our slaves for about a couple of weeks when we were going into a store one day. Of course, they all had on real short skirts and looked gorgeous. As we went in, a plain-looking boy about our age was obviously staring at them. Nikki made some nasty comment loud enough for him and the rest of the people around us to hear - something like "Don't even think it; I don't need nerds like you looking at me!"

The other two kind of giggled. Although she acted deferential enough to me and Tim, she was twice as cruel to everyone else. It really got to me right there, because I had been kind of in his spot just earlier this summer. I called for him to wait and told Nikki to apologize to him. She did, but it was very sarcastic, and that made me even more upset.

I told the boy that we were trying to teach Nikki to be polite and would he help by punishing her. He looked confused; so did Nikki. He said that he didn't think he should. I told Nikki to convince him that he should spank her, or else Tim and I would go home and do it.

That scared her enough to sincerely plead with the boy to punish her. There were people all around us, so she was practically whispering. He still wasn't convinced, so I told Nikki to pull up her skirt and turn around for him.

Nikki was wearing a white tube dress, extremely clingy and just below her ass. I'd seen how Tim had dressed her, too: no bra and flesh-colored thong panties. She turned bright red in horror and looked at Tim, hoping that he would give her a reprieve, but Tim and I had agreed weeks ago not to interfere with each other during scenes like these.

She knew that she really didn't have any choice, and she hiked up her dress. I was certain that this would convince him; Nikki probably had the best looking bottom of all three girls, one that you just couldn't resist.

He agreed - vigorously enthusiastic, and I quietly told him to follow me. A crowd had begun to gather to watch Nikki's show, so we began walking across the parking lot. At the far end, I stopped between two vans but where there was enough space for us, and I told Nikki to give him her panties. "Please, do I have to?" she asked. "You saw they don't cover anything, they won't be in his way."

"Yes," I told her, "but I'm tired of how mean you act to people like him, and I think he deserves this payment from you. I want you to remember it next time you're tempted to mouth off to someone."

She reached under her dress, pulled down her panties, stepped out of them, and handed them to the boy.

"Now, your dress."

"I can't do that here!" she whispered violently.

"Okay," I told her, "your choice. We can either do a short session here or we can all go back home for a long one."

She paused for just a moment, considering the humiliation versus the pain and then began slowly lifting up her dress. I could see her shaking. I also suspect that the punisher enjoyed this slow, embarrassed strip as much as the spanking. We left the dress lying at her feet, and I had her bend over and spread a little. He didn't take it easy on her, and I also noticed that his hand lingered on her ass after each swat.

After twenty, I had him stop, thanked him, and sent him away (with Nikki's panties as a souvenir). Normally, Nikki is the loudest screamer when we punish her, but this time all she had done was whimpered. When she stood up and dressed again, I saw that she was still crying profusely. I wasn't sure if it was because of her burning bottom or the degrading display. Either way, I never saw her mistreat a stranger again.

Throughout the summer there were two events that we often had the girls do for us. It was probably our favorite thing (next to the sex). We would have them do cheerleading routines in the nude. Sometimes, what would be even more exciting would be to have them do their routines in nothing but their short, cheerleader skirts. It was fun to see the jiggling T&A show. And when they had on the skirts, it made the jumps especially exciting because of the nude flashes. We got to tape them doing lots of nude cheers that summer!


One evening around dinnertime, we ordered a couple of pizzas and realized that we were $2 short. Tim had an idea. He dressed the girls in sexy outfits, and everyone except Jen waited in another room when the pizza guy rang the doorbell. She had him bring in the pizzas while she told him how cute he was and asked for a kiss (he gave her more than one).

Then, she called Nikki and Staci into the room and offered to make a deal. If he would give the pizzas to them, they would all take off their skirts to show him their panties. And, if he would give them a bottle of wine (at least $10), he could choose one of them to dance for him and undress completely. He agreed, of course, and they all removed their skirts. I thought that Jen did it especially sensually, and she even rolled down the top of her panties a little for him. When he returned with the wine, he asked Jen to dance for him. She put on a fantastic show, and he left satisfied.

