In a small, locked room with institutional beige walls, the young woman shivered. She was naked, having refused the clothes she was offered, and there were goosebumps on her pale thighs. Sitting against the headboard of her bed, she hugged her knees and rocked. Normally a confident, extrovert girl, Trisha had taken an unwise cocktail of recreational drugs a week before and suffered an... episode. She had not spoken since her breakdown and seemed distant and withdrawn.

She started as a key turned in the lock, looking at the door with alarm. It opened, and a young male nurse walked in briskly, carrying a tray. Seeming not to notice her own nakedness, she looked away and returned to her reverie as he put down the tray and read the clipboard at the end of her bed.

The nurse watched her for a minute, assessing her condition. Still withdrawn. He walked around the end of the bed and approached her. He could see her watching her out of the corner of her eye.

"Hey, you," he said, watching her closely. She didn't look up. He was pretty sure that she was not going to move or speak. Too traumatized. It was too bad for a pretty girl to end up in this state, but then she had brought it on herself by using illegal drugs. He had no sympathy for her.

He looked around at the door, which he had locked. It was dark outside, a quiet night in the institution. Somewhere, a patient was wailing. He looked back at the girl, who was still staring at the wall and rocking slightly. No change. Ok, he thought.

"Hey!" he said curtly. "I said you. Look at this!"

Her head turned. She frowned for a minute, not understanding, then suddenly he heard an indrawn breath of horror. Well she might. He had taken his cock out of his pants.

It was fully erect, long and fat. Veins stood out on the shaft. He squeezed it lewdly, pointing the purple head at her. He reached for the tray, not taking his eyes off her, and brought out a small squeeze-tube from under a towel. Slowly he screwed off the lid, squeezed a dollop of liquid into his hand, and started spreading it up and down his hard-on.

"Yeah, look at this." Enjoying the moment, he stared into her eyes. She watched him like a frightened animal. There was a faint slurping sound as he rubbed the lubricant onto his prick. He took his time, poured out another squirt of KY and kept rubbing. A thin thread of pre-cum dripped from the head of his penis and lengthened towards the floor. She helplessly watched it descend.

He dropped his pants and walked to the head of the bed, where she sat, hugging her knees. Standing over her, he jacked his cock, making a dirty squelching sound. She could smell his balls. She shivered and looked away, scared.

He had done this before to other patients - jerk off on a patient, come on the helpless bitch's face. He would clean it off and retreat. It was one of the pleasures of his hard, dirty, poorly paid job. But this time he wanted more.

"I've got something for you," he told her. "Don' think you'll like it much, but I don't really give a shit." He pulled off the rest of his clothes and clambered onto the bed. His cock bobbed eagerly as he moved towards her.

She made an inarticulate sound and tried to move away, but he grabbed her and held her in place. Kneeling in front of her, he trapped her wrists in his hands and moved forward, sandwiching her folded legs between them.

"Ready, bitch...? Thought not." He held her wrists with one hand, pushed her knees against her chest with the other. She was much smaller than him and was only resisting weakly. He shuffled closer to where her pale bottom rested on the pillow. She gasped as his cockhead brushed against her lower tummy, leaving a glistening trail.

He pushed her legs further back, bringing her bottom further forward and exposing her pubic bush completely. Tilting his hips down, he pushed his erection between her legs. The tip slid down her perineum, rested between her ass cheeks. She let out a small moan and tried to pull away as she felt it touch her, but he had her in a tight grasp. "Fucking shut up," he told her.

He adjusted his position slightly, and growled in his throat as he felt the sensitive tip of his prick touch her anus. There was nowhere she could go, as the slippery glans pushed against her. Her anal muscle slackened hopelessly, and a tear slowly rolled down her averted face as he triumphantly pushed his cockhead into her.

This was his first full patient fuck and he was loving it. He inched his penis into her, holding her skinny wrists tight. She had no way of stopping the intrusion into her bum and no will to resist. It hurt, but the pain felt like it was happening to someone else. He grunted and pushed forwards hard, not stopping until her anal sphincter was stretched around the base of his prick. Her thick, dark pubic bush was tickling his stomach, and her slender thighs were sandwiched between them. He let go of her wrists and arranged her legs over his shoulders. There was no fight in her now.

He started to thrust, savoring the sensation up and down his cock. "Crazy bitch," he told her. There was no sympathy in him, if she had not wanted to be treated this way then she should not have taken drugs in the first place. He supposed that what he was doing was even legal - didn't the patients have to sign some kind of waiver of their civil rights when they were admitted?

He fucked the pretty inmate with long, smooth strokes. Her tight, unwilling rectum clasped his cock tightly. Twice she tried to pull away, but he just held her still and gave her an extra hard thrust up the arse to punish her. There would be no escape from this room for her, and no escape from his dick.

He heard footsteps in the corridor once, but didn't bother looking around. There was no need to worry about being caught - all the other night nurses in this ward were either on the same game, or being paid off. Most of the male nurses enjoyed buggering an attractive patient every so often. (Anal sex was the method of choice, as it avoided the threat of pregnancy, and any rough treatment to the patient could be explained away as the result of administering an enema or suppository medicine.) Some of the female nurses would turn a blind eye if they were slipped a wad of cash every so often; others liked to spend time alone with the patients as well. He didn't know what they did.

After about twenty minutes she was getting uncomfortably dry. He didn't want to tear her ass up, in case he got caught, so he pulled out, stood up and went to re-lubricate himself. "Dirty whore," he told her absently, cleaning his cock with a Cleenex. When he came back to the bed, the traumatized girl hadn't even moved - she was still sitting, back to the wall, with her knees up and her ass slack and open. He pulled her towards the end of the bed so he could stretch her out on her back with her legs open, then lay on top of her, shoved his wet prick back up her and continued pumping her bum.

