My whole problem started because of a guy I worked with, Frank.

Two years ago I was going to law school full time and bartending at a local place at night. Stephanie and I had just gotten engaged and our lives were going well. We still lived in separate apartments. Stephanie was a nurse and made good money. I made good money at the bar and was going to graduate at the end of the semester. We had the wedding schedule for a year from July and we were very much in love and trusted each other completely, then Frank ruined it.

Frank worked at the bar with me and always whined. His life sucked, he didn't get paid enough, the government was out to screw him. You know the type. Anyway, I had long since learned how to tune him out, but this one night he was complaining about how his wife left him and he said something that caught my ear.

"Never marry a broad who has only fucked you. Because sooner or later she gonna wonder what she missed out on and go looking for other dick." Then he followed it up "A woman is always going to sow her oats." That was all it took to turn me, a confident, good looking 28 year old guy with the world at his fingertips, into an insecure, paranoid, little mouse.

Stephanie and I had been together forever. We grew up in the same neighborhood. She was 2 years younger than I was. We started dating her senior year of high school (my sophomore year of college) and have had the perfect relationship ever since. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever known, by anyone's standards.

She is 5'8" short blond hair and green eyes. Her body is incredible. She has always been very athletic and it shows. Her breasts are a small, Very firm C, her butt is perfect is her stomach is nicely toned, and best of all her skin is absolutely flawless. She loves me more than life itself and I love her equally. She is the best thing that ever happened to me and more than I could ever deserve.

Sexually we were doing all right. She would do anything to please me but I really never took advantage of it. She would occasionally give me a blow job until I was nice & hard (never to completion) and then we would make love with me on top. She said she enjoyed it but I didn't think she was too into sex. One time I told her I wanted to try anal sex. She wasn't exited about the idea but wanted to please me so we planned it for the next night.

When the next night rolled around she told me she was really nervous and wanted to back out but if it were what I wanted, she'd do it. I let her off the hook. But that's just how she was, very unselfish. The thing that was making me nervous now was that she was a virgin when we met. This was usually a great source of pride of pride for me. I was the only one worthy enough to be inside her, that's how I saw it. But now, Frank was making me paranoid.

After weeks of stressing about it I decide to talk to her. So while we we're lying in bed one night, her watching television and me studying, I just blurted it out.

"Do you ever regret not sleeping with anyone but me?" She turned to me with a surprised/confused look on her face, "I mean, when you were younger. You know before we got together?"

"NO, of course not, why do you ask? She replied

"I was just wondering, I mean, I slept with a couple other girls in college so I know what it's like to be with some one else but you've only been with me." I was really starting to sound stupid.

"You're the only guy I've ever wanted to be with. Don't you remember how I told you about the day I fell in love with you. I was 10 years old and you were playing basketball against my brother.

"I spent the next 7 years trying to get you to notice me. I never even thought about other guy's. I was hell bent on getting you from day 1 and here I am!" She said it with a smile that made me feel even stupider. "Thanks for reminding me about the other girls by the way," she said with extreme sarcasm. She loved me and I had nothing to worry about.

Of course, I couldn't leave it at that. Listening to Frank all the time was taking its toll and I decided there was only one thing to do, I had to get her to sleep with another guy. Sure, it was risky but I felt confident that in the end she would understand that I am a good lover and sex with other guys was nothing special.

Make no mistake about it, the thought of my future wife having sex with another man made me sick, but I had to know if our relationship was strong enough. It would pay off in the long run. The only problem was getting her to do it. So one night after we finished making love I brought it up, I told her the story about Frank and how I thought It would make our relationship stronger.

"Are you fuckin' nuts? I'm not gonna fuck some guy because you're insecure. And if you really think it would make our relationship stronger then you really are nuts." She wasn't mad she was just making a point. I decided to go another route.

"Honey," I started. "I have a confession to make, but I don't want you to think I'm weird."

"Michael, If I haven't found you weird yet I doubt I could start now, besides I wouldn't judge you."

Here it goes, "I made up the story about Frank because it kinda relates to a fantasy I have but I was afraid you wouldn't understand." I should have won an academy award, I think it was vulnerability that really got her.

"Oh, baby. Don't feel that way." She was now laying with her head on my chest looking up, God she was beautiful. "Haven't I always been understanding in the past. Don't I do everything in my power to satisfy you? Remember the sex in public thing or the porno?" Then she put on a really sexy voice, "Or what about the time I put my fingers in your bum while I went down on you?"

I was getting hard again as she talked. Although it had nothing to do with the bum thing, that fantasy didn't go over as well as I planned. But she made a good point, she always acted this shit out. My plan might actually work.

