"I'm gonna skinny-dip," Amber said. As she stood on the edge of the pool, she reached behind her back and pulled the string holding her bikini top together, then tossed it aside. With a quick motion, she did the same with her bottom, letting it drop to the deck. On tiptoes, she sprang and dove into the water.

"Me, too," Kellie said. As my cousin slipped out of her bikini, she turned to me. "Come on, Misty. Get naked. You'll love it." With a splash, she dove in after Amber.

I had never gone swimming in the nude before and was hesitant, and a little embarrassed. After all, Kellie and her girlfriend Amber were both sixteen. They had great bodies, full breasts, and long legs. I was only twelve, still a bit skinny and wishing for something more than apricot-sized bumps for breasts. I was afraid they would make fun of me. But I also didn't want to be left out or have them think of me as a prude. So I quickly shed my two-piece and dove in.

It was already dark and the pool shimmered turquoise from the underwater floodlights. The summer night was warm, and so was the water. A tall privacy fence protected us from the neighbor's prying eyes.

My cousin was watching after me while my parents and hers went on a cruise together. They would return in two days. Until then, I got to hang out with two of the coolest girls around. Amber was captain of the cheerleader squad, and Kellie was homecoming queen. Despite the age difference, my cousin was always sweet to me, and made me feel at home. She was really nice to include me in whatever she and Amber did. I adored Kellie and really liked Amber, too. In fact, I had somewhat of a crush on her. Amber was always smiling at me and making me feel comfortable. She liked to hug me, play with my hair, and help me with makeup. She even painted my toenails once, and she called me her little angel.

I swam over to Kellie and Amber. They were laughing and splashing each other. As I approached, they turned on me and attacked. I was caught in the middle of their battle. Holding my hands up to block the tidal wave did no good. Then they were all over me, tickling and torturing -- arms and legs were everywhere. I almost drowned laughing so hard.

I liked the feeling of our wet bodies rubbing one another as we horse-played and wrestled. It not only made me feel like I was accepted by them, but it gave me a tingle of arousal. I also liked it when one of their hands "accidentally" touched me between my legs. I rubbed myself there all the time, but this felt a hundred times better.

I had leaned to love my pussy when I was eight or nine, and masturbating quickly became my favorite pastime. I did it almost every night before I fell asleep and first thing when I awoke. I did it in the shower, lying under a blanket watching TV or in a stall in the school bathroom. I came to imagine my pussy as my secret lover and never wanted her to think I was ignoring her or had forgotten she was there.

When I was in public, I would find a way to slip a fingertip under my dress or inside the leg of my shorts and give her soft lips a gentle caress. But when I was alone, I would love her, stroke her, finger her, fuck her. And in return, she took me to heaven over and over; each time better than the last.

When I first discovered masturbating, my mother caught me doing it a lot and she would tell me it was wrong to do it so much. She would say if I could find so much time to play with myself, I could find time to clean my room. She finally gave up and I quite trying to hide it. She would just shake her head and tell me I was going to wear it out. I quickly discovered that she was wrong -- it doesn't wear out.

I guess I was addicted to masturbating. So it was natural that I became close friends with another girl who was, too. Once we discovered our mutual pastime, we moved from talking about it to doing it together every chance we got. Her name was Jill, and our quest was to have as many orgasms as possible. We never actually had sex with each other but we sure had the next best thing when we were together. Whether it was under the sheets in my bedroom during a sleepover or in the back row of a movie theater, we became pros at what we called "popping off".

The closest we ever came to fucking each other was last summer. We had spent the day swimming and sunbathing at my house. It was getting dark and we had just finished dinner. Jill asked my mom if it was alright for us to walk over to a local park and play on the swings. Wanting us out of her hair for a while, she said yes. The park was heavily wooded and the swings were in a small playground surrounded by trees. We still had on our bikinis, but wore T-shirts over them as we walked hand in hand to the park.

Normally we took separate swings, but that time I suggested we swing together. Jill sat on the seat and I hopped up facing her with my legs straddling her hips. As we started swinging I realized that Jill's face was level with my crotch. Each time the breeze blew the bottom of my shirt up, Jill would be looking directly at my bikini-clad sex.