Earlier that week, we had talked about spending a weekend in New Orleans. Now, we had the idea of earning some extra money for the trip by making the girls compete on amateur nights at the topless bars.

They resisted, naturally, but we demanded it, and we went to one far away to where no one would recognize them. They were all very nervous, but they got some ideas by watching the regulars. Looks-wise, they completely outclassed everyone there. Staci won first, Nikki was second, and they also earned $95 in tips. The surprising thing, though, was how excited Jennifer was by the end of the night. By the end of the contest, she was really turned on (maybe by watching the other women as much as performing for strangers).

We had them compete on two more nights, and both times, Jen won and Staci was second. Jen was really getting into stripping, and her enthusiasm made her a crowd favorite. Tim and I had them practicing their strip shows at home (and we added them to our tape collection), and it always turned on Jen the most; she couldn't help but finger herself while the other two danced and sometimes while she was dancing herself.

Even after we stopped making them compete, Jen still would take us to the topless clubs every week or two. The manager would let her into the rotation and let her do lap dances. Since Nikki and Staci didn't want to dance, we made them come along in short skirts with nothing underneath, and Tim and I would keep them on edge with our hands up their skirts while we all watched. The first time that we all did this, Jen was watching a short, large-breasted blonde named "Sunshine" most of the night (her real name was Ashley).

Ashley said that she couldn't do a lap dance for another girl there at the club, so Jen paid for her to dance for me while she watched closely. Jen also invited her to the house so she could teach Jen how to give better lap dances. That was a hot morning, with Ashley demonstrating to Jen, and Jen trying to do one better, and both of them practicing on me and Tim, and they were totally nude. Nikki was off at the side (also nude) and masturbating the whole time. Staci was at work, so she missed out, but Ashley ended up in bed with each of the rest of us (twice with Jen).


Another night, late summer, the girls invited four or five other girls over for a slumber party. My parents had gone to a conference in Dallas for the week, and Tim and I went to my house for the night. The girls were planning to play strip poker, and we Staci had helped us to hide the cameras earlier that evening.

This was one of those games where after you lost your clothes, you had to bet your body, and if you lost again, you became the winner's slave for the rest of the night. Well, we had a call from Nikki that Debby and Jordan were on their way over, and she asked us to give them a rough time.

They arrived, both wearing short skirts and tight blouses. Debby is a vivacious blonde with fantastic legs, and Jordan is a sultry brunette with a cute face and bewitching figure. We asked them why they were there. Jordan explained that they had been playing strip poker and that Nikki had won them and sent them over. We were supposed to choose which of them was the most seductive and to give the loser a full punishment.

Tim pressed them: "why would Nikki do that to you?" We learned that Jennifer had been an early loser to Deb, then Jordan had lost her to Deb, and they had made her do some very humiliating things. So after Nikki had won both of them, she asked Jen what to do, and this had been Jen's suggestion.

"What did you make her do," we asked. Things like cleaning out a car while nude, knocking on a neighbor's door in bra and panties and asking if he could give her a battery for her vibrator, and then playing with herself, nude, in the hammock on the back patio, they told us.

We had them sit down while we got some things to punish the loser. We built a collection of all types of things: ping-pong paddles, rulers, rope, knitting needles and pins, matches, clothespins, potato peeler, ... anything. What they didn't know was that it was all just for show to scare them, and it worked;

Jordan's voice was quivering, and Debby looked a little pale. We explained that if Nikki and Jen had sent them to us, then the two in front of us must have been extremely mean to Jen, and we would avenge her appropriately.

We asked Deb to start by showing Tim how seductive she was, and she did a sexy stroll for him and lifted her skirt a little at the end. I asked Jordan if she could do better, and she ended her act by flashing her panties, too, but then getting in my lap and French- kissing me.