"Well, okay I'll tell you. I sometimes think about you making love to another man and it gets me excited."

"Really?" she replied with a look on her face like she was about to laugh.

I continued my acting job by rolling over real fast and saying, "I knew you'd think it was strange, forget I ever brought it up."

She cuddled behind me, I could feel her next breasts on my back, "Michael, don't be like that, talk to me about this."

It was time to go in for the kill, " I just think about what it would be like if you went out and made love to another guy, maybe even acted out some of your own fantasies with him, then came home and told me about the night, that's all."

She had a far off look in her eye, and then turned to me, "Wow, I'm surprised. Most guys would be threatened by something like that." She giggled a little. "I guess it could be kinda sexy, I do like to talk dirty sometimes, but I don't know about another guy. Couldn't we just pretend I already did it and I'll make a story up?"

"I don't know if that would work. Anyway I would never ask you to do it I just wanted to be open about my fantasy. I hope you don't think it's strange."

"No, I've actually heard about it before. I work with a girl whose husband likes to watch her with other guys, I suppose it's similar. Is that what you want to do eventually, watch?" she wasn't shooting this down as quickly as I thought she would.

"Oh, I don't want to make a life style out of this. It's just the thought of you having an infidelity that I find exiting. I think if I was there to see it would take the intimacy out of it." I knew I couldn't handle watching her with someone else. I'd go blind with rage and jealousy. Plus we never made love with the lights on so I knew she wouldn't go for someone staring at every inch of naked body. "It would just be a couple of times. Any more than that and I'd probably start to get jealous."

I looked over at her and could tell she was listening intently, she was interested, "I'm not saying I would never do it, but I wouldn't just jump into it. But if it turns you on I don't see why we couldn't try it sometime. After all you know how exited I get knowing I'm turning you on." She climbed on top of me and started rubbing my semi-hard dick on her pussy. She was soaking wet already just from talking about turning me on.

"I'll tell you what," she said as she slid my dick in side of her, "for the rest of the night lets both pretend that you are Antonio, my big Italian lover." She giggled after she said it. We had a pretty good session. The whole time she called me Antonio and I have to admit it was a little bit of a turn on watching her getting all hot and bothered while pretending I was someone else.

After that we talked about it couple more times but were distracted by life. I had finished Law school in December and started studying for the Bar Exam and Stephanie was miserable in work and trying to plan our wedding. Our nights would end with both of us complaining about how bad our days were and passing out. Late one week Stephi had been looking at brochures for our honeymoon during lunch. We had already agreed on Jamaica but it was up to her to pick the exact spot. That night when she came by my apartment she was very unhappy.

"How was work?" I asked.

"Terrible" I hadn't realized how upset she was up until that point, "I can't stand that hospital anymore, I'm doing way too much work and no one appreciates it, the stress is killing me." She looked like she was about to cry. "I wish I could take a vacation. When I went to the travel agent she showed me so many cool place. I wish we could go now."

My wheels started to turn, "Why don't you go? Scout it out for us. Besides we agreed we wouldn't see each other for the week before the Bar Exam so I could study. Why not go that week?"

She started to cheer up already. I loved to see her happy. "I'd love to but I can't afford it. Maybe we can just go to the mountains for a weekend? Just to get away."

I could tell she really did need a vacation, "No, I'll pay for your vacation. I've been doing well at the bar lately and I haven't gone out with the guys in months so I have some extra cash. You deserve this."

She hugged me and jumped up and down, She was very excited " You're the best, let me call Brenda and see if she can go." With that she ran off to use the phone. She spent the rest of the week finding a vacation spot. She decided to one of those all -inclusive spots in Negril. She was to leave in a week when she found out her friend couldn't go. We talked about what she should do in bed that night.

"Can you find someone else?"

"No, I asked the rest of the girls, they all have reasons why they can't" she didn't seem too bothered by it.

"Are you gonna back out?" I was lying on my back while she was on her side with her head propped up by her hand.

"I had another idea", she said with a wicked look in her eye. She reached down my pajama bottoms and started to stroke my dick "Hear me out on this one, You've been awful good to me so I figure maybe I should repay the favor.."

I cut her off, "Honey if you're gonna suggest that I go too, let me remind you of a little test I have coming up."

She laughed at me, "No, I'm not suggesting you blow off the bar exam, but I am saying that since you are paying for this trip you might as well get something out of it."

"Like what?"

"Like the knowledge that you're pretty little girlfriend will be sleeping in another man's bed while she's away."

My dick was very hard, maybe I was starting to enjoy this idea. "You don't mean?"