There was a familiar tingly sensation at the base of his cock. His balls were starting to tighten. Clearly a new element was about to enter the doctor-patient relationship.

"Look at me," he told her. She stared at the ceiling, unresponsive. Irritated, he brought one hand up and grabbed her by the chin. "Look at me!" He forced her head around so he could stare into her eyes. Seemingly hypnotised, she watched him with unblinking eyes as his thrusts accelerated.

She suddenly felt like she was up on the ceiling, looking down. Emotionless, she watched his buttocks moving up and down, slowly tightening. The girl on the bed - who was that girl? - was just lying there, biting her lip as she received more and more dick up her ass. Gee, that must hurt, she thought distantly. It all seemed very far away.

He was losing control, well past the point of no return. He thought he should pull out, whip his dick out and cum on her, but he wasn't ready yet and the sensation of having his cock up a helpless patient's arsehole was just too great. He moved forward and kissed her, forcing his tongue into her mouth and up against her teeth. The feeling of her warm, wet, unwilling mouth was amazing and he started to cum. Squirt after squirt jetted into her. It felt like he was cumming into her mouth and her bum at the same time. The best orgasm he'd ever had.

After about a minute of lying on top of her, panting, he pulled out, wiped himself off and got dressed. Moving in a daze, he took the unresisting girl to the bathroom and carefully cleaned her off. He wiped the cum and lube off her pubic area, toileted her, and took her back to bed.

He pulled the covers over her and stood back to catch his breath. His drained penis was stirring and he wanted to do it all again for a moment, but he had work to do and his supervisor would kick his ass if he didn't finish. He could wait until the next night. He made a mental note to start force-feeding her the contraceptive pill so that he could enjoy vaginally raping her as well, with no fear of consequences.

If she ever recovered her voice, she would certainly accuse him and he would go to jail - but he knew she would never recover. Any progress made by her therapist during the day would certainly be reversed by the sexual trauma of her nightly rapes. She would withdraw further from the world and be reduced to a helpless fuck toy.

Walking down the corridor away from her room, he remembered a story he had heard from another nurse, an older man named Bob who had been working at the asylum for years. Bob was a career patient-molester. He had never been married or been in a normal relationship; he claimed that the hospital patients fulfilled all his sexual needs. Currently he had several female patients clamoring to receive 'special medicine' from him. They liked to get their 'special medicine' because it made them feel good and sleep deeply, although they might not have been so keen if they knew that it consisted of a triple dose of tranquilisers, a muscle relaxant injection and about 10 cc of sperm administered anally.

Anyway, this story was about a seventeen-year-old girl called Karen, who had admitted herself to the hospital after suffering a mild attack of depression. One of the night nurses had entered her room and tried to molest her. When she yelled at him to get off her, he realised his mistake. He knew he would lose his job if she reported him, so he had to act fast. He sedated her, then called in Bob and his friends for help. Together they figured out a plan - Karen must be reduced to a state where she could no longer accuse anybody.

They pumped her full of tranquilisers and left her. Karen slept through the next day, apparently in a coma. Her doctors were baffled, but decided that they would simply have to put her on a drip and leave her to awaken naturally.

That night, Bob and the other conspirators came to Karen's room. Working together, they put a blindfold over her eyes, tied her ankles together and put her in a strait-jacket. They put earmuffs on her head, and just to make sure, they turned on a radio and turned it up, filling the room with white noise. Then they gave her a shot to wake her up.

Karen was left in a state of sensory deprivation, unable to see, hear, or move. All she could feel was the cotton bedsheet under her, the straitjacket holding her arms fast and her own harsh breathing. She couldn't remember where she was or how she'd got there. Was she even alive? She started to panic, but she was completely restrained and there was nothing she could do, except to thrash around like a fish. Eventually she calmed down and stared into blank nothingness. Her mind went vacant, she felt like she was losing herself. An eternity seemed to pass (though in fact it was only thirty minutes).

Suddenly she felt something - hands parting her buttocks. Something cold dripped between her cheeks... wet fingers touched her anus, rubbed the cold liquid around, dipped between her legs and dabbed between her vaginal lips. Horrified and revolted, she tried to squirm away, but couldn't move. A finger slipped into her vagina, swivelled, withdrew. There was another pause, and then a weight slowly came down on her back. Her legs were parted... something hot and swollen was probing between her labia.

Part of her wanted to scream and pull away, but the rest of her welcomed the contact - anything but the void she had been lost in before. It hardly mattered either way, as there was nothing she could do. The intruder found her vaginal opening, pushed inside... She could feel nothing but the cock moving in and out of her. It felt like her entire body had diminished to the size of her cunt and her entire being was being raped.

Karen was raped eight times that night, vaginally, anally or both at once. She was kept in sensory deprivation for the entire night. At the end of the night, Bob gave her another massive dose of tranquilisers. She lost consciousness almost immediately. They removed the gear from her, took her to the bathroom and quickly and efficiently cleaned her up, then put her back in bed and reinserted her catheter.

The conspiracy repeated this 'treatment' the next night... and the next... and the next. Karen received eleven night-long sensory deprivation and rape sessions in the next two weeks, spending the rest of the time unconscious. Her entire world now consisted of being raped. By the end of the 'treatment', Karen's mild depression had been converted to total, drooling, incurable insanity. She would never speak again. Bob and the conspiracy congratulated each other on a job well done, and took three days sick leave to give their aching cocks time to recover.



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