Faith was more than a little relieved when the family van finally arrived at the small Seventh Day Adventist church on the north side of town. At just fourteen Faith had over developed a full set of breasts, an expansive D cup to be exact, and the seatbelt had been cutting across her right swollen globe for fifteen and a quarter miles. Quickly Faith undid the wide restraint and sighed with relief as it slid away.

Though Faith could not detect the demonic presence emanating from the front doors of the church, her father Ted McGee had felt it's tug the moment they entered the parking lot. Now, as Ted unstrapped himself from the driver's side, he felt his lust driving him to glance once more at his daughter's heavy chest. She was only 14, but Lord have mercy her body was that of a woman. Once again Ted tried to imagine his daughter naked, sitting beside him in the car, asking him to drive her someplace private where they could be alone. Her asking him to touch her. Where he could suck on her large round breasts and make her feel like the woman she had become.

"There's Kristen," Faith said suddenly and Ted snapped his eyes to attend to less obvious indecencies.

Ted looked out of the front window to see Kristen swaying toward them in her long pink sundress. Like Faith, Kristen was 14 and slightly developed beyond her years. Ted could not help but notice her perky round breasts jiggling as she bounced along through the gravel. Her chest was not as pronounced as Faith's, but still a C cup at least, and very perfectly proportioned to the rest of her. Ted's eyes surveyed the length of the young beauties body from her long flowing blonde hair to her tiny little waist and wide child bearing hips. Did Jack Donnelly fantasize about fucking his beautiful little girl as much as Ted did his, he wondered? Surly he must have at least thought about it once or twice.

Faith opened the van door and gave a quick glance to her father for approval to take off with Kristen.

"Go ahead," Ted said as he pretended to look for his Bible in the back seat. "I'll be in, in a minute."

Faith shrugged, unsure why her father didn't ask her to wait up and jumped out.

As the car door slammed shut Ted stole a peek at his daughters backside, watching her high round little ass sway beneath her white straight skirt. Kristen waved and smiled with a huge knowing smile as if she knew exactly what he was thinking and Ted looked away quickly to the back seat where his Bible lay.

"Christ," he cursed himself as he continued to look away. "They're just little girls. They wouldn't even know what to do with one of these..." Ted squeezed his rock solid hard on through his thin slacks and hoped that it would soften up enough to get out of the car unnoticed. A 10- inch hard cock would be an awfully hard thing to disguise in a church foyer he imagined.

By the time Ted had collected himself enough to get the plumpness in his shaft to recede, the girls were safe within the church and out of sight.


The phone rang in the pastors study just moments before Doug McCormick was about to begin his morning prayers. He could hear the hustle and bustle of churchgoers just outside his doorway and he looked forward to meeting and chatting with a few of them before the Sabbath school classes began. For a moment he contemplated not answering and letting the church message machine pick up, but something strange came over him and made him feel that he needed to take this call.

"Pastor Doug," he answered cheerfully in his best 'I'm just happy to be a Christian' tone of voice.

"Pastor, oh I'm so glad you answered. It's Rick. Rick Tulsky?"

Pastor Doug McCormick knew the name but didn't immediately register a mental picture of who it was calling him - that is not until the demon standing behind him touched him on the back of the head and refreshed his memory. It came to him instantly as a vision of Michelle Tulsky, standing in her loose fitting red dress, holding her husbands hand as she tried to avoid making eye contact with anyone else. It seemed odd to him that such a stunning beauty could be so shy and unsure of herself. Michelle Tulsky was a petite brunette with a large rounded bosom and cute little rear end that was hard not to take note of. Her soft brown eyes, full red lips and button nose completed the vision for him.

"Ah yes!" Pastor Doug smiled. "Rick and Michelle Tulsky. You're new to our church. How is your wife? I didn't see the two of you last week."

"Well that's why I'm calling actually," Rick began. "I know church is going to start soon, but I was wondering if you could talk to Michelle sometime...outside of church."

"Sure," the pastor agreed quickly. "What about?"

"Well," Rick began hesitantly. "You see Michelle doesn't feel comfortable coming to church for some reason but she can't tell me why. She says she just doesn't feel right in that church. She's never had problems before. We've been married for three years and we've always gone to church. This is totally unlike her."

"I see," Pastor Doug, said as he sat back down in his easy chair at his desk. It wasn't the first time he'd heard a church member suggest that they didn't feel right in this church. For a brief moment he tried to figure out what it could be and then.

"I'm going to be gone tonight at work," Rick interrupted the pastor's thought. "Michelle will be home alone. I thought maybe you could drop by and talk to her one on one?"

The demon sitting on the desk leaned over and whispered into the pastor's ear. It was a faint whisper, one that could not be detected by the human ear, but only registered by the brain as a thought, an image only. In his mind the pastor saw Michelle standing naked in the doorway of her home, large round breasts hanging perfectly from her tiny frame, beckoning him to come inside. Her full red lips moved to utter three words only, "Fuck me pastor."

"I'd love to see your wife," Pastor Doug said and thought briefly that it sounded less than innocent.

"Oh good!" Rick seemed genuinely pleased. "I'll tell Michelle to expect you. I just love the Lord too much for Michelle not to share it with me," he added. "I hope you can show her the light."

For a moment Pastor Doug was painfully reminded of his calling. Rick was a good Christian and he loved the Lord. To be thinking of his wife in such a way was truly sinful.

Nevertheless he made a time to drop by at around 7 pm and hung up the phone, hoping that his lustful thoughts would not come to fruition.

Even as Pastor Doug reminded himself that he had a job to do, the vision of Michelle flaunting her naked body before him would not leave his mind. She spoke to him again in a soft whisper, "Fuck me tonight, Pastor. Please fuck me."

Doug McCormick picked up the Bible sitting on the edge of his desk and opened to a random chapter and began to read until his hard cock again became limp and he could safely exit his office. By that time the Sabbath School classes had started.


Continued in part two, coming soon?


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