"Yes, I do. While I'm in Jamaica I'll pick up another man and give him something that only you have gotten until now." She leaned in and started to lick my ear, "hell, maybe I'll pick up seven guys, one every night of the week. With no one down there I can be as indiscrete as I want. I'd ask you if you like the idea but I've never seen your dick this hard before."

She was right, I was really hard but also really nervous. I reached over and started to finger her. She was a puddle. We both came on each other's hand in a matter of seconds. When we woke up the next day we talk about the idea and agreed it was the best way to go about it. The rest of the week she shopped for vacation clothes. She bought some skimpy bikinis and some light dress clothes, but all in all she didn't pack too much.

The night before she left we talked about he details. We agreed that she would call me every other day just to say hi. She wouldn't give me any details until she came home. She was leaving on Sunday and coming home late Monday/early Tuesday. Those were the days I was taking the Exam so she decided to get a cab home from the airport so I could sleep. She knew I'd probably want to go out and blow off steam after the exam on Tuesday so we decided to meet at my place Wednesday after my shift at the bar.

"Are you sure this doesn't make you jealous?" She asked on the ride to the airport.

"It does," I said. "But in a strange, exciting way."

"Alright, but you can call it off if you want, this is all for you. Last chance," she mocked

I gave her one last safe sex speech and we said our "I love you's" and I watched her walked to the terminal. As I watched her walk away the bad feelings started to come. I looked at her ass and realized another man was going to have his hands on it. Then I though about how she'll have his dick in her little hand and maybe even her mouth! I had to stop thinking about it or I'd go crazy.

The next three days were terrible! It was all I could think about. What if this guy was better than me? What if his dick was bigger? What if she fell in love? I couldn't eat, sleep or study. At this rate I would definitely fail the test. When Tuesday came around I didn't dare go to the library. I stayed in and waited for her call. It came around noon.

"Hi Mike," She sounded normal, like she was calling from work, "How the studying going?" She knew I didn't want to talk about that. The little smart-ass was busting my balls.

"Never mind that, How's your vacation going?"

"Oh, baby. You should see this place it's beautiful, and the weather is perfect. I am a little homesick though. I miss you." She was still doing it.

I was done playing games, "Stephanie, cut to the chase, did you do it?" My hands were shaking so bad I could hardly hold the phone.

She laughed, "I knew it you little pervert, you have a one track mind." She paused for what seemed like a year, "Yeah, I did it." She said it matter-of-factly. My knees started to shake and my stomach went into knots. I sat back on the bed.

"W-well?" I stuttered out.

"Hey, the agreement was no details until next Wednesday when we're together.", I was ready to snap, "I should give you this though, I think you're gonna be disappointed. Maybe this is one of those fantasies that was better left that way. I hope you're not mad."

God, I was relieved. I felt the pressure go away instantly, "No baby, I'm not mad or disappointed. I just figured we should give it a shot."

She sighed, "I'm glad you feel that way. I'm gonna go down to the beach and soak up the sun. Get back to the books. I love you."

"I love you, too," click.

I was so relieved I wanted to dance. Instead I went back to studying. I was at the library when Stephanie called on Thursday. She left a message on the machine.

"Hi Michael, it's me. It's Thursday,. 7:00pm... um... I didn't think you'd be in but I figured I'd check in anyway. I'm having a great time. This place is amazing. OKAY gotta run. I love you."

She sounded happier than I've heard her in a long time. I slept well that night. I went back to studying and waited for her call on Saturday but it didn't come, nor did it come Sunday. I just assumed that she had called while I was out and didn't leave a message. The exam on Monday was tough. I went home immediately after and passed out. When I awoke the next morning noticed there was a message on the machine. It was probably Stephanie telling me she made it in okay I must have slept right through it. I hit the button.

"Hey, it's me," she sounded sad, "Um, It's Monday night around 10:00. I'm about to leave Jamaica. I wanted to apologize for not calling the last few days. Um, I got pretty busy and it slipped my mind. I'll explain later. Good luck today."

Slipped her mind? How could calling me slip her mind. I was a little bothered by it but didn't think all that much about it. I left to take the second part of the test. It went well and I went out with the guys to celebrate. By 10:30 I was shit faced and missed my fiancee. I went home and called her. She didn't pick up so I left a message and passed out. I slept until noon the next day. There was a message on my machine from Stephanie saying to meet her for dinner right after my shift.

Around 11:00pm I got to the restaurant and Stephi had already gotten there. She greeted me with a big hug and a kiss. She looked beautiful. Nicely tanned, nothing too dark.

"I missed you so much," I said. "How was it?"

