Sara was enjoying the hot shower as she prepared her body for her wedding. Her intended was invested as a youth minister only two weeks ago. His first charge was a small church in Las Vegas, and because of that, the two of them decided to be married in Vegas.

Neither of them had the blessing of their families, as they wanted a large church wedding, but Sara found the idea of being married in Vegas romantic.

Larry, at 22, was athletic and had been the quarterback on his high school and college football teams. At 6'- 2", dark hair and a constant smile on his square face, Sara had dated him during high school and college. He was two years her senior, and she had never dated anyone beside Larry. When he left for college, she did not date anyone, waiting for him to take her to her own proms, and dances, he was the only man she ever wanted in her life. Now in two hours, they would be married.

Both of their parents had flown to Vegas for the wedding, and were staying at the Hilton on the strip, where the marriage would be performed by the senior minister of Larry's new church.

The warmth of the water created a need in Sara that she knew was from the knowledge she was about to be made love to for the first time in her life.

Her hands moved down her legs, checking all the way to her ankles for any stubble of hair on her shapely thighs. That afternoon she had paid an enormous sum to have her legs done in the hotel spa. When she had felt the wax pulled from her skin she felt like the skin on her legs was being ripped off.

Being modest, Sara at first had trouble allowing the woman to do her bikini line. Finally Sara spread her legs and allowed the hair from where her legs joined her torso to be removed. Stroking her hands between her legs, she found the missing hair left an odd feeling, as she had never trimmed her pubic hair before, except that which grew on her legs.

The smooth feeling of the edge of her labia was offset with the thick hair that surrounded her female entrance between her legs.

Sara thought of the many times she and Larry had spoken of petting, making love or just letting the other see their sex. Each time they determined to wait until a night like this, their wedding night, when she could truly wear a white dress to reflect her purity in body and soul.

Sara moved her hands up and washed the firm breast that pointed to the sides of her body. She had observed other girls when they showered after athletic events in school, or even when her girlfriend Tammy and she were alone and undressed together. No other girl she had seen had breast where the nipples were set on the side, almost, instead of on the center of their breast.

Another thing that Sara had noticed was how long and thick her on nipples were. They were always sensitive when she washed them, or the few times she went without a bra and her blouse or sweater rubbed them a she moved.

Her hands were soaping them as the lights in the hotel bathroom went out. Great, Sara thought, but why is it so dark?

Preoccupied with her wedding while showering, Sara had not heard the door of the bathroom close and the entry of two men into her private world. The light switch was one that made no sound when it was turned on or off.

Turning off the water, and opening the sliding glass door of the shower before her eyes had time to adjust to the darkness, Sara stepped from the shower enclosure.

Strong arms grabbed her, one extremely large hand closed over her mouth, stopping any sound of her crying out for help and expressing her fear.

Another set of hands grabbed her legs to keep her from kicking out and assuring she did not make any noise to alert the hotel staff or guest in the adjoining rooms.

Before she could respond when the hand was removed from her mouth, a rag was pushed between her lips and tape was then placed over her lips. A cloth of some type she felt being wrapped around her eyes, she was unable to see as the bathroom door was open and she was dragged by the two men into the room and thrown onto the bed.

"Don't move, don't try to get away and you will live," a deep voice stated as she lay in total fear of what was happening to her.

Another voice spoke, this one a little softer, "Damn, but you are one fine looking lady, and from the looks of the dress lying across the chair, you're about to be married."

Jake, the larger of the two men, at 34, was almost 6'- 10" and weighed 280 pounds. His arms and hands were tremendous in size and they matched the heavy legs, like an elephants, that supported him. Looking at the young girl, he told his friend Bubba, "Guess we need to start her honeymoon right away."

Sara knew what that meant and her body seemed to turn to ice as she knew the man whom she couldn't see, was about to rape her. Groaning and twisting her head to indicate no, only heightened the pleasures the two men felt as they looked at the nude body of the bride-to- be.

Bubba was large also, but at 35, he was no match for the giant of the man who he had been friends with while in prison. Between the two of them, they were never given trouble by the other inmates.

"Okay, let's flip the coin to see who goes first," Bubba said as he studied the form of the girl on the bed.