Soon she seemed mesmerized by it, not taking her eyes from the secret spot between my legs. I thought I would have some fun with her, so I started leaning more toward her each time we swung back until my crotch finally touched her nose. After doing this a few times, she smiled up at me and said she could smell me. My scent was not new to Jill -- she had smelled it many times when we were busy pleasuring ourselves. Her scent always made horny.

It was now twilight as I glanced around the empty playground to make sure we were alone. At this point, we had stopped swinging altogether, and she just sat there staring at my crotch. Then I felt her hand on my leg. It moved up until she found the bikini bow string on my hip. She pulled it lose and the bottom fell away. I felt her warm breath on my exposed sex.

Jill placed her hands on my ass and leaned in until her nose touched my sensitive skin. She said she was going to lick me. But first, she placed the sweetest, most tender kiss I had ever felt right on my pussy. It was delicate and soft, but it sent shockwaves through me. My legs grew unsteady and I had to hold tight to the chains to keep from falling. I was so turned on that I thought I would come right then and there. I felt warm moisture running down the inside of my legs.

I pushed my hips forward in invitation. Her hands tightened on my ass and her lips parted. With a butterfly touch, her tongue traced the length of my folds. We both moaned. I spread my legs giving her heavenly mouth complete access, and felt that wonderful tingle of pleasure building in my tummy.

Suddenly we heard distant laughter from the path approaching the playground.

I panicked as I jumped down and grabbed my bikini bottom. With lightening speed I slipped it on and tied the strings together.

Jill and I walked toward the sound of the approaching voices and spotted two women -- one pushing a baby stroller. Once we were past them, I pulled Jill close and whispered how bad I wanted her to lick me. She was so excited she just kept grinning and nodding. We kissed for the first time ever. Holding hands, we ran back to my house with plans of locking ourselves in my bedroom and not coming out until we had had sex. But as we walked in, Jill's mom called and told her she had to come home. We never got another chance. A week later, they moved away.

I never had another girlfriend like Jill and soon returned to my solitary love-making. But as I wrestled with Kellie and Amber in the pool, I started wondering if they liked to pop off as much as I did. I had heard that a lot of the high school girls were experimenting with each other. They didn't think of it as lesbianism. Instead, casual all-girl sex was considered just another way of having fun with your friends. The way that Kellie and Amber touched each other and showed so much affection made me believe that they were very much into girl-girl fun.

So Kellie was battling Amber, and I was being used as Amber's shield. She was behind me with both arms wrapped around me; her soft breasts pressed into my back, her short pubic hair tickled my ass. One arm was around my chest holding me tight. Her other arm was at my waist but she slid her hand down and rubbed my pussy. One of her fingers slipped into me sending a tingle all the way to my toes. I pressed my hand over hers letting her know I liked it.

"That's my cousin you're feeling up," Kellie said, seeing what Amber was doing. She pretended to rescue me away from Amber and I swam underwater to the other side of the pool. The two girls continued to splash but soon slowed and became wrapped in each others arms. Kellie pulled Amber under the water and they were down for a long time. I ducked under to see what they were doing and caught them kissing. Now I was jealous of my cousin. I wanted to kiss Amber, too.

The two lovebirds finally came up for air. They stood in water up to their necks wrapped in each others arms, giggling and whispering. Then Amber said, "Misty, want to know a secret?"

"Sure," I said. I dove under and swam below the surface coming up beside them. I noticed as I approached that Amber had her leg between Kellie's legs and my cousin was grinding her hips slowly back and forth along Amber's thigh.

"What's the secret?" I said, surfacing next to them.

"Your cousin is a pervert," Amber said. "Guess what she said?"

"I can't believe you're going to tell her," Kellie said, clamping her palm over Amber's mouth.

"She said--" Amber managed to pull Kellie's hand away.

"Shut up!" Kellie said, slapping her hand back over Amber's mouth.

Amber yanked her hand away again. "She said she wanted--"

"Amber!" Kellie said, but she didn't try to stop her girlfriend this time.

"She said she wanted to lick your pussy." Amber stuck out her tongue at Kellie who tried to bite it.

I giggled and said, "Kellie, I didn't know you were into doing little girls."

"You think I'm the perv?" Kellie said. "Misty, guess what my best friend here said about her little angel?"

I held my breath, hoping it would involve Amber's face between my legs. I had already decided I would let her do anything she wanted to me.