"Unbelievable, I had the time of my life. Everything was beautiful the weather, the views. I had so much fun. My room was huge. It was a suite with a living room, kitchen and everything. It was bigger than my apartment." It was good to have her back. We sat down and talked about the test for a few minutes. We ordered our food and then went back to talking about her vacation. I was practically dying to hear the story but refused to ask. I knew she would bring it up before long.

"Well, I didn't ask for a private table for nothin'. Are you ready to hear it. Of course you are what was I thinking. Oh, where to start? His name was Bobby. He is a student at one of the local colleges and was on the flight down with a bunch of his friends. He was sitting next to me and we started to talk. He was a good- looking kid. About six feet, athletic looking. You know, your typical college jock.

"Anyway, he asked me if I'd be interested in going out with him and his friends after we landed. He was nice so I said yes. We went to a local place and danced and drank all night. Well, by midnight we were both drunk and went back to his room. Before I knew it he was ripping off my clothes and jumping on top of me."

At this point I was sweating and could hardly talk, "so what happened next?, did you do it? Was it good?" I rattled of questions like a madman but she handled the coolly.

"Yes, we did it but it wasn't good. He was really drunk and sloppy. He was rude when I told him to put on a rubber. And all he did was jump on me and pounded away like it was a race. He came in less than a minute and passed out. I grabbed my stuff and snuck out."

I felt a little relief but needed more info. "Did you give him a blow job?" I had never been so forthcoming with her before but there was no time to mince words.

"No, he didn't deserve one. I had planned on doing it earlier in the night but when it came down to it I realized he was going to be a selfish lover and decided not too." She made a face like "oh, well" and took a bite of her salad.

I was waiting forever for her to continue.

"It only got worse the second night," she whispered over the table," I met a guy at the bar who sweet- talked me into going back to his room. When we get there we started fooling around. We were kissing and touching each other. He had this thick dick and I was jerking him off while he fingered me. I started to come and shut my eyes. When I opened them there was another woman there. It was his wife, they wanted to have a threesome!"

"Oh my God, What did you do?" I said. I was shocked at the language she was using.

"I grabbed my clothes and ran. Just like the night before. That isn't something that interests me." She looked down at my food. I hadn't touched it. "Do you want to go home and make up for lost time?"

Before she finished the sentence I was getting the bill.

On the way up the stairs to my apartment we started making out. I couldn't wait to fuck her. "God I missed you," I said.

"Obviously!" she said grabbing my dick, "I can't wait to show you all my new tricks." She said.

I laughed, "I didn't know you could learn anything from two bad sexual experiences."

"Honey, I've only told you about the first two days," she said.

I stopped kissing her, "There's more?" I inquired.

"Oh yeah, The third day is when I met Tyler. You'll love this part."

As we went into the apartment she told me how she met this Tyler. Apparently after she got off the phone with me she went down to the beach. She said she was pretty sad about the two bad experienced and just planned on relaxing the rest of the time. She was on the beach reading her book when this guy came up to her told her he needed a teammate for volleyball. She agreed.

"I noticed right away how handsome he was. He was tall and very muscular. During the game we kept bumping into each other. We were both real sweaty and had on tiny bathing suits so it was almost already sexual. I was so wet by the end of the game I would have fucked him right there on the beach."

I couldn't believe she was talking this way. I was starting to feel sick. After we changed into our pajamas she climbed into bed and continued her story. She started to stroke me off while talking about her experience. I felt really strange picturing my cute little future wife in these situations.

"After the game I told him he could shower in my room, but we started making out in the elevator and didn't make it into the shower for hours. He was so sexy. He looked just like that actor Joe Diggs" I started to think about that and realized that the actor she was referring to was Black! I was shocked. My wife could never have fooled around with a nigger.

"Stephi, you must be mixed up. Joe Diggs is black," I said.

"Yeah and really good looking too, right that's the guy."

I panicked, "You fucked a black guy!" I yelled.

She looked startled, "Yeah, that's not a problem, is it?"

I saw how nervous she was and felt bad. But I was shocked and disgusted.

"No, No of course not. I'm just surprised that's all, keep going."

"Ok, well, we started fooling around in the elevator and by the time we got to the 14th floor I already had my top off and we were pulling at each others bottoms. He picked me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist and we were kissing like two animals. He carried me to the room like that. I was topless the whole time and I wanted it so badly I didn't care if anyone saw."

"So what happened next?!!" I was trying to speed her up.

"Relax, I'm getting there." She stopped stroking my cock and reached for her bag at the side of the bed. "Take of your pants!" she commanded. As I took them off she squirted some lotion in her hands and rubbed it in. Then she squirted some more and started to rub it on my cock. This was something new. It felt great but I couldn't help but think of where she learned it. This was not the last time I would be plagued by these thoughts.