"Go ahead, but no two-headed coins, big boy, and I'll call tales" Jake said as he moved onto the bed and ran his hands over the legs of the girl.

Bubba flipped the coin and it landed on the bed next to the girl and it showed tales. "Hot damn, I get her first," Jake stated with extreme pleasure.

Sara knew fear, unlike anything she had ever known. She and Larry had obtained separate rooms, and she knew no one would be checking on her before she arrived at the Hilton for her wedding. Her attempts to speak caught Jake's attention, and he knew she wanted to tell them something.

"If I remove the gag, and you scream, I will cut your throat," And to emphasis his words, drew a sharp knife blade across Sara's throat. Pulling the gag from the girl's mouth, he listened as she told him about her wedding in just a couple of hours from now.

"Please, just let me go, I've never been touched by any man, not even my husband to be, I'm truly a virgin for my wedding."

"Tell you what girl, you won't be in another five minutes, as I have first choice on her cherry, right old buddy," Jake commented.

"Yeah, you lucky bastard, but who would have thought she was a virgin, especially as we watched her having the hair pulled from her legs and pussy," Bubba added as he reached out and grasped Sara's right nipple and squeezed it really hard. Sara had to scream from the pain, and Jake slapped her hard on the side of her head.

Then he pushed the bride-to-be down flat on the bed and moved on top of her and started rubbing around between her legs. For several minutes he teased Sara about how he was going to fuck her and pop her cherry really hard, and that she would need to tell her new husband some big dick already busted her open. Yeah, she could tell him she got busted by someone just before saying, "I do."

Jake stood up and removed his clothes, and had Sara seen the massive cock that hung out from his body, she would have known, even as a virgin, he was huge. Jake was at least ten inches long, maybe closer to twelve inches, and thicker than the girl's arm he was about to fuck.

Bubba was not to be left out of the action, and he stripped as he watched Jake move onto the bed. The size of Bubba's cock was not equal to his friends, but it was above average and enough that most women would tell him, "No way, there ain't no fucking way you putting that big thing in me."

Jake moved Sara's legs apart and she was crying and her body shaking from the knowledge of what she was about to undergo. Her virginity was going to be raped from her body. "Please, no, please she begged, as her legs were forced open by the large hands of her attacker.

Perhaps Sara was lucky that she did not need to see the over sized penis that was now only a couple inches from her vagina. Feeling her attacker move his mouth down and start sucking at her nipples caused her to cry even harder. Sara had only minutes before, while showering, wondered what Larry would think when he first saw her breast and pointed nipples. She had become excited in knowing that her husband would be nursing at her breast for her first such experience. Her nipples had hardened at the thought, now she cringed as a strange mouth was the first to ever nurse at her glands.

"NO - STOP - STOP, IT HURTS, AAAAWWWWGGGGHHHH," Sara cried out as the first moment of penetration into her sex begin. Her screams weren't from pain, as the man had only pushed her majoria labia open slightly. Just the knowledge that another person besides her husband was entering her female opening of love, was enough for her to cry out.

Jake loved hearing the crying of the virgin, and told her, "Shit pussy, you ain't had anything to cry about yet, but now you will!" With that he took his hand and worked the purple head of his cock between the tightly clinched lips of the pussy he was about to fuck. Hells bells, a fucking virgin and her wedding night, damn what luck, he thought!

Sara felt the man moving his male organ into her opening. She had no prior knowledge that his size was more than 99 percent of the male population. She also could not see what he was pushing into her. Finally the head of his cock slipped inside Sara and then she cried out as he entered deeper and struck against her virginity.

Feeling the girl try to pull back from the contact of his enlarged blood filed cock, Jake being to push up into the girl, and found he needed to make short jabs to gain entrance.

"HELP, NO, NNNNOOOO, AWGH IT HURTS, TAKE IT OUT, PLEASE STOP, AAAAWWWGGGHHH," Sara cried out with shrill grasp in her voice as her virginity was ripped from inside her body. Feeling the invasion of her body, Sara lost consciousness from the burning and tearing pain of her virginity being split apart by the man as he made a tremendous and brutal shove of his member into her body.

