Amy Valentine jogged briskly through the park. The winter air was cold, especially in Berlin at this time of year but the jogging kept Amy warm. Her gray tank top was sweaty and clinging to her small bosom as she jogged. She had just eluded the spies who were watching her but she knew that they would catch up to her soon. Amy had to move if she was going to stay ahead of them.

The running brunette swerved towards the public restrooms. It wasn't her choice of a rendezvous but her contact was insistent. Amy suspected the low-level research assistant that was spying for her had control issues. She accepted that. When you work for a major company like Paragon Industries, you run into your share of egomaniacs.

She walked into the men's bathroom and breathed a sigh of relief. At least it didn't stink in here. Manny was waiting for her, smiling as he sat on the toilet. Amy was relieved again when she realized he had his pants on. He was rather attractive for a lab assistant with his curly blond hair and puppy blue eyes.

"Do you have the blueprints?" Amy asked quickly.

"Right here," Manny said. He held up a black cube the size of his fist. It had a tiny keyboard inscribed in its side.

"What the Hell is that?" Amy asked. "It doesn't exactly look like the blueprints for new medical laser."

"But it is," Manny laughed. "I took the precaution of encoding it in our newest security device. The SecretSafe is bulletproof, hammer-proof and corporation-proof. If you enter the right codeword, it opens up and spits out the disk that has the blueprints. Enter the wrong code and it acts like a garbage-disposal and eats the disk."

Amy shrugged. "Here's the money that we promised you." She tossed him the wad of cash she had tucked in her jeans.

Manny smiled and stood up. He looked her over from head to toe.

"My price has gone up." He started to unzip his pants.

Amy laughed. "Look, normally I wouldn't mind fucking a guy to seal a deal but we're tight on time."

"Damn right we are," Manny laughed. "I have to be back at work in five minutes. Either I get off before then or else I take my SecretSafe back with me."

Amy cocked her head. "I could just kill you."

Manny had his manhood out and was stroking it to life. She noted that it was uncircumcised and very, very large.

"And not get your blueprints?" he said. "You look like the kind who wants to make her pay this week."

He was right. Amy had her heart set on hitting the casinos this weekend and the bonus for this mission would give her enough money to let her get the hang of Baccarat. She didn't doubt the efficiency of the SecretSafe. The Germans were good at making shit that came in black.

Amy considered her options.

"Five minutes?" Amy asked.

Manny nodded.

"Let's do it," Amy said. She stepped up to him and grabbed him by the back of his blond head. Before he could react she pulled him in for a deep kiss. Her mouth assaulted his. She felt his cock press against her thigh and Amy reached for it with her hand.

"Wow!" Manny moaned as Amy's hand tightly gripped his cock. His moan was smothered by Amy's kiss as her tongue dueled with his. Amy's hand was sweaty and firm as she began to stroke him but her grip was a little too tight. Manny tried to tell her this but her kissing drowned his protests.

Amy just thought he was a lousy kisser.

She pushed him up against the wall of the tiny bathroom. Amy lifted one firm leg and rubbed it against his. Manny shuddered as he felt the hard lines of her leg through her jeans. He slipped a hand down over her tight ass and squeezed as hard as he could.

The door opened behind Amy and Amy cursed. She forgot to lock the very public restroom door. The brunette spun her head around as she continued to stroke Manny's thick uncircumcised cock. She was disturbed to see a teenage boy standing there.

"Go the fuck away, okay?" Amy yelled in her best German.

The kid jumped and slammed the door. Amy had a brief vision of the kid growing up with a fear of being raped in bathrooms, never dating girls except the really quiet ones until one day he snaps and has an affair with the brunette in accounting; but can only get it up with her when they have sex in the bathroom.

"It's too dry," Manny gasped as Amy's hand continued to stroke him. She looked down and noticed his cock was bright red. In the rush, Amy realized she forgot to lube him!

"Fuck, sorry," Amy said as gave her hand a long wipe with her tongue. "Is this better?" she asked as her spit-covered hand grasped his cock.

"Oh yes!" Manny moaned. Her now slick hand glided over his cock.

He was still sore but there was something soothing about a wet grip.

Amy stroked him hard and fast till his balls were bouncing.

The door opened again and Amy cursed. Instead of a teenager though it was a busty blonde carrying a gun!

"Oh shit!" Amy cried out. It was Bethany Taylor, Diligent Enterprises' best industrial espionage agent! Amy reached for her gun that was tucked in her jeans but her spit-covered hand was too slippery. The gun went clattering to the floor.

Bethany simply smiled.

Then she fired.

Amy caught the bullet in her chest and collapsed against Manny. He was screaming like a girl. As Amy slid down to the floor she realized that she would never learn to play baccarat after all.

Amy blinked.

That plan sucked.

Amy considered her options.

"Five minutes?" Amy asked.

Manny nodded.

"Let's do it," Amy said. She locked the door behind her and walked over to the grinning lab assistant. Amy dropped to her knees and looked his cock eye-to-eye so to speak.

She opened her lips and Manny needed no instructions. He slipped his cock straight into her mouth. Amy nearly gagged on his girth but she relaxed and held on tightly with her lips. His cock was warm in her mouth and Amy moaned as she imagined this heat inside her own sex.

Manny reached down and grabbed Amy's long hair. He held on tightly as he pumped Amy's face, his balls slapping Amy's chin. Amy groaned at this insensitive fucking and mentally kicked herself. She should have known that this egomaniac just could stand there calmly and take a blowjob. The best she could hope for was that he would climax quickly.

A knocking at the door stopped Manny's fucking.