"I'll tell you what happened next but you have to promise to tell me if you get too jealous. In order to tell you the whole story I'm gonna have to be very specific and I won't sugar-coat it."

The whole time she was saying this she was jerking me off and looking directly into my eyes. I was way beyond too jealous but I knew I had only myself to blame.

"Yeah, yeah, I promise. Let's hear it!" I blurted

"Alright, I'll tell you what happened next. When we got into the room I started pulling at his shorts while I kissed him. When the door shut I push him up against it and started kissing and licking his chest. He was so muscular. We both smelled like sweat and sun burnt skin. I still remember that sweaty, salty taste his skin had. I know this next part will turn you on."

I got nervous already. I could tell she thought I was more into this than I really was just by the way she was telling the story. Sure I was excited but for the most part I was disgusted.

She continued, "I licked my way down his stomach and then knelt in front of him. I had a feeling his dick would be big, you know because of what the say, plus the elevator ride, but when I pulled down his shorts, Michael, I thought I would die. It was fuckin' huge. It was big and dark and scary looking."

She took her hand off my dick and made a size gesture with both her hands that I can only hope was extremely exaggerated. "At first I thought it was ugly but as I got closer I realized it really was beautiful. Perfect dark skin with a pinkish purple head. I started to lick and suck on it. The whole time it kept getting bigger. I don't know how long I was sucking for but by the time he grabbed me by the sides of my head and pulled me up I was ready for anything."

She paused and moved her mouth to me ear. She whispered, "Are you doin' OKAY? Does this turn you on? Do you like the idea that your girlfriends' lips were on another man's mouth? Huh? Or that this tongue was all licking another mans body?" with that she licked my ear, "Or how about that this mouth was filled with another man's cock!" She kissed my neck fully.

I had never heard her say "cock" before. I didn't even think she knew the meaning. The hand job she was giving me was great. I think the only reason I hadn't cum already was because I was so nervous. "I want to fuck while I tell you the next part of the story but I need two things from you."

"Anything," I mustered.

"First, I want you to leave the light on. I want to see your face while I tell it. And second, I want you to wear a condom." I was confused.

"What, why do I have wear a condom? I'm gonna be your husband for Christ-sakes."

I saw that she already had the condom in her hand when she straddled me. She only had on a pajama shirt so I could feel how wet she was. Even her inner thighs were soaked. "I'll explain all that but right now I need you inside me." I reluctantly agreed as she reached behind and put the rubber on my dick. She slowly eased down on my dick. I could feel the heat through the rubber but not much else.

"Take off your shirt and finish the story," I commanded

She gave me a funny, almost nervous look and stuttered "Alright." she unbuttoned the shirt and slid it off over her shoulders. Almost immediately I noticed all sorts of red welts, bruises, and bite marks all over her. They started from her shoulders and went all over her tits, stomach and inner thighs. The most prominent ones were inside her now very visible tan line, by her pussy. I think I could even see a one under her neatly cut pubic hair.

"Jesus Christ, Stephanie! You look like you've been raped!"

She kinda laughed but really wasn't smiling, "Willingly, maybe! I know what you mean though, things did kinda get out of control." She closed her eyes and started to rock back and forth on my dick, "Should I continue?" she asked. She opened her eyes and got down close to me while she rocked. She put her hands on the back of my head looked my directly in the eyes and kept telling the story.

"When he pulled me up from blowing him he pushed me over to the bed and laid me down. I swear that might have been the last time my legs were together for the rest of the week. My bikini bottoms were so wet it looked like I just got out of the pool. He put his head down there and started eating me like I was his last meal on earth. He was biting on my lips and sucking and then when he stuck his tongue inside my whole I came like a rocket. I don't know how he didn't drown."

While she was telling that part of the story she was gritting her teeth and really grinding into me. "By the time I got my bearings back he had taken a r ubber out of my purse and was cramming his dick into it."

She gave a little laugh, "God that stupid little rubber looked so ridiculous on that huge dick, but I didn't care. I just wanted to fuck. When he slid into me I though I was going to die. He was fucking me for a good 5 minutes before I loosened up enough to enjoy it. But once I relaxed I was able to take almost all of it.

"You wanna hear something really exciting? I was so horny that after just a few minutes of doing it I let him turn me over and fuck me from behind. I was always too self-conscious to do that with you but this guy had me doing it our first time!"

I don't know why she thought I would find that exciting. It actually made me really mad, but I didn't let her know. "So, how did it end?

