My name is Angel Davis, and I'm 14. My real name is Angelina, but no one calls me that. Today is January 7th, 2005, and I am 5 months pregnant. The father is 44 and married. This is my story.

When I was 10, my breasts began to grow... little bumps, but still breasts. I was tall for my age, and my legs were long and tanned. I had a pert nose and dark black hair that flowed down my back to my butt. I didn't know I was pretty, but enough people told me over time, so I began to believe them. The summer after my 10th. Birthday, my momma showed me how to shave my legs. She told me how pretty they were, and that I was turning into a little lady.

I wore shorts a lot after that, and one hot July night my Uncle Bill and I were sitting on the porch swing watching the fire flies in the back yard. He said "You know Angel, you have some pretty legs for a girl your age." I was thrilled! Here was a grown man paying me a compliment.

Well, that night I discovered my gift... older guys like young girls!

Yea, Uncle Bill was being sweet, and tossing down quite a few beers! Soon I was sitting in his lap and could feel the stiffening of his cock under my butt. He began to kiss my neck slowly, not the way he used to! I hated the smell of his breath, but the way his now hard cock was pressing into my butt was pleasant.

I squirmed a little and he grunted, then his arms wrapped tightly around my waist and he got real quiet. Then his hardness got soft and he asked me to get off his lap so he could go pee. I know now that he came in his pants, but back then I didn't understand a lot of things!

When I was eleven Uncle Bill came to visit us like he did every July. This time, I wore a short skirt with no panties. We sat on the swing and soon he was tickling me and put me on his lap. I had some hair on my pussy now, and had begun masturbating. When I felt his cock rubbing against my bare pussy, I started to grind on it and move around. He had no idea that under my skirt I was naked. But once again he went soft and went to pee.

I guess when he got in the bathroom he noticed that the front of his jeans were wet! When he came back outside, he pulled me towards him and after hugging me said, "You made your Uncle very happy tonight, but you are getting to old to sit on my lap."

Well, right then I knew that he REALLY wanted me on his lap, but was doing the ADULT thing by denying it! I was not interested in intercourse, but I did like the way his cock felt, and I wanted to see how far I could go with this new power I had.

So I played innocent and asked him if he would mind if I kissed him? He smiled and said, "Sure Angel." So I kissed him on the cheek, then I kissed his neck several times, going lower towards his chest with every kiss. Well, he starts to moan again, and I just put my hand on his cock and he jerks away! "What are you doing?" he asks. "Learnin," I say. I felt him up through his jeans and he put his finger in me.

He stroked me slow, not going in deep, but just playing with my clit. I started to cum, but momma came out the back door and we both scrambled to look normal!

Nothing ever happened after that. I guess he felt bad, but I wish he would have kept our game up.

So when I turned 12 I was pretty sure I was ready for sex. I had found my momma's dildo and used it a lot. I guess I took my own virginity! Momma had a friend from church who came over every Sunday after service. He was old by my standards, but nice to me. Momma and him dated awhile, and I began to think about him a lot. One night he stayed late, and from my room I could hear him making love to my momma.

After they got quiet, I began to masturbate, picturing him on top of her. I was really into it when he walked into my room! He was going to the bathroom and saw my light on. I was sooooo embarrassed! But he was calm and smiled at me, then came over to my bed and sat down. "You okay?" he asked.

I was thinking, "You caught me doin myself, and you ask that!?"

But he just looked at me and said "Have you ever been with a man?" I just shook my head no, unaware that my fingers were still inside me. He stood up, glanced towards the door, and pulled out his cock!

"Watch me closely Angel. This is how a man does what you are doing right now."

Then he began to stroke his cock, and he was telling me how much he'd love to put it inside of me. This was the first time I had seen a mans cock, and I was fingering myself into a frenzy as this old guy jacked off for me. When he came, he had the same look on his face that Uncle Bill did. I came too, even though I didn't know what the hell was happening! He left my room, and gave me many happy memories for the next 12 months!

When I turned 13 I met a guy in Church who had 2 kids in daycare. I watched the kids while the adults attended service. He was handsome, but I never thought we would be together. His wife never dropped the kids off, or picked them up. So I felt sorry for him. He seemed lonely.

I started thinking that a nice guy like him should have a girl who treated him good. I flirted, but he didn't respond at first. I knew my age might scare him, but I also knew that I had the gift! So I waited, and soon we became closer, spending more time talking when he brought in the kids or picked them up.

I wanted him! I knew it was wrong, but God I wanted him! I hated his wife, and thought she was un-deserving to bear him these children!

But he looked at me in that way and I had seen it before. I knew I had him.

So we met in a park and made love in his car. He came in me over and over, and every time he swore that he could not get hard again, I managed to change his mind! See, I have the gift! Older guys turn me on. Especially when they are married or taken! I get off knowing that I am fucking a man who has a wife or girlfriend at home. I am naughty. I am young. I am pregnant.

But I will sit on your lap if you want! Just don't tell anyone! ;-)



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