Now it was Amber's turn to try shutting Kellie up. She pushed her under the water but Kellie quickly got away and came up behind me. Wrapping her arms around me, she kept me between her and Amber. Once again, I was the human shield.

Kellie put her mouth next to my ear. "Amber said..."

"Shut up, Kellie, you bitch!" Amber tried to get at Kellie but my cousin held me between them.

Kellie again placed her lips right by my ear as she hugged me tight. "Amber said she wants to fuck your brains out."

"I did not," Amber said, wrapping her arms around me and Kellie.

Now I was in the middle of an all-girl sandwich. It felt wonderful.

"So what did you say, Amber?" I asked as they squeezed me tight between them.

She winked at me. "I said I wanted to make you scream." Then she gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.

"Screaming, brains blowing up," Kellie said to Amber while she rested her chin on my shoulder. "All it means is you want to fuck her."

"Fuck you," Amber said. "It means I want to fuck you both." She put her hand behind Kellie's neck and pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss.

It was such a turn-on watching girls French kiss a few inches from my face.

Suddenly, Amber's hand was between my legs and her finger was inside me.

I gasped as she explored my slippery vagina.

Kellie said, "Are you feeling her up again?"

"Maybe. Am I, angel?" Amber asked me.

I tried to speak but could only grunt as her thumb pressed into my clitoris.

Finally, I managed to say, "Yes."

"Yes, what?" Kellie said.

"Yes, she's feeling me up," I said, closing my eyes as a wave of pleasure swept over me. I found it hard to breath.

"God, she's so tight," Amber said.

"That's because she's only twelve, you slut," Kellie said.

"And so wet," Amber said, moving her finger everywhere inside me.

"That is so cute," Kellie said. "You've got your little angel all hot and bothered."

Suddenly I opened my eyes wide as Amber covered my mouth with hers. Her tongue pushed past my lips and seemed to be everywhere in my mouth. I loved the way she tasted and remembered she had been eating strawberry-flavored candy just before we got in the pool. My heart pounded from the forbidden pleasure of kissing another girl. After a moment, she pulled away and Kellie took her place kissing me just as hard. It was a bit strange at first making out with my cousin, but it felt so good.

I felt Kellie's hand rubbing my butt. Her fingers ran up and down my crack and she teased my little hole. Then she worked her finger into my anus her first knuckle.

"Talk about tight," Kellie said as we kissed.

This made me giggle but she quickly had her tongue in my mouth again and we were back to business.

Playing with my little hole was something I did in the shower. But it never felt this good, and it was so naughty knowing it was not just a girl, but my cousin doing it. To return the favor, I reached between Kellie's legs and played with her, finally putting a finger inside her. She was slippery, and it made me smile knowing she was turned on because of me.

At the same time, I rubbed Amber between her legs with my other hand. She spread them inviting me in. They both moaned as I fucked them. It was so sexy to be making out with my cousin, fucking two girls, and having someone's finger in my pussy and another one in my ass.

Our moans and grunts became louder as we fucked in rhythm. Amber kept begging us not to stop. Then, almost at the same instant, orgasms ripped through us. I shook like a leaf as I closed my eyes and saw bright colors. Kellie stopped kissing me just before she came and whispered in my ear how much she wanted me. Right after my orgasm, Amber planted kisses all over my face saying I was her sweet little angel.

We held on to each other until everyone caught their breath. Then Kellie said, "That was fucking awesome."

"I could just eat you up, angel," Amber said to me, still kissing my nose, eyes, ears, mouth.

"Okay," I said smiling broadly, so proud that they liked what we did together and had made me a part of it. Plus, her eating me was definitely what I had in mind. I wrapped my arms around Amber's neck and kissed on the mouth. Kellie watched as she leaned against the side of the pool, still glowing from her orgasm. Her hand was between her legs, and I knew watching us kiss was a turn-on for her. Finally, she said, "Amber, lets show Misty how girls really have fun."

I whispered into Amber's ear, "You promised you wanted to lick me."

"Patience, angel," Amber said. She took my hand and sucked on the fingers that had been inside her. Then Amber let go of me and swam over to a large canvas raft. She got on and straddled it, paddling back to us. Lying on her back she scooted down until her legs hung over the end. She spread them and played her pussy, getting it ready for love.