"I was getting to that. After about a half-hour of this I was physically exhausted and we were both sweating like pigs. I had my face in the pillow but my ass still raised way in the air and he was still pounded away really hard. I felt him pulling way out of me and I though he was just going to slam back in with all his might. He was doing that every once in a while, so I looked back to egg him on. But as I turned I felt him pull all the way out and I saw him rip off the rubber and start jerking that huge dick. Then he started screaming "Finger yourself, finger yourself!" so I did.

"The sight of him stoking his dick made me cum immediately. I was still on my knees with my ass pointed up at him and when I finished cumming I saw him start to shoot huge gobs of cum. When it slashed on my back it has so hot and nearly burned and I just kept on playing with my clit as he shot one after another. He collapsed right on top of me."

"What do you mean, 'egg him' on?" I inquired.

"Oh if you had heard some of the things I said this week you'd be ashamed to know me. You wouldn't believe some of the things that came out of my mouth." She giggled to herself, "or went into it."

"I don't get it. If he wore a rubber then why do I have to wear one," I quipped.

"Well because I wasn't that careful every time," she said it shamefully. "I'm sorry, I hope you're not mad. But I got myself checked out today and I'll have the results soon." I hope she didn't think that would make everything better.

"I'm not mad I'm just disappointed, I thought you were smarter than that. Especially with a black guy."

"What does his race have to do with it? It was a bad judgment call on my part, that's it. It doesn't matter what color he is. When it say it like that you sound like a bigot." She stopped riding me and just sat back on my cock as she defended her nigger boyfriend.

"Alright sorry. I'm just starting to get a little jealous, that's all. But it's nothing I can't handle. Please don't stop now. What happened after he came on your back?" I couldn't believe I had just asked my future wife that questions. But it did seem to relax her. Maybe even excite her because she started to fuck me again. This time with an added bonus, she reached behind her and rubbed my balls as she rode me. In one week my girlfriend had gone from Miss Inexperienced to a seasoned whore. I really didn't like it.

"Well when we finally got our energy back we took a long shower together. We washed and rubbed each other, it was really sensual. We explored every inch of each other's bodies. We did it once again before we went to dinner. People look at you funny when you're a white girl with a black man, even down there."

"I take it that's not the end of the story?" I prayed it was.

"No way, He spent the rest of the week with me. We did it three times over the course of that night alone. Every time was more exiting than the last."

"Let me ask you something, when did you stop using a condom?"

"Right after dinner?" She said it quietly. I knew she was ashamed.

"How did he convince you to go without?" I had to know because usually she was very strong willed.

"I won't lie Mike, I convinced him!" I was shocked and sickened, "He wanted to wear one but I told him not to. And to make sure he didn't I snuck into the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet. Does that make you angry?" I knew if I told her the truth she'd clam up. And I'd never know what happened.

"I just don't understand why you went through so much trouble to risk getting some STD."

"You're the one who told me to live out my fantasies. Last I checked none of them including being separated from my lover by a piece of latex. Besides I was pretty sure he was safe. You're mad, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not mad at you but I hate wearing this rubber, I can't feel anything through it." Suddenly she looked nervous again.

"Oh, I was afraid of that, " she kissed my softly, "It's not the rubber, Honey, It's me! I've been stretched out. I was having a tough time feeling you too but I thought I was just a little numb. I'm so sorry, baby. But I'll be back to normal in no time." This was getting to be more than I could take, " How about I show you some of my new Blow Job tricks?"

"You have blow job tricks?"

"Yeah, the next day my pussy was so sore it hurt when Tyler licked it never mind put something in it. I didn't want to neglect him so whenever he needed attention I would blow him." While telling me this nasty fact she was crawling down between my legs and pulling my rubber off. She started to lick and suck and rub my dick like never before.

"I hope your ready for the best blow job of your life." She warned. She would look me in the eyes and jerk my dick. Then she would spit on it. It was like a porno. And when she really blew me it was awesome. Wet, and warm. Fast and slow always at the right time. I was ready to come in no time and started to warn her.

"Baby look out, I'm gonna cum!" she didn't hear me. "Stephi, I cumming!" again no acknowledgement and the pressure was building. I screamed and threw her off me. Hot cum splash on my chest and I fell back onto the bed. I hadn't cum that hard in years. As I basked in the afterglow I heard Stephi say, "Why did you push me?" I didn't even open my eyes, "I was cumming!" her response.

"No shit, I heard you the first time." As went to look up at her to find out when she started taking it in the mouth I felt her mouth on my chest. Licking and sucking up all the cum. Then she went down and cleaned up my dick. She came up with a big smile. I was too jealous to enjoy it.