"Go away!" Manny yelled.

"Please mister!" a kid's voice yelled back. "I'm going to piss my pants out here and I need to get back to my girlfriend!"

"Fuck off!" Manny yelled back and began to pump his hips against Amy's face again. Amy had a sudden vision of the German teenager pissing his pants on his date, his girlfriend breaking up with him and the kid being the laughing stock at school. The kid would then grow up having never kissed a girl and one day having the biggest collection of stamps in all of Europe.

Amy concentrated back on the blowjob. Manny's fingers tugged on her hair and Amy had to fight his grip to keep sucking him. Her tongue danced on his cock, trying every trick she knew to get him off. Manny moaned louder when her cheeks caved in from the suction but it was Hell on Amy's breathing.

"I'm close!" Manny growled before the door was kicked in.

Amy tried to turn her head but Manny had an iron grip on her hair. As soon as he let go, Amy felt the familiar pressure of a gun barrel at the base of her skull.

"Nice and easy," a woman's voice said. Amy recognized the voice. It was Bethany Taylor, Diligent Enterprises' best industrial espionage agent!

Amy slowly rose and Bethany removed Amy's gun. She then slapped a handcuff on Amy's wrist. Bethany then slapped the handcuff to a pipe next to the toilet. Amy could do nothing as Bethany pushed Manny to the far end of the bathroom.

"I'll be taking the blueprints now," the cocky blonde declared. She was wearing a black leather skinsuit like she always did in German missions. Bethany found that most people just assumed she was Dominatrix.

"No one gets the password till I get off!" Manny said with revived courage. A stiff cock does that to some men.

Bethany smiled. "Why of course," she said. She reached down and held his slick cock in her hand while she used the other hand to unzip her skinsuit. She slowly tugged at the zipper as her hand pumped his cock. As her cleavage was revealed inch by slow inch, Manny's eyes sparkled.

All Amy could do was watch helplessly. Bethany's cleavage plunged further and further down. The leather parted to reveal more of Bethany's impressive breasts until Manny was shaking with anticipation.

"Oh!" Manny cried out as he ejaculated into her hand.

"Never send an brunette to do a blonde's job," Bethany laughed.

Amy blinked.

That plan sucked.

Amy considered her options.

"Five minutes?" Amy asked.

Manny nodded.

"Let's do it," Amy said. The tall brunette pulled her pants down to reveal her firm legs and tiny black panties. She didn't say a word as she dropped to her knees and gave his cock three good spit covering licks with her tongue. When Manny tried to grab her head her hands were already swatting them away.

She stood back up and turned around to pull down her panties. Manny gasped as he saw the splendor of her firm round ass. Her cheeks presented a tempting cleavage he couldn't resist.

"Go ahead, fuck me there," Amy told him and she bent over. "And I would hurry, you only got four minutes left."

Manny eagerly took her advice. He placed his cock at her anus and slipped easily in. His uncircumcised cock provided its own lubrication but Amy's spit was the little extra it needed to fit inside her tight ass.

Amy moaned as her ass expanded to accept him. His thickness was pushing her from inside and her pussy clenched as he filled her. His hands reached around her flat stomach and pulled her ass to him. They cried out together as his cock sank to the hilt in her tight ass.

"Faster," Amy groaned and Manny agreed. His hips undulated as he fucked her; his balls slapping hard against her ass. Amy reached between her thighs and stroked her sex. She sweaty down there from the jogging and her fingers made wet slurping noises to accompany the hard slaps of her ass.

A teenage boy walked in and froze. His mouth dropped open and his eyes widened in shock.

"Take a piss already," Amy invited in German. "and hurry up, we're kind of busy."

Manny didn't seem to mind that the teenager was watching them the entire time he took a leak. Amy didn't mind either. Her ass was just getting used to Manny's size to stop now. Let the kid watch, he might learn something.

"Remember to always use a condom!" Amy said as the boy zipped up.

"And wait till you're in love!"

Amy had a sudden vision of the boy growing up to be a healthy responsible man who never had to drop out of High School because he got a girl pregnant. He would then get a job doing something erotic and artistic because of the strangeness of his first sexual experience and get a job with MTV making millions of dollars.

"Faster!" Manny moaned and this time Amy complied. She clenched her buttocks around his cock and swiveled her hips ever so slightly. Manny shivered as his cock was massaged by Amy' anal vise. Her buried fingers could feel his cock pressing through her ass. Hand and cock worked together to make Amy melt in friction.

"I'm close!" Manny cried out.

The door exploded inward and in stomped a busty blonde wearing a black leather skinsuit. Amy recognized her; it was Bethany Taylor, Diligent Enterprises' best industrial espionage agent!

Luckily for Amy, she already had her gun out and pointed towards the door.

"Drop the gun and stand quietly over there," Amy commanded as she still swiveled her hips.

"Mein Gott!" Manny cried out as his cock exploded within Amy. His cum flooded Amy's ass with its liquid heat and Amy's pussy spasmed around her buried fingers. Amy hit her climax simultaneously and her eyes almost but not quite closed. She wanted to make sure Bethany did as she was told.

Bethany did.

Manny eased his cock out of Amy's ass and checked his watch.

"Just in time," Manny told her as he handed her the cube. "The codeword is 'Lola'."

"Could you pull up my pants for me?" Amy asked as she kept her gun trained on Bethany. The cocky lab assistant was only too happy to comply. After he pulled her pants back over her firm legs and ass, he asked Amy a question.

"How did you know she was coming?"

"I didn't," Amy told him as she pocketed Bethany's gun.

"I just like to plan ahead."



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