Kellie took my hand and led me to the end of the raft. She used her fingers to gently spread Amber's lips open. The inside of her vagina was a vibrant pink, radiant in the pool light. I had never seen a girl's sex this close. Jill had seen mine at the playground, but this was the first time for me. It reminded me of a delicate flower in bloom with its petals open in invitation.

"Ready for your first taste of heaven?" Kellie said.

I nodded and she pulled me to within a few inches of Amber.

"Kellie, why don't you feed my little angel," Amber said, rising up on her elbows to watch.

"Great idea," Kellie said. She put her face to Amber's crotch and sniffed. "This bitch is in heat," she said, and Amber giggled. Then she started eating her girlfriend, running her tongue up and down the slit, pushing the outer lips apart and dipping deeply into her.

I could smell Amber. Her scent made my pussy quiver. Amber moaned as Kellie continued licking. Now and then she would close her mouth over Amber's opening and slip her tongue in deep. I thought about Jill back at the playground and how badly we wanted to do this to each other. Now I was going to get the chance. My heart raced.

I felt heat burning inside my tummy as I watched. My fingers were busy between my legs and I couldn't wait to get a taste. Kellie used her tongue to scoop up Amber's honey, then turned and pulled me to her. Like a mother bird feeding her young chic, she slid her cum- covered tongue into my mouth and let me taste another girl for the first time. It was creamy, tangy, and sexy. I sucked on her tongue to get it all before swallowing.

We broke our kiss, and Kellie said, "Your turn."

I didn't hesitate, but buried my face between her legs. While I lapped up Amber's honey, my cousin moved behind me and wrapped her arms around me. With one hand, she cupped my pussy and fingered me. With the other, she stroked my ass before slipping a finger into my tight rectum. My body was burning up with desire as Kellie fucked both my holes. I ate Amber with all my might becoming swept away by the total rush of lesbian love.

Amber opened her legs wide and pulled her knees up almost to her chest -- her toes pointing to the stars. This not only gave me full access to her pussy but I found myself greedily licking her little rosebud anus as well. I had never been this turned on before and I trembled at the idea of having another girl spread herself so I could lick her most intimate place It was so exciting doing something forbidden and nasty and fun. I felt my orgasm rising quickly and I screamed as it raced through me.

Kellie giggled as I came. She pulled me into her arms and held me tightly while by body was racked with aftershocks. I slowly caught my breath.

"You are so adorable," she whispered before kissing me tenderly.

Amber slipped off the raft and us. She kissed me on the cheek. "My little angel is beautiful when she comes."

"Before we get through with you," Kellie said gently cupping my chin, "you're gonna get more pussy than most guys pray for in a year."

We laughed as Kellie said, "Let's dry off and go have sex, sex, and more sex."

We swam to the steps and climbed out. Grabbing some towels from the lounge chairs, we dried each other off. As Amber squatted down in front of me to dry my legs, she planted a soft kiss on my puffy lips which were still highly stimulated from our love-making.

Kellie was drying my back. "Misty, how does it feel to be our little piece of cunt candy?" She ran her hand down my ass and scratched my rosebud with her fingernail sending shockwaves through me.

"Very wet," I said with a moan.

Amber took my hand and led me across the patio into the house. As we went through the glass sliding doors, Kellie said, "You guys want something to drink?"

"Soda," Amber said.

"Me, too," I agreed.

While my cousin went to the kitchen to get our drinks, Amber guided me over to a large sectional couch. She plopped down and pulled me onto her lap, her arms around my waist. We kissed slow and tender as I wrapped my arms around her neck. I loved the feel of her soft breasts pressing into me.

A moment latter, Kellie brought three glasses of soda from the kitchen and set them on the coffee table. "That's sooooo sexy," she said. As we French kissed, she sat beside us watching and casually masturbated.

Amber finally pulled away and held my face in her hands. "Misty, I'm so horny for you."

"She says that to every girl she makes out with," Kellie said.

Amber glared at her and Kellie smiled. "Just joking, don't shoot." She took her finger out of her pussy and offered it to Amber. "Friends?"

"Maybe." Amber sampled it with her tongue before offering it to me. We licked off the creamy cum together.

"You taste yummy," I said to Kellie. She had a different flavor than Amber, but one I found equally tasty.

"Wait until she comes so hard that she squirts in your mouth," Amber said.

"You guys are making me horny," I said.