"You let HIM cum in your mouth?"

"Oh yeah, I just got so into what we were doing I never even thought to stop. I swallowed and everything. Are you proud of me?" No I wasn't. She had become a whore. But I remembered whose idea this was so I played along.

"That was a good blow job."

"Thanks, I'm glad I could make you cum." She cuddled next to me, "I'm just sorry we can't enjoy my new sexual skills together yet."

"I know. But I'm willing to settle for blow jobs like that one for a few weeks, do you want me to return the favor?" I didn't exactly like the idea of eating her out after her escapades but I did feel guilty about receiving all the attention and I was still horny. Plus I wanted to hear more.

"Honey, I couldn't ask you to do that. I'd love to get off but I don't expect you to lick me after I just told you two other men had their dicks in me." She sounded so sweet and sincere.

"I want to baby, really." She kissed my lips and she rubbed my head as I worked my way down. The whole time inspecting her body. She looked even more toned than usual. It must have been from all the rigorous sex. When I got to her pussy I realized how wet she was. Her lower belly, inner thighs and her ass were soaked. She sighed when I took the first lick.

I leaned back to get a good look at her pussy. It was puffier than I remembered it. She reached down with both hands and held it open for me. It was strange seeing her act so slutty. I started kiss and sucking her warm slit. I stuck a finger in her and barely felt any friction.

She must have felt something because she commented, "You'll have to do better than that, put two more in." This surprised me, but I slid the other fingers in and still had plenty of room. She really was stretched. "More!" I heard her gasp. So I stuck my fourth finger in.

The whole time she was pushing towards me like she wanted the whole fist. She raised her feet off the bed and pulled her knees up toward her chest. She was still holding her pussy open but then moved her hands to my head and face. Her breath was heavy and she started to moan. "Oh God, I'm getting close keep licking my pussy! That's it yeah!" she was never into like this before but my dick was getting hard.

Suddenly she ripped my hand out of her cunt and stuck her own four fingers in. I stop licking because I thought she wanted to finish the job herself, when I looked at her pussy I saw her hand flying in and out of her at a blinding speed.

Her head shot off the pillow and she screamed at my, "What the fuck are you doing??! I'm gonna cum, don't stop licking!!" Nervously I dove back in and licked her clit for all it was worth, she started cumming right away.

"UHHH, here I cum you muther-fucker!!! Oh! Oh! Oh1 UUUHHHH!"

Her feet dropped to the bed like rocks and I backed off her pussy. I surveyed the seen. Her lower body was glistening with cum the bed was soaked. Her hand was still in her pussy but was moving much slower. Then I noticed her other hand and my stomach churned. It was underneath her and two fingers were in her ass. I didn't know how long they had been there but I could only assume it helped her cum as hard as she did. I watched her slide them out in slow motion.

I made my way up to her mouth and she kissed me passionately, "Thank you, I needed that so bad."

"You came hard!" I said.

"Yeah, I did. I guess I was really worked up and you did a great job down there," she smiled.

"I noticed something else." I wanted to see if she knew what I meant, she did.

"Yeah, I learned to appreciate some other things this week." She sounded proud.

"Only fingers, or everything?" I couldn't bear to ask if she got ass-fucked.

I was hoping she didn't.

"Everything! Fingers, tongues, black dick. Do you wanna try later?" she asked with a smile.

"How did he get you to do it, I've been trying for years?"

"Well, I told you how sore my pussy was and that I had been giving him blow jobs for most of the day. But I was getting so horny I needed to get laid. While we had been doing it before he kept sticking his fingers in my butt. I was enjoying the sex too much to tell him to stop and soon it started to feel pretty good. And I was pretty sick of just giving blow jobs." She giggled, "I had swallowed so much cum by noon I wasn't even interested in lunch. Anyway, I was really horny and just wanted him inside me so I suggested we try it."

"It was your idea? Did it hurt? How did you do it?" I was so sick at the idea I just rattled off questions. I was still doing a good job hiding my disgust but it was getting hard.

"Woe cowboy, slow down with the questions." She looked at my dick, it was hard. "Ready for round too already, huh? OKAY I'll show you how it's done. Grab some lube from my bag and put a little on you dick." As I did what she asked she rolled over onto her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows, she smiled at my. I looked at her beautiful ass and saw more marks everywhere, bruises, teeth marks, and hickeys. All over the place.

"Stephi what have you done to your body?" I inquired.

"I let a huge black guy have his way with it. Pretty cool, huh?" she looked so proud. "Come on, you'll enjoy this. You don't have to wear the rubber if you don't want." That was a relief. "I know how much you'll want to feel this."

