Hi, I'm Mike and I'm 29 years old living in San Diego, I'm average looking and recently received a letter from my mom that 2 of my cousins would like to come here for the summer, of course I said OK, Vicky and Susie were 6 and 7 last time I saw them 10 years ago. My girlfriend, Vera thought it was a good idea too.

I set off for the airport to meet them and see 2 gorgeous women come through picking up their bags; I'm so engrossed by them I forgot about my cousins. I must have missed them but these girls looked great, about 16 or 17, one blonde, one brunette with tremendous tits, wow I'd love to fuck them! A good job Vera wasn't with me.

Well I kept looking around and these girls were looking at me when one of them came over to me, "Are you Mike?" she asked, I of course said yes, and she said she was Vicky and the other girl was Susie. Wow, these 2 hot girls in my apartment for the summer? Vera wasn't going to like this.

We got back to my apartment and Vicky came over, she explained that they weren't how I'd described them but she couldn't say anything, could she? They went to bed as they were tired and Vera and I went to bed, I was fucking her but I know I was thinking of Vicky and Susie, Vera told me I was like a tiger tonight, I hope she didn't know why!

Vicky is 29 also but fairly plain looking but a good lay and we have a lot in common and have been dating for 3 years, I think she's looking for a ring but who knows!

Vicky had to work the next day and went home but I'd arranged for some time off work and a schedule to work at home to be with my cousins. I saw them in the morning, going in for their showers, each one stopped by to say hi, wrapped in a towel, they looked hot!

When they were both done I asked them what they wanted to do and they both said the beach, they asked if Vera said anything about them staying and I said she was delighted to see them but Vicky said she wasn't sure, she then said that neither of them had had such a flat chest since they were 12! I told them to shut up but they both said its true (well it was, Vera was very flat).

At the beach I had on short although most guys had on Speedos, the girls had very sexy bikinis indeed! I admit I was getting a bulge in the front of my shorts and both Vicky and Susie were noticing. They disappeared for while and came back with a bag and had bought me a pair of Speedos, I made a lot of excuses as to why I couldn't wear them but they insisted so I went to a men's room and changed. Well they were very revealing, I was really embarrassed. Both Vicky and Susie complimented me and looked at my crotch.

When we got home they both headed to the shower together to wash the sand off, I pretended not to notice but Vicky called out "Remember when we were small you used to wash us in the bath, I bet you'd like to do that again". Well I would but I was nervous, I got to the door but didn't go in, but then it opened and Vicky was there, Susie was in the shower, they were both naked, wow! What bodies, great tits, nice asses and cute pussies, I got hard as a rock almost immediately.

"Your clothes will get wet," they both said and I got undressed, my 7 inch cock was so stiff, I soaped them all over and they did me, they were feeling my cock so I used my left hand on Vicky and the right on Susie and gradually inserted fingers into each of their pussies, they were wet! A few strokes and I had them cumming, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" they moaned. "We should return the favor," suggested Vicky and she really started rubbing my cock while Susie played with my balls, a little while later I was cumming, Wow, all that cum. They were impressed.

We got out of the shower and went to my room and dried off, however seeing them still naked I was getting stiff again, "I think we really need to take care of our cousin" said Vicky and they told me to lie on the bed. I did so immediately. Vicky started to suck my cock then Susie sat astride my mouth and I was eating her pussy.

Susie was soon cumming, her juices so sweet. They then switched, Susie was taking my cock in her mouth and I was eating Vicky's pussy, Vicky was soon cumming, however I was able to hold back until Vicky got off me and both of them were licking my cock, suddenly I was cumming, Vicky went down to the based of my cock to make sure no cum was missed, then she and Susie started kissing sharing my cum. Wow what a sight!

"I bet you never cum like that for Vera," said Vicky and I didn't say anything but she was right. I suggested we get dressed and eat as Vera was coming over later but they said we should relax, so we did.

Later, I realised that each of them was nibbling on an ear, it felt good, I didn't think I'd get it up again though in that period of time but soon my cock was rising, the girls were smiling. I hadn't had a teenage girl in years and the thought of being inside either of their pussies excited me, my cock got really stiff, "You got first," said Vicky to Susie and she climbed on top of me. Her pussy was so tight even though she was dripping we it took a while for her to slide down my cock, she was cumming before I was all the way in.