Kellie said, "Then I know what let's do."

We both glanced at her. Amber said, "Does it involve wet, monkey sex?"

Kellie smiled. "No, silly. Let's give Misty a lesbo lap dance."

"You're gonna love this, Misty," Amber said planting a quick kiss on the tip of my nose before slipping out from under me. "Sit on the couch with your hands out at your sides," she instructed me as she stood. "This is gonna make you so fucking hot."

While I positioned myself on the couch, Kellie rose and went to the home entertainment center. She switched it on and inserted a driving, hard rock CD into the player. Turning the volume up, she danced her way back to the couch.

"There's only one rule," Amber said over the loud music. "You aren't allowed to use your hands or mouth no matter what." They stood in front of me and started a sexy, stripper-style grind.

I nodded that I understood as I watched them put on the most sensual dance I had ever seen. Their hands were all over each other as they rubbed their naked bodies together. Kelly humped Amber's thigh leaving a shinny wet trail along her smooth skin. Then while my cousin continued to move seductively to the beat of the music, Amber stood up on the couch and straddled me with her feet on each side of my hips. She smiled down as she continued to dance, from time to time rubbing her breasts and spreading her pussy so I could see her glistening sugar walls.

"Is this what you want, angel?" she said, pulling her lips apart.

I gazed up into pure pink paradise and nodded. I knew there was a raw hunger in my eyes as I licked my lips remembering how good she tasted on the raft in the pool.

Amber knelt straddling my lap and rubbed her breasts on me. She snaked her body all over mine, trying to make as much skin contact as possible. She crawled up until her breasts were in my face, her nipples gently rubbing across my eyes, lips and cheeks. Each time I tried to take one in my mouth she pulled away reminding me of the rules. Then she would start the torture again.

Next, she stood and pressed her moist sex into my face, smearing her honey on my nose, cheeks and in my hair. Her scent drove me crazy. Then she sat straddling my lap and moved her hips as if I was a boy and my hard penis was up inside her. I felt her cum dripping onto my crotch.

As Amber continued to fuck my invisible penis, Kellie stood on the couch between us with her back to me. Her ass was an inch from my face as she spread her legs. She sucked in her breath and moaned loudly as Amber ate her. Kellie pushed her ass back and I broke the rules by running my tongue up and down her crack. She tasted salty and tangy with a bit of swimming pool flavor mixed in. I was quickly becoming addicted to the taste of another girl.

I wanted to masturbate but Amber beat me to it, slipping her hands between our legs and finger-fucking both of us. So I reach up and spread Kellie's cheeks to get a better view. Her little anus looked so beautiful and delicate, and she moaned loudly as the tip of my tongue pushed against it.

"Oh, fuck, Misty," Kellie cried out between moans. "You nasty little girl."

I was working hard on Kellie's ass, but Amber was really distracting me. Her fingers seemed to be everywhere inside my vagina as they made wet, squishy sounds. At the same time, I heard her slurping at Kellie's pussy and grunting to her own finger action. The whole time, she kept her hips moving like she was getting the best fuck of her life.

The smell of sex was everywhere when the floodgates finally opened. My orgasm rocked through me like an earthquake and I felt my cum gush out onto Amber's hand. At the same time, she stiffened and gave off a high-pitched squeal as she climaxed. A few seconds later, Kellie came in rivers and I felt it flowing down the inside of her thighs.

I tried to scoop some of it onto my fingers so I could lick them. I wanted to savor every drop. My head spun with the thoughts of their soft skin and probing fingertips and hard nipples, and tasting their sweet lips and hearing their passionate moans and breathing the scent of sex flowing from between their legs. I wanted to make love to Amber and Kellie all night, all day, forever.

Instead, I collapsed onto the couch, my eyes closed, my chest heaving, my breath coming in labored waves, and my toes curled in heavenly bliss.

Kellie had fallen onto the opposite end of the couch and Amber was on the floor beside me.

After a long silence as we all tried to come down to earth, Amber said, "I think I had an orgasm. How about you guys?"

We burst out laughing hysterically.

"I think I went into outer space," Kellie said.

I couldn't talk I was laughing so hard. Kellie crawled up on top of me and said, "Stick out your tongue, nasty girl." I did and she said, "So that's what you used to lick my ass." She smiled broadly. "You are so fucking hot, Misty. I'm getting wet again just thinking about what you were doing to me." Then she sucked my tongue into her mouth and deep kissed me.