For several minutes, Jake rode the young girl sexually and loved feeling and hearing her as he pushed her cherry apart and drove deep into her bleeding cunt.

After unloading his thick white cum inside the torn pussy, Jake pulled out of her cunt. He watched as her blood and his cum flowed from her spayed open snatch and as he moved aside, Bubba moved on top of the girl and shoved his cock into her.

Sara had cried so hard and long during her first rape, that she was unable to shed any more tears or to hardly voice her objections to being raped. In almost a whisper, Sara asked her second attacker, "No more, I hurt so badly."

Bubba moved the Sara's legs up on his shoulders and pounded in and out of the tight and bleeding pussy with his large cock.

"Shit, I'm cumming already, oh hell she is one good fuck, no man will ever be able to satisfy her after we are done with her," Bubba cried out in his sick passion as he shot his cum inside her, to mix with his partners.

After the man moved from between her legs, Sara believed, incorrectly, that the men would leave. Instead she felt the first one again driving into her torn body. "No, no more, oh I can't stand it, I, I can't take any more, you're killing me>"

"Hell girl, we are just getting started, and before it is over I'm going to fuck your cherry ass, how about you Bubba?"

"Sure thing, yeah I want that young ass, in fact let me have her cherry ass, after all you got her pussy first and popped her cherry," Bubba replied.

"OOOOHHHH NNNNOOOO, please not that, stop you're hurting me really bad, I can't stand it," Sara cried out to her attacker as he drove deep into her and pounded against her cervix.

After Jake went off the second time, Bubba pulled the girl off the bed and draped her over a chair back next to the bed. Moving behind her, he wet his cock in her bleeding and cum filled cunt and when he was wet being to fuck her in her ass.

Sara could not even scream as the pain shot through her anus as the large man took her anal opening. Her tears and sobs were all she could do to protest the invasion of her rear opening.

After Bubba went off in her ass, Jake moved behind her and immediately began shoving his massive cock into her torn open asshole.

Feeling her body being taken in such an obscene way, allowed Sara to realize that this man had a much large penis than the other. She could only lie across the chair and accept what was happening to her, as her will to fight was gone. Sara now only wanted to die.

I can never let Larry know what has happened to me before my wedding night. Somehow I must end this nightmare before he finds me no longer a virgin. Especially after what the men are doing to me now, Sara thought to herself.

After Jake was done, Bubba fucked Sara once more in her bleeding pussy.

When they were done, Jake told her, "Put your wedding outfit on, even your panties, bra and stockings you have to wear with the gown,"

Moving with a sharp pain, tearing her nerves to the breaking point as she walked and dress in her complete bridal outfit, Sara felt the pain in her sex and anus was surreal. Images what how she would look as she exchanged her wedding vows, and then the dinner with both sets of parents, then her wedding night, passed across her mind.

Tears welled up in her eyes and ran down her face as she slipped on her wedding gown. Unable to fasten the back of the dress, she asked, "Would one of you fasten my gown in the back, just pull the zipper up and hood the clasp at the top/"

Bubba moved and fastened the gown as the girl asked, then whistled as he saw how beautiful she was, even with the tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile Jake had walked over to the sliding glass doors that opened onto the balcony and told Bubba, "Bring our little bride out her so she can see how pretty the strip is at night."

Sara and Bubba walked to the balcony, and Sara looked out over the Los Vegas strip, and saw the Hilton where he intended husband awaited her. A hand on her back caused her to lose her balance and fall against and over the railing from her twenty-first floor balcony.

Both Jake and Bubba watched as the white gown of the bride-to-be billowed out as she seemed to float as she traveled down toward the ground below. The thud of her body hitting the ground below, caused both men to look at each other, then walk into the room and get dressed quickly.

The police were unable to rule, as was the coroner, as to the exact cause of her fall. The death certificate was noted as possible suicide. However, the police files could not escape noting the damage to her vagina from being brutally raped or allowed sex of tremendous hardness. DNA test were run in the event a possible match could be found from the semen in her body. Trace evidence from the crime scene was also gathered. But no crime could be actually noted, as no forced entry was made to the room.



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