Hello again, it's Jenny here with more tales of my favourite sexual pastime; raping other women. These ones are from the best holiday I ever had in my life, and the first episode, which is what I'm going to tell you now, was a strange one, but as they say never look a gift horse etc. Normally I've always targeted women my own age or older, young girls just don't do anything for me, but on this holiday I was put in a position where I couldn't say no. She was old enough, just turned 16, but she'd fallen so nicely into my clutches that I simply couldn't resist her.

Her name was Jessica, and she was working in the hotel I was staying in. I hadn't noticed her at all until one day I came back from a days sightseeing to find my room door open. Thinking this odd I opened it further very slowly and crept inside, there by the dressing table was one of the hotel staff clearly rifling through my belongings.

By chance I still had my camera in y hand, and slowly raised it to my face and clicked. The look on the thief's face was a picture in itself, like a startled rabbit she looked up, realized her predicament and made a dash for it towards me. I had no problem blocking her way with one arm and pushed her back into the room, kicking the door shut as I did. I pushed her down onto the bed and as she fell her skirt rode up her leg exposing her thigh, and I felt a tingle in my pussy.

It was now I really began to look at her, she was young and looked it but the fact she was working here must have meant she was 16, she was slim and light and I'd just proved I could easily dominate her physically, and she also had quite a pretty face under her jet-black hair. By now my anger was beginning to fade away as I thought of how I could turn this situation to my advantage.

The girl was clearly frightened and looked fearfully at my camera, which held the evidence of her crime. Noticing this I waved it in front of her. "You'd be in a lot of trouble if I gave this to your boss, or even the Police, wouldn't you?" I snarled at her, trying to cow her into submission.

"What do you think you'd get, the sack, that's for sure, but this town needs tourists and it doesn't need bad publicity about thieving chambermaids, you might even get jailed for it as an example..." I let this hang in the air, and watched as she visibly crumpled in front of me.

"Please don't tell on me." She sniffled; the use of such a schoolgirl term amused me greatly. "I don't want to go to jail."

Time for the clincher I though, "Well, there is one way you could make me change my mind" I sat down on the bed next to her and put my hand on her knee, " I like girls, if you go to bed with me, I'll forget all about this"

She looked at me with a mixture of shock and relief -- good, if I was going to rape her I didn't want her enjoying it, "I-I-I, don't know..." She mumbled.

"Well it's your choice," I said removing my hand from her thigh " I'll jus go and see what the manager says about this." And I waved the camera nonchalantly.

"No, I mean yes I will as long as you don't tell, but I have a lot to do this afternoon, I can't now."

"I didn't mean now, you stupid girl, where do you live?"

"With my parents," she replied realization dawning on her face.

Shit, I thought, shit, shit, shit.

"But they're away for a month, I'm there on my own."

My pussy tightened in joy, one she would be mine all night and two she didn't have a clue what I had in mind for her.

It took only 5 more minutes to get the address of her parents house, get the keys and arrange for her to be there at 4, I would go on ahead to prepare things and so no-one would connect us. This was going to be good. Before I set her back to her job I asked her if she's ever made love to a woman before, she shook her head. Excellent, I thought.

When she volunteered that she'd never made love to a man either I thought my pussy would melt there and then, a genuine virgin. I lent over and gave her a slow passionate kiss on the lips, she responded well. Oh my dear, I thought, if you only knew that's the last bit of kindness you'll get from me.

After she'd gone back t work I rushed round like a mad thing getting my stuff together, finally I had a bag full of handcuffs, strap-ons, vibrators, gags and loads of lubricant. I hurried off to find her house and get everything ready. Jessica's parents had obviously done well for themselves; the house was secluded and set back, standing aloof from its neighbours.

No one saw me let myself in and I quickly shut all the curtains so if any one did come calling there'd be nothing to see. Then with a while to go before Jessica arrived to start the party I gave myself a tour of the house. It didn't take long to find Jessica's bedroom I headed straight to the wardrobe to see if I could find any nice things for her to wear.

To my joy I discovered she's kept her old school uniform, I took it out of the wardrobe and held it up, short check skirt, white shirt, blue pullover A lot of my magazines had photo sets of "schoolgirls" being spanked, perhaps it would be worth re-creating a few such scenes. Placing the uniform on the bed I went back to my search and found a very short mini-skirt and crop top, Jessica was a bit of a wild-child on the quiet and I put these on the bed as well.

My pussy was on fire now ad I knew I couldn't wait for Jessica to get changed once she arrived home, I wanted to shag her immediately, after all she'd be mine overnight and this was too good a chance to let any opportunity go begging.

I went back downstairs and checked out the living room, a large sofa dominated it and I decided I use that for my first attack. It was nearly 4 now so I quickly put on a thin strap-on and lubricated it up, keeping a bit on my fingers for touching her up. Then I waited.

She was almost exactly on time, as she came hesitatingly through the door, rightly apprehensive of what she'd find, I moved quickly over to her, I embraced her, pinning her arms to her side. I kissed her neck the let the bombshell drop.

"The only thing that stands between you and going to jail is whether I have a goodtime tonight, so you'll do whatever I say, understand?"

She nodded meekly as my hands began to explore her, at the same time I started to move her into the living room, my hands ran up her leg and inside her short skirt, then into her knickers, she struggled at this but by this time we were behind the sofa, quickly I lent over and retrieved the pair of handcuffs I'd stowed there earlier.