Vicky started rubbing Susie's clit and she came even more, when she finally got off me Susie could hardly breath, she was covered in sweat and so satisfied. It was now Vicky's turn, she climbed on me and she was also tight, she started cumming immediately I entered her but was more used to sex than Susie and could take more, finally she pulled me over so I was on top, "You've earned this Uncle Mike. C'mon, pump for all you've worth."

I didn't need telling a second time! I pumped that girls pussy for all I was worth, finally I exploded inside her, Susie was excited as well and Vicky came. When I pulled my cock out Susie started to lick my cum out of Vicky's pussy, Vicky motioned to me and licked the cum and her pussy juice off my cock. We led there for a while before getting dressed.

Vera came over and we ate dinner, she couldn't believe how hungry Vicky, Susie and I were. Later Vicky and Susie politely said goodnight and left me with Vera, she wanted to go to bed but I wasn't sure I had anything left, I said I had to check something online from work, she wasn't happy but she did believe me and left.

I went into the girls to say goodnight, they asked if Vera had left and I said yes, Susie said that was good as she was disappointed I hadn't cum inside her, I was disappointed which is why I sent Vera away. I knew these girls would get me up without a problem. I stripped off and they sucked me up, Susie got on all fours on the bed and thrust my cock into her, Vicky got underneath sucking my balls and Susie was sucking her pussy, this was so hot I was soon cumming. That was it for that night.

This went on for a few nights until Vera got fed up with leaving and not getting laid, she point blank asked if I was screwing my cousins with them in the room. Before I could say no they spoke up, "Yes, its fucking great!" They then stripped to the waist and asked Vera where her tits were.

Vera was quick though and said there's more to life than tits, but I could see she was really looking at the 2 great pairs my cousin had. "I must admit they are fantastic tits," said Vera, she stripped to the waist to show her small 32's and said it was all she had.

The girls told her not to worry, "But," said Vera. "I can get a 10 inch cock into my cunt." Vicky and Susie were impressed, they'd struggled with my 7 inches. Now I didn't realize that Vera kept a dildo in my apartment in case she came there when I was out, it was 12 inches, Vicky and Susie just stared at it.

Vicky stripped completely and started rubbing it on her clit before slowly inserting it. Vicky and Susie both stripped and Vicky started helping Vera, Vera was soon cumming and moaning, nearly all the dildo was inside her. She then returned the favor with Vicky but only about 8 inches went inside her, they then did Susie and her pussy was so small and tight not even 8 inches made it in yet she screamed the loudest.

The 3 of them looked at me, "You must have a raging hard on by now," exclaimed Vera (this was an understatement! I thought I'd cum in my shorts!).

I soon stripped off and all three girls were licking my cock, I said that as Vera had missed out the last few days I should take her first, the girls agreed and she led on the bed and I mounted her, I was pumping hard and she was screaming with pleasure, Vicky and Susie were fingering each other and moaning then I came, exploding my load into Vera, it was the best cum I'd ever had in her. I withdrew and Susie took care of licking my cock clean and Vicky took care of licking the cum out of Vera.

During that summer we had a fucking great time, I'd never cum so much. Vicky and Susie liked Vera and she came to love them too, they talked me into asking her to marry me and she agreed, we had an orgy to celebrate! We set the date for near Christmas so my cousins could come out again.

Vicky and Susie left at the end of August and in November I got an angry call from my aunt asking if they'd dated any boys, I said they may have, she told me they were both pregnant! Fortunately Vicky and Susie said they'd secretly met some boys and that I didn't know them, they told my aunt how prudish I was (she knew me and believed them).

A few family members came out for the wedding and my wedding night was spent with Vera and Vicky and Susie, they'd given me several doses of Viagra so even when I came I stayed stiff, I went forever. It was fantastic.

I asked Vicky and Susie about the babies, they hardly showed as pregnant, they wanted abortions but my aunt persuaded them they shouldn't, she was fairly well off and would get a nanny in to help out.

By the time they came back the next summer they'd both given birth to a baby girl. Vera and I offered to adopt the girls and my aunt agreed. Vera had stopped taking the pill and I was soon fucking her hard and she got pregnant too so we had the 2 adopted girls and Vera's.

My cousins visited me for 5 summers but eventually met guys they wanted to marry, but guess what, they both moved to San Diego!



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