Deb's turn was a kiss with Tim's hand on her breasts. Jordan went further by taking off her top for me while we kissed. Deb did the same, and her skirt, and Jordan took it all off. Neither one dared to be the least seductive, and it wasn't long before they had each "seduced" us all of the way.

Tim was still massaging Deb's breasts when I rolled off of Jordan, and he asked me how I voted. We agreed that, obviously, they were both very seductive, though not as seductive as Jennifer. We also agreed they couldn't both escape the punishment, but it seemed like a tie to us.

The girls began to protest that we couldn't torture both of them, and we agreed with them. We said that since we were going to punish them both, we would only use the paddles on them.

You could see the relief in their eyes, and I turned away so they wouldn't see me smile. This had been the original plan! After their long spanking session, I doubt that they still felt relieved. Our intent was to make sure that the girls would still have very red bottoms to show their poker buddies.

When we told them that they could leave, they reached for the clothes, and we stopped them. They had given us their clothes, being seductive, and we intended to keep them. The girls whined, and we gave them another dozen swats for arguing with us. Then I made them an offer. I said that I'd find something to cover the bottom of one of them, but they'd have to fight over it.

Debby had a confused look on her face, but Jordan understood. She grabbed a handful of Debby's hair in each hand and tried to tug her to the floor. Debby was screaming, and her waving arms found Debby's breasts and began squeezing them. Jordan screamed and pushed Deb away. They both were panting and then rushed at each other and began the tit-twisting again.

Jordan couldn't take it and immediately tried to get away, but Deb wouldn't let go. Jordan dropped to the floor and rolled over, face down, to protect her breasts. Deb got on top of her, took a savage bite out of her ass, and began flailing Jordan's bruised bottom.

Finally, Deb finished by rolling her over, sitting over her face, and making Jordan lick her. What was most amazing about that pair was that as viciously as they always fought, they were also passionate lovers. To skip ahead a little, the next year in school, because of the hidden camera at the poker party and the one at our house that night, these two were forced to become Tim's next set of slaves - all three always had a wonderful time in bed together, but the two girls were constantly looking for ways to embarrass the other or get on Tim's good side so he would let her help punish the other one.

My Senior year plan developed differently. A couple of weeks before school began again, Melissa started calling me. Melissa was in my class, and I'd seen her at little during the summer, because she was also a friend of Staci's (what cute girl wasn't?).

Mel was also on the cheerleading squad, and her body was proportionately pleasing the same way that Staci's was except that Melissa was about five or six inches shorter with wavy, dark hair and a dark complexion. She would call just to talk, but I got the impression that she was impressed with the way I treated my girlfriend (in public), how satisfied, happy, and devoted Staci was to me, and she knew that Staci would be returning to Florida soon. She let me know that she understood that Staci was my girlfriend but that she was available while Staci was away.

She always asked what my family was doing, and one afternoon, I told her that my parents were going to be at a meeting that night. She asked if she could come over for kind of a date. I had a good idea of what to expect, so I also invited Staci and had her hiding in another room. When the bell rang and I opened the door, there stood Mel, completely nude; her clothes were in a heap at her feet.

She bounced into the room, into my arms, and began kissing me and pulling off my shirt. Melissa's body was as sensational as I'd imagined, and the surprise to me was that she was shaved (in the back of my mind, I was wondering how Staci would look like that). In no time, I was sucking a nipple and had a couple of fingers in her - that's when Staci came into the room. Mel tensed up immediately. Staci didn't say anything, but she came over and replaced my fingers with her mouth.

Until then, Mel says that she hadn't even realized that Staci was nude, too. Melissa also told us that later that she had never been interested in girls before, so she momentarily felt panicky when Staci began licking her, but Staci has an expert tongue, and Mel's fiery body was already too desire-filled to complain. So for that final week of summer, Melissa joined me and Staci just about every evening, and it got to where Mel enjoyed sex with Staci as much as with me.