As Jessica saw them she began to fight in vain against my embrace, I hit her hard round the head and pulled her hair sharply. "Listen, thieving bitch, I will do exactly what I like to you tonight, and you're not meant to like it so I'm going to restrain you, when I've finished here we're going to carry on upstairs but I got so horny waiting for you I decided to start down here, now give me you fucking arms."

To be honest she didn't get a chance as I grabbed them roughly, pinioned them together behind her and clipped on the cuffs. Then I produced a gag and tied it in place in her mouth. "That's so you don't scream when I fuck you up the arse in a minute."

This had the desired effect of causing utter terror in her but I easily stifled her struggles, God, how I love it when my victims struggle in my arms, it can sometimes make me come on it's own but not today, I bent her over the back of the sofa and yelled a t her to stay put then let go of her arms just long enough to drop my skirt and re-position my strap-on.

She couldn't see this as she was bent double over the sofa, but she certainly knew what I was doing next when I unzipped her skirt and let it drop, quickly followed by sliding her knickers right down and guiding her legs out of them. I was now squatting directly behind her and the view was magnificent, I reached up to push her bound wrists higher to force her head down more and began to kiss her thighs and bottom.

"Hell, Jessica, you're a sexy girl," I mocked as my tongue licked over her cheeks and flicked at her pussy, with my free hand I stroked my hard nipples, then I stood up and put the weight of my legs against hers completely pinning her, using both hands I spread her buttocks and placed the head of the strap-on against her small anus, she attempted to resist and cry out but I just laughed at her.

"You can't stop me now Jessica, perhaps this will teach you not to thieve, and perhaps it will teach you not to thieve from women who like nothing better than tying up girls and fucking them all night."

I pushed the tip of the phallus against her tight hole. "Just relax Jess, there's no way you can stop me now, anyway." I cooed at her, then I began to force it in, God she was tight, but that was only to b expected, I guess.

I had to pin her by the back of her neck to control her struggles, and her cries, even through the gag, gave a graphic testament to the pain she was in. Of course this just heightened my pleasure and I kept easing my way in to her virgin hole, and soon she'd taken the whole thing and was impaled on me, her struggles ceased now, although he cries continued, I pulled her head up slightly and put my mouth near to her ear and whispered "Feels nice, doesn't it," and pushed in again so my hips pressed against her arse, "It'll feel even nicer every time I do this tonight."

I slid one of my hands under her slim body and began to maul her small tits, squeezing and pinching them, this produced more muffled protests but I didn't care. I pulled out of her as quick as I could, to inflict more pain and pulled her upright, I spun her round to look at her, one glance at her face told me what I needed to know; she was already broken; the rest of the night was a downhill ride. Well, for me anyway.

Even though she was still gagged I kissed her o the lips and all over her face, she tried to draw away but I'd never had anyone so easy to overpower. "Let's go upstairs, honey." I whispered and dragged her out of the room and pushed her up the stairs, she climbed awkwardly because her wrists were still cuffed behind her and I got a magnificent view of her bum swaying in front of me. She had a lovely figure and I was going to enjoy every inch of it.

Upstairs I directed her into her bedroom and shut the door behind us. Without any warning or pretext I gripped her throat tightly causing her eyes to widen in fear. "OK, Jess, I'm going to uncuff you now, no stupid tricks, I want you to do everything I say, understand?"

A frightened nod indicated she did, so I leant round and removed the cuffs.

"Take off the rest of your clothes," I ordered, and watched with anticipation as she undid her blouse, slid it off, and then removed her bra. "Good." I purred and walked over to her, I grabbed her roughly and fondled her all over, allowing my hand to slide between her legs and I traced a finger along her pussy. I became overcome with lust again and pushed her down onto the bed and lay on top of her. I kissed her face and her neck, and moved down to her breasts and then bean to bite them, she tried to push e away but I was too strong for her and easily pushed her hands aside.

I pulled my skirt up and with one hand maneuvered the strap on against her pussy. She cried out in protest as I pushed the phallus into her, and then she cried as I violated her. "Does it feel good Jessica? Aren't you tight?" I grunted in her ear as I pushed myself into her again and again. I gave one last push and let myself down onto her; the room was silent except for my heavy breathing and her sobs. I slapped her hard across the face.

"Pull yourself together, you sad bitch, I haven't finished yet." Then I got off her and left her lying on the bed briefly while I retrieved her old school uniform and tossed it at her. "Put that on" I ordered sharply but she just lay there crying so I sprang onto the bed and sat astride her. "Listen bitch, you do as I say and put on that uniform, or I'll fuck you up the arse with the biggest dildo you'll ever see in your life."

I slapped her round the face twice more to reinforce the threat. This did the trick and mechanically she began to don her uniform, I can't imagine she'd ever wear it again and certainly not to be degraded by an older woman.

"Jesus," I thought, "What a dyke teacher would give to see this, a 16 year old in uniform about to get fucked all night long."

When she was dressed I walked round her, letting m hand linger on her bottom, I'd always got off on the stories in my magazines of schoolgirls getting spanked over the lap of an older woman and now was my turn to live the fantasy. I sat down and dragged Jessica across my lap.

"You've been a very naughty girl, Jessica, and naughty girls get punished, don't they?"

Without waiting for an answer I lifted her skirt, automatically her hand reached round to prevent me, but I simply grasped it and pushed it up her back "Bad girl" I chided and gave her bum a sharp smack. I then started to spank her; no rhythm, no finesse, just an all out assault on her cute young behind.