Amber rose up and leaned on the couch watching us. As always, her hand was busy between her legs.

I wrapped my legs around my cousin and held her tightly as we rubbed our bodies together and smooched.

"You two make me want to fuck," Amber said. She alternated licking her cum off one hand while masturbating with the other. Then she said, "Let's play doggie."

Kellie stopped kissing me and said, "Cool idea."

"How do you play?" I asked.

Kellie sat up on the couch and pulled me up with her. "It's kind of a silly game, but Amber and I think it's fun."

"Yeah," Amber said. "We love it." She looked at Kellie. "You want to play here or go get on the bed?"

"Bed," Kellie said, jumping up and taking my hand.

We ran into her parent's bedroom. She and Amber pulled the covers off the king-size bed and then we jumped on, grabbing each other and rolling around the soft sheets. I don't think I had been this happy and excited in my life.

"So, how do you play?" I asked again.

"OK, Misty," Amber said, "Pretend that from the neck up, we are all male doggies. All we want to do is smell and lick bitch doggie butts."

"And," Kellie said, "from the neck down, we're all bitches in heat, and all we want is to have our butts sniffed and licked."

I smiled broadly trying to envision what was about to happen.

"It's really cute, you'll see," Kellie said.

"So let's do it," Amber said.

We got on our hands and knees like good little doggies and started moving in a circle eyeing each other's bottoms. I followed Amber and I liked the view of her pussy peeking out from between her legs. Kellie started barking and Amber howled. I could only laugh as I tried to catch up with Amber. Just as I was close enough to stick my nose in her butt, she pulled away to catch Kellie. I was still laughing and trying to catch Amber when I felt a nose in my ass crack.

Kellie barked as she sniffed my butt and took a quick lick. It tickled and caused me to laugh even more. Amber was howling loudly and I lunged forward, sticking my nose in her crack. I sniffed deeply and licked her ass before she pulled away again to get to my cousin. She smelled good and I really wanted more.

We kept moving in our endless sniffing circle until suddenly it occurred to me that there was a simple solution to getting what I wanted. I stopped moving.

Almost immediately, Kellie's nose was between my cheeks, and I stuck mine in Amber's butt and started sniffing and licking her.

At first, we kept barking and sniffing and licking, but soon we were sniffing and licking and moaning. Finally we were just licking and moaning.

Without losing our doggie nose-to-butt contact, we lay down and formed what Kellie later called a daisy chain. Slowly, we rested our heads on the inside thigh of the girl in front of us, lifted our other leg up and began eating and licking and kissing and loving the pussy in front of us.

We daisy chained for a long time, maybe a half hour of soft, tender love-making. If one of us got close to coming, we would pull back, take a break, and start up slowly again. It was the longest build-up to an orgasm I had ever had. And when it came, it was the best popping off I could remember.

After the first big orgasm, we daisy chained in the other direction with me eating my cousin and Amber getting a chance to lick me. This time was a bit more intense with no slowing down or taking a break. We were doing some serious fucking at this point.

After the next series of orgasms, Amber showed me how to girl-fuck in a sixty-nine. She let me be on top and then Kellie and I did it with me on the bottom. Making love in this position was the best sex I'd ever had. Kellie pointed out that girl's bodies were perfectly designed to fuck each other that way.

Sometime around two or three in the morning, we feel asleep in each other's arms. I was exhausted, having lost count of how many times I popped off that night. I remember waking up once and feeling the warmth of my two lovers cuddled up together, our arms and legs intertwined, our breasts becoming soft pillows, and our breathing slow and steady. I gently brought my hand to my nose to smell my fingers. They had been inside Kellie and Amber many times that night but I could still tell one scent from the other.

It made my pussy moisten and I slipped my hand between my legs for a bit of my favorite pastime. But within a moment or two, my fingers were replaced with a warm mouth as one of my lovers awoke and repositioned herself to make love to me. Soon another soft mouth was on mine, kissing me tenderly.

In the dark with my eyes closed I didn't know which girl was kissing me and which was licking me. It didn't matter. We had become one and the same that night. From skinny dipping to lesbo lap dancing to playing doggie to daisy chaining, I had definitely found a hundred new ways to popping off.



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