The Sunday that Staci was going back to Florida, I went over to her house in the morning. Tim said that she was still in her room, so I snuck in. She wasn't asleep. She was in bed crying. She hugged me when she saw me and told me that she didn't want to leave, how she had hated me more than ever after the videotape prank, but now she loved me.

She said no boyfriend had ever treated her so well (despite my harsh punishments, I had always worshiped her so tried to be fair) or had been such a good lover (the others, she says, always resented her girlfriend lovers). She was scared that when she returned to college, I would have Melissa and forget about her.

I tried to reassure her by reminding her that I had always loved her and that I always continue to love her. I agreed that Melissa was sexy but that she could never be more than a weak substitute for Staci.

Staci's body was so much more awesome, her personality was more fun, and she was sweeter, more passionate, smarter, and more tender than Mel could ever be. We had a very passionate morning and early afternoon before she left; I still believe that she was determined to secure her number one position in my heart before she had to leave.

Throughout my Senior year, we called each other regularly. Staci told me about her girlfriends (she was sharing an apartment with Jen, Nikki, and another girl named Brooke). I would tell her about the things I was doing with Mel. We vowed to resume our affair in the summer, and we had an imaginative phone sex life until then.

My sex life with Melissa was going great, but she kept hinting that she was missing Staci, too. At the start of the second semester, a new girl transferred to our school. Shannon was tall with a very nice figure and great legs - from what I could tell in her tight jeans. Melissa told me that Shannon had kind of small but very nice-looking breasts.

Mel had a gym class last period, and Shannon wanted to try out as a diver for the Olympics some day, and she would come during the last period and practice. Mel got to see her change into her swimsuit almost every day in the locker room, and she kept imagining that Shannon kept looking at her, too. Shannon was a year younger than us, but she was graduating a year early, and, as luck had it, Mel discovered that she had a scholarship to Staci's school.

Melissa invited her to have dinner with us, letting her know about my friends from that college. Mel chose a night when her parents were on some type of retreat, and she cooked for the two of us. We had wine after dinner, and we were all feeling loose when Mel got us starting to talk about movie stars and who looked the best. From there, she told Shannon how much she admired her legs. Shannon protested that Melissa's looked just as good, and Mel asked me to judge. I said it wasn't fair, since I'd seen hers but only seen Shannon in jeans.

Melissa ordered Shannon to take off her jeans so I could compare their legs, and she pulled hers off. Shannon blushed a little but stood up and turned to face away from me, because as she yanked down her tight jeans, her tiny pink panties started to come down with them. She pulled them back up, stepped out of her jeans, and turned to face me.

Mel walked over and asked me what I thought. I reminded them that Staci had nice, long legs, and I was partial to them - so I preferred Shannon's. Shannon blushed again and picked up her pants. She made some comment about Melissa having better breasts, though. Mel jumped on that and argued that Shannon had very attractive breasts.

Shannon just kept shaking her head and seemed very embarrassed, so Mel asked me to judge again. She pulled off her top and bra and told Shannon to do the same. Shannon stared at Mel's bobbing breasts, finished off a glass of wine, and stripped off her blouse and bra. I told her they looked terrific but there was only one way to tell for sure, and I began caressing and kissing them.

Mel walked over, and Shannon reached out to play with her breasts. I'll tell you - Shannon was positively insatiable. We had lots of fun that night, and she wanted to continue on every night, which made Mel happy again.

I didn't tell Staci about Shannon, because I had an idea. The next month was Spring Break, and I asked Staci if Melissa and I could come to visit. She was excited by the idea. Well, we also brought Shannon along, and she and Staci became instant lovers, too.

I know this story is dragging on, so I'll wrap it up here. After Graduation, Melissa and I decided to go to the same college as Staci and Shannon. All four of us and Brooke rented a house together. We graduated from there together, and we all still live together happily along with Jen when she's in town. Jen became an exotic dancer and has been in some amateur films.

I don't hear from Tim much, except that I know he's an accountant in the East and lives with Jordan, and Nikki.



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