After only a few minutes I felt the familiar warning of an n orgasm coming on, so I stooped the spanking and slipped my hand between her legs, forcing them apart despite her feeble attempts to prevent the intrusion. The shrieks of protest from behind her gag were mere music to my ears as I pushed first one, then two fingers into her pussy.

"Come on Jess, ride them," I urged and began to push my fingers in and out, whilst still holding her firmly in place over my lap, was it just my imagination or did I detect a bit of wetness in her pussy? Maybe she was starting to enjoy it, who cares? I thought, as long as I did.

Then I knew I just had to fuck her again, so I rolled her off my knee onto the floor and sprang off the bed to sit astride her, I pulled her onto her back and ripped her shirt open, as the buttons popped she tried to hold the blouse shut so I slapped her hard across the face producing tears.

"Don't you fucking well dare try to stop me, you little bitch, you're mine all night and I'll do what I want, got it?" then I started to bite and nip her small breasts, and as she writhed under me I ran my hand up her thigh and under her skirt, her waist was slim and I easily held it and pulled it against me, then I reached under my skirt and, grabbing hold of my strap-on, positioned it against her pussy lips, and then rammed it home, another howl of protest came from behind her gag, but something in her movements told me she wasn't far off coming herself.

I pulled out of her and slid down her body, I pushed her skirt right up and spread her thighs and buried my face between them, I was right about her arousal, the scent told me immediately she wasn't far off so I deftly flicked my tongue into her pussy, the touch had an electric effect on her and she arched her hips as she came, I kept my mouth there as her juiced oozed out, I could only guess how humiliating it must be for her and I was determined to continue the shame so as soon as she'd come down I crawled up to her face and licked her juices onto her face.

"This is your come, you little slut, you love being fucked by me don't you? Tell me now Jessica does another woman tying you up and fucking you turn you on? You're just a lesbian slut aren't you?" I taunted her then I slid my phallus back in her and came myself.

I collapsed on top of her, momentarily spent, I kissed her shoulder then bit it, just to see the pain it caused, I reached up and removed the gag from her mouth and she gasped at the fresh air and was finally able to cry out freely. "Please stop, this hurts, please don't fuck me again, please," she pleaded through her tears, music to my ears I'm afraid. I stood up and removed all my clothes so all I had on was my strap-on "Get up," I ordered "and get your sluttish uniform off, you must be sticky after all that so I thought we'd have a shower."

Seeing that there was to be no let up in my abuse of her Jessica stood up and dutifully removed her skirt and blouse, she stood nervously in front of me and I couldn't resist forcing my hand between her legs and pushing a finger into her pussy, her total passivity even though she was not restrained in any way was having a powerful affect on me, and I pulled her close to me, grabbing a handful of hair and twisting it I forced her mouth onto my breasts, she didn't need telling what to do and as she tentatively licked at my hard nipples I frigged her pussy, this was heaven.

"God, you're getting into this, aren't you Jess? I bet you wanted me to catch you thieving." I laughed, "So, you're ok at tit licking, how are you at cock-sucking?"

Before she could say anything I pushed her down onto her knees and thrust my strap-on at her, she simply had no alternative but to take it in her mouth and I rammed it in and out, causing her to gag as it hit the back of her throat, strange choking noises came from her and her tears streamed down her face again.

"Don't like sucking cock?" I mocked, "You will make a good little lezzy, won't you? You're quite right, though, pussy's a lot better."

Then I dragged her to her feet and frog-marched her down the hallway to where I knew the bathroom was. "Come on, you little bitch, time for our shower."

The shower was perfect for me, quite small and with a sliding door, so once I'd pushed Jessica in first my mere presence prevented any escape and, in truth, very little movement. She eyed me fearfully as I stood only feet away and quickly undid the strap on and let it fall to the floor. I think she guessed my next step even before I asked, "Ever licked pussy, Jess?"

She shook her head.

"Tough, get on your knees," I ordered and forced her down I held her hair in my hand so I could maneuvered it at will and pushed it against my thighs. "Kiss my leg" and she did, the touch of her lips producing familiar tingles in my pussy, I spread my legs slightly and pushed her face into my pubic hair, I gave her hair a sharp yank, "Lick it, bitch," I snarled and then gasped slightly as her little tongue very reluctantly began to probe my lips.

"Come on, little whore, lick it good." I encouraged her and her tongue pushed inside me, I ground my pussy against her mouth and began to come "Come on, come on, don't dare stop, ahhh..." I held her face in position as my juices dribbled into her mouth and down her chin, overcome with ecstasy I let go of her hair ad leant back against the door as Jessica slumped down on the cold floor crying at this latest humiliation.

I reached for the water controls and turned them on, the water cascaded over both of us as I pulled Jessica to her feet by her hair, even though the water was running down her face it was obvious she was crying heavily "Please stop, please don't do anything else to me."

She sobbed.

CRACK, I slapped her hard across the face. "You'll do as I say for as long as I like, get it? Now start soaping me," I yelled at her. Realising she had little choice but to obey she began to soap me all over my body, after a few slaps she began to concentrate on the areas I wanted done; my breasts, thighs, bum and my pussy.