I knelt behind her and she reached back and spread her cheeks. It was the first time I ever got a good look at her asshole and it was a beautiful little thing. I prepared to enter her, "How much of a slut do I look like holding my ass open like this?" She was right she did, "Ease it in."

I did. It went a lot smoother than I expect. She purred softly and then continued her story as I pumped slowly, enjoying every inch. "The first time Tyler entered my ass it was the worst pain I ever felt. I was crying and crying and telling him to stop but he wouldn't. Finally the pain was so bad I went numb and he just kept pounding away. But the end of the night he had me begging for it. Are you enjoying this?"

I was loving the ass fuck but hating the story.

"The next morning we went down to the beach. The whole time I was walking like I just got off a horse. Between the pains in my pussy and my ass I could only lay on my stomach." I must have done something right because she moaned, "there's the spot baby, do it harder!" I picked up the pace until I was slamming her. "Oh god, oh god yeah, fuck that little hole!" Her nasty talk was making me cum and I screamed;

"Oh god Stephi I'm gonna cum in your ass!!"

With that she jumped up and spun around pulling my dick out and engulfing it in her mouth. I came very hard and she swallowed it all, even after it had just been in her ass. I collapsed and she lay with me. After that we were both pretty sexed out so we just talked until the sun came up.

I learned a lot over the course of the night. She told me all about this Tyler guy. How he lived in Jamaica and was only stopping by to visit his uncle who ran the resort when they met. They didn't leave each other's sight until her flight left. She also told me, with strange pride, that she flew home with his cum in both her pussy and ass.

When she called me from the airport she said she could still taste his spunk from the blow job she gave him on the ride there. She made out with him in the terminal before boarding the plane, right in front of everybody. I also learned that the real reason I had to wear a condom was because she stopped taking her birth control pills during the week and if she was pregnant she wanted to know for sure who's it was. This was the only time I lost my cool during the night. I started yelling about her wanting to have another man's baby.

"I never said I wanted to have his baby!" she yelled back, "It seemed like a sexy thing to do at the time and now I feel foolish. I would never keep it but if we have unprotected sex I won't know who's it is. I could go full term thinking it was yours and find out it isn't the hard way. We could never explain that!" She had a good point. I finally calmed down after she professed her love to me and our talk continued. Sometime before the sun came up I learned another scary fact.

"I feel bad for that poor college kid. He'll never know what he missed." I commented.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that. He was on the flight home with me and he apologized for his messy behavior. He said he looked for me all week to make it up to me but I was nowhere to be found. I didn't ell him where I was, of course, but he asked if I would give him another chance when we landed. I knew you would be tied up for awhile so when we landed yesterday I went to his dorm and tried again," She had a mischievous tone.

"That explains why you didn't answer the phone last night," I said.

"Yep, we fucked and sucked right up until this morning. But this time I was in control. I made him eat me for an hour. I got on all fours and made him lick up and down my crack. At one point he told me how great I tasted. Little did he know he was actually tasting Tyler's cum. I got a private little laugh out of that. I was such a slut." She laughed, "I even let his roommate watch and jerk off." I was starting to get embarrassed for my girlfriend. "I didn't know you were an exhibitionist," I commented.

"It's funny you should say that. At one point while Tyler and I were going at it the maid came in to clean the room. I though he would stop or at least tell her to leave but he kept right on fucking me and told her to ignore us. She had the door propped open with her cart and by the time she was done a crowd started to form outside the door. I think they heard my screams and got curios.

There must have been a dozen people watching your cute little fiancee bent over a table, holding her ass open while a big black guy hammered away at her pussy, I think some of them might have even taken pictures!" She seemed so proud. I was very angry about all this. I was starting to have trouble breathing. I decided it was time to tell her how I felt. I explained that even though it was my idea it really wasn't turning me on. I told her that I was actually a little disgusted with her behavior.

It ended with me saying some things I shouldn't have and her telling me that it was all my fault. She "whored" herself because I had asked her to. She said she did it all for me and now she felt like a slut for it. She stormed out of my house shortly after the sun came up.

I tried to stay mad at her but couldn't. I called to apologize the next day. When she came over that night we had a long talk. We told each other how much the other one meant and she told me that I was her one and only. She said that even though these other guys had fucked her, she has only made love to one man. She now knew how jealous I was and how I almost let my insecurity ruin our relationship and she still loved me. I knew how lucky I was to have her.

I'd like to say that we lived happily ever after, but that would be a lie. My insecurities came back. And if you though I dealt with them stupidly the first time wait till you hear about this...



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