The feel of her hands smoothing the lather over my skin was simply too fantastic to describe and I'm certain I orgasmed over her fingers as she rubbed me down there then did the same for her, but in a more sadistic fashion, tweaking and pinching her nipples as I did so, and when doing her bum I suddenly grabbed her round the waist and spanked her hard on her glistening globes, this caused her to turn on the waterworks again so I decided to giver her something to really cry about.

I made her turn and face the wall whilst I quietly re- fitted the strap on, I took a large glob of soap and spread it on the phallus, the I turned the shower off, slid one arm round her waist and positioned the tip of the cock at her arsehole. This produced the usual writhing and screaming, "No, no, not that!"

So I pushed her against the wall, flattening her face on it and snarling in her ear, "You're are beginning to really piss me off, now bitch, you can't really stop me, so don't fuck me around by trying. Now just stay still."

It wasn't easy doing it in that shower, because I was taller than her I had to bend my knees and force her down onto the strap-on, at first she still resisted, but a few slaps on the side of the head changed that and she passively accepted her fate as the phallus slid inexorably into her hole, I reached round and pinched and scratched at her nipples, and then dropped my hand between her legs and forced my way into her pussy.

I found her clitoris and played with it, and as I thrust in and out of her arse with as much power as my strange position allowed I muttered at her "Come on bitch come for me, you like this, don't you? Come for me slut." Then to my delight and her self-disgust she came, then I forced my fingers covered with her stickiness into her mouth. "Lick yourself, taste how much you like it when I do this to you." I panted as she complied with my latest order.

Easing herself off I realized I still wanted to keep fucking her but had to admit that the shower cubicle was too small so pulling her out of the shower I forced he onto the bathroom floor on her back, she tried to wriggle away but I slipped my arms under her legs and forced her knees up towards her face, this pinned her shoulders down and with, my weight pushing down on her, immobilized her.

Briefly shifting position, I held her ankles with one hand while I positioned my strap-on against her arse- hole. Then I spread her legs again with both arms and started to push in. "I like this position better, Jess, I can see your pretty face and see how much you're enjoying it" I grunted as I slid the rubber-cock into her tiny violated hole, getting off on the sight of her face screwed up in pain as inch by inch the phallus impaled her.

"No, stop, it hurts, please stop you're hurting me," She cried out in pain but, of course, this only spurred me on to further excesses and I pulled out of her arse only to give her pussy a good fucking. The cock slid in a lot easier and I pumped away vigorously as she feebly writhed beneath me, until I came again, and let my arms slip sideways so I came to rest on top of her.

My breathing was heavy now and hers was coming in short sobs, but I had no pity or any intention to stop. And hauled both of us from the cold floor and pulled her back to the bedroom. She was moving only under my volition at the moment as I pushed her onto the bed and, pausing only to undo my strap-on, followed her.

I held her down with one hand while I licked and then bit each breast frenziedly, as she bucked under me I forced my hand into her pussy and began to frig her, I kissed up her chest to her neck and bit it "Come on, bitch, come for me" I urged in her ear as I frigged deeper and faster, I could feel my own orgasm coming on so I slid my legs around hers and clamped them tightly on her thighs as I gushed again.

"Christ you're sexy, Jess." I panted at last "You're going to make some lucky dyke a great little slave one day, but there's one thing I must do to prepare you for that."

With that I got off the bed and rummaged in my bag, finally finding what I wanted I turned the passive girl onto her back and handcuffed her wrists behind her, then I cuffed her ankles and finally placed a gag firmly in her mouth. Looking at her lying on the bed, bound, gagged and totally at my mercy actually made me think about keeping her as my permanent slave and my head swam with possibilities, but then reality sunk in; she was too young, abducting a 16 year old would be too risky. So I would just have to do with tonight.

I picked up my tube of lubricant and squeezed a good amount onto my hand and started rubbing it all over my fingers. "See Jess, I know you like being treated like this," I ignored the vigorous shake of the head and the muffled protests. "And I've introduced you to nearly all the things you'll have done to you, but there's one more thing. Have you ever had a whole hand inside you?"

The widening eyes as I said this told me all I needed to know and I started to gently rub my greased fingers over her pussy lips, with my free hand I spread her pussy and started to ease my greased digits inside slowly.

As the fit grew tighter she began to struggle and whine more, but I simply pressed down on her and continued easing in, I silently thanked God I'd gagged her because isolated as the house was I'm sure her screams would have alerted someone to her plight. Finally, after about 10 minutes of easing I'd managed to sink my hand in almost up to my wrist, it was tight and she must have been in agony.

I kept it like that for a few minutes, flexing my fingers inside her, feeling the tight constraints of her pussy, and watching with awed satisfaction the tears running down her cheeks. Then I started to slide my hand out again, causing more anguish. I wiped my hand on her thigh and knelt over her, my thighs spinning her face, she must have known what would happen next.

"That was good, Jessica, you'll go down a storm," I said "speaking of which." And I pushed her gag down her chin and before she could scream her pain I pushed my pussy against her lips. "Don't make me force you, Jess, just lick it."

No reaction at first, so I leant round and twisted a nipple harshly, this got the desired result, it usually does. Her tongue flicked over my lips and, as I lifted her head, her tongue poked inside me, "Come on, Jess," I muttered. "Lick my clit, lick it you lezzy whore."

When her tongue hit it's target and I came with an intensity I'd rarely experienced, my thighs clamped tighter as my ecstasy rose, trapping her tongue in position and it must have been a minute before I released them enough for her to gasp for some air, I fell backwards, momentarily dazed and all I could hear was her gasping for breath.

Finally I rose upright, "Wow, Jess, you've got all the skills."I congratulated her, "You've shagged me out, I need some sleep."

She was nonplussed as I pulled her off the bed and draped her effortlessly over my shoulder, all was revealed when I took her to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet "Go, we're off to be now, and you'll be tied all night, so go now."

Before she could string a reply together I 'd slipped her gag back in place and sat on the edge of the bath while she struggled to pee, eventually she did, then I lifted her off and took her place, then carried her back to the bedroom. I put her in bed facing one way then walked round to the other side, re-fitted my strap-on and got into bed next to her.

I slipped the cock into her pussy from behind, forgetting how tender it must have been, then grinning with pleasure as I realized. I slid my arms round her and whispered in her ear "Night Jess, now you going to be fucked all night long." I don't know whether she slept, I know I did. And when I woke I was still inside her.

In the morning I reluctantly knew the end had come, so I packed my stuff away and got dressed, I started to take the cuffs off her telling her while I did " I hate long goodbyes, Jess, so I'll just say this, I won't tell anyone if you won't, it's the word of a thief against mine so just remember that. Take the rest of the week off sick, I don't want to see you at the hotel while I'm there." I didn't wait for a reply; I just got up and left.

It was a beautiful day as I walked back to the hotel and I decided to go for a drive, then it struck me I hadn't seen Jessica in her little nightclub skirt, shame I thought, but it started me thinking about checking out some of the clubs in town, they'd bound to be full of pretty girls in short skirts who'd had too much to drink, and as I've always said women trust other women much more than they trust strange men This holiday could be going from strength to strength. I'll keep you all posted. Bye for now.


Hi, it's Jenny here again with another tale from my life as a female rapist, last time I told you how I'd fucked the chambermaid from my hotel back at her flat, well my blood was still up, so to speak, and I decided to go out for the day prepared. I'd found out by now that you had to take any chance offered.

So after finally untying the chambermaid in the morning I hurried back to the hotel, showered and dressed for a day of fun. I wore a t-shirt, mid length skirt, stockings and suspenders, with my strap-on tucked inside the top of the stockings. I had no particular plan in mind, so I just got in my car and drove.

About 15 miles out of town I parked up in a near deserted car park overlooking a similar beach, I got our and sat on a bench at the top of the cliff, the only eyesore was a public toilet slightly below the top, but it was a marvelous view and I just sat there for a few minutes soaking it in.

Suddenly I heard a noise and looked round, it was a group of people coming up the path from the beach; I guessed they must be the owners of the other two cars in the car park. My eye was immediately drawn to one of the girls in the group, she was in her early 20's, I'd guess, quite pretty and short, but her figure was magnificent and was fully revealed by the skimpy green bikini she had on.

My pussy began tingling as I looked at her but I knew my luck was out, because she wasn't alone. But once again my luck was about to turn, because as they went into the car park I heard her say that she had to go to the loo and that she'd catch the others up on the way home. As she disappeared into the public toilets I glance round to see that she must have come on her own because the other car had gone and there was no one about.

This was too good to be true, but I knew I had to move fast, I rapidly followed her in and shut myself in one of the cubicles, but only long enough to rummage around in my bag till I found what I was after: Lubricant, which I quickly smeared over my strap-on, a pair of handcuffs, and my knife, then I flushed the handle and waited for my victim to open her door.

As soon as her door opened I slammed it back on her, knocking her back. "Hey, watch it..." She started to say but in a flash I was in the cubicle with her, she was half sat down on the seat where I'd knocked her and I towered over her as I grabbed her hair and held my knife to her throat.

"Don't make a fucking noise," I hissed. "And you wont get hurt!" I pulled her to her feet and turned her round so she was facing the grimy wall, my knife still at her throat. "Put your hands behind you back" I ordered and as soon as she did I clipped the handcuffs on. Bingo, she was mine.

I dropped the knife to the floor and with both hands yanked her bikini briefs down to her knees, "W-what are you doing?" she asked in a fearful voice. As I fished my strap on out from under my skirt with one hand, I spread her thighs with the other. "Isn't it fucking obvious?" I positioned the head of the strap-on against her pussy and began to push it in, she struggled wildly but in vain, as I was able to lean against her and push her further off balance.

I heard a scream beginning in her throat so I clamped my hand over her mouth as I pushed in hard " Don't make a fucking sound, you bitch, you know you want this." She shook her head as much as my hand would allow it.

I was really turned on by the intensity of this and knew an orgasm was not far off, I wriggled my free hand under her bikini top and began to pinch and scratch at her breasts, they felt firm and round, every movement she made to try and escape me simply transmitted itself to my pussy through the strap-on; it was as if we were Siamese twins.

"Yeah," I grunted as the climax drew near and I rammed myself in again " Does it feel good, baby?" Her tearful sobs through my fingers told me all I needed to know and when I came. I slid my hand down her body, over it's curves and then snaked it round her waist and pulled her onto me again.

God, why did it have to be like this, she had such a gorgeous body I wished I could use her like the chambermaid the previous night and keep her mine all night, instead of a frenzied, grubby rape in a public toilet.

There was one last thing I wanted to do, I put my arm across her throat as if to choke her and withdrew my strap-on from her pussy, the with my other hand I placed it against hr anus, she realized what I was about to do and began to struggle but a quick tightening of my arm over her throat quieted her, and I began to ease my way inside her.

"Relax, it's going to happen anyway," I hissed into her ear, loving the frenzied, muffled protesting sobs this produced. Her arsehole felt tight but I just kept on pushing, ignoring her gasps for air, all I was interested in was violating her as quickly as possible. I came before I was fully in, and pulled her back onto me in my ecstasy, I kissed her neck and face, her tears tasted salty as I licked her cheek.

I eased myself out of her, and gave her magnificent breasts a final tweak, then knew that I couldn't leave them alone, so I hauled her to her feet and pushed her against the wall of the cubicle, roughly I pushed her top up and, while I covered her mouth with my hand, bit hard on her tits, even though my hand was gagging her shrieks were still loud, but as I bit deeper they subsided into a low wail.

Finally satisfied I pushed her down onto the floor, and undid the cuffs; I picked up the knife and waved it under her nose again. "Stay here for 5 minutes, then come out. If I see you before then I'll do it all again, understand?" She made no reply but I guess she did, so I rearranged my strap-on under my skirt, grabbed my bag and left in hurry.

As I pulled out of the car park I could see from my mirror that she still hadn't emerged, and I grinned to myself. It was turning out to be an excellent holiday, what next? Well, the night manageress at the hotel was quite attractive; I'd have to give it some thought.


As you know from the first two parts of this story I'd already blackmailed a young chambermaid from my hotel into a position where I could fuck her all night long, well several positions to be honest. The next day I'd raped some bikini-clad beauty in a cubicle in a public toilet, the holiday was turning out well.

As I drove back into the town where I was staying after raping bikini-girl I did some serious thinking. I didn't really trust Jessica the chambermaid to keep quiet about her ordeal so I thought it best if I checked out of the hotel, this would be a shame because I quite fancied the night manageress and was working out how to get to her, but it would be too risky to stay.

I went straight back to the hotel, got changed, got my stuff and settled my bill -- false address, cash, untraceable. I took the car to a nearby car park and pondered my next move.

I was still annoyed about missing out on the chance to rape the manageress, but I knew I'd done the wisest thing by not staying put. I was still on a sexual high after the previous two days that I was in no mood to stop so I decided to check out whether there were any gay clubs around, I could put on my lesbian virgin act to ensnare someone and once we were back at their place -- wham.

So I went for a walk around the town center, checking out the flyers on the walls, but to no avail, when I noticed a couple of women who looked like stereotype dykes -- cropped hair, dungarees etc (cliche city, I thought to myself), they were coming out of a pub about 50 yards up the road, well I thought, that's as good a place as any to start.

I was right about the place, it was a gay bar, mostly men but with a few ugly looking butch dykes dotted about, then my eyes lit upon a woman sitting on her own reading a paper in the corner -- it was the night- manageress from the hotel, I hadn't thought she was gay at the hotel but she must know what this place is. I bought my drink and wandered over to her, ignoring the lustful looks of the cliches as I went.

She hadn't noticed my presence until I sat down next to her, then she looked up and it took her a minute to register whom I was. I broke the silence first. "Hi, thought it was you" I chirped.

She stared at me as if in shock "It's Julie isn't it?" she asked. She'd remembered the false name I'd booked in under, so she must have been interested in me, that was an encouraging sign. "I thought you'd be drinking in the hotel bar?" she went on.

"No, well I checked out today." I told her and I could swear her face sank a bit.

"Why? Nothing wrong was there?"

Time to put out the line, I thought. "No, it's fine there, but my boyfriend found out where I was, we had a bust up, that's why I'm here I guess."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear about the bust up," she lied unconvincingly "What was it about?"

Time to reel her in, I thought. "Well to be honest, I was, what's the phrase? Getting confused over my sexuality. He couldn't handle it and got violent." As I said this I felt her hand settle gently on my knee.

She looked me straight in the eye. "So, how confused are you? Have you ever slept with a woman?"

I shook my head sheepishly, "No, but I keep getting these feelings, you know?"

She squeezed my knee. "Yes I know, I was the same when it happened to me."

I pretended to look shocked, "You mean you're a lesbian?"

She laughed, "If that's what you like to call me yes, I prefer my friends to call me by my real name Sophie. So Julie, where are you staying now?"

"Haven't found anywhere yet," I shrugged, "I don't want to check into another hotel 'cos the bastard'll find me there, but it's such a nice town I don't want to leave."

"Well you can always stay at mine, we can share some wine and..." She let the sentence hang.

"That would be nice, are you sure that's ok?"

"No problem, it would be nice to have the company, I was just on my way to work, but one phone call will sort that out." She produced a mobile from her bag and dialed the hotel, the conversation was brief and was based on the excuse of a sick mother, judging by the way she laughed and handled it I guessed that "mother" was a code for sex, and that she did this sort of thing quite often. Well, I thought, this will be a surprise for her. "Sorted, come on lets go."

But instead of getting up she leant over and kissed me full on the lips, her hand slipped up my skirt and one finger slid under the waistband of my knickers. She was a good kisser, and I was quite turned on now and found it hard not to go further there and then, but I remembered my role as a virgin and pulled way as if shocked but intrigued, she just laughed and virtually dragged me out of the pub by my hand, to the mocking laughter of the Cliches. Just wait, you bitch, I thought I'll have the last laugh here.

I said my car was just round the corner and she decided we'd go to hers in it. As we retraced my steps to my car my silence must have given the impression of uncertainty because as soon as we were off the bust high street she slid her arm round my waist and asked me if I was nervous. I replied, in all honesty, that I wasn't. I didn't say that my silence was due to me planning my next move. Was it worth it? I did ask myself, after all I was definitely going to sleep with her, but I knew the answer before I'd asked the question, raping her on my terms would be much more fun.

You see, some lesbians have the ideas that sexual violence is the preserve of men only, this is, of course, complete crap. The thrill I get out of raping these sorts of women is intense, as they can't seem to believe that it's another woman doing it to them.

I'd got Sophie's measure, both mentally and physically, before we reached the car. She was a couple of inches shorter than I was but weighed roughly the same. I knew if I got the jump on her she'd be no trouble. Mentally, I guessed she got off on the seduction of naive women, I wondered if she'd ever tried it on with Jessica the chambermaid, so the brutality I was going to show her would come as a shock.

Once in my car she gave me directions to her place, occasionally putting her hand on my knee and seeming to find it funny as I twisted away. It wasn't long before we pulled up in front of the block of flats she lived in. Hmm, I though, I'd definitely need to gag her later so the neighbours wouldn't hear anything. As usual I had everything ready in my bag, so I followed her up the steps to her flat.

Outside her door she stopped and turned to me. "Are you sure you want to stay?" She asked. I nodded, not daring to speak in case my excitement might show. She smiled at my response. I was now so fired up I knew I'd have to start almost as soon as we got in.

She ushered me in and, as soon as the door shut, surprised me by pinning me against the wall and showering my face and neck in kisses, her hands were everywhere, at my breasts, up my thighs, under my skirt (I thanked God I'd changed out of the strap-on.) I pushed her away and tried to look flustered. "I, I, must go the loo." I blurted out, needing time to get myself together and for her to calm down a bit.

"OK," she laughed, "2nd door on the right. I'll be in the lounge."

As I locked the toilet door behind me I heard her bolting the front door, she really didn't want me to leave, I thought, how long before that changed. I sat on the loo for a couple of minutes until I was sure she'd got her libido relatively under control, then I rummaged round the bottom of my bag and found my knife. Time to teach the dyke sex-maniac a lesson.

I entered the lounge with the knife in my hand hidden behind my back; Sophie was sitting on the sofa, holding a glass of wine out towards me. "Here you are Julie, have a drink." I took the glass in my left hand and casually tossed it over the back of the sofa. Her mouth dropped open in surprise as I grasped her hair with my now free left hand and produced the knife and pressed it against her throat. Her eyes widened I sheer terror as I snarled, "OK, bitch, do as I say and I won't hurt you, any funny stuff and you'll be sorry, understand?"

A strangled noise told me she did. "Good, now slowly stand up and start to undress." Her eyes still terror filled she did as she was told and slowly began to undress in front of me. Because I still wanted her to think it might just be a robbery I tried to hide my growing arousal as she revealed more and more of her body, this was quite hard as she was not only pretty, but had a magnificent figure too.

Finally she removed her knickers and was totally naked, I walked round her, trailing the knife lightly over her breasts and belly just to intimidate her further she shivered under its cold touch. I picked up her knickers, they were damp. "Wet at the thought of what you were going to do to me?" I sneered, "That's nothing to what I'm going to do to you, bitch." As she opened her mouth to reply I stuffed her panties in as a gag.

"Seeing as sex is what you had in mind when you invited me here, perhaps you'll show me the bedroom?" I pushed her out of the lounge, picking up my bag as I followed her and was close on her heels as we entered her bedroom. I quickly grabbed a pair of handcuffs from my bag, dropped the knife and pushed her face first onto the bed and fell on top of her. T

his was a bit I always loved, struggling with a woman, knowing that as soon as the cuffs are on she was helpless. My weight on top of her pinned her and I had no trouble dragging her arms behind her and clicking the cuffs on, it was that simple, it usually is.

I lay on top of her for a few seconds and then slid my arms round her in a bear-hug and rolled onto my side as if we were playing spoons, then I let my fingers do the walking, her breasts were nice and big and I took great delight in pinching the nipples and digging my nails into the firm flesh, this made me glad that I'd used a gag as her shrieks were audible.

I knew I'd have to replace it later, then I hooked her thrashing legs under control with mine and slid my hand down to her pussy, she was still wet (still? I thought) and I had no trouble in sliding my fingers in and out. As her bottom was pressed back against my dress I came and bit her shoulder painfully as I did.

I hurriedly grabbed for the second pair of cuffs and pinned her ankles together long enough to bind them, then I rubbed my face against her smooth legs up and down, they were like silk against my cheek.

"Sophie, Sophie" I muttered as I began to lick her thighs, before parting them with one hand and viciously biting the fleshy inner part, this provoked the inevitable reaction of making her try to sit up, I easily pushed her back down and then actually bit her pussy, not particularly hard, but just enough to make her understand, she still had enough of her juices left from her attempt on me in the hallway to make it very pleasant.

"Stay down, Sophie, you don't have to do anything unless I tell you, so just relax and let me have my fun. I guess we weren't going to be disturbed so we have all night, don't we? Oh, Sophie, you poor girl, what fun I'm going to have with you." I laughed as I finished the sentence and went back to my work of biting and licking my way up her body.

Each bite was now aimed at producing the electric-shock reaction I love so much, but when I got to her breasts I must admit I completely lost control. I always like to give my victims love-bites on their breast but Sophie's were so unspeakably gorgeous I just couldn't help myself from biting really deeply into the beautiful flesh. Then pulling the nipple so far with my teeth that I thought I could rip it clean off without much more effort.

I had to hold Sophie down by her shoulders as I did all this and at the same time try to clamp a hand over her mouth to stifle her cries which were getting a bit loud. Eventually I managed to get a sort of choking hold round her neck which shut her up, I pushed my free hand between her legs and worked my fingers into her pussy violently, I could feel another orgasm coming on so I frigged her faster and bit harder until I flooded my panties and was temporarily satisfied.

I eased myself up her body and whispered in her ear, "God, wasn't that intense Soph?" Then I dropped my lips to her neck, which was salty from her tears, and gave her another love-bite. As she tried pointlessly to get away I sucked harder, then when I'd done I said "Surely they'll be expecting some sort of proof about how sick you mother is?"

I got off the bed and looked at her. No matter how many times I see a naked woman bound and gagged it never fails to almost bring me off on it's own and Sophie was no exception, the more I looked at her the more stunningly beautiful she became in my eyes and my hand slipped under my skirt and stroked my wet panties.

I looked at the bed she was on, the headboard was one of those ornate metal ones and it gave me an idea. Picking up the knife, a proper gag, and another set of handcuffs I first moved the pliant Sophie up the bed so her head was just touching the metal, I then hooked her panties out of her mouth and before she'd had time to take more than a couple of breaths I slipped the ball- gag on and tied it in place.

I waved the knife under fear-filled eyes "I'm going to untie your legs now, Sophie, remember I've got this and be good." Moving rapidly I slipped the new handcuffs on one ankle, undid the existing pair and pushed her legs up so the were over her head, then I cuffed each one to the headboard, each one roughly over a shoulder.

She was now totally exposed and I couldn't resist lowering my face between her thighs, I flicked my tongue over her pussy lips, and then fixed her eyes with mine. "The sooner you come, the sooner I'll be finished." I lied then buried my face between he legs again. Whether it was my false promise or whether she really was turned on by this I don't know but it didn't take to many licks before the familiar taste filled my mouth and I felt her tremble in an orgasm.

I was in no mood to stop now and not even bothering to congratulate her I got off the bed and started to undress, watched all the time by Sophie, she showed no reaction until I produced and out on one of my larger strap-ons, her eyes bulged in disbelief as I started to lubricate the shaft, grinning wickedly while I did so. I climbed back onto the bed and knelt between her raised legs.

"You know Sophie, you look so gorgeous like this I think I could eat you, oh I forgot I just did. Well then I'll have to think if something else to do. So many holes..." I left the sentence hanging as I probed a greased finger at her anus, it slipped in easily and I pushed it in right up to my second knuckle. "My," I went on, "We'll have to see just how much you can take in there won't we." I was glad I'd re-gagged her as she started screaming now, sadly for her all in vain.

"But let's see how much we can get in your dykey pussy shall we?" My hand was still quite greasy from the lubing of the strap-on and as I began to slide my fingers into her still wet pussy the met with no resistance, Sophie was whining behind her gag as I kept pushing my hand in further and further, with my free hand I began to maul her already battered tits.

Soon my hand was right inside her up to my wrist and I flexed it to inflict maximum pain, which, judging by the look on Sophie's face I managed to do. I felt another orgasm coming on and wanted to be inside her when it arrived so I pulled out very quickly causing an incredible, muffled shriek form my captive. Then I simply replaced my hand with my strap-on and with no finesse plunged it deep into Sophie's abused hole. I grunted with each stoke as I pushed it in until my hips were slapping against her thighs and her tears were pouring like rain.

Panting through my orgasm I looked at her. "Save your tears, little one," I mocked. "There's worse to come." I eased my phallus out of her pussy and placed it against her anus, which seemed to wink at it's impending assailant.

Sophie shook her head violently, and seemed to be trying to chew her way through the gag, the whole bed shook with her protests, so I lent forward and slapped her face twice, this shut her up. "Sophie," I said, as sweetly a possible. "I'm going to do it, and believe me it's will be a lot less painful for you if you don't struggle, so be a good girl and let me fuck your arse off."

I spread her thighs wider still and began to press the strap-on into the tight hole, at first she resisted me but then it suddenly sank in causing Sophie to weep uncontrollably. "Good girl," I encouraged as I eased myself further and further in until I couldn't go any deeper, my flesh pressed against hers and I shuddered as I came again.

I stayed like that for a while before easing myself out, and then I sat at the bottom of the bed. "Sophie, you're a great fuck," I told her, but whether she heard me through her sobs I don't know.

I weighed up my options. I was shagged out, as they say and would be for a while, if I was going to stay the night I'd have to unite Sophie at some point and I didn't think she'd be as easy to control as Jessica. Time to go while she was still traumatized I decided, moving quickly I dressed, got my stuff in my bag, uncuffed Sophie and removed the gag. I waved the knife again.

"I'm going now, don't tell anyone about this, you have a reputation as a duke so they'll just think it was bit of s&m, keep it zipped, ok?" I didn't wait for the reply; I didn't need to, she wouldn't tell anyone for at least a year I guessed.

I left her flat and drove off into the gathering twilight, what a holiday I thought, and it wasn't over yet. After all I still needed somewhere to